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The weekend is very solar! This means it is all personal or very physical, your energy is up and you are ready to take your place in things or you are taking the time to nurture your body, image or personal needs in some way. It’s also a NEW MOON weekend which means fresh starts in the Virgo area of your chart, sweet :)

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Saturday this will be about efforts you want to make regarding your health or your needs in the workplace, your physical job description, pouring your energy into tackling work piling up, clearing out the old or organizing yourself, or it could have to do with your role with animals, the environment or a service you provide. As you approach this day make a note that something is changing or needs to change, just a bit, to get you there. See what you can do to initiate these subtle but important changes or do your best to react in the flow of changes that are tossed your way, they will get you closer to perfection! The Leo Moon will also open up energy today around love interests, children, recreational activities and interests, and creative projects with positive connections with others you involve and the talks, meetings, agreements, or short trips you take to manifest it.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO which is a huge new beginning for you in the areas of work, services, organization, purification, health, animals, environment, and your own needs here. You have 2 strong weeks to start fresh so begin that diet or work-out regime, join the gym, visit the doctor or specialist, visit the organic part of the grocery, look for work that inspires you, put in more effort towards a better position at your current job, introduce new efficient ways to get the work done to higher ups, adopt a pet, get your pet groomed, build them a new outdoor area to run, or get behind an animal rescue project or environmental interest! The fact that the Sun hits up Pluto in a very positive aspect means that you can absolutely shine and take the lead in any of these areas today personally or physically towards transforming a major goal or empowering yourself. What do you want to achieve? Get moving!!!

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It’s Saturday, what can you DO to move that work effort forward, to get your health in better standing, to organize or declutter, to handle or connect with the pets or animal issues on a more productive or service oriented manner? Make some adjustments, a few minor personal or physical changes will get you started as you assess your current position or physical needs and decide what changes should happen going forward. Follow your unique perspective or let your originality come through as you feel it out, you can do it! The Leo Moon is blessing you with added creative abilities if you connect with someone to move things forward. It is also helping you in matters of the heart or with children if you wish to open talks, meet, write, or deal with agreements or decisions today.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! It’s time to initiate health, work and pet interests on new levels, go after the new job, introduce new ideas, start the diet, join the gym, get to the doctors, adopt the pet, get involved with the environment, join an animal rights or rescue group, launch your new services, and in any of this put yourself out front, attach your image, identity, brand, it’s a strong new beginning. You can reach goals or begin the process that gets you there, connect with authority figures, build your reputation, or find fame today through pushing forward on new fronts.

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Saturday puts you in charge of a creative effort, your love life or children by showing you what needs to change, what you can do about it, how your needs, efforts, ego, identity, image, or physical presence in the situation can shift just so slightly to get you moving towards what you want. Look at dealing with this through a hospital, retreat or other institution, through expressing talents or private romance time, through research or strategy, development or work you are doing behind the scenes. Home, moves, mom, family, roommates, or real estate will also be on your mind or more likely in your heart today as you tackle efforts here with positive results. Have that talk or meeting, sign the agreement, make the decision or write it up!

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO so you are off on a big new beginning over the next two weeks with creative projects, talents, recreational interests, speculative ventures, children, lovers, or love interests. You have plenty of cosmic force behind who you are in this and in stepping up and taking the lead to express your needs, physical desires or connect your image or identity to the project or love so don’t hold back. Something major is transforming in what you do here today through travel, education, legal channels, media, marketing, publishing, or ceremonies.

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Saturday puts you in need of making some adjustments around the home, with a move, mom, family, roommates, or real estate deals. Your needs, physical involvement, identity, image, or personal desires are wrapped up in what is going on here and it will only take a bit of a shift in your approach to figure out what to do. This shift involves the internet, a friend, group, astrology, a charity, social function, or aspiration. The more you talk, write, meet, deal with agreements, make decisions or short trips today involving serious interests in creative projects, children or love, the better off you will be.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your huge new beginning at home, with whom you live, around any moves, real estate deals, renovations, mom, family, or security needs. You have 2 strong weeks to launch new deals here, to start the process, to get into some new venture, and to thread your work efforts, organization skills, healthy lifestyle, and pet needs into the new beginning. If you step up today and take the lead or make your needs known you have potential to find the financial backing or support, deal with debt or other home/move/real estate needs, connect or amp up sexually or intimately there, or deal with the divorce issues in ways that empower and transform.

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Saturday puts you out on the scene locally or through a short trip, with a brother or sister, neighbor, dealing with transportation or vehicles, writing, looking into agreements, making decisions, holding meetings or talks, and getting your ideas into the mix. It is important to look at these communications and local fields as they relate to your goals, ambitions, career, reputation, fame, father, or authority figures and then find ways to initiate some minor changes or shifts, approach it in unique or original ways, seek some freedom or independence or tackle issues that are holding you back. Earning, spending and possessions are favoring you today in connection to home, moves, mom, family, roommates, real estate, and security needs, be proactive.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your 2 week period this year to initiate brand new writing projects, sign new agreements or renegotiate for better contracts, to start a new project or interest with your sibling or neighbor, to initiate a move, purchase a vehicle or rent a moving van, to launch new ideas that are service oriented, tied to animals or involve health, to make decisions about a short trip or many, to pitch ideas, sell, or initiate new approaches in concentration, with speaking roles, or introduce new concepts. Anything you do to put yourself out there, to say your peace, share your knowledge, ask for what you want, get out on the local scene or with neighbors, short trips, moves, or transportation, through writing or agreements, is linked very powerfully today with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person in ways that can empower and transform.

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Saturday is asking you to look at how you feel about yourself, your image, identity, or personal or physical connection to the money you are making, spending or a possession in question. It seems that a bit of an adjustment is in the works here based on legal, travel, educational, ceremonial, media, marketing, publicity, or publishing matters. The more you look at what you want the better and then see if you can make a slight shift towards getting clear on this subject. You are in a very positive placement to convey your needs through talks, meetings, negotiations, writing, or agreements today in solid, serious terms so open up, commit or end with confidence based on who you are.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your bold new 2 week cycle this year that gives you an opportunity to start fresh with income or spending, to go after a new source of revenue, to ask for that raise, to make an important purchase, or to get a new lease on some possession in the balance, go after it or settle issues around it from a fresh perspective or approach. The Sun is shining on you in this today so step up, be seen, attach your image or identity to money making efforts, meet and charm others, or let your presence help aid in some monetary flow for others. Whatever you do in this today, there is every potential for your efforts or presence here to lead to some new empowerment or transformation on the work front, with or through a co-worker, employee, service you provide, health matter, or anything tied to animals or environment, organization, analytical approaches, de-cluttering or purifying.

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Saturday puts you in the spotlight regarding some personal or physical needs, your image, identity, ego, or personality. It really is important to take a look at how you feel about yourself today, if your needs are going unanswered or if you can make some improvements to your body, image or identity to get closer to your goal. In the balance here is an issue involving debt, loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, or a partner’s money, or it is balancing with sexual attractions or issues, reproduction or divorce. What can you become aware of today about yourself, your needs and your actions to shift something just enough to get closer to the goal here? Something you strategize over or work on behind closed doors or utilizing the imagination or research can lead to solid income or help you with a possession in question so put some efforts here.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in YOUR SIGN! This is your big, bold new beginning in a years time! It is your turn to step out in some new way over the next 2 weeks or launch something personal or physical to begin to introduce yourself to the world through a brand new identity (married, single, doctor, student, etc), a new image or wardrobe, new dream you have for yourself, or getting a fresh start on your physical well being through new diets, work-out regimes or doctor visits. As you take the lead towards who you want to be, how you want to feel and what you are doing personally or physically to get there, know that today your efforts are powerfully connected to some transformation you may achieve through true love, children or creative endeavors. Attach your name, image, identity, physical self, to what interests you here.

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Saturday is an important day for you to look closely at what is going on behind the scenes, how things are progressing with a film, music project, artistic endeavor, spiritual pursuit, psychic ability, research project or investigation, addiction, hidden agenda or enemy, hospital, prison, retreat, or secret. You are slam in the middle of something in one of these areas and it is important to ask yourself what your needs are, how your image or identity is being handled or attached here, if your personal or physical needs are being met or if you need to make some adjustments yourself. A partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is linked to this and the adjustments you conceive today here will help you make minor shifts that compel things to a better level. Your social circle, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations are under positive stars today so talk, meet, write, sign agreements, make short trips or decisions involving these themes.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your bold new start in the above fields of film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, clandestine love affairs, research, investigations, hospital, prison or retreat matters, development, addictions, or hidden agendas or strategies. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate fresh starts or introduce new ideas, launch the project, or get inspired on some idea in these fields so pour your energy into what intrigues you. As you step up and take the lead in this today there is a very powerful and positive link to your home, a move, property or real estate matters, renovations, roommates, family, mom, or security needs that can be transformed through your efforts.

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Saturday puts you center stage with a friend, group situation, on the internet, with astrology, a charity, your need for freedom or independence, over your original ideas or image, or around aspirations that tie in with your image, identity or physical body. There is a need to look at how you feel about the way you are handled here, perceived, how you feel about your place in this, if your physical or personal needs are being met, or more likely if your image, identity or physical presence here is where you want it to be. If you make a slight adjustment through these connections or interests you can open things up a bit more in your work, with co-workers or employees, a service you provide, regarding your health or animals, or an environmental issue. Career, authority figures, ambitions, reputation, fame, and goals are working for you today through solid, serious commitment behind the scenes, through film, music or other art forms, dealing with addictions or hospitals, research or investigations, hidden romance, or Karmic connections.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your huge new start for the year in the eleventh house so make new friendships, start new projects with friends, form or join groups, get your group interests out there in some new way, start a new internet project or sign up for some new internet interest, begin the study of astrology or start a new astrology project, join or form a charity or begin efforts to assist one, and more than anything take the next 2 week period to gear up in these areas and pursue new aspirations. It’s the wish fulfillment part of the chart, tied to freedom, independence, causes, originality, and all of the above mentioned topics. Efforts you make today are very strongly and positively linked to your chart ruler to help you empower or transform through these efforts in writing, with agreements, meetings, talks, ideas, pitches, short trips, decisions, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, or local interests, put yourself out there in any combination.

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Saturday puts your personal needs or physical presence out on the career field, in the public eye, with authority figures, involving ambitions or goals, reputation or fame, and it is important today to ask yourself if you are where you want to be with this, if your image or identity is attached in the way you desire or if you can make any slight changes to reach your goal through personal, ego, body, or image. There is a creative need or project, child or love interest that is in the mix here so look at the goal, who you are, how your identity or personal needs, body or ego are lining up with what you want to achieve. The stars are favoring travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, legal, educational, or ceremonial outlets for you today and anything here that may open doors with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This gives you 2 strong weeks to initiate fresh starts on the career front, to launch a new business, climb the corporate ladder, make a name for yourself, get that promotion, become famous, build your reputation, reach a goal or put your ambitions forward, to achieve or be recognized for your input or leadership, to step out on your own through your services, work efforts, health or animal interests, and to reach for that brass ring. If you put your name, identity, image, personal needs, or get your physical presence out there today towards that goal or career matter you have potential to make big money, a purchase that will help empower or transform what you are doing, or to change what is happening with a possession in question to better suit your aims.

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Saturday is about looking at how your needs are being met, how your identity, image or body are tied in, or how your presence is needed in legal proceedings, trips, media, marketing, publicity, publishing, ceremonies, political or religious topics, import/export, with foreign people or interests, through cultural diversity, or in educational settings. Do you need more here, are you reaching your own expectations, what can you shift around home, moves, real estate, mom, family, or roommates to get closer to what you need? The stars are favoring your sex appeal and attractions, divorce interests and any major financial matters today. The more serious you are about the goal, career or boss, the more opportunity there is in the talks, decisions, meetings, agreements, or short trips that tie this all together for you.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your bold new beginning for the year in all legal outlets, draw up new contracts, learn new legal proceedings, get into court, file papers, sign up for a class, start teaching one, get certified, go after help with college needs, set up the trip, book tickets, plot the vacation, start the import/export business, get a fresh start with the foreign interest, begin the new media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, get a new take on politics or religion or throw your hat into the ring, or plan or have that ceremony! You have 2 strong weeks to seed new beginnings and efforts you lead on here today are aligned with very powerful energy that favors you, your image, identity, personal needs, physical body, and who you are becoming, it’s transformative!

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Saturday will be about looking closely at how you feel physically or how your personal needs, image, identity, or issues are playing into your sex life, divorce or shared financial matters with institutions or other people. You need to ask what you can do to get closer to what you want, and then be open to making some small shifts in thinking, communicating this, writing it up, sharing the idea, handling the agreement, or in some way dealing with short trips, moves, neighborhood, siblings, vehicles, or decisions in the mix. The stars are favoring your partnerships, ties with attorneys, agents, or other representatives or specialists, or in handling the competition today, reach out in serious ways here through legal channels, media, marketing, ceremonies, publishing, publicity, religion, politics, travel, or educational interests for best results.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in VIRGO! This is your deeply shared, intimate, sexual, reproductive, divorce, major financial arena and you now have 2 strong weeks to meet and connect with some new sexual interest, to get a new lease on your sex life through fresh approaches to issues here, going after loans, settlements, filing bankruptcy, dealing with insurance or taxes, setting up alimony or child support or renegotiating this, finding a way to amp up commissions or royalties or add more of this contingency into the mix, you may get an inheritance or your partner could benefit you financially as well. And any need to get the divorce moving or take new approaches here are also under this fresh start energy. Your efforts today are powerfully connected to clandestine romance, artistic talents or projects, hospitals or other institutions, research, investigations, strategy, development, spiritual pursuits, or fantasy and imagination so step up, share and transform.

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Saturday will focus energy on a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, advocate, or opponent and it is important that you see how your are being seen here, if your needs are being met, how your image, identity or body is affected, what needs to change just enough in this mix so you can get closer to the earning potential, make that purchase or deal with that possession moving forward. The stars are favoring your work efforts, organization, dealings with co-workers or employees, services, health, and animal interests today in ways that will help you cement, commit or end things positively around the big financial question, divorce issue or intimate need.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your opposite sign VIRGO! This is your huge new beginning in the seventh house so you want to form new partnerships, launch new things with current partners, get married, sign up the new agent, attorney or specialist, start some new venture with one of these representatives, and find new ways to deal with competition or opponents. Anything you invest your physical efforts, image, identity, or personal needs into with these people today is linked positively to aspirations, the internet interests, charities, causes, astrology, friendship, social events or networking, group affiliations, and original or independent interests under powerful, transformative stars.

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