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Oh yeah babies, the weekend is looking DEEP on Saturday and ADVENTUROUS on Sunday all while you are hurtling back into the future with these Retrogrades! Let’s see what it means!

Saturday those deep feelings will push you in a few different ways, they will amp up your desires with a love interest and make you face any issues you might have with love and intimacy here, they will push you to take the lead on some creative endeavor and address the big money picture here and they will get you motivated to tackle anything involving kids that requires divorce issues be dealt with, finances tackled or some deeper understanding. If things are out of whack this day will make you feel it so you do something about it, if things are good this day will be supercharged as you go for what you want.

Sunday those adventurous feelings take over and the need to travel, deal with an itinerary, broadcast yourself or your project, stand up for your beliefs or politics, share your wisdom or expand your education, tackle the legal end of things, or push the envelope with that ceremony, become the focus. You will do best if you are willing to talk through the work involved, health or pet issues, make adjustments at home or with moves and real estate, and be spontaneous and original. The Venus/Saturn dance today brings opportunity to cement or end something with a partner, agent, attorney, or other important person regarding true love, children or creative projects. You could also nail down money making efforts today through these connections.

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Saturday could be powerfully intimate and shared with lovers, kids or creative efforts as you work hard to push through any barriers and deal with any third parties in the mix, OR it could challenge you to deal with the financial picture or divorce issues. You need to know what your heart is asking for in this and then put in the effort to move a step closer.

Sunday the trip will push you over home matters and writing for work or paperwork that is piling up. If not a trip, then look to media, education or legal matters being the culprit. The good news is if you are a bit inventive and outside the box you can find brilliant ways to free yourself up and give yourself that sense of adventure and expansion that you are longing for. Venus/Saturn offers you the chance to connect with your partner, agent, attorney, or specialist over the creative project, child or love in the picture and really make it real.

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Saturday brings up deep feelings about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor/opponent. You need to really look at what is going on at home, in your living situation, with a roommate, mom, family, move, or real estate deal, see how secure you feel and how love, income and a woman are playing into this picture, then motivate to do something about it.

Sunday is about connecting to your adventurous side through sex or intimacy, getting into the legal part of a divorce, or really focusing in on the debt, loan, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, settlement, bankruptcy, commissions, or any other shared financial resource. You will want to talk about the love, kids or creative aspects at play here even if it is a challenge and be willing to make some adjustments around how you get around or what is happening in the local scene but once you do there is a lot you can open up to behind closed doors in exciting ways. The Venus/Saturn dance brings home and work together under positive opportunities today for income flow or love.

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Saturday the push is on and it focuses in on any challenges you feel around work, writing, communications, paperwork, short trips, your health, or pets. You may need to step up and take the lead on this by letting everyone know what you need or introducing new ideas. Ideas about love or income are also part of what is motivating so much energy for you in these efforts, you may want to express that as well.

Sunday is about connecting in some big project or ideal with a partner, representative or other significant person. You need to have a talk about the home or living situation, move or real estate matter, family or security issue if you want it to feel right for you and then make some adjustments around what you are doing to earn or spend with this person. It seems that something positive is coming through social connections or events, the internet, astrology, or your aspirations today with them if you are open to spontaneous moments. Venus/Saturn is opening real and serious talks or meetings about true love, kids or creative ventures that are beneficial.

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Saturday brings up deep feelings about a lover or love interest, a child or creative project, around the money being earned or spent and you are going to push those boundaries to reach your desired outcome with all you’ve got. Take the lead on the monetary level or be willing to show what you value today for best results.

Sunday brings adventure and you are going to feel like tackling a huge work effort, or really stretching yourself with your health or pets. You need to talk about needs here, explain your vision, write, or come to terms and it may mean coming out of your shell more than you like. Just taking a few steps in that direction will help immensely. You are in for some positive change on the career front or in pursuit of a big goal if you stay open to new ideas or approaches and innovate. Venus/Saturn dances through income and home for you so you are under solid, opportunity energy here to earn or spend and this can mean at home, from home, on real estate, moves, with roommates, mom, or towards your own security needs.

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Saturday feelings will be deep about your home and how you are feeling about your place there (or not there). It can bring up feelings about the love you have in the picture here or about money earned or spent, lack thereof or desire for more. It can push you to step up and do something about this through home efforts, moves, renovations, roommates, mom, family, or security needs. What do you need to feel rooted now?

Sunday is calling you to adventure out for love, fun with kids or to express your creative nature or work on a big creative project. You need to talk about the money here, what is being earned or spent and do something about the development, music, painting or other artistic interest, hospital matter, addiction, or need to retreat and rest. Once you do the energy seems to open up positively for exciting trips, legal breakthroughs, media, publishing, marketing, or educational outlets, all with the kids, lover or tied to your creative endeavors. Venus/Saturn is offering you positive serious talks, agreements, news, writing, or meetings today that focus on you and your needs or identity.

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Saturday feelings are deeply felt over a talk, decision, meeting, short trip, brother or sister, neighbor, vehicle, or writing project. You need to take the lead and push things here a bit behind the scenes, through development or strategies, with film, music or other art forms, with spiritual intention or interests, dealings with hospitals, prisons or other institutions, tackling addictions or investigations, researching, or how you connect in secret or private romance.

Sunday adventure beckons at home, with real estate, moves, mom, family, renovations, roommates, or security issues as you push for big things to happen here and talk about where you are at in the picture, what you need, or how you are going to physically make it all transpire. Motivation comes through aspirations that must adjust a bit here and you may need to make some concessions around friends, the internet, groups, astrology, or charities in this. Once you do the shared energy at home is electric and exciting, you may connect intimately or find new ways to handle third party financial situations or divorce. Venus/Saturn means you can cement earning or spending in beneficial ways around all of this effort.

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Saturday brings deep emotions around money flowing in or out, any lack or obstacles you are feeling, and the social circle, charity, group activity, friend, astrology, or aspiration that is involved. You need to step up and look at what you can bring to the picture, take the lead and make working it through with the love interest, income potential or woman your business.

Sunday brings a sense of adventure and expansion as you open up talks, meetings, write, look at agreements, take some short trips or do something with a sibling or neighbor. Talk about the development going on, how artistic, spiritual or romantic ideals can be better connected here and how any institutions may need to be factored into the mix. Push yourself to make some adjustments around the career or big goal as you move on it. Then look for some surprising moments with partners or reps that please. Venus/Saturn are opening opportunity for you with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration by later today and it looks solid.

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Saturday brings deep feelings about who you are, your image, identity, and personal or physical needs as you push towards that big career matter or other significant goal. You may be dealing with a female authority figure or looking for love or income to now flow through your ambitious efforts. Don’t shy from taking the lead in this today and know that any obstacles are meant to point out the weak spot now so you can patch it up before the big reveal.

Sunday brings out your adventurous spirit as you focus in on making or spending money. You will want to talk with a friend about this or look at how a group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or social networking needs to be worked on a bit and then take action to adjust a bit in marketing, media, publishing, legal realms, education, or travel to reach your income goal or spend in beneficial ways. You do have excitement around the work itself, positive changes through health or with pets and this should benefit the money picture. Venus/Saturn means opportunity to cement something in private that helps you get closer to that income or love goal, career matter or authority figure.

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Saturday feelings run deep over your artistry and the travel involved, any marketing or publicity, how media or publishing is coming down, the classes you are taking or teaching are turning out, or any legal matters that you need to work through here. You may have feelings about the need to rest, retreat, recuperate, get in touch with your spiritual being, research, or hole up with a lover in secret and this as well is being affected by the above. Lastly it could be a day that pushes you to make changes because of these things. You need to think about your personal or physical needs, if addiction or hospitals are something that should be looked at in this, don’t put it off.

Sunday brings the Moon into your sign and more fire and adventure back into your nature. Talk about what you need on the career front or about a big goal or ambition, talk to the person who is an authority figure or expert. Push yourself to go deeper than is typically your norm, be willing to act on shared financial matters or look at third party issues. Excitement arrives through your connection to love, kids or creative efforts and anything new or innovative. Venus/Saturn are opening a door for you through a woman at a distance or of higher mind and friendship, group activities, the internet, astrology, charities, or towards your greatest aspirations. Love or income could cement from this if you reach out.

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Saturday feelings will run deep with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or some aspiration you have in mind. You are taking the lead here financially, sexually or through divorce and will need to make changes, push for more, be ambitious, look at any obstacles, and deal with the woman involved over love or income needs.

Sunday is more adventurous as you get behind the scenes on something close to you, it could be you are focusing in on some secret or private tryst with a lover, in development with a project, painting, playing music, or in any other way indulging in the arts, getting into your spiritual interests, or you could use today to rest, retreat, deal with research, investigations, hospitals, prisons, addictions, or strategies. You should push yourself to talk about the legal aspects, marketing, trip, or educational issues tied in here and make some personal or physical adjustments with the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor in the mix. Nice surprises come at home, with real estate, mom, family, moves, renovations, or roommates, be spontaneous. Venus/Saturn dance to open doors for you through shared financial matters, divorce or sexual interests and the big goal or career ambition, think long term.

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Saturday bring up deep feelings you have about attaining a goal or reaching for some career objective, or it could be about dealing with an authority figure or boss, or taking a leadership role in your life to make something happen. You will need to challenge yourself to step up with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent or to step up in the lack of this person being there as you push for your needs being met here, take care of your physical well-being, and answer to love or money questions still unanswered.

Sunday brings out your adventurous nature with friends, groups, over the internet, through astrology, charities, or in pursuit of a big aspiration. Open up and talk about shared financial issues, debt, loans, settlements, bankruptcy, or any other matter, and push for any talks that you need to open about divorce or sexual matters. Be willing to do a bit more physical work today or work around that physical health limit, you may even need to adjust around your pet a bit. There is positive excitement coming through talks, agreements, meetings, writing, and short trips. Venus/Saturn means opportunity for love or income with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist that cements something legal, travel oriented, legal, educational, or ceremonial.

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Saturday feelings run deep over the trip, legal matter, education, ceremony, media, publishing or marketing project, or publicity. You are going to feel the push is on at work, with health or pets and will want to step up, put yourself out there or deal with personal or physical issues in the mix. Look at the love or income you need here to make it all work.

Sunday your adventurous spirit takes over as you focus in on your career or a big goal, an authority figure or putting yourself out there in the spotlight. Talk to the partner, agent or attorney and try to work through what you need here and be willing to make some personal or physical adjustments around the love interest, child or creative end of things. Excitement or positive change is in the mix around the money you make or something you spend on today in pursuit of this goal or towards career matters. Venus/Saturn is opening doors between the health or work efforts and sexual intimacy, divorce proceedings or the big financial matter in the mix.

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