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Lunar Eclipses are emotional. They bring something to a head in our world and we feel it in powerful ways. This can mean a time of achievement and celebrations or a time of major endings. This week is our second Eclipse of 3 and it is a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius so something we have believed in, something that was meant to open up our world and help us learn or impart wisdom is culminating. Everyone is feeling this build towards Wednesday so go easy in emotional settings. Look for ways to celebrate insights and adventures in your life, to wrap your arms around educational achievements, trips or legal pursuits that have broadened your view, media or publishing ventures that have brought recognition or expansion into your life, or the ceremonies that bind. It is here that life is achieving something major or wrapping it up as a cycle ends.

Monday the Scorpio Moon will push us to talk about any shared issues that may need working through. This means you will do best in opening up about sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce issues, loans, debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, mortality issues, and any other outside financial matter. In the way that these areas are shared with others will determine the actions you take regarding personal income or spending today.

Tuesday the Sagittarius Moon takes over and is building strongly towards that peak tomorrow. Today there is an open door in all things Sagittarius: travel, law, education, politics, religion, media, publishing, marketing, or ceremonies, and this open door is extending to a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Be open to new ideas or approaches and discuss the love, woman or income involved in the situation. Venus adjusts to Pluto today so it is important to come at the goal here with an effort to make adjustments around that love, income or female matter. Agreements and career will require the same, focus on shifts you can initiate.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. It is from a family of Eclipses that may harken back to experiences peaking for you in June of 1993 or even all the way back to May 1939 if you wish to trace familial lineage. What climaxes today with someone at a distance, an import/export matter, a trip, a legal matter, an educational issue, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, or a ceremony will be a major turning point for you. You will need to do something about the money being earned or spent to adjust to what comes up and have a talk, deal with a contract, agreement or paperwork, write, or involve siblings or neighbors over the matter.

Thursday Mercury moves into Cancer and our thoughts shift to our home base, our roommates, family, mom, any moves we wish to make, renovations, real estate deals, or security needs. Expect more talks, meetings, agreements, or sibling and neighbor interaction here over the next few weeks. The Capricorn Moon gives a more ambitious and serious tone to emotions today with a focus on tackling changes and challenges coming from others.

Friday Mercury makes some good connections on your behalf involving those talks about career, goals, ambitions, or with authority figures and the money being earned or spent. There is opportunity for you in opening up here, writing, looking at agreements, negotiating, or pitching ideas that could be profitable. It seems artistic outlets, hospitals, spiritual pursuits, or research may play positively into the theme of the day.

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Monday is deep. Focus on the financial picture, any intimacy or divorce issues and paperwork, meetings, talks, agreements, or writing in the mix. You need to take action around some of this and it will mean going after an income potential or spending. Balance between your needs and theirs, it is key.

Tuesday begins the travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal, or educational matter that will build today and tomorrow towards the Eclipse. There is something different you can do in this, free yourself up in some way through these channels. You again need to have a talk, deal with paperwork, contracts or meetings and today that will be about one of these themes and involve a woman and any love or income issues in the mix. Be willing to make some adjustments around the sharing of power or the approach to the goal or career matter for best results.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE bringing the legal, travel, ceremonial, educational, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter to a major peak. This may be a culmination that is about a celebration as something is achieved here or an ending as you wrap up in these areas. Doing something about the income or spending is part of the day and will require some finessing on your part. Again, so much hinges on your communications, reach out, talk, meet, deal with agreements, negotiate, balance the situation.

Thursday Mercury moves into your home arena and you will be thinking about what you want here, meeting others who have an impact, making decisions, signing agreements, and moving into a few weeks where you may write more from home, write up a lease or real estate agreement, decide to move, take in a roommate, or in any other way communicate about home and property. The emotional energy is goal oriented today and will show you any limitations you have involving others on the road to your objective.

Friday is an amazing day for all talks, meetings, writing, agreements, negotiations, paperwork, or ideas about home, moves, roommates, mom, family, real estate, or security needs. Open up, tackle it head on, there is opportunity for something very prosperous for you in this involving what you can earn or what you choose to spend now in this matter. Your artistic and research skills should benefit you.

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Monday is all about you and your partner, rep or competitor. The balance lies between motivation and passion, anger or action. It seems there is a need to deal with the money earned or spent today in the situation, making some adjustments will help any talks or negotiations.

Tuesday the focus shifts to the deeper things in life. This may mean you are all wrapped up in an intimate, sexual connection, tackling divorce issues or knee deep in the finances. There is a lot of good energy around what you can accomplish behind closed doors in any of these areas today. There is also solid support from someone with the work, health or pet scenario. Be ready to make some adjustments around the income or spending again today and that trip, media, publishing or marketing deal, education, ceremony, or legal matter.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLISPE and it is powerfully emotional as something hits a high point in celebration or achievement or something wraps up and ends. For you this will involve sex, intimacy, power, control, triangles, divorce, loans, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlements, bankruptcy, commissions, or your partner’s finances. You will need to do something today on a personal or physical level related to this peak and it will require some adjustments. Again, talking or making decisions about personal income or spending is part of the balance.

Thursday Mercury moves into your communications zone where talks, meetings, agreements, writing, and short trips will amp up over the next few weeks. This may mean more meetings or talks in the local scene, involving siblings or neighbors, a move, or a writing project or agreement. You may be making a big decision about a home during this transit. The trip, legal, publishing, media, or educational matter is the emotional focus today with a surprise or two thrown in that you didn’t see coming. Get real about what you value, there is something here that needs attending to.

Friday is an amazing energy day for talks, agreements, writing, meetings, or decisions involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or a big aspiration of yours. You should find a way to expand personally, adventure, express your needs in big ways, reach a happy or prosperous point for yourself, all through the ideas, meetings or agreements you reach with and through these areas!

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Monday is about the work, health or pets and what you can personally do to make some adjustments here. It requires you talk it out, come to terms or deal with a contract, write something, or make a short trip or meet. You have a lot to do behind the scenes today as well and this is all about balance.

Tuesday the focus shifts to that building Lunar Eclipse energy and a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. There is something positive flowing here through friends, social connections, the internet, astrology, or charities and you should find that new ideas or approaches benefit your aspirations and this person. There is an opportunity to cement something creatively, in love or involving children and this person today as well. Be willing to make a big adjustment around intimacy, sex, divorce issues, or shared financial arenas or to ask it of them.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your most important relationships. This means a major peak emotional moment for you with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. This may mark a time of great achievement, recognition or celebration with them or about them, or it may be an ending. You will want to tackle something going on behind closed doors, involving music, film or other art work, research, hospitals, or addictions and talk about what you need and what you are willing to agree upon.

Thursday Mercury moves into your income zone which will mark new talks, meetings or agreements involving your income or spending over the next few weeks. The loan, debt, credit, commission, royalty, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, or partner’s finances will be important today as you deal with a change involving a friend, group, internet matter, astrology, charity, or aspiration. Whatever limit is challenging you on a creative venture, with a love interest or child, will make itself known today as well.

Friday is excellent for talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or decisions about income. You are in the driver’s seat on this and there is something in the career offing that is artistic, spiritual, romantic, or inspired and it looks very lucky and prosperous so let your imagination go, get behind the scenes, connect with the muse and fire it up. You may also find that hospitals, retreats, research, or investigations are good places for earning.

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Monday the focus is creative; spend some time on your projects, your love interests or the kids. You need to talk about any adjustments you need involving the music, film, art, spiritual input, hospital, addiction, or research. Getting motivated on the internet, with friends, groups, astrology, or charities is important today, keep the balance.

Tuesday work takes over, there is an exciting flow to the career and goals and solid support to home so tackle the work piled up at home, get your home business going, or work on something you are interested in involving real estate or moves. Health and pets are also in open door aspects today at home so good for working out or building that dog run out back! The Venus/Pluto adjustment involves a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor and the shared finances involving art projects, spiritual outlets, hospitals, addictions, research, or investigations. This means big adjustments are required now in these areas and will likely involve money.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE bringing a work project to a high, an achievement at work celebrated, recognition gained on the job, with co-workers or employees, a service you provide hitting a high point, or a work source ending. It may also bring a health issue to a climax as you reach your goal or end an illness, or bring some peak situation with an animal. You will want to take action on the internet, with a friend or group, astrology or charity, as you adjust to what is occurring. Communications, contracts, writing, or meetings amp up around film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, or addictions.

Thursday Mercury enters your sign and kicks off a few weeks when the talks and ideas will focus in on you, your body, image, identity, and personal needs. You may get news today that has a direct affect on you or a request to attach your image or identity to a project. Partners, representatives and competitors will figure strongly in the day with a need to work through changing goals, career objectives, and home matters.

Friday is golden for you if you can open up talks, sign contracts, meet, write, or tackle paperwork involving a trip, media or publishing project, marketing, education, or legal matters. There is something big opening up through a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or an aspiration of yours, think prosperous or major happy!

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Monday the focus is on the home and adjustments you will want to make involving friends, groups, astrology, charities, the internet, or an aspiration. Open up talks, write, tackle paperwork, meet about it, you are in the spotlight here. You will also want to balance all of this with career or other major goals and the actions you need to take.

Tuesday the focus is on creative outlets, kids or love. There is an exciting energy flow to these fields through travel, distance, media, education, or legal matters that should open up new ideas or situations for you. You can come to terms, sign contracts, cement talks or agreements, or share ideas that have potential to take root with someone else today involving the kids, love or creative flow. The Venus/Pluto adjustment means something involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities, and the work, health or pets involved. Money is most likely key but other shared energy between these arenas could require you making some adjustments today.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your house of true love, children and creative ventures. This is a major emotional peak for you as something is achieved, celebrated, recognized, or ended with a creative project you have been working on or waiting to hear about, a lover or love interest, or with kids or anything child related. You will want to take action on the career front or with a goal attached to this and it will mean making more adjustments. Put some time into talks with friends or about internet or other social outlets.

Thursday Mercury moves into the hidden area of your chart and opens up talks, agreements and meetings over the next few weeks that will be hidden or private, involve music, film or other art forms, hospitals, addictions or other institutions, research, investigations, or clandestine affairs. Work picks up today and anything you are doing tied into travel, media, education, legalities, or meetings will motivate you to overcome obstacles and deal with limits.

Friday is amazing as the news you hear, talks or meetings you have, writing, agreements, or decisions focus in on that art, spiritual pursuit, affair, hospital, or other hidden behind the scenes agenda. There is potential to communicate about a huge goal here or the career matter in ways that are lucky, expansive and prosperous. The outside finances are in flow as well, go for your goal today.

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Monday is about short trips, dealings with siblings or neighbors, agreements, contracts, meetings, or talks and being willing to make adjustments around your own agendas here. You will want to take action through travel, legal channels, media, publishing, marketing, or higher education as a result of what is decided or said.

Tuesday the focus is on the home, a move, real estate deal, mom, family, roommate, or security need. There is a positive flow to new approaches or ideas coming in through shared resources or divorce proceedings. You should also be able to solidify any income today tied to home or real estate in positive ways. The Venus/Pluto adjustment requires you to adjust your career or goals around the creativity, love interest or child. Money will likely be a big factor here.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE at home, with roommates, mom, real estate, moves, or security needs. It is a highly emotional climax around a celebrated achievement in one or more of these areas or an ending. You will want to take some actions around travel, legal matters, media, or education regarding this home matter and be willing to adjust to what is transpiring. Talk with those who matter about your goals.

Thursday Mercury moves into your social realm and opens up talks, meetings, ideas, decisions, agreements, and short trips over the next few weeks that will focus in on friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your dreams and aspirations for yourself. Today the emotional energy will be on love, kids or creative projects and changes that are going on financially that in some way must be met head on.

Friday is golden for all talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or decisions involving the internet, astrology, charities, friends, or groups. This is going to flow most inspirationally through your connection with a partner or representative. There is potential for you to have something big and lucky come through media, publishing, travel, marketing, education, ceremonies, or legal realms tied to this so have that talk, write it up or sign it.

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Monday you will want to focus on earning money, tracking down the paycheck or spending. Be ready to talk to someone about the trip, media or publishing, marketing or publicity, education or legal matter in conjunction to this and be willing to adjust your needs a bit around what is occurring. You will want to act on the shared resources or debt in balance with this.

Tuesday is about talks or agreements, writing or meetings and there is something exciting in flow here for you with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. You can solidify something you want or attached to your image or identity so bring this into negotiations. The Venus/Pluto adjustment is all about adjusting to the travel, media, educational, or legal matter as it pertains to your home, move or real estate matters. The finances are key here.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your communications zone. This is bringing a contract, writing project, agreement, idea, talk, meeting, or issue involving a sister, brother, neighbor, move, or vehicle to a major peak in your life. You will feel like celebrating achievements or marking endings here. Actions are required regarding the shared financial resources, debt, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, commission, or other outside resource and you will want to talk about the media, travel, legal, or educational issues to balance things out.

Thursday Mercury moves into your career midheaven and amps things up for you here. This means that over the next few weeks you will be communicating more on the career front, hearing news regarding goals, talking or meeting about career ideas, pitches, auditions, interviews, or writing something up that is career related. Emotions are on the home today as you deal with changes coming through partners or representatives and any limits you feel personally regarding this.

Friday is golden for all news, talks, agreements, writing, or decisions involving career, goals, ambitions, father, authority figures, fame, or reputation. You should connect the dots here through the work you do, health ambitions, inspiration that involves animals, and lucky flow coming through outside financial resources.

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Monday is about you and adjustments you are now making regarding your new needs in the divorce proceedings, the shared financial resources or sexual interests. Talk about it, write about it, look at agreements, and then take action to balance things with a partner or through an agent, attorney or specialist.

Tuesday the focus is on income or spending with a nice flow to the inspiration at work, health, pets, and solid efforts behind the scenes. Work on the film, music or other artistic outlet, hospital or addiction, research or investigation as far as earning or spending today, there is opportunity in this. The Venus/Pluto adjustment today involves your personal ruler and requires financial, divorce or sexual adjustments in the talks you have, agreements you are dealing with, or ideas you share.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your income zone and it will bring a big emotional peak for you around earnings or spending. This may be about celebrating achievements as you secure the pay, garner the raise or sell something major, or it could mark an ending to one source of income as it wraps up. You are going to want to do something involving a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor in regards to this and it will mean adjusting to this peak. Look for ways to balance the shared financial matters with income and spending.

Thursday Mercury moves into the area of travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, and education. This may bring news from far away or about a trip, a media or publishing offer or idea, a writing opportunity in this, legal documents for you to sign, or a decision to teach or get certified in some area of study. It’s a heightened time of agreements, meetings, writing, talks, interviews, auditions, and involvement locally with siblings or neighbors, all over the next few weeks in these arenas. Your communications are amped up today as you deal with changes at work, with health or pets and any limits or responsibilities at hospitals, with film, music or other artistic outlets, or around retreat and recuperation.

Friday is golden as talks amp up, meetings or agreements flow in, writing and decisions come into view, all focused on the trip, person far away, import/export, media, publishing or marketing project, ceremony, or legal matter. There is inspiration here for your creative projects, love interests or children and opportunity for something big and lucky with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Open up the flow of communications.

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Monday gives you some time to work behind the scenes or get into the music, film or other art project, look at any research or development required, or to retreat, rest, perhaps deal with hospitals or other institutions. Today this means talking things out, tackling paperwork, meeting, or looking at agreements with partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists. Once you figure out what you need to work on, Mars gives you the push to get it done.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on you as it begins to build to the Eclipse in your sign tomorrow. Take note of what you want, anything you are doing for personal gain, if you can tackle physical or image issues now, if your identity or persona is in some way reaching a new zenith. There is potential for breakthrough creative expression, love or interaction with kids for you today as well as some solid opportunity with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charities. Venus adjusting to Pluto means adjustments with partners, representatives or competitors over income/spending.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your sign! This is bringing a major peak for you, you could be recognized now for some accomplishment, reach a big personal goal you have set for yourself, hit a peak physically, celebrate an achievement with a new level of identity or image, or end something that has been part of you for a long time. If you have been ill this may mark the turning point as things hit their zenith. Today’s energy will push you to do more at work, with work piling up, regarding co-workers or employees, health, or pets. You may want to have an important talk with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist as well today.

Thursday Mercury moves into the deepest part of your chart and will open up more talks and meetings over the next few weeks regarding sexual interests or issues, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, and any outside financial resources such as loans, settlements, commissions, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, or a partners finances. Emotionally, you are dealing with income or spending today and anything changing with a child, lover or creative outlet or limiting you through a friend, the internet or a group.

Friday is a great day to open up those communications involving finances, sex or divorce. There is a positive flow here to home, real estate, renovations, roommates, mom, family, or moves so see if you can get inspired about ways to pull the financials together here or to hide out and get close with someone. There is big opportunity for you in work, health or pet areas of life today and again these are tied to your financial outlets, a divorce proceeding or someone sexy in the picture. This could mean anything from a steamy co-worker or employee affair at home or finding the funds to do some work there, perhaps gaining from a divorce settlement or inheritance, you get the idea.

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Monday is social or will motivate you through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or your aspirations and in this you will want to make some adjustments to meet, talk, look at information, write, or tackle agreements over the work, health or pet matters. Mars is gearing you up with a child, lover or creative venture today as well, motivating you to find balance between all.

Tuesday the Moon pulls back into your hidden, private area of life so you will feel like working on something behind closed doors, tackling home or real estate matters, perhaps doing something with family there. You can make serious and solid openings on the career front today through efforts behind the scenes. The Venus/Pluto adjustment is a big one over money and adjusting something at work, with a co-worker or employee, something about your services, or it will play out over health or pet adjustments and the money involved.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your hidden, private zone of life. This is going to bring something to a peak with a hospital, prison or other institution, with a film, music or other artistic outlet, a spiritual pursuit, clandestine affair, research project, investigation, or addiction. You may be celebrating a major achievement or recognition through these areas now or wrapping something up involving these themes and ending it. You will want to do something involving a love interest, child or creative venture in response to what peaks and talk or deal with paperwork at work, with health or pets.

Thursday Mercury moves into your opposite time which is always a marker for more communications with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors over the next few weeks. You may meet someone new who becomes one of these people in your life now, pull out contracts, start writing projects, or develop an idea together. Emotionally you are going to be more focused on your own needs or body today and will need to handle surprises or changes popping up at home or with real estate, mom or roommates. Any limits this brings on the career front will also need attending or you may just be taking on more responsibility due to a new career potential and have to watch how this stresses you personally or physically.

Friday is golden for those talks, meetings, agreements, writing projects, or pitches with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. Neptune is bringing positive information about something artistic, hospital or addiction related, spiritual, or romantic. You are also aligned with Jupiter who is opening a major door for you today with this person and true love, creative projects or anything pertaining to children.

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Monday is about career and goals, perhaps dealing with those in positions of authority, and in this you are going to be front and center in a creative endeavor, with a child or involving true love. You need to have a talk or deal with information that requires a bit of an adjustment, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Mars is going to gear things up at home as well so you may have to balance this with action or passion there.

Tuesday is social and will involve friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities for you. There may be a surprise meeting or phone call in the mix or you could just be sharing some inspired or unusual information here, either way it’s in good flow. There is also opportunity with these social connections to cement something legally, in media, publishing or marketing, through ceremonies, education, or travel. The Venus/Pluto adjustment is asking that you adjust love, kids or creative needs with something going on behind closed doors, this could mean a retreat, hospital matter, secret affair, artistic or spiritual pursuit. Money is a big part of what is shifting here.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your social zone. This means that there could be a major peak with a friendship, group affiliation, through a social event, the internet, astrology, a charity, or an aspiration you hold dear. Today is about celebrating the achievements here or ending something. Mars will gear you up at home again and today that means making adjustments around motivations there. Talks or meetings with lovers, kids or over creative projects will take some of your energy as well so balance this against the social vibe.

Thursday Mercury moves into your work, health and pet arena so over the next few weeks you will find that you are talking, meeting, writing, dealing with agreements, and making more short trips due to these themes. It may be time for a new vehicle to handle the work or the animals or perhaps it’s time to interview or audition for new opportunities. The emotional energy is withdrawn or private today so you will do best working on any legal, media, travel, or educational matters behind closed doors.

Friday is great for those meetings, talks, decisions, writing, or agreements over work, with co-workers, employees, about your services, involving health or about pets. There is something inspired tied into this that will either help you earn or spend in positive ways through these themes. You are under lucky stars at home, with moves, real estate, roommates, mom, family, or security efforts and again this comes from what you set in motion over work, health or pets.

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Monday you will be wrapped up in feelings involving legal matters, media, publishing, travel or with someone at a distance, or with educational matters. You will need to push yourself to talk or meet about the home, move, real estate, or other grounded issues that tie in to this because once you get your needs across or talk about your body and what is happening, you can begin to make those adjustments necessary. Mars is going to amp up the passion or anger in communications today due to these topics.

Tuesday career and goals come into focus. You can earn money in unusual ways in this today and the potential to cement something solid through commission, back-end payouts, royalties, settlements, alimony, child support, or any other outside financial resource are under positive stars. See what you can work out through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. The Venus/Pluto adjustment is big and involves shared finances and an adjustment you need to make around the home, real estate or move and the aspirations you hold dear. Perhaps a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity outlet will lend some focus.

Wednesday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in your career Midheaven. This is a major peak for you with career, a boss, authority figure, father, ambition, goal, fame, or reputation. You will be celebrating a big achievement or recognition in these areas or wrapping something up and ending it. Mars will push you to communicate from passion or anger again and may spark more local activity or sibling interaction and this will likely stretch you a bit. You may be looking at a contract or proposal that you feel motivated to move on even though it is not everything you want. Talk about the home, real estate matter today or tackle the paperwork there as it is important as well.

Thursday Mercury moves into your house of creative projects, children and true love. This is a time of amped up communications and meetings that can lead to love or take it to another level, and it’s a great time to interview or audition for creative outlets, to make decisions or sign agreements over kids, love or creative projects, and to write more powerfully in these fields. Emotional energy is social today as you look at feelings around aspirations, the internet, friends, and changes/challenges you are dealing with financially.

Friday is great for you in the talks, writing, meetings, and agreements that come into play over love, kids or creative projects. You have a solid flow from your own romantic nature, artistic abilities and talents, spiritual persona, and this inspiring energy is going to help you to achieve what you set out towards in the creative field, with a love interest or child today or it will at the least get you much closer. The universe has planted an opportunity for you through your words, speak them, ask the question, interview, audition, write, or sign the papers.

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