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Sunday, April 24, 2011


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As Mercury slowly picks up speed this week we come out of our past and into our moment to act. The week ahead moves us through social connections and aspirations in the beginning of the week, to pulling back and working on behind the scenes activities in the middle of the week, and then out into our own personal agendas and physical activities by week’s end. Venus is the one who is going to be pushing the boundaries in all of this so you can expect that any real need you feel you have around women, love, income, or beauty will be front and center in agendas.

Monday the Moon is in Aquarius and she is making a lovely trine to Saturn in Libra helping us to cement relationships that benefit the group or help us with internet projects, astrology, charities, or our aspirations. This energy is great for socializing and partnering on causes or brilliant ideas. She sextiles Mercury today as well so there will be lots of opportunities to share those ideas, get those agreements moving, meet, write, and promote.

Tuesday the Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars and Jupiter, hooyah! Again our social connections are most important, we are bonding with groups, pursuing aspirations and getting behind causes, promoting astrology, connecting through the internet, and taking things to a bigger level. Mars and Jupiter will give this lots of dynamic action and passion along with luck and opportunity to expand horizons.

Wednesday the Moon moves into Pisces and retreat or going within is a need we will feel. It’s a great time to align your imagination with income making potential today so look at film, music, fine art, poetry, sculpture, dance, photography, spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, psychic abilities, and fantasy as good places to call forth to earn money today and to reach new career levels. You may deal with institutions such as hospitals as well to reach goals and earn income. Venus squares Pluto today which is a bit of a heavy challenge to reach those personal goals in income or love. The push is on big time, meet the challenge with all of your personal charm and light.

Thursday the Pisces Moon forms an adjusting angle to Saturn in Libra so your relationship with a marriage or business partner, an agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent will require some adjustments. Saturn draws your attention to serious issues here and asks that you address limits, loss, responsibilities, or efforts. There may be a need to find a place in the middle between all of this imaginative work and artistic projects you are emotionally invested in and the reality needs of this other person.

Friday the Moon moves into Aries and comes to embrace Uranus, SHAZAAM!!! Talk about personal or physical electricity. You should use today’s energy to get motivated physically, to amp things up in your workouts, to raise your passions to a new level and experiment with new desires, and to get out there and do something different, exciting, or unusual. You may feel like changing your looks radically which is all good and well but remember this passes quickly so choose something you can live with. With all of this electrical and fire energy swirling about you DO have to be extra careful with accidents, watch out for sharp objects or burns today. The day is somewhat like your personal earthquake, shake it up.

ARIES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is gearing up to be a very motivating time for you with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. Look for ways to partner or represent others, seek representation or support what you can. The door is OPEN for talks, meetings, agreements, pitches, writing, and getting personal agendas out there with the group, friend, internet, astrology, or charity.

Tuesday brings even more your way in these areas as your ruler gets into the mix with Jupiter. This is BIG. You should pour all of your energy into making an appearance, pushing yourself and your needs forward with the group, friend, astrology, the internet, a charity, or in a social networking champagne today.

Wednesday the Pisces Moon will call you to rest or retreat and work on something behind the scenes. There is potential to earn and advance career or goals in this so put time into research, institutions such as hospitals, film, music or other art projects, spiritual pursuits, or investigations. You need to incorporate a third party in the powerful surge you are making to the top.

Thursday brings the need to make some adjustments with the other person you are dealing with. It is about serious issues such as committing time and effort, who is in charge, what limits or losses must be dealt with, and how the artistic, spiritual, institutional, or research matter will be handled.

Friday the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries, BOING-OING-OING-OING! You are going to be amped up on ampage today Aries, this will get you moving, bring a big surprise or personal change, something new with the body or appearance, something you are motivated to pursue with passion involving a friend, astrology, group, the internet, or social networking, or it could raise your ire as you fight for something.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings great social vibes to your career ambitions and opportunities. Today things should begin to fall into place with goals involving a partner, representative or competitor tied to your work or health. You should feel supported by this person or able to ask for support now. Commitments or endings are under positive stars in what goes down and talks, agreements or decisions made behind closed doors can benefit you greatly on the career front or with the big goal.

Tuesday Mars and Jupiter are triggered in this agenda so you can expect all kinds of physical or personal opportunity in film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, at hospitals, dealing with addictions, through research, or in investigations. These all lead to positive growth on the career front today. If you are involved in a secret love affair it can reach new passionate highs today as well.

Wednesday the focus will be on your social connections, the internet, astrology, charities, or groups and there is a supporting flow from these connections for you to stand out in some way and have your needs met. With your ruler, Venus, squaring Pluto today there is some heavy challenge or frictional passion going on behind the scenes as you strive to change something through travel, legally, in media, publishing, or marketing, or through education. It seems you can master some of this today by getting into the mix yourself and pushing for what you desire.

Thursday brings the need to adjust around that person involved with work, a health issue or pets. Look at any limits or responsibilities and be willing to express your feelings about a friend, group, internet matter, astrology, charity, or aspiration you hold dear.

Friday the Aries Moon meets Uranus in Aries and you should expect the unexpected in the most exciting or shocking of ways! This is going to come through a film, music or other art project, spiritual pursuit or retreat, hospital, addictive behavior, prison, psychic ability, research you’ve been doing, investigation, or clandestine affair. You may try something completely new today, make a big change, have one thrust upon you, or do something physical here that awakens you. Just take care with accidents as everyone will be more susceptible to sharp objects or burns.

GEMINI: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings all kinds of social opportunity for media, publishing, marketing, travel, legal pursuits, or education. In this you should try to connect in serious ways to love, children or creativity because there is great universal support in this now. Talk, meet, sign agreements, make decisions, or write with or for friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and your aspirations.

Tuesday brings more of this social agreements and writing, decisions and meetings, pitching of ideas and social networking as Mars motivates actions and Jupiter helps take these actions to their height. It’s a very positive day to expand your horizons with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations through media, publishing, legal contracts, educational aspects, or travel!

Wednesday brings the need to retreat and work on something on the career goals or to bring your imagination into the picture in a stronger way. There is great potential today to achieve some recognition or a goal you have set and find the financial backing you desire to make it happen. If your goal is one of passion this is in flow as well. You do need to deal with a woman friend in this as there seems to be a third party issue going on around your financial or sexual goals.

Thursday asks that you get serious about a love interest, child or creative venture. You need to make some adjustments here to accommodate the goal or career agenda, reputation or fame. Look at limits or responsibilities you have with the creative output, child or lover and ask how you can commit more effort or define boundaries to reach goals. It’s possible that dad is having issues today and you may need to pull yourself away from love or creative projects to attend to these or ask for more support from a love interest in dealing with him.

Friday the Aries Moon meets Uranus in Aries and it’s somewhat like bottle-rocket flame-throwing dynamite charging you up with a friend, group, internet project or experience, astrology, a charity, or towards your dreams and aspirations for yourself. Get ready to jump, to do, to change, to bring passions to new ideas or anger to fuel the fight, it’s ‘go time’. As with all signs today use some caution around sharp objects or anything that could burn you, this can make people a bit more accident prone.

CANCER: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday opens the door for you through shared financial means, intimacy or divorce so use this energy to find ways to finance your home, move, negotiate real estate deals, or to cement financial issues with family or mom. If the home is in issue due to divorce you should make attempts at rectifying that today. You should talk about goals you have, meet or pitch career ideas that are financially viable, sign contracts, or write towards these efforts, all good.

Tuesday brings more of the same energy through financial matters and career so focus in on taking action to go after your goal today in a big way. This may mean securing a loan, dealing with a bankruptcy or inheritance, setting up or settling insurance, taking care of taxes, settlements, commissions, alimony, child support, or dealing with a partner or representative finances in the picture. If a divorce or sexual conquest has been your goal today will amp up the desire to make something happen in a big way.

Wednesday brings more imagination and behind the scenes efforts on a media or publishing matter, travel plans, a legal issue or contract, ceremony, or educational topic. There is a lot of universal support behind your making some major headway or changes through these fields with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor today. Look clearly at the triangle/third party situation involving a woman and career objectives and see how you can make changes to partnerships, representation or competition here.

Thursday requires making some adjustments at home, with those you live with, with a move, remodel, renovation, real estate deal, family situation, mom, or security matter. You need to get serious here with what is happening and commit more effort or look at limits or responsibilities in the mix. It’s all about that trip, media, publishing, or marketing matter, education, or legal matter and how home or living conditions are playing into the ideal.

Friday the Aries Moon sits with Uranus in Aries in square to your sign, YOWZA CANCER! This is like lighting a fire and attaching an electrical current to your behind, no question you will be moving but how today! This is going to be ALL ABOUT THE CAREER, a big goal, ambition, reputation, fame, or father. You are going to be motivated to do something original, new, exciting, shocking, to make a big change, suddenly, in the spur of the moment, and you will be bringing your passions or your anger to whatever is sizzling today!

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is just so darn swell Leo you might not believe it! This is either swell in the way that something major is really getting serious with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and you are seeing that through talks, agreements, decisions, writing, or meetings that you are able to cement something long term legally, in media, publishing, ceremonies, travel, or education… Or, it’s swell in that this person is not right for you and the universe is going to give you the strength to set boundaries or end things under the best possible circumstances for you. You may be dealing with a sibling in this.

Tuesday brings more energy into this potential for you as Mars gets you motivated, prompts action, brings passion or anger to make that ceremony, legal matter, publishing deal, media outlet, publicity machine, marketing campaign, educational opportunity, or trip happen in a BIG way. Again, the marriage or business partnership, agent or attorney representing you, or any other significant relationship that is showing up at this time will be key in going for the big commitment or ending things now.

Wednesday brings emotional energy to the shared financial picture, divorce or sexual attraction in a pretty major way. There is an element of making a goal happen here or furthering career agendas as well as a need to deal with the work, details, organization, health, or pets in the mix. The square from Venus to Pluto today pushes you intensely with the legal, ceremonial, travel, educational, or media/marketing matter as you deal with changes you are addressing for work, health or pets.

Thursday requires some adjustments by way of serious talks, writing, looking into agreements, or making decisions about the joint finances, loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, taxes, insurance, or other outside resource. You may also need to get real about divorce issues or something going on with a sexual attraction or issue. Look at limits or responsibilities here as you work it out.

Friday the Moon moves into Aries and meets up with Uranus in Aries for an off the charts shaker or shocker in your ninth house. Yeah, yeah, what does that mean? It means you are going to be going for something, motivating, jumping in spontaneously or reacting to something surprising or exciting involving a trip, media or publishing topic, legal matter, ceremony, political or religious concept, or educational pursuit. Free yourself and the rest will follow.

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday the Aquarius Moon is going to enliven your social consciousness and bring the social realm of friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities to bear on your work objectives, health or efforts with animals. This is a good thing, you have an open door to make solid strides towards earning income through efforts here today. Talk, meet or deal with agreements involving loans, a partners money, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, commissions, royalties, or other outside resources in the mix, all good.

Tuesday brings more of Monday’s magic for you to pursue work, connect with co-workers or employees, get your service out there, go after the financial backing or investments, deal with any monetary mediums connected to the effort, and expand your horizons on this project in a big, lucky way. If you are looking for settling finances in a divorce or handling insurance issues tied to health, this as well should go well if you are proactive.

Wednesday is about the partnership and getting involved in this more strongly or about finding someone to represent you in a matter important to you. There is something very powerful here tied to legal matters, publishing, media, travel, or higher education. You can transform in these realms by connecting or dealing with this person. The joint finances or outside resources must be worked through or there is a matter involving divorce or sexual attraction/issues that must be tackled as well.

Thursday requires that you make some adjustments involving income or spending. Get serious about this and work with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in dealing with the competition today to find ways to get the income flowing or to handle what is being spent. There is something that still needs to be structured.

Friday the Aries Moon embraces Uranus in Aries and its ZIP, BANG, BOOM, to the Moon for you Virgo! This is about all kinds of electrical and fire motivation combining to get you all geared up sexually or intimately, it could bring some exciting attraction to the table or help you make a change towards a new approach in intimacy. It is also in the field of divorce where you may get the sudden urge to storm in with papers and storm out a freer Virgo or it could happen to you. There could be changes in the proceedings and you motivate to do something about this. Finally it is in the field of outside financial interests so loans, debt, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, or a partner’s financial picture could be the place of action, passion, anger, or excitement as you put things in gear.

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday you should set your heart on what you would like to manifest creatively or with lovers and children because the energy is lining up to help you achieve this through your social circle, astrology, the internet, or charities. Put time into meetings, talks, writing, and looking at agreements today with partners or about partnering, or with representatives or in pursuit of representation, it’s all favoring further commitment, effort, responsibilities, or positive endings.

Tuesday is more of the same but today you will have more energy in the mix, more action, passion and motivation to make things happen involving partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists as you do what you can to expand your creative ideas or potential, or pursue love or something for children.

Wednesday is about attending to the work, your health and pets. You will want to transform something at home or involving the setting you are carrying out activities in your efforts today and you should be able to make some real headway. Outside financial issues are tied strongly into what is going on at home, moves, real estate deals, and any of that work, health or pet scenario as well. With all this positive support it would be a shame not to have that partner or rep on board, see if you can work your magic.

Thursday requires an adjustment from you on a personal or a physical level, get serious about your limits, responsibilities and any feelings of being overburdened or handling leadership issues. This is again in direct line to what is going on with work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets.

Friday the Aries Moon meets Uranus in Aries and ANYTHING GOES with that other person, it’s like ZOWIE POWIE KABAM! This is sudden, exciting, shocking, change energy all fired up in passion, action or anger so singles could meet someone wildly attractive in the most unexpected moments today, you could get a proposal out of the blue or your walking papers, you could get an offer to partner in a business or your business partner could go bonkers, you could meet a radical attorney or agent who rocks your professional world or a current rep could drop some wild card into your game of play. Gear up Libra, that babe is packing lightning!

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday the is an air of excitement to the day, the winds are blowing in favorable directions and involve something social or awakening and it’s all coming together in your home, regarding home or real estate deals, moves or roommates, family or security needs. You want to get serious today about efforts on the artistic project here, the spiritual pursuit, clandestine love, or research you are doing on behalf of these matters. Talk about the work, sign contracts, write, meet, there is opportunity in this for you now.

Tuesday is more of the same golden energy around home, real estate and the work you are doing, any health efforts or involvement with animals. These areas are under so much big, lucky energy today, you will see lots of action and passion brimming over, much to do and ways that arise to help you expand your horizons in what you are doing here.

Wednesday the Moon moves into Pisces and you will want to let your creative juices take over, find time for your kids or children’s projects, and seek the love you need. There is a partner who wants to talk to you about big changes or if you are in a partnership today you can broach subjects and make powerful headway with them. The same goes for agents, attorneys, or specialists. Venus is going to push you on work, health or pet issues today involving women or income, use your words, they will win the day.

Thursday requires some adjustments around the imaginative work, painting, film, music, poetry, the spiritual aspect, hidden or secret aspect, the research, investigation, hospital, prison, addiction, self-sabotaging tendency, or clandestine affair. You need to get serious here, work through how any of this is affecting kids, love or creative endeavors or potential, look at limits or responsibilities and how you are structuring here.

Friday the Moon in Aries meets Uranus in Aries and the energy is like a blood thirsty vampire bat riding a fire cracker into an electrical storm  Yeah, just like that. There is going to be a super charge to motivate, take action, express passions or anger, and get things moving with work, work projects, co-workers, employees, health issues, or pets today. Stand back babe, the roof is about to blow. From the bat thingy. Go for it now, make a move, be spontaneous, original, try things you haven’t before, take new approaches, utilize the friends, internet, astrology, or charities that can help, make the CHANGE!

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is a big open door for you to write, meet, sign agreements, connect with friends or over the internet, delve into astrology or charities, and put something serious and long term into place. There is opportunity in this for creative outlets, true love to blossom or something benefiting children.

Tuesday is more of the same but today you have lots of action in the mix, things are gearing up and luck is with you in writing, pitching creative ideas, declaring love or meeting a love interest, doing something big for kids, signing agreements, getting out in the local scene, sharing something with siblings, it’s all good, be proactive.

Wednesday the Moon in Pisces will bring you back home, focus your emotional needs on home, real estate matters, moves, interiors, roommates, family, mom, or security needs. The aspects are positive here today to earn money from home, through roommates or real estate or to spend in these areas. Work done here puts you in the spotlight on some level so step up. Venus is aggravating Pluto today so a woman love interest or money issue with a lover, child or creative endeavor is going to need to be handled.

Thursday requires an adjustment with a friend, group, social occasion, astrology, the internet, a charity, or your aspirations, and how this is affecting home, real estate, mom, family, roommates, or moves. Work around what you can to feel secure and deal with limits or responsibilities.

Friday the Moon in Aries meets Uranus in Aries CRASH BANG SWING! Oh yeah, feel the waves hitting you from here to eternity as the electric eels have their way with your fired up imagination, lol. This is wild, sexy, active energy amping up in your house of true love where anything can happen today. It’s about action, passion or anger motivating you with a lover or bringing one unexpectedly into your life, it is also playing out in your creative projects so you may feel all geared up to make a change here or try something different. Lastly it is about any push you want to make to light a fire under a kid to motivate them or to push their project through.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is bringing you lots of positive energy to pursue income and make some serious career strides. The talks you have at home, writing you do there, meetings you have about home or roommates, moves or real estate deals, all tie in to bring opportunity your way with income, get to it!

Tuesday is more of the same with income, spending and home, real estate, roommates, mom, family, or security needs all coming together in positive opportunity for you. Today there is more motivation and action in the mix, passions or anger can be released to move things forward and great expansion and luck is in the mix for you to go after what you need.

Wednesday will bring more talks, meetings, writing, agreements, short trips, and possibly involvement with siblings. There is opportunity in this to stand out in some creative matter, to receive love or to do something for kids. It’s a powerful day in all of this with potential for change that is beneficial. Venus is aggravating Pluto today so home, real estate, or mom could be a bit cantankerous over love or money, it goes back to what is happening with you physically or personally in your transformation, do your best to work through matters.

Thursday requires an adjustment on the career front, with leadership issues, authority figures, the big goal or ambition, reputation or fame, possibly with father. It is about getting serious, dealing with limits or responsibilities, and being able to communicate this, tackle writing, paperwork, short trips if need be, meetings, and agreements.

Friday the Moon in Aries meets up with Uranus in Aries to shake the foundations and send up flares in the home, with real estate, roommates, mom, moves, family, or security needs. This is a very wild, exciting, shocking, CHANGE oriented day where you are going to want to make something happen or need to respond to something changing in the moment. It can bring a windfall, big break, something new and awakening, or you could see a big shift that you weren’t expecting that takes things in a new direction. Be spontaneous and try new approaches to utilize the fire and electricity of this day. On the other side, watch for electrical or fire issues in the home and take caution around accidents that could happen there involving sharp objects or burns.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is going to feel like you are in the right place at the right time as the Moon in your sign is aligning in positive angle for support through legal means, media, publishing, marketing, education, or travel. All talks, meetings, agreements, or writing in these areas are open doors for you today. You may want to involve a brother or sister or take a short trip as well that could benefit you in these areas.

Tuesday is more of the same but today there is more action, motivation, passion, or anger in the mix as you do things locally, with siblings, through writing, agreements, in meetings, or talks to expand your world and open up lines to happiness or prosperity.

Wednesday you will focus more on earning money or the money you are spending as you tackle things at home, with moves, real estate, mom, or family. You are in your own element today in anything imaginative you lend or any dealings with institutions or a clandestine affair. You may hear news about a woman that is somewhat frustrating or need to deal with having a talk about love or money that challenges a bit today, remember your strength is in the imagination and magical realms.

Thursday requires an adjustment with the legal matter, trip, education, media or publishing deal, marketing campaign, or ceremony. You should get serious, look at limits or responsibilities here, and then do what you need to do about the money you are earning or spending in the mix.

Friday the Moon in Aries meets Uranus in Aries for a YOU SAID WHAT?!!!! Kind of day. This is about fire and passion, anger or action all wrapping up in electrical surprise to bring you shocking or exciting news, radical choices, decisions that change everything, an unexpected writing offer or contract, changes to these forms, something wild coming from a brother or sister, a left turn with the move or a short trip, or a meeting that takes your breath away. It’s about words setting you free.

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is going to be very focused in on something dreamy or imaginative like a film, music or other artistic project, something isolating like a spiritual retreat or hospital matter, an addiction, clandestine affair, or research matter, and the ways you can handle serious financial matters in this, structure and take responsibility, attract investors or settle debts, and talk, write, or sign agreements that benefit income.

Tuesday is more of the same but with more action in the mix. You will see an opportunity to go for that money, to get passionate or angry and motivate, there is a chance to increase your income today or set things in motion that will lead to this in the future.

Wednesday the Moon moves into your sign and you will want to focus on yourself, your body, image, personal needs, identity. In this there are strong and positive ties to the talks, meetings, pitches, writing, or agreements you put yourself into and anything involving friends, groups, astrology, the internet, charities, or aspirations. It is a powerful day for big changes here so step up and speak up. Venus is aggravating Pluto today so a push around income and need to change things with or through the friend, social outlet, internet, astrology, or charity is part of the day.

Thursday requires an adjustment around the loan, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlement, alimony or child support, insurance or tax, partners money, divorce, or sexual attraction/issue. You need to get serious here and look at limits or responsibilities as you figure out what you want and how to bring it all together.

Friday the Aries Moon meets Uranus in Aries for a skyrocket day of fire and electricity shaking and shocking your income zone. This is going to light a fire under you to get out there and make money or find a way to make money, it can trigger sudden changes to income, new approaches, people or situations affecting income, something original or spontaneous you feel like spending on, CHANGE and more change with inventive, motivating ideas for making money. Listen to the new ideas coming through and set yourself free as you go for the gold.

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