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April refuses to go quietly, sometimes April is just like that, whataya gonna do?

Saturday Venus in Aries is a bit worked up, she wants something to happen, her passions or anger are boiling a bit, she has NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember how you felt when you saw a 3 year old stomp about, throw themselves on the floor and flail about as in an uber-tantrum? Well, don’t do it. It wasn’t attractive then, so not pretty now. She feels this way about love or money (what else?) and how it is affecting HER. She feels this way because Saturn is opposing her in Libra. This means the person you are dealing with may feel a bit like a wet blanket, demanding, bossy, limiting, authoritarian, or in some other confining, they may say, wait for it…. ‘NO’. Or and this is a big “OR”, they may need more from you, something serious, that feels like the weight of the world right now, they may see something in you and expect you to live up to a higher level in something now, enter the big leagues so to speak. It is what it is. Hey, you can do daunting with the best of them, it’s life, suck it up, handle this situation. There is potential for perfect balance if you do. In a perfect world this aspect can bring someone who is very supportive and serious to balance out all of your personal passion in teamwork towards a goal, go for perfect.

Sunday is one of those days that could go either way and in a BIG way. If you dug in your heels, stormed out and broke it off, made the hissy fit, or in any other way bucked against the ‘system or authority’ that demanded results yesterday, then today you may see yourself acting out in some over the top way in response to heartfelt wounding or ego issues. If you took the high road, tackled the work, made the effort, ended things in a mature and positive way or committed more time and responsibility, stepped up your game and delivered, then today you may see great rewards through big actions or passions. Mars is sitting with lucky Jupiter to really motivate you to do something, do it big.

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ARIES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is about you and someone else, Venus is with you so you are motivated with women, towards objects of beauty, you should be emanating beauty and attracting others at this time, and your passions or anger will be stirred over love or income. Saturn is with the other person so you want commitment or representation that is serious, partnership or limits in place, or they do. Look for balance, get REAL in all you do today, put in the effort to really show how serious you are, what you are capable of, and present yourself to the hilt.

Sunday your ruling energy sits with Jupiter which is an extremely lucky position for you to be in, this is in your sign, what do you want? You should be able to go for it big time today, keep in mind the serious vibe of what you find yourself in, look at corporate structure, leadership, authority figures, ambitions, and reputation, then make your move remembering that you CAN deliver if you believe in yourself and take the work seriously.

TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday your money or love needs are hidden or working out through some inner sphere in life. This means that you are going to feel like hiding out, hooking up with the secret love interest, getting into the fantasy, film, music, or other art project, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, researching or calling on the muse. The other person in the picture here is demanding more from you through work, health or pets. Saturn here may mean you see limits or loss issues here or that you are dealing with an authority figure, ambitions, reputation, or issues involving commitment or endings. Get serious, get real, you can find perfect balance between your needs and theirs if you focus.

Sunday is big in that the artistic effort, music, film, painting, poetry, etc, or the spiritual retreat, clandestine affair, hospital or addictive issue, research, or imagainative work is going to send you. Passions are huge, motivation is equally large, you are going to want to express yourself in a big way and this can be very lucky. However if you did not find accord yesterday but felt boxed in and rebelled, today’s big energy may have you acting out anger in one of these fields or doing something big that is self-sabotaging, consider actions first and utilize this to reach for something magical.

GEMINI: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is going to have you focused on your love or money needs with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or an aspiration of yours. You have a lot here to attract what you need and your ego or personal stamp will feel in some way bound to these arenas. Saturn is going to put a person into the scene today who has your heart or in some way is connected to creative projects or kids. If there is no one in those areas of life right now his presence there will point out what you feel you are missing. Either way, this is demanding or serious and you should look at limits, responsibilities, structure, commitments, or endings. Do your best balance both sides of the equation today.

Sunday is going to motivate you in a big way with the friend, group, social occasion or networking, astrology, charity, or aspiration. Depending on how you did with that other person yesterday, you are going to be on fire with passion or anger today in these fields and do something big to move things forward. Luck is with you, do it.

CANCER: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is active on the career front for you so your personal or physical needs for love or money are out there and you will be attracting what you need on the career front, putting ambitions into play, seeing reputation or fame flow pleasantly, and working through leadership now. Saturn opposing this is going to point out how a partner or representative is seriously affecting your roots, where you live, who you live with, there may be issues they are having with home or real estate or moves or roommates and you need to find a way to take all of this into the day and balance the serious issues at home/with real estate and that person in the picture while keeping the balls in the air with career.

Sunday the energy amps up big time with the goal, ambition, career, reputation, fame, or leadership as you express your passions to make something happen. You may need to react to something angry from yesterday if you weren’t able to balance what came through, however todays energy is very lucky so focus in on what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

LEO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is really pushing you to have that serious talk, sign those papers, tackle that paper work, do that serious pitch or meeting, write something up, or deal with an issue involving siblings, moves or vehicles. There is someone in the picture in this that you have to get real with, do you want to commit more or end things? Do they want more commitment or an ending? It is really coming down to what your perceived needs are regarding love or income and the trip, ceremony, legal issue, education, media or publishing outlet, or publicity. Examples: They need more money to fix your car, you want to go on the trip but is it worth it? They want to get married, you love them but love your freedom more. The key here is understanding your own beliefs and balancing that truth with the other person one way or the other.

Sunday is big one way or the other. Passions, anger or action is going way out there and over the top as you do something about the trip, ceremony, education, teaching gig, media outlet, publishing deal, marketing, publicity, or legal matter. This could be physically hopping the plane, walking down the isle, heading to the divorce court, getting in front of the cameras, or into the classroom. Luck is with you, follow your heart.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is a balancing act or an all out affront with someone else over shared issues. This is about restrictions, demands, limits, or responsibilities with the income at hand and the other person in the mix. This is about how love or the need to balance income issues is affecting your shared experience through loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, or any other outside resource, or through sex, reproduction, divorce, or someone’s passing. You are at a turning point today, commit more due to love or income potential or sever ties based on truth about the love or income in the situation. Do your best to balance in this, you have reached the summit monetarily or with affections, which way makes the best sense to turn? Get real. Consult attorneys, agents, specialists, or partners.

Sunday depending on how you worked things out with that person in the picture, you are going to act and act in a big way. With Mars here it is physical, personal, and comes from passion, anger or motivating forces over the financial matter, sexual attraction/issue, divorce, or mortality matter. Luck is with your efforts to open things up here.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday your own personal or physical limits or responsibilities may come into view strongly in relationship to another. Look at how you feel about this person, is it about love or income with them? Are you being drained or held back on some level or is there an issue on the table about commitment? You have reached a certain level with this person or if you are not dealing with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person today, the energy will highlight what is missing, who you need in the picture and what needs to be done to find this relationship. Because of what your sign is dealing with hosting Saturn, days like these are very important to see that whoever is the focal point of any commitment or limiting issues is a powerful reflection, mirror for you. You are in a process of stepping up a rung in life as a leader so do not fall into projection, look at what you need to do to get real with affections or income potential and how you can balance this.

Sunday depending on whether you committed more to yourself or felt defeated due to someone else, you will see that you are driven to do something in a BIG way. This will be in regards to this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and will come from passion or anger. Again, with Saturn in your sign, choose serious personal efforts and building brick by brick, reach out to those who can help you achieve but do not fall into useless competitiveness or anger, it only hurts you. Luck is with your efforts to combine efforts or beneficially disengage with another, go this direction.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is going to do her best to do the actual work, to organize, get into the work project and look for her needs=monetizing or bringing in more income, or finding love in the job, through the job. She is also going to be eager to attract love or money through health outlets, healthy approaches to life, and self-love. She is going to be face to face with someone serious who is either retreating right now to work on something behind the scenes or in the development of efforts towards her work or health, or something serious going on with hospitals, film, music or other artistic endeavors, spiritual pursuits, or clandestine affairs. Saturn here is slowing the other side down, bringing tests, and your job is to find balance, focus on what you can accomplish in the work, health or pet zone with love and money while committing more to the other person or ending something here.

Sunday gears it up another notch on the work front, with health or over pets and it is going to be big. You could be taking action on a very big work opportunity, doing something to tip the scales, getting personally or physically involved in a cleaning out and organizing, getting into a physical health regime in a big way, or getting motivated on the pets. Luck is with you, just keep an eye on passions or anger in these realms today as they will likely be major.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is going to want her needs met for love or money and this is going straight into your house of true love so any love needs in the picture are front and center today, singles could meet someone new, most likely someone older and well established through a friend, group, over the internet, or at a social occasion. You will want to focus in on money matters with love, kids or creative projects as well. This again will have to do with a friend, party, group, internet project, charity, or aspiration. You need to get serious, look at limits, responsibilities, and commit or end things based on love and creativity, income and children.

Sunday will amp things up big time in the love life, you will feel like doing something really big or reacting to something big here, you may run off together or break away to give your heart room to grow. This area is also about children so you could express passions today that bring a child 9 months from now or decide to do something large with your kids today. Lastly this is your creative arena so going for the gold, launching the project or getting it started, bring the passions to this now, let it open your world up in major ways. Again, your only thing to watch for is anger in the picture with Mars.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is going to work with you to focus in on home, real estate, roommates, mom, or moves and she wants income here or love. In this mix is Saturn opposing asking you to deal with some limit, restriction or responsibility on the career front, with an authority figure, ambition, reputation, or father figure. You really need to be in perfect balance between these two important areas of life so take the time to look at the issues, get serious and decide if you want to commit more effort or end something going on with the ambition, career or authority figure.

Sunday will amp the home front up even bigger and depending on how you were able to deal with the love or money issue yesterday, today that will motivate you to get very passionate and take action to get things moving at home, with mom, a real estate matter, move, or roommate, or it will amp up your anger over something here if you had more issues yesterday. You have luck on your side if you take action or react from your beliefs and passions today in this.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is asking for a decision or for you to get busy with an income matter that needs tending locally, in a writing project, with a contract, or through meetings, talks, or siblings. She is also asking for the love in these areas too so hearing it, meeting for it, writing about it, or signing contracts to get closer to it may be important. She is being opposed by Saturn so in this there is a legal, travel, media, publishing, ceremonial, or educational issue that must be dealt with. You need to look at limits, responsibilities, committing more or ending something through one of these realms. Communication is key today so open up about what you need via love or income.

Sunday Mars is going to amp this talk, decision, contract, meeting, or writing project up a huge notch. For some of you this could be something big happening with a brother or sister, neighbor, move, or short trip as well. Depending on how you dealt with yesterdays balancing act, today will help you to bring your passions into the communications and decisions and motivate you to act in positive new ways or it will stir up anger in these areas on a major level.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday Venus is going to be doing her best to attract income to you, this will help you with making money with women, through beauty, love, or pleasure. It may inspire you to want to spend on these things as well. In this you will be dealing with Saturn opposing so you will need to get real about any limits or responsibilities that are wrapped up in debt, loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance issues, settlements, alimony, child support, commissions, or other outside resources. You will want to commit or end things here, draw a line, find balance between what you are earning or spending and what you owe/want to find backing to move forward on. Shared resources need attention. For some of you this serious issue will be about sex, reproduction, divorce, or mortality instead of the shared financial arena, again balancing what you earn/spend against decisions made here are important.

Sunday Mars is getting into the game to amp things up on a big level with income. You will feel like motivating, getting physically into the mix, going after the money, spending on something or someone you are passionate about, or using the income angrily in some way. A lot depends on how you handled yesterday. Remember that you have luck in the mix so do what you can to increase income today and to spend wisely.

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