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Sunday, March 27, 2011


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GAME CHANGER: This week, yep.

Monday Jupiter opposes Saturn which is major since these giants go years without this aspect occurring. This is the energy of expansion and beliefs in the sign of ‘I want’ so expect everyone wants something big or is going to be reacting according to their needs to something big today. This is opposing the energy of limits and ambitions in the sign of relationship, enemies, competitors, and representatives, so yeah, the other person in the equation is either coming at you with something serious and impressive today with lots of conditions or responsibilities attached or he is slowing down the process, saying ‘no’ or a lead weight.

You MUST find balance between desires to expand and the need to make measured, responsible steps, deal with the ‘no’s or the ‘yes’ that comes with restrictions. Do you keep going on this path with this person towards that dream or is there another path that is true? If you are in a relationship past its expiration, today is going to help you exit. If you have had trouble committing to a relationship that is the right one, this will help you suck it up and say ‘I do’.

The other big aspect today is the Sun squares Pluto so ego or physical needs are challenged by something powerful, the need for transformation is evident. This day can target your need to make any changes and may come with serious offers from others that open up your world but bring their own set of new responsibilities. It could also be about a total deconstruction of present situations to clear the decks for the new rebuild cycle.

All of this energy will be playing out globally as well so pace yourself, the world stage is likely to be extremely volatile with the next chapter of earthquake, nuclear meltdown, market spike, terrorist, war mongering, triggers. On a positive note…yeah, I’m trying here, the Aquarian Moon dances with the Sun and Uranus in Aries so our ideals for the collective, with our friends, groups, through the internet, around astrology or charities, our causes and freedom, have an open door to step up, get into the mix, shine as unique individuals and electrify something through our efforts. There could be some big surprises that are out of this world today.

Tuesday the Aquarius Moon is moving in to find ways to connect through common ideals and bridge any issues with the other person, this opens up potential for personal growth.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades in Aries. Back to the future we go! Be extra careful about accidents as Aries rules the body, anger, fire, blood, and sharp objects. You are now going to be revisiting your past actions, passions, decisions, anything written or contracted, ideas that may still hold value, and you are going to be running into past people and situations to see if there is anything worth reconnecting over or in need of releasing. Double check facts and figures during this time, hold off on signing new contracts, purchasing new vehicles or electronic devices until Mercury Retrograde ends on April 23rd.

Thursday the Pisces Moon connects with Venus and Pluto so dreams and powerful romantic/sexual energy will be stirred up today. This can help you to find financial answers to the artistic project you are involved in or around hospitals, research projects, spiritual pursuits, and investigations. The other person involved in this will only be able to come half way today.

Friday there are NO ASPECTS. The Moon is in Pisces in a very long dream, it may feel a bit surreal today, floating out there. It is an amazing day for calling upon the muse, bringing out the imagination, listening to the music of the spheres, meditating, and gathering your inner strength. It is in all ways, the calm before the storm that arrives April 2nd -4th.

ARIES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is about you and another person, looking for ways to expand your world through your connection with them. They are either setting limits that you must deal with, testing your ability to compromise and share leadership, saying ‘no’ to your big idea or ‘yes’ with restrictions or added responsibilities. This is a turning point day when you can see how far you have come and find ways to work with this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, or decide to call it quits. There is a big challenge in place with goals, career or bosses today in the mix. Look for allies in friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities.

Tuesday is an amazing day for friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and partnering, seeking or offering representation, cementing ties, and finding lucky ways to expand your own desires in the mix.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades in your sign and you will be backtracking with anything going on with your body, old images of yourself, physical needs, personal and passionate connections from the past, old anger issues, fights you have had that are unresolved, looking at your old identity, your actions, decisions, and anything written that is still affecting your future. You may be more accident prone during this phase so take care out there. There is positive energy for you today again through friends, groups, the internet, social networking, astrology, or charities.

Thursday is a day to rest, retreat, work on career goals or ambitions behind the scenes. Look for ways to bring artistry and spirituality into the mix, deal with institutions, hospitals or addictions, research, develop. Powerful women could help you today to achieve a goal, financial opportunities are there. You will have to adjust to the partner, agent, attorney, or competition.

Friday is an absolute day of deeply spiritual, meditative energy. This day is tailor made for you to call upon your muse, work through imaginative projects, rest, recuperate, strategize, research, chill.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is powerful as you reach a balance between something big going on with artistry, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, or clandestine affairs, and the limits, responsibilities or time involved with work, health or pets. Do your best to balance with someone over these issues today as any travel, legal, media, or educational challenges arise.

Tuesday brings career satisfaction or the ability to achieve goals through solid work efforts, approaches to health or dealings with animals. You can find your bliss today through your artistry or spiritual approach.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades in your mystical part of the chart taking you back into the past to revisit any issues around your actions in film, music or other artistic endeavors, any actions, anger or passions that were self-undoing, addictive or tied into hospitals, prisons or other institutions, old clandestine affairs, and anything you did, wrote, or agreed upon then to see if you can reconnect or release.

Thursday is a great day for you socially so connect with friends, the internet, groups, astrology, charities, and pursue big dreams. Something powerful can transform in this through legal channels, media, publishing, marketing, education, or ceremonies. Look for ways to attract love or big money in this.

Friday is your day to just kick back, draw on the imagination, go within, surround yourself with friends or submerge yourself in the internet. The muse is very powerful today and it’s dreamy or surreal so go with the flow.

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Monday brings the Jupiter/Saturn opposition and you are looking at something big with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or an aspiration and what you can do to balance that with limits or responsibilities in your creative output, with lovers or children. Your image or identity seems to be strongly tied into this expansion through social circles or internet but today you must work on the way to get outside resources in line. Your allies are media, travel, publishing, marketing, education, or legal channels

Tuesday is all about that travel, publishing, marketing, education, or legal topic for you but today there is great flow in all of this, get real and solid with the creative venture, lover, child or children’s theme, and expand through your social networks, the internet, astrology, or charities.

Wednesday Mercury, your ruler, Retrogrades. This is always big for you and is happening in that social realm so expect to be going back to revisit past actions, passions, anger issues, or decisions involving friends, groups, astrology, charities, social networking, the internet, and your aspirations. Again there is positive flow for you in media, publishing, the legal realm, education, or travel.

Thursday is a career day or about chasing big goals. There is something powerful happening in this around a big change that involves finances, sex, life and death matters, or divorce. It’s leading to doors opening in love or income, make concessions for the creative project, child or lover today.

Friday is all about going within and drawing on your imagination, muse, the mystic, in the direction of your career and goals. You could just dream away in romantic endeavors or spend time on something artistic, it’s all good.

CANCER: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings the Jupiter/Saturn opposition and calls your attention to big things on the career front, with those in high places and your goals as you try to balance this with being isolated or dealing with limits and responsibilities at home, with real estate, mom, or family. You also need to focus in on the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor who is in the picture today as something powerful and changing seems to be coming from this quarter as well. The positive energy is all around shared financial, sexual or divorce proceedings.

Tuesday is going to put you into that field as you dive into the arms of an intimate partner or pursue your sexual attraction, find ways to get a handle on the financial matter and home, property, mom, or family, and deal with divorce under positive stars if that is your path now. Goals are achievable in lucky ways today.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades in your career Midheaven so you are going to be going back into the past over actions, passions or anger issues you have around the career, goals, ambitions, old bosses, issues with dad, dealing with authority figures, your reputation, and fame. Expect to be meeting or talking with past people or situations to see if there is anything you want to reconnect with to take forward or that still needs to be released. There is again a financial, sexual or divorce tie-in with this today that is under positive stars.

Thursday brings the energy to a media or publishing project, travel or involving someone at a distance, education, ceremonies, or legal matters. The energy is quite positive in all of this especially in any one-on-one interactions with others towards financial gain or love.

Friday is a day of diving into the Piscean waters to dream, bring up the imagination, call forth the muse, and let it all float around your ideas about media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, or legal topics. Go with the flow.

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings the Jupiter/Saturn opposition and points out any limits, added responsibilities or issues brewing around a brother or sister, neighbor, something you’ve written, an agreement, or through news that comes your way. This is about balancing what you have in this area with finding good ways to expand through legal channels, travel, media or publicity, or higher education. Going for what you want may require dealing with a big change at work, with health or pets. Someone has your back.

Tuesday is about your partner, a representative you are dealing with such as an agent or attorney, or dealing with someone opposing you. Communication is key and leads to solid results today. Doors are opening through travel, legal, media, or educational channels.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades and is taking you back into the past through a trip, legal issue, media, publishing or marketing matter, ceremony, or higher education. Expect to get personally or physically back in the mix as you look at past actions, passions, anger, decisions, and agreements in these areas. Expect people and situations from the past to come back around to see if you can reconnect with or release matters. Today the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist is good for you in talks or agreements.

Thursday is about a major financial matter and putting everything you have into working through it, organizing, cleaning or clearing out, looking at how third parties and manipulations played any part, and finding ways through deep sharing or love to settle things. If you are dealing with divorce, today’s aspects work the same for these issues. For best results, show some restraint in what you say today.

Friday is cast into the great expanse of Piscean energy without aspect so you will be floating out there through imagination and sentimentality, romantic ideals or addictive escapism through the financial matter, divorce or intimate connection, trying to get a feel for what is real and what is illusion.

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings the big Jupiter/Saturn opposition and a turning point financially. You will see quite clearly today just how big the shared financial arena is with another and what your own income or spending issues are on the other. Because of this it will be important to push yourself on the endeavor involving joint finances, debt, loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, royalties, commissions, taxes, insurance, child support, alimony, or other outside sources as you transform the creative aspects, love involved and any issues with children. Good energy is with your work, health or pet efforts today.

Tuesday is all about the work and the great alignment happening from this to financial matters. You can make solid headway or set up solid long term structures to bring income through your efforts. Spending or earning on work related topics or health and animals is also favored today. What you do today lends positively to the luck in the shared financial matter.

Wednesday Mercury, your ruler, Retrogrades so you will feel this as the need to go back into your past and revisit past actions, passions or anger that played out through loans, debt, insurance, taxes, joint finances, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, divorce, sex, or mortality. Look at decisions or agreements, and be ready to connect with past people or situations financially, sexually or tied to divorce to see what can be reclaimed or what still needs to be released. Today that ties positively into talks or agreements over work, health or pets.

Thursday is about a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. The energy is all about helping you to make positive changes to enhance and transform true love or the financial picture or both. This may involve the lover, what you are doing for a child or will be about a creative project.

Friday is delving into the mystical, muse oriented sea of Piscean energy without aspect so you can expect to spend the day fantasizing about a partner, enjoying romantic time together, doing something artistic or spiritual with someone close or calling on the muse to bring up images to help you get the right representative for your work. It’s dreamy.

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is the Jupiter/Saturn opposition so you should see clearly how much is expanding through or due to a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist today and this in turn will help you focus in on any limits or responsibilities that you are personally or physically dealing with. The home, roommate, move, real estate deal, or mom will be something you need to get real about today to reach your goals. Positive energy is flowing around creative efforts, kids or love.

Tuesday brings lovely aspects to help you make solid, long term efforts creatively, towards love or with kids. Partner, representatives and specialists are in your corner and can help you expand today, reaching out to competitors and involving them creatively can mend fences.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades to take you back into your past actions, passions or anger issues with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. This is about revisiting what was said or agreed upon, what you did and finding any way to reconnect with these past people to see if someone should be taken forward again or to release any issues that are still there in the way of your forward growth. There is positive energy around talks or meetings involving creative endeavors, kids or love in this today.

Thursday is great for work, health or pets as you find the financial opportunity to deal with home, real estate, roommates, or mom. Intimacy may express itself at home today under powerful stars as well.

Friday is melding into the Piscean dream without aspect so you can expect the day to be all about spiritual, romantic or artistic energy wrapped around your imagination and any work you do, health you strive for or interaction with pets. It’s all about what you can dream today.

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is going to show you the big deal going on with a work effort, health issue or pets/animals. Look at limits or responsibilities you have around hospitals or other institutions, film, music or other art forms, spiritual pursuits, or clandestine affairs. The ambition is hitting a turning point today, big things are right in front of you. What you are writing or agreeing upon needs some major change to happen and this is going to push you as well today. You may hear news or have a talk that brings all of this into perspective. Positive energy flows at home or around mom, property and family.

Tuesday brings great opportunities to accomplish at home or for real estate matters and make solid headway on the artistic aspect, spiritual need, retreat, development, clandestine affair, or research. Work, health or pets are benefited by your efforts today.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades to take you back into past actions, passions or anger issues and anything that was done, said or around agreements with work, co-workers, associates, employees, health issues and healthcare workers, or pets or animal issues. This is about revisiting the past people or situations to see if there is anything you want to reconnect with and carry forward or if something still needs to be released. Home, real estate or mom are again the positive base of operation in this today.

Thursday brings love, creativity or kids into focus with lots of great energy around something powerful being heard, said, written, met over, or agreed upon. Short trips bring powerful connections in this, open up and share your thoughts. What changes involves love, intimacy or finances.

Friday is a day in the Piscean dream where you will be floating on a sea of love, children’s themes or creative endeavors, calling forth the muse, the romantic ideal, the artistic inspiration, music and film, sentimentality and nostalgia, and escaping into the mystic.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is the Jupiter/Saturn opposition which is a big deal where your creative prospects, children or children’s projects, or love interests are concerned. The day is designed to open these areas up while showing you just where you are being limited or are having added responsibilities or drains going on through friends, group affiliations, the internet, or social networking. A big obstacle with money being earned or spent needs to be surmounted here. What can you change?

Tuesday is great for having talks, meetings, pitching ideas, writing, signing agreements if they involve past people or situations, and making short trips to solidify things with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or around an aspiration. Creativity is running high and there could be love in the air if you put yourself out there.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades to take you back over past actions, passions or anger issues around lovers, kids or creative projects. This is your do-over to see if what you said, did or agreed to can be revisited, reworked or if there is something that needs to still be released. Expect people and situations from the past to resurface now to help you face anything you regretted doing or saying, or to help you make a move one way or another. Today the aspects are in your favor for lobbing the first effort.

Thursday the focus shifts to home, family, mom, or real estate with a powerful energy here to help you make or spend money on something important. Work around the social or group obligation to do what you can at home to bring in money now.

Friday is taking you into the mystic, straight up. There are no aspects so you are cruising full tilt into dreamy, artistic, romantic energy at home and with family. Express your imagination in all you do here and if any issues around nostalgia, sentiments, addictions, or deception are haunting you with home or mom, they will likely come through to be recognized.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is the Jupiter/Saturn opposition so you can expect to see just how big something is getting or has the potential to get at home, with real estate, mom, or family today. In this you are also being given the opportunity to see where any limits or added responsibilities or efforts are sprouting through on the career front, with authority figures, dad, or ambitions. You are dealing with a personal or physical transformation right now that is as well an obstacle or challenge to surmount. What comes next?

Tuesday is a great day for making money or spending on something important. There is a solid, long term result to whatever goal you are setting here, ambitions or career are in benefiting positions, and home, real estate, mom, or family is where you stand to expand and find luck on your side today, think green.

Mercury Retrogrades on Wednesday to take you back into past actions, passions or anger issues around home, mom, real estate matters, family, moves, roommates, or early childhood issues. What you did, said, agreed to, or wrote will come up for another look. People and situations from the past will come back around now in these arenas to help you see if there is something or someone you want to revisit and reconnect with to move forward or if something still need releasing. Talks today in this are positively aligned to income.

Thursday is amping up to be a good day for talks or meetings, writing or agreements, and if you need to connect with siblings or neighbors or take a short trip that is beneficial as well. There is opportunity to make some positive changes around love or money in this. You do need to adapt to limits around what needs doing on the career front today.

Friday is into the sea of dreams as the day drifts on Piscean energy without aspect. This means that you can get some great inspirations if you just allow yourself to daydream, follow your hunches, get into something artistic, spiritual or romantic, research, deal with hospitals or other institutions, or rest and recuperate.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is the Jupiter/Saturn opposition so expect to hear big news or see the really big decision, talk, meeting, agreement, or issue with a sibling come up today. As you look at this you will want to balance it against the limits or responsibilities attached to legal matters, trips, media, marketing, ceremonies, or education. Something is changing that is going on behind the scenes, clandestinely, with an artistic project, spiritual matter, affair, hospital, addiction, research project, or other institution. What needs to happen?

Tuesday is a great day for you to solidify the legal matter, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, class you are taking or teaching, ceremony, or trip. You should feel happy and adventurous over what you decide.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades to take you back into past actions, passions or anger issues around agreements, siblings, neighbors, local activities, something written, or it will bring back the past through what seem like random meetings or conversations that come sporadically into your life now. It’s a do-over so look at old paperwork, agreements, decisions, passions, anger and see what can be revisited, what you want to pick back up and what still needs to be released.

Thursday is great for making money or spending on something intense. There is great energy around Venus and Pluto in this so you may have access to someone else money to spend or be doing this on credit (watch your limits), love or passions may be your reason for doing it.

Friday is a day on the mystical sea of Pisces without aspects so you will have a whole day to dream, call forth your imagination where earning or spending is concerned, make money in fantasy, romance, spiritual efforts, the arts, or purchase something beautiful, artistic, spiritual, or romantic. Efforts to earn through hospitals or other institutions or researching ways to earn are beneficial as well.

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday the Jupiter/Saturn opposition locks in to show you how big something is with income or spending. At the same time it will open your eyes to any limits or responsibilities tied to other people’s money, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, settlements, alimony, child support, credit, loans, royalties, taxes, or joint finances. You are in the middle of something here and the big change going on with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or aspiration is pivotal. What needs to happen?

Tuesday is about everything you can do behind the scenes, this can be at a hospital or other institution, with an artistic project, spiritual retreat, or research. The energy is beneficial for solidifying anything with the outside financial resource, mortality matter, divorce, or sexual attraction/issue. There is also opportunity to earn or spend under beneficial stars today.

Mercury Retrogrades on Wednesday to take you back into past actions, passions or anger issues around income or spending. This is your do-over so you can expect past income making opportunities or people tied to your earning or spending to show back up now so you can revisit these, reconnect and see if there is something going forward for you here, or to release anything that is still in need of healing. Look at past decisions, what you did and said, agreed to or wrote.

Thursday is powerful for you personally or physically as you transform something with a friend, group, aspiration, the internet, astrology, or a charity. This is about the love, a woman or the money.

Friday is an entire day on the sea of Piscean energy without aspects so you should feel adrift in dreams, your artistic talents and abilities, your spiritual inspirations and insights, psychic intuition, romantic ideals, all flowing. This will best work for you through income or spending today. Hospitals and other institutions are also in the mix for income.

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