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Mars and Venus come in for a landing with Saturn on Monday which means all kinds of moments in love or passion grounding into the, “It’s time to commit or end this relationship”, kind of day. You can use this energy to tackle serious issues with someone, to meet an older, established love interest if single, to do something to illustrate which way you would like things to go in the arena of invested time and energy with the other person whether that is with a partner, agent, attorney, or someone else significant. Friends might be the perfect middle ground to act as go-between or bounce your feelings off of, women friends in particular benefit. Nurture yourself today, Cancer Moon wants its emotions met and a solid base to build upon.

Tuesday Leo Moon kicks in and apparently everything was all hashed out yesterday because today it’s all about let’s play. The energy is quite good in the realm of true love, fun, children, and creative endeavors. There is excitement or change in the air and the talks or meetings you have are over the moon. Need to sign on the dotted line? Do it today.

Wednesday continues with yesterday’s themes of love and creativity. More talks, writing, agreements, meetings, and at least one serious connection with someone over the love, kids or creative outlet that holds promise. Mars is a bit pushy today so don’t do yourself in by being too passionate or aggressive, there is a fine balancing act going on between the dream and the reality, let it evolve. Everyone enters the shadow of the upcoming MERCURY RETROGRADE today so although it is not full force just yet, we tend to start to see inklings of what is coming. It is happening in Aries so there could be physical or image related issues with the slow-downs, backtracking and do-overs. Past passions, anger or actions are coming back around so we can see if what we think or what was said needs revisiting. Remember that a Mercury Retrograde will affect information, communications, transportation, and electronic devices and in the sign of Aries we need to take this do-over time to take personal responsibility for our past actions by saying it in a new way or getting into agreements that can shift things.

Thursday demands some ego or physical adjustments around the artistic, romantic or spiritual engagement. Some of you will be dealing with hospitals and be making physical adjustments to what is going down here. It seems to be either work or health that is in question today and a new component or change that is provoking your need to shift a bit on approach.

Friday Mercury opposes Saturn so you are in at least one important, most likely Karmic talk or meeting today with someone important. Again, the topic is serious, you want to communicate your needs regarding commitment, time, effort, responsibilities, limits, or leadership here. Again, health or work situations are going to require adjustments.

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Monday your ruler is very active, spurring you to tackle as much as you can behind the scenes, on an art or spiritual project, or at a hospital or other institution. Your friend, group or social network is important today in this and you may find yourself on the internet or doing something through astrology or charities as well. In all of this, there is someone who is significant, a partner, agent, attorney or other representative.

Tuesday is a day of fun, creativity, love, and open to excitement, talks, meetings, or agreements involving you and the kids, lover or creative venture. Dive in with all you’ve got, be open to new ideas and people, situations and approaches, all good.

Wednesday brings more positive flow with love, kids and creative opportunities. You can negotiate or meet, talk or write, it’s all under very beneficial, lucky stars. Get serious with the partner, representative or specialist and in all of this do your best to balance this with the social activity, internet, group, or aspirations that are driving you. Your ruler may pull you into something going on behind the scenes, in secret, at a hospital, or through artistic, spiritual or clandestine romantic opportunities. If so, passions or actions will need to be tempered. You enter the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde today so keep an eye now on any information, communications, electronic devices, or transportation having to do with you. This is a Retrograde in your sign so it’s what you have said or agreed upon, something you are physically participating in, or something involving your image or body that will be up for revisits and do-overs up ahead. Be careful to avoid accidents with sharp objects or out on the road.

Thursday brings more of the above with love, creativity and kids the emotional focus while you drive yourself to the spotlight at the hospital, in the artistic project, with romance or spiritual pursuits. There will be at least one twist or surprise today around work, pets or health so prepare to spin on that dime and guard against accidents.

Friday brings a serious talk, agreement, meeting, or idea with someone else. This is going to really be about making a commitment, ending a connection or putting in time, effort and responsibility with them. Again, work, health or pets are the area where some twists and turns are urging you to ask for adjustments or respond to what is changing.

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Monday will gear you up with someone over the work, health or pet situation so get ready to dive in and tackle what is before you. There could be fireworks with someone in this picture as Mars and Venus dance so if passions ignite, friendship could turn quickly into something else. For the rest of you, this passion could just mean you are in need of some adjustments in approach, express your feelings from the heart.

Tuesday is a much happier day and it revolves around home, property, any creative projects you are doing in the home, fun or creative outlets with kids at home, or involving true love. It is a day to communicate what you want, this may mean calling in sick to work and hiding out with your loved ones or delving into the artistic or romantic fields with a new, exciting approach.

Wednesday brings more talks, meetings or ideas about what you are doing behind the scenes, at home, with property, about your security needs or family, and opens up opportunity for you to expand or grow ideas that are artistic, spiritual, romantic, or involve hospitals or other institutions. Watch your anger or passion with a friend, adjustments are indicated here as you work out what is going on at the home. A female boss may be the source of perfect balance or opposition today, tread carefully. You enter the shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde today so any breakdown in communication or information will start to let itself be known to you in film, music or other artistic pursuits, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, research, investigations, or clandestine affairs. Double check all information and decisions in these areas.

Thursday brings the need to deal with a friend, group situation, aspiration, or something on the internet that is affecting what you want for the home, real estate matter or family. Change is in the air today, look at how you feel about kids, love/lovers, or creative projects and any of that Mercury Retrograde information we talked about.

Friday is serious with an issue at work, with a co-worker or employee, with health, or involving animals. You need to have a talk or meeting with someone behind closed doors or process information on your own regarding this and then decide how to handle limits or responsibilities, commitments or endings. Love, fun, kids, or creative projects should get some attention today but not until you deal with the male friend and whatever is going on behind the scenes.

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Monday is serious when it comes to a lover or love interest, child or creative project. You are going to be one on one with someone trying to push for your agenda, passion or action. The career could be involved or reputation, and a woman in the media field, legal profession, or tied to education or travel figures in as well. Whether this is a day where you push the buttons on passion or anger, motivate or really achieve through sheer will power, it is highly active. Don’t forget you need to make money.

Tuesday is a great day for talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. You are under lucky stars here so go for it and remember that the more original and open to new ideas or approaches that you can be, the better the day will go for you.

Wednesday is again a divine day for talks or meetings, writing or agreements with friends and groups, the internet or astrology, charity or your aspirations. Get serious about the creative project in this or a love interest or children’s venture. You are going to have to put in double time on the career front or make some adjustments to how you do your thing there, finding balance with a woman in media, travel, education, or law is key. You enter the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde today and will be retracing steps with a friend, group, aspiration, astrological pursuit, the internet, or charity. Watch these fields for your do-over as well as slow-downs, glitches and miscommunications.

Thursday you are in the spotlight on the career front but this is about doing something different today in the way you communicate so be open to whatever is in the mix, you can find ways to balance in the media, travel, educational, or legal field with your artistic approach. A friend is going to surprise you at home or there is a surprise coming on the internet/connection, through astrology or charity you are involved with at home.

Friday opens up serious conversation or agreements with another person over love, a creative project or children. This is about your aspirations or something going on involving the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, friends, or groups and you will want to open up about commitments, endings, limits, and responsibilities. Home is where your heart is today so find ways to balance all the career energy and social communications with these needs.

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Monday draws your attention to something serious at home. With Mars and Venus pushing on this through media, travel, education, legal matters, and shared financial topics, intimacy or divorce issues, you have your hands full. Think about commitments, effort, time, and responsibilities in this and put your own image or needs into the mix in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Tuesday is about income and career with quite a bit of creativity and fun thrown into the mix. You should find the new ideas or situations very stimulating and exciting. Talks, ideas, agreements, meetings, are all under positive, lucky stars here, sign the contract today if you have worked through it and are ready.

Wednesday brings more positive flow to income and career, talks and agreements, writing and ideas, and anything you are doing that is serious at home or with real estate. Adjustments will need to be made around a trip, media or publishing matter, marketing, educational issue, or legal aspect to balance the shared financial influence. You enter the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde today so it’s a good time to begin taking note of any backtracking, do-overs, miscommunications, slow-downs, or technical issues that may arise over career, bosses, leadership, fame, or father.

Thursday again asks that you look at ways to adjust around your needs, body or image in the media, travel, legal, or educational matter so that income flows and shared financial matters balance. Changes or surprises on the career front can be expected so be open to what comes, especially where communications are involved.

Friday is bringing one serious talks, piece of news, agreement, or meeting your way involving home, mom, real estate, moves, or someone in the home and the career agenda, reputation, dad, or authority figure in the picture. Open up about responsibilities, limits, commitment, or endings. Find ways to adjust around ideas over direction or identity before the public. Balance over marketing or publicity, travel, education, legal, or media matters.

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Monday you need to have a serious talk, meeting or make a serious decision and it will likely involve the battle of the sexes for you. This is a very active day for sex, intimacy and partnerships. What do you want to say? What is going on that you are keeping hidden or that is working it’s way up through the surface of your subconscious mind? A clandestine affair could be part of the mix, passions and actions are going to spur your day forward. For those of you not romantically inclined just now, this energy can benefit your efforts to deal with a representative over financial or divorce issues.

Tuesday is a fun, wild card kind of day for you so get ready, you could hear news of a trip, visit, media or publishing deal, publicity, legal matter or contract, or class you are teaching or attending. Luck is on your side, open up dialogue, write, take the meeting, sign that agreement, change is in the air and it is positive.

Wednesday is again about that positive flow for you with travel, media, education, or legal matters and the talks, ideas, writing, agreements, or meetings you are engaged in over these subjects. It looks like whatever you are moving towards has long term opportunity tied in. Find ways to do something intimately or on the divorce or financial fronts that bring a different result, its balance or battle with the partner or representative over love or money. Mercury enters his shadow today so you begin to get an inkling about what you are revisiting during the upcoming Retrograde involving travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, ceremonies, politics, religion, law, or education. Watch these fields as areas for revisit as well as slow-downs, miscommunications or breakdowns.

Thursday again puts you in the adjustment arena over sex, divorce or financial matters and how you are balancing things out with a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship. Surprise or change comes in through the trip, law, media, or education affecting your feelings about the money being earned or spent.

Friday is about a serious talk, meeting, agreement, writing project, or short trip involving you and another person. You need to get real, set or deal with limits, responsibilities, commitment, or endings regarding the trip, person at a distance, media or publishing deal, publicity, class, legal matter, or ceremony. Again, the money you earn or spend seems to be important in this mix along with talking about shared arenas such as sex, reproduction, divorce, and finances.

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Monday is a day to get serious about making or spending money Virgo. There is a whole lot of action going on around this for you through attractions, partners, actions you take, and working with a woman on something you love. If getting what you do before the public is in any way a part of this scenario, then friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, or charities may contribute favorably.

Tuesday is a powerful day for you filled with surprise and excitement. The best approach is through opening up about ideas, writing, talking about what you want, and coming to terms or agreements over sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or anything involving outside financial resources. What you are doing behind closed doors, through imagination, research, strategy and development, institutions or music, art, film, and other creative outlets should flow positively as well.

Wednesday continues in this theme of intimacy, financially shared agendas, talks and meetings, agreements and writing, and in this you can connect solidly to long term income. Be willing to adjust to the partners desires and balance yourself with a woman at work or involved with the health issue. Mercury enters the shadow of his Retrograde today so you will begin to see where you are heading back into the past to revisit or redo divorce issues, shared financial matters such as loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, or reconnect over sex or intimacy. These areas are also where you could experience slow-downs, miscommunications or breakdowns.

Thursday brings more adjustments with the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor as you work on the project behind closed doors, deal with the hospital, music or film or other art project, or strategy. Again balance in the artistic approach to the work, spiritual approach to the health or opening boundaries with co-workers or employees is in the mix. Surprise or changes pop up through divorce, sex or financially shared opportunities.

Friday is about a very serious talk, meeting or agreement over money. You need to get real about the income or spending involved and set limits, commit to something, end what is not working, or take on more responsibility. Open up the lines of communication over how the joint financial aspects will be worked out. Again expansion is through talks or agreements, short trips or ideas involving sex, divorce or shared resources and you need to convey your thoughts but be willing to adjust to the partner’s actions or needs.

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Monday is a serious day for you when you are going to want to set down the law regarding what is going on at work or with your health, the pets or a service you are providing someone else. Look at ways to make adjustments around your own physical or personal needs in this. The positive energy for you today is with women in any creative endeavor or involving love or kids and the fun you can have putting in effort on something together.

Tuesday is a huge shift energetically towards talks, agreements, meetings, or decisions involving a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant other. Luck is in this and if contracts are on the table you should really push for what you want and consider signing. Friends, creativity, social networking, the internet, group affiliations, astrology, or charities are a big part of this for you and again, positive.

Wednesday is more in the same vein, communications with partners or representatives, contracts, decisions, writing, agreements, meetings and talks that are lucky and involve the social, internet, group energy. Make a play, it is solid. You need to make some adjustments on the work or health front and balance things out with the lover, child or creative endeavor as you go. Mercury enters the shadow of his upcoming Retrograde today so you may begin to see where your revisiting of the past is going to come back in and for you this will involve relationships. Partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors are where the past communications, transportation and electronic slow-downs, reconnecting or releasing and dealing with what was said, agreed upon or written.

Thursday is about your place on the work front and the friend, group affiliation, internet, with astrology or charities. For some of you there may be a health project or animal rescue or service tied to this. Make adjustments and balance the love or creative flow as best you can. A partnership or representative is going to surprise you with something you weren’t expecting.

Friday is about a serious talk, meeting, agreement, or decision between you and another person. Do you want to commit to this person, end things, discuss the responsibilities, limits, or time that is involved here? Is there an issue that can be settled today or do you need to respond to something you hear with finality or leadership? Work through what you have going on behind the scenes, in the artistic project or spiritual field, involving the hospital or research project, and then take action at work, with health or the animal issue.

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Monday is all about what you can do by retreating and working on something on your own, in the field of music or film, the arts or spiritual projects. You may be dealing with a hospital or other institution or hiding out with a clandestine love interest. Whichever one of these themes fits your current experience, Saturn is strongly showing you the Karma, limits, responsibilities, and effort or dedication that is required here to move things forward. Adjust your approach or desires with the love interest, child or creative project tied to this and pour your energy into the home today.

Tuesday is a huge energy shift for you as talks, meetings or agreements open up big time over work, with co-workers or employees, regarding a service your provide, a health matter, or the animal topic. This is very lucky, expansive energy so expect nice surprises, say yes to what arrives and if contracts come your way today they should benefit.

Wednesday again is all about career and your goals with plenty of lucky communications, writing, agreements, and short trips in the mix over work, health or pets involved in your ambitions. Again adjust your actions or passion with the lover/love interest, child or creative approach for best results today. Home projects will need to be balanced with your goals. Mercury enters the shadow of his upcoming Retrograde today so pay attention to where you will be going back into the past to reconnect with someone or something through work, health or pets. You may have communication or transportation slow-downs or missteps here as well so double check facts.

Thursday you are in the spotlight with a lover, child or creative endeavor and will need to make some adjustments around feelings you have about being in charge or in the spotlight, or over the direction the career or boss is taking you. Surprises arrive at work, with health or pets today that will affect a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charities in your life.

Friday is about a serious talk, meeting or agreement that you have over work, health or pets and what is going on artistically, spiritually, involving the institution, research, imagination, or development. You need to look at commitment or endings, responsibilities or limits, signing on the dotted line or writing something that is time consuming or puts you in an ambitious arena. You are locking it in or saying you want out. Seek ways to expand the work or health matter through adjustments you can make with the friends or group, internet or astrology, charity or aspiration.

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Monday is a serious day with your group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or a friend. You are in for all kinds of action at home tied to this and will need to make some adjustments. If you are writing, in talks or meetings, or looking at agreements with a woman about what is going on then that should go well. Any issues over passion plays out through home matters.

Tuesday should be a great day for you with surprises and spontaneous moments around your creative endeavors, with your kids or anything you are doing involving children and with your lover or in the pursuit of love. Talks, agreements, writing, and surprise meetings are the waves for the day, catch them and take them all the way in! Your interests in media, publishing, travel, education, ceremonies, or legal matters are aligned beautifully to all of this.

Wednesday is more of the same, big and lucky talks and meetings, writing and agreements, focusing in on creative projects, children or love and what you can solidify with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charities. Again media, publishing, travel, education, or legal matters benefit. You will want to tackle things at home too but this may stretch you, pace yourself. Some of you may need to deal with being away from home or something changing here, again, set the pace. Mercury enters his shadow today for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde so pay attention to where you will be revisiting past people or situations involving love, kids or creative projects. Watch for any miscommunications or breakdowns here as well.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight at home or over home or property matters. Do your best to deal here as you also handle your travel, media, publishing, or legal matters. There is a need to negotiate time or energy in this. Surprises or changes are in store with kids, lovers or creative projects today, the more open you are to the new the better you should feel about reaching your goal or handling the career trajectory.

Friday puts you in a very serious conversation or meeting, negotiation or contract talk, writing situation or tackling paperwork and this will directly involve a friend, group, social network, the internet, astrology, or a charity. Talk or think about what you want creatively or how the child or love interest is balanced in the picture. Look at committing more time or energy, ending things, taking on more responsibility, or making it long term. Again there is a whole lot of action at home or with moves, real estate, mom, family, or roommates.

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Monday you are on fire about career agenda, taking the reins, getting on top of the heap and putting your ambitious aims into action. This will require a conversation or meeting with a younger male that may need some attention as well as put you into a very harmonious flow to earning money with or through a female. Seek connections with partners, agents or attorneys today.

Tuesday is all about something exciting and big in the mix at home, with real estate, mom, moves, or roommates. All energy is very lucky and happy here so if you need to have a talk, take a meeting, decide something, sign contracts, negotiate, write, or make a short trip that will move things along or expand them, do so. Changes are beneficial as well. You should be feeling great about the outside financial matter.

Wednesday is more of the same with home, real estate or mom being the place of talks, agreements or meetings that expand and bring luck financially or help you to deal with divorce issues or intimacy there. Serious progress can be made on the career front, with authority figures or dad. You may have to push yourself out there locally today running around a bit more than you expected, watch yourself on the road. Mercury slides into the shadow of his upcoming Retrograde today so pay attention to where you will be going back into the past to revisit people or situations, for you this will play out around home, real estate or mom. Miscommunications or transportation issues could cloud things over the next few weeks, double check all agreements.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight with a talk, meeting, writing project, pitch, contract, sibling, or short trip and you are going to need to deal with the financial matter here, work around something. Changes or surprises are indicated with home, real estate or mom today so be ready to adapt the legal, media/marketing, educational, or travel aspect to the situation.

Friday is a serious talk, agreement or meeting on the career front. This could be with a boss or it could be you stepping up in your authority or leadership. Reputation, fame or father could have something to do with the serious energy here as well. The communication is about home, real estate or mom and you want to look at limits, responsibilities, time and effort, and making commitments or ending things. Again lots of energy around legal, travel, media, or educational objectives with talks leaning towards passion or anger, find balance.

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Monday is a serious day where travel, legal matters, media or publishing, ceremonies, or education is concerned. You will be very motivated and feel like pushing yourself to earn or spend money tied to one or more of these themes today. Venus is smiling on you so know that it’s worth your efforts, you seem to be attracting love or income through this.

Tuesday is all about excitement in the air and lots of lucky, positive talks, agreements, activity in your local scene, meetings, and writing that is bringing you into the right place with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship. It’s a great day to say what is on your mind or ask for what you need. If you are a writer, pitch it or meet with that agent today.

Wednesday is more of the same supportive energy around writing, talks, contracts, meetings, and ideas. Luck is with you and connections with partners or representatives. There is potential for solid media, publishing, travel, legal, or educational results through this person. Mercury enters the shadow of his Retrograde today so pay attention for clues as to where you will be traveling back to past people or situations locally, with siblings, in writing projects, agreements, or meetings. Miscommunications, electronic or transportation glitches are possible, take care on the road locally and try to hold out signing new contracts until this phase is over.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight and its all about income. You will need to work through something with the partner, agent, attorney, or competition today in this so step up. Surprises or changes are coming through news, talks, meetings, agreements, vehicles, siblings, or local activities and you will need to look at your joint financial situation, divorce issues or sexual interests in this as something is going to be a bit harder to work through.

Friday brings a serious talk, meeting, agreement or decision about the trip, with a person far away, a legal matter, education, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity issue. You need to talk about limits, responsibilities, efforts, time, committing, or ending something here. Open up again about how you feel about the divorce, outside financial matter or sex and do what you can to balance this with your evolving needs.

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Monday is a serious day for some outside financial matter such as a loan, inheritance, insurance issue, taxes, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, or your partners finances. It may also be serious regarding sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce. Whichever arena is sparked for you, you will feel motivated to act, physically getting into the picture to make some changes or adjustments to the situation. Passions or anger could be sparked as you push things forward. Venus is smiling on you in the artistic work you pursue today so shine your talents. You may find that you are dealing with a woman at a hospital as well and this should go well.

Tuesday brings all kinds of positive, lucky news, talks, agreements, or meetings regarding income. This is a GREAT day to ask for the raise or interview, to pitch your services or write something that could bring money to the table. Contracts should work to your monetary advantage as well. Pour yourself into your creative work efforts today because they are paying off.

Wednesday is more of the same with a lot going on around work and income. Health and earning or spending is favored along with anything involving animals as well. This is again positive and expansive so pick up the phone, take the meeting, write, or sign. Something solid could lock into place today for the outside financial resource, divorce or sexual interest. Mercury moves into the shadow of his upcoming Retrograde today so the past will begin to figure into what is going on with your income. Look to past people or situations coming back around and pay attention to any miscommunications, electronic or transportation glitches tied to earning your living or costing you money. Hold off on new purchases in these areas until this phase passes if you can.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight and you are going to feel like something about your body or stamina is a bit under pressure in this so you may take a different tack in how you approach your work or getting your health together, again it could even involve your pets and how you are handling them. Surprises pop up around income so be open to new ideas about earning or spending on something unexpected, a partner or representative brings this to your attention.

Friday is about serious news, talks, meetings, or agreements involving divorce, mortality, outside financial resources, or sex/reproduction. It’s important for you to communicate about your income or the spending involved and seek balance. Look at limits, responsibilities, commitments, or endings here and make adjustments involving the other person in the mix.

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