Friday, March 11, 2011


Uranus moving into Aries was indeed explosive. I wrote that March 11th would be REALLY BIG with the volatile potential from HUMANS being shock, surprise, chaos, change, revolution, rebellion, war, and from NATURE being affected through earthquakes, tsunamis, firestorms, and volcanic reactions back in the March Monthly Forecast, last week’s Weekly Forecast, the Yearly Forecast, and I’ve talked about it on many radio shows. I bring this up to you guys because it is a big, important shift, it took 84 years to begin again and it is here now. I am diligent in keeping my forecasts positive and feel nothing is gained by invoking fear or alarmism so you know if I come out talking about something like this ahead of time I really believe I can arm you with at least the ability to back up safety measures.

If you remember, I did something similar last year when I forecast to the date for April 2010’s tragic oil spill, warning about the potential wound to our ocean with Chiron’s first entry into Pisces in 52 years. I am bringing these to your attention because I love you guys and want you to know, it’s one part of my work that I have a hard time with because it’s SO important to stay in positive energy. I won’t ever write or talk about these shifts with warnings unless I truly feel it could help you so KNOW that I really want you to take care to have your safety measures in place, back up earthquake kits, water supplies, batteries, check smoke detectors, you know the drill.

We are now in this energy field, it lasts from March 11, 2011 through March 6th, 2019. Most of that time will just be exciting and action oriented with Uranus bringing new ideas and actions into play and introducing interesting and unusual people and opportunities to motivate about in our lives but occasionally there will be triggers like this one and I can’t be everywhere, Uranus by nature comes out of nowhere and like lightning hits and is gone, so let’s all be as safe as we can be.

OK, that’s all the lecturing I will do for now on it. I do also want to say this to you though, you’ve heard me talk for years now about how important I think you all are, to be born at this particular time in history, that we are here to witness the end of a world age and the seeding of a new one, whatever that may mean, that this age concludes December 2012 and is based entirely upon planetary aspects and a grand procession that cycles around approximately every 25,800 years. Last year we all went through the Sun rising on the GRAND CROSS, the most powerful deconstructive energy pattern/combination of planets of the last 1000 years, we have now officially moved into the time of earthquakes and firestorms etc and this will be followed at last by a time of peace and calm. The ancients were magi (astrologers) that watched the Heavens for signs and they foresaw this time and some of what to expect. These ideas were incorporated into mythologies and religions in most cultures but all with similar themes, what the stars portend, those grand witnesses or angels on high. What we have going for us at this date in time is that we are far more capable of helping each other in times of hardship. We do this by reaching out through organizations and volunteering our time and efforts, we have more at our disposal than they did then and we can send prayers by the billions along with any financial support and supplies as we step up to anything that comes upon us in faith and courage and humanity to be show by our actions who we are and what we would see flower. As we find ourselves now drawn into the course of history through everything from civil protests to wars during this cycle, it is equally important to find ways to be courageous, proactive agents of change. All blood looks the same, let the Uranus in Aries cycle of CHANGE ignite us in brotherhood/sisterhood engendering unity through this shared life force of blood rather than see it flow through the streets and battlefields.

ON THE PERSONAL SIDE of this new Uranus/Aries energy field you’ve seen it out there, but it is also beginning to work through you! You will feel it something like this:
1.) Passionate and ready to make a move or express your talents.
2.) Angry and feeling like you are about to explode.
3.) Antsy and nervous and fidgeting like you need to get into something.
4.) Excited and spontaneous with a devil may care bent.
5.) Erratic, shaky or unpredictable as you feel like someone has lit a fire but you aren’t certain what to do about it yet.
6.) Like breaking free, breaking away, breaking up, breaking out, more or less making a run for it, out of anything constraining.
7.) Driven to DO SOMETHING NEW that gets you out there, at the helm, on a physical level, in an active way. This may involve making a CHANGE to your image, body or direction, or combine your needs or persona in Uranian themes such as friendships, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, or charities.
8.) Awakened after a long hibernation
9.) Bursting at the seams because you FINALLY found that last piece to the puzzle, that brilliant key that unlocks the rest of what you have envisioned.
10.) All of the above.

As you navigate into your weekend remember that EVERYONE is dealing with this loose-cannon, wild-card, change-driven energy. Think of it as a weekend of aftershocks.

Saturday the Moon is moving through Gemini so our talks and meetings become more important, it’s a good day to connect with someone important to talk things out, write, look at agreements, make decisions. However, this Moon is squaring both Mars and the Sun so our personal needs or physical condition may be a bit off in all of this. With both the Sun and Mars hiding out in Pisces you are really going to have your own personal agenda you want to focus on. Rest, recuperate, get into the imagination and strategy on a topic, lose yourself in film, music, poetry, art, or find a spiritual outlet for your mind. There may be some hospital or addiction issues that are brought up or you may have to keep pushing on whatever obstacle is in the way of you thinking your artistic or romantic project is how you would like it to be.

Sunday the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries so home, nurturing, mom, or family is where challenges may arise, last minute changes or upsets are possible. Mercury is squaring Pluto today so you must tackle the one thing you are thinking about today that seems too big to tackle. Perhaps you need to talk with someone or write it down, whatever course you take, finding balance at home, with mom, family, moves, roommates, anything really that is going on where you live or with whom, or around real estate or security needs, is part of working through these energies.

ARIES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are driven to write, meet, speak on something, and push yourself physically and artistically to connect with others. You could be dealing with an artistic project, spiritual endeavor, hospital, prison, addictive issue, research project, investigation, or clandestine affair, whatever you are pushing yourself to do, remember that you do need some time for yourself to fuel the imagination and keep yourself going. You are the great communicator today and there is someone who has your back, reach out to them.

Sunday you are taking on the world more or less, you are again the one hosting Mercury and he is active so the words you choose, what you think, write, talk about, speak on, meet about, or sign will be pushing the career objectives or putting you in front of your audience, the public, someone in a position of authority, or testing your own leadership abilities. Home, family, mom, or security needs may be helping you to balance this today or the source of frustration, be flexible as you may find the right new way forward but power issues could erupt where you hang your hat.

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Saturday you are going to feel driven by social demands or needs, but income is going to be an issue on some level. You may have to work while friends are gathering or the social event, internet, charity, or group activity is going to require more financially from you than you expected. The energy today is very supportive for making solid strides in your work, with your health or for animals and in this your income looks good so you may have to either accept that you are best focusing on earning and work, health or pets today, or find a way to enjoy the friends or social experience without letting the money weigh too heavily on you. Be careful today that you don’t get into a fight with a friend over money being earned or spent.

Sunday you are the great communicator on subjects such as film, music, poetry, art, spiritual topics, hospitals, research, or addictions but there is something major in the air today around change or transformation through legal, travel, media, publishing, or educational avenues here. Choose your words wisely and think about what you want to change in these areas. There may be a clandestine affair that you are dealing with as well. The information is the key today, what is written, the ideas you have, decisions you make, one of those turning point kind of days.

GEMINI: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is a very driven day for you to achieve something important, there is a lot of personal energy involved which could spark passions or anger as you drive yourself towards your goal. Look at career endeavors, the public forum, your reputation, fame, or anyone you are dealing with who is an authority figure, person in power, or even your father. Step up and push yourself out there, bring your personality and your ideas to the table, and know that the flow is lovely and supportive for you today in your creative efforts as well as with your children or lovers/love interests.

Sunday brings either a very powerful or massively transforming conversation, meeting, or agreement with a friend, group, social media outlet, the internet, astrology, or a charity for you. This could as well be about an aspiration of yours that is the reason talks, meetings or agreements are pushed. The focus in this is going to be power, control, sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or financially shared resources. What needs to change or how do you empower the situation? If it is news you get wind of, what can you do about it? Feelings about income and changes you make are affecting the day as well.

CANCER: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday spurs you on to tackle the media, publishing, marketing, travel, educational, or legal matter before you and it may feel as if you are never going to come out from behind those closed doors! It’s a day to delve into your strategies, development, retreat and work on these topics, perhaps to utilize your artistry or imagination but to plow ahead on the new fronts you have set for yourself. The one solid thing that is there for you today is home, family, mom, real estate, or anything relating to your grounding in life.

Sunday highlights communications that are going on with career, dad, bosses, or are about your leadership, authority, ambitions, or responsibilities. Mercury is active here so talks, meetings, news, writing, short trips, agreements, all could come into play and there is a challenge in this with someone significant, either a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist. What needs to change or how do you transform the situation? The Moon is in your sign so your own needs, body, image, or ego are wrapped up in whatever is coming across.

LEO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is a very social day for you. It looks like you will either spend the day with friends, a group, or social networking on the internet, at a party or social occasion, or involved in charities or astrology. On one hand this looks quite good, especially where your personal leadership, writing, or what you have to say is concerned, you will do well in meeting others, especially in talks with a few older folks or ones who are well established. The challenge for you today is passion or anger that is stirred sexually, over divorce or involving outside financial resources. Somehow today, these energies collide.

Sunday you are the great communicator through realms of media, publishing, marketing, travel, foreign interests, legal matters, or education. This pretty much means this is where your mind or thoughts are, what you will hear news about or talk or meet over, make short trips to deal with or write about. There is some powerful change or person involved in work, with health or animals that is going to in some way be the recipient of all of this, so look for ways to communicate and transform or empower through these areas. Something that is hidden may come to light today if you aren’t careful.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are motivated to DO SOMETHING with or because of a romantic, marriage or business partnership, or agent, attorney, or competitor in the picture. Your feelings about your career, the goal, ambition, reputation, fame, or father are strongly tied into what you choose to say or do today in this, make sure that you are focusing in on your passions over anger and find ways to tackle responsibilities and lead. The positive energy for you in all of this today is around solid, supportive income tied to your ambitions and any minor spending you may do to promote them into action.

Sunday you are the great communicator in the most powerful part of the chart so this means that you may hear news, have a talk or meeting, make a short trip, write or come up with an idea, or sign agreements today that are focusing in on a shared financial reality, divorce, sexual attraction or issue, mortality matter, or reproductive issue. This is challenging you to transform a creative prospect, love matter or something involving children or it will be an obstacle for you to overcome to reach the creative outcome, lover or child in question. Your aspirations and social interactions, the internet, astrology, groups, friends, or charities are also affected today as you power through.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are driven to do something and get in there on a personal level at work, with work piling up around the house, in organizing or cleaning things out, with health, or involving pets or other animals. This is going to in some way be influenced by how you feel about a trip, person far away or foreign interest, media or publishing matter, publicity, higher education, or legal matter. There may be something to overcome in all of this but the good news today is that Saturn in your sign is favoring your efforts and strengthening your resolve, physical stamina and leadership abilities, go get ‘em.

Sunday you are the great communicator regarding relationship. This means that Mercury is working through news you hear, talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or decisions that come through or are with a romantic, marriage or business partnership, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Whether you are the one talking to this person or you are hearing about them or from them, there is a need to transform something at home, with the living situation, real estate matters, foundations you are building upon, with mom or mother figures, or roommates. Your feelings about career and status are somehow tied into all of this and you may need to deal with an authority figure to move things along.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday your personality, physical body, ego, passions, angers, aggressions, and actions are all getting stirred up over love, kids or creative projects, perhaps all three. You are going to feel driven to DO SOMETHING about things and in this challenge yourself or find you are challenged through sex, intimacy, divorce, or financial resources. The energy is a powder keg for steamy sexual passions or angry outbursts over the kids or divorce. You can make a lot happen if you harness it positively. The harmonious flow today is with what is going on behind the scenes, in private or secret, in research or fantasy, film, music or the arts, in clandestine affairs or dealing with addictions, at hospitals or spiritual retreats.

Sunday you are the great communicator in the realm of work, health or pets so expect that Mercury is working through these areas to bring news, spark your talks, meetings, writing, or agreements and that in this there is something very powerful evolving, changing, deconstructing, and rebirthing. Your emotions are in the legal end of things, far off in the distance or with someone far away, on a trip you are longing for, over someone else’s travels, with the media or publishing matter, publicity, or educational ramifications. So much Mercury may bring brothers or sisters, or transportation into the picture as well with issues today.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday the passions, anger, and action is all pouring into the home, living situation, real estate matter, or with mom or roommates, moves or renovations. You are going to have a lot going on here or feel like you need to do something to move it all along. How you feel about a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent is going to figure into what you decide to do. The good news it that there is solid, supportive energy around anything social you are planning or attending, with your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities so lean on these areas or build here.

Sunday you are the great communicator in the area of love, kids or creative projects. This means Mercury is active here and you will either hear news, write, take meetings, talk, speak, or sign agreements about the kids, creative endeavor or love interest today. In all of this it is important to see that something is changing or coming up to be changed involving the income or money being spent. You could hear of an income making opportunity coming in or a ‘no’ about one today as a corner is turned, either way you need to push forward in new areas. The same goes for love or issues with kids that involve money. Your feelings about how you share through sex, finances or divorce are sparked as well today.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is all about what you can conquer out locally, through short trips, writing, with siblings, in meetings or talks, or involving agreements, it’s all about Mercury and your motivation to achieve something in these realms. Your work, health or pets will be part of the scenario so get ready to juggle some balls in the air. The good news today is that your career, interaction with people in authority and own leadership abilities are under very solid, supportive stars and these tie to the work you do, your healthy pursuits or what you are doing for animals.

Sunday you are the great communicator where home, real estate, roommates, mom, family, or security needs are concerned. This means Mercury is active here and you may hear news about mom or home, real estate or moves, or you may be the one out there taking the short jaunt, writing, signing the contract, or meeting with them. There is something very powerful going on today that is all about you and transforming your identity, personality, body, ego needs, or image and you will want to have any talks or make any decisions that may affect both you and the home, real estate or mom today. Feelings about partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, or other significant others will likely surface and drive what you say or agree upon.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are going to feel driven, passionate or angry where income or spending is concerned. This is in direct correlation to the lover/love interest, child or creative endeavor so you could find you are feeling motivated to earn more for your loved one or creative project or anger is coming up over spending, that you purchase something in the name of love or for the creative outlet or get angry over what it is costing or what a child is spending. The drive is there, you can move things forward, the only thing to watch out for is if you are spending to take the place of love or creative outlets in your life. The positive energy is around solid, support from travel, media, publishing, education, or legal channels so use these routes towards kids, love or creative ventures.

Sunday you are the great communicator and this may involve news, writing, talks or meetings, siblings, neighbors, or short trips. There is something that needs to change or that is changing and it is powerful. Look at artistic outlets like film, music, art, or spiritual pursuits, psychic endeavors or abilities, research, investigations, hospitals, prisons, or other places of retreat or isolation, clandestine affairs, or secrets as possible arenas today for major transformation. What needs to change or can you empower yourself through communications here? Feelings about work, health or pets are all wrapped up in this, be willing to change what you think or say.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are going to feel drive, anger or lots of passion as you move on something personal to yourself at home, with real estate, mom, family, or moves, roommates, security needs, or land. You could be pushing yourself physically in this and it stresses you a bit or there could be a personal goal you have that involves your body or image, identity or needs at home, with real estate or mom. The positive news today is that in this there is solid, support through outside financial channels so you can either find the loan, mortgage, pay off the insurance, tax, handle the settlement or inheritance, deal with the bankruptcy, divorce, or other shared issue going on here under positive long term forces. If you’ve had your eye on someone older, you could end up in a steamy embrace at home today.

Sunday you are the great communicator where income or spending is concerned or a major possession is involved. It is Mercury in action so you could hear news about money coming in or going out or write, talk, meet, make a short trip, or sign agreements involving income. The energy around this is very powerful and changing where a friend, group, social occasion, the internet, astrology, or a charity or foundation is concerned. You are transforming through what is decided today here. Your feelings about creative outlets, talent, pride, children, or lovers/love interests will play strongly into any changes you make about the money or how you react to new directions.

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