Sunday, December 19, 2010


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I can’t believe the Holidays are upon us! In the crazy week ahead, I hope you all have time to really enjoy the people you love and celebrate the fact that you made it through the most life-changing year of recent memory. Thank you for being part of my life here and my journey through the stars, I really have learned so much from all of you and made so many wonderful friendships through this process. I look forward to what 2011 has in store for all of us. Happy Holidays!

Mercury continues to take us into past issues and connections with people or situations to rethink, reconnect or release. Monday and Tuesday are going to be the most intense days this week as he is very active in connections with the outer planetary energy of surprise, change, inspiration, expansion, and in the mundane world, the energies of friendship, the internet, astrology, film, music, hospitals, secrets, media, law, education, and travel.

Monday through Tuesday as well is a very dynamic Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the last degree of Gemini so you can expect to hear major news, have talks or meetings that are quite intense, make a life-changing decision or deal with such an agreement, see peak issues with brothers or sisters, neighbors or moves, and really overall this is a moment in time that marks a climax for you in how you think about your life. The last time we had an Eclipse here was 17 years ago so you may think back to 1993 and how things shifted for you then. Of course the other planetary positions are much changed now so there will be many differences this time around but it is as important since in a final degree we are graduating in a sense from one mindset about our life. Whatever culminates, is celebrated or ends now, we have a New Solar Eclipse on Jan. 4th to kick off fresh starts.

So, having given you that run down, the emotional and communications arenas of life are going to be intense the first of the week, take this into consideration.

On Monday this means you are going to be tackling a last minute change, surprise or shock coming via film, music, or any other artistic outlet, hospitals, prisons, or other institutions, psychic or spiritual pursuits, or research and investigations, that will oblige you to make decisions about travel, media, legal matters, ceremonies, or education. Be willing to act on what comes through and if you need support, reach out to a partner or representative, they are solid today.

Tuesday is officially the Lunar Eclipse but it happens in the wee hours so you will feel it just as intensely on Monday. This is a major peak around news you hear, talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, writing projects, siblings, neighbors, or moves. Your ideas and way of thinking about life is reaching a high point, a turning point, and it is about celebrating achievements or ending chapters. There is very positive energy in connections with friends, groups or around aspirations today, especially if you can communicate around media, travel, legal, or educational matters.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will let us settle into family, home, mom, and nurture and it seems we may need this after the jolts of the last few days. There is positive flow for you here with financial matters so you may want to focus on any property taxes, income you can generate from home, loans or mortgages, real estate deals, or spending on the home in preparation for the holidays. It is a bit more challenging where relationships are concerned today, it seems your partner or representative may be overloaded or just a bit down, do your best to pick up the slack. More talks or decisions, meetings or writing may be important today regarding the trip, media, marketing, publishing, educational or legal matter, or ceremony.

Thursday the Moon moves into Leo in the morning and will open the door for some nice surprises where love, children or creative projects are concerned. It’s a great day to be spontaneous and open to new experience. The closing aspects tonight involve powerful adjustments around goals, ambition, career, bosses, father, fame, or reputation. You are locked into this from the creative or love perspective so you need to ask yourself what your true goals are and then be willing to make concessions to attain them, reworking your path there.

Friday is Christmas Eve day and is sitting with Leo Moon energy so the focus is on joy, creativity, children, love, lovers, and expressing yourself. You may need to tackle something with dad or a father figure today, take on more for him if possible or deal with any stress issues here. The connection with your partner, representative or other significant relationship is solid today. If you are apart or feeling apart from this person, the energy suggests you can find ways to connect or embrace the separation positively. Intimacy and financial stresses are possible today so go easy on yourself here. Today is a great day for that Mercury Retrograde talk, meeting or agreement bringing the past into play in a positive light through travel, media, legal or educational matters, or with someone far away….pick up the phone.

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Monday begins Eclipse energy which means talks, meetings, news you hear, writing projects, agreements, decisions, interactions with siblings, neighbors, and moves reaching a climatic peak today and tomorrow. It is a time of reaching goals and celebrating or seeing endings coming through these corridors. Today brings a change or surprise involving a hospital, secret, artistic project, spiritual pursuit, or clandestine affair into the mix. If you need support, reach out to your partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship, they have your back.

Tuesday is the Eclipse and you may get the news today if you didn’t yesterday or make the decision, sign the agreement, meet or talk, deal with the writing project, sibling or neighbor as things peak. There is really positive energy around any legal, media, travel, or educational talks with friends or involving groups.

Wednesday the Moon in Cancer means there is a focus on home, family, mom/mother figures, and nurture. It’s a great day to deal with financial matters tied to these themes, to share intimate time with someone close at home, or to find positive ways to navigate divorce here. Today the partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship is a bit challenged as they seem to be dealing with something else so try to keep this in mind when approaching your home or family matters. There should be some time set aside to talk or meet over legal, media, educational, or travel matters today as well.

Thursday the energy shifts again, this time moving into the solar field of Leo Moon and focus on fun, kids, creative outlets, and love. The day is building on this focus but with an emphasis on making adjustments around goals, career, ambitions, or an authority figure/father figure. So you may need to try to handle powerful career matters while still finding time to allow for fun and love/creativity or you may need to thread these themes together in some new and powerful way.

Friday Leo Moon is hooking up with Saturn in Libra for positive opportunities with partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant relationships for fun, creative prospects, or love. This is a chance to connect in serious ways here so get your head around that one! Serious and fun. If this is about limiting a connection in a relationship this time, this energy will help you to do that in a positive and serious way as well, perhaps then allowing for fun because you did so. It seems finances, divorce or intimacy are stressing a bit today so try to refocus away from this for the moment. You can manage some positive talks or meetings about media, travel, legal matters, or education involving your creative projects, kids or love interests!

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Monday brings the Eclipse energy building all day and for you this is about a peak decision, bit of news, agreement, meeting, or talk regarding income. Think back to 1993 and decisions or news that came then and how far you have come. If you are too young to go back to that point, then this Eclipse will act as a beginning point for you. There may be a writing project that is peaking now bringing income your way or you may end a writing assignment so the income is finished as well. You could get information now that leads to making new decisions about ways to earn money. Retrograde Mercury is bringing past loans, debt, settlements, commissions, taxes, insurance, royalties, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, or other outside financial matters into the picture as well with some surprise or change around a group, friend or social affair today.

Tuesday the Eclipse is full on peaking for you and again it is about money you earn, spend or a possession in question that is culminating, being celebrated or marking an ending. Today that Mercury Retrograde energy is opening some doors for you around the past outside financial matter and a positive career opportunity artistically, spiritually, romantically, or involving hospitals or other institutions. Another way this might show up is some of you have held an ambition to reconnect with a past intimate partner or attraction and this may be possible now.

Wednesdays Cancer Moon will help you find the emotional energy shifts towards nurture and home, family and mom/mother figures. For you this plays out in talks, meetings, writing, time to think and connect with partners, agents, attorneys, or other special people for positive exchanges. Look for ways to share love or money prospects with these people today. You may feel a bit over burdened or limited with work, health or pets today so try to work around this. A talk or meeting aimed at intimacy, divorce or financially shared issues will stretch you a bit.

Thursday Leo Moon will put your emotional focus on love, kids or creativity at home. However the other energies today are pointing towards a need to make adjustments around travel, legal, media, or educational matters so you may be traveling but longing for home or have to deal with a media event from home or legal matters tied to home, you get the picture. Don’t take these themes lightly today, they are important and will help you to get closer to the change you are seeking.

Friday that Leo Moon energy is locking into a very positive aspect towards the work you can achieve, anyone you want to hire to work at your property or for mom, home businesses, any health regime you set up at home, or any structures you want to build for your home or your pets there. Today there is a bit of stress at home or over home matters with your partner or representatives. Love or money matters may be the culprit. There is wonderful energy around communications over sex, divorce or major financial matters, especially where the past is concerned.

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Monday and Tuesday may be truly off the hook for you dear Gemini. Today is the build-up to the major Lunar Eclipse in your sign. You haven’t had an Eclipse in your sign since 1993 and at that time it was not as big as this one is. This is about you, who you feel you are in the word, your image, body or identity reaching a high point, a turning point, a climax. This is about news, decisions, agreements, meetings, writing, or talks that help this peak happen. It is about celebrating achievements or marking endings. You are very powerful right now, your words hold weight and you must be conscious of this because Eclipses have a certain finality to them. There is no turning back, you are setting off on a whole new life on some important level, step up and claim this important moment. Today there is going to be some surprise or change involving career, reputation, bosses, authority figures, or dad that will push you to communicate, make a decision or meet with a past partner, agent, attorney, or issue from the past.

Tuesday the Eclipse is full on and you are in your moment of celebration or endings or both. Look at your body, is there anything that needs to end regarding your care for your body? What about image? Are you still holding onto the same look from 1993? Is it time to recreate yourself? What about identity? Are you ready to marry, divorce, change your name? Is there a whole new area of study you would be interested in that would eventually change your identity in the world? Today that Mercury Retrograde is brings past issues or people who you partnered with or through agents, attorneys or other representatives. Some of you may even deal with past issues of competition or with past opponents. The aspects are very positive towards reaching a media, travel, legal, or educationally inspired breakthrough if you open up.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will bring your focus down to making money, looking at spending, or dealing with possessions. It’s a day to nurture, enjoy home or family but with a focus on the monetary needs. There is a positive flow with working with women today to enhance income. You may also get involved with money making outlets over health or pets with women or find ways to spend on this, all good. Limits are in place around kids, lovers or creativity today due to the money stuff so either you are busy earning or you need to set limits around what you are spending on these things/people. You may need to talk to a partner about this or involve an agent or attorney.

Thursday Leo Moon is opening up all kinds of talks or meetings, writing projects or agreements involving creativity, children or love. This is inspiring fun energy for you today but not until you deal with a bit of intensity. This is stemming from powerful influences at work through loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or any other outside financial matter, or it is occurring around a divorce or sexual attraction or issue. Do what you can to balance between all of this, for some this may mean someone is letting you know they are attracted but there is something that must be worked around first.

Friday Leo Moon continues to bring fun and love into your life or it will spur you on to find or create these possibilities. There is a wonderful opportunity aspect today for serious and solid love connections, talks or meetings about love, some of you may receive a proposal today it is that serious. There is also very positive opportunity for time with children and creative endeavors you talk about or come to terms over now. A woman involved with work, health or pets is going to stress you a bit so expect this when getting into the conversation or meeting with her. Talks or meetings with partners, about business or marriage partnership, with agents, attorneys, specialists, or even competitors should go quite well today, especially where past issues, people or situations are concerned.

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Monday this Eclipse energy is affecting you very powerfully in ways that you may not even recognize just yet. For many this may be something that hits you completely unawares, out of the blue. All Lunar Eclipses are powerful for you since they invoke your ruler, the Moon, at an intensity level three times the usual build-up. This one is affecting a part of your life that hasn’t been triggered this way since 1993. So as you feel the emotional climax around parts of your life today and tomorrow, know it is just that, a peak celebration of something achieved or marking an ending and major turning point. This is the area of your life associated with mystical and spiritual experiences, retreat, secrets, hidden or buried matters, clandestine love, hospitals and other institutions, psychic and intuitive processes, film, music, painting, dance, sculpting, and any other artistic talent and expression, research, and investigations. It is a time when something is culminating here that is bound to change your life. Today you should expect a surprise or change involving media, marketing, publishing, travel, someone at a distance, import/export, education, or legal matters that will inspire talks, meetings or decisions based around past people or situations at work, with work, co-workers, around health, or involving animals.

Tuesday the Eclipse is exact and you again will be in the powerful climax with hospitals, retreat, research, artistic outlets, spiritual/psychic/mystical matters, or clandestine affairs. There is potential today to hear news, have a talk, meeting, write, or come to an agreement over the past work, health or pet matter. This is tied in very positive ways to powerful financial realms if you can bring artistry, spiritual input or romantic expressions into what you are working on, doing with health matters or writing up about pets.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon brings your focus onto your own needs after so much has been brought to light in the last couple days. Look for ways to nurture yourself, spend time at home, with family or create your own sense of family if you are far away from those connections. The lovely aspect to Venus means you can connect with a lover, child or creative outlet today in positive ways. Look for fun and expression here around love or money matters. There is something that is going to feel like a burden, responsibility or limiting in some way at home, with mom/mother figures, family, or real estate so keep your focus on love and creative expression. You will need to have at least one talk or meeting regarding work, health or pets today that requires adjustments.

Thursday the Leo Moon will have you focusing on your income. This is a creative day for making money or a time when you feel like spending on those you love or creative indulgences. There is however something else powerfully affecting your day and that is what is happening with a partner, agent, attorney, or other important relationship. You need to look at how earnings or spending is playing into this relationship and be willing to make adjustments involving your needs, position, ego, and changes that are occurring.

Friday is again about income, spending, possessions, or values for you. This is favorably playing out at home, over real estate, mom, family, and security needs. It may be a bit challenging where money issues are tied to children, lovers or creative endeavors so watch limits here, love and money are two different things. Talks or meetings about work should go very well today, as should health or pet ideas, decisions or talks.

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Monday you will be feeling the build-up of the Eclipse energy in powerful ways. The last time you had anything close to this was back in 1993. It is about a friend, group, social occasion, or more likely about a major aspiration for you. This is about news that comes in, something you are writing, an agreement, decision, talk, or meeting that is happening involving this friend, group or aspiration and a major celebration as something is achieved or when an ending is marked. It is a turning point for you in a grand cycle of life. There should be a solid, serious moment with this person today or around this aspiration that allows for commitment or endings under positive stars. At the same time there is a surprise or change coming through sexual attractions or issues, divorce or financial realms that will likely get you talking or meeting with a past love interest or going back to a past creative or child’s interest.

Tuesday the Eclipse is full force and the friendship, group affiliation, social affair, networking event, or dream or aspiration you have for your life, if hitting the peak celebration or ending. Past lovers, love interests, love issues, children’s themes or needs, or creative projects are in the mix big time as an opportunity to partner or find representation arrives. Look for ways to connect romantically, artistically, spiritually, or in positive ways tied to hospitals or other institutions for best results.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will have you on covert detail, working behind the scenes, in secret, undercover, in retreat, researching, delving into artistic projects, clandestine affairs, or taking time to visit hospitals or deal with issues here, all in an effort to bring nurture and a sense of family to the core. You are going to be favored in this today in positive ways and may attract love or money through your efforts. You may need to talk with an authority figure over something here and that will be challenging today so you might want to put it off for a better flow day or just be prepared with your information before going in. Talks about or with lovers, kids or creative ventures are going to stretch you as well, especially tied to past issues.

Thursday the Leo Moon is going to rev you up to focus on your own creative needs and urges, to express your personality and to seek fun and love. You may feel motivated on behalf of children today as well, tying your name or image to their needs. The only thing in the mix today that will pull you another way is about powerful adjustments you are making around work, health or animal needs/issues. If you are involving a pet in a creative venture for example there may be something that needs to change or evolve financially or you may find if you are in the midst of divorce that the pet becomes a bone of contention in the separation. Changes you are trying to implement at work or with your own health are as well in this place where you must stretch yourself a bit to achieve what you want financially up ahead.

Friday your Leo Moon is working for you big time where writing, agreements, pitches, ideas, talks, short trips, or any interaction locally or involving siblings is concerned. This should put you in a preferred spot with these interactions so get serious and commit or end things under positive stars. A woman at home or a love or money issue at home is going to stress a bit today so try not to focus on your needs in this picture too much. Talks or meetings with children, lovers or about creative endeavors should go very well, especially if the past figures in some strong way.

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Monday you will feel the build-up of the intense Eclipse energy all day. The last time you experienced this part of your chart getting this kind of culmination was in 1993. Think back to celebrations or endings occurring then on the career front, with reputation, fame, ambitions, goals, father/father figures, bosses, and your own personal authority and leadership. You are now in the throes of another peak experience here, emotions cresting over achievements and recognition or marking endings on these fronts. In the grand scheme of things this is marking a turning point for you in the way you think here and what it is you want out of life. Mercury Retrograde is active as well bringing talks, decisions, writing, agreements, interaction with siblings, or meetings involving home and the past. This is going to be in direct response to some surprise or change in partnership, representation, competition, or through an opponent.

Tuesday the Eclipse is peaking on the career front for you, major culminations of goals, ambition, achievement, recognition, fame, father, leadership, career, or with an authority figure. Again this comes through the way you think, news you hear, decisions you make, meetings, talks, agreements, or interactions with siblings, neighbors or moves. Mercury Retrograde again is quite active on the home front so your living situation, roommates, renovations, moves, real estate deals, home, family, mom/mother figure, or security needs are anchored in the past and there is a wonderful opportunity today to do work, tackle health issues or deal with animals in positive ways here. Look at artistic, spiritual or romantic inspiration or recuperation, hospitals or retreat to positively influence what you are talking about. A partner or other important relationship may be way out there where the home is concerned, reel them in or create boundaries.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will have you feeling like spending time with friends, socializing, networking, attending events, or pursuing your aspirations. There is a sense of nurture in these connections for you and positive alignment with any talks, meetings or agreements you come to with these friends or groups, especially if love or money is part of the picture. You do have an obstacle today in this which stems from income or spending and limits here so watch what you put on out of pocket to enjoy your time with your closest pals.

Thursday Leo Moon will take you behind the scenes or give you permission to retreat and rest a bit after some social days. There are powerful changes afoot involving your place with a lover, in a creative project or with a child and you are going to want to make some concessions in this now. See if you can work on things in private or through utilizing fantasy, imagination, research, or building up something on your own to attract this change you want to see creatively or with loved ones.

Friday anything you are doing behind the scenes, in private, through research, film, music, or other artistic outlets, hospitals, or in secret should have beneficial outcome for you monetarily. Look for ways to earn money here or spend on something that will build in this area long term. A talk or meeting with a woman is stressful today so keep that in mind. Any meetings or decisions you need to make about home or property should go well, especially if you do the research or strategize a bit and call upon past people or situations in the mix.

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Monday is the build-up to the Eclipse in an area of life that has not felt this kind of peak achievement or ending since 1993. This is a life turning point for you in the way you are thinking about the higher ideals and truths. Because of this, you are going to see something reach its zenith around a media, broadcasting, publishing, marketing, travel, educational, ceremonial, political, religious, or legal matter in your life now. At the same time a surprise or change on the work front, with a health matter or involving a pet is going to trigger Mercury Retrograde for you by motivating a talk, meeting, decision, agreement, or something involving your sibling and the past in response.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks and the broadcasting project, trip, person at a distance, import/export matter, media, publishing, or marketing matter, class you are taking or teaching, political or religious pursuit, ceremony, or legal issue climaxes. Mercury Retrograde is active again so past people, ideas, agreements, or situations are in play and today these are opening doors to creative ventures, love or opportunities with children.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will have you focusing on career goals, fame, reputation, ambitions, goals, or any dealings with authority figures or father/themes tied to dad. There is a woman who can benefit your bottom line monetarily today in this so reach out for ways to earn. You seem to be limited a bit either through low vitality or a bit of depression so take it easy on yourself, find ways to pamper to counter balance.

Thursday Leo Moon is going to refocus you on your friends, social affairs, networking, fun and creativity and any group activities so say yes to invitations or reach out to those you care for. There is one other energy pulling you in another direction and that is about major changes or issues you are dealing with at home, with a property, mom/mother figures, or your own security. Try not to let one distract from the other. A few of you may feel as though the friend is demanding too much from you at home or over a property issue now, ego is likely to get in the way here so take a deep breath before responding.

Friday is again social, tied to friends, networking, parties, or pursuit of aspirations. Today this should ground you and give you opportunities to take the lead and even bring ambitions into the mix in positive ways. A woman is going to be challenging where earnings are concerned so watch for money and friends crossing paths, not the time to lend or if they owe you money you might have some obstacle here to overcome. Mercury’s position seems to say you can talk out anything with friends from the past today with positive results or reconnect with a past group or friend tonight and enjoy.

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Monday you will be feeling the build-up to the Eclipse as emotional energy is charged around sex, sexual attraction or issues, reproduction, divorce, or any financial matter that is shared with an institution or other person, so loans, debt, inheritance, settlements, insurance, taxes, commissions, royalties, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, or joint finances. The last time anything close to this occurred was in 1993. You are at a turning point and will be celebrating an achievement or zenith here or marking an ending. A surprise or change is in the mix with a lover/love interest, child or creative project today and it in turn will spark Mercury Retrograde to get you talking or meeting with someone from the past over earnings, spending or values in the mix.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks for you and the sexual energy, divorce or financial matter crests by way of news, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or something going on between neighbors, siblings, or moves. Mercury Retrograde is active again today so expect to hear from past people or situations or to make calls, take meetings, see past writing projects, or agreements come into the mix that focus on generating income. Today this is positively tied to home and inspiration there so see if there is a way to earn or spend from or on home.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will put your focus on the media, travel, legal, or educational matter at hand. This is a day to nurture yourself through these avenues and to connect with yourself in a positive way. It seems you can attract via Venus in Scorpio some love or money matter through media, travel, educational, or legal topics, all good. There is something limiting this from behind the scenes and it seems that the universe is not ready to let you in on this just yet, patience.

Thursday the Leo Moon will trigger your creative juices on the career front and motivate your dramatic or flamboyant drive to be seen or recognized for what you do. This should be fun and creative, possibly attracting love your way in the mix. However, there is another powerful energy at work in another direction and that is around writing, talks, meetings, or agreements, perhaps news that comes in or decisions that must be made and this is about being willing to make concessions or adjustments without ego.

Friday the focus is again on career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, leadership, or father. There is a positive opportunity to do something serious and perhaps secret at this point that looks solid and long term. Your best bets are through research, working behind closed doors on your own, making quiet connections, clandestinely connecting with romantic interests, and bringing imagination and artistic energy to bear on what you are doing. Venus is head tripping you a bit today so you may feel like pushing too hard on her behalf, don’t. In other words, love and attraction are not as big a deal as you think today, focus on goals and career. Talks or news about income should go well.

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Monday you will be feeling the build-up to the Eclipse as something is peaking in an emotional way around news, talks, agreements, writing, decisions, meetings, or ideas involving romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, advocates, specialists, competitors, opponents, or any other important relationship. The last time you had a peak like this in this area of the chart was in 1993. Look back for how things changed then for clues. You are at a turning point in a life cycle here and should be open to new ways of thinking and expressing in relationship as you celebrate the achievement or breakthrough or mark an ending. A surprise or change at home, with family, mom, or around real estate matters is going to trigger the Mercury Retrograde with talks, decisions or meetings involving you, your identity and the past.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. The decision is made, the question asked, the idea presented, there is a culminating experience. Single Sages may find themselves betrothed, married Sages may decide to divorce or get news about an added member to their family now, change is in the air. Representatives are important now as well and you may find you can shift things considerably through the agent or attorney, ending some ongoing issue or reaching that goal through them. Mercury Retrograde is active again motivating you to meet, talk, write, come to an agreement involving the past and today this should bode very well for you especially where artistic ideas, romantic needs, spiritual pursuits, or anything involving hospitals or other institutions are concerned.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon is going to pull your focus to sexual attractions or issues, divorce, or any major financial matters like loans, inheritance, settlements, insurance, alimony, taxes, or other outside resources. There is wonderful energy here for you to connect with love behind closed doors in powerfully sexy ways or to attract the money you need through research or artistic outlets. There is a limit in place around a friend or group in the picture today so you may need to deal with them over the financial matter or in your divorce or reproductive issues, or any lines being crossed sexually.

Thursday you will want to focus in on the trip, media or marketing ideas, legal matters, political or religious needs, or a class you are taking or teaching. You should be able to express your creative side in this or find ways to enjoy love or time with kids through what you do here. However, there is another energy at play that is requiring you focus on major changes or ego needs around income. This could be about money earned or spent and what you need to do to shift this a bit. You may need to reach out to legal avenues, travel, involve marketing, or education to create more income or spend in these arenas to enhance potential up ahead as well.

Friday is again about media, marketing, travel, law, or education but today there is something solid with a friend or group involved here. Look for the opportunity in this and see what you can commit to with them or structure in a better way. You may want to take on more responsibility. A woman behind the scenes is a bit of a challenge today or you may have a female in the hospital and that is drawing energy away from this other focus. Retrograde Mercury is on your side so step up and talk about any past writing project, agreement, meeting, or idea that is based on you to further your cause.

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Monday you will feel the build-up to the Eclipse as emotions are cresting at work, with a co-worker, employee, over a health matter, or with an animal. The last time you were feeling this kind of Eclipse here was back in 1993 so you can think back to how things shifted then for clues. Writing, ideas, agreements, talks, meetings, news, and peak moments of achievement, celebration or marking endings are par for the course with the work, health or pet arenas now. A surprise or change comes through news or talks today or involving agreements, writing or decisions and this in turn is going to activate Mercury Retrograde in talking about past confusion, deception, addictions, hospital matters, artistic outlets, clandestine affairs, or research abilities.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks and the work, health or pet matter crests. Are you celebrating reaching a work goal, something a co-worker or employee achieved? A resolution or ending to a health matter, the return of a pet or end to an issue they were having? This is a turning point for you in the way you think about the way you approach work or health, the people you hire to help you, and an evolution in a life cycle as you make some breakthroughs. Mercury Retrograde is active again and today this is going to spark talks, meetings, or agreements from the past involving hospitals, artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research, investigations, clandestine love affairs, secrets or strategies that can positively lead to income. Look for ways to earn or spend here.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon will now draw your attention to important relationships, nurturing, family, home, and ways to socialize or connect over aspirations here. This is very positive. Look to romantic or business partners as well as agents, attorneys or other representatives for positive support. If you get invited to a partners social event, go, it looks loaded with fun. Career responsibilities may be weighing in against this, don’t let them cramp your style completely, they will still be there tomorrow.

Thursday the Leo Moon is going to sex you up, bring up creative ways to handle divorce or financial matters, and motivate your desire to share in experiences with others. This is fun energy and you should enjoy any of what you can whip up in these areas today but there is something else going on that you should contend with. There is a powerful transformational energy going on for you personally, it means taking time to revamp your needs, image, body, or ego drive and allowing for again another step towards something intense within you coming out to play. You may actually have so much sexual build-up today that you need to get out there and do something physical to release it if you find yourself without a partner at the moment. Your effect on others is pronounced, go easy.

Friday again brings focus to deep intimacy, sex, divorce, or financial matters but today there is a solid goal that can be reached in this so get serious, put in effort (yeah, I know, effort and sex, what am I thinking!) but you get the idea, Saturn is involved so it is serious on some level and this is under very positive stars. A female friend is out of the loop today where the divorce, sexual attraction/issue, or financial matter is concerned so let it ride with her, focus on your own needs. Talks or meetings that go on behind closed doors or invoke fantasy or romance should go exceedingly well.

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Monday you feel the build-up to the Eclipse as something is reaching a peak with a lover, child or creative project. The last time you had this energy at this kind of high was in 1993. You are at a turning point about a decision, way of thinking, agreement, with something you’ve written, or with an idea you have held in this love interest, over a child or the idea of children, or involving this creative endeavor. You are now going to be seeing a goal reached and achieved or an ending. A surprise or change is slated around money you earn or spend or a possession in question. This in turn is going to trigger the Mercury Retrograde to get you to reconnect with a past friend or group about something said, signed or written.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks and the lover, child or creative ventures hits a high note in celebration or endings. Remember this is a huge life cycle, you are marking a turning point in thinking and ideas about love, creativity, kids, and fun. Mercury Retrograde is active again so the past friend or group is involved and this has a very beneficial opportunity for you in the mix. If you had an idea or agreement with this friend or group or if you run into or reconnect with them now, there is something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or related to hospitals or secrets that will benefit you.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon is going to put your focus on work, health or pets and nurturing yourself through tackling these things and bringing a better sense of security to your world. There is positive energy around a woman on the career front today that looks like it can help you attract love or money to what you are doing. Limits are felt around travel, media, marketing, education, or legal matters today at work or involving pets or health so don’t push too hard here.

Thursday the Leo Moon will spark feelings for partners, be they romantic or business partners, or will energize you to seek creative representation. It’s a fun vibe but there is another set of energies at work to deal with. This comes from changes and personal desires being met in secret, clandestinely in affairs, through research or hospitals, or in artistic outlets. Be willing to stand up for your own needs, you may enjoy the fantasy but you are not the fantasy, you are flesh and bones with real needs.

Friday will focus again on romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors. Today you have Saturn on your side through what you can do legally, through distance or travel, in media or marketing, or educational means so get serious, set up structures, commit, or even look for positive ways to set limits or end things if that is the direction you are going, it is all positively aligned. A woman is going to challenge your goals or present an obstacle on the career front today. Talks or agreements with friends or groups should go well as will any social occasions you can attend with them, the past plays a positive role here.

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Monday you will feel the build-up of the Eclipse energy as emotions peak and there is a final achievement or ending around home, real estate, moves, mom, roommates, renovations, security needs, or family matters. The last time you had this placement was 1993 so you can think back to how your thinking, agreements, decisions, talks, meetings, writing, or siblings interactions were affected at home, with mom, involving moves, or real estate then. This is a turning point for you in life, its big. Something about you is changing radically right now, this could be your needs, body, image, or identity in life but whatever is shifting is going to trigger Mercury Retrograde today and bring back ideas, talks, meetings, writing, or agreements from the past involving career, bosses, ambitions, or dad.

Tuesday the Eclipse peaks and the home, move, real estate matter, or issue involving mom/mother figures or security reaches its zenith. This house is called the end of all matters and is about the roots of your life. The decisions you are making now, the news you hear, what you agree upon is going to now set you off on the next chapter of your life, allow for the changes that are occurring. Mercury Retrograde is active again and today this means that something very positive is brewing involving career and past people, ideas or situations, bosses, dad, ambitions, goals, reputation, or fame. There is something involving a hospital, artistic outlet, research, or secret that is benefiting in this.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon is going to focus you in on children, love interests or creative projects and fun. There is great energy in this combined with a woman far away or any travel, media, marketing, legal, or educational topics you can involve her in. A bankruptcy, inheritance matter, debt, loan, insurance, tax, settlement, divorce, sexual matter, or mortality issue is going to be stressful today and you will do better to focus on the children, love or creative outlets around you. Also be willing to talk with bosses, dad or about career matters and any past topics here today with the idea of making some adjustments with kids, creative projects or love.

Thursday Leo Moon will focus you in on work, health or pets. This is a creative day here where you should have fun expressing your inner nature. However, there is something very intense going on with your involvement with a friend or group as well today and this is going to require you make some adjustments around your own needs.

Friday the work, health or pet matter is on the front burner again but today this is being met with positive opportunity to commit more effort or time, or sever something financially. Whichever this is, know that it is going to be beneficial to you going forth, through more empowerment on the work front, stabilizing health or securing pets needs. Obstacles arise with the woman far away or involving her and travel, marketing, media, legal matters, or education, this in turn may stress you a bit over work, health or pets so pace yourself here. Talks about career or goals or with father or bosses should go very well today, especially where past ties in.

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