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I just KNOW you feel this recent shift, as we enter this week with the lord of dreams and romance, the arts and spiritual quest moving forward again! We are also in our first full week with powerful Scorpio energy behind us to completely deconstruct a situation and begin to rebuild on the ashes. It’s about CHANGE and EMPOWERMENT as we go forward to set out financial picture on better foundations, to pursue the object of our desire and connect passionately, to seed new beginnings through divorce or new approaches to the topic of divorce, and to open up triangles that threaten to unearth us in the dark. If that’s not enough and apparently its not, Venus is now Retrograding back through the last few degrees of Libra. These are critical degrees, we are supposed to master something regarding our way of partnering with others, our way of competing and how we are able to open up to others representing our interests. You will have until Nov. 29th to reconnect with anyone from the past to see if there is something to heal, let go or pick back up and reclaim. So, ready? Here we go.

Monday Mercury moves into Sagittarius and we are ready to start thinking about legal matters or resolutions to problems, what we can do to broadcast, publish or promote something important to us, if a trip might be beneficial or open our adventurous nature back up, and if there is a class we would like to take or teach. Agreements, meetings or talks will likely be aimed in these directions now. See if there is someone you can involve in this today.

Tuesday the travel, media, educational, or legal matter is again in the air and there is great opportunity to partner with someone from the past or over a past idea in this today. This will likely be a woman but it could also just be Venus oriented, meaning that there is money to be earned here or love coming through. A major goal or career agenda is reachable today as well.

Wednesday is about the career or goal and the need to work through something serious with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. This looks challenging but well worth it, focus on limits, responsibilities, and whether it is time to commit or end the connection long term. There is an opportunity for you to shine financially in this or to feel as if you are in the right flow sexually or with the divorce issues.

Thursday brings opportunities behind the scenes in agreements made over career agendas and expanding your territory in some exciting way. A woman partner, representative or competitor is going to have to be dealt with in this so be prepared to work around what comes up.

Friday brings a social vibe back around with lots of opportunity to talk, come to terms, meet up or write up something legal, about a trip, to promote or delve into media together, or to take or teach a class together. Be proactive groups, friends, networking, and social affairs because they all seem to open doors to positive activities in the higher minded arenas. It’s also a serious day with partners, agents, attorneys, or other important relationships to solidify things and set aspirations on solid ground.

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Monday begins lots of talks and meetings about legal matters, media or publishing events, promotions, ceremonies, education, or travel. You should connect with a partner, agent, attorney, publicist, or other representative over one or more of these matters today, the stars are behind you. Hospitals or other places of retreat are going to be challenging so pace yourself here.

Tuesday is another amazing day for your important one-on-one relationships and any travel, media, legal, or educational matters. Look at the money you can earn, what is being spent, love that could be in the picture, and women involved for best results. A major goal or career matter is getting a fresh start emotionally today.

Wednesday brings something to be hammered out with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor over the goal or career. You may see that they are trying to limit you in some way or push the rules upon you or you may see that you really are ready to commit to this person or break it off completely. There is positive energy for you personally in this through loans, credit, settlements, insurance, taxes, inheritance, joint finances, sexual attractions, or divorce.

Thursday brings career focus again but today you can really open things up behind closed doors, through places of retreat, hospitals, prisons, or in research or investigations. You can also find opportunity in film, music or other art forms, spiritual pursuit, or clandestine love affairs. Challenges must be met with an important female in your world today, see if you can address the love or money issues along with the bigger picture.

Friday is social for you with lots of energy behind friendships, groups, parties, networking, or pursuit of your aspirations. Set up meetings, talks, writing, agreements, and anything active you can do involving a trip, legal matter, class, or media venture today with this person or group, it looks very positive. You may find some long term resolution to the partnership or with the important relationship you are dealing with.

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Monday brings energy behind talks, decisions, writing, agreements, or meetings that involve sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or any major financial matter such as loans, settlements, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, or joint finances. You should try to connect through work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets about this with a serious energy around what is possible. It’s a good day to commit or sever ties. You may feel stretched by a friend or something social.

Tuesday is again about the finances, divorce or sexual attraction and what is going on with a work, health or pet situation. There is opportunity to attract love or money here so see if there isn’t a woman you can contact to move things forward. The trip, legal, educational, or media matter is getting a powerful fresh start as well.

Wednesday brings some challenge around health, work or pets as you must overcome something here to handle the travel, legal, media, or educational matter. Your best bet today is through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, publicist, or other advocate.

Thursday is a great day to expand your horizons through networking, friends, groups, or something social. Again the travel, legal, media, publicity, or education factors strongly into what is going on and it looks positive. Any last minute changes should benefit. A female co-worker, health care provider or woman involved with your pets will need to be dealt with, look at the love or money matter head on.

Friday is all about the career, fame, reputation, goals, or ambition for you and there is a big open door to meetings, talks, interviews, pitches, writing, agreements, or decisions you have about financial matters, intimate attractions or divorce that should benefit. Work looks solid and you may receive recognition from a superior today about this. Set health goals and stick to them.

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Monday brings talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or decisions about partnership, representation or how to deal with competitors or opponents out into the open. If single you could meet someone attractive today. It’s a great day to meet with important people over creative projects, children or love. You may have to deal with something on the career front and how big things are getting.

Tuesday is aligning for you where matters of the heart are concerned. You can connect with someone important and women will be in your corner more so than at other times or you may find a way to settle something with a woman today. Open up about the love or money. Creative projects and children are flowing in your direction as well so focus here on anything you want to see improve. There is a powerful emotional beginning triggered by sex, divorce or a financial matter today.

Wednesday brings a challenge over the creative direction or project, a child or a love affair over the intimacy, divorce, triangle, or financial matter. It is a serious day here where you must look at limits, commit energy or end something. You are in the drivers seat at work, with health or pets and there is opportunity financially here.

Thursday brings some excitement, change and surprise on the career front that should have you smiling. This is about expanding and opening up new channels. There should be financial reward tied to this for you. The only obstacle today comes from a woman over creative ideas, love or children.

Friday the energy shifts towards travel, media, education, or legal matters. The energy flow is amazing so open up with a partner in one of these areas or reach out to an agent or attorney to help you. It’s a day to write it up, meet, sign agreements, talk it out, or make a decision and then take action on it. Love, creative projects or children are becoming very serious for you now, treat it that way.

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Monday the shot if fired into the work, health or pet arena and you hear it as news, meetings, talks, agreements, decisions, or writing really takes on a new life of its own. This is a great time to interview, ask for a raise, audition, send out written work, make decisions about health or animals, and sign contracts. There is a positive link to home or mom in this today and something long term beneficial.

Tuesday is about the love or money at home, around your move, roommate, mom, or real estate decision. This is tying favorably into work you do, health regimes and pets today and again there is potential to attract the love or money you need here so be proactive. One significant relationship is due to transform rather powerfully today.

Wednesday focuses in on this partner, agent, attorney, or other relationship as you deal with something coming up about home, moves, or the living situation here. It is a day for serious focus on any problem and decisions about commitment or endings. You are in the spotlight where love, kids or creative projects are concerned and this looks positive.

Thursday is again about the relationship but today there is something exciting in the air that is going to free you up with this person either by helping you come together or helping you to end the connection. Look for ways through travel, media, legal channels, ceremonies, or classes you can take or teach. Love or money matters at home are still a challenge today.

Friday is about sex, divorce or major financial matters, triangles, power, control, and transformation. It is absolutely favoring you in talks, meetings, or agreements you come to over work, health or pets and action you take through these means to connect intimately, deal with the divorce or handle the financial picture. Home and family is under very positive, solid stars today.

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Monday Mercury moves into your house of true love, creative projects and children and opens up writing, talks, meetings, and agreements that should put you on another footing in these areas. Use this time to really open up about issues, declare your feelings, meet new attractive potential love interests by just getting out there now while the universe is trying to bring someone in, pitch those creative ideas, audition, sign contracts, and write. One such moment should find you today and it looks serious and positive.

Tuesday brings a talk, meeting, agreements, or written proposal from a woman that is set to benefit you creatively or through love or children. You may decide to say what is in your heart or to ask for income from the creative venture, or even to spend on a child, all is positive. It looks like a turning point for you with a work, health or pet situation today, very powerful.

Wednesday is about the work, health or pet and the news you get, a talk or meeting you have, or an agreement involved. This is serious and today it is about a limit, restriction, loss, or taking on more responsibility. The challenge is to help you talk it out and think on new ways to achieve your goals. You are in a very favored position at home or with anything involving property, moves or roommates today and the work, health or pet scenario playing out here.

Thursday brings a nice surprise, change or new approach in a big way to your financial picture, a sexual connection or the divorce proceedings. Whichever it is should have you feeling much better about the work, health or pet issue. Be open to new opportunities or ways of doing things. There is a woman you will need to talk thing through with over the love or money here.

Friday is great for all one-on-one relationships with partners or people who represent you. It is a big day for talks, writing, agreements, decisions, or meetings involving creative ventures, love or children so open up, get active, make it happen. The positive flow doesn’t stop there, it looks like you can come to a solid, serious decision or agreement with the partner or representative that is long term and beneficial for you.

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Monday is all about new energy flooding into home, moves, roommates, mom/mother figures, or real estate matters. It is time to talk, meet, sign agreements, make decisions, involve the neighbors or neighborhood, or the siblings. There is something you can work out here today to earn money or ways to look at how spending is being handled that look solid and beneficial. The only challenges are with partnership or representation.

Tuesday is again very positive around home, moves, roommates, or real estate. Today you can find ways to make more money here or deal with spending again and a woman may be beneficial to what you are doing. There is a great transformation getting its first seeding in a creative project, love affair or with a child today, this is powerful.

Wednesday will focus in on the creative venture, love interest or child as you deal with the challenge that arises over income and limits or responsibility. You are a magician with words today in this so speak up, ask for what you need, write, or in any other way use your ideas or speech to benefit the project, child or love affair.

Thursday is amping up with surprise, excitement, change, and expansion and it is all positive for you via the creative project, child or lover and a partnership or something involving a person who represents you. Again, the money being earned or spent is an issue but look at how you can work through this.

Friday brings your focus on the things you like best, work, health and animals. The day is golden in these areas and if you can talk, meet, write, or come to agreements at home and then implement them you should be feeling quite good about the progress you make on the work here today or the health or pet matter that you are able to move forward. Income matters stabilize today so get serious about making money.

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Monday Mercury the ruler of communications moves into your house of communications so you can expect a double whammy of calls, emails, meetings, agreements, decisions, pitches, negotiations, and talks to begin to amp up today. It seems you can get something closer to solidifying but that you are going to have to be willing to work a bit more to get it there.

Tuesday brings positive news or a talk or meeting that should help you attract the love or money you need. Women are beneficial today. There is a huge new transformation occurring on the home base today around your roots, security and living situation or the way you are feeling about your own grounding.

Wednesday any limits or added responsibilities you are feeling will come out at home or with roommates and its important to deal with this today. You are in the spotlight where earning is concerned and if you can earn from home or begin to set something up it should go well.

Thursday brings some very positive excitement, change and expansion into the work you are doing, a health or a pet matter. Whatever comes your way, say yes, as it looks like it will make what is happening at home improve tenfold. Your own feelings about love or money seem to be stressing you again today and you may need to look at ways to get your physical body into gear so you elevate those endorphins.

Friday is fabulous where creative projects, children or love is concerned. Talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, writing, short trips, and anything local are all favored in these areas. It’s a day to act and express passions. There is serious, solid energy around you connected to this creative venture or love interest, child or fun outlet so open up and enjoy your day.

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Monday is all about the money baby. It’s a day to shout if from the rooftops, “Show me the money!” Mercury moves into your income zone and over the next few weeks you are going to be talking, writing, meeting, and making short trips to discuss the bottom line. You may come to terms or hear about a good prospect today behind closed doors.

Tuesday is again about what is being written in private, negotiated in secret, researched or hammered out behind closed doors, that can make you money. A woman is going to be beneficial to you in this today and anything art related, spiritual, hospital related or tied to research can bring in the green. It’s a powerful marker with a writing project, agreement, meeting, or decision today.

Wednesday will bring up any obstacles that are occurring behind the scenes or behind your back, in secret or through research, tied to film, music or other artistic projects, involving spiritual pursuits or clandestine love affairs. Somewhere in all of this a limit is going to be drawn or an issue around commitment or breaking things off is going to be focal for you. On the other hand, you shine as the personality today and any talks, meetings, or writing projects should prove this true.

Thursday is all about a very exciting, expansive talk, bit of news, meeting, agreement, or decision that is showing up around a creative project, love interest or child. This is big and you should be open to what transpires, change is good, think big. A woman or a love or money interest that is taking up time behind the scenes or in secret is going to need to be dealt with today.

Friday is just one of those great days and it’s all about the home, move, roommate, or real estate deal. Any writing, agreements, talks, meetings, actions, or decisions you make today should bode well for income and home with something solidifying that has been in development or going on behind closed doors.

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Monday Mercury moves into your sign and thoughts, decisions, meetings, and talks should really focus in on you, your needs, your body, image, or evolving identity. It is a great day to connect with friends, a group or over an aspiration to solidify something or take the lead. The only challenge today is over home and expansion.

Tuesday brings you together with a female friend or a woman who can help you with an aspiration of yours. This is very positive energy that should help you to attract the love or money you are after. It looks like a very powerful turning point with an income matter.

Wednesday the friend or group is in some way limiting or pouring more responsibilities upon you and this in turn is going to feel like an issue where your income is concerned. The other way this could play out is you have an opportunity to earn money but have obligations to a friend or social event or you are feeling restricted financially and don’t feel you can do what the friend desires. See what you can do in an artistic way to improve the picture.

Thursday will open up some nice surprises and changes at home, with a move, roommate, or real estate deal and this in turn should have you feeling pretty great about the money you are earning or spending. Again, the female friend or the woman tied to a big aspiration of yours is bringing a challenge into the picture for you to deal with, look at the love or money involved.

Friday is a great day for talks, agreements, meetings, writing, or anything involving brothers or sisters. You want to be proactive today because you really look like you are on a roll and can achieve a great deal of positive forward momentum. This is also a great day for solidifying what is going on with the friend, group or aspiration.

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Monday Mercury moves into your hidden, muse part of the chart and talks, writing, agreements, decisions, and meetings focus on what this rules in the next few weeks. That means you will be focusing in on hospitals or other institutions, retreat and rest, research and investigations, film, music or other art forms, clandestine love affairs, and anything that helps you escape. There is a wonderful aspect from this to a goal being achieved today or a commitment or ending that benefits.

Tuesday brings more of the same focus on institutions, artistic outlets, spiritual retreats, romantic secrets, or research and what can be achieved in love or money. The career may benefit today through these means and a woman will be beneficial. It marks a major personal transformation for you today as well as you step into your power or let go of anything you have evolved beyond.

Wednesday will bring an authority figure to deal with or point out any limits or restrictions that affect career or goals. You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the demands today or by lack of them depending on which side of this you are on right now. The great energy is around friends, groups, and socializing so say yes to time with those you love most.

Thursday brings some exciting and surprising news, talks, meetings, or agreements that look very beneficial. It’s a great day to open up and ask for what you need, pitch ideas, send writing out or sign agreements. You will have to deal with a woman on the career front today though about a love or money matter and be willing to work through what comes up.

Friday is a turn for the better as the energy flows into earnings and makes all kinds of positive aspects to talks or meetings you have behind closed doors that are due to benefit you. Get active today and stir up prospects because the money is flowing. There is also a solid supportive line to career and authority figures in place to back you up.

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Monday begins a period of heightened talks, meetings, agreements, or writing projects involving friends, groups, and networking. Today that may take you into legal agreements or decisions with this person, a media concept or event, publishing, marketing, travel plans, or a class you could take or teach. Whichever it is, the energy is positive and solid. You will have to work out the income matter though.

Tuesday is again about the friend, group or aspiration and the trip, legal, media, or educational matter. Today is great in these areas with women, love and money playing a positive role so again, be proactive and connect with this person to see what you can do. Something spiritual, mystical, romantic, artistic, or hospital related is transforming in a new way for you today.

Wednesday will point out any limits, responsibilities or leadership issues with the trip, legal matter, media venture, or class. Do your best to work through it as you are really in a position to achieve something today and stand out or be recognized. Career and goals are where you should pour your energy.

Thursday is lucky, exciting and surprising where income is concerned to be open to new ways to earn money or ideas that would help you to stretch the income. There may be an artistic, spiritual, retreat, hospital, or romantic edge to what you can earn from so look here. You will have to deal with issues coming from a women about the legal, travel, educational, or media part of the love or money issue.

Friday is really great for any talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions involving a friend or group. It’s the day to sign the contracts, take action, make it happen, and by days end there is a great connection to long term, solid results for you through the travel, media, legal, or educational matter.

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Monday is about the talks, decisions, news, agreements, meetings, or writing you do for the career and it may involve travel, legal matters, education, or media outlets. You want to focus in on a serious matter here involving finances, sex, divorce, or death and know that a goal can be reached today in this that is solid and positive.

Tuesday brings a woman into the mix over the sex, divorce, finances, or death matter and again there is positive energy here for achieving a goal that means love or money coming through or for something happening on the career front due to that financial situation. Today marks a very powerful turning point with a friend or group.

Wednesday is going to focus in on this friend or group and today you will be looking at the limits coming through finances, sex, divorce, or death in connection here. Its important to deal with responsibilities and leadership in this. You are in the spotlight and a positive flow with this friend or group through a trip, legal, media, ceremonial, or educational matter that should feel good.

Thursday brings excitement, change, surprise, luck, and expansion all flowing through you and the friend, group or social situation you attend or plan. The only challenge today is with a woman and the finances, sex, divorce, or death. Try to transform by sharing deeply with the friend.

Friday is lovely energy as you retreat, do things behind the scenes, get involved in spiritual or artistic matters, share in a secret love affair, research, or connect with the mystic or muse in some other way. The meetings, talks, agreements, or news you share or hear today will all flow from this and align with career or achievement of major goals. A positive energy moves into place to solidify the sex, divorce, finances, or situation around a death for you.

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