Friday, November 5, 2010


It’s a NEW MOON WEEKEND babies! This is in SCORPIO where Venus has been retrograding since Oct. 8th, asking us to take a look at past love, past love issues, women from our past, and money making/spending topics tied to the past in the deepest ways possible. You have had sexual attractions, the idea of divorce tossed around or hammered home, and any settlements, debt issues or other outside financial matters brought into the picture as you tried to figure out ‘Who loves ya baby?’. Now there is a big boost from the universe to open the doors and start fresh so get ready! Oh and that’s not all, on Sunday Neptune stations Direct while Venus Retrogrades back into Libra, musical chairs anyone?

On Saturday you get the full force of this New Moon kicking in, opening up a 2 week period for you to start over fresh, to go after the loan, settlement, alimony, commission, or begin the bankruptcy, delve into the inheritance matter, taxes, or insurance policy, and more or less get your financial picture on better footing. You also may start an intimate affair now or meet someone who is going to turn into something more up ahead. If divorce has been a serious consideration, you will now have universal support to kick things into gear one way or another. Since Venus is still Retrograde there may be a bit of the past in this picture.

You may have to put a friend off today or take a rain check on a social invitation due to what you are dealing with under this New Moon energy today but there is tremendous potential for connecting behind the scenes and talking, writing, researching, sharing passions, or invoking the muse.

Sunday is powerful as Neptune stations Direct in our wish fulfillment area of life. This is spiritual, romantic, artistic energy finally moving forward again after months moving backwards. You will find that a friend, group or aspiration is closely tied into what transpires this weekend. The Moon leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius where we begin to feel an urge for adventure and learning and emotional needs lean towards hopping a plane, taking it to the law, blasting it out through the media, or getting back to school.

Venus began her Retrograde through Scorpio on Oct. 8th where she wanted you to look at the sex, money and divorce issues. Getting to the love was going to require dealing with one or more of these themes. This may have shown up as a person from your past who triggered you or a situation that returned for another look or it could have looked like a current person or situation leaving. Today Venus backtracks into Libra and the serious work of this Retrograde begins. WHO DO YOU WANT TO PARTNER WITH?!!

You have from today through Nov. 29th to figure it out. It will never be more serious than it is right now with Saturn also touring this sign. Look at the balance, the responsibility, the love, the money. This person could be a marriage partner or marriage potential, a business partner or business potential, an agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or any other person who is an important, significant life partner for you. You may reconnect with them today or in the days ahead or a current person may exit as you work this out, or you will be going back into issues of equality, fairness and balance within the relationship dynamic to really rebalance the situation once and for all.


Saturday graces you with a bold NEW MOON in your house of sex, sexual issues, reproduction, divorce, loans, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, taxes, insurance, commissions, alimony, child support, and joint finances. It’s a powerful two weeks ahead when you want to set things in motion to get your financial picture in the right direction, to begin to handle any divorce matters, visit a specialist for reproductive or sexual issues, conceive, or meet someone who sparks your sexual interest. A past lover or financial matter may come back around for another look now. Talks or news from friends may sidetrack you today so don’t go there, keep researching or working behind the scenes. Hospitals, retreats, films, music, and clandestine moments are favored.

Sunday Neptune is moving forward and any major dreams or aspirations you have around an artistic project, hospital, romantic scenario, or spiritual pursuit will now move ahead as well. This involves friends or groups and social functions so you may have a group begin to move ahead, a friendship shift, or a big networking event start to fall into place as well. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra and brings a past lover back around to consider partnering with, a past love issue with a partner back up to be resolved, a woman back around to partner with, a current woman or partner may exit, or you may see a money matter tied to a partner come up to be dealt with. With the Moon in Sagittarius today you will feel motivated to dive into the media, educational, legal, or travel routes to cope.


Saturday brings a NEW MOON in your relationship arena which means you have a big green light to move forward now on new fronts with marriage or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, specialists, or in dealing with competitors. Look for ways to open and empower the relationship. Talks or meetings today hold a challenge to be met regarding the career or goal with this person, especially where the artistic, romantic or spiritual direction is going. Social opportunities, networking, the internet, astrology, or your friends hold the key to excitement and breakthroughs for what is being decided.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your career Midheaven which should be an enormous relief for you. The slowdown or backtracking in artistic, romantic or spiritual direction is now a thing of the past and your reputation along with your ambitions can now begin to pick up speed and barrel forward. Your ruling energy, Venus, Retrogrades back into your work, health and pet zone today and will be revisiting past people and situations tied to these themes and love or money until Nov. 29th. Take the time to figure out what you love in your work, how to bring more money into the picture, if there is love with a co-worker, health care provider or someone involved with pets, or if you want to pick a past money making project back up with a partner. The Moon in Sagittarius will motivate you to express passions sexually or dive into divorce or money matters with determination.


Saturday brings a NEW MOON in your work, health and pet zone. This is a strong two week period to kick start a new diet, join a gym, get to the doctor or other specialist to get your health on track. It’s a great time to interview for a new position or put your hat out for a job, to launch a service you provide or adopt a pet. A talk you have or news you hear today is challenging one of these areas through travel, media, law, or education but there is also a very exciting surprise in there for you around a big goal or career opportunity so keep the lines of communication open.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct and begins to move things forward again on the publishing or media front, or through any legal matters, a trip, or a class you take or teach. Things have been status quo or slowed down for months but now you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra today for a do-over or revisit to past loves, issues with children or past creative projects. You may have a woman return at this time or a current one exit tied to creative outlets, love or children. Venus will take you back from now until Nov. 29th to decide what goes forward. A Sagittarius Moon today amps things up with a partner or representative.


Saturday the New Moon is opening up a two week period of fresh starts with a lover, love interest, child, or creative project. This is about meeting someone new, bringing a fresh new beginning to a current love affair, igniting the creative spark, conceiving a child, or doing something new with your children. Since Venus is Retrograde here a past love or creative interest may be playing into the fresh start. Any talks about one of these topics today will challenge financially or intimately but there is a great opening for you about to arrive via media, travel, legal avenues, or education.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct and after a very slow, reversal in areas of sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, and all major financial matters, you are now going to see things begin to pick up and move again. This may mark sexual/romantic attractions that kick into play, loans, commissions, royalties, or settlements coming through over artistic matters or romantic themes. If starting or ending a romance hinged on divorce, you now will see this to begin to move as well. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra until Nov. 29th giving you the next couple weeks to revisit past love or money themes at home, involving where you live or with whom, or tied to a woman in your home. The Moon in Sagittarius is going to amp your drive up over work, health or pet issues to motivate.


Saturday brings a New Moon at home, with real estate, roommates, moves, mom, or security needs. This is a strong two week influence beginning today that will help you make a fresh start of it in these areas so if you need to put the house up for sale or take a roommate in, move or renovate, look into it now. A talk or news from a partner or agent, attorney or competitor is going to be challenging to deal with regarding home or property, not the best day to sign contracts. However, a talk or news about the financial matter or divorce should surprise you in a positive way or you may have an exciting sexual rendevouz at home.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your partnership and representation zone. This means that anything that was stagnant in a romantic, artistic, spiritual, or due to hospitalization or addictions is now ready to move forward with this person. You can make a fresh start with marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors now by the choices to stay or go, commit or end relationships. Venus Retrogrades back into your communications zone so from now to Nov. 29th you will be meeting, talking or writing about the past. Past lovers may show up in the local scene or you receive a call or email from them, money issues from the past can resurface so you can see if you could earn from this situation now, and females from the past may return or current neighbors or sisters could come back around, all past topics to be discussed. Sagittarius Moon means energy is on love, fun or creativity today.


Saturday brings a New Moon in your communication zone. This is offering you a new beginning with brothers or sisters, neighbors or neighborhood, through short trips or writing projects, in all meetings, talks, agreements, or decisions. It’s a two week period you should utilize to start over in these realms. Today you may have one tough talk about work, health or pets but one very exciting or surprising talk or meeting with a partner or representative.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your work, health and pet zone. Things have been slow or confusing in these areas for months now but you will finally see them open back up and begin to move forward again. Any artistic or spiritual work is favored now, you may want to involve a hospital to get your health back on track or retreat and get into your spiritual practices to feel better, and it may be a time when you feel more zen with animals around or find you are working with them on the job. Venus Retrogrades back into your income zone between today and Nov. 29th giving you a revisit or do-over with a woman from your past to make money.


Saturday’s New Moon is bringing a fresh new beginning to income matters for you. This means you have two strong weeks to launch a new business plan, interview, send out resumes, or ask for the raise, anything that you can initiate that will begin to show a financial return for you. You may decide to spend on something important or deal with a valuable possession at this time as well. A talk or meeting regarding income and a creative project, child or love interest is going to be challenging today. A talk or news coming in about income and a work opportunity, health matter or pet is occurring under positive stars.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your house of true love, children and creative projects and all the slow moving, back tracking that has been going on here officially ends. You will now begin to see forward movement in these areas, especially tied to romantic, spiritual or artistic energy in the mix. Venus Retrogrades back into your sign today to help you deal with any past issues tied to your body or image and your ability to earn money or fall in love. You have until the 29th to work through this. This trend may motivate you to reconnect physically with a past love interest during this time to see if it holds any promise or you may spend on things that help you get back to an old image of yourself. Sagittarius Moon kicks up passionate talks and lots of local activity.


Saturday the New Moon in Scorpio is going to open up all kinds of new beginnings for you. This is your new year moment and you have two strong weeks to kick off any projects that have your name or image attached, to get a jump start on your body image or identity and make new choices, or to go after something that is very personal to you. You will likely be talking or meeting about this but assume that if the home is involved in this meeting or talk today you will feel challenged by what goes down. However, talks, meetings or agreements involving creative projects, children or lovers look exciting and are under positive stars.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your house of home, real estate deals, security, moves, roommates, and mom/mother figures. This means if things have been hazy, going slow, or under confusion or sentimentality, you will now see a marked change as they begin to move forward again. Venus Retrogrades back into your house of secrets, fantasy, artistry, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, addictions, and research today. She will be taking you back into past love or money matters through these areas until Nov. 29th to help you reconnect or lay to rest once and for all. You may have a clandestine or hidden love affair during this time or begin negotiations on something in film or music, research or investigations that will help you open up in love or money. Sagittarius Moon today is amping up your drive to earn.


Saturday is New Moon energy for you in all things mystical or muse oriented. This is the place of retreat, hospitals, prisons, or anywhere private so you can launch a new beginning through one of these places. It is the place of film, music, art, dance, and poetry so you have universal support over the next 2 weeks to begin a new project in one of these areas or get a current one out there. It is your spiritual pursuits getting new beginnings and any research or investigations moving forward. Watch your words today as a secret could slip that you weren’t ready to have out there. Whatever you are working on under this New Moon, expect that home or moves are benefited in surprising ways.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your communications zone. For months you have had a slowed down or backtracking theme going on around artistic, romantic or spiritual talks, writing, agreements, or meetings. This is now going to pick back up and you can get your writing moving again, set up your meetings or talks and have something come of them, pitch ideas or make decisions, sign agreements or move. Anything involving siblings, neighbors or hospitals may also be things that have felt stuck and can now move forward again as well. The Moon moves into your sign so you should feel motivated to get physical and out there today, expressing what your needs are or putting your face to a cause. Venus Retrogrades back into your friendship zone so you will have from now until Nov. 29th to reconnect with a woman friend from the past, revisit any past issues with a group, attend a party or other social occasion with a female from your past, or look at partnering with a female friend.


Saturday brings a New Moon in your social arena. This is a strong, 2 week period of fresh starts with your social affairs, a time to launch something with a friend or group, to meet new people who may become new friends, to join or form a group, to put your aspirations and dreams out there for real, or to make the social rounds at parties or other social affairs, networking or connecting with associates. One conversation or agreement here will challenge you over income or spending so you may have to work to make money when you would rather be socializing or you may have a friend ask for money, etc. On the other hand, there is an invitation coming today that should be exciting or surprising and fun so say yes to spontaneous moments.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your income house and any confusion, slow downs, or backtracking you have had to do financially over artistic, spiritual, hospital, or romantic reasons will now begin to pick up again. You will now be ready to earn or spend on these areas and can see positive forward movement again so push for the money. With the Moon in Sagittarius you will feel like retreating, resting, spending time behind closed doors doing something private. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra today to tour here through Nov. 29th. This gives you a last visit into the past over career matters and a woman, partner, money issue and balance you seek. There may be a major goal of love you are revisiting during this time period as well. Take the time to see if you still wish to connect and allow the flow to help you rebond or release.


Saturday is a New Moon in your career Midheaven! This is a very strong time period for you to begin a new career, launch a business or ask for a raise. You may let your ambitions take hold and really push to achieve something big now. This could lead to fame or recognition up ahead so look at your career and your reputation and see what you can do to really move ahead a bit over the next 2 weeks. Something about your image, body or identity in this is a bit frustrating to you today so work on that. You may find you earn extra money or that a bonus is on your paycheck or that a promotion is possible today as well.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct and that energy of romantic, spiritual or artistic flow that has been slowed down in you over the last few months is now ready to launch ahead. Hospitals or addictions are also ruled by this energy so you may be ready to make some changes to your body or with your image now as well. It’s time to put yourself out there as the artist you are, to find the romance you desire or to follow your spiritual heart. Sagittarius Moon indicates that doing something with a friend or group will motivate you today. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra and from now through Nov. 29th you are revisiting a past legal, travel, media, or educational matter. You may visit a woman from the past or have her visit you, get into a broadcasting or publishing matter with someone from the past, take or teach a class, or deal with legal matters pertaining to a past love.


Saturday the New Moon is lighting up your ninth house and giving you two strong weeks to take the trip or plan it, set up the import/export deal, begin a new religious or political matter, take or teach a class, attend or perform a ceremony, launch a media or publishing matter, or get the legal matter moving in a new direction. Talks, meetings, news or writing today about hospitals, art, film, music, or spiritual matters may challenge this new beginning a bit, however you are golden personally in some new and exciting ways through these doors so stretch out.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct and after months of backwards, slowed down, inwards motion from your ruling planet, you are now ready to move forward again. Not only do you feel this personally as you have been in somewhat of a personal retreat, but anything that has been stuck or in the past with hospitals, prisons, addictions, self-undoing tendencies, film, music, art, poetry, dance, spiritual pursuits, research, investigations, or clandestine love affairs is now going to begin to move forward as well. Sagittarius Moon means you are ready to act on a goal or career matter today. Venus Retrogrades back into Libra taking you back into the past over love, women or money matters from now through Nov. 29th in the deepest part of the chart. This could have you revisiting financially shared matters such as loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, commissions, child support, or joint finances, or reconnecting with a past lover or sexual/reproductive issue, you could retrace matters around a divorce, or look at anything involving a death and the past. It’s a time to rebalance and find fair ways to handle shared areas of life.

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