Sunday, October 3, 2010


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To have and to hold, to honor and defend, to wrestle in the rustle of desire and fight over the direction the toilet paper roll hangs, what’s in the bank account or who gets the television remote, relationships…

We are coming off of the first Full Moon in Aries that pointed out just what it is about ourselves that we really needed to see made whole and we enter this week letting that initial culmination resolve. If you haven’t made any major choices about who you are becoming or what you need to do to get it together physically, with your own image, identity, or needs being met, you still have a few days to look at some of that. Round two of this personal gauntlet will peak on the 22nd with the second Full Moon in the last degrees of Aries. In the middle of this, we have this week that brings a New Moon in the partnership sign of Libra. Fresh starts regarding significant connections.

Monday will bring talks up over our creative feelings involving friends or groups and how much love or money we feel is being brought to the table. There are things going on behind closed doors that we may not be privy to and that will require some new approaches once they do come out. Any work, health or pet matters we put energy towards today are on a good track to succeed.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto square, a challenging angle asking us to talk about something we want to change or to deal with news about something that will mean things are changing. Someone significant is involved in this, either through partnership, representation or competition. Mercury began this journey with Pluto on December 7, 2009. At that point you had a talk or meeting or made a decision about changing something pretty major, deconstructing or transforming, it could have been news about a career matter or goal or involving a boss or father/father figure. You reached the first challenge over this on March 20th, 2010 as you had to do something yourself about what was going on. The opposition occurred on June 27th when home matters, family or mom/mother figures became part of the topic with someone important. Today you are at the final turning point regarding the information, talk, decision, agreement, and it is square in the hands of the other person in the relationship or coming through them. Again, feelings about work, health or pets are aligned in positive angle and today this means there is an action you can take to get to the money, deal with that or the divorce’s affect on the situation, for some an intimate attraction involved as well.

Wednesday piles up with energy that is pushing and pulling you, first over adjustments with friends or a group and the work, health or pet situation and then over stretching over changes that have been going on without your complete knowledge. The significant person involved through partnership, representation or competition is going to push buttons around career agenda or blind ambitions run amok, look at deconstructing or empowering through opening the triangle.

Thursday is the big New Moon in Libra. Not only do the Sun and Moon come together for a fresh new start with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors today but this New Moon sits with both Mercury and Saturn. As we have been making our major changes involving commitments and endings with important people in our lives between these Aries Full Moons, it is this moment, beginning today and covering the next two weeks that will bring about some very long lasting situations with people. Mercury rules our talks and meetings, agreements and decisions, while Saturn means we are agreeing to do the work, put in the time, commit long term, or end it once and for all. Which way do you need to go to be true to your evolving needs?

Friday the gods are thinking you need a little more interest in the whole dynamic so Venus is going to begin a six week Retrograde today. She is going to begin backtracking in Scorpio which rules sex, divorce and big financial matters so we will all be going back into our past over these topics, running into past love interests that in some way affect one or more of these energies (meaning they are showing back up to help as catalyst towards reconnecting with our intimacy, need for a divorce or over money) or we have a current love interest exit during this transit over one of these themes, (they are off being sexual with someone else, have left over financial burdens or have just reached the end of the road with you and want a divorce). If she doesn’t show back up as a person involved in helping you deal with all of this then you will be backtracking in your current situation over Venus themes of love, money and how sex, divorce or financial matters are influencing this for you. It will be a time to figure out what went wrong and what you can do to turn things around.

This Venus Retrograde will be like none we have been through in a while because this is such deep and heavy energy we are digging up and half way through the Retrograde Venus will dip back into Libra (where our New Moon is activating now) to revisit the past partnership or go to an old attorney or agent, specialist or competitor to look at love or money issues with this person. Some of you will be rediscovering love with someone from the past, some with their own needs for love that once rocked their world but have in some way burned out. Some of you will find this entire Retrograde will focus more on the money side of Venus and will be working through ways to handle the shifts going on here.

By the end of this transit, whether you act on any of this or are acted upon by this, whether you are just feeling it all and letting it move through you, there will be a second Full Moon in Aries giving you a another peak experience with your own identity on October 22nd and finally a move forward after November 18th when Venus goes Direct again on a whole new paradigm. This is not a time to worry about but one to embrace as it will lead to good relationships bonding tighter as you open up long hidden issues, bad relationships will end, old relationships that were lost in time will get a second chance at romance, and financial matters that involve others get some resolution.

Lastly, Venus rules beauty so it can be tricky for cosmetic procedures during this time or making major purchases in jewelry or paintings, wardrobe or other objects of art during this time period from Oct. 8- Nov. 18th. If you can’t schedule before or after this time then take extra care in what you are buying, check out the return policy and make sure you are buying from a reputable seller or have done your research on the procedure you are having done. The exception is if you had a procedure before and are revisiting it for a second round now, if you had a shot at the jewelry or art before and can now acquire said piece, if it is something coming back around you are fine with it. For the artists who may be affected during this slow down, don’t take it to heart as a reflection of your work, make plans to do major pushes of your work after Venus goes Direct in the 5 weeks before Christmas and connect with past clients for sales during as they will be your best bets.

Venus also rules gifts and since we are entering into the Holiday season up ahead, you have just a few windows this year to make gift purchases that should please or show up without problems attached. You want to buy before Oct. 8th or wait until after November 18th. Then do as much shopping for gifts as you can in those last days of November because Mercury will Retrograde in December and make for all kinds of trouble with electronic items and missed shipping, technical matters and just choosing something that is out of sync with the person you are trying to gift.

Friday also brings Mercury and Saturn together on the same degree so again, talks and agreements, decisions and meetings will be serious and have a finality about them, happening in the sign of relationship, balance, equity and fairness. Expect this week to begin to change things in major ways.

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Monday pour energy into your creative outlets, children or love interests and see what needs to be balanced with a friend or group to help you achieve your romantic, spiritual or artistic needs here. You may need to deal with a hospital or other institution or an addictive behavior here. See if you can do some research or involve yourself in work done alone on this. Career and goals you have at work, with health or pets should go well today.

Tuesday the Mercury/Pluto square will bring news, open talks or inspire meetings with partners, agents or attorneys over a career matter, with a boss, an authority figure, dad, or some major goal you are trying to transform. Look at the dates and progression from beginning in Dec. 2009, to first challenge in March of this year, opposition in late June and now final challenge. You can accomplish much through work, health or with pets today and the financial picture.

Wednesday you need to adjust something with the friend or group to handle work, health or pet matters and then do some research, retreat and recuperation, or take some time at the hospital, working on the artistic project, or in spiritual pursuits to balance what is going on. Feelings with the relationship in question are going to be intense today as you look at the person in authority, the career matter, or your own goals and what is transforming.

Thursday is the New Moon in Libra. You have two strong weeks to launch fresh starts with marriage or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, specialists, or opponents. There is a very serious meeting, talk or decision you need to have today or tomorrow to get this ball rolling.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your house of sex, reproduction, divorce, loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlements, commissions, alimony, child support, and joint finances. Expect to begin backtracking into the past over one or more of these themes, revisiting love or money matters here. Some of you will reconnect with past lover, some with a woman over divorce or money matters, some will have a current female exit your sphere over one of these themes. The serious and final talk today about coming to terms or ending something plays out with a significant relationship.

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Monday you should deal with home and anything going on involving friends or a group project you are trying to expand in this area through. There is a goal in sight but artistic or visionary balancing that needs to be worked through. An institution may be looming in the picture as well. Anything involving creative output, children or love interests is aligned harmoniously for you today through travel, media, law, or education so put energy here.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto and what began back in Dec. 2009 as a talk, meeting or idea to transform or deconstruct through legal channels, travel, media/marketing, or education, met it’s first challenge in March 2010 over something going on clandestinely or behind the scenes, involving artistic work, hospitals or prisons, research or investigations, or secret romance, then was opposed by someone talking to you in late June about family or home matters, is now at it’s last challenge today involving work, health or pets. There is positive energy around actions you take with partners or representatives.

Wednesday is all about creative endeavors, kids or love interests and what you can do to stretch yourself with a romantic or artistic goal here. Something social is involved as well or you can reach out to a friend or group in dealing with the creative project, childrens theme or lover to make changes or expand in some way. Emotions over the work, health or pet matter are strong now and again involve the massive energy you confronted yesterday with law, education, media, or travel.

Thursday brings a New Moon in Libra and a fresh start for you with work, co-workers, employees, a service you provide, health matters, animals, or environmental issues. You have two strong weeks to initiate new beginnings in these areas, interview, launch the service, start a new job, begin the work-out program, go to the doctor, adopt the pet, and find someone who can help you in balancing what you need here. The Mercury and Saturn connection in this today means that you will be talking, meeting or making decisions that are serious, long term and about commiting to something or ending it as you start anew.

Friday Venus, the ruler of your sign, Retrogrades in your house of significant relationships. This is pretty major for you as you will be feeling the pull to a past romantic partner, reconnection with a female attorney, agent, specialist, competitor, opponent, or other significant person form the past, or you may be seeing a current marriage or business partner leave your orbit. Love and money matters will be backtracking now through your important relationships to revisit issues and find better solutions. Mercury and Saturn unite bringing serious news, decisions, agreements, talks, or meetings today that have long term effects on work, health or pets.

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Monday will bring more talks or meetings about something that is happening far away and affecting you or something that involves travel, a media or publishing project, legal matters, or teaching or taking a class. Look at your own artistic, spiritual or romantic needs in this and how you can balance these against the career opportunities that will require some adjustment for you to grow with them. There is great energy available to you at home through financial matters, sex or divorce so tackle the property matter today or see if you can attract what you need at home.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto in the final challenge that began in December of 2009 as the need to transform through a divorce, sexual attraction or major financial matter such as loans, bankruptcy, inheritance, or other outside resources that are shared. You had your first challenge in March of 2010 when you had to deal with a friend or group affilation, then the opposition in late June when the money you earned or had to spend came up with someone, and now the last obstacle as you face talks, decisions or meetings with a lover, child or over a creative endeavor to come to terms. Look at how you share and the balance of power. Again, home energy is positive in regards to the work you can get done here, the health or pets issues you can attend to here.

Wednesday home or foundations will get stirred up as you deal with shifts or stretching to accommodate legal, educational, media, or travel matters that tie in to your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs. You are going to want to stretch and find some kind of balance today between this and your career goals that are opening up as well. The dynamic is again triggered from yesterday over the love, child or creative feelings and what is happening with the divorce, sex/intimacy or financially shared matter.

Thursday is a New Moon in Libra and your house of creative projects, fun, true love, and children. You have two strong weeks to initiate fresh starts here, meet a new love interest, take a current love affair to a new level, have a child, adopt, begin the process of adopting or conceiving, start a new creative project, or schedule some new recreational venture. Mercury and Saturn join this new beginning so a talk, meeting or decision is serious and long term in this towards commitment or endings to launch this fresh beginning.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your house of work, health and pets. This may bring a love interest from the past through work, involving a co-worker or employee, through a service that is provided, while taking care of your health or pets. It can mean you see a current female involved in these realms leave, a money issue tied to the past and one of these areas return or a current one slow down or dry up. You want to revisit how you share financially or sexually with a woman in the work you do, with your health or pets now. Mercury and Saturn embrace through creative ventures, lovers and children so the decision, news, talks or meetings today are again about one or more of these topics and serious, long term, final, and about committing time and effort or ending something.

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Monday income is going to be your focus as you deal with something going on with a bank or other outside financial matter and your artistry, romantic connections or a divorce. Something needs to be balanced here and you will also need to deal with someone at a distance in this or involving travel, media, legal, or educational matters and be ready to make some adjustments. The positive flow today comes through talks or meetings with powerful people that transform things for you.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto in the last challenge that began in December 2009. At that time you began to talk, heard news, made a decision, had an idea, or met with someone over the partnership, competition or representation. This was about something powerful or that needed to deconstruct in some way. In March 2010 you had your first challenge as you faced a career matter, major goal or reputation coming into the picture over it. Late June brought the opposition with someone over who you are, what your needs are, your image or identity, and talks or meetings that were in or out of balance on a power field. Now you have the final challenge and it will involve home, moves, roommates, or property matters and this relationship. Emotional energy is aligned with creative endeavors, love interests and children and actions you take here.

Wednesday you will be in talks or meetings dealing with adjustments to the loans, credit cards, debt, bankruptcy, settlements, taxes, insurance, or other outside financial matters, looking at ways to reach new romantic/sexual ground with someone, or how to handle divorce issues. Legal, travel, media, or educational matters will require balancing through decisions or talks, agreements or meetings as well as you stretch and expand through these realms. Feelings over home or living situations will be intense today as you deal with what was brought up yesterday through a partner, representative or opponent.

Thursday is the New Moon in Libra and a fresh start for you with home, moves, living situations, renovations, remodeling, real estate deals, family, or mom/mother figures. You have two strong weeks to redecorate, remodel, buy or sell the home, move, start a home business, take in a roommate, or in some other way put a fresh spin on the living situation. Mercury and Saturn are accompanying this new beginning so there will be serious talks, news, ideas, agreements, or decisions that commit you to something long term or bring an ending that affects the fresh start.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your house of true love, children and creative projects. During the next 6 weeks you may revisit a past lover, have a current one take their leave, go back into the past over love or money matters with a child, reconnect with a woman from a past creative venture or have a current one depart. In all of this you can look to see if a love or money matter should pick something or someone back up from the past to move forward with or if someone currently should be let go in the areas of creative ventures, regarding children or in your love life. Mercury and Saturn embrace today so the decision, news, talk, or meeting will be cemented over home, moves, living situations, or mom/mother figures.

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Monday check in with your feelings about what is going on with you, are your needs being met, how is your body feeling, can you connect with a partner, specialist, representative, or deal with a competitor to help you balance any of this? How are your artistic, spiritual or romantic needs being met through this other person? You will feel the need to stretch out or accommodate others in the financial, sexual or divorce arenas today, go with the flow if you can. The positive energy is around income and the work you do, health arenas and pets.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto square in the last challenge that began back in December 2009. At that time you heard news, talked, made a decision, or met over a major change or deconstruction around work, health or pets. In March 2010 you had your first challenge as a legal, travel, media, or educational matter reared it’s head over this. IN late June the opposition kicked in which brought someone into the picture to deal with things going on behind closed doors or behind your back, through research, hospitals, prisons, film, music, or other artistic outlets, or in spiritual pursuits and you needed to find balance. Now you meet the last obstacle as you hear something, meet, talk, or make a decision about a local matter, short trip, sibling, writing project or something written, or have a last major talk that will finally lead towards the resolution of the work, health or pet matter.

Wednesday income is the focus as you make whatever concessions you can towards a partner, representative or competitor. You want to adjust your stance a bit over making or spending money if you wish to reach your romantic, artistic or spiritual goal with this person and open up the areas of debt, credit, joint financial responsibility, divorce, or sexual intimacy. Feelings are intense today over what came up yesterday regarding talks, decisions, or local activities and the work, health or pet matter.

Thursday brings the New Moon in Libra and fresh starts locally, with neighbors, moves, brothers and sisters, important talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, writing projects, and short trips. You have two strong weeks to open up new arenas through these topics. Mercury and Saturn are on board so what is said, heard or agreed upon is serious, long term, final, and all about committing time and effort or ending it so you can begin on fresh ground.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your home arena. Over the next 6 weeks you will be revisiting past home issues or homes, a female may leave the home (if you are female it could be you), or a female from the past could return to the home. Past love and money issues will resurface tied to home, moves, real estate deals, renovations, and remodels, roommates, and mom/mother figures. This is not the best time to purchase interior design items for the home or to paint or refurbish unless it is something you had on layaway or have a second chance to buy having let it slip through your fingers before. Mercury and Saturn embrace today locking in the important, long term decision, talk, agreement, or meeting about committing or ending something.

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Monday is a good day to close the doors and do some work on your own, you may want to retreat and handle health issues or just spend time recharging batteries and playing with your pets. It seems your artistic, romantic or spiritual nature will do well under this kind of play. See if you can also accommodate a partner or representatives needs a bit. Positive energy is flowing for you through creative ventures, with children or in matters of the heart.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto for the final challenge in a matter that began in December 2009. At that point you had a talk, meeting, made a decision, or began writing something that meant deconstructing or transforming a love affair, something involving children or a creative project. In March 2010 came the first challenge with news or talks about divorce, finances, sex, or reproduction and third parties involved. In late June the opposition kicked in to bring someone into the picture in talks, meetings or agreements who was a friend, part of a group or involved in an aspiration that would mean something to the child, lover or creative venture. Now you are at the last obstacle as you talk, meet or make a decision today about earnings, spending or a possession involved and how this evolves the situation with the creative project, lover or child.

Wednesday feelings will be on you, your needs, image, body, or identity and how you can stretch or shift things on the work front, with the work you have before you, regarding health issues, or with the pets. There is someone important you need to balance all this expansion and change with today. Feelings are going to be intense over what was brought up yesterday over money being earned or spent and the creative, love or child issue.

Thursday brings a New Moon in your income zone. This gives you two strong weeks to start a new income making project, get a job, seed something to open doors to more money, spend on something important, or get a fresh take on a possession of yours. Mercury and Saturn are on board with this fresh start so you will hear news, make a decision, have a talk or meeting, write something, or involve brothers or sisters in something long term or final, this is either commit for the long haul or end it now.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your local/communications arena. This begins a 6 week backtracking into the past over agreements, talks, meetings, neighborhood, moves, writing, siblings, and short trips. You may meet up with a past love interest locally or by revisiting an old neighborhood, see a current female leave your local scene, pick up a past writing project to see if it could bring money now or if there is money owed on it, look at past agreements connected to love or money, or revisit love or money issues with a brother or sister. Mercury and Saturn embrace today marking the serious talk, agreement or meeting about making or spending money, it’s all in or all out.

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Monday is social, a good time to connect with or make friends, engage in groups or pursue aspirations. You will want to find a way to blend this with artistic, spiritual or romantic connections and stretch for ways to open up work, health or pet matters as well. There is great energy behind taking some time behind closed doors at home or in your personal space to recharge and rest.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto and brings up the last challenge from what began back in December 2009. At that time you made a decision, heard news, had a talk or meeting, or began writing or dealt with agreements that related to your home or living situation. This was about something major transforming or deconstructing. In March of 2010 you had your first challenge to this through a significant person over the home. In late June the opposition came into play as you were face to face with someone over a career goal, ambition, boss, or father/father figure and affects on home and living situations. Now you meet the final obstacle in yourself. This is about who you are, who you want to be, your needs, image, identity, or ego in the mix and what you need to decide about home.

Wednesday is about retreating and taking time for you behind the scenes to make some stretch towards a romantic love interest or spiritual creative outlet. You will want to do what you can to stretch in work, health or pet arenas as well today behind closed doors. Emotions are going to be intense about your needs and the home or living situation that kicked in yesterday so take the time to process them.

Thursday is a New Moon in Libra! This is about a whole new beginning for you. You can start a new look, get a new jump on your body and what you want to implement with it, begin something tied to your identity in a new way, and you have two strong weeks to do this. Mercury and Saturn are involved so you will be talking, writing, making a decision, or meeting over something very serious and long term or final in this, it’s about committing or ending something about yourself to get the new start.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your income zone. This will mean you are going into the past to revisit past money making ventures or a woman who you were earning money through to see if you can pick back up on it in some way, it could mean a current female who you earn money with takes her leave, you may be meeting a past lover through the way you make money, or looking at how you spent money in the past to affect love in your life. Mercury and Saturn embrace today so you are going to give or get the final decision, talk, meeting, or agreement to seal the deal or end it. There are good ways to earn today at home through creative outlets.

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Monday is about career, goals, bosses, or father/father figures. You will want to try to find a way to balance home or family matters in this and your own artistic, romantic or spiritual expression here. There is something creative that you can open up on to reach the goal you have set but you need to try something a bit outside the box or just a new approach. Talks or meetings you have today with friends or groups are golden, power comes through writing or agreements here.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto square and make the final challenge for you over something you decided you wanted or needed to change back in December 2009. This was about writing, agreements, your neighborhood or a neighbor, a brother or sister, or big news you heard then or met about. In March 2010 you had your first challenge as a health issue, work matter or pet situation came into view to affect it. The opposition occurred in late June as someone far away, through travel, or involved in legal, media, or educational matters came into focus on it all. Now you have the final obstacle as you hear about something you weren’t aware of or dig up something through research, investigations, go into hospitals or other institutions, or delve into a film, music or other art related topic, addiction, or clandestine affair. A friend has your back.

Wednesday is about the friend or group and making some adjustments at home to accommodate artistic, spiritual, romantic, or hospital matters. Love, kids or creative ventures need balancing in all of this. Expect emotions to run deep today over what came up yesterday, if you still need to talk about it or work on the writing part of it, do so.

Thursday is a New Moon in Libra. This begins a two week period for you make a fresh start in film, music, art, hospitals, dealing with addictions, spiritual or psychic pursuits, secret romantic connections, strategies or hidden agendas, retreats and recharging of your mystical, muse oriented nature. Mercury and Saturn are on board with this so something will be decided or discussed that is serious and long term here, either on the side of committing or on ending.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your sign. This means that you will be going back into your past for many numerous reasons but the goal will be about reconnecting with love or money. Women will be important during this phase and you may want to go back to some of your past female connections to reconnect, revisit or let go of anything in the way to love or money. Mercury and Saturn embrace today so you will finalize the decision to write, talk, meet, or agree on an ending or solid beginning in the arena of hospitals, film, music, art, research, retreat, investigations, or clandestine romantic connections.

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Monday the trip, media or publishing venture, education, or legal matter is top on your mind and you will want to talk or write what you can about it to reach your artistic, romantic or spiritual goals with others. Stretch at home or around things involving home today as things change. Positive energy is flowing on the career front and income zone so push for what you want to transform here.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto bringing the final challenge for you over something that you decided you wanted to change or deconstruct or heard about back in December 2009 regarding income. The first challenge came in March 2010 when you had something come up with a child, lover or creative venture you had to overcome. The opposition locked into place late June with someone who was in the picture as a joint financial partner, dealing with a bankruptcy, settlement or other major financial matter, involved with divorce or the idea of divorce, or in sexual union or complications with you. Now the final obstacle comes through a group affiliation, friend, networking, aspiration, or a big social affair, again, money you earn and how you spend it is the whole point.

Wednesday career takes center stage as you do your best to talk or connect over an artistic, romantic or spiritual topic through talks, meetings, or writing. Make concessions around the boss and stretch out at home or with family members. Emotions are intense today over yesterdays challenge and you should try to process friend, group, party, aspiration, and income/spending dynamics.

Thursday is a New Moon in your social sphere. This ushers in a fresh start with friends, groups, parties, networking, aspirations, and associates. You have two strong weeks to meet new people who may become fast friends, start over with current friends, or begin a networking or social occasion. Mercury and Saturn are meeting this Moon so ideas, decisions, talks, news, meetings, and writing connected to the friends, groups, social occasions, or aspirations will be serious, long term or final, and all about a commitment or endings.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your mystical/muse oriented zone and you will be backtracking over the next 6 weeks in hidden arenas. A past flame may reappear and if so you will keep it secret, you may reconnect with a female involved in music, film, or other artistic matters, spiritual pursuits, research or investigations, or find ways through these past channels to make or spend money. A current female may exit to retreat or visit a hospital or prison, you may visit a past love in one of these places, or find ways of retrieving money from a past hospital experience or film, etc. Mercury and Saturn embrace today so the decision, meeting, agreement, talk, or writing with the friend, group or social affair is final, serious and a long term yes or no.

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Monday is the day to hit the financial matters right out of the gate and tackle anything around spending to bring some balance into the scenario. You need to have a talk today about how big things are getting or what needs to change, this may mean stretching yourself a bit but the financial matter requires this. For some of you the topic will not be the loans, debt, settlements, or other financial matters but about sexual attractions, needs, or divorce. Again the talks and decisions are necessary and what you are earning or spending is pivotal. It’s great energy around your needs and a trip, media, legal, or educational matter, empower yourself here.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto and brings the final challenge to something you heard about, began to make a decision, talk, meeting, or write about last December 2009. This was about you, your body, image, needs, or identity and what you wanted to transform. In March you had the first challenge arrive by way of something around home, mom, moves, roommates, or real estate deals. Late June brought the opposition and someone who was face to face with you as relationship potential/issues, partnership, representation, specialist, or competitor. Now you have the final obstacle and it comes as a career, goal, reputation, boss, leadership, father/father figure issue, all relating back to the initial things you wanted to change and transform about yourself back in December and at every crossroad date above.

Wednesday is about the trip, legal, media, or educational matter and what you can do to stretch yourself to make money or over needing to spend on something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or tied to hospital matters for the trip, legal, media, or educational matter. See if you can make a call or talk to someone to make it happen. Emotions are still going to be intense over what challenge came up on the career front yesterday so take some time to process your feelings and look at the bigger picture of your evolving story for yourself.

Thursday the New Moon in on the career front and you have two strong weeks to launch a new business, get a better position on the career front, ask for the raise, get your name in lights, boost your profile, reputation or business to another level, or you may get a new boss, take on more responsibility, see something new happen with dad or a father figure, or set new goals. Mercury and Saturn are on board with this so talks, news, decisions, and agreements will be solid, long term and about committing or ending something to get your fresh start.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your social arena so you can expect that over the next 6 weeks you will be going back into the past to revisit old friends over love or money matters, you may see a current friend take their leave, find ways from past networking events to connect with money, meet a past love interest through social occasions, and pick up past aspirations to see if they may be money makers or lead to love now. Mercury and Saturn are going to embrace today so this means the career talk, decision, meeting, or writing project is final, solid, long term, and you have a yes or no in place.

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Monday is all about the partner, representative or competitor as you find ways to reconnect spiritually, romantically or artistically with your own needs. Balance between your desires and theirs is important today and you should do your best to stretch in ways to make money or in watching how much you are spending to reach a better place with them or through them. Private intimate time is aligned powerfully today as is any research or work done alone behind closed doors on financial matters or divorce.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto square in the final challenge for you over a secret, hidden matter or mystical/muse oriented topic. Back in December 2009 you had a talk, made a decision, heard news, or met with someone over a major change or deconstruction you wanted to happen. This would be in secret, over film, music, artistry, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, or clandestine romances. In March 2010 you had your first challenge as a talk, meeting or something written came through or you had topics over neighborhood, siblings, or moves came up. Late June the opposition locked in as someone was facing you over work, health or pet issues that would affect it. Now you see the last obstacle come through over legal matters, ceremonies, travel, distance, import/export, education, media, publicity, publishing, politics, or religious beliefs.

Wednesday feelings are on financial matters, sexual attractions or divorce as you make personal adjustments to what is conspiring romantically, artistically or spiritually for you and if any hospitals or other institutions are involved. Making more money or looking at spending is indicated as well. Emotions are going to be intense today over yesterdays obstacle so allow time alone to process the legal, travel, religious, media, or educational matter.

Thursday is a New Moon in Libra and your travel, legal, media, and educational arenas. You have two strong weeks to take legal action, get the ceremony going, plan or take the trip, launch the media or publishing venture, promote or publicize, start fresh with your religious or political agenda, get the import/export matter in gear, or go back to school or launch the class you want to teach. Mercury and Saturn are on board so talks, decisions, meetings, and agreements are serious and will lock things in long term either committing here or ending something so the new start can commence.

Friday Venus Retrogrades in your career Midheaven so you have a 6 week process that is going to begin now with a trip into the past with women, love or money that can affect your career, reputation, or major goals. You may want a past love interest and make that your goal, meet with a woman from the past who was a career potential to see if there is still something there, see a current female boss take their leave or a past one resurface, or take another look at how your ambitions and career have affected love or money flow in your past. Mercury and Saturn embrace today so the talk, news, meeting, or decision is solid and final about the trip, legal matter, education, religious or political topic, or media/marketing issue.

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Monday emotions will be focused on a health matter, work or the pets as you try to reach some artistic or romantic goals behind closed doors or immerse yourself in retreat, hospitals or spiritual agendas. You need to continue to try to stretch personally and do new things as well. The energy between friendship and partnership or representation and specialists for this friend are very empowering and positive today.

Tuesday Mercury squares Pluto for the final challenge for you in a decision, meeting, talk, agreement, or news you heard back in December 2009 with a friend or group affiliation. At that time you wanted to change or deconstruct something or heard about something going that way. In March you had your first challenge over this through the money you made or needed to make or spending you were doing. Late June the opposition locked into place that brought someone into the picture over love, children or creative ventures to show you what was in or out of balance in this. Now you reach the final obstacle as the topic of huge outside financial resources, divorce, dealing with a death, or sexual interests come into the picture. Your aspirations are evolving.

Wednesday feelings will be on the partnership, representative, or competition as you do what you can behind the scenes, with the hospital or other institution, on the film, music project or other artistic outlet, through research or investigations, or in some clandestine connection with another person. It’s again about your ardent desire to be bigger than what you are right now and to express something unique. Emotions will be intense over yesterdays obstacle and the financial, divorce, death, or sexual matter with the friend.

Thursday is the New Moon in Libra giving you two strong weeks to start something fresh through loans, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, or any other outside resource. It is a fresh start in divorce, sexual unions, sexual issues, reproduction, and dealing with death as well. Mercury and Saturn are involved so you will have solid and final energy around news or information, talks, agreements, meetings, and decisions on this.

Friday Venus Retrogrades and kicks off a 6 week tour through your past through travel, media, publicity, legal routes, religion, politics, import/export, ceremonies, and education. You may be reconnecting with a woman from the past through these avenues or see a current one exit through one of these arenas. You may look at past love interests through dealing with legal matters or media ventures, travel, or education, and there may be a money making opportunity from the past tied into one or more of these themes for you to revisit to see if you would like to move forward with it again. Mercury and Saturn are embracing today to make a solid, final agreement or decision, meeting or talk about the finances, sex, divorce, or death.

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