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Oh my goodness, as we move into our weekend it’s important to know that Grand Cross energy is finally being activated personally for us as the Sun beams from Libra to square Pluto. Over the summer we felt how the major planets were locking in to ring change and expansion, deconstruction, rebirth and awakening to major areas of our lives but we were not really active participants in the Cross until now. Oh but baby things are changing, the Sun moved into Libra this last Wednesday, a sounding bell for each of us to step up in the arena of the Cross related to RELATIONSHIP.

On Saturday you will be looking at who you really are in this relationship, who you want to be, what you can physically do to affect the outcome of a goal you have about it, what personal responsibility is available to you to contribute to realigning balance, committing more of yourself, or severing ties and walking away. You are going to want to get REAL. This entails seeing clearly the situation you are in or want to get into and then stop looking at them and LOOK AT YOURSELF.

If you can make some changes, if you can drive yourself through, around or over this obstacle in the road, if you can get yourself together, then you are going to make some serious strides to transforming the situation before you. When it comes to relationship, be it a romantic or business partner, we have a whole list of what we want from that person. You singles out there have your list I’m sure. So take a look at it and see how many of those items on the list you can say yes to if they were looking for them in you. It’s time to claim your life and it means getting real about what you expect out of important people in your life by stepping up what you expect out of yourself.

So last note on this, whether you are in a great relationship that needs some effort now, a bad relationship that needs first aid or cutting of the cord, or you are interested in finding a relationship, you need to ask yourself: Am I bringing what I expect from others? Are they contributing what I am contributing? Is this relationship what I truly want and if so how can I work to make it better? Am I staying out of fear and if so how can I take more responsibility for myself so that I can do what I really want to do? Is this a fair and balanced dynamic?

I’m going to give you an ENORMOUS clue: You cannot change the other person in this. Don’t take a list to them and ask them to change. You can change yourself, you can decide to do more, expect less or you can walk away and start over. If you keep having the same patterns arising in the single dating world, and I say this with love, it ain’t them babe, look at yourself. DO THE WORK NOW ON YOU. (oh and I can hear some of you who say, but Zoe, I’m great and they are such a jerk, and again I say, you might be right but until you do the work on yourself and raise your own self-esteem by turning on the light inside yourself over something you are passionate about doing, creating, becoming, you will continue to attract and settle for them).

The rest of the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, seem to have a whole lot of focus on money. . . who is making it, who is spending it, how to make more, you get the idea. The money energy is rocking the whole relationship dynamic and bringing up all kinds of issues around sharing, intimacy, power, and for some, divorce. For singles, it will be urging you to find ways to take care of yourself and share as you feel attractions pulling you towards others. Don’t let this empty your wallet over the weekend. And although I focused on romantic relationship above, this may be another significant person in your life coming into focus over this weekend in a major way, times are changing.

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Saturday you get to step up over needs you have and deal with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist, all in response to some major transformations going on with the career, a boss, your own goals or authority, or something you are trying to deconstruct and rebuild upon. This significant person is feeling limited or like they are carrying the weight of the world on some level right now or you are feeling like there needs to be more effort, commitment or an end to something. Do your best to work through the money issue today with them. Social situations are favored so say yes to friends or group activities.

Sunday brings income into sharp focus as you again are trying to work thing through with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Making concessions to get results will be part of the scene. The sexy energy is either uber sexy today or there can be sparks flying with someone over what is piling up on credit cards, bankruptcy or loan issues, child support or alimony, or divorce issues. Like the rest of the weekend, the word balance comes to mind.

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Saturday brings the focus on an important relationship dynamic at work, in the work you do, around health issues, or involving pets. This is triggering the massive change and empowerment elements of the Grand Cross from last summer asking you to see how you can reclaim yourself in this situation and transform what is happening through travel, legal means or the law, teaching or taking a class, media or publishing, or publicity or marketing. These will help you feel centered.

Sunday the focus is seriously on you and how you are feeling about someone significant. Passions, anger, frustrations, or motivating forces are driving you today with this person so watch how over the top it goes. You seem to need to connect intimately, drive the divorce home, or really get active in the name of the financial situation, all the while making allowances around what is limiting or limited by health, work or pet situations.

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Saturday the Sun illuminates your creative projects, love interests and childrens zone and lets you step up for the first time to really try to drive something forward here from all the major transformation and deconstruction, rebuild and change that has been going on since the summer to get here. Look at ways to empower this through intimacy, divorce or loans, dealing with debt, or any other major move you can make financially. There’s an emphasis of energy in the mystic/muse arena so taking time away, behind closed doors and tuning in sexually with someone, spiritually or artistically will benefit.

Sunday the day flows with what you are doing behind closed doors or in some muse related way to increase solid money flow or connections. Artistry, spirituality, dealing with institutions, clandestine romances, research, all trigger action in dealing with work or health matters. Passions or anger can be stirred today but you will feel driven to bust through to the other side to reach a love or income result.

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Saturday brings you a chance to finally step up with your own personal needs or bring a physical approach to the home issue. This means you will be focusing in on your home, a move, a real estate deal, a roommate, how you are living together, where you want to live, how your foundations are being built upon, how solid they are, and it will all be linked to a major transformation you are now driven to deal with involving a partner or representative. Aspirations are aligned and you may want to do something social or connect with a friend.

Sunday the aspiration, social occasion, friendship, or group affiliation is front and center as you look at financial matters pertaining to this and any limits being inflicted to or by the home. A creative endeavor, lover/love interest, or child will be a big part of the day as well with all kinds of action streaming through these areas so figure you will need or want to spend passion or you may be dealing with anger or having to motivate in these areas as well.

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Saturday brings the Sun’s rays onto your writing, thoughts, words, talks, meetings, agreements, and major decisions. It also illuminates your siblings, neighbors, moves, and short trips. These are the areas where you will feel driven to shine and demand you get your say or where you have to hear news, all about major transformation going on with health, work or pet matters. Pour your energy into the Sun’s house, write, sign, have your say, think about it, make a decision, but drive yourself forward based on what you need.

Sunday the attention is on career, a major goal, a boss, dad or a father figure, or reputation and standing. You are going to be dealing with adjustments to news you hear or heard, contracts, meetings, talks, decisions you need to adapt, or something written, that is serious. There is a whole lot of drive and action going on at home, with a move, roommate, mom/mother figure, or real estate deal and this is where you may see sparks flying. Do your best to handle it all.

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Saturday the Sun is going to illuminate your needs over income, earning or spending. This is big as it is the first chance you have to act on the summers big deconstructive and rebuild energy of the Cross. You want to put yourself into the mix by stepping into it physically or bringing your persona to bear around money and all of this has to do with the major transformations occurring in your creative field, with love interests or children. There is something legal, media related, involving education, or travel in the day that should have you feeling like you are on the right track.

Sunday will focus fully on the trip you are taking or planning, a ceremony, legal matters, taking or teaching a class, or media, publishing, marketing, or publicity. It’s a day of wide open potential here as long as you deal with any monetary adjustments to limitations. You will be meeting or talking to someone through one of these channels that will bring passion, love, money, or something you feel driven to do. It’s rather great for writers who are sending off publishing work or legal agreements, just read fine print over money.

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Saturday triggers your own personal vitality in major ways as you get your first big rush of energy to do something that is in your own interests, about you, your physical or ego needs, and the place you live. The summer was pushing you about in the Grand Cross over security and freedom and achievement and personal needs and now you can get proactive and do something today to turn the first corner. Finances are going to figure in prominently as you align with an outside resource or intimate other to make it happen, for some divorce will be the key to home issues.

Sunday is all about the loan, debt, credit cards, or any other outside resource in the picture for you as you continue to make adjustments to personally deal with limits so you can handle this. There is a lot of energy going on to make money today so pour your passions into this. You may need to watch how much you are spending so you can balance that against your debt.

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Saturday is your day to finally get in there physically or bring your ego needs over what has been changing dramatically in your life over the summer. This is going to play out through retreat, work behind the scenes, in artistic or spiritual outlets, over hidden or clandestine romances, involving any self-sabotaging you do, addictions you need to attend to, hospitals or other institutions you are dealing with, or through research or investigations. How can you get yourself to one of these places or express yourself through one of these outlets to make a major shift occur to a writing project, in a meeting, talk, over an agreement, decision, or through a short trip. Some of you may have an intense verbal confrontation today, we are unearthing buried issues now, tread carefully but be open to transformation.

Sunday is about someone significant you are feeling strongly. This can be about something you are feeling about yourself in relationship to a partnership or lack thereof. You will want to look at any of yesterdays themes and see how you can make some adjustments accordingly over limitations you are perceiving. There is a great deal of energy around you today, diving in, being passionate, expressing yourself, shining love, or motivating in a one-on-one significant connection, work through angers if they exist, you can find balance today.

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Saturday you get to step up and shine your light, bring your ego into the mix, draw attention to your needs, or put your physical self into the mix over a group, friend, social occasion, or aspiration. The Grand Cross of the summer has been pushing and pulling on all sides with major deconstructive and rebuild energy and today you can look at your place in this group/occasion/friendship and determine what needs to change or how you can get around a big hurdle regarding income being earned or spent here. Work is flowing well so put effort where the work is but again, adjustments to the social occasion, friend or group is required.

Sunday the focus is your health, work or pets. You are going to need to look at any limits you have with the friend, group or social affair and deal with making some adjustments so you can deal with the work, care for the health or deal with the pets. There is a lot of drive and passion being expressed behind the scenes that could play out as motivation to tackle the artistic side of something, determination to take some time for yourself and rest or retreat with someone sexy, a need to push things forward at a hospital or with another institution, or mixing it up at a spiritual event.

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Saturday the Sun illuminates who you are on the career front, your reputation, standing in the community, goals, ambition, and personal achievements. This is the first time you are going to get to really step up and actively push yourself around all the heavy transformations of the summer’s Grand Cross and decide to overcome something within yourself, make a change regarding your body, image, identity or needs that can be the first step towards mastering the new levels you are reaching. You may be recognized for something today and that may be challenging for you as you get your first taste of what you feel still needs to be done to make it perfect or you may have something shaken up on the career front and have to dive in and handle it with all you’ve got, you can do it. Love, creativity or kids figure into the day as you handle the big change.

Sunday is about a love interest, creative outlet, fun, or kids and you are going to need to juggle some balls in the air to deal with any limits or responsibilities on the career front to be able to enjoy this time. There is going to be a lot of action involving a friend, group or social function as well and you may hook up with someone sexy here, decide to balance love and friendship in some new way, or deal with anger issues coming up with a friend or group.

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Saturday the Grand Cross of the summer is going to be triggered by you and your needs coming up through legal channels, travel, media outlets, or education. You want to step things up here and put yourself physically on the plane or in the class, pushing for the legal action or dealing with the law physically, or getting in front of a camera or promoting more. It’s time to bring up your needs and look at how something major is changing or needs to change about your secret life, what is going on behind closed doors, in an artistic expression, hidden romance, spiritual/psychic outlet, or with a hospital or addiction.

Sunday is about home, moves, roommates, real estate deals, or where you are hanging your hat just now. Whatever is transpiring here, you have to look at making some adjustments to cope with limits or responsibilities around travel, law, education, or media today. The action is steamy and playing out over career, a big goal, reputation, or father/father figures. Motivate to make moves here.

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Saturday brings a peak experience as the summers changes and upheavals are finally in your hands to the extent you are willing to impose some changes or adjust to them. You are going to be center stage sexually, over divorce, dealing with the subject of death, or major financial matters today and you really need to let your needs be known or get in there and do what you can physically to turn a corner. There is a huge change coming to a friend, group or through a social occasion or associated with the internet, a foundation or charity. It all ties together and hinges on you changing on a deep level.

Sunday is about news you are dealing with, talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions that are very important to you. You need to handle the limiting energy coming through financial, sexual, divorce, or death arenas in this and make some adjustments. There is big energy sparking through travel, media, law, or education so expect to see plans to be on a plane or have a visitor, a need to get on the legal contracts, to get yourself into a class or put your media matter out there.

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