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Do you feel that?! It’s the sigh of the Grand Cross FINALLY being over!!! Now begins the work of building on the changes, picking up our lives and moving towards the open doors, and the really exciting part of all that Jupiter/Uranus energy washing in big opportunities in new ventures and with new people in our lives through artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, romantic attractions, and dealing with institutions and addictions in positive new ways.

As tough as the last 2 months of this configuration has been for everyone, I have begun writing the September Monthly and am happy to report that it is just brimming with positive energy for you so hang in there and envision just what you will bring into your life!

So, this week we have the Sun moving into Virgo and lighting up work, health and pets for us. It is a 30 day cycle putting the spotlight on these areas beginning on Monday so use it to shine, to tackle the physical ailments or getting back into shape, put your personal stamp on work, and add something to your life through helping animals or adopting a pet. The Aquarius Moon will trine Mars and Venus so social fun is to be had with relationship interests. A talk or meeting with a friend about work, health or pets will require some adjustments from you.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in Pisces so the film, music project, poetry, painting, or other artistic endeavor is peaking. There is also fullness to spiritual, psychic, mystical, or meditative pursuits. If you have been hermiting off or in retreat somewhere this is culminating as well. Matters involving hospitals, prisons or other institutions will peak. Issues with addictions will culminate, if you’ve been in treatment for a bad habit it will wrap up now. And any research or investigations, secret or clandestine affair will reach a climax as well. It’s a time of celebration or endings in these areas with a powerful opportunity involved to reach an important goal or move closer to it through a change. Be willing to take the other persons needs into consideration and to make some adjustments in the way you are seen at work, through work, with health, or animals.

Wednesday the Pisces Moon will pull up any issues you are having in a relationship to be looked at and finessed. Again you need to be willing to adjust to circumstances or the other persons needs/situation and show them how they can do this for you, a talk or meeting will reflect this.

Thursday or late Wednesday night, the Sun trines Pluto and brings in a very powerful flow for our vital life flow and ego needs around a work, health or pet situation and the goal being reached, career needs met, big changes benefiting, or powerful people helping out. The Moon conjuncts Uranus so the energy is all about the connection with a group or friend involving artistry, romance, spiritual pursuits, the institution you are involved with, or dealing with addictions. This is highly charged electrical energy that will spark some brilliant ideas and interesting feelings, go with it.

Friday Aries Moon brings up any issues you have about your own needs being met with a partner, representative, specialist, or in a competition as the goal is driving you fairly hard now. As has been the weeks theme, be willing to adjust to what is necessary to work, with health or involving pets for the best result.

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Monday things shift away from the creative impulse and recreational energy straight into a 30 day cycle of work, health and pet focus. This is a great time for you to shine in these areas so dive in, be seen, take charge. Connections with partners, reps or specialists are strong today with energy to help make things happen. Involve a group or friend in this but be willing to talk to them about any changes needed in the work, health or pet situation.

Tuesday is a Full Moon in the behind the scenes part of your chart. This is bringing film, music, and other artistic projects, retreat, hospital or other institutional involvement, research, investigation or secrets, hidden love interests, spiritual pursuits, issues with addictions or self-sabotage, and time alone to a peak in your world. This is a celebration as you reach a new level in one or more of these areas or an ending as something wraps up. Your career is highlighted in this peak today quite positively for new empowerment.

Wednesday will be about how you handle a relationship tied to the Full Moon topic. You will need to motivate and see what can shift and how you can best go about engaging the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person to help you with the artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, or addictive issue. Give a little but be straight up in the talk about the balance of work, health or pet matters are going down.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night too), brings a break-through on a personal level of empowerment for you through the work you do or are going after, the health matter, or the pet situation/animal project. This is about a powerful goal, leader, authority figure, career matter, or ambition locking in because of the effort you are making. Expect nice surprises coming through friends or groups.

Friday you will feel driven and will want to pace yourself a bit as emotional energy is pushing against limits with a relationship and any obstacles with bosses or ambitions. Step up to be counted on the actual work involved, regarding your health needs, or with the animals because you are needed in some new way here, adapt and conquer.

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Monday begins a 30 day cycle of putting you into the spotlight through creative work, love interests at work or sharing work with a lover, work involving children, animals, health focus in these areas, attention to detail in the arena of the heart and through creative expression, and involving pets with kids, lovers or a creative endeavor. You may talk about the goal here today or hear from someone about this. The link between Moon, Mars and Venus is sending you lots of good vibes for work, health and pet goals being met.

Tuesday the Full Moon is bringing something to a peak at a social occasion, with a friend or group, or through an aspiration of yours and this will culminate around an artistic endeavor, romantic quest, spiritual pursuit, something going on behind the scenes, through research or investigations, or involving a hospital or other institution. You will be celebrating or ending something here with a very powerful opportunity for you through travel, media, publishing, higher knowledge/education, or legal channels. Is there something you can adjust about your own image, identity or body relating to the kids, love interest or creative project? If so it will help protect or expand the big moment here.

Wednesday is all about the friend, group or social occasion and making things happen on the work front, with health issues or animals. You will need to be pliable as you try to motivate and push your way through. Talk about your creative needs, romantic desires in love, or any issues with the children today with this friend, within this group or involving an aspiration.
>Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well) there is real breakthrough power for you through a lover and a trip, media venture, legal matter/ceremony, or higher education. This can as well be about a creative venture involving one of these outlets or a child or topic involving children. Whether you can shine your light through true love, children or a creative venture it is a very big deal today as it links to something big for you opening up through media, travel, law, or education. Social occasions and connections with friends or groups should bring excitement.

Friday you will feel driven to hide away, work behind the scenes, research, rest, handle hospitals or other institutions, addictions, or tackle an artistic, romantic or spiritual matter on your own. The trip, media, legal, or educational matter is pushing on you and the restrictions due to work, health or pets is as well so do your best to step up and shine your creative light or adjust your image around kids or lovers.

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Monday the Sun enters a new arena as he begins to put you in the spotlight over home, moves, renovations, real estate deals, roommates, mom/mother figures, and your security needs. You will shine here and will be best rewarded for spending your vital energy on these topics over the next 30 days. As yourself if you need to travel from home now or if something going on far away is affecting your sense of security, can you make some adjustments in this? There is great energy around meeting love or money through travel, media, legal matters, or education right now.

Tuesday brings a Full Moon in your house of friendship, group affiliations, networking, social occasions, and aspirations. You will see something peak in one or more of these arenas now, it could be a celebration for a friend, a party, something your group reaches, an ending as a friendship or group association wraps up, or an aspiration of yours finally being reached. There is something powerful that is an opportunity for you here through travel, media, publishing, marketing, teaching, taking a class, or legal deals. You need to look at how you can make an adjustment at home that honors your needs and the needs of a friend or group as things expand.

Wednesday is all about the goal you have in front of you, a career matter, or dealing with an authority figure, father or boss. You need to take action on this today and move through love, with kids or in a creative project making some adjustments around money as well. Talk about what is going on at home or with security needs and try to find a good balance.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), there is a very powerful configuration that is doing its best to empower you through home, moves, family, or security needs and a financial matter, divorce, death, or sexual connection. Goals and career are highlighted as well with excitement, change and new beginnings or innovations.

Friday you will feel driven, angry, motivated, or passionate about a friend, group or aspiration. It is an intense day that will see you pushing in these areas or in response to them while dealing with a major change around finances, sex, divorce, or death and any limits you are feeling with a lover, child or creative endeavor. See what you can do to meet your own needs at home or through a move, it requires more adjustments with the friend or group.

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Monday the Sun enters your communications zone and puts you in the spotlight over the next 30 days as a writer, in talks, meetings, agreements, with your ideas, through short trips, or involving neighbors, moves or siblings. This is where you shine so pour your vital energy into these topics and work, work out, and see what you can accomplish. You may need to talk today about a financial need, divorce, death, or sexual matter and this will require some adapting with the other persons position. Great energy is there for you through actions you take at home or making money or sharing love there.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your house of the higher mind. This is bringing a peak moment around a media venture, publishing deal, marketing or publicity topic, a trip or with someone at a distance, through a class you are teaching or taking, or in a legal matter or ceremony. There is something very powerful in the offering here through a major partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in how you are handling the competition. See how your artistry, spirituality, romance, or dealings with institutions can be celebrated today in this media, travel, educational, or legal culmination. Wrap up loose ends. You need to have a talk or meeting about your needs being met on the career front even if it’s a bit tough.

Wednesday is all about the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and what you can do at home, with a move, real estate deal, roommate, mom/mother figure, to get things moving in this area. Be willing to adapt to what you can here but determined to move things along. Talk, write or meet about this as well, there is something in the balance for you.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), there is a very powerful configuration amping things up for you with a partnership, representative or specialist over your writing, a talk, pitch or meeting, an idea of yours, or something going on locally for you. This is positive and you should be proactive and open to the exciting or new offer coming through a trip, media/publishing outlet, educational opportunity, or legal offer.

Friday you will be driven to achieve so watch out world! This energy is going to motivate you with the partner, agent, attorney, or competition and push you to deal with limits or responsibilities at home or with living situations. You must stand up for yourself, be seen as the communicator, write or meet, talk or make your case as the career agenda is opening up for you and your willingness to adapt will be important.

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Monday the Sun leaves your sign and moves into Virgo for the next month. This is going to put your focus less on yourself and more on your earnings. It is a great time of the year to earn money for who you are, based on your image or physical attributes and a great time to get out there to seek income or ask for an increase in pay. You need to talk to a partner, agent, attorney or specialist about this today and be willing to adjust a bit to what you hear. You should have great energy behind you to meet or talk to someone about love, creative endeavors, the money involved, and/or kids today.

Tuesday brings a Full Moon in your house of sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, death, and all major financial arenas. This is bringing a culmination for you in one or more of these areas as you celebrate a sexual union, find a resolution to a sexual or reproductive issue, have the baby, see the adoption come through, finalize the divorce, attend the funeral, settle the inheritance, bankruptcy, tax issue, loan, insurance matter, or other outside financial matter. There is a very powerful energy linked to this offering an opportunity for you to change something through work, health or with pets in a positive way. See if you can make some adjustments with your income today through reaching out to travel, media, legal channels, or further education.

Wednesday is all about the finances, sex, divorce, or death with a very big push to talk it out, write it up, come to an agreement, express a passion or anger, or communicate about the love or money in this. Adjustments are the name of the game as you deal with what is said or what you need to do locally or with siblings. Talk about the money you are making, want to earn, or what you are spending as you balance these arenas.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well) there is very powerful energy at work for you to transform a work or health situation and stand out through income. This means you could make a change to the kind of work you do, get promoted, take a different job, do something different in your health regime or do something with animals and the change will lead to a better income situation for you. There are nice surprises or new approaches coming in today as well through the outside resources, settlement, inheritance, or through a sexual interest or divorce issue.

Friday you will feel driven regarding the trip, media/marketing matter, educational issue, or legal matter. This is going to wrap around changes in health or work, with pets or a service your provide, as well as deal with limits or responsibilities locally, through talks, agreements or writing projects. See what you can do again to adjust your position a bit to make money or in the way you are spending so the trip, media, legal, or educational matter can flow.

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Monday the Sun enters your sign and it is like coming out of a cave or long slumber and seeing the light of day for you. This marks the beginning of a 30 day cycle that puts you in the spotlight in all things important to your needs, body, ego, vital life force, and identity so shine your light. You can begin by having a talk or meeting about work, a health matter or pet situation. There is great flow for making things happen through income today so go after money making situations or spend on work, health or pet related areas.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your key relationship house. This is big as it brings a romantic or business partnership, a relationship with an agent, attorney or specialist, or the balance between you and a competitor to a culminating moment. This will peak over hidden romance, secrets, artistic outlets such as film, music or painting, spiritual pursuits, or something involving a hospital, prison or addiction. There is a very profound and powerful connection to an opportunity for you in this through true love, children or creative projects and the change you make. Something about your needs or body will need adjusting today regarding sex, divorce or major financial matters.

Wednesday is about the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and the actions you are stirred to take regarding earning money or spending it. You will need to adjust to the situation a bit as you drive things forward. Talk about your needs with this person, meet, come to terms to commit or end what you can.

Thursday (Possibly Wednesday night as well), brings a very important and powerful flow between you and a lover, love interest, creative project, or child. This is empowerment with a capital ‘E’ so step into your rightful place here or step away, whichever you choose you are supported universally as it changes everything for the better. Surprise and change are the words around partnerships, with representatives, or specialists.

Friday you will be driven sexually, around divorce issues, a death, or regarding a financial matter such as bankruptcy, inheritance, loans, debt, insurance, taxes, settlements, or joint accounts. This is linked rather intensely to the creative venture, lover or child and the changes going on here as well as to any limits or responsibilities you have with earnings/spending. As you approach this day, please keep in mind that you have needs that must be looked at, don’t let them slip between the cracks.

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Monday the Sun moves into Virgo and begins a 30 day transit through the place of retreat for you. This is a good time of the year for you to rest up, reflect on what you have achieved and strategize about where you would like to go in the year beginning with your birthday next month, to through your vital energy into research, fantasy, spiritual pursuits, artistic matters, and to deal with addictions, hospitals or other institutions that require attention. Talks today regarding a creative project, love interest or child will fuel what is necessary here.

Tuesday brings the Full Moon in your work, health and pet zone. This is the culminating moment around a work project as you celebrate reaching a goal here or end something you have been working on. It is also about any health matters in the picture, you may see an issue climax now to get your attention so you seek medical attention or if you’ve been under the weather the illness will break and you will finally start to recover. You may reach a diet or work-out goal now or see the pet adoption come through, a pet find its way back home or an older pet pass now. There is a powerful and positive alignment to home in this today so if you can work from home or deal with health or pets here so much the better.

Wednesday is going to motivate you to push yourself physically or around ego needs a bit more than the norm as you strive to reach a work, health or pet goal. Love or money needs may be motivating you and you will do well to have the talk about what is going on behind the scenes with someone at work, over health or pets as well.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), you can truly empower yourself at home, with a roommate, security need, or mom/mother figure through what you step up to in the film/fantasy/music realm of artistry, through spiritual doors, in dealing with hospitals or addictions, or in retreat and research. There is a nice surprise or change today at work, with health or pets.

Friday you are going to feel driven regarding the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist as you deal with major changes or compulsions at home or with moves, roommates or mom/mother figures, as well as with any limits or responsibilities you are personally feeling. Remember that your vital energy is working best in retreat and the realm of the imagination at present so while dealing with this important relationship you will want to make some adjustments with this in mind.

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Monday the Sun moves into your social sector and kicks off a month long cycle of parties, connecting with friends, joining or forming groups, networking, and getting serious about stepping out and pursuing your aspirations. Talk or meet about the home or move with a friend or group today or about how your living situation is affecting your aspirations or sociability. You may find yourself in passionate embraces behind closed doors or through some fantasy realm as well and this looks rather promising.

Tuesday brings the Full Moon in your house of true love, creative projects and children. This is a peak moment in one or more of these areas as you celebrate reaching a creative climax, a love affair that is peaking, something a child has accomplished, or you are ending an affair that is no longer pleasing, a project is wrapping or the child has finished what they were working on. A very powerful talk, meeting or agreement is attached to this today so share your ideas, listen to what others offer and get out there if you are single, you could meet the one. A friend or group and a work or health situation requires something from you.

Wednesday will bring up a strong drive to express passion behind closed doors, go after the film or other artistic project, tackle a hospital or other institution, do something about an addiction or compulsion, all as a means of connecting with your creativity, a lover or child. Talk to the friend or group about this as there is something they can bring to the table.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), you may see a breakthrough with a friend, group or around an aspiration of yours and this comes through a meeting, talk, agreement, something written, or involving an idea that is powerful and transformative for you. There is excitement and change in the offing through a creative endeavor, child or lover as well.

Friday you will feel driven with work, health or animals as you push regarding the meeting, talk, agreement or idea and any short trips or neighborhood activities or moves are involved. You will also be dealing with any limits or responsibilities around research, rest, hospitals, addictions, an artistic project, or clandestine affair. Don’t be afraid to step up in the group or with the friend even if it means it stretches you more than the norm.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday the Sun moves into your career Midheaven, a place where your goals, ambitions, reputation, and fame are waiting. The Sun will transit this area for the next 30 days and will put the spotlight on you so step up and go after goals, launch new business ideas, ask for a raise, make your bid for fame, or do something with an issue involving your father or boss. Talks, meetings, writing, or agreements with friends and groups are favored today, lots of great passion and action here.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your home base. This is bringing a living situation, property matter, move, home renovation, roommate topic, mom/mother figure issue, or security need to a peak for you. It will revolve around artistic, spiritual, romantic, addictive, or hospital colorations and you will be celebrating reaching a goal here as the move completes, the sale of the house goes through, the roommate moves in or out, or you will be ending something that has been occurring with your living environment. There is great energy around income in this for you so if you can earn from home, roommates or real estate or spend positively here then transform your situation through these means. Your career needs or big goal involves some adjustment around creative spark, lovers or children.

Wednesday is all about what you can make happen with or for a friend or group and this involves the home or move, real estate deal or roommate situation. You will need to make some adjustments around the situation. Talk about the goal or career need today as the home environment is being affected.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well) there is very powerful energy working for you to transform your income through career achievement. Expect to stand out and to be rewarded. Ask for the raise at this time or more responsibility. Nice surprises or change is channeling through home and living situations tonight.

Friday you will feel driven on the creative field, with lovers or children. This is pretty intense energy and will push your buttons over the money being spent as well as any limits you are seeing or major responsibilities you are taking on with friends, groups or a social occasion. Keep the goal in mind as you deal with the child, lover or creative endeavor and make some concessions.

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Monday the Sun moves into your travel, higher education, legal, and media zone and will travel here for the next 30 days. This means you will find your vital life force best expressed through trips you make, with people at a distance, over handling legal matters, in promoting, marketing, publishing, or broadcasting your ideas or message, through teaching or taking a class, and in ceremonies. You may need to talk about an income matter in this today. There is great energy to make things happen on the career front so push here.

Tuesday brings the Full Moon in your local arena of neighbors, moves, siblings, writing, ideas, communications, short trips, agreements, talks, and meetings. You will be celebrating something culminating in one or more of these arenas today or you will be ending something locally or through writing, hear news of something big peaking or end something via text or phone calls. A brother or sister may achieve now or you may end what is going on with them as well. Whatever communication area climaxes, there is powerful and positive energy aligning for you from it. Be willing to step up over the trip, media, legal, or educational matter as you seek to expand the home/property topic.

Wednesday is about ambitions driving you to achieve and lots of action in the local arena, talks, meetings, agreements, writing, short trips, and possibly involvement with siblings or neighbors. Talk about the trip, legal issues, media/marketing matter, or teaching/class so you can balance things as best you can.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), there is very powerful energy transforming something for you through a trip, with someone far away, through a media or marketing matter, a class you are teaching or attending, or over something legal. This is positive change that will affect you. Talks, news, meetings, and agreements have sizzle written into the bi-lines, it’s exciting.

Friday you will be driven at home or over a move or real estate matter in a big way. Your own needs are in the picture as well as your identity on the line so you will feel like you have to do quite a bit. There is also the need to look at limits or responsibilities on the career front and how you are balancing this over real estate or home. Your needs are with the trip, distance, law, education, or media here so make necessary adjustments to get the home or real estate working along with this.

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Monday the Sun moves into your house of sex, divorce and high finance to begin a 30 day cycle putting you in the spotlight here. This can mean a passionate connection for you that gets very sexy very quickly, it can mean you are pouring your energy into the divorce proceedings or that you are dealing with loans, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, insurance, taxes, joint finances, or settlements. Talk or meet about this today and be willing to adjust a bit as you connect. There is great energy available to you through trips, media, education, or legal channels, see what you can make happen.

Tuesday brings the Full Moon in your income zone. This is going to be a celebration as you earn a big chunk of change or see something that was affecting earnings resolve or it can be an ending of one source of income. Possessions will culminate now as well with the purchase or sale of an item. There is opportunity for you in this money matter through retreat, rest, research, artistic outlets, spiritual realms, clandestine affairs, or hospitals. Step up again through intimacy, divorce proceedings or financial realms shared with banks or others and see if you can talk about how things can change.

Wednesday will focus on your feelings about the money you are earning or spending or over a possession in question and you will feel motivated to do something about or regarding the partner, an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor to get things going. Talk or meet again over the debt, loan, settlement, alimony, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, inheritance, child support, or other outside resource as you try to balance what you are making or spending.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), you can have a pretty profound experience sexually behind closed doors, over divorce proceedings and what you can change about the hidden agendas or enemies, or over the major financial picture and the artistic project, spiritual pursuit, hospital matter, addiction, or investigation. This is positive and about empowerment or change. Excitement and change are also in the mix today regarding money you make or spend.

Friday you will feel driven in talks, meetings, short trips, with siblings, neighbors, writing, agreements, or decisions. It is rather intense today in these areas as you deal with major shifts to hidden agendas or artistic outlets, hospitals or strategies, and field any limits or responsibilities with travel, education, legal matters, or media. It’s important that you step up and are counted regarding your needs in the divorce, sexual issues, or financial matter even if talking about it makes you emotional.

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Monday the Sun moves into your opposite sign and opens up a 30 day cycle putting you in the spotlight with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You will want to pour your energy into what you can do with these important relationships in your life. Talk or meet about something today that has been a bit self-sabotaging or addictive and how you can make some adjustments here. Take action on loans, debt, settlement, inheritance, taxes, insurance, investments, bankruptcy, or any other outside resource because this is aligned beautifully to hospitals, retreat, artistic projects, and work you are doing behind closed doors.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your sign. This is a culmination of who you are for the year today. Something is reaching critical mass, you may be in the spotlight being celebrated for who you are or something you have achieved, you may have reached a goal with your body or image or it can be an ending of an old identity of yours or body image. A friend or group is key in this high point for you today in a powerful and positive way. There is something to death and transformation and the image of the phoenix in this moment for you. Look at who you are in significant relationships and any adjustments you can make concerning income that affects this union.

Wednesday your energy is coming from your own physical or ego needs being stimulated to make something happen in the financial arena, over a divorce or sexually. Adjustments around actions, passions, anger, and income are required to reach this goal. Talk with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist today to see what insight you glean.

Thursday (possibly Wednesday night as well), brings a very powerful alignment for you through a partner, representative or specialist that will help change something for a friend, within a group or around an aspiration of yours. This is positive and transformative as you shine your light within the relationship. Nice changes or surprises are aimed at you today.

Friday you will feel driven to earn money or spend. This will put you up against any challenges involving a friend and something pretty massive happening here or with a group or major aspiration that is changing. You will need to deal with limits or responsibilities involving sex, divorce, other people’s money, or death as well. Again, step up with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and make the necessary adjustments so you can feel better about the money you are or are not making in this.

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