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Alright sweet things, here’s the skinny: Most of the days this week are all locked into the Grand Cross and most of the really powerful energy happens in the wee hours so there will be crossover days. (Note to newbies, the Grand Cross is an energy pattern shaking things up on a major scale for all of us between now and Aug. 21st). With crossover days, the day before is the build-up to it and the day of is riding the wave. I like to think this is the universe’s way of saying, “Hey there little dude/dudesse (is it dudette?), we won’t toss you directly into the blender, you will just feel the tequila slamming against the lime juice and crackling ice cubes as you all go hither and thither into the glass.” Yes, I said hither and thither, stay with me…

Taurus Moon on Monday helps us to focus on what we value and sets our interests on how we are earning a living. There will be an energetic in place that stimulates the need to make some kind of adjustment to a partner or representative, possibly a competitor in this so take action or be ready to react to theirs. (And play nice, you can get what you want with a little concession here). The alignments to Pluto and Mercury are stellar so plan on talks or meetings aimed at earning and a job improvement, or allow for some notice taken as you bring your efforts to bear, career agendas and ambitions empowered.

Monday/Tuesday rides the wave of the Jupiter/Pluto square, part and parcel of the ongoing Grand Cross that is moving and morphing our place in the world over this summer. This will be felt on Monday as it builds to perfection in the wee hours Tuesday and will color the rest of the day on Tuesday. Look at the things you DO to get what you WANT. This is a big one. It all comes down to your belief in yourself and this is a test, yep, the emergency broadcast system is blasting, IF you believe in yourself what can you DO to get what you WANT? Career, bosses, authority figures, ambition, goals, they all are up for grabs in this but it really boils down to the actions you take on your OWN behalf on Monday and Tuesday. You say you want x, y or z but are you willing to stretch yourself in some way to make it a reality? Damn right you are, get busy. (Report back to me later on all your major successes/breakthroughs).

Tuesday/Wednesday Mars gets back into the Grand Cross action as the instigator, the guy running about with a sword or lighter. He is going to set energy aflame with the Jupiter/Pluto square of the past couple days. Now, up til now you have had to look at what YOU could do, now as it builds on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday, Mars will ignite it so there will be ACTION mon freres and it’s coming from or aimed at THEM. Let’s not forget this can be passion since Mars is that kinda guy so for you lovers out there the stakes just got higher. But back in the mundane world be glad that Mars is pushing you/them, we need action and we need it now! So what do you want to achieve and how can the partner, agent, attorney, manager, producer, specialist, or competitor help you get it or be maneuvered out of the way so you can get it? Maybe it’s just that you want them or they want you, all this getting and wanting and action and passion, oy! I’m tired just thinking about it. This isn’t a week for sissies.

The rest of Wednesday opens up all kinds of talks, meetings and decisions or agreements. There is every reason to believe these will go well. Venus adjusts to Neptune so the IDEAL is going to have to be tweaked a bit and this can be about the artistic, spiritual or romantic vision. With Venus in the picture you can be sure your heart or your wallet will be in the mix. The day ends with the Moon making nice to Mars, good for us, emotions align with actions and all is right with the world.

Thursday is the biggest break from all this crazy energy in the week, yes you should be bookmarking my radio show to call in with all your cool stories to share tonight: On at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern, call in # 248-545-7685. What can I say? The Moon will be in Gemini today so you will feel like talking about it and this Moon is going to be cranky in the morning, note to self: schedule important talks and meetings for the afternoon! By 12:35 pm eastern the Moon and Sun sextile and yes, it’s as good as it sounds, you should find that the talks and meetings are flowing with opportunity and all about the creative venture or potential, the lover or love interest, or the children or child’s project. You have the green light to have a little fun today (or a lot, who’s counting?).

Friday puts the emotional mind back into the challenges of the Cross whatever that may be looking like for you and you will likely be a bit brooding or intense in your desires. Moon enters Cancer at 5:50pm eastern and we want our mommies, ok maybe not that intense but we want a cookie, some nurture and I’m here to tell you that giving it to yourself today will save a lot of energy. Venus moves into Libra tonight and begins her part in activating the Grand Cross in the next week. Tonight she will be asking, ‘Where’s the love? Where’s the money? Who’s that woman??’ This is going to be the new theme for partners or agents or attorneys or competition as we all challenge ourselves to get it ALL WORKING!!!

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Monday can be a day to earn or a day to spend but you will definitely be quite aware of the green. A partners actions will affect this or you may decide to spend on them, attorneys or agents are other good places to stretch the wallet. The alignment today is saying that if you can find a way to adapt a bit to what the other person wants then you have every reason to believe you can talk out the situation to your liking financially.

Tuesday and most likely Monday as well, you really are going to be activated on this Cross over your own personal needs being met. You are looking for your own key to happiness here and there is a pretty major goal before you that you must make a personal effort towards today. If a boss or authority figure is being a menace, do your best to come from your spiritual high ground in dealing with them.

Wednesday amps up all kinds of energy around a significant person in your life. This could be a partner, someone you share important things with, someone who represents your needs or advocates for you, or a competitor. It may seem that their actions are counter to your happiness or beliefs on some level and this is again locking into a major shift around goals you have set, a career agenda or a boss/authority figure in the picture. If you need to stir the waters, just know that calm minds prevail today, take a deep breath and talk or write it out, this is where the luck is for you, not in angry reactions or passionate aggression. A friendship is turning another corner today, closer to resolution.

Thursday is a day of communications for you and decisions are going to focus on work you need to tackle, how it is shared, talks or ideas that aid in your current health enlightenment, and issues regarding animals. Love is somewhere close by for you today, be it through a child, lover or in your own creative outlet, put your thoughts into these areas as much as you can since there is opportunity for you here.

Friday may begin with a bit of contention with a woman over pets, health or work. Talking it out just seems to aggravate this. You may want to ease up a bit since what you think is happening is already in play, just allow the flow to pick up the slack a bit. The Cross energy is determined to play out emotionally on the home base today so pace yourself here as you field changes and challenges. Tonight, Venus changes signs and moves into Libra, a wonderful position for your sign, helping to bring some peace to relationships.

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Monday once you get the added effort to work out, tackle work or deal with pets out of the way, you can really shine personally on many levels. There is an awesome alignment to help you ground yourself through talks or decisions regarding love, children or creative projects. You may hear some important news today or get the change pushed through that you want. There is a powerful energy working on your behalf through legal, media, educational, or travel channels.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday, the friction going on over your happiness is going to hit a crossroad. You have been managing to keep something under wraps for a while now and today it may finally well up for you over the media venture, publicity, legal matter, education, or trip. Your belief system has been at work delving into hidden motives, addictions, your imagination and all that it brings forth through film, the arts, music, you could be in for some pretty powerful transformations today in how you are melding these worlds, breakthroughs abound.

Wednesday hits an active peak over work, health or pets. Expect things to be popping here as the changes continue to manifest through trips, law, media, or education. Making money is high on the agenda today as well and the universe is on our side in this, something solid and long term is in the mix so if you need to go in search of income, mark today as a good day to do so. Some adjustment is necessary with a woman you love or who is involved in your creative project or with children. How can you reshape the ideal goal here a bit to reality?

Thursday again is focused on income. You may find that talks with the lover, child or about the creative venture hit a bit of a snag or offer you a challenge to overcome regarding the pay involved or what must be spent. However there is great energy around earning and home so if you can work from home today or from the sale of property or if you need to spend on home, this is positive.

Friday do what you can early in the day to appease the woman again and move past whatever money issues you have over the creative project, child or love needs. The rest of the day will have you headlong into a writing project, talks, meetings, or reacting to news you hear that is important for you. This communication day will help you to deal with figuring out what is going to progress and what will have to wait. Venus moves into Libra and opens up a few week period where things will smooth out at work, with women and money at work, with health, and over pets. This is about one-on-one relationships you cultivate in the work you do, with health and animals.

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Monday really may be a day when you need to rest, even if you are at work today do your best to pace yourself and tackle most of your business behind closed doors. You may need to try to secret away to connect passionately with a lover or to try to do something about the creative project or children. The positive alignment today is to the talks or meetings you have in private that are intimate, about home or living situations, or involve high financial matters or divorce.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday you will need to really look at your happiness and how your friendships, group affiliations, or aspirations are affecting this area of life for you. There is something very weighty going on sexually, with finances or over divorce in the balance and you have to find a way to stretch towards your happiness while dealing with all factions.

Wednesday and most likely on Tuesday there will be action sparking over lovers, children or creative ventures. Desires are strong, passions and anger easily triggered and all as you again balance the happiness quotient with a friend and the finances, sex or divorce issues. Once the Moon moves into your sign today you will find it is much easier to connect with both the friend and the lover, child or creative impulse, do your best to talk about your true needs. More adjustments with the female at home or with property matters bring you closer to the higher ideal.

Thursday talks about home, moves, roommates, real estate, or family are likely to nudge against your own needs. You will do best to detach from this issue today and enjoy talks with people who are interested in your ideas, talking about your needs or looking at something you have written.

Friday again brings up any matters with the woman and home/property issues and once again this is challenging but about working out obstacles. The rest of the day will put your mind on income and some of the challenges around what a friend wants/does, limits or commitment issues with lovers, children or creative projects, and more balancing over other people’s money. Venus enters Libra tonight and opens up a much smoother time up ahead for you with lovers, children and creative ventures. Once she passed the Cross energy in the next few days you should see an easier time attracting the love or money you need here.

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Monday is important for your social circle. You may be connecting with friends today or need to step it up with a group but the networking and communications that go on will definitely help you to open up some positive channels for yourself and empower any significant relationships along the way. You may have to deal with something going on at home first but leave plenty of room to talk, meet, write and share.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday the major career expansion and dreams you have for yourself will be peaking in some way. There is a turning point here with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor/opponent. You must be willing to continue to stretch yourself towards what will make you happy as you deal with the changes coming from this person or your desire to change the relationship yourself.

Wednesday and most likely most of Tuesday Mars is amping it up in a big way around the home, move, real estate deal, roommate, or mom/mother figure. This is where the action is. You will need to act here as you continue to balance career and partnership or representatives. The Moon will slip into the behind the scenes energy in your chart helping you to retreat a bit today and work alone or rest. Imagination, spiritual or artistic inspiration, or research will aid you towards big career goals with a bit of luck in the air today. You can make some sound moves regarding home as well. Expect to make some concessions with a woman you talk to today regarding the finances, divorce or intimate matter.

Thursday may bring in more communications than you wish as again you can tend to get more done by retreating and working in your own world a bit. Still some of these calls and emails are important so you will have to do your best to balance. You are on a roll where earning is concerned so put energy here today.

Friday talks with a woman will bring up something to deal with and may be more of yesterdays’ the same. Once the Moon moves into your sign you will feel like taking on the changes you want to see on the career front, setting limits at home or contending with those that have been a barrier to you, and balancing your needs with those of another. Venus moves into Libra tonight and helps to bring more ease at home or with moves, real estate or mom. After the next couple days in the Cross, Venus will help you to attract the love or money to this situation.

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Monday is all about the career or a big goal you have. You may come on a bit strong with passions when you try to express your desires in this today so do your best to keep this in mind, especially when dealing with an authority figure. Other than that, you are pretty much golden when talking about income or asking for more money, interviewing or pitching ideas that can earn money.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday the happiness quotient is going to be brought out into the light over a trip or something that involves distance, over the media, publicity, marketing, or publishing venture, the educational issue, or the legal matter. The way to this is through some massive changes involving the work you do, your health or a pet.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday the action is amped up and revolves around talks you have, news coming in, a decision you make, meetings, agreements, or ideas that are in play. Again this will focus on the trip, media, legal, or educational stretch and what is changeable with health, work or pets. Friends or a social occasion will take on the rest of the day with some luck here helping you with the travel, media, legal, or educational matter. Talk to them about it. Venus will ask you to do some adjusting around income for the sake of a significant relationship, earn or spend.

Thursday will most likely bring up money matters with a friend or group. You need to talk about this so you can move on to the next thing. There is great energy between you and the social channels you open today so spend as much time with friends or networking as you can.

Friday again will bring up money with a woman and tweak feelings about a friend or aspiration. The rest of the day is likely to see you behind closed doors either resting or strategizing about how you can make the trip happen or deal with the legal, educational, or media matter. It’s best not to issue ultimatums today unless you are prepared to walk away. Venus moves into Libra tonight and helps to smooth out all conversations in the weeks ahead. Talks or decisions with women or regarding love or money are favored now.

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Monday you should gear up to deal with the legal tangle, travel plans, media matter, or education. Mars will light a fire underneath going after income in this or push you to spend your way towards it. There is great alignment in any of these fields leading to a lover, child or creative outcome that is positive and powerful so make a decision and go for it.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday the energy is pushing you to look at how your happiness is being affected by some major financial matter: debt, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, taxes, alimony, joint finances, etc. The other areas affected are sex, intimacy, reproduction, and divorce. These are powerfully shared areas of life and there is something that needs to change about the way love is manifesting or your creative process is morphing if you want to get from a to b.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday the action will rev up over earning or spending as you deal with this outer resource issue or sexual or divorce matter. Do what you can to find ways to increase earnings or to spend in ways that will help you to deal with something here. Career is activated in a very positive way through the empowerment you achieve, open up to new ideas and approaches to the goal for best results. Venus is asking that you make some personal adjustments, be they ego or physical as you shift in the work or health arenas today.

Thursday is great for career but again you are the one who must make some concessions. This could be in a contract or something you just talk out today but ask for everything you want while being willing to give a bit. If you are asked to do something that is beyond your physical capabilities, know your own limits. The time you spend behind the scenes today pays off so rest, get into the imaginative process, pull on your artistry or spirituality to achieve your ends. Research is favored as well.

Friday may have you trying to talk yourself into spending on yourself for something leading to your goal or career agenda, don’t drain your own coffers to do it. Your friends and social activities take the center stage today as you try to wrestle with finances and powerful changes on your creative levels. Are you where you need to be, this circle? Venus enters Libra and will help to smooth out income matters for you, making it easier to attract the money you need. Women will be helpful in earning money now and you may feel like spending on luxury items. After Venus wrangles with the Cross the next couple days, she is going to go to work for you.

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Monday has you talking behind closed doors or writing on your own in ways that will lead to positive empowerment at home or with your mortgage or real estate deal. Finances should look up but you will need to push yourself to make this happen, get out and do something about this.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday you will be looking closely at your happiness and how a significant relationship is the key here to what you want. The massive changes and upheaval going on at home or with a living situation, move, real estate deal or roommate is part of this equation. Who can you reach out to for help?

Wednesday and most of Tuesday Mars is going to activate in your sign. This is meant to light a fire underneath you so you DO NOT let things coast at this point. This is very much about what is happening to your home or real estate interests and the significant person who is either contributing or representing your interests here. Do what you can to motivate now. Good things await through a trip, media, legal, or educational opportunity that may open you up to this other person in a surprising and happy way. Be willing to pull yourself out from behind the scenes to reach for something creative, love or child related.

Thursday will bring some complications through news you hear or something you are researching behind the scenes relating to the trip, media, legal, or educational matter. Bring it up and move on. You are in the spotlight with friends today through this travel, education, legal, or media matter and you are bound to shine here.

Friday again brings up either a money or female issue tied to the travel, media, legal, or educational matter that you will do best to tackle first thing. The rest of the day is about career or your authority in a situation. All kinds of intense energy is at play in this as you deal with sudden changes from the significant person involved, any limits you are contending with and changes to where you are hanging your hat tonight. Venus enters your sign and will help to attract just about anything you need to yourself over the next few weeks. First she will take on the Grand Cross in the next couple days but after that you are golden.

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Monday is about a significant person and the important talk you have about an aspiration, social event, friendship, or group affiliation. This is empowering and will change things for the better. First you will need to handle passions or actions that go on behind closed doors or take you by surprise and adjust accordingly.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday your happiness is really coming up for you to look at. This means that issues with work, health or pets will be key and you will most likely talk or hear news, come to decisions or settle agreements regarding the changes that need to happen here.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday there is a lot of passion, action or anger building up behind the scenes. This can mean you are internalizing it and hiding it from others or you and someone together are sharing it in secret. You may see this play out through fantasy, research, hospitals, an artistic project, or clandestinely in romantic liaisons. Again work, health or pets seem to be an issue and what is said will reflect where you are in the situation. If you can connect intimately or over some high financial matter today there is some luck involved that will open doors for your work, health or pet needs. Venus is asking that you deal with a female friend and make some adjustments at home or to a living situation.

Thursday is about making something happen financially on the career front with positive opportunity here to reach the goal. If you have an intimate goal as well there is power behind the meeting or talk. Friends or invitations to social events don’t fair as well today, best to stay in the embrace of intimacy.

Friday the female friend is going to need something from you, not the best day to ask for or lend money. The trip, media venture, legal matter, or education is going to come up today as well with all kinds of emotional tangle around changes and limits and responsibilities. Venus moves into Libra and brings her energy to bear on rest, retreat, work behind the scenes, hospitals, addictions, research, film, fantasy, music, poetry, and spirituality. This will help smooth things over here and to attract what you need via love or money to these outlets.

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Monday the stars are aligning for you to solidify work, talk about career needs, fame, reputation, or major goals, and empower change or financial gain through the income you are making or what you need to spend towards these goals. Actions may require some kind of push with the friend or group to get the ball rolling.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday your happiness is going to revolve around your needs for expansion through creative processes, children or true love. There is a very powerful evolutionary push against this coming from your need to control money or any changes that are occurring to your income. Again, change towards your dreams.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday Mars is really amping up with the group, friend or aspiration. This is where the action is, motivating forces to make something happen one way or the other, passion or anger stimulated and all because you need something where creativity, love or children are concerned. Income changes beckon. Connections with a partner or representative are golden today and lead to your desires for expansion and happiness with kids, lovers or creative ventures. Commit or walk away from the friend or group. Venus wants you to adjust career agendas today through talks you have about your spiritual or artistic needs, or any self-sabotaging or addictive behaviors.

Thursday talks about career or goals will challenge you to stretch yourself a bit, don’t thing too much about what others are thinking of you today, go with your heart. You are in the spotlight with a partner or representative around a trip, media venture, legal matter, or education and this is very positive and has opportunity written on it.

Friday adjust again to career moves or agendas, a woman is involved. You need to look at some powerful stuff today, either a big debt, loan, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, tax, settlement, alimony, royalties, commission, or joint financial matter, or something involving sex, reproduction, or divorce. Think about how you are sharing resources or your body with others and what you want to change. Venus enters Libra tonight and brings a female friend onto the scene. This will also help you to smooth things out with friends or a group but not before she hits the Cross in the next couple days to iron out the money.

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Monday is all about the lover, child or creative venture. You will need to dive in and stretch yourself to tackle what needs doing on the career front at some point today but once you do the rest of the day is all about the fun here. There is great news or a talk or meeting coming in about a trip, media, legal, or educational matter that will affect this love or creative outlet and powerful connections that look like they want to rock your world a bit emotionally, all good.

Tuesday and most likely most of Monday your happiness has been out there over something going on at home or with a property matter. This can involve someone coming in or leaving the home, mortgages or other matters directly relating to the upkeep or stability of the home or a move, renovation or other living situation playing out over your property or real estate in general. Life changing transformations are involved in this at this point that are affecting who you are becoming, allow for the changes to take you there.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday Mars is kicking it up over the big goal you have set for yourself or a career matter. This will set a fire under the matter as all action points to this and you balance this around the expansion in the home or with real estate and the personal transformation and empowerment you are working through. Work picks up today with something exciting happening from or about home and there is a solid long term goal met. Venus is going to ask that you make some adjustment regarding the travel, media, legal, or educational matter today so that you can earn the money you need or have what you need to spend.

Thursday should bring up a talk about the trip, legalities, media matter, or educational issue that affects your work, pets or health. This one has a challenge in it to be met and worked through. The rest of the day puts you in the spotlight with major financial matters or sexual interludes that are under very good stars.

Friday you need to deal with a woman or a money matter tied to the trip, legal, educational, or media matter. Again this is going to mean some kind of challenge at work, with health or a pet to overcome. Emotions will be fully on the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor today as you talk about home or property matters and any changes going on here as well as deal with limits or responsibilities with the legal, travel, media, or educational aspects. Venus moves into your ninth house and will smooth things out over a trip, legal issue, media matter, or educational issue tonight but not before she tests the Grand Cross in the next couple days.

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Monday is about what is going on at home, with a move or roommate, a real estate deal or family matter. The energy is very promising around talks or meetings there that are about money or sex. If you are wrangling over the house in a divorce, today will benefit you if you can come to an agreement or sign the papers now. Powerful financial or sexual energy percolates under the surface here and it all looks good. You may have to deal with acting on a trip, media, educational, or legal matter first.

Tuesday and most of Monday your happiness is focused on something that was said, promised, agreed upon, a decision that was made, a meeting, writing project, or something involving neighborhood, moves, or siblings. What needs to change this is hidden or being kept clandestine? What is secret or addictive, self-undoing or mystically stymied? Isn’t it time this all was put out on the table?

Wednesday and most of Tuesday the action is revving up over the trip, media venture, legal maneuvers, or education. This is where you are seeing things happen and where passions or anger are going to be playing out. Again what is said or needs saying comes in strongly, agreements or promises are in the balance, change the triangle that is draining you. Lovers, children and creative projects are faring well today with nice surprise visits or news, talks or meetings. Venus is asking that you make some adjustments to the sex play and how that relates to love, or to the financial or divorce matter and how that relates to earning money.

Thursday is about the lover, child or creative project again but today you may need to overcome an obstacle through talks about sex, divorce or the financial picture. Once you get past this your shared experience with a partner or representative is very encouraging and beneficial for your creative goals or love relationship.

Friday a woman is in the picture with an obstacle regarding shared finances, sex or divorce. Deal with this so you can feel good about your love, child or creative process. Work and health take over the rest of the days focus as you have talks or sign agreements that are about changes going on here and deal with any legal limits or responsibilities or marketing needs, travel plans or educational issues. Venus moves into this part of the chart tonight to help smooth out legal, travel, educational, and media matters for you but not before she engages the Cross in the next few days to haggle it out over changes. She will help you to draw love and money through these avenues.

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Monday is active for talks, meetings, agreements, and news that will deeply effect change for a friend or group and connect you with a partner, attorney, agent, or specialist who can help. This is very positive energy today so schedule your talks and pitches. You will need to do something about the big financial matter or divorce first but there is great potential in the rest of the day.

Tuesday and most of Monday your happiness is focusing in on making some money to help change something with or for a friend or group. This is very powerful and will be about death and transformation, high finances and intimacy, and will tie in very importantly to an aspiration of yours through the process.

Wednesday and most of Tuesday Mars is amping up the action around loans, investments, debt, credit, inheritance, taxes, insurance, settlements, bankruptcy, joint finances, and any other outside source of support. You are motivating big time here and it is all about the expansion before you around income and the massive change going on with a friend or group. There is great energy around home or real estate today and the income so look for ways to earn from home/real estate or spend on property. Venus is asking that you make an adjustment with the representative or partner to deal with something going on behind closed doors.

Thursday talks with the partner or representative will ask that you deal with a challenge regarding home, real estate, a living situation, roommate, renovation, or mom/mother figure. Once you do there is a great opportunity to shine in the work you do, around a health matter or with pets.

Friday a woman is going to be the focus of the partnership or representation and again you need to deal with what is happening with a living situation, home or real estate matter. Emotions are going to be strongly placed on kids, lovers or creative outlets today as you deal with finances and any challenges these bring to the situation. Venus moves into Libra and helps to smooth things out around a divorce, financial matter, sexual connection, or death but not before she tangles with the Cross in the next few days to deal with the changes involving love or money.

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