Sunday, August 15, 2010


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This week is big in a whole lot of ways. This is our last week of the Grand Cross that culminates on Saturday. We will see many of the last shifts in direction, commitments, separations, moves, new choices, and huge new understandings about ourselves and the world around us come our way as we build to this during the week. Whether you know it or not (my guess is you have a clue) when you look back on this summer you will see it as one of a few that changed your life.

(look at it and think about it as you move through this last week of shifts)

CORNER ONE: Pluto tests have been about something dying, clearing the way for a rebuild on cleared ground. This could be a literal loss as someone close passed over or for most of us it’s been figurative as we let go of something that could no longer grow along with us. It has also been about empowering ourselves as leaders on a new level in our own life. This has been occurring in the Capricorn part of our charts and the clearing away of something old and new empowerment has occurred through:

Aries=career, bosses, reputation, fame, leadership, father/father figures
Taurus=beliefs, travel, ceremony, law, media, publishing, publicity, education
Gemini=sex, intimacy, divorce, reproduction, death, any major financial matters
Cancer=marriage partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors
Leo=health, work, co-workers, employees, pets
Virgo=creative projects, speculation, true love, children
Libra=home, foundations, security, roommates, moves, real estate, mom/mother figures
Scorpio=your ideas, talks, decisions, writing, agreements, neighbors, moves, siblings
Sagittarius=income, spending, possessions, values
Capricorn=identity, body, image, ego needs, who you are
Aquarius=secrets, self-sabotage or addictions, hospitals, prisons, film, fantasy, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, research, investigations, mystical or psychic pursuits, clandestine love affairs
Pisces=your aspirations, friendships, group affiliations, networking

CORNER TWO: Saturn tests have been about where we needed to grow up and to the extent we have taken personal responsibility and led our own self forward, these tests have been lightened or more severe. This has been in the arena of relationships and has put you to the test to claim your own reflection in the dance with others, to commit all of yourself being responsible for your part in it or to end something based on the same through these doors. It is where there is something limiting:

Aries= marriage, business partnership, specialists, agents, attorneys, or competitors
Taurus=at work, through a co-worker or employee, with a health issue or healthcare provider, or over pets
Gemini=through a love affair, need for love, through children, need for children, or a creative project
Cancer=through home, a move, real estate deal, roommate, mom/mother figure
Leo=writing, ideas, the way you think, talk, meetings you have, agreements, or with siblings or neighbors
Virgo=through earning money, spending earnings, over possessions, or values
Libra=over growing up yourself and becoming your own father or mother in a sense, laying these archetypes aside to lead your own life forward
Scorpio=through film, music or other art projects, spiritual or psychic pursuits, investigations or research, hidden agendas, self-sabotage or addictions, through clandestine love affairs, or in dealing with hospitals, prisons or other institutions
Sagittarius=through aspirations, group affiliations, friendships, social occasions
Capricorn-through career, reputation, fame, leadership, authority figures, father/father figures
Aquarius=through travel, beliefs, media, publishing, marketing, legal means, or education
Pisces=through sex, intimacy, reproduction, death, divorce, or major financial matters

CORNER THREE: hosted two energies, Jupiter for expansion, luck, happiness, prosperity, and Uranus for change, new approaches, people or situations, excitement, independence, and freedom. This is the area, that if you embrace it without fear, allow changes, reach for your dreams, the universe is trying to help you achieve it:

Aries= through who you are becoming, your image, identity, body, ego, a new ‘you’
Taurus= through your mystical or spiritual pursuits, film, music or other artistic pursuits, through meditation or retreat, strategizing, research or investigations, time at hospitals, prisons or other institutions, or in a clandestine love affair
Gemini:=through your aspirations, group affiliations, friendships, networking
Cancer= through your career, reputation, fame, leadership, ambitions,
Leo:=through your beliefs, the media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, or legal means
Virgo:=through loans, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, taxes, insurance, royalties, commissions, or any other major financial realm, through sex, intimacy, reproduction, or coping with death or divorce
Libra=through marriage, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and in dealing with competitors or opponents
Scorpio=through health, work, or pets
Sagittarius=through lovers, love, children, or creative ventures
Capricorn=through home, real estate, security, foundations, mom/mother figures
Aquarius=through your ideas, agreements, talks, meetings, decisions, writing, or with siblings or neighbors, moves or short trips
Pisces=through earning money, spending, possessions, or values

CORNER FOUR: Is the sign of Cancer where we hosted a Solar Eclpise who’s influence covers a 6 month period and where new beginnings were opening up for our idea of where we should be rooted, home, family, or relationship to mom/mother figures, nurturing, moves, roommates, and real estate deals. We could best embrace a new beginning for the next level of our identity through choices made about:

Aries=who we live with, the home we buy, rent or share, moving, renovations
Taurus=what we write, agreements we sign, decisions we make, moves, neighbors, siblings
Gemini=making money, money we spend, on home, real estate, roommates, or moves
Cancer=our own needs, image, identity, or physical body tied to home, moves, mom
Leo=our artistic, spiritual, romantic, addictive, or hospital needs tied to home or moves
Virgo=our aspirations, friendships or group affiliations tied to home, real estate or moves
Libra=our career goals, reputation, or dealing with authority/father figures tied to home, real estate, moves
Scorpio=our travel, media, legal, or educational needs tied to home, moves, mom, roommates
Sagittarius=our financially shared issues, sexual or intimate needs, or divorce issues tied to home, moves, real estate, or mom
Capricorn=our romantic or business partner needs, need for representation, or how we deal with competition tied to home, real estate, moves, or mom
Aquarius=our work, health or pet matters tied to home, moves, mom or roommates
Pisces=our creative projects, lovers or children tied to home, moves, roommates or mom


ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, CAPRICORN: you * relationships * home * career
TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: hospitals/prisons/art/hidden things * health/work/pets * the mind/writing * media/law/travel, education
GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS, PISCES: friends/groups * love/kids/creative projects * income * outside resources/sex/divorce

So here we go on our week ahead:

Monday the Grand Cross is activated as Jupiter in Aries perfects his opposition to Saturn in Libra. The Moon is in Scorpio today so emotions are the deepest they get, it is intense and profound as we face our most significant relationships across this axis. Saturn wants a commitment or something to end and it is coming through the ‘other’, that mirror facing you today so determinedly. Jupiter is in the sign associated with our own needs, our physical body, our ego and the drive it takes for us to accomplish anything. Jupiter wants us to DO something BIG. This is a turning point between these, the two largest bodies, who began this journey back in 2000, today as they oppose you can decide to take it bigger or keep it small as the journey resolves itself over the next 10 years. So ask yourself what ambitions did you seed back in 2000 and how big do you want to go with it? Where are you on the road, and if things aren’t what you really wanted, what can you change now?

Tuesday Sagittarius Moon takes over, this is the energy of adventure and learning, and we are going to have ALL positive aspects from this Moon today as she harmonizes with ego and physical needs you have and opens up opportunities with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person in your world. Do what you can today to broadcast your message, travel or book travel plans, seek a higher understanding, share knowledge, work on the media venture, promote, teach, learn, or deal with any legal or ceremonial matters before you, it’s all good.

Wednesday is still awash with Sagittarius emotional energy so feelings should be jovial but there is just one aspect today from this Moon and I want to give it some importance. There is a square to Mercury in Virgo and Mercury is going to Retrograde in Virgo on Friday so what you need to talk about today, meet over, the news you hear, the writing project, or the idea you have, will face some sort of challenge today and you should do your best to address it right when you hear it. It is highly likely you will be working on this throughout the Retrograde so the sooner you get to it today the better. This could be about running into or hearing from someone from the past or someone currently leaving. Since the placement is Virgo you can expect health, work, a service your provide, employees or co-workers, or animals will be part of the equation.

Thursday will rev up your ambitions, help you to deal with an authority figure or to take on some leadership energy yourself in a matter. This is smack in the middle of what is occurring between you and a partner, representative or competitor and triggers the Cross emotionally for you as you push towards what you really want to change.

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in Virgo. This is a do-over for all of us to fine tune any of the work we are developing, to rework a project, organize, throw out clutter, to go back and tackle an outstanding health issue, to revisit one that went underground for a bit but is back for our attention to it, to deal with our pets, animal advocacy, green projects, environmental issues, and you will want to take care that you double check all info related to these things. Do your level best to wait to sign contracts, buy equipment, electrical gadgets, or to purchase vehicles until after September 12th when this will be over. If you must do this during this time it is better to go back to something from the past or to know that you will be making some form of adjustment later on to what you initiated under this influence.

The Sun opposes Neptune today so there is something you want by way of love, kids or creative potential that is in some way in need of balancing with a friend or group involved in the arts, spirituality, romance, hospitals, research, or addictions. It is a day when confusion or miscommunications are going to be at an all time high so PLEASE give others the benefit of the doubt if you feel you heard something wrong, ask them! Again, not a day to form agreements, it is foggy or outright deceptive out there. Best case scenario with this combo is a perfect balancing with a friend or group over an artistic or spiritual project from the past that you worked on or a hospital event tied to past health issues between you.

Lastly, Mars and Venus are coming together today on the same degree to embrace in the sign of partnership. This can be pretty tempting and may strongly indicate that many of you will find yourself back in the arms of a past love interest today. Venus can also represent money matters and Mars action so there may be a fresh start with partners here as well, just keep other factors in mind and take it slow and steady.

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Monday the Jupiter/Saturn opposition is calling you out on the significant relationship. What has the Grand Cross showed you about one or more important, close relationships? Are you seeing yourself a bit differently as this has all unfolded? Today you are hosting the energy of luck and expansion and the partnership or representative, specialist or competitor is hosting Saturn asking for commitment, effort, duty, or setting limits, showing loss or requiring an ending. Emotions are deep and involve finances, sex, power, control, love, creative output, kids, and a friend or group. Breathe.

Tuesday is a day of adventure and positive potential for you as higher education, the media, publishing, publicity, marketing, travel, and legal matters come to the fore. This is wide open territory for you to explore and expand your horizons so embrace what comes. You can truly see something positive and significant via the relationship through one of these arenas as well.

Wednesday brings up a very important talk, meeting, some news, an idea, agreement, or decision for you about work, health or pets. You will be feeling the desire for expansion and the places that are opening to you through travel, media, law, or education and will need to look closely at how you can make it all work. If you get a ‘no’ today on any of this you may be working through this during the Retrograde.

Thursday is highly ambitious as the Moon in Capricorn activates the Grand Cross and you are driven towards your goals, career, desire to achieve, while dealing with what is going on in partnership, with relationships of import, a competitor, or someone who represents your interests.

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your health, work and pet arena. You may go back to a past work effort or tackle past health issues, a long lost pet may return or an old issue arise again with one, you may meet someone from the past that you used to work with or who you worked out with or who shared a health issue with you, and you will be taking this time period to revisit any undone scenarios tied to these topics to wrap them up and move forward. Do not buy electronic devices related to these things during this time, hold off on contracts, take extra care on the road and double check paychecks, prescriptions, and any other info until this Retrograde is over. Your physical or ego needs tied to love, a child or creative venture are in some way involving a friend or group and you must look at how that is balancing artistically, romantically, spiritually or over the hospital or addiction issue. Venus and Mars embrace in your partnership, representatives and competitors zone today so you may meet someone attractive to connect with or find a fresh start with love or money matters.

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Monday the Grand Cross is activated as Jupiter and Saturn perfect their opposition to each other. You have been working through the desire to expand on the artistic, mystical, spiritual front, through work you do behind the scenes or from deep within yourself, through film, music, painting, fantasy, imagination, or through a romantic connection that you are keeping to yourself. For some of you it has been through an institution that represents retreat such as a hospital, prison, spiritual retreat, or personal hermiting off from the world. Research and investigations have also been a place to expand and any dealings with addictions or other self-sabotaging tendencies. Today you can see how this is all balancing out with limits, responsibilities, or loss going on through work, health or with animals. What do you need to commit to? What needs to end? Emotions are deep and focus in on relationship, home and career.

Tuesday is a completely different ball of wax. There is adventure and higher wisdom in the air and it is calling you through sexual connections, intimacy, shared experience, or through dealing with a divorce, death, or major financial matter. It is all very positive today as you find new and exciting opportunities behind closed doors, through the muse, the mystic, hospitals, or work behind the scenes. There is also some sort of exciting work, health or pet opportunity, single Taurus may meet someone attractive while out and about in these arenas.

Wednesday is important because Mercury is going to point out an idea, meeting, talk, news, agreement, or decision for you involving a lover, the need for love, children, or creative outlets or opportunities. As you look at who this is for you realize you will likely be working through it during this Retrograde and today you can go deep when dealing with it sexually, on a reproductive level, through the divorce, or over the finances that are shared/owed.

Thursday is ambitious for you and will either spark your drive to succeed through travel, media, publishing, legal matters, or education, or will put you in contact with an authority figure in one of these realms to deal with what is happening behind the scenes, in the arts, through institutions such as hospitals or prisons, or through research or investigations. It is part of the ongoing Cross and your massive changes through these realms.

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of creative projects, children and lovers. You can expect that you will be revisiting the past now through these realms, that you are getting a cosmic do-over here if you like, that it will involve talks, agreements, decisions, meetings, and work, health or pets as well. You may be reconnecting with a past love interest now or see a current one undergo changes. These will be the areas of communications breakdowns, mechanical glitches and where you want to hold off on purchases and double check information so everything works out for you. The Sun/Neptune opposition today will put your physical or ego center at home or over a living situation or real estate deal, family or mom/mother figure. Career, reputation, goals, or an authority figure will be in need of balancing in this through something a bit foggy or confusing. Mars and Venus sit together today in work, health or pets so you may see passion or romance ignite here or find new ways to proceed towards money.

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Monday emotions are running deep over work, health or pets and the triggers to the Grand Cross that are again perfecting over a friend, group or aspiration and the expansion going on here and the lover, child or creative needs and any limits, responsibilities, or commitment issues coming up here. What do you want? There is something that you can do to balance the situation and needs or you can choose one over the other. Do your best to talk about your needs today and deal with any confusion or deception occurring through legal channels, over media or publicity, through education, or travel.

Tuesday the energy lightens up greatly and the adventurous takes over, it’s a quest for knowledge and expansion through relationship. You can connect positively with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or even to handle competitors. Social occasions and groups or friends will be a great place to express this, with nice changes or open doors here. There is also something very solid and exciting occurring with this significant person through true love, creative projects, recreational outlets, or children. Single Gemini’s should go have some fun today, you may meet someone attractive, if a bit of an age difference 

Wednesday again will focus on feelings you have with an important relationship but today you really need to look at the Mercury issue here. This means a talk, meeting, decision, or agreement regarding where you are going to live, the home, a roommate, a move, a real estate deal, renovation, interior design, or family/mom/mother figure issue. Try to meet this challenge today as it is very likely to be the focus of the Mercury Retrograde starting on Friday, at least today you have a forward facing communications energy with you.

Thursday is ambitious as you lock in emotionally on the Grand Cross topics again. This is about deep desires that are coming up for you over sex, intimacy, control, power, triangles, divorce, reproduction, death, or any major financial matter. You are driven to achieve some deeper understanding or change here and today you must look at how a friend or group is pulling you one way while a lover, child or creative project is tugging on another side. Expand, commit, end something, what do you WANT?!

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your home base. This means that you are now going to get a do-over regarding your home, who you live with, a move, renovation, real estate deal, family matter, or something involving mom/mother figures. You may see a current situation end or something or someone tied to these topics come back from the past. You will want to look at what you are building upon, solid foundations, roots, and you will want to double check all information, communications, delay signing agreements, buying electrical gadgets, or watching out for transportation to and from home during this time period. You may see more breakdowns of gadgets or appliances in the home now and you should have your detectors and electrical checked if you have any concerns with past problems. Physical or ego needs in your local scene or over a writing project or your ideas meet up with some foggy matter through travel, media, law, or education so tread carefully here today. Mars and Venus meet in your house of True love, children and creative projects today which bodes especially well for meeting a love interest if single or finding passion with a past amour, or getting the money for the creative project or kids.

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Monday brings up deep emotions over a creative venture, the kids or a lover as you deal with your earning potential here or what you are spending and the outside finances in the picture. The Grand Cross is activated today as Jupiter and Saturn perfect their opposition to each other. This means a relationship is brought to light that involves your desire to expand on the career front, an ambition, goal, fame, your reputation, or in dealing with leadership or an authority figure and the luck you are seeing here. At the same time any limits, responsibilities or efforts that are going on at home, with a living situation or desire, a move, mom/mother figure, or real estate deal. How can you balance both? Where do you need to be to grow your ambitions the way you desire?

Tuesday the mood changes greatly as the adventurous energy of Sagittarius opens up a positive flow for you through work, health or pets. You can expand in these areas, share or accumulate knowledge, and tie this into career advancements or building upon your reputation or fame. There is also some opportunity coming your way or opening up at home, with a move, mom/mother figure, or living situation today. It is serious, solid and may lead to passions or money. Single cancers may romance someone at home today or meet them through work at home.

Wednesday as you feel your way around the work, health or pet matter you will be best advised to take a serious look at something that is written, an agreement, a talk or meeting you need to have, news that comes in, something serious you are doing with a sibling or neighbor, or an idea of yours. Whatever it is presents a hurdle to your work effort, health agenda or pet situation and will likely be the topic of the Mercury Retrograde starting on Friday. Open up and get it out there today.

Thursday is ambitious regarding a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. This is emotional energy again triggered by the Grand Cross asking you to deal with the expanding career and goals you have before you, while either committing to or ending something going on at home or with a living situation. What do you want in this relationship? What needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your communications zone. This is always one of the tougher places to host Mercury Retrograde. You can expect information to get lost or misunderstood, meetings to go askew, ideas to take a while to catch on, transportation issues to crop up out on the road locally, sibling or neighborhood matters to crop up, writing projects from the past to resurface or something written now to need reworking, all in an attempt to give you a do-over. So, pick up past projects in the communications field or locally and give them another shot, know that you may run into your past in the local scene or through emails, phone calls or other meetings, that you may decide to move or call someone from the past, that you will want to renegotiate past writing or local matters but hold off on signing contracts or purchasing anything related to communications until this has passed. Ego or physical needs to make money are going to be up against something foggy in the shared or outside resources arena today so tread lightly when putting things on credit cards. Mars and Venus sit at the same degree today at home so you may see passion and romance here or find the drive to make money or spend it on home or moves.

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Monday brings up emotions over home or moves, roommates or mom while you look at time alone there or something going on behind closed doors and your ego needs or physical recovery. Is there a partner in the picture? How are you feeling about the specialist, agent, attorney, or relationship as you deal? The Grand Cross is activated again today as Jupiter asks you to look at expansion and happiness that seems to be tied to someone or someplace far away, through travel, a media venture, publicity, legal matters, or education. Saturn on the other side of this is pointing out serious, limiting or responsible issues around the written word, talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, short trips, neighborhood, or with siblings. How can you balance going after what you want and either committing more or ending something?

Tuesday the energy shifts greatly, it’s adventurous and full of the quest for fun through love, kids or creative outlets. Find time to delve into these themes today and see if you can plan or go on a trip, do something to broadcast or publicize your ideas, attend a media event, publish, take a class or teach, or deal with legal matters, it’s all good. There is also great opportunity in a talk or meeting you have today with the lover, child or about creative ventures, writing projects benefit as well.

Wednesday brings up feelings over the lover, child or creative project again but today Mercury is asking that you get very serious about income or spending here. What needs to be talked about regarding this? Can you meet about it, write it up, pitch the idea, sign an agreement, make a decision? Whatever this obstacle is in the road to love, kids or creative potential, the Retrograde that starts on Friday will likely be about it so open up the money matter today.

Thursday is ambitious and will focus in on what you want to achieve with the work, health or a pet. Look at how this needs to be tackled to reach your happiness through the trip, person far away, media or publishing venture, education, or legal matter. Can you make a serious decision today about this or find a way to balance the limits you are experiencing in your local arena? What needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your income zone. This will be a slowing down of things involving earnings or spending or a possession you are dealing with. There may be a past income prospect that comes back around for you, someone you made money with in the past can pop back by, a current income source may dry up, you may see communications breakdowns over income so double check paychecks and hold off on major purchases until this has passed. This is do-over time, what can you reach into the past for that will help you deal with making money, how you spend or the possession? If you lost an item, this retrograde may bring it back to you. Ego or physical needs are part of the opposition with an important relationship today so try to balance what you want with what is going on with them, and with Neptune in their picture, they may not know what they want today. Venus and Mars meet in your local scene, if single this is where the fireworks are! You may hear from a love interest as well over the phone or through emails.

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Monday emotions are deep, possibly profound as you are in heavy thought processes over writing, an idea, an agreement, meeting or talk. This will involve something you are somewhat hiding from others or about your hermiting off from the world of late. If not a secretive matter then it could be about a film, music or other artistic project you are developing, time in a hospital or in retreat, research or investigations or a spiritual pursuit or clandestine affair you are dealing with. The Grand Cross is activated today asking you to look at the financial picture, see what you can expand on through loans, bankruptcy, taxes, inheritance, insurance, joint finances, or other outside resources, or through a shared experience with another through sex, intimacy, divorce, or reproduction. Saturn demands you take into account your limits or something serious about your own income here. How can you balance this?

Tuesday the energy lightens greatly and the adventure is all about home, a move, or a mom/mother figure and something opening up here for you. There is excitement around the new ways power and control are tied to this for you, the outside financial matter and the happiness you will feel through what is going on. There is also real solid opportunity for you to set something up that brings in money through the home or real estate matter. Apply your passions here, spend on this in ways you can afford to build upon it properly.

Wednesday emotions are again on home, moves or mom/mother figures but today you have to look at what the huge Mercury Retrograde that begins on Friday is going to be about for you! Mercury is Retrograding in your sign and today, while it is still in forward facing direction, he is asking you to open up the lines of communication about what you need here at the house, with a move, mom/mother figure, roommate, real estate deal, or renovation. Whatever the obstacle here, it will be the key to the Retrograde period for you so open up today, ask for it, demand it, write it down, but see what you can decide that benefits your needs, physical limits, image, or identity in the matter.

Thursday is ambitious as you feel driven to achieve something creative, with or for love or a lover, or involving children. The Cross is activated in this so again you will be dealing with financial limits or restrictions, responsibilities and how any finances are shared with another through loans, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, etc. What needs to change so you can achieve your own transformation on a creative level or to reclaim love or protect children?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your sign! This is a huge cosmic do-over for you! Who are you? There is something from your past that is missing and you have the next few weeks to reclaim it, revisit it, to let go of anything current tied to your physical body, image, identity, or ego that has gone past the expiration date, and to embrace something of an innocent ideal you had about your own dream for yourself. You may be going back to something through work, home, income, marriage, love, kids, any part of your life to reclaim it but you need to really look at what you want going forward and see what is there from the past that you still long to embrace. With the Retrograde in your sign you need to be extra careful of accidents and watch transportation on local roads, double check info and hold off on signing agreements or purchasing mechanical devices til this has passed. Your hiding out/hermiting or working on something alone or behind closed doors is up against the actual work, health or pet situation that is demanding some attention today, there is a bit of a fog around this, confusion maybe so test the waters but with care. Mars and Venus meet in your income zone today so you may meet someone passionate/romantic while earning money or find a way to drive yourself to earn more. In the meeting of male and female over income or possessions the past may figure prominently.

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Monday is intense with, “Where’s the money going to come from or how can I afford this?” your ego needs are wrapped up in an aspiration here or in dealing with a friend or group and there is something in a fog around the creative project, love or child as well, so do your best to work through it. The Grand Cross is activated today asking you to expand or try to reach for something beneficial through an agent, attorney, partner, or specialist while dealing with the limits or restraints you currently find yourself in or by taking on more responsibility. How can you balance this?

Tuesday the energy lightens greatly as the adventurous spirit takes hold of meetings, talks, agreements, decisions, and what is put in writing. The doors are opening back up and there is luck and new horizons coming through the agent, attorney or partner in this. There is also great opportunity for you to step up and take on a leadership role or more responsibility in something you are passionate about. You can use this energy to connect with a romantic interest locally or through emails or phone calls or to go after money in the same way.

Wednesday emotions are on the agreement, talk, decision, meeting, news, or something going on locally, with neighbors, short trips, or siblings. The difference is that today will give you a big idea about what the Mercury Retrograde is going to be bringing your way on Friday by pointing out something that was hidden from you or that you are hiding from others. This is an obstacle you will be working on for a few weeks so delve into opening up what is hidden, talk or make a decision to bring anything secret, manipulative, involving film, music or the arts, research, investigations or spying, spiritual or psychic pursuits, or in dealings with hospitals or other institutions out into the clear.

Thursday is ambitious where home, moves, real estate deals or roommates are concerned. You will want to do what you can to accommodate the partner or open things up through an attorney or agent while still dealing with any restrictions or responsibilities you have yourself. What needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades giving you a big do-over in agreements or with people from the past tied to spiritual or psychic outlets, film, music or other artistic projects, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, research, investigations, or spying, clandestine affairs, or retreat. It is a time to go back and rework anything that is unfinished from the past but not a good time to start anything new in these arenas. You may see someone reenter the picture from the past or a current person take their leave. Hold off on purchasing new mechanical gadgets, vehicles or any techie things tied to these fields and double check all info coming in and going out as glitches are more likely. Ego or physical energy regarding the aspiration, group or friend are up against something going on with your creative urges, a lover or child today and it’s a bit foggy so go slow. Venus and Mars meet in your sign helping you to express your passions in any way you feel fit or to go after the money.

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Monday the Moon in your sign evokes strong emotions regarding what it is you are getting or not getting out of life, this will in turn turn your attention to the stronger needs you have on the career front, how your ambitions are being met, and what it is about the current living situation that has you all tied up in some confusing knots. The Grand Cross is activated today asking you to look at a creative opportunity or how you can make one for yourself, a child or project involving children, or a lover or an interest in finding love. This is where happiness and change is beckoning, now how can you get serious about an aspiration or with a friend or group to evolve this?

Tuesday the energy lightens a great deal as a sense of adventure sets in towards making money or spending it. There are amazing links from this to new and exciting changes at work, with health or through pets and there is also a very serious opportunity in the mix today through something you commit to behind closed doors or through an inner imaginative connection. So look for artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research or investigations, or dealings with institutions as ways to seal a money making venture. Love or passion may blossom in secret or clandestinely today.

Wednesday continues in the money making or spending theme but today there is an important twist to this. Mercury is getting involved showing you what the Mercury Retrograde is likely to be about starting this Friday but today you can open up the dialogue and begin the process of making a decision, pitching the idea, writing something, coming to an agreement, setting up the meeting, or figuring out how it can work and this will all hinge on a friend, group or networking you are doing to make money.

Thursday is ambitious for you in areas tied to writing, ideas, meetings, talks, and agreements. You will want to push in these areas as you try to expand work, health or pet needs and either commit to something or limit or end it involving a film, music or other artistic outlet, hospital or other institution, research or investigation, spiritual or clandestine love affair. What needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your friend, group and aspiration zone. This means you are getting a cosmic do-over in the next few weeks to reconnect with a friend or group from the past or to pick something up that you had talked about doing together but didn’t get around to implementing. You may see a current friend take their leave for work or health reasons as well. This realm of friendship will be where any miscommunications, technical breakdowns or mechanical malfunctions might occur so double check info, hold off on contracts unless they were begun in the past, and watch yourself on the road on route to friends houses, out to social occasions and with groups. You may have a big dream for yourself, an aspiration from the past that can now be picked back up as well and moved on, take a look. Ego energies around career or physical limits may arise today as you try to get a handle on security issues or what is transpiring with your living situation, a bit foggy, go slow. Mars and Venus meet up today behind closed doors opening opportunity for you to express passion in private or to pursue money through film, the arts, spiritual, hospital, or research outlets.

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Monday emotions will run deep about the need for some private time or a bit of effort behind closed doors. This will be tied into what you want through travel, media, publishing, legal, or educational matters and you can expect that you may come on a bit sentimentally when talking about this or find it hard to understand others when communicating needs. The Grand Cross is activated today asking that you look at the happiness factor through lovers, children or creative projects and what the big plans are here while dealing with any limits to the social nature of this or a friend or groups involvement.

Tuesday the energy lightens a great deal as your Moon kicks in around you and your own adventurous spirit. This is an absolutely wonderful day for you to shine in areas of creative expression, with lovers or children. There is opportunity today to spend time with friends or plan something serious around an event or occasion. Love and passion are wrapped up in this as well as solid solutions regarding the earnings involved.

Wednesday will still be about you but today Mercury is bringing you news, pushing you to talk, meet, make a decision, sign an agreement, or involve a neighbor or sibling in something tied to a big goal, career agenda, or reputation. This is a glimpse of what you will be working on through the Retrograde starting on Friday so pay attention to what it is you really want here and what needs to be worked through.

Thursday is ambitious as you feel motivated to make money or find yourself driven to spend on something important. The expansion going on involving a child, lover or creative project is part of this drive along with any limits or responsibilities you have to a group or friend or even your own aspirations. What needs to change to empower your financially?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your career Midheaven. This is giving you a major do-over via career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, father/father figures, or an authority figure. You may go back to an old career or pick up an old goal, a past boss or father figure may show back up or a current one may leave or end. This is the time to see what from the past can move forward with you and what needs to go. Watch out for miscommunications in these areas and any transportation breakdowns or mechanical malfunctions. Don’t sign agreements on new career opportunities until this has passed if you can wait. Ego needs over travel, media, legal, or educational matters are up today as you try to balance something you hear or talk about regarding a romantic, artistic, hospital, or addictive matter, it’s a bit foggy so go slow. Venus and Mars meet today in your house of friendship and social fun so this is where passion or romance may blossom or where you may pursue money.

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Monday emotions will run deep when dealing with a friend, group or aspiration you are pursuing. This will be tied deeply to something going on with you sexually, around divorce, a death, manipulations or triangles, or a major financial matter and any foggy issue around your income. The Grand Cross is activated today over what is expanding at home or with real estate and any limits or responsibilities on the career front or from an authority figure. How can you balance this?

Tuesday is so much lighter as the energy charges into adventure and expansion through time you spend alone or behind the scenes wrapped up in something big going on at home or with a real estate matter, move, roommate, or mom/mother figure. This is positive and opens up some exciting new doors for you. There is also an opportunity to reach a solid goal or step up in leadership on the career front today. You can attract someone through your position or money to your cause.

Wednesday is again about what you are doing behind closed doors. This can be about work you are doing to strategize, research or investigate, private matters you are retreating to work through, some kind of artistic outlet such as film or music, a spiritual or psychic retreat, dealings with hospitals or other institutions, or a clandestine love affair. Whichever it is, Mercury is going to bring you some news, ask that you have a talk, meet, make a decision, or come to an agreement with someone far away tied to this, or through travel, the law, a media outlet, or educational route. Look at opening this door today because it is likely what the Retrograde will be processing for you starting Friday.

Thursday is ambitious as you feel motivated to do something physical or ego driven, it’s about you baby, your body, needs, identity, or image. You will want to step up strongly in this as you deal with the expansion going on around the home or property matter and any limits or responsibilities to the career, goals or an authority figure in the picture. What needs to change, especially around your own needs or identity?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your higher mind arena. This means that you will be revisiting the past through people or situations tied to travel, a distance, legal channels, the media, publishing, marketing, publishing, ceremonies, beliefs, import/export, school. You may go back to a place you were as a child, meet up with old school mates, pick up a past legal matter, revisit where you got married, run into someone you were in publishing or marketing with, or pick up an idea from then to carry forward. You want to double check all info, transportation, and mechanical devices tied to these themes as this is where misunderstandings or breakdowns may occur. Try to hold off on signing new agreements or purchasing anything technical until this has passed. There is some fog around money matters today so watch that sex, manipulations or some outside control influence is not positioning you into a bad spot. Mars and Venus meet on the career front today helping you to express passions, attract love or money.

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Monday emotions are going to run deep over a big goal you are obsessing over or the career or reputation. You will want to look hard at how your own needs are being met here with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and then watch out for how sentimentality or self-delusion could be playing into the emotions today. What needs to change here? The Grand Cross is activated asking you to get real about any limits or responsibilities involving legal channels, ceremonies, travel, distance, media, marketing, or education. Talks or agreements, decisions or meetings today will point out clearly what needs to stay and what needs to go. Writers are at a turning point.

Tuesday the energy lightens a great deal as you connect with a friend or group for something uplifting and expansive. This can be about news you hear that is exciting and opens some doors or a meeting or talk you have with them to do something big. It’s all very positive and uplifting. There is real and solid opportunity with this person or group to do something in the media, publishing, marketing, to travel, take a class or teach one, or handle legal issues together.

Wednesday the focus is still with the friend, group or aspiration but today you will want to look at a decision, agreement, talk, meeting, or something written with them that involves the financial picture, an intimate or sexual need, or the divorce. Whatever needs to be opened up here you should take it seriously and get going because it is an indicator of where the Mercury Retrograde is heading for you.

Thursday is ambitious of ryou in something going on behind closed doors. This could be about a fantasy or imaginative outlet, film, music or other artistic project, research or investigations, retreat or time dealing with a hospital, addiction or other self-sabotaging matter, or a spiritual or psychic matter. You will want to open up talks, meetings or agreements here over something big and et serious about any work, commitment or limits involving travel, legal matters, media, or education in the mix. What needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your sex, divorce, death, and major financial sector. This is giving you a cosmic do-over to go back and revisit past issues here, meet with people from the past around these themes, pick something back up that was left undone or you may see someone exit now through one of these arenas. Double check all info around loans, debt, or any other outside financial matter, or in the divorce proceedings or sexual tests or meetings, watch for misunderstandings over these topics, transportation breakdowns in route to them or mechanical malfunctions in products bought now for them. Hold off on signing contracts that are new in these areas until this has passed if you can unless they were begun a while back and are coming back up for negotiations. Ego or physical energies are wrapped up in health, work or pet matters today and you will need to be careful that you are seeing things clearly here as well. Venus and Mars meet up in your travel, media, law, and education realm so this is where you may meet someone attractive, express romantic or passionate energy, or attract money.

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Monday emotions are running deep over travel, a legal matter, media or marketing, a ceremony, beliefs, or education. You will need to look at how your own physical well being is being affected by what is going on and pace yourself. Ego needs at work or regarding the handling of pets may also be a by product of edginess playing out from these other realms. The Grand Cross is activated today again so you will want to look at where happiness or expansion can occur through making money or over a possession of yours and then balance that against any limits or responsibilities in play with a sexual union, divorce, death, or major outside financial resource such as a loan or bankruptcy. This Cross wants to know what you really value.

Tuesday the energy lightens a great deal with adventure rising up on the career front or towards a big expansive goal. You will find that changes to the earning potential are part of this equation or spending on something exciting or different boosts your energy. Opportunity is in the day around something solid, serious and about a commitment or ending where loans, debt, inheritance, settlements or any other outside financial resource is concerned, or over a sexual matter, divorce or death is in question. Passions are running high and you can accomplish a great deal today.

Wednesday is again about career, goals, ambition, or reputation as you push emotionally to achieve something. The difference today is that you will need to talk to a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist in regards to this goal or career move or you may hear news about them, deal with an agreement, make a decision, or in some way communicate about the bigger picture. This is challenging on some level and is a BIG clue about what the Retrograde is bringing your way in two days.

Thursday is ambitious on behalf of a friend, with a group or over an aspiration of yours. You are going to feel driven here regarding money and may as well have other energy from the 8th house in play such as sex, divorce or a death to cope with. This is powerful and transformative energy very strongly flexing the bones of the Grand Cross for you, what needs to change?

Friday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of partners, representatives, specialists, and competitors. This is a major do-over from the universe and will send you back into the past to revisit past partnerships to see if there is something worth moving forward on or that was left undone, you may see a current partnership end, you may revisit past agents, attorneys, or specialists for something going forward on the health, work or pet agenda. Watch for misunderstandings, mix-ups, mechanical and transportation breakdowns during this time that will most likely play out while dealing with these people or en route to them. Try to hold off on signing agreements or making big decisions until you have worked through the whole passage here and don’t buy new electronic devices or vehicles until it’s over. Ego or physical energy may be a bit drained today so pace yourself where health or work is concerned. Mars and Venus meet in the house of sex, divorce, death, and major finances to fresh starts here to express passion, love or attract money.

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