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This weekend is all about VENUS. Yep, that’s right kitties, it’s going to focus on a woman, money, love, issues with beauty, or objects of art. You ready? OK. There’s more. Venus is now in the sign of relationship as of Friday so you are going to be dealing with this topic and how it involves someone else. Are they there for you enough? Do they value you? Is the financial matter being handled correctly? Is the love only flowing in one direction? Do you feel attractive in the relationship? Can you unite over a shared vision, to earn money, to create beauty, art, or share love? You get the idea.

I’m giving you this heads up as you go into the weekend because the air is going to be bristling with excitement and options with others, wild attractions, sudden break-ups, about-faces, it’s all up for grabs as Venus opposes Uranus on Saturday and sits with Saturn on Sunday! If you are already in relationship or partnership, you can use the energy to make constructive changes that benefit your union, commit to something monetary, art driven or of the heart, or end a union that has run its course.
Venus wants to test the bond a bit. So what do you value about it?

ARIES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings many options your way, Aries! Venus opposes Uranus in the wee hours so you may even get this on Friday night and into Saturday. This is how it may look: You could see a sudden change in a relationship over love or money, a woman or art. You could meet someone today who is wildly attractive to you and turns your head. You could decide to approach your relationship in a completely different way, introducing new ideas or dynamics, or you could decide to get into something internet, astrology, group, or network oriented with someone to express something original. The talks you have about work, health or pets are under positive stars and should help you feel better about home situations.

Sunday Venus sits with Saturn so you are going to be ready to commit to or end something in a relationship involving money, love, a woman, or art. The emotional energy that rules love, creativity and children is very positive today in support of the opportunity involved in this for you so trust that you are in the right place at the right time here and be willing to get serious about the other person to open doors for your own growth.

TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings some excitement and change into the picture through film, music, or other art forms, retreat, rest, hospitals, or other institutions, spiritual, psychic or mystical pursuits, investigations, research or secrets, hidden agendas or clandestine affairs. What plays out here will bring a focus on a work, health or pet matter before you and the woman involved. The love or money will be the topic of all this surprise, change or excitement. There is wonderful energy around the talks, meetings or agreements in all of this so if you are single you could meet someone pretty exciting today or open up the creative flow.

Sunday it is time to get serious about the work, health or pet matter. Who is involved in this with you and how can you deal with the money, woman or love issue here? Is it time to commit or walk away? Again the emotional energy is all about positive opportunity in the home or with a property matter and the work, health or pet situation.

GEMINI: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday the push/pull between Venus and Uranus may have you feeling torn between a lover and a friend, a creative venture and a group, a child and a aspiration. You can use this energy to affect some form of change here to open up the love or to balance the money matter. Talks about home, living situations, moves, real estate deals, or roommates are under positive stars and should have you feeling better about your money.

Sunday Venus sits with Saturn so you are ready to commit or end something with a significant person regarding true love, children or creative endeavors. The emotional energy today is very supportive and positive towards the talks you have, meetings you take or agreements you come to regarding this so open up and get serious about what you want.

CANCER: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday opens up Venus topics at home or with a property matter so look at how you are earning or spending in the home, how love is playing out or how a woman or art is important in the scenario. There is a change in the career front today that will pull on this and ask you to look at relationship over these issues. Excitement and change is in the air and the talks you have today or a meeting that happens could be pretty interesting, it looks positive.

Sunday it is time to get serious about the home or living situation, to put your money where your heart is or to deal with love or money matters here. Again, a significant relationship is involved and you will want to set limits, commit or end something, its time to do it. Positive energy is there for you through income, spending or a possession in question.

LEO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday the change energy is active and exciting or shocking around travel, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, teaching, taking a class, ceremonies, or legal matters. Venus is poking at this through a relationship dynamic over love, money or a woman so see what kind of interesting connections take place while traveling or in the courtroom, at the library or college, you get the idea or expect to see something change. You can see a strong attraction develop or a new way to handle the money issue here, it’s not going to be the same old, same old. The talks or meetings you have today about income should go well.

Sunday it’s time to get serious about the talk, agreement, contract, writing project, move, meeting, neighborhood matter, or something involving a neighbor or sibling. It’s time to commit or end it and it will involve a significant person and love or money. There is wonderful emotional energy attached to this by way of expressing your own needs and being recognized for who you are, enjoy.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is about something changing that is pretty profound. This will involve a shared financial matter such as a settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce, tax, insurance, or any other outside resource and what you are going to do or see someone else do to shift things or approach this differently. Venus is pushing you to earn or spend regarding this relationship and how love, money or a woman in the picture is balancing against this outside, shared resource. Talks about your needs with friends are supportive so connect with someone you care for.

Sunday it is time to commit your money or make a serious decision with your income or spending. It’s about committing or ending something with the flow here. Again there is great supportive emotional energy around the secret strategy you have going or what you are working on behind closed doors.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings Venus in your sign into opposition with Uranus in another significant relationship of yours. This will be about something exciting or surprising occurring now within your relationship or in meeting someone new who is attractive to you. It can be about the love you are looking for, the money involved, an object of art, or a woman and you will want to be willing to allow for spontaneous energy and new approaches to what occurs. The talks you have behind closed doors or that help you to strategize, retreat or delve into something spiritual or artistic will go well and help to open up career goals.

Sunday Venus in your sign sits with Saturn so you are committing yourself to something significant that means love, time, money, or artistry for you. This is a time to be serious here and to either agree to be all in or to walk away and end it. The emotional energy is very positive and supportive through you and a friend or group affiliation while the significant other is again all about the excitement, change or surprises.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday Venus is stirring up a relationship dynamic for you behind closed doors or in secret, through something artistic or spiritual, or through issues playing out at hospitals or other institutions, or through addictions or retreat. You need to look at the love or money and how you are feeling valued. There is big change energy that is opposing all of this to open up something exciting or surprising or a big change to the work, health or pet situation involved. You can talk with a friend or come to an agreement that benefits you involving a trip, media, legal, or educational matter.

Sunday Venus sits with Saturn so you are ending something or ready to commit to it, again it focuses on the love or money and significant relationship playing out through retreat, fantasy, film, music, the arts, hospitals, addictions, spiritual or psychic outlets, or research and investigations. There is positive support to reach the goal or elevate career potential here and ongoing change or excitement to the work, health or pet situation.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday could bring a strong attraction or sudden change of heart, a money matter to a head or a surprise around a possession and it will all play out between a friend, group or aspiration on the one hand and a lover, child or creative project on the other. Sounds interesting, yes? Well you will want to look at how your relationship is with the friend or group and if love or money is equal in the situation and then make up your mind how you want to react to the new or exciting energy coming in through the lover, child or creative outlet. Talks about career should go well today.

Sunday is about getting serious about the friendship, group affiliation or aspiration. You will want to end it or commit to it but it is time to make the choice or they may make it for you. Again the money or love needs play into the equation. There is positive energy for you to benefit through travel, legal matters, media or publicity, ceremonies, or education.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is about the goal you have about a relationship involving love or money or a woman. There may be a career agenda in this as well but it is all about what you want to achieve, the ambition behind it and the other person involved. The opposition to Uranus will bring something new, exciting, surprising, shocking, or a big change into the home or around a real estate deal, with a move, roommate, renovation, or mom/mother figure. Talks about travel, media, publicity, education, or law are opening up to benefit you within a significant relationship today.

Sunday is the day it gets serious with a new beginning and commitment or an ending. This is again about the major goal you have set for yourself that involves love or money. The emotional energy is beneficial to your goal or career agenda by way of outside financial support or opportunity, a sexual or intimate connection or divorce.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday Venus is stirring up your significant relationships over legalities, ceremonies, travel, media, publicity, or education. She wants to know where the love or money is in this and she wants you to handle this energy through how you communicate in new ways, field news or others communications with independence or an open ability to change, how you come to agreements that are open and involve a higher perspective or incorporate friends, groups or social activities. You could meet someone exciting through travel or these other arenas today. Talks about finances, sex or divorce are favored.

Sunday Venus sits with Saturn and asks that you end something or commit to it. It’s time to get serious with your time over love or money and for you this will again play out through a trip, media, legal, or educational matter. Talks with partners, representatives, specialists or significant others should benefit you in this today and there is every reason to believe you can finalize the matter.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings your relationship issues over love or money up over the big elephant in the room. What does that look like? It is a divorce, sexual matter, reproductive issue, loan, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, tax matter, insurance issue, alimony, child support, or the way you share your finances together. Uranus wants change in spending or earning here and the balance to change, some freedom, excitement, new forks in the road. Talks with the partner or other significant person will help you to open up a door to the love, child or creative outlets.

Sunday Venus sits with Saturn so you need to commit or end something in the relationship over the outside finances, sex or divorce. It’s a new beginning based on what you are willing to put in effort over and changes you are willing to see through income or spending. Work, health or pet situations should open up today as well due to the new approach to the outside resources, intimacy or divorce.

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