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Sunday, July 4, 2010


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Oh my goodness what a time this is for all of us! The Grand Cross continues to shake our world, turning us to face the right direction for our own unique vision, the Eclipses are sandwiching us in between and we are doing our best to adjust physically to so much vibrational shifting from the slow moving yet highly charged outer bodies!

This week we feel the turn-about of Uranus on Monday as he Retrogrades in Aries. Watch for accidents on Monday as we are all just getting used to this new, higher frequency electrically in our systems and now it shifts here. From now until August 14 the universe is giving you time to tweak anything you have set in motion with your body, image, identity, or some big personal need you have been pouring yourself into, before Uranus dips back into Pisces for a few months.

Tuesday the Taurus Moon will mingle with Pluto in Capricorn, a good day to get solid results from ambitions put into play. Connect over love or money, do what you can to move things along.

Wednesday feelings about love or money are still high on the list. You can take action through work, health or with pets today and get good results with the love or money matter. You can talk, sign agreements, or make a decision about the home, real estate, move, roommate, or mom/mother figure with positive results as well for love or money. However, a woman tied to creative ventures, children or a lover is challenging your needs for love or a situation monentarily today so work on overcoming this.

Thursday Gemini Moon meets Uranus and Jupiter in Aries so talks and agreements are positive and exciting, open up wide spaces or expand your prosperity through change or unique approaches. However… will need to work around a boss or authority figure’s demands a bit or find a new way to accommodate the powers that be if you want to get everything going in the right direction. You will also want to take the proposition or news and sit with it a bit, look into it further, get to the bottom of every possible scenario, because Mercury is in adjustment to Neptune and Venus is opposing him. This means you are either coming face to face with a perfect ideal, a turning point here or something is hidden, deceptive or may be a bit pie in the sky at present. A lot here depends on where you are in your journey so make sure you know the difference. The idea/person/situation could be great but you need to make sure you are building it on more than dreams, this could be the one or there could be something highly deceptive going on here, check it out. A friend, group or your aspiration is involved.

Friday brings positive talks or meetings, agreements or decisions about home, property or security matters and the long term commitment or results to work, health or pets. Mercury moves into Leo and takes ideas and talks into creative realms where children, fun, love and your own artistry will come out. This is a great placement for creative writers and a wonderful time to declare your feelings for someone. The connection to Uranus in this today may mean that you didn’t see it coming but it is exciting none the less.


Monday that shift of Uranus Retrograding in Aries will be felt physically and you want to guard against accidents and pay extra attention to anything going on in your body. This is a good time period over the next few weeks to really try some new approaches in the mix with what you are doing physically and to fine tune anything you are attaching your image or name to regarding the internet, groups, a friend, a social occasion, aviation, or astrology. Your connection to kids, love and creativity is positive today and there is lovely opportunity to express artistry or spirituality with a friend or group. Saturn is asking for some serious adjustment to the health approach, work or pet situation, take responsibility by conceding a bit to get what you need.

Tuesday is all about making money and your career agenda. The energy is with you and there is powerful change and leadership potential in what you are doing. If this is at your current job take the reins and show them what you are made of, if you are trying to launch your own business give it all you’ve got today.

Wednesday income is still riding high on the priority list and you will be very active at work, caring for health and pets, all positive. Talks about home or at home are beneficial as well and you should be able to earn from home or on a real estate matter in something you put forward now. A woman involved with kids, a lover or creative outlet is challenging today monetarily so take your time working through this.

Thursday is a day for talks and meetings and there is a great focus here on your own personal identity, expansion, body or image that looks positive and exciting. You will need to finesse the boss or authority figure a bit so choose your words carefully with this person. There is news or something you are talking about at home or regarding home/real estate that is under some foggy energy with a friend and the lover, child or creative project is as well foggy with this friend or group so take it slow until you really know what you are getting into here. It could be a friend or group is perfect for you just now in some way relating to what you are doing at home and with something creative but you must find balance and make sure you are connecting here strongly on your ideals.

Friday is a great day for talking things out about the home or real estate matter, move or roommate, mom or mother figure. You will want to come to terms about the work, health or pet matter here and it will be in place long term and be beneficial. Mercury moves into Leo and opens up talks, meetings and agreements with creative ventures, lovers and children. If you are single this time period will help you meet someone interesting while out and about in your local scene or through writing or siblings. At least one matter with a lover, child or creative outlet should prove pretty exciting today, change is good, spontaneity better!


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of secrets, hidden agendas, film and fantasy, research and investigations, hospitals and prisons, clandestine affairs and spiritual pursuits! It’s a mystical and private part of the chart and you will do well over the next few weeks to work on the changes you are seeing here, to adapt to the new parameters that you find yourself in at this time and to be willing to work with the new opportunities that are here or change your own approach as you deal with these topics, let your genius shine. Today is positive for home, women or money you deal with there and for artistic or romantic goals you have in place. Saturn is limiting you with children, lovers or creative projects to test your ability to surmount something within, take a look at how you are leading your life forward here.

Tuesday is all about the solid, grounded energy available for you to connect with the law, a media, publishing, publicity, or marketing matter, an educational topic, or a travel matter. This is positive and empowering so put yourself into the mix and see what you can achieve.

Wednesday is about you, your needs, body or physical well being, your image, identity or something personal about you. There is great energy from this tied to actions you take with creative outlets, lovers or children and with talks or meetings, decisions or agreements that come into play or that you initiate. There is a female at home or involved in something tied to property that is going to be challenging to you so do your best to deal with this person as best you can.

Thursday will bring up some money talks or meetings and will likely bring a bit of a wild card into this so prepare to field the moment and know what you need to earn or want to spend beforehand. There is some powerful energy around legal matters, travel, media, or education in this money matter that will need to be dealt with by making some adjustments or concessions. The talks or news you hear today regarding a career matter, boss or authority figure, your reputation or a big goal of yours will be in a bit of fog so wait out any reactions or actions until you are certain that it is all as it seems, especially where a woman and home are concerned. It could be that an ideal career opportunity is at hand today or is reaching a turning point, you want to see clearly how your roots, home, security needs, and the way you are able to express yourself here are firming up.

Friday is about great news, meetings, talks or decisions that will be solid and long term for the children or something relating to children, the lover or a love interest, or the creative project. Set your appointments for today. Mercury enters Leo and you will then find that talks or agreements are focused on home, property, real estate deals, moves, living situations, family, mom/mother figures, and security needs. Something surprising that you didn’t see coming is showing up around one of these themes in a positive manner today.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of friends, groups and aspirations so changes you have seen here, independence, excitement, shock, and about-faces are going to be front and center for you to look at. You have had a bit of insight into how this electrical energy is going to play out with your closest connections and now you have the next few weeks to adjust to this new position you find yourself in and find new ways to proceed forward. You may have a friend leave or return suddenly today. Talks and meetings are positive here as are connections that involve distance, travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, or legal matters. Do your best to attend to home or family matters as well today.

Tuesday is excellent for solid, long term building on powerful allies, or one on one shared experiences that pull upon your mystical, spiritual, artistic, or romantic expression and help you find outlets through sexuality, reproduction, divorce, or major financial channels. See what you can build today towards something empowering.

Wednesday takes those artistic, spiritual, romantic energies and helps you to act on home or from home to achieve something positive as well as open some doors to earn money through what you talk about, write, agree upon, or meet about. There is a woman you will meet or talk to today who will challenge you on some level and you should be prepared to deal with her issues.

Thursday brings a focus on you and your needs along with excitement or fun with friends or groups, you can expand your world on some level here if you reach out. There is a need to look closely at what is going on with loans or any other type of outside financial resource because something needs to be adjusted here. There is also massive energy today around a trip, with a person far away, over something legal, through a media outlet, or involving an educational matter and the ideal you have about it. Artistic, spiritual or romantic expression is coming through strongly tonight in one of these realms and you will need to keep an eye on how your income will be affected or what you need to spend and what is being said about love, money or involving a woman. Neptune in this position can go either way, perfect ideal or unclear to deceptive so look at what you believe in and hold true here.

Friday brings talks or agreements that are positive for income and they stem from solid, long term matters at home or with a property. Mercury’s move into Leo means you will have more talks, meetings and agreements coming in, that writing projects, neighborhood activities, short trips, and connections with siblings will pick up as well. One such connection brings pleasant surprises from a friend or group today.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your career Midheaven and all the excitement and volatile change that has been occurring here will slow down so you have time to catch up with this new position you find yourself in. You have a few more weeks to put your original stamp on the ambition or to put your unique ideas out into play. There is great potential to earn money with a woman today that ties nicely to this goal and there is also positive alignment to loans or other outside financial matters, a sexual conquest or a divorce matter going to suit you. You do need to have one serious conversation or communication about setting some limits with someone attached to your career and the sooner the better, it is more about an adjustment than a complete overhaul.

Tuesday is very positive for solid, grounded developments with a friend or group and partnering or seeking representation on something powerful. The potential to connect and make some kind of progress now is strong so see what you can accomplish in this direction.

Wednesday will spark passionate talks with friends or groups that could lead to agreements or decisions that put things into motion or that stir you to take action locally. Talks and agreements you make today align with who you are and what you need, it’s all positive with this person or group, however you will need to define something about income or spending with a woman here and that is a challenge that you must meet.

Thursday is about having some private talks, working behind the scenes, researching, hearing something secret, or delving into the psychic, spiritual, or artistic arenas in something that is big and exciting for your career or reputation. You will be dealing with a very powerful person today and will need to stretch yourself a bit in this as you meet them on their ground. The arena of intimacy, sex, divorce, or high finance is being activated through Neptune so an ideal person or situation could be involved intimately, financially or through the transformation or divorce or the other side of Neptune could show up that brings confusion or outright deception in one of these areas. Take your time in assessing what is really here, and seeing this as a turning point in these deeply shared arenas. You will be dealing with a woman about an income matter in this and talks will focus on your name or identity, body or needs tied to the situation, so stay true to your ideals and be careful when associating financially or in the other realms until you understand what is really there.

Friday talks, meetings, agreements and decisions are aligned to your needs and you may get a green light on a writing project or a contract, but whatever is up in the air is beneficial and an opportunity for long term stability. Once Mercury moves into Leo you will find that you are opening up talks and meetings, agreements and decisions about income and that today at least one of these leads to a goal being reached or a career opportunity that you didn’t see coming but that is in your best interest.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of legal matters, travel, media, and education. You have had time to see the radical changes and inspired energy electrically driving you forward in these arenas and now you will have a few weeks to catch up to the place you find yourself in here. Remember that change is good and these are the areas you will experience it in over the next 7 years along with major breakthroughs and brilliant ideas. Today there is a love or money matter you should attend to with your image or body at center stage and there is beautiful energy aligned to the partner, specialist or representative so spend on yourself and connect with the artistic, romantic or spiritual nature of the other. You do need to set some limits on the spending however, do your best to be realistic here.

Tuesday is very solid and empowering where your goals are concerned for work, health or pets. You can make real headway in any of these departments and change things on a pretty profound level so take charge.

Wednesday brings more career and ambition energy into play for you with positive action resulting on the income level so if you need to ask for a raise or go after a money making venture do so today. Talks about research, film, music, the arts, spiritual or mystical pursuits, secret romances, hospitals or other institutions, or work done behind the scenes should bode well for your career agenda. You will have to love yourself or look at how spending on yourself is playing into what you are going after and meet challenges here, there seems to be an issue with beauty for you today?

Thursday the connection to friends or groups is tied to positive expansion and excitement through travel, media, law, or education so connect through these means. You need to make concessions for whatever intense thing is going on at work, with health or pets as you connect with them. The partner, specialist, competitor, or representative is the focus of Neptune’s energy today and you will need to take care you aren’t seeing through rose colored glasses in case something is not as it appears. Under these angles this could be the perfect ideal or confusion to outright deception. The talk or news you glean through secretive means could send you in the wrong direction as well and you could end up being your own worst enemy here so take the day off from making decisions you may regret later, see what is really going on, if this person is the right one, they will be there in a day or two.

Friday the talk or information you get through research, tied to a film or other artistic work, a spiritual or romantic pursuit, or in dealing with a hospital or other institution is solid and will have a beneficial effect on income, either earning or spending in one or more of these directions. Once Mercury moves into your sign today the communications will begin to come your way and focus on you and your needs more, it’s a great time to ask for what you need or put yourself out there in meetings. At least one nice surprise will come via the phone or a meeting today that involves travel, media, education, or the law and is aligned with your needs.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of deep connections so the surprises and changes and exciting electrical charges you have been seeing through sexual connections, divorce, loans, bankruptcy, inheritance, taxes, insurance, investments, alimony, royalties, commissions, child support, debt, credit, or joint finances will now steady out a bit as you have the next few weeks to catch up to this new position you find yourself in. Freedom and brilliant new directions will come through these doors, make sure you are aware of where you are and what you want now during this more steady influence. The potential to hide away with a secret love interest or to work on something artistic or spiritual that can make money are great today, there is beneficial energy to the work, health and pet situations as well.

Tuesday is solid and you will see potential for long term transformation from the connection between powerful feelings or changes occurring with a love interest, child or creative project and the trip, media venture, education, or legal matter playing out here. See what you can do to make it real.

Wednesday the travel, media, education, or legal matter will set you into action in a positive way. You should feel pretty charged up and in good shape to express action, passion and energy here. The talk or agreement you have with a friend or group in this is beneficial. You will need to deal with the secret love or money matter or a woman you have links to in some mystical, clandestine or artistic way and this may be a challenge.

Thursday is about the career or goal and the exciting or big change energy happening with the huge financial matter, sexual/intimate connection or divorce. This looks positive for you but you do have to make some adjustments to the empowerment and change you see around love, children or creativity here. Neptune is in intense angle today with two bodies through your work, health or with a pet. You will likely be facing an artistic, romantic or spiritual matter through work, tied to health or pets. This could be an ideal or there can be something confusing or deceptive here, depending on where you are in your journey, it’s a turning point for certain. The talk you have with the friend or group and the issue over love or money that is going on behind closed doors, through mystical realms, at hospital or through artistic projects both play into this Neptunian energy at work, health or pet. Come from your spiritual truth, and to be safe, keep your pets away from fluids that could be harmful, guard against colds and the ilk. If you are dealing with a hospital and health matter today, GET A SECOND OPINION. Get as clear as you can about whatever is put in front of you and that may mean asking others for input and if it really is the ideal, you will know in the days ahead.

Friday the talk, meeting, agreement or decision with the friend or group is very positive and beneficial to you and your needs to open up and make it real, this is solid and long term kind of stuff here. Mercury moves into Leo and you will find that more of your talks or thoughts are kept under wraps or behind closed doors over the next few weeks. You may write on something artistic or spiritual or meet clandestinely in love or you may find you are communicating more over a film or other artistic project or with a hospital or other institution. At least one of these communications or ideas today ties in to exciting intimacy or financial realms in a positive manner.


Monday all the change, shock, excitement, electrical energy, and wild ideas as well as the new cast of characters, unique and/or strange and quirky developments you have been experiencing through partners, agents, attorneys, managers, specialists, or competitors will settle down a bit as Uranus Retrogrades in this part of your chart. The taste you have been given regarding these significant relationships and how they are going to be totally different over the next 7 years is now going to steady out for the next few weeks so you can catch up to where you are in the situation. You may see one person exit or return now at this shift so see what you feel as it happens. The link to friends, groups, aspirations, or a social occasion is strong and positive with this person today and the opportunity to express love, connect over children or a creative venture is there as well.

Tuesday is all about solid, real change and empowerment at home, with roommates, living situations, moves, real estate deals, property matters, security issues, family, or mom/mother figures and any major financial issues you have to contend with here or an intimate connection or divorce that is affecting it. See what you can do to move things along in a positive manner.

Wednesday brings sex, divorce or major financial matters to your attention and you will find that you can either express yourself passionately or take action that is beneficial for you by doing something behind closed doors or in private and through talks, news, meetings, agreements or decisions on the career front, it’s all good. There is a female friend who is an obstacle or has a challenge for you in this so be prepared to deal.

Thursday is good for connecting with that significant person about the trip, media venture, legal matter, or education, there is great benefit here along with something exciting or a positive change. Home and property matters must be dealt with as well so make time for anything important here. Neptune is playing out through a child, lover or a creative venture today and there will be the potential for something ideal, a turning point in an ongoing situation or some confusion, fog or outright deception in this, it has to do with Neptune and his angles, so you must be careful when looking at the love, lover, child, situation aimed at children, creative project or recreational matter. In talking about career objectives, with bosses or authority figures and when dealing with the female friend, you will as well be aiming back to this creative outlet, love interest or child and again, it’s ideal or you don’t have the whole story or there is something not quite right here, take your time and make sure it is what you believe it to be.

Friday the talk on the career front or with an authority figure is going to be solid and beneficial for you especially relating to a film or other artistic project, hospital or other institution, secret, research or investigation, or something spiritual or psychic, clandestine or hidden. Mercury moves into your social zone and you can expect to hear from more friends, connect with groups, write and make decisions, sign agreements or do more things locally with this circle of people. At least one of these friends is bringing some kind of nice surprise via a partner or representative today.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in Aries and you will feel all that electrical, radical, change oriented, freedom loving, I need a change energy slow down a bit. You have been hosting this new placement in your work, approach to work, connection with co-workers or employees, health, approach to health, and with your pets and now you will have the next few weeks to catch up to the new position or idea you have for your work, health or pets. You may see something shift in one of these arenas as well today. There is great connection to a woman on the career front with this change or new approach who is beneficial today and there is opportunity to express artistry, spirituality or romantic ideas at home or through a move or real estate deal you are talking about today.

Tuesday the energy is beautiful for powerful, deep talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions that will in some way connect you in a romantic or business partnership, with an agent, attorney, specialist, or other representative. You may be deciding to take on this position yourself and that as well is favored.

Wednesday the partner, representative or specialist is the focus again but today you can take action with a friend, group, social occasion, or aspiration to further things along. You can also talk, meet, sign contracts, or make important decisions about the trip, media or pr matter, education, or legal issue in a beneficial way through the partnership or with the representation. You do need to handle an obstacle with the female on the career front or in the way of a goal. There may be shrewd negotiations on behalf of the significant person.

Thursday the energy shifts to focus on the big financial picture and the positive changes or surprises that are expanding your work, health or pet arena. Have the talk or meeting that matters and be willing to go the extra mile towards your financial goal. When it comes to home, moves, real estate deals, or mom/mother figures today, Neptune is being invoked so there is something that is a turning point, could be ideal if balanced correctly or could be being presented in a way that is not what it seems, whether that is confusion, fog or deception, so you will need to watch the talks from afar, involving travel, media, education, or legal matters pertaining to this and ditto what the female is saying on the career front today or the love or money that is being promised here. It may be legit, this could be the one, but the potential for confusion, etc, should be watched, better safe than sorry, spell it all out.

Friday brings great energy to the talk, decision, agreement or meeting about travel, with a person far away, about a media, publishing, or publicity matter, education, or legal agenda and this will tie in long term and solidly with a friend, group or social situation. Mercury moves into Leo and opens up real talks and agreements on the career front over the next few weeks. Today there is something exciting and positive here tied to a lover, child or creative project, it looks good.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of true love, children and creative projects and you will finally see some things even out here. You have had the tornado by the tail in these matters since Uranus moved into Aries and have had a taste of what all the excitement, change, surprise, shock, and radical electrical energy is going to be like here. Now you have a few weeks to catch up with the changes (another of which may arrive now) and to address any new approaches or issues you have as a result. Part of the positive flow in this today ties into travel, proposals, ceremonies, education, legalities, or media outlets with this person or creative potential. Talks and agreements along with writing and meetings are colored with romance, artistry or spirituality, it’s all good.

Tuesday is rock solid as far as work, health or pets go and the money involved in their direction. You can aim this at building more work that will bring in income, spending on something to promote your work or services, investing in your health or earning from the health care realm, or in making money pet sitting, dog walking or spending positively on adopting a pet or their needs.

Wednesday is again about work, health or pets but today you can really make some strides on the career front through these arenas or towards an important goal, all through the actions you take or the passion you express. Talks and agreements about financial matters should go well at work so if you need to deal with the credit union or an insurance claim at work this is a good day, same with money for health or pets. A challenge arrives from a woman at a distance or involved in a trip, in media, education, or legal matters that you will need to deal with.

Thursday talks shift to partnership and love or creativity, children or fun and there is excitement, change and expansion in this positive mix. You will need to make some concessions around making your living today or the actual income you have to spend as you make way for or with this person. Neptune is alive and kicking in the talks and decisions you make today as well as the meetings, writing, agreements, short trips, and connections with siblings. There could be something artistic, romantic or spiritual that is an ideal on its way here, that is in perfect balance with you from Neptune’s position OR there could be something a bit unclear or foggy, perhaps deceptive going on here so until you know which one it is take it slow and think it through, ask for another opinion if necessary. When you talk about the divorce, sex or shared financial picture, there is also something regarding the woman far away or tied to travel, media, education, or legal matters mixed up in this Neptune matter so make sure you are seeing everything clearly and that you take your time to get it all straight.

Friday the talks or agreements involving sex, divorce or high finances are on much better ground especially where a long term goal is concerned. This may involve career or ambitions, reputation or fame but it looks solid. Once Mercury moves into Leo you will see that the communications involving travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, ceremonies, and legalities will open up for you in a big way. At least one of these talks or decisions is ready to affect your love life, children or creative potential in a big and exciting way today.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your zone of home, real estate and family or mom/mother figures. This has been quite a wild introduction to just how exciting, shocking, inspiring, and radically things are going to change for you and just how brilliant some of these new doors are going to be since Uranus moved into Aries. Now with the slow down you can catch up to where you find yourself and adapt to new ways of doing things here. Today there is positive connection to high finance here so you may purchase or sell a home or invest in something to make it nicer. You may have a female move in or out as well or she may come on board to help you with the property and this looks beneficial. There is positive light on the income from the home/property matter as well.
Tuesday is powerful, deep and solid for you in all things that are about you, your body, your needs, image or identity, and the lover in the picture, your children, or your creative projects. If you are single get out and see if you meet someone intense and good for you today, if you are in a relationship you will get more insight into how sexy and intense this is going to be, if you need to make moves on the creative endeavor, be seen, your image lends credibility today.
Wednesday again is focused on the love, child or creative venture but today you will find that you are all geared up over a trip, media venture, legal matters, or education pertaining to this person or creation and it is going to be very positive and passionate as you get going on it. Talks or meetings, agreements or decisions are focusing in on partnership here or in connecting with a representative or specialist, also under opportunity aspects! There is a woman who you need to deal with and she will come out over issues tied to divorce, sex or shared financial matters today.
Thursday talks and meetings are about work, health or pets. There is something exciting and lucky for you in this tied to home or property so work at home, work with homes, work on health at home or bring a pet home! Neptune is murking up waters in the income zone today so be very careful here. In this position there could be a romantic, artistic or spiritual input towards making money or spending or there could be something tied to addictions, hospitals, research, or something hidden you don’t know about affecting income. Unfortunately with Neptune here it could be an ideal or something confusing or deceptive so you need to really look at it and be aware as you go through with the money matter. A talk you have with a partner, agent, manager, attorney, specialist, or competitor is going to be part of the money/Neptune matter as well as a matter involving a woman tied to the divorce, sexual connection or high finances/outside resources (perhaps her credit is not right or she has a bankruptcy that could affect you or she is offering to come in with money?). Wait out whatever anyone presents today as a way to earn or asking you to spend/hire until you know what is going on and be careful with your wallet/purse that you don’t lose it or have it stolen.
Friday the energy shifts and the talk, meeting or decision with the partner, representative or specialist is aligned to positive long term and solid results with a trip, legal move, media venture or education. Mercury moves into Leo and you will find that talks and meetings will now be focused on sex, divorce or high finances over the next few weeks. Today at least one of these talks, news or meetings will bring a nice surprise at home or around a property matter for you via sex, divorce or finances.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your communications zone and all the changes of mind, news and talks that were unusual, radical, exciting, new, or about independence and freedom, along with agreements or ideas involving friends, internet, astrology, or aviation, will now slow over the next few weeks so you can catch up to the new position you find yourself in or to the new ideas you are assimilating. This is your energy shifting so go easy on yourself today as you will certainly feel it personally. In this it is favorable today to partner with a woman or to seek representation or a female specialists opinion on something, there is something good for you in this around artistic outlets, romance or spirituality, or in dealing with a hospital.

Tuesday is about empowering yourself at home or regarding a move or property matter in ways you approach behind closed doors. This could mean you are secreting away at home with a lover, researching, working on a project at home alone, delving into spiritual or mystical matters and looking into property to do this, recuperating from hospital at home, or tackling an addiction there, all supported today.

Wednesday is again about home, moves or property but today you have Mars working for you to get busy and make something happen with the loan or other financial matter tied to the place, to express your passions sexually at home, or to dive into what needs doing with the divorce tied to the living situation or property. Talks or agreements about work, health or pets are supported as well at home. A partner or representative, competitor or specialist is at odds today over love, money or a woman so go easy here.

Thursday brings a nice, unexpected and happy talk or meeting with a lover, child or creative project or about what you are doing here. Getting intimate behind closed doors will require some finessing today with this lover but can be done. Neptune is at a turning point a bit within you today so you have to watch what you are expecting via artistic, romantic, addictive, or spiritual expression or in dealings with hospitals, research or hidden agendas. Be as clear as you can when communicating about work, with a co-worker or employee, about health, or pets. You also have to watch out for the female who is opposing you from the partnership or representative side of things or your need for money or love that is emanating from another person, again, when Neptune is in this angle you could be at the turning point, at an ideal or seeing confusion or deception so take your time in all dealings in these arenas today and watch that you are completely honest with others and yourself.

Friday is a whole other game. Mercury moves to meet Saturn and talks or meetings about work, health or pets aligns with positive, long term results over the financial picture here and how things are shared, with the divorce and intimacy. Mercury moves into your partnership zone and over the next few weeks you will see that talks and meetings, agreements and decisions will be focused on who you are going to partner with, who represents you and any specialists in the picture. Today there is one particular communication from a partner that is bound to excite you.


Monday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of income. You have been hosting this new placement of Uranus in Aries and have had a taste of what all the excitement and change is going to be about over the next 7 years for you here. Now you get a few weeks to catch up to where you find yourself and see things even out a bit. Make sure to continue to build upon your unique vision and original ideas because these are what will earn you the biggest money in the future. Today you will have a female at work, involved with health or the pets who will be positively aligned to helping you earn or spend money in one of these areas so call on her. There is positive energy around opportunity in film, music, the arts, research, work behind the scenes, and hospitals or other institutions and making or spending money as well.

Tuesday is a very powerful day with a friend, group, social event, or involving one of your important aspirations. There will be a talk, meeting, agreement, idea, writing project, decision, short trip, or neighborhood connection to this person that will be solid and transformational.

Wednesday is about important talks or meetings and the action you can take with a partner, agent, attorney, manager, specialist, or competitor. The gods are favoring your passions in this matter to dive in and make things happen. Talks about love, children, recreational fun, or creative endeavors are highly favored as well today. A woman at work, involved with health or pets is challenging today in talks or about something written so know you will need to deal with this.

Thursday the shift is to the home, moves, renovations, real estate deals, security, or family/mom. You have a wonderful opportunity here for something exciting or big involving income so if you want to spend or earn from home or property, do so today. You need to make some kind of adjustment with a friend or group today that involves finances or intimacy and may stretch you a bit. Neptune is in a turning point angle in your twelfth house so you need to know things will focus on the ideal, either romantically, artistically, spiritually, with an addiction, hospital, or something you do to sabotage your own self and things won’t be clear or there may be some deception today. Make sure when talking to lovers, children or about a creative endeavor that you are getting all the information you need and that you are being straight as well, also look at the woman at work, with health or involved with pets and make sure everything is clear here as well or that you aren’t equating work with love, pets with love, a band aid to help you not look at what you really need by way of love (I’m just sayin). Again, this may be the ideal but you have to get out of your own way.

Friday or late Thursday night talks, meetings or agreements about love, children or creative projects are under opportunity aspects and connect to long term results with a partner, representative or specialist so ask for what you need, whether that is a commitment or break up, you are under good energy here. Mercury moves into Leo and you will find that you will now be thinking and talking about work, health and pets more, that agreements and decisions will show up in these areas and that today especially there is at least on nice surprise or lucky moment in one of these things that benefits your income.

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