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I’m taking it that it’s a given you are all feeling the energy shifts! Mars is still very active so whatever he instigated on Friday you will see him putting a lid on this Saturday. That’s because Mars opposed Uranus on Friday, opening our eyes to something, sparking some shock or surprise or excitement or change. Now, on Saturday he comes to sit with Saturn to take his side more or less and to say, “This is the way it’s always been, let’s do it this way” or to say “Show me by your actions that you mean business, are serious, committed, or all-in, or let’s end this puppy right now” This is playing out in significant relationships so expect to hear of some break-ups, marriage proposals, business partnerships locking in or ending, a representative or two on the horizon, it’s time people! And here is the good news, the Lights, that is the yin and yang of it between the Sun and Moon, are in harmony today so you should be getting exactly what it is you need in the long run.

Sunday will demand a bit of adjusting to work, health or pet issues and most of you will be dealing with a woman in this since it is Venus who is demanding it. If not, think of Venus themes; love or money. The energy flow between friends and groups is inspiring so look up your pals or get the group together to share artistic or spiritual potential.

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Saturday takes whatever happened in the last 2 days regarding your own needs and the limits around the other person and brings them to some kind of final resolution. Are you agreeing on a new beginning or an ending, that’s your call but things are changing. This can be with a marriage or business partner, someone who plays a significant role in your life as an agent, attorney, specialist, or someone who is competing against your interests. They need a bit more freedom or independence or a new way of doing things, you can’t change that but you can decide what is alright with you, yes or no, do you stay or do you go? On another note, the Lights are doing their level best to draw love into your life now, align with lovers, children and creative projects for best results.

Sunday you need to make some adjustments around work, health or pet issues. Do what you can to accommodate what the female in the picture needs in this or ask for what you need. Your friends and group affiliations are golden today so set out towards aspirations that involve a close circle or just connect for inspiration.

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Saturday takes whatever occurred with the Mars energy in the last 2 days at work or with a work effort, with a health matter or with animals and asks that you do something about it today that is serious. This will mean either drawing a line in the sand and saying, ‘No more’ or committing your time, effort, and leadership to the long haul and making it work. The Lights are favoring what you can do behind the scenes and the place you hang your hat in this so get busy at home or around moves or property issues to make it work.

Sunday will require some adjustment where kids, lovers or creative projects are concerned. You will need to contend with the money here or a woman in the picture who has some kind of demand or need. The Career Midheaven is illuminated by Neptune today in a very positive way so you should be able to reach a spiritual, artistic or romantic goal if you put your efforts in behind the scenes. If you have a goal involving an institution such as a hospital or prison, you may find something out that benefits you through research or just checking in.

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Saturday Mars is locking in on Saturn so you will be taking action to commit to something long term or to end something for good based on what was stirred up by Mars in the last 2 days. This is going to play out over a creative project, lover or child. The Lights are favoring a positive understanding between friends or some kind of harmony in your social circle by the direction you take.

Sunday Venus will demand that you make a few adjustments to her needs at home, with a move, real estate matter, roommate, or mom/mother figure. This will likely be a female asking something of you here or could play out over Venus themes of love or money needed for home. There is wonderful alignment between a friend and a trip, media matter, legal topic, or educational outlet so open up to this.

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Saturday Mars meets up with Saturn so you can expect that whatever was rocked about in the last 2 days with the Mars/Uranus energy will now be brought to some final conclusion. For you this is playing out at home, with moves, roommates, renovations, real estate deals, mom/mother figures and your base of operation. This is going to be about committing to something long term or taking action to end something here. The Lights are favoring career and income today so you should look for ways to earn from home or open up the situation to allow for more money flow.

Sunday Venus is demanding some kind of adjustment in writing, talks, agreements, or a meeting and this will likely involve a woman and your feelings about the career agenda or goal. You can reach a good financial development with the career by focusing on the artistic or spiritual output. For you lovers out there, nice flow between intimacy and love today!

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Saturday brings Mars and Saturn together in your communications zone so whatever came up for you in the last two days of change and excitement with Mars, today you will be saying a firm yes or no. This is about doing something that commits you or ends what is going on. It will play out through your neighborhood, siblings, writing, a talk, meeting or news, a move or an agreement. The Lights are supporting your energy through a trip, media venture, legal issue, or educational matter today as well, it should be the right time to decide.

Sunday you will need to make some adjustments with income, so dealing with the money coming in or what you are spending as it relates to this trip, media, legal, or educational matter. A woman is at the heart of the matter. There is good opportunity to connect through one of these arenas with a partner or someone who can represent you. Shine the light of romance, artistry or spirituality here.

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Saturday Mars sidles up to Saturn to ask you to take some kind of action regarding the money you are earning or spending. This may look like an outside person coming to you with an opportunity or showing you the limits but whether it is you or the other person drawing the line, it’s time to get serious, commit the funds, go after the paycheck or walk away from one source of earnings. You may also see this play out over a possession in question, to buy or not to buy, to sell or toss? The Lights favor outside connections, intimacy behind closed doors, rest and retreat, research and artistic outlets.

Sunday brings emotions up around sex, finances or divorce and how you are relating to the goddess energy on a personal level. So ask yourself if you are receiving/giving the love you need, is there something you can adjust with a woman to bring more connection into your life and is your identity wrapped up in your income, then be willing to do something about it. Neptune is shining his allure onto your work projects, health and pets today so see what you can imagine into being here.

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You got your first big insiders look at the energy that is going to play out between you and others in the last couple days as Saturn in your sign was being moved on by Mars. Today he sits down and says, “LET’S DO SOMETHING!” Hint: You need to get real serious about who you want to be now, your image, body and the complete package and all of this will reflect who you decide to engage with in personal and business relationships. It’s time to make a decision to commit to you and to allow for positive changes to take shape in one-on-one relationships. The Lights favor a social aspect to this today or connecting with a friend or group.

Sunday brings some kind of refinessing behind the scenes for you that involves a woman. Look at imaginative enterprises such as film, music, art, or something spiritual, mystic, psychic. It could be you are dealing with an institution today or another place where you are behind the scenes, closed doors, retreating, at hospital, etc. You need to adjust to the Goddess energy by rebalancing time in these places with what you feel about partnering. Once you set your boundaries or open them up a bit so someone can come in, the rest of the day opens to beautiful Neptune spinning webs of light around true love, kids or creative projects.

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Saturday the Mars/Saturn conjunction brings you together in passion or anger behind closed doors with someone older or something serious. This can be a retreat where you hole up and embrace in a serious connection or making a decision to commit or sever ties with a passionate connection. It plays out in the mystical house of fantasy, spirituality, film and arts, secret romance, and time away from the regular grind. Some of you will be in a hospital dealing with a surgery today to finalize something that sprung up on you recently. The Lights are favoring detail, purity, reaching goals and getting it done.

Sunday the emotional energy you have around a health or work issue is going to take center stage. You will do best to stretch out to a friend or share the love offered here even if you feel overwhelmed by what you are trying to get done. Neptune moves into flood the home or wherever you find yourself hanging your hat with dreamy, romantic, spiritual energy. This is great for romantic interludes at the hearth or for doing some artistic improvements at home or gathering your spiritual strength there.

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Saturday the action that you have been involved in with friends and lovers, social occasions and children, creative projects and aspirations, comes to a conclusion through an action that you set in motion or a friend/group sets in motion. This is about a time to commit to the effort or to walk away. It is a serious time for something you have aspired to and doing something serious about it. The Lights speak of all kinds of harmony around who you are in this through a trip, media venture, publishing, legal outlet, ceremony, or educational process. It is bringing love and creativity together for you.

Sunday you will want to put yourself into the energy of creating something, sharing yourself with a lover or focusing on a child. A woman on the career front or tied to your goal is going to need something from you so be willing to deal with this as well. Neptune is bringing some amazing energy your way to the creative project, lover or child via a conversation you have, meeting, news that pours in, or agreement you sign or are offered. This is very dreamy, artistic, spiritual, romantic energy for you to utilize so declare your intentions, state it to the universe.

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Saturday the goals will be acted upon in a way that commits, puts in the effort, helps you with the career, reputation or fame, or there will be an action that is about ending something you were ambitious about or involving the career. This could bring passion or anger into the picture and will be a result of all you have been dealing with in the last two days between home/property matters and career/goals. The Lights are favoring lots of positive energy around home and intimacy, high finance or divorce proceedings so expect things to flow in these arenas.

Sunday your feelings about the home, move, real estate deal or roommate situation will be front and center. You will need to deal with a woman or love issue that is coming through travel, publicity/media, education, or legal means and be willing to make some adjustments in your day around what comes up here. Neptune is bringing a very lovely vibe around earning or spending that goes on at home or with property so if you want to purchase some great candles and music and fill the house with romance, go for it!

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Saturday brings the trip, education, media/publicity matter, or legal issue to a serious moment for you. There has been this wild energy around what has been going on the last couple days and now you will see where it was leading. This will be an action taken here that will be about getting serious, committing time or effort, or ending something. You have the support of the Lights behind you through talks or agreements you come to with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist so open up and connect for positive results.

Sunday brings your focus on an important talk, decision, meeting or agreement. Some of you will be dealing with outside energies such as neighbors or siblings but most will be focused on an idea, message, talk. There is a woman tied to the sex, finances or divorce that will play into this and it seems you must ask for more or state your case about what you don’t feel you are getting. Neptune is suggesting that you will feel pretty inspired about something romantic, artistic or spiritual from at least one of these talks today.

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Saturday is a powerful day as all the hectic energy around finances of the last two days resolve with something very serious that you are taking action on now. This will be about a divorce, death, major financial matter, or sex/reproductive topic. You are going to express your passion or anger here and motivate around taking the lead and either committing time or effort to what needs doing or ending something. The Lights favor who you are in service to others today and in good feelings about money you can earn or spend in that direction.

Sunday puts the focus on money that needs to come in or what is being spent and this will in part connect to a woman who is significant to you. There is a need to make some adjustments and stretch yourself a bit to make things come together. Neptune is favorably placed to support your efforts intuitively in what you research, work on behind closed doors, imagine into existence, put your artistry or spirituality behind, and in any dealings tied to hospitals or other institutions. Put some time into these arenas as they have an opportunity aspect to the money you are reaching for.

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