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Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!! I still can’t believe we are half way through our year but here we go. This weekend is ALL about the Grand Cross as each and every energy involved is playing a part, mostly on the emotional front but as you will see by what transpires, a bit of fate and destiny take the moment as well.

The Moon will be in Aries so emotions will be strong, people will be more interested in their own needs, and they will be passionate about expressing themselves, angry, aggressive or motivated in all that goes on. Since this is such a social weekend in America, with lots of imbibing of spirits try to keep an eye on limits since this will add fuel to any volatile fires.

On Saturday this moon meets up with Uranus and Jupiter to spark something unexpected, surprising, shocking, or exciting, and big! Change is in the air, you didn’t see it coming and you are going to act on it in the spur of the moment, again watch for escalating emotions that will act as rocket launchers all unto themselves. The Moon will also square Pluto so this is about power, control, major finances, sex, triangles, and the ambitions you have placed in one or more of these arenas will be front and center as well. It can be empowering, soul changing and evolve a turning point for you or it can be dark and intense. If EVER you were going to designate a driver, this is the weekend to do so, do NOT get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking!

Sunday this fire Moon in Aries squares the Sun so you will feel it physically, personally, or through the ego as you express passions that send you or anger that stirs you up. The Moon next makes an adjustment to Mars, it’s ruler at present, in Virgo, so you will need to do some work, deal with something health related or with the pets as an outcome of feelings or a need to do what you want.

Last and most significant, the Sun meets up with the KARMIC SOUTH NODE. This is coloring both days of the weekend and is about something involving your needs, body, image, or identity and a fated moment, situation or person that arrives on the scene or takes their leave. You may be meeting someone from a past life that you are now destined to pick back up and move forward on something that was cut short then or there may be a need to balance something that went before, you may have something taken away from you now or see an ending that affects you personally, and it will play out over home, family, property, land, country, or security issues. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD if challenged and meet your past lifetime moment with full conscious awareness of just how special this weekend’s crossroad is to you and your evolvement. We may get a major glimpse of something global over this weekend that points very specifically to what the rest of this summer will be working with in this Grand Cross. If someone has been plotting an attack this would be one of the weekends we could see it attempted and to this end, you may want to be aware of your surroundings as you go about your festivities.

These kinds of intense patterns and karmic points can be intense but they are also the fuel that ignites much needed change and growth in our lives so as we maneuver our way through the Grand Cross of a lifetime in the next 6 weeks, remember just how special you are to be here and keep your eye on your own personal vision and your sense of humor wrapped loosely about you.


Saturday is about how you feel about what is happening to you. Are you being treated fairly? How is your health, looks, image, are your needs being met? It’s a day to enjoy the flesh, meet your needs, take time for yourself, and in all of this see how much is still left to reach the big goal. Can you ask the boss for a favor? Is there a way to climb the ladder if you change something about yourself? Are past reputation matters playing into what is transpiring around you? Is there something you need to take care of based on your looks or image to achieve the goal you have set for yourself? Today you should tackle these questions.

Sunday brings up any issues you have at home, with property matters, your roommates, or family so the edgy energy should be noted so you don’t blow something out of proportion or allow someone else to do so. Mars is pushing you today to DO something about the pet situation, work or health matter and in this you will need to be willing to make some concessions to meet both sides in the matter. The Karmic South Node and the Sun sit together in your home, property, security, family, mom/mother figure, and roommates arena so expect that something or someone will be playing something out here that is about picking up from a past life or balancing what needs to be balanced and any loss here is aligned to universal flow at present. It’s important to remember that the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th will give you a big fresh start in this same arena with doors opening then.


Saturday will have you pretty vital or passionate behind closed doors, this could be lots of steam with someone sexy and secret or about the energy you are putting into a film or other artistic outlet, it could be about energy applied to research, investigations, spiritual pursuits, or hospitals, prisons or other places of isolation or retreat. Surprises, changes, and big moments await you through these emotional doors today and what is occurring outside of your control through a media venture, trip, the law, a ceremony, a person at a distance, or through education will be what is motivating the actions you take now.

Sunday will bring news that affects you personally or physically based on the energetic topics of Saturday. You will talk, meet or hear a decision today that will change things and through this you will be spurred to take action around the creative venture, child or love interest. Remember that you will need to make some concessions here or be willing to negotiate in everyone’s interests, stretching you a bit in the process. The Karmic South Node and the Sun meet up in the arena of news, information, writing, talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, short trips, or siblings today and will have something tied to a past lifetime being picked back up to finish it or a balancing of karma from then. Your family, home or living situation will play into this as well. Remember that on the 11th the New Moon Solar Eclipse will give you a fresh start in this same place so you will be on new ground by then.


Saturday the Aries Moon will stir up energy with a friend, group, social affair, or aspiration and gear you up to motivate, do something, express passions, or share anger here. You are meeting up with change, excitement, shock, and something big with this person or situation and may find that you thought you were doing one thing today but another comes through that is big and you need to deal with the friend or make a decision in the spur of the moment. You are going to have major sexual, divorce or financial matters at frictional angle to this so watch that sparks fly in positive directions.

Sunday the social, friend, group, or aspiration energy is at play again and today you are on the spot to earn money or deal with this person or situation regarding the money you earn or spend. This in turn will spur you to get active at home or with a living situation, in a move or with a property matter and you will need to make some concessions to make it all come together. The Karmic South Node meets the Sun today in your earnings zone so you will be seeing something come in today that is about a past life and picking it back up to move forward or about a balancing of past issues for you through income. You may meet someone now who you have known before who wants to get involved with you on a financial level. Guard your wallet today while out and about as you could lose cash today as well. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th will open a new door up based on what happens now.


Saturday is all about intense energy playing out through your ambitions, career, reputation, goals, fame, or father/father figure. There is something exciting, shocking, sudden, inventive, regarding change, and a big expansion in the energy today through these doors. You will need to deal with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor as you make your move or field that energy playing out through your career and rise up the ladder.

Sunday is more of the same energy around career and goals, father or fame, and today it requires you take some time for yourself, look at your image, identity, body, physical or personal needs and make any changes or overcome any obstacles that are standing in your way towards what you want. Mars is going to motivate you to do something locally, with a sibling or neighbor, or through writing, agreements, talks, or meetings and in this you will need to be willing to make some concessions to get what you want. The Karmic South Node is meeting with the Sun today in your sign so it IS a karmic time for you. You may be the one showing up in other people’s lives now with this or you may meet someone from a past life now or a situation that will bring something from then back to life to be moved forward. Any losses will be a balancing and you will get a brand new Solar Eclipse on the 11th in this same arena to begin to move forward on new ground.


Saturday brings intense emotions, change, surprise, excitement, shock, and big expansion for you through travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, ceremonies, or legal channels. You will be expressing your passions or anger here as you deal with something major in health, with work, employees or co-workers, or with pets or animal causes. Remember that this is frictional energy and it can help you get a lot done but you need to watch out for taking things too far over the top or for people who will tend to do that to you at this point.

Sunday is more of the same but with you in the retreative mode working behind the scenes, in a hospital or other institution, through research or investigations, in a film, music or other artistic outlet, or in a clandestine romance. Again this ties in to what is happening through the trip, media, legal, or educational matter. It should motivate you to DO something about the income, finding ways to make more money, collect on earnings or spend on something important. You will need to make concessions to get what you want here. The Karmic South Node and the Sun meet in this hidden arena of your chart so there is something from a past life being balanced or picked back up on or you may see some kind of loss here around the retreat, research, artistic outlet, hospital or other institution, or secret affair. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th will be in this same position so you will get a fresh new start then.


Saturday is surprising, exciting, shocking, big, and about change of some sort playing out through a sexual encounter, reproductive matter, divorce, death, or major financial matter. It is pretty intense and you will need to deal with powerful change in arenas of love, children or creative efforts in what occurs. This could be a weekend of wild sexual attraction and intense heat or one that changes everything here with a lover, child or creative outlet, with divorce or finances playing along side.

Sunday feelings about the divorce, death, sex, or financial picture are strong again and you will be in the spotlight here with a friend, group or at a social occasion in dealing with it all. Mars will motivate you to take action personally and this could look like some form of physical exertion or doing something about your image, body or ego needs, either way it will require some concessions from you as you try to do everything you need or want to do today. The Karmic South Node is meeting the Sun in your house of friends, groups and social arenas today and this will mean that a person or situation from a past life is showing back up this weekend to pick back up on something from the past or to balance the past. You may have a loss here with this person as well. If so know that the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th is a brand new start in this part of your chart.


Saturday is all about your significant relationship, be it a romantic partner, business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Emotions are intense and self-motivated here and you will see sudden shifts, change, excitement, surprises, or shock that is big and expansive from this person or in this relationship. There is a need to deal with home, a house, a living situation, roommate factor, or move alongside of this and it will represent challenge and powerful change.

Sunday brings more of the same with the focus on this person of interest and today you will be looking at who you want to be and how you want your image or identity tied to a career goal or ambition, will your reputation be enhanced, is fame worth the price, these kind of questions, or if I achieve this goal will my identity remain the same, am I giving too much of myself away, are my needs being met with this person? Mars will motivate you to take action behind the scenes, in some subversive way, through spiritual or psychic approaches, through the arts or a clandestine affair, or through dealing with a hospital or other institution, you will need to be willing to give a bit to get what you want. The Karmic South Node meets the Sun today in your career Midheaven so whatever goal or career agenda that is culminating this weekend, know it is picking back up from a past life to carry that forward or it is about balancing the past, if you experience a loss at this point know that the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th is giving you a fresh new door to walk through here.


Saturday will bring lots of emotional energy around work you need to tackle, any issues on the job or with co-workers or employees, around health and what needs doing here, or over pets. There is excitement, shock and change in the air here as well as inventive and original approaches that are big and expand things in new directions for you. You are going to be engaged in a powerful conversation, here intense news, make a big decision or sign a major agreement (or break one) over something here this weekend. For some of you it will be about an intense meeting, something with a neighbor, short trip, sibling, or vehicle that plays into the powerful moment. You are highly advised to take care out on the roads today and tomorrow Scorpio!

Sunday the work, health or pet matter is again the focus but today you will be smack in the middle of the picture with whether or not to fly off some place, connect with someone at a distance, get into the media, publishing or publicity matter, tackle the legal issue, or teach or take a class. This is frictional energy and you need to ask yourself if your needs are being met in your current situation and what you can do to move closer to what that would look like. You seem to feel out of the loop in one of these arenas so don’t be too hard on yourself in this, you are getting there. Mars pushes you to DO something with a friend, group or socially and this will stretch your idea of work, or feelings about health or pets. The Karmic South Node sits with the Sun in your house of travel, education, law, and media and will bring a destined moment, person or situation around from a past life to be picked back up and moved forward or to balance something from then. If you experience any loss through one of these doors now, know that on the 11th the New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing fresh new ground here.


Saturday is about your lover, love interest, love issues, child, topic of children, or creative projects. Expect big things, excitement, shock, change, and intense feelings in all of this. You must get around what is happening to affect your income through one or more of these outlets and spend accordingly to what you are earning. If you are doing something recreationally today, watch your wallet or purse since there is frictional energy around this and you could lose it or have it stolen.

Sunday carries over the energy around true love, children and creativity with you center stage in arenas of sex, divorce, reproduction, or major financial matters. See how your needs are being met intimately, through the separation or regarding the child on the way or the way the financial burden is being shared. Mars will motivate you to act on the goal in a way that is aggressive, passionate or angry and will require you make some concessions to get what you want. The Karmic South Node meets the Sun in your house of sex, reproduction, divorce, loans, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, credit cards, bankruptcy, settlements, royalties, commissions, alimony, child support, or joint finances. This will bring a past person or situation into your life so that you can pick back up on one of these themes and move forward or do some karmic balancing. Know that if you experience loss through any of these arenas now that the Solar Eclipse on the 11th is giving you a fresh start in the same arena up ahead.


Saturday the emotional energy is intense at home, with property, the people in the home, around moves or visits, or security needs. You are seeing something exciting, shocking, new, a change or something big happening here and you will need to deal with your own powerful needs or image of yourself in the matter. You may see this frictional energy as a motivator to do something about who you are becoming or where you are living or you may be holding some kind of big home based festivity now that requires a lot from you. Energy is sexy or powerful and intense all the way around.

Sunday the home or property matter is again in the picture but today you are in the spotlight with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor here and will want to ask yourself if your needs are being met and what to do about making that so. Mars will motivate you to travel, express passions or anger with someone at a distance, dive into the media, educational, or legal matter, and again, bring this from emotions at home, with someone there or over property matters. You will be stretching in this so get ready! The Karmic South Node meets up with the Sun in your house of partners, representatives, competitors, and specialists so you can expect that a past life moment is arriving now to be picked back up and moved forward or for karmic balancing. If you experience a loss here know that the Solar Eclipse on the 11th is a brand new door opening for you with a significant person.


Saturday emotions are running high and they are going to focus in on news you hear, an agreement, meeting, talk you have, idea or writing project, short trip, or involvement with neighbors or siblings. Look to motivate here and express passions or anger as you hear about or talk about exciting, new, shocking, original, unexpected, surprising, big and expansive ideas or news. Powerful changes are going on behind closed doors today that are affecting this and may involve anything from secret love affairs, film or fantasy projects, psychic, mystical or spiritual practices, research or investigations, or hospitals and other institutions.

Sunday the talks, news, ideas, agreements, short trips, sibling or neighbor relationships, and writing projects continue to take center stage. Today you need to ask yourself if your needs are being met at work, with work you have before you, with co-workers or employees, in a position of service, with health, or with pets. Mars will motivate you to DO something about the sexual connection, divorce or major financial matter such as the loan or investment. You will need to make some concessions here to get what you want. The Karmic South Node meets up with the Sun today in your work, health and pet zone and someone or situation is arriving to open up a portal to a past life for you and help you to carry something forward from that time or to balance what went before. If you experience a loss through one of these arenas know that on the 11th the Solar Eclipse will open a huge new door in this same part of your chart for you.


Saturday emotions will be intense and on edge over income. You will feel motivated to express yourself about this, to think of actions you can take, as you deal with excitement, change, shock or something very big taking you in a new direction around your income, spending or a possession in question. Passion or anger will be at the edge of this today and you will be in a challenge to overcome something around a major aspiration here or with a friend or group affiliation, social occasion or networking event.

Sunday the income carries over as the theme de jour. You are going to see your personal needs affected here through a love relationship, with a child or through a creative project and you will need to ask yourself if your needs are being met, how the income is affecting these arenas and what you want for yourself and how to deal with what is occurring. Mars will motivate you to DO something about the partner, representative or specialist involved and you will be stretching yourself here and must be willing through your passions or anger to make some concessions if you want the ending you have in mind. The Karmic South Node is meeting with the Sun in your house of true love, children and creative projects which means that a person or situation from a past life is arriving on the scene so that you can pick things back up that were cut short or so you can balance Karma from the past at his point, it will play out in love, with kids or a creative venture. If you experience a loss through one of these doors now, know that the Solar Eclipse on the 11th is opening a fresh new door in this exact arena for forward growth.

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