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We have officially moved into the Grand Cross arena that builds from this first Lunar Eclipse throughout the month of July and peaks between July 31st and August 14th. The changes are on in other words. It’s ok if you haven’t figured out just what the next step is supposed to be because part of the job of the Grand Cross will be to bring forces to bear that will be event oriented and help to direct you along your course.

It is very important to keep your sense of humor through the next 6 weeks as much as possible and know that change is challenging to most people so when you see someone acting out give them some space and a little love if you can muster it, someone will return the favor. Also know that some change will be hard but some things are going to be so great and exciting because you have been working a very long slow and steady pace at building in one area of life and this Grand Cross is going to be jettisoning you out into the stratosphere in some ways towards your desired goals, it’s a big, big summer! I will post the JULY MONTHLY forecast that goes in depth about this for every sign on Wednesday.

Monday will bring a talk about what it is you want or need, who you are or how your identity or image needs to shift, all wrapped up with your home environment (so this may be an area that needs change). You will find that your friends or a group you are involved with has something pretty cool in store for you so say yes to invitations.

Tuesday will focus on feelings you have about the group you are running with at present, and any friendships that are due some reworking. Look at how the work is being approached and what adjustments you can make here to realign or sever with this person or group. Your creativity or love is in the mix here and it is important that this is being fulfilled positively.

Wednesday the universe seems to think it is going to take you all two days to get this worked out because it is a very big helping of similar energy. Look at the friendship, the group you are linked to, is the spiritual or artistic bond one that is true with your own vibrational pattern? If so, today you MUST set some limits around what is going on at work here or with a health matter or animal rights issue, the pets or an environmental matter, or if you are hiring someone between you to work on something.

Thursday the energy shifts and is markedly the most optimistic day of the week. Dreamy, artsy, spiritual energy combines with your major goal or career in an opportunity so look for ways to get out there and express yourself, make your name, build your empire and transform your situation. A talk or meeting today is about the home, roommate, move, real estate deal, or something regarding your security needs. Again, this is meeting with very positive opportunity so when you open up and ask for what you need there is going to be work the ensues, something motivational around health or moving with the pets here.

Friday you can continue to take advantage of upbeat talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions around the home or living situation. There is a woman who is involved in a creative project, the kids or tied to a love affair and in this you need to work at bringing things out into the open a bit more, something is hidden that really should no longer be going on in such a clandestine or Machiavellian way, clean it up people!

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Talk about the house, what’s going on at home, the move, the real estate deal, mom, or anything having to do with your roots and what you are building on this Monday. There is a fresh start in the disclosure or agreement. Opportunity is with the friend or group today and emotional breakthroughs are possible as well as some new ideal that gets you super charged up! Luck or expansion is in the mix so take it and run.

Tuesday you will be dealing with this group or friend and getting into the fray of the work that needs to be done, tackling the health matter or really amping it up around the pets. There is a love, child or creative matter here that should be addressed today with this person, look at the woman involved and then try to strike a balance.

Wednesday is your last day working things through with the friend or group and today there is a lot of energy here focusing you in on the artistic project, spiritual pursuit, clandestine romance involved, or dealing with a hospital or other institution. You are going to need to set some limits around the work, health or pet matter today with this friend or group so be prepared to make some adjustments here.

Thursday the energy shifts taking you in the the work you are doing behind closed doors for a big boss or your own career agenda. This looks very powerful and positive so strike out in artistic, spiritual ways or in something you can do on your own. A talk at home or about home or property is slated and again will lead to positive action through work, health or pets, getting things moving here.

Friday your imagination is truly working for you and you may find that you want to talk about the home or living situation from this point of view, bringing some new spiritual or artistic energy into the space. You may be dealing with a hospital matter today and yesterday that will be focusing your energy at home and around what you are building on as well. This looks positive either way so speak up. A female child, lover or woman involved in a creative project is going to require some effort today and you should be willing to adapt to what the needs are since they seem to come out of nowhere.

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Monday is a great day for those of you who are writers as the energy is favoring a spotlight on you and what you have to say. If you don’t have a writing project to pitch today, schedule your meetings, interviews, talks, or signing of agreements for today. Career and reputation are under golden rays as well with a nice opportunity streaming in through an artistic outlet, spiritual pursuit, romantic ideal, or something you have been dealing with through institutions such as hospitals or prisons.

Tuesday you will want to take action on the creative endeavor, get it moving and be willing to adjust some approached to reach your goal. Lovers and children are also under the motivating forces of Mars today in your chart so get it in gear with these dear ones and in all of this, keep your goals in mind, you are making your way to them now.

Wednesday Neptune gets into the picture with your career Midheaven so you can expect something dreamy, poetic, artistic, romantic, or spiritual to be working for you, it is most likely you will be projecting one of these auras to your public so keep that in mind! There is a need to set or deal with some limits with the child, lover or creative venture today so work on whatever that looks like for you.

Thursday the energy shifts to your social realm and the major opportunity here through travel, media, law, or education. See what you can do with a friend or group in one of these outlets today. Talks, agreements, writing projects, decisions, or meetings you have are under really wonderful stars as well linking to action stemming from this into creative projects, true love or children, so declare your feelings, meet up, ask for what you want, and then watch what happens.

Friday is a great day for time with friends or a group, writing, sharing ideas, meeting up locally, bonding over something positive. Some of you may have felt this Thursday night as well. There is a woman at home or involved with a living situation, real estate deal or your security needs that will need to be balanced into the social fray of the day, look at love or money needs at home and see what you can do.

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Monday it’s all about the income, sweet. You will want to make a call, take a meeting, ask for the raise or new employment opportunity, sign an agreement, but make sure you are seen and heard today because it’s a fresh start where money is concerned. There is positive flow between something exciting and expansive with a friend or group tied to media, travel, law, or education so look here as well.

Tuesday you will want to really focus in on the media venture, travel opportunity, legal matter, or education and see what you can do about what is happening at home or with a living situation to accommodate this. Get active here. There is a talk or meeting with a woman involved in all of this today where you will be trying to find common ground from two different sides of the fence, balance is key.

Wednesday is very much an extension of Tuesday’s energy as you find an artistic, spiritual or romantic outlet for the media, travel, legal, or educational matter. As you are putting this dreamy energy to work for you through one or more of these arenas, look at setting limits at home or with a roommate by making some adjustments or new decisions about how things are done.

Thursday the energy shifts towards career and goals with a big positive boost coming in through a change to outside financial realms, a sexual or reproductive opportunity, or through a divorce. Whatever you need whether it is more intimacy, if you’ve been trying to conceive, trying to get the divorce over, or in need of a loan or settlement to come through or a way to pay off debt, today is open if you are proactive. Talks or meet about earning money and then do something about the home, move or roommate.

Friday it is all about the career and goals with a positive talk in the mix about making money. This is another day when you may want to really work at the career agenda and improving the income. You need to talk to a woman today regarding the goal or career and this is going to mean making some concessions with here over love or money.

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Monday is putting you in the spotlight on some level and it will involve a call, talk, meeting, something you say or write, a speaking engagement, an agreement, or idea. It’s good to be you today so step out of that shell. Nice surprises or changes are available on the career front combining outside financial resources, intimacy or a divorce.

Tuesday you will want to get serious about the intimate connection, divorce or one of these major financial matters: loans, debt, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, royalties, commissions, or joint finances. There is a talk or agreement today that is important around one or more of these themes that will lead to action if you are willing to work around any obstacles. A woman figures into the money you earn today as well and how you balance this all with her is key.

Wednesday is a replay of Tuesday because there is a lot that is going on here in the sexual, divorce or major financial arenas of your life at present. You will find that today these areas are colored with a dreamy, romantic, artistic or spiritual overlay and that you will be having a talk or coming to a decision, meeting or looking at an agreement that will require some limits being set but will move the financial, sexual or divorce matter along.

Thursday the energy shifts and this is a very wonderful day for looking at the media matter, trip, education, or legal aspects of something with a partner, agent, attorney or specialist. Major changes and powerful transformations are possible that will benefit you here. A talk or agreement today will fire you up to get busy on the local scene or with a writing project, agreement or meeting, all under positive stars that bring opportunity.

Friday you will find yourself and your needs at the center of the conversation or agreement as you embrace the media, beliefs, travel, people at a distance, teaching or pursuing higher education, or through legal means. The energy is positive here. There will be a woman today you will need to make some adjustments with around the money you are earning in this or something separate.

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Monday puts you in the spotlight in talks, ideas, news, agreements, or decisions relating to hospitals, places of retreat, film or fantasy, artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, or a clandestine romance. This is a fresh start here so if you need to audition, make a call or pitch an idea, be proactive. Feelings about the partner, specialist or representative should be good today due to the lovely opportunity here through media, legal, educational, or travel channels. They seem to be bringing you some luck.

Tuesday is about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and the need to take action to make money or spend some. You will have to make some concessions here or adjust to what is on the table but acting is important just now. Your needs will have to be balanced here and that is part of the challenge as well but again, look at what you want via love or money for clues.

Wednesday is more of Tuesday with a few twists. You have to focus on the partnership, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition and bring your artistry, romance, or spiritual attributes into the picture here. Then you need to set or deal with the limits on income in the picture, make what adjustments you can and move on.

Thursday the energy shifts and really picks up as you are going into the deeply connected emotions of sex, intimacy, divorce, reproduction, or outside financial matters. These are tying in to opportunity through work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. So if you are single and want to heat things up with someone new, get out and walk the dog or go to the gym or wink at the co-worker, something powerful is in the mix. If you are trying to transform the financial picture it comes through applied work or changes in health. Talks will lead to action on the income front that are positive so pitch ideas, audition, meet, write, get it out there.

Friday the financial houses are aligned so you can earn and spend or do what you can to get a loan or other financial backing today. A love or money need seems to be important to you personally for something to wear or a new look, something personal for you, do what you can to deal with the outside resource and deal with your position in this, there are more adjustments to be made here.

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Schedule talks or meetings with friends or a group on Monday because there is fresh-start energy attached and you will been seen in a strong light. If you have an aspiration you wish to put out there, pitch it today as well, it’s all good. There are nice changes or ways to expand through outside financial resources, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance or loans and work or health benefits from this.

Tuesday is a good day to focus on the work you need to get done, work you want to secure, health issues, and pets. You will find that if you are willing to push yourself physically in a bit of a different way you can make things happen here. Look at any hidden love or money matters that might interfere or need balancing.

Wednesday is again about the work, health or pets but today you can apply your artistic, spiritual or romantic energies to accomplish a great deal in these areas. If you need to visit a hospital then schedule it for today. There is a need to set some limits around what you are doing to your body or around your own personal needs at work, with health or pets.

Thursday the energy shifts and focused on the big change coming through a creative venue, lover or child. This should make for pretty great feelings with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist in the picture. Talks or meetings with a group or friend is on the slate and opens some positive doors for you to do something active.

Friday talk about the aspiration, agree to something with a friend or group, take the meeting, sign the agreement, or share the idea, it all goes back to a partner, representative or specialist and something positive for you. You DO need to unlock the hidden energy around the lover or money matter, you really don’t have much more time to keep this secret, tick tock.

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Don’t you just love it when the Sun shines bright in your career Midheaven? Well you should, today is a great day to get out there and make your mark, phone up the boss and ask for the raise, interview, pitch ideas, launch something about your business. The nice, expansive and possibly lucky energy is coming to you through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and will help you with the creative project, love or child.

Tuesday you will want to focus in on the creative endeavor, child or lover and then take some action behind the scenes. This will require a bit of a stretch but you will get things rolling if you run with the ball. A female friend is either opposing you openly and will have to be dealt with or is in need of your attention in which case you will have to balance your stuff with her needs.

Wednesday is more of Tuesday’s energy where the creative project, kids or lover is concerned. You have Neptune engaging today so there is real powerful artistic, romantic, spiritual energy coming on board for you in this. If a hospital is involved with the loved one, today will help you get that on track. You do need to set some limits with the institution or the artistic expression here.

Thursday the energy shifts towards work you can get done at home or on the home, some major transformation at home from some health regime you implement, or powerful time with pets at home, it’s all under positive stars. Talks about career or a major goal will lead you straight into your own little private Idaho to tackle the work behind the scenes in some positive way.

Friday is again about the work, health or pets with a positive talk, news or meeting that links this to the goal so ask for what you need or make your pitch again today. It’s a good day to sign up for the gym or to adopt a pet as well. A female friend is pulling you off again in another direction, again you must try to deal with both sides of your day.

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Monday puts you in the spotlight over a media, publishing or publicity venture, travel or with someone at a distance, through teaching or higher education, or through a legal matter. It is all about the talk you have, what you pitch, agree to, write, meet over, or the idea you come up with today in one of these areas, that gives you a nice fresh start, step out and be seen. Luck and expansion is beckoning through work, health or pets and this should help you to feel better about home, security needs or moving.

Tuesday is all about the home, move, roommate, foundations you are building upon, real estate deal, renovation, security issues, or mom/mother figure. You will want to stretch yourself a bit with a friend or group today by doing something with or for them but this will definitely affect home. A woman is key to the career goal you have and you will need to find a way to balance the home with the goal involving her.

Wednesday the universe thinks you still need a bit of time to deal with home or moves, real estate or security. Today Neptune moves in so there is fresh air here around artistry, romance, spirituality, or work you can do behind the scenes from home or about home issues. You need to deal with limits regarding the friend or group and what you are trying to master through the connection.

Thursday is a really great day this week with big news, an agreement or meeting or a talk that helps to change everything involving the creative venture, child or love relationship. If single you could meet someone pretty powerful while out and about so don’t stay home. You want to put the idea out there or have the talk or meeting about the media/publishing/publicity idea, travel or with a person at a distance, education, or legal matter and you want to involve a friend or group in this for making something positive happen.

Friday again brings more positive talks, agreements, meetings or decisions about the trip, media, education, or legal matter and should have you feeling pretty great creatively or about a lover or child. You need to make some adjustments for the woman who is involved in the goal or on the career front in this with an eye on the creativity.

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Monday you have the spotlight on you and what you have to say, meet over, agree upon, or pitch regarding a sexual or intimate situation, reproduction, divorce, or major financial situation. It’s a fresh start and you will be heard so open up. There is a nice surprise or luck associated with your creativity today or through a child or lover, again meeting, writing, talking or making decisions should be part of the connection.

Tuesday brings an emphasis on communications and what you have to say or write is going to lead to some action on the career front. So aim your words at their target today. A woman at a distance, involved in travel, legalities, media, or education is part of the communications today as well and you will want to do your best to balance what you have to say with what she is bringing by way of love or money.

Wednesday continues on the writing, talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, and ideas mode. Today Neptune enters the equation so there will be artistic, spiritual, romantic, or something involving hospitals or addictions in the mix for you. Look at limits on the career front and what you are doing to reach mastery here while you are sharing your ideas.

Thursday the energy shifts towards major changes around income and positive feelings about home or property, family or security. You may earn from home today or buy/sell real estate, or spend on family matters all under positive stars. Talks about sex, reproduction, divorce, loans or any other outside financial resource lead to opportunity to take action towards the goal or with the career, again positive.

Friday is about the ongoing discussions or decisions regarding sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce or finances with positive alignment to home, property, family, or mom/mother figures. There is a female at a distance, tied to travel, education, legal matters, or media that you will need to accommodate a bit in this so tend to it today.

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Monday you are in the spotlight with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions will put you on a fresh path together/apart. It’s pretty much your call. Luck and excitement is around the home, real estate, move, living situation, or renovation and the opportunity to earn money here.

Tuesday income is front and center again but today what you do will require some action legally, through travel, media/publicity, or education so be willing to stretch a bit in doing something here to add to your income or spend a bit. A woman involved in the financial picture, sexually or through divorce is in the balance with your earnings, perfect balance or opposition, either/or.

Wednesday is the last big day of this week for income and today Neptune enters the picture so there will be something romantic, artistic, spiritual, involving institutions or water tied to the income for you. Look at setting limits around the travel, legalities, education, or media part tied to income so you continue to master these fields.

Thursday the energy shifts to meetings, talks, writing, agreements, and decisions with some pretty powerful, positive transformation for you either sexually, through divorce or some big bucks coming at you. Talks with partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, or specialists will lead to action legally, through travel, media, or education and this looks positive as well.

Friday brings you in line with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist with talks and meetings going well. There is a woman again involved in the sex, divorce or major financial picture that you will need to attend to through talks or meetings and this will require some concessions.

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Monday puts you front and center in a work situation, with your health or over pets. You are in the spotlight here and have the floor to talk, take the meeting, sign the agreement, or make the decision so step up. Luck and expansion come through local moves, short trips, writing, decisions and ideas so again open up about what you want.

Tuesday is active in your house of sex, divorce or financial matters as you must do something here that is a bit of a stretch or you want to do something and there is something in the way. Look at the woman partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition and make some personal choices about how you can step things up yourself today.

Wednesday Neptune gets into the act and brings artistry, romance, spirituality or something you go into a hospital to do for yourself, your looks, image, body, or identity. This could be a pretty dreamy day for you but you will have to set limits around the sex, divorce or debt/outside resources in what you are undergoing.

Thursday the energy shifts to focus on making or spending money and some pretty powerful transformation that is occurring behind closed doors. This could be fantasy or art oriented, through research or investigation, spirituality, clandestine romance, or through hospitals. Talk about the work, health or pets will lead to action in the financial realm, with the divorce or sexual connections so see if you can make decisions, talk, meet, or sign agreements today.

Friday is about income and work, health or pets so this is where you will be making it or spending it. The flow is positive. You will have to make concessions again with income for the partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist.

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Monday puts you in the spotlight in a creative endeavor, with a lover or involving children. This is about a talk or meeting, idea, pitch, writing, agreement, or decision and a fresh start for you here. There is luck and expansion around earning money today and it ties in positively with what you are working on behind closed doors, in the arts, with spiritual pursuits, or institutions.

Tuesday this behind the scenes energy through artistry, spirituality, institutions, research, or clandestine romance will push you to act on something with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor but you will be stretched in this for sure or perhaps you will want to remain working on your stuff but this person needs or wants you elsewhere. There is also need to balance a woman at work, perhaps an employee or co-worker, involved in health, or who helps with pets.

Wednesday is the last day to hole up and tackle all the artistic, spiritual energy behind closed doors. Neptune is in the picture today so there is super charge around your inspiration, intuition, romantic nature, spiritual insights, and all of this is playing into what you are working towards artistically, romantically or spiritually, it crosses over in the nicest of ways. You will have to set or deal with limits in a partnership, with an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, master yourself here.

Thursday the energy shifts to focus on your dreamy or artistic, romantic or spiritual feelings about yourself and a major transformation within a friendship or group affiliation. This is an opportunity for powerful change if you are proactive. Talks or meetings are focused on love, children or creative outlets and will lead to action in a partnership, with an agent, attorney, specialist, or competition, again positive.

Friday the flow is all about you and the creative project, lover or child. It is harmonious and talks, decisions, meetings, or agreements are favored. A woman at work, involved with pets, or health is a bit out of alignment again and you will need to accommodate or work around this.

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