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So here we are at the Eclipse weekend, looking at how things are peaking for us on the career front, with our ambitions and structures, our reputation and authority in the world. I hope it is a time of celebrating things culminating here for you but if it is about endings, know you are in flow universally and it is time to move on to other goals, better career platforms, and new ways to lead our life forward.

Saturday brings a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that peaks with Pluto in tow, this is powerful soul energy that is in an activating angle and is going to be doing just about everything it can to deeply transform a direction in your life. In the line of life changing energy of this summer, this weekend is about helping you see what if anything needs to change. You will feel this emotionally in the area the Capricorn holds in your chart, there will be a talk, news, meeting, decision, or agreement that becomes very important this weekend, an opportunity for you to say what needs to be said or ask for what you need.

Sunday the talks will continue or begin in earnest after you had Saturday to think about it. A decision made now is about setting you off on a new road so it’s ok if it feels a bit scary, it’s supposed to change things. Saturn adjusts to Neptune today as well and this is all about your physical ideal needing to come more closely into alignment with the actual health or work situation. Go easy on people, everyone is dealing with these big shifts in all kinds of different ways.

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You are celebrating or preparing to walk on the career front. There is a big moment around something powerful changing or trying to empower yourself in some way. If it is not career then look at other important goals, ambition, leadership, any dealings with authority figures, a father/father figure, your reputation, or bid for fame. These areas are culminating in major ways now and a talk about the home, where you live, with whom, what is going on there, any moves, real estate deals or family matters will be part of this huge shift this weekend.

Sunday the talks or meetings at or about home, property, mom/mother figures, moves, roommates, or security are still in the mix as you see the goal or career shifting in some way. You are hosting Saturns last move through your health, work and pets zone and today that becomes part of an adjustment for you, the limits you can take at work, with health or the pet situation, or the responsibilities attributed to these themes. Look at how your own spiritual or artistic nature is being affected in this as you make your adjustments.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday is bringing the issues around a trip, legal matter, ceremony, media, publishing or publicity matter, or higher education to a powerful peak. There is a need to either celebrate the culmination here or to look at the ending involved. A talk, meeting, or decision is part of this energy in a major way, you need to look at attending to what needs tying up locally or with siblings, tackle the writing part of the project, come to an agreement, pick up the phone and let people know what is going on or what you need, or meet about the issues.

Sunday continues in this communications arena with more talks, meetings or decisions that have to be made regarding the trip, law, education, or media matter. You are still under powerful emotional energy here and an activator that is keying in on soul energy and transformation. Saturn is asking you to look at any restrictions or responsibilities to children, lovers or creative projects at this time and then to focus on your spiritual path that is leading you into some place of retreat or inner work, an artistic project such as film or fantasy, a hospital or prison, a research or investigative work, or in dealing with addiction.

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Saturday brings the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to a peak in your deeply connected part of the chart associated with sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or any outside financial matter such as loans, debt, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, commissions, or joint finances. Something is very intensely changing here, transforming and there is a need to talk or meet about your values or the money you earn or spend as you celebrate this time or wrap something up at it’s end.

Sunday the talks, meetings, agreements, news, decisions, or short trips continue around income, how you are balancing change involving intimate partners, reproduction, divorce, or outside resources. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at the limits or responsibilities to home, real estate, roommates, moves, mom/mother figures, or security and then make an adjustment based on your own romantic, artistic or spiritual needs with a friend or group.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is occurring in your opposing sign and will trigger powerful changes with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You will celebrating something very intense culminating now or ending a relationship or something key within it at this time. There is a powerful need to talk, make a decision, come to an agreement, meet, or tackle an idea about you, your needs, image, body, or identity here and what is transforming between you.

Sunday brings more communications about you and your needs, your body, identity or image, and what is happening with the significant relationship. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at your words, writing, talks or meetings, agreements, and ideas and any limits or responsibilities here as you adjust to the new artistic, spiritual or romantic goal and any career opportunities tied to this.

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Saturday brings the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with an extra power punch from Pluto in your house of work, co-workers, employees, health, and pets. You will definitely be feeling this pretty powerfully as an intense build-up or change as you celebrate work just finished, something an employee or co-worker has done, a health issue of yours that is culminating or perhaps something pertaining to the health industry that you were working on wrapping up, or lastly through something that has been going on with a pet or animal rights matter. You are seeing the climax or an ending and there will be the need to deal with information here that you probably weren’t aware of.

Sunday brings the news, talk, meeting, information, agreement, or decision to a turning point as you look at the work, health or pet issue. Expect to talk or hear about something hidden, secret, through research or investigations, an artistic project or matter, or a spiritual approach being important. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at the limits or responsibilities around earnings or spending today and then make some adjustments to your trip, media venture, education, or legal matter to reach the artistic, romantic or spiritual goal.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday is bringing a pretty powerful peak to an emotional matter that is going to change in a very big way for you around a lover, the balance of love in your life, a child, a children’s related matter, or a creative project. Talks with friends, groups or regarding an aspiration are important at this time so as you either celebrate or end something with the love, child or creative venture, know that you are at a major crossroad here that is on course with universal flow.

Sunday the talks, news, agreement, decision, or meeting is at the forefront again, look at the aspiration involved, the friendship or social occasion and how the love, creativity or child is affecting what is occurring. Ask for what you need or find a way to make the decision that feels right for your growth. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at any limits or responsibilities that you have personally, that are effecting who you are, your body, image or identity, and then make some adjustments towards the spiritual, romantic or artistic approach to intimacy or a shared resource, or even in dealing with a divorce.

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Saturday is bringing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to your home base so you will see something being celebrated or ended at home, with a living situation, a property matter, real estate deal, move, renovation, roommate, mom or mother figure. This is very powerful because major change is wrapped up in this for you along with the need to talk about how your goal or career is playing into the moment or what is going on with an authority figure or father.

Sunday the news, talk, meeting, decision, or agreement is back in play but even stronger as you shed light on the career, goal, ambition, reputation, fame, leadership, boss, authority figure, father or father figure. Again look at the big issue at home or with property in this and what is challenging you here. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at something that is limiting or demanding responsibility that you didn’t see coming or that is wrapped up in an artistic, spiritual or hidden project and then work towards some kind of adjustment through the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday brings a pretty major decision, bit of news, talk, meeting, agreement, writing assignment or project, short trip, or something involving neighbors or siblings to a peak in your life. This is not just about a celebration as something is reached or an ending but with Pluto’s involvement there is something of a soul connection and big change in the mix as well. A trip, person at a distance, media or publicity matter, higher education, or legal matter will play into the talks and motivate you to move on the moment.

Sunday there is more of the news, talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions and again the focus is travel, media, education, or legalities and what is transforming your world around an idea, decision, news, agreement, or writing opportunity. Saturn is asking that you get serious about a friend, group or aspiration here, possibly all of these, and look at any limits or responsibilities as you adjust through this towards the artistic, spiritual or romantic opportunities in work or health.

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Saturday brings the big Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to bear in your house of income, possessions and values. This is accompanied by Pluto so major life changes are wrapped up in the celebration here as something peaks or ends around an income source, possession or value. You may be spending on something extraordinary or seeing the raise come through or a source end. Talks, news or agreements are in the mix big time as well and focused on sex, reproduction, divorce, and loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, royalties, and joint finances. Something here is being affected by or is affecting the income.

Sunday these talks, the news, a decision, or agreement will continue to take it’s course over sex, reproduction, divorce, or the outstanding debt, settlements, or other outside financial resources and how the changes are going to affect these realms. Saturn is asking that you get serious about any limits or responsibilities you have in your career or with a major goal, ambition, your reputation, or fame, or with a boss or other authority figure in the mix. Then you need to make some adjustments so you can reach your artistic, romantic or spiritual goal around the love in your life, children or your creative outlet.

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Saturday is about the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign. This is pretty big as it will be bringing something very personal to you to a peak in your life. A personal desire, your image, body, identity, or ego needs are either at a point of celebration or something about you and your image or body is ending a cycle. With Pluto in the mix there is a pretty major change involved trying to align you to your soul’s desires. Talks, news, meeting, agreements, or decisions with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists will be the catalyst here.

Sunday the meetings, news, talks, decisions or agreements with the significant person are still in the mix but even more intense today if you can believe it. You are changing, there is something very big here for you and the balance between you and this person or what you want it to be or what they can help you with is at a major turning point in your life. Saturn is asking that you seriously look at any limits or responsibilities that are caused by distance or travel, involve legalities, education, or media, publicity, or ceremonies, and then make adjustments to reach your artistic, romantic or spiritual goals at home or with property.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday is all about something secret or clandestine, around an isolated place such as a retreat, hospital or prison, a research or investigation matter, a spiritual or psychic pursuit, or something artistic such as a film, music project or painting peaking in your world. This will be a very powerful climax as you celebrate the moment or wrap something up here and end it. Talks, news or agreements will focus on work, health or pets as you balance the combination here.

Sunday the talks, news, agreements, decisions, meetings, short trips, or topic involving siblings or neighborhood is going to aim at work, health or pets again and again you are in the major change and powerful energy of the Eclipse with Pluto behind the scenes as you deal with what is unfolding. Saturn asks that you look seriously at the divorce, sex or intimacy, reproduction, or major financial matter that is limiting or requiring more responsibility, then that you make an adjustment here so you can reach the artistic, romantic or spiritual decision or agreement that you are after.

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Saturday brings the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to your house of friendship, group affiliations, networking, social occasions, and aspirations. This is a very big time for you with Pluto involved as major change is accompanying the celebration or ending here. Talks, news or decisions involving love, lovers, children, or creativity will be very important in this mix and show you the turning point you have reached in your life.

Sunday there will be even more by way of news, talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements involving the lover, child or creative project for you and all with an emphasis on the huge change and empowerment through friendship, group affiliations, a social occasion, or your newly changed aspiration. Saturn is asking that you look seriously at the limits or responsibilities with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and make the adjustments so that you can reach the artistic, spiritual, or romantic tie to earning money or around the possession that finds its way to you today.

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