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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi everyone! Because the shift in energy this week is so important I am starting out the weekly forecast with something I have written about the possibility for earthquakes just now and the dates, places, etc in question. Following this is your WEEKLY FORECAST so I hope you take the time to read about this first but you can always scroll down to get your weekly and then come back to it when you have time! Hugs to all of us, Zoe :)


We all have favorite spots on Earth, mine is Los Angeles, the city of angels. Great dreamers and artistic visionaries flock here with nothing more than their talent and faith. People are willing to live in the craziest of ways to create the world they envision, sacrificing stability to weave magic. There is no other place quite like it and the city opens its arms and takes you in if you are willing to work to make those dreams come true. It’s because I treasure this city and its people so much that I began looking into its safety when I knew this transit was coming. Lo and behold, what I found opened quite the can of worms.

Parts of what I am writing could affect everyone regardless of what city they live in with hotspots being the same ones triggered the last time this happened (San Francisco, San Diego, L.A., Tokyo, Jerusalem, and parts of China) and I’m sure there are many cities that could as well have points aligning but I don’t have it within my means to try to research and write on them all so know that although I am focusing on L.A. this energy configuration is so major that you should as well take some of my precautionary approaches to heart.

As far as America goes, besides the west coast, I would keep an eye on the New Madrid Fault of Missouri and the incredible land mass it could affect. There were 3 quakes at the end of 1811 to the first of 1812 that caused the Mississippi river to run backwards, destroyed the town, created a lake, and was felt at over an 8 point magnitude over 50,000 square miles. Compare this to the great quake of San Francisco that was felt over 6000 square miles. It is the largest on record in America. According to Wikipedia, church bells rang as far as Boston, sidewalks cracked in Washington D.C. and chimneys were toppled in Maine. This is one MAJOR fault line.

Comparisons of the damage range of this fault line compared to similar quakes in Los Angeles.

It is not lost on me that my homes are within the radius of the epi-center of these two arenas but then again my chart is highly Uranian. Keep in mind that with astrology we are seeing energy alignments that are making an event possible, not mandatory, so this is meant as a heads up in case the probability manifests under this influence, not to scare you but to prepare you to get what you need ahead of time just in case. And finally, I would like to say that these alignments will as well exert a significant influence on the financial markets and institutions, oil and those who plot violence against their fellow man (all of which have shown precursors already in play) but that is another article. This triggers from now throughout the summer but for the sake of this article I am focusing in more strongly on the earthquakes and first trigger dates.

So, back to L.A., it has been a very long time since such an overwhelming combination of energies have accumulated on core points in the birth chart of Los Angeles at the same time that such an enormous shift synchronizes alongside astrologically.

Not only are points in the Los Angeles chart locking in but the last time that Uranus entered Aries was 1927 triggering several mammoth Earthquakes that set all-time records.

According to Wikipedia:

One was a 7.1 magnitude 10 miles off shore in California called the Lompoc quake of 1927 which triggered a tsunami from San Francisco to San Diego.

There was a great quake that measured 8 on the Richter scale that hit Japan in 1927 and wiped out one third of Tokyo and most of Yokohama with 140,000 killed.

The 1927 quake of the Dead Sea Fault damaged the Holy Land and was considered one of the three most destructive quakes to ever hit Israel and rock Jerusalem and many Palestinian towns.

An 8.3 earthquake struck Nan-Shan, China in 1927 claiming 200,000 lives and devastating the land.

And finally, the Crimean earthquakes of 1927 occurred in the Black Sea hitting the Crimean peninsula, one hitting in June measuring between 6-9 on the Richter scale, the other hitting in September and measuring 9 on the Richter scale near the city of Yalta with residents reporting fiery flares erupting from the sea measuring 50-500 meters high.

I would like you to know that when I started writing this article I had no idea of these other quakes and was just focusing on what was going on in the city of Los Angeles’s chart, after seeing it would coincide with Uranus moving into Aries I wondered if there were any major quakes of the early century that would give me more support and when I googled ‘record setting quakes’ it was overwhelming how so many of them happened in the exact year that Uranus moved into Aries the last time. It was Uranus and the ruler of Aries (Mars) that came together the last time to cause the quake in 1994 in Los Angeles so I knew I was on the right track. Another off note here, Uranus will transit into Aries, retrograde back out and move back in a final time, giving three ‘hits’ across the door. It is the same kind of thing that correlates to the 3 quakes of 1811-1812 with the first one just shaking things and the final one bringing down the towns, changing the rivers and shaking half the country. With this in mind the first over this summer may not be the most intense, which would work to our favor in preparation.

Founded Sept. 4, 1781, Los Angeles would be considered a Virgo. However, after the Mexican/American war the city was incorporated on April 4, 1850 giving it an Aries moniker. I’ve pulled charts for both and want to tell you what I see.

In combination and separately these charts indicate that those who live there now should take precautions between the dates of May 27-31, 2010 and again over June 4-8, with the most intense dates being May 27, June 4, June 7, and June 8. These dates are the first with more coming at the end of the summer between July 21-Aug 4. Since the dates are so close together and since Mars is known to burst in ahead of time while Uranus is known to be the least predictable of all energies and they both ride on the crest of a Full Moon, you are advised to put your kits together, set some money aside and take precautions throughout the period of May 27-June 8. These are simple things to do that could help you a great deal if something does trigger. Here is a link to the Earthquake Checklist put together by California:$file/checklist.pdf
and one put together by the Red Cross:

I mentioned that there is more this summer, the dates of interest are the Solar Eclipse of July 11th and the whopper Grand Cross involving too numerous alignments consecutively through opposition and square for me to list them all but suffice it to say the second huge trend of this triggers between July 21-August 4 and has an equally significant impact (possibly more so) as does this one triggering now between May 27-June 8.

So, let’s take a look at what started all of this for me by peering into the 2 charts for Los Angeles. In the incorporated chart for L.A., Mars within a 2 degree orb of the Nodes of Destiny and Karma will lock into an aspect with Uranus at the base of the chart. The quake of 1994 near Northridge, CA had Mars and Uranus on the same degree with each other although at a different point in the cities chart. Mars activates physical things while Uranus shake’s, shocks and quakes.

May 27th is a Full Moon in Sagittarius bringing something to a climax for the body of the city in the incorporated chart. In Los Angeles this takes place around 4:07 pm. Within a couple hours, Uranus changes signs after 7 years in Pisces and enters Mar’s sign of Aries at 6:44pm. This is a BIG day. Again, the last time Uranus entered Aries was 1927 the year of incredible seismic activity. This pertains to everyone regardless of your city.

The Full Moon occurs at 6 degrees of Sagittarius, the ruler of beliefs, foreign people and travel, media and education, legal matters and expansion and locks into a frictional T-square on Chiron in the hidden part of the chart ruling a wound we don’t see coming, and then radiating out to Jupiter the ruler of the chart in the ninth house, so the body of the city and something about foreign, travel, media, education, or legal matters, and finally radiating down to Neptune in Pisces in the second house, something hidden or deceptive or without boundaries, fluid related or relating to income (oil, the oceans?), all of these things brought to a head for the city. In the founding chart this Full Moon is triggering the health, workers and service of the city at the midpoint between the fourth and eighth houses through Neptune and Pluto. So we may have something health or financially related setting off now or death (or finality) and destruction through sudden, shocking energy, and affecting the peoples day to day survival.

Uranus entering Aries on the 27th marks the first time it has been here since it moved into the sign in 1927. Uranus moves here just 2 plus hours after this Full Moon. Aries is ruled by Mars, again the combination of Mars and Uranus can bring about quakes. On this day and the days following, Uranus at 0 degrees will be sitting upon the incorporated city’s Mercury that squares Mars. This means that this transiting Uranus is locking into the incorporated city’s birth Mars, again, another combination within a few day period of Mars/Uranus.

Jupiter, the ruler of the incorporated chart, is moving with Uranus in conjunction that becomes exact on June 8th. Jupiter makes things bigger. Jupiter in this case rules the body or identity of the city. Jupiter in the picture CAN mean protection for people and if I can in any way be part of that by getting people to take precautions now, then I hope this reaches everyone.

Pluto will be at 4.49 degrees retrograde in the incorporated charts first house, the part of the chart relating to the city’s body, image and identity again. Pluto is about death and transformation, it is a deconstructive energy meant to raze things to the ground so they can be rebuilt upon or transformed. Pluto is within .03 degrees from the incorporated charts destiny point and has locked into a volatile T-square in wide angle that links the transformation of the body of the city to the Sun on the door of the fourth house in Aries (the Sun is the city itself, the door to the fourth house is the end of all matters, and Aries again is ruled by Mars which activates things) and lastly to Mars in Cancer in the 7th house (Mars the activator, Cancer the sign of land and the people, and the 7th house is an open enemy). Let’s be clear here, Pluto takes 240 years to move around the chart so for it to be locking in within .03 degrees to a body is significant.

A couple things about this: It occurred to me that if this is not an earthquake, this could be some kind of strike or attack that sets off quake-like or explosive activity or something purposely setting off the fault line, some kind of revolt or uprising since the country’s progressed Mars is now retrograde meaning we could turn against ourselves, (could what is happening deep beneath the ocean over the oil spill be activating something, is it about a financial crash or militant outbursts or an outside foreign attack based on beliefs/Sagittarius Full Moon?). The eighth house and Pluto rule death and transformation as well as major financial markets, oil and power. I feel it is important to at least look at these other alternatives although earthquake seems the most likely to me. It also needs to be stated that since Pluto is in retrograde motion that we may have less destruction from this since it won’t be as direct a hit as if Pluto were in Direct motion, however Pluto is Pluto and was retrograde during the quake of 1994, it is better again to be prepared.

The transiting North and South Nodes of Destiny and Karma will be within a couple degrees of the T-square as well, a once in 18 year moment. These points will be exact on August 13, August 26, and September 20 but are under activational orb now. The actual door to the fourth (end of all matters and land, occurred on May 9th) in my opinion opening the beginning of this movement. It’s possible with the hidden aspects being triggered someone or some group knows about what is coming so look at the 9th for clues, were there more police in the streets? Did you see something strange going on? Was there news that sounded like anything in this article? Are there tremors that you notice? Financial maneuverings? The only thing that came to my mind was what is occurring with the major oil spill in the gulf, the floods in Nashville along the New Madrid Fault line or what is happening to the banking system if that in any way could trigger something to come, you guys may have other things you’ve noticed. As far as natural disasters, they have been prevalent since the end of this Uranus cycle. Any of this could point to which way the wind might blow over the next few months.

In the founding chart of Los Angeles, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction by transit is sitting on top of the city’s birth Moon in the 10th house locking in a T-square between Uranus on the door to the first and a Neptune/Venus conjunction in the fourth house. Interpreted this could mean that the big/shocking/shaking energy of Jupiter/Uranus sits upon the people/land/public event of Moon in the 10th, charging up Uranus in Cancer on the door to the first or the shaking/shock/unexpected in land or involving the people and the body of the city, and finally sending a charge to something unseen or hidden that will effect money and the end of all matters or land in the sign of open enemies as Neptune/Venus in the fourth in Libra. Again, we go round and round with similar energies all locking into each other. Again, this could be an earthquake that by nature is sudden and shocking or an attack from some outer entity that shakes things up or a crash in the market that gets a panic going. When I first did Obama’s chart a few years back I had much concern for his safety during these transits but have been assured that his level of security is about 3 times what past presidents have had so I won’t focus on that here although I hope he is taking extra precautions now.

It is important to note that in general Mars rules the military, blood, war, force, aggression, and diving into things with abandon (it is the activator) while Uranus rules groups of people, humanity as a whole, ideals and causes, the internet, airplanes, earthquakes, and sudden shocking change, (it is the awakener) something that could as well be part of this moment in time.

Mars by transit squares transiting Moon, in the founding chart Mars is on Mercury in the chart and Moon is on Jupiter in the chart so the square is doubled. Mars is activating Mercury which is news about the body of the city or land (Moon is the ruler of this chart, the city and the public and land) and Jupiter makes it big and rules the health or workers of the city. No matter how many combinations from the two charts I pull, the outer energies are stimulating the same topics in challenging, frictional, sudden aspects.

Transiting Mercury sits upon the founding chart’s Chiron in the 11th squaring Pluto in the 8th in Aquarius. News about a wounded part of the city and the dreams of those who live there or a group uprising as well as any destruction or death, financial spike, power issues or transformation coming out of Pluto in the 8th.

During this 13 day period the Sun will be transiting Gemini throwing light on all things of dual nature and the ideas and words of man. In the founding chart this is lighting up hidden enemies and secret matters while in the incorporated chart it is lighting up the cities health and work situations along with the people who provide service to the city. This could indicate being told one thing while another is really going on, an issue having two very distinct sides to it, so double check all information for verification before believing it at face value.

I was in the quake of 1994 in Los Angeles, the roof shifted off of our building and the furniture bounced across one room into another while the building next to us came down upon itself. We were in Santa Monica and I wish we had been better prepared. My cousin was in Northridge in bed on her back holding part of the ceiling up over her and her baby’s head with her feet waiting to be rescued. In the 1994 quake, Mars and Uranus and the Nodes of Destiny and Karma were being triggered in the cities chart.

I was there in the L.A. riots when Mars and the Moon came together at the same degree to aspect Uranus while Pluto moved into the exact square to the Nodes of Destiny and Karma. I watched from my place off of Hollywood Blvd as the city burned around me and the gang members flagrantly stalked the afternoon streets with their automatic weapons hanging from their shoulders, shop owners consigned gunmen to their roofs and streets were shut down to the public and commandeered by the police force/military.

It pays to pay attention to volatile combinations of energy and to prepare to weather the storms. This summer is just a preview while Uranus dips into Aries for 3 months. The energy will then retrograde back into Pisces and we will again next year have another level of arrival when Uranus moves back into Aries to transit on through. Please share this article or this information with your friends and neighbors so everyone can at least back up water, radios, some money, and food. Then hope that this time it is about something else. Like I said, Uranus is unpredictable but I would rather post this and be wrong then to see all of this build-up of volatile energy and not to have warned you. For my part, I will hope it is Aliens landing at the rose bowl, now that would be a shocker!

Now, let’s take a look at your WEEKLY FORECAST!

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So we stand at the center crest on the side of the mountain at this exact central point between Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn over the next couple weeks. We look around a bit at the far stretching vistas before and behind us. Jupiter is making it ok to see the beauty of the journey just now regardless of whether or not we are happy about the fact that we set off on it back in 2000. But then again, that is Jupiter’s job this week and next, to get you to ask yourself if this quest is truly leading to happiness.

You have until 2020 before it is complete and a new one begins. It has been about starting off on a new line of mastery and personal authority in your life, an ambition that you set into play back in 2000. It took on more challenge since the end of 2008 when it began being about stepping off onto the sometimes scary precipices as you climb, breaking away from old structures that have supported you for years as you climb higher and higher into the true version of your own identity and aspirations. And when structures stop supporting us, there can be fear around security and stability, money and safety. How much do you want this thing? How much do you believe in your vision?

Take some time this week and next to ask yourself if you set out on the right quest. It’s important. And it is ok if you didn’t. A friend of mine decided back then that she wanted a million dollar condo by the ocean and was willing to do anything to get it, she is now at that midpoint an unhappy, financially overwrought mess realizing it wasn’t the right quest. Luckily right at this midpoint she is figuring it out and instead of holding onto that and suffering through the next 10 years with the wrong dream she is realizing that there is something better for her true nature and happiness. Right now, right here you have the opportunity to cut your losses, climb back down this particular mountain and set off again in a direction that IS the proper one for your evolvement. If you are looking around and feeling like, ‘Yeah, this is tough but I am on the right track’, then gather your strength and get ready for this summer to shoot you out into some wild territory towards the top and don’t let anything hold you back!

Everyone on the planet is going to be feeling the shift of Uranus into Aries this week. The last time he moved into this energy was 1927. Shocking, shaking, electrical, rumblings and rebellions, earthquakes and wars are possible. This happens along with Thursday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of travel and foreign people/situations, import/export, publishing, media, publicity, teaching, studies, and law. We can expect to see something flooding the media this week regarding an earthquake, war, attack, or shocking event. In your own life, you are going to act out in ways towards your own personal freedom that are quite different than anything you have known before (for those of you younger than 84 years old). In Pisces, Uranus wanted to try new, unconventional, inspiring, original, independent things that were artistic, romantic, spiritual, addictive, secretive, and many times internal or hidden. In Aries, those wild ideas and urges are going to have NOTHING holding them back and they are going to be physical and out there in the world, get ready, here it comes.

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Monday is about the partner or representative, competitor or specialist you must deal with, do your best to enjoy the energy Mars is giving you with this person to have fun or create, the latter part of the day will be about adjusting to the expansion occurring behind the scenes.

Tuesday focused on the big financial picture and how it is being shared with lenders or partners. You need to do what you can today to reach a goal here as the universe is supportive. A woman is beneficial in this at home or tied to property. Talks about the money you yourself earn are a bit more challenging.

Wednesday is a day when the talk or news from the boss or authority figure is going to require you make some ego adjustments. In other words you may feel like telling them where to go but really need to check yourself if you want to continue to climb the ladder here. Finances and kids may be a bit of a stress as well, breathe.

As of Thursday, you are now the sign hosting Uranus. This brings an electrical, unique, shimmering energy to you physically and personally that is going to change things in a major way. You are going to want to burst through any barriers to your own physical well-being, try new and unique approaches through your body, you will be the one who may invent or originate something interesting or break-through. You will want what you want when you want it and may find it harder to hold yourself in check when the urge strikes you. You will have more energy in shorter bursts than before. Your nervous system is going to respond differently and any work you can do to harness this through yoga or other mind/body connections will go far to help you leap ahead of where you start this transit. You will see things that until now eluded you, things that you may be the first to see. This is a calling to trail blaze for the rest of us. Your position within a group is going to become important, you may fly more, get involved in something internet based that puts your image or identity out there or take a stronger interest in astrology. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a culmination to the trip, media venture you are involved in, the legal wrangling or the education. Celebrate or wrap it up!

Friday gives you a chance to talk about the money you need to make or need to be paid over a media venture, trip, educational outlet, or legal matter you have been involved in. You are going to have to deal with something a bit in the way here but ask anyway.

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Monday is good for getting the work done at home or dealing with any work involved in selling a home or moving. You can put in the energy into a home business as well with good results. There is something around the group or friendship that must be stretched towards today.

Tuesday is about the partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist. See what you can hammer out regarding the money you make or spend. There is positive support to travel, get into something media or publicity related, teach or take a class, or make it legal with this person. Talks are going to run smoothly with women today.

Wednesday the trip, media venture, educational matter, or legal topic is pretty big in the picture but you are in a place where you will have to make some adjustments around the money you are making or spending and how that makes you feel about who you are, home and significant others will be frictional output as well.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927 and you are sure to feel this super electrical charge of major background energy as something unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This is about a whole new beginning for you in the way you physically manifest through film, music, poetry, dance, painting, or any other artistic expression. It will as well color the things you uncover that are secret, how you handle secrets and hidden parts of life, the mystical, spiritual side to the universe, your innate understanding of what transpires across the veil, your psychic abilities, the way you handle addictions or self-undoing tendencies, and in ALL of these arenas, you are now the one with the visionary flow, unique, original, electrical pulse of Uranus to trail blaze and create original visions. Groups or friends will become more important to you in this and your aspirations will be charged with a new visionary energy that will set you apart in any of these categories. Listen to what you hear across the veil, you have an ear into the future like no one else now, and you are the one charged with bringing it forth for the rest of us. For some of you this will be about a secret being exposed today, if so, so be it. The Full Moon today is bringing a financial, sexual or divorce issue to a peak in your world, celebrate or end it.

Friday talk or take meetings about you, your image or identity and needs going forward. There is some financial, shared energy to what you are connecting over, this could be sexual or about the divorce or it could be about the lender or debt/settlement, payout. Either way, you will need to get clear about your needs and be ready to negotiate.

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Monday amps up the fun, love, creative energy or project, or interaction with kids. There is good energy around talks or meetings and anything you do locally with this. Make time to work on the goal or career agenda even though it stretches you today.

Tuesday is about getting the work done, looking for work, dealing with co-workers, tending to health issues and pets. Good progress can be made around the financial picture if you do, especially where debt, loans or credit is concerned. A woman is going to be good for your income today as well. Do what you can about your physical appearance, stretch.

Wednesday is about the debt, loan, settlement, credit cards, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, child support, royalty, commission, or joint finances and it is really important that you take what is happening here seriously. You need to make some personal or physical adjustments to get yourself in positive flow here. For some of you this is about a sexual conquest or divorce instead of the money but the same thing goes, you have to make some personal or physical adjustments to reach your goal.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is going to change your friendships and group affiliations in a very inspiring way. Expect more unique individuals and brilliant thinkers to encircle you now, for you to feel more independent and inspiring within your social environment, for trail blazing ideas to spring to mind that you can take to your friends or play out through a group, to invent something or pursue a innovative outlet that benefits humanity, for your social group to grow profoundly through technology and the internet, and for your aspirations to take on a new charged up sparkly energy around anything that is good for the whole, technology related, involving friends or groups and tied to anything from aviation to astrology. You may have a sudden break from a friend now as well at the onset of this. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing the partnership, representation or competition to a peak, in celebration or something ending.

Friday is about talks or meetings that go on behind closed doors, news of something secret or information that needs to be private and will focus you on any adjustments you want to make with this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor.

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Monday there is a lot to do at home or with a living situation or property. You should see what can be achieved to earn money here or in a way to spend on this positively. The media, travel, educational, or legal matter is going to require more stretch.

Tuesday is about fun, love, kids, or the creative endeavor. You should find a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist today who can help you in some powerful way here and attract the love or money you need. A woman seems to be especially helpful. Talks with friends or groups are still a bit challenging.

Wednesday the big energy playing out over control, power or manipulation is still there with that significant person and you are going to need to do what you can behind the scenes or in secret to position yourself in a better way. Dig around to see who or what is being done behind your back, it is going to catch them out and you aren’t going to want to be totally shocked by who you find out is involved. Working partnerships and representatives will need a bit more time so keep yourself busy with what you are working on.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927 and super charges your career Midheaven. This is like a lightning bolt hitting the top of your chart. It could initially change something on the career front in a flash and is targeting you out of the zodiac to bring forth trail blazing ideas and inventions through your career and reputation over the years ahead. It is going to bring unusual and brilliant people into your career path, help you stand out as a unique and inspiring leader to groups, friends or humanity at large, take you in new directions through technology, aviation, astrology or charities, make you known for something outside the box or different, bring sudden windfalls, roller coaster ups and downs and shifts of direction, and it could bring a sudden change with your father, fame or ambitions. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a work, health or pet matter to a peak, celebrations or endings.

Friday the talks or meetings with a friend, group or about your aspiration are slated for focus. There is a need to make some adjustments around the way you are handling the work, health or animals in this so be clear about what you need.

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Monday is a great day to have the talks you need to have, take your meetings or send out your requests. There is positive energy behind the action you take to express your needs and anything you want to tackle through short trips or neighborhood as well. Do your best to make concessions around the financial picture as it is still expanding.

Tuesday is about home, roommates, mom or real estate. You will want to really kick it into gear where the work is concerned here and anything having to do with pets at home will fare well too. You can make big changes or tackle the financial picture in positive ways. A woman is good for you through friendship or group affiliation.

Wednesday you should look at the work situation, health issue or pet situation and see what you can do to make changes or deal with your shared financial picture. You have needs regarding aspirations and friendships and they will be pulling on this structure a bit today, remain true to your ideal.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is a huge boost in your electrical energy that pulses through legal channels, media, travel, and education. You will now attract unusual and free thinkers into your sphere through the trips you take, the legal moves you make, the media ventures you set out upon and the classes you sign up for. There are break through ideas and innovative approaches that will flower ahead, you will find that you are more independent and trail blazing in these areas as you set off to do things you would never have dreamed of up til now. There may be a sudden change through legal channels, a media project, trip, or education as this transit moves in and along the way you will see inspiring insights and sudden shifts that take you in new directions. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a love affair, matter with a child/children, or a creative venture to a peak, celebrations or endings arrive.

Friday you will want to talk about your goals, the career agenda, your reputation, quest for fame, or father. Feelings of being loved are involved as are your concerns for children or creative output, be willing to make some adjustments.

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Monday you should focus on ways to make money or on spending on something important to you. There is a need to delve into something you are working on behind closed doors, to express passions privately or to make something happen tied to film, fantasy, artistry, romance, secret strategies, or spiritual pursuits. The partner or representative is expanding more today and you should make some adjustments in the connection here.

Tuesday is about communications, something you are good at. Talks, meetings and agreements take on more importance and you will be focused on one in particular that brings up something powerful and positive around love, children or creative potential. A woman friend is on your side and can help so talk to her. The media, travel, educational, or legal matter still needs work.

Wednesday you should be prepared to look at the powerful intense energy brewing with the love interest, child or creative project. You are aligning here today in a way that asks you to make some personal adjustments around your image or reputation, career agenda or the goal you have around it/them.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is about exciting, brilliant, shocking, independent, rebellious, and unusual energy super charging your house of outside resources such as loans, credit, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, royalties, or joint finances, as well as it shaking up your sexual, reproductive and divorce energy. This will bring original and independent people into your life in shared financial matters, sexual relationships and in the ways you deal with divorce topics. It will open new ideas and trail blazing inroads into investments, settlements, sex and reproduction. You will find that investing in technology, the internet, astrology, aviation, and foundations will be charged up for you and you will have the inside insight in these areas. Be open to new ways of financing things, new types of attractions or attractions to people with original ideas or perspectives and for some of you a need for freedom that initiates divorce. The Full Moon today is bringing something to a peak at home, with real estate, your living situation, or mom/mother figure, celebrations or endings.

Friday you will want to talk to someone far away, or make decisions or hold talks about travel, media ventures, legal topics, or education. Your feelings about what you need to do at home will affect this and you should be willing to make some adjustments here.

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Monday is a good day to take care of your body, attend to physical needs, deal with anything tied to image or identity and hang with friends or join in with the group. The work, health or pet situation is going to require a bit more from you so do what you can.

Tuesday is about making money, going after ways to make money or dealing with something you need to spend money on. This works in great ways for you at home or on home or property. A woman is good for you on the career front today so enlist her help.

Wednesday is about the big energy around home or property again but today you can change something in a very big way here is you are willing to adjust something you have a strong ego attachment to involving media, education, travel, or legal matters. Don’t take out aggressions on the friend even when you want to, it would affect your income poorly.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is about an amazing transit for you like none you’ve experienced before. This is going to bring unique, inspiring, brilliant, innovative, eccentric, revolutionary, rebellious, outside the box thinkers and originators into your life as partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors. You will be linking to some very avante guard characters who are trail blazing through life now and they will take you on some very interesting rides if you are willing to open yourself up to the new experience. You may decide to define your business partnership or marriage in completely unconventional terms now but ones that suit your need for space and personal expression. Any of you in a relationship that is not beneficial for your growth will see these connections breaking away suddenly and without warning now to fee you literally for this swell of interesting and exciting connections about to arrive. You will want to give anyone you join with over the next 7 years all the freedom you would want and if you are willing to let things flow on the spur of the moment this will be a time like no other ever in your life. This is a time when you may partner with someone over technology, the internet, astrology, aviation, or charitable foundations, groups and friends. The Full Moon in Sagittarius today is bringing an agreement, talk, meeting, neighborhood or sibling issue to a peak, celebrations or endings.

Friday is about talking or coming to a decision about the financial picture, sex or divorce. There is some emotional context here for you around your own ideas of what you need that you should be willing to adjust a bit on to move forward.

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Monday is about tying up the loose ends before getting it all out there, you should finalize your research or strategies, firm up the artistic approach and rest a bit if you can. There is a good connection to reaching goals today from efforts expended behind the scenes.

Tuesday is about you, your body, image or identity and getting out there to make the meetings count or the talks matter. There is opportunity to affect something profoundly today in the neighborhood, local arena or with siblings and you will find that a woman is beneficial to you in something media, travel, educational, or legally related. Partners or representatives may be touchy.

Wednesday is about the major news, talk, meetings, agreement, or written project you have on tap and what can change to help you to reach the financial position you are striving towards. There may be a bit of sexual tension in this today or something spurring you towards dealing with divorce or reproductive issues but overall be willing to adapt so that you can achieve.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. For you this is going to mean that you are now going to attract brilliant, unusual, visionary, rebellious, outside the box thinkers and originators into your work field, as co-workers, into the work you perform, through your health arena and around your involvement with pets. You may invent or inspire something for animals during this transit, take a whole new, independent approach to your health, join a group or start one focused on animals or health that is unlike anything that came before, or start a new line of work that is exciting and focuses on friends, causes, groups, technology, the internet, astrology, aviation, or charities. This is a time when new people will come into your life to show you interesting ways to do your work outside the lines of convention or conformity, to break through and trail blaze in all of these forms. Change will benefit you here. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a peak to an income matter, celebrations or endings.

Friday you will want to talk to the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition and this will require some adjustment emotionally from you around the money you are making or spending. If you are asking for something here be willing to give a bit as well.

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Monday is about the social agenda so this could mean time with friends, group affiliations, networking or involving yourself in something of a social event or party. There is positive energy around the travel you do with them today, a trip you plan, the media venture, education, or legal agreements so dive in. You will have to make concessions at home.

Tuesday is about taking some time to hide out or rest up, you can tackle any research or work behind the scenes or dive into fantasy or artistry if need be, there does seem to be a positive link to earning money through one of these means today. A woman is going to be good for you sexually and clandestinely today or regarding the shared finances or divorce.

Wednesday is one of those hump kind of days where the big income matter that you have between you and a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is going to be brought forward for you to deal with. Your ego or personal needs in this relationship are in question around the money and you will need to bring this out and see what can be worked on to make you happy.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This means that the electrical, exciting, unpredictable, inspiring and inventive energy of the great awakener is on its way into your house of true love, children and creative projects. For many of you this will mean a surprise announcement of impending pregnancy somewhere along the line, something original or brilliant coming through children, a desire to help children or start charities to aid them, new and exciting creative projects, a drive for independence and breakthroughs creatively, a flood of interesting and unusual, brilliant and inspiring people into your creative world, and the best for last, a love like none you have ever known up until now as truly original and brilliant love interests find their way into your life. If you are currently involved in a love affair then know that this energy will redefine the relationship around freedom and space that you both need to express yourself uniquely. If you are in a bad love affair it will abruptly end during this time. Be willing to be spontaneous and to experiment with creative projects, you will find that technology or the internet, astrology or aviation may play a part in bringing love into your life or creative ventures to fruition. The Full Moon today is in your sign and will be bringing something about your identity, body or image to a peak, a day in the spotlight, a celebration or ending to one way of being you. (which ones of you found out you were going to be a mommy or daddy, grandma or grandpa today?)

Friday you will need to talk or make a decision about the work, health or pet situation and this will require some adjustments emotionally from you around your own needs or well being.

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Monday you will have the ambitious energy working for you to go after goals and achieve on the career front. There is positive energy amping up around going after the big bucks in this so motivate. You will need to explain something to someone in this or make some adjustments to agreements that stretch you a bit.

Tuesday is more social with an emphasis on the group, friendship or networking event. You can make some serous power plays today or step up with this association as a leader on some level and you will find a woman has your best interests at heart whether she is acting as a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Talks with lovers or kids could stress a bit.

Wednesday is a test of your powers and how far you have risen above the fray as you step it up at work, with co-workers, employees, health, or animals and make the required adjustments to get what you need done.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is going to bring some major energy into the home, real estate, roommate, security, and mom/mother figure parts of your life. This can be about super charging things here with excitement, unusual people and situations, inspiring and brilliant ideas, original and independent approaches, breakthroughs, inventions, a focus on the new, unique, electrical, attracting technology and the internet to home and real estate, bringing roommates and moves to you through these venues, helping you trail blaze by use of technology, the internet, groups, friends, astrology, aviation, and charitable foundations that relate to your new advance and outlook at home, with roommates, in real estate deals and in relationship to mom/mother figures. Expect change and new faces on the scene here, be willing to step outside of the lines and do it your way. The Full Moon in Sagittarius today is bringing something that has been going on behind the scenes to a peak. This could be a research or strategy session, film or fantasy project, time of retreat or hospitalization, or something artistic, romantic, addictive, or spiritual you have been nursing in private. Think celebration or ending.

Friday is about talks or agreements with kids, lovers or creative outlets. You will want to look at how you are feeling and what part you are keeping hidden from others in this, then be willing to make some concessions towards your ideal.

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Monday is about looking at the trip, media venture, legal situation, or education. You need to really dive into it with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist because you can make some serious, positive headway today. Income continues to require some stretch from you.

Tuesday is about the career or ambition and there is great energy behind any work you do behind the scenes in this, put effort into strategy or research, fantasy or artistry, and if your goal involves a hospital then focus here as well. A woman is beneficial to you today at work, with health or involving pets. Talks about or at home are stressed.

Wednesday you should find you are embroiled in something sexual behind closed doors that is pretty powerful and yet requires some physical adjustments by way of the love in the mix for you. If this is not about sex for you today then the other areas of rulership here involve major finances or divorce, again making some adjustment around your needs in love, with the kids or creatively will help you achieve your ends.

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This is your ruling energy and this marks a huge demarcation point for you between dreaming of something outside the norm or unconventional and now making it a reality. You will find that you are now going to be talking about and meeting with people and situations that are brilliant, quirky, independent, free, inspired, original, inventive, and doing things to their own tune. You will have ideas like none you have ever had before, you will be downloading all kinds of futuristic energy for the rest of us and will be willing to dive into anything that intrigues your curiosity. Agreements and decisions will be made involving technology, the internet, astrology, aviation, inventions, independence, and charities. You will attract more interesting people and situations into your neighborhood or move to a local that is cutting edge and different, you will find your relationship with siblings changes as well as there is more rebellion or fearless discussions of unusual beliefs involved. The Full Moon in Sagittarius today is bringing a friendship, aspiration, social occasion, or group affiliation to a peak in celebration or ending.

Friday you will need to talk or make a decision about the home or living situation. Look to your feelings about the aspiration to make adjustments towards your goals.

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Monday it’s important to focus on other people’s money so look at the lenders, investors and debt you hold. There is positive motivating energy to help you go after the work, tackle health or deal with animals tied to this financial picture.

Tuesday is about travel, media, education, or legal matters. You will be making some adjustment around home or real estate, empowering yourself through friends or a group, and finding that a woman has your back with a lover, child or creative venture along the way.

Wednesday brings up powerful shifts with the friend, group, aspiration, or social obligations as you look at what you need to do about the home, real estate, living situation, roommate, mom or mother figure. What work can you do to reach your objective?

Thursday Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since 1927. This means that you are now going to be hosting the energy of rebellion, originality, invention, brilliance, change, excitement, and trail blazing in your house of income. You will find that interesting and maverick types will now influence how you make your money and that you will want to spend on unusual or unique items. Technology, the internet, groups, friends, astrology, aviation, and charities will be where it’s at to earn a living or they will have a powerful influence on what you earn or spend upon. There will be the opportunity to break away from any way of making money that does not allow you to be independent or original and you will connect with some of the future through the way you earn. Be willing to try new things, be spontaneous and connect with forward thinkers now. What you do to make a living should in some way benefit humanity going forward so if you are not in that vein, get yourself there. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a career matter to a peak so expect a celebration or ending now.

Friday you will want to talk or come to an agreement about a goal or career agenda and this will require you to make some concessions or shift your perspective a bit.
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