Sunday, May 16, 2010


The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW debuts this THURSDAY NIGHT at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific on CBS radio and I invite you to tune in and bring your wonderful energy to bear on the big night! This is going to be a weekly show. The show gives you a jump start on your weekend by sign and delves into some interesting astrological configurations that are currently moving into alignment. You can listen or call in with your personal questions :) I hope to hear from you! Here is the link to listen on Thursday night: Here’s the number to call in: 248-545-7685

As we enter the week, we are still strongly moving on the New Moon energy in Taurus so sometimes plodding but very solid moves can be made towards new ways to earn money or increase current income and any moves you want to make towards the thing you value the most is fortunate as well. Taurus is ruled by Venus and she is quite active this week.

Venus is coming between the Saturn/Uranus opposition that we have all been going through since November 2008. These energies want us to break away from some old pattern, person or situation and do something new or different. It wants us to find ways to set up structures under innovative and visionary quests. It has been boomeranging back and forth between stay and go for a year and a half and won’t be finished with us until July 26th of this year. Jupiter is moving up to side with Uranus and oppose Saturn on Sunday so this push/pull is being amplified in a huge way. I will be talking about it in the Weekend Forecast and on the Show on Thursday night. So as well feel this build-up all week, as if this weren’t enough, Venus decides to throw herself into the mid-point between them. Venus is about love, money, beauty, and women. So get ready, she is going to shake you up to get you to really see what needs to CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday Venus and the Sun both move into alignment with Jupiter so hopes are big regarding expansion and talks or agreements may help you to get closer to the goal.

Tuesday Venus squares Saturn which means a fork in the road, you need to take on more responsibility, deal with limits or losses or handle an authority figure. Venus then trines Neptune so the romantic and artistic energy is high and finely tuned, communications or shared ideas with groups or friends should go well. Once the Sun trines Saturn you should get a sense of how much you are capable of and feel pretty good about it to boot.

Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune so issues over your earning potential within a group or with a friend may need some finessing. Talks and meetings can be very powerful and positive today under the Mercury/Pluto trine, you may hear some news that really sends you. Venus then squares Uranus which can mark a meeting that really takes your breath away in the most unexpected way or something that pops up that is a bit out of left field. Venus then moves into Cancer where she will feel love through warm, cozy, protected connections, food, family, home, and the mom energy. Spending on the home is favored. A woman may move in or out during this transit.

Thursday brings Leo Moon out to play and the need to express creativity or love will take over. The Sun/Uranus sextile means opportunity to shine a light on value or income in a new way, a change or unusual approach may do you good. Once the Moon moves into Virgo she meets up with Venus and the goddesses enjoy their time together getting into the finer points and efforts associated with the home or property matter.

Friday Virgo Moon trines both Mercury and Pluto opening harmonious flow between the work, health and service you can provide, to the talks, meetings or agreements you can have about earnings, to the empowerment you can achieve on the career front or in trying to reach important goals. This is a day to say yes, to pursue your ambitions and make things happen.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week, Venus is asking you to take a real look at the things you say, how you are thinking about certain things, the agreements you make, how short trips are affecting you, and what you write. Venus is going to show up as a woman or she is going to point out love or money problems that are going to need voicing, writing, agreements, decisions, meetings, talks, you get the idea. Monday this means that something that has been going on that may involve over indulgence in addictive behavior, self-sabotaging ways, hidden enemies, hospitals, artistic work, a clandestine love affair, secrets, or retreat/hidden activities will be what Venus wants you to hear about or talk about or confront. You CAN make serious headway on the money front by stepping up to earn or expand the work you are doing behind the scenes or through research, imaginative/artistic work, or in dealings with hospitals.

Tuesday Venus brings your attention to news or talks, agreements or decisions that are going to be a fork in the road over work, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, health and health issues, or pets. It could be an authority figure is bringing something to bear or that you are trying to take on more responsibility, look at committing more effort or walking away. Remember Venus is about the love you are getting/giving, the money involved or a woman who is showing you this issue. Decide to commit your time end it. Do something involving friends or groups today and a woman may really come through for you here. There could be a big opportunity for you to make money and step into more authority later in the day.

Wednesday you will be shining on the income front but find that the boundaries of a friend or group need some work, there could be confusion or deception here so no lending money to friends under this influence. A meeting you have over earnings should go very well, sign agreements, ask for what you need, when dealing with the boss or company. If you are single, you may meet someone completely out of the blue in an unexpected place while out in your local arena so dress the part, smile, this could be exciting. Venus moves into Cancer so you may bring them home, lol, but overall this means that dealings with women at home go more smoothly, you may have a woman move in or out during this transit, and spending or earning on or from home is favored.

Thursday creative juices are flowing, you may have dealings with the kids or a lover and there will be some push/pull over social obligations or friendships in the mix. You have a wonderful opportunity to make some money doing something different today or standing out as the unique person you are while in the process of earning money, a new surprise in the mix. See what work you can do at home tonight or work from home, set up anything to help with health at home or in dealing with pets there, it is all under beneficial stars for you.

Friday is the day to mark for anything pertaining to income, work, health, pets, career and important goals. These lanes all meet at the top of the mountain for you and you can pretty much call the shots so dive in, have your talks, meetings, sign agreements, make decisions, commit the effort, it pays off.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week Venus, your ruler, is going to be asking you to look at the money you make or spend and any possessions in question. Venus is going to show up as a woman pointing this out or as the idea of how love or money is affecting your earning potential or what you can spend. Monday puts a big flood light on money and friends, aspirations or a group you are associated with. There is something over the top you are focusing on in this and will need to step up as the ‘persona’ with these people to get things going the way they should. As a matter of fact, you are truly going to shine with this person or group today so if you have wanted to join a particular group, start one, take on a big aspiration that puts you center stage, or step up at a social event, go for it.

Tuesday Venus is dead serious and she wants you to look at money being earned or spent and make a choice to either commit, put in the effort and work and time towards the lover, child or creative project or to sever ties and walk away.. How does what they or you earn affect the love, the children or the creative project? Do you want it enough to get serious and commit or is it dragging you down? The flow between income and career or goals is wonderful especially if artistry, romance or spiritual outlets are part of the goal/career. The Sun/Saturn trine hints at strong affiliation with a lover, child or creative endeavor where your image or identity is concerned, this again is about cutting losses or committing but under very positive support from the universe.

Wednesday again has you center stage but today you seem to be a bit confused over your goal or there is someone you are aspiring to or who holds the power that is confused/confusing. Talks you have or agreements you come to today that involve media, travel, legal matters, or education are set to change things in a very positive way. Spending or earning through a group or with friends may take a turn in some unexpected way today, if you are relying on someone to come through they may have something else come up last minute. Once Venus enters Cancer love and money will now play out in the neighborhood, with siblings, through talks, agreements and short trips so look for ways to make this work for you.

Thursday brings quite a bit of energy to the home front with some adjusting energy here around what’s going on. The Sun/Uranus sextile means you are in a great position with the friend or group today to do something unusual, original, spontaneous, or to make changes that benefit, say yes to invites. The evening may bring sweet talks of love or open doors to creativity.

Friday is a great energy day and all about the lover, child or creative project and the connection being made to talks or meetings between you and the powerful changes to the better through travel, media, legal channels, ceremonies, or education. Mark the day to express this part of your nature and move things forward in positive fashion.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week, Venus will be asking you to look at yourself, your body, your image and your identity. Venus is going to show up as a woman doing this or she is going to appear as the topic of love or money tied to your image or body. There are some things you really need to do here so focus. On Monday she will point out what you need to do as major ambitions or career agendas are stirred, look at ways you are spending on yourself to meet goals. There is every reason to believe that something you are doing in an artistic or romantic outlet is going to reach some wonderful opportunity today so dive into these realms. If you need to research or deal with institutions this is favored as well.

Tuesday Venus is going to make a stand, she has her needs for you, what you can do physically, what relates to your image or body or personal needs and how you spend on yourself via love or money. There is going to be something that is either in need of more commitment, responsibility or severing of ties involving the home, property, living situation, or mom/mother figure you need to deal with in this. You are in need of love or money in the situation for yourself and will need to find a way to overcome the matter. There are excellent prospects for you today through travel, someone foreign or far away, in media, publishing, publicity, education, or legal matters. There is also a real solution to the home or living situation through your own efforts privately.

Wednesday puts you working on something behind closed doors or involving research, the arts, hospitals, or secretive love. In this you need to deal with something confusing or deceptive that involves travel, a foreign person or situation, legal matters, education, or media. Not the best day to sign agreements or launch publicity. If this is not confusing, then the aspect well may mean an obstacle to overcome artistically or romantically with someone afar, in media, education, or legally. There is potential for very powerful, positive talks or decisions regarding finances, sex or divorce so put your efforts here. The Venus/Uranus square is super charging you on the career front and you may find a run-in with something surprising or a last minute change or meeting that takes you by surprise. Venus moves into your income zone and helps you to attract the money you need, as well as inspire you to spend on luxury items. Women are beneficial to earning now.

Thursday is a day of amped up communications, ideas, meetings, or short trips, all requiring some adjustment or concession if you wish to accomplish your goal. Career and media, legal agreements or matters, people at a distance or travel, and teaching or taking a class could all be topics to work through. Where you stand out is in the work you have been doing involving mystical, artistic or spiritual energy, research or dealing with institutions and this should help you to reach an interesting break-through. The latter part of the day involves home and income so earn from home, buy/sell real estate, spend on home, it’s all good.

Friday is just a beautiful day for you, once again the home or living situation is the arena but today it brings something powerful your way here through sex or intimacy, divorce or major finances, this flows in positive, supportive fashion for change and empowerment. There are talks you can have behind closed doors, agreements you come to in secret, knowledge you learn through research or investigation, agreements that focus on film, fantasy, artistry, or spirituality that benefit you as well, playing out at or around home.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week Venus is going to be pushing you to make something happen involving a film, fantasy, music or other artistic outlet, a spiritual pursuit, a research project or investigation, a hospital or other instiution, or she is going to be coming at you from some hidden place that you didn’t see coming. Venus is going to show up as a woman pointing at these needs or as the topic of love or money you are attracting through these arenas. On Monday this will tie into something big around media, travel or someone foreign or at a distance, education, or something legal. You may also have to deal with money attached to the film, fantasy or artistic work, spiritual pursuit, or clandestine romance. You are going to find that you are shining at the center of your aspiration or as a friend or in a group today related to this and an opportunity is there for you once you work through the situation.

Tuesday Venus is calling you out over the film, artistic work, spiritual pursuit, hidden enemy, hospital, clandestine romance, research, or work you are involved with behind closed doors. This is serious around a talk, meeting, agreement, or decision that you must make or something you have written or need to write. You will be at a point where you either need to dig in and make it work by overcoming the obstacle and finding another route (ie: commitment and effort), or you will decide to cut your losses. You may find a way since the beautiful combination between Venus and Neptune brings something positive to you through major financial channels, sex or divorce proceedings, again tied to what has been going on behind closed doors, tied to film or fantasy, research or institutions. Again you shine within the group or as a friend and talks or agreements you end the day upon will bond a situation long term in beneficial ways.

Wednesday you have to push yourself over the financial picture, sex or divorce matter, as you again are on the stage within the group or in dealing with friends. There is something hidden or confusing in the mix so watch how things go. The talk or agreement you come to today with a friend or group involving representation or partnership is very powerful and positive and can change things in a big way. There is a wild card thrown in around travel, media, education, or legal matters that you will need to field, stay on your toes and know there is still something you don’t know about the money or woman and what is going on behind closed doors. Venus enters your sign and brings her light of love and money to bear upon you, smile pretty, you will likely get what you want.

Thursday is all about making or spending money. There are adjustments and concessions you need to make to get the money flowing today so step it up and finesse away. An exciting opportunity awaits you through media, travel, education, or legal channels and puts you in the spotlight with friends or a group, enjoy! The day ends with amped up communications that focus on you and love or money and involve women, all good!

Friday is just stellar. It focuses for you on talks, agreements, written projects, or meetings and a powerful partner, agent, attorney, or specialist, as well as connections with groups or friends and your aspirations at present. This is the stuff dreams are made of, say it, ask for it, sign the contract, connect.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week Venus is going to ask you to deal with a friend, group affiliation, network, social event, or important aspiration of yours. Remember Venus is going to show up as a female in this or she is going to show up as the topic of love or money and how your social circle is fulfilling this need. Monday is bringing this Venus issue to tie in to big outside financial resources, sex or divorce. The day is two-fold. First you need to deal with something here involving an aspiration, group, female friend, or a friend who is having love or money issues that will affect your financial picture, sex life or divorce. Then you have the opportunity to step up into the spotlight in a wonderful way to connect with this big financial, sexual or divorce topic and reach your goal or career height.

Tuesday Venus is going to get dead serious as she says look at the friendship, group or aspiration and the love, money or woman here who is integral and then make a decision at this big fork in the road about the money being earned or spent here. It is either you commit more effort or time to earning or end a way of making money tied to this person or group or aspiration. The connection between Venus and Neptune bodes very well for the aspiration to be reached through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and again, a friend or group is involved benefiting you. If you have a career agenda or need to stand out in some way to achieve your goal, step up today because money is in the picture.

Wednesday you are in the spotlight on the career front or center stage involving a major goal or reputation while the partner, representative or specialist is tossing something in your way to overcome. This person seems to be a bit confused so take that into consideration. If not confused, this energy denotes some ambiguity over romantic, artistic or spiritual alignment. The talk you have about your goal or career leads to major changes around health, work or pets and this looks quite positive. The outside financial resource is curve-balling so watch what comes here. Once Venus enters your 12th house today you will want to take love and money matters behind closed doors and keep them under wraps for a while. Money and love will now flow through hospitals, film, fantasy, music and other art outlets, research and investigations, and retreats.

Thursday the focus should be about you, your body or image. You need to make some serious adjustments today physically to get what you want financially. Again, your goal has the opportunity to be reached in a new way, you need to be willing to think outside the box and try something new to get it but get it you will. Once the goddesses meet tonight the focus is on rest, recuperation, hospitals, film or art work, research and the money you make or spend.

Friday is a wonderful day when things should line up for you around making or spending money. This is a day when the powerful changes involving your health, work or pets will lead to income and the talks or agreements you come to help you to reach your goal or stand out on the career front.


Monday and pretty much the rest of the week Venus is going to focus you on career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, or father. Venus is going to show up as a woman here to spotlight any issues here or she is going to show up as the topic of love or money you need to reach the goal, involved in the goal or affecting the career. Monday this is going to begin by attaching to some big things via a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There will be something involving a woman, love or money that you have set as part of the career agenda or goal in this and you will need to finesse your way through this issue that comes up. Once you do you absolutely shine and have an opportunity with this person through travel, media ventures, education, or legal channels.

Tuesday Venus is at the make or break point over the career or reputation matter involving you and she is going to want you to step it up big time in one of two ways. You are at a cross roads here so you either need to commit, put in the time and effort to move this forward or sever ties over the goal or career agenda involving the woman, love or money. This is about you making a choice within yourself involving self mastery and responsibility. There is great energy aligning from this woman, love or money goal and the artistic work involved or a health matter that can be handled through spiritual means. You shine and lock down something serious and long term today involving your own leadership and the media, travel, educational, or legal matter.

Wednesday tackle the work, health or pet matters that are out there, they may seem confusing or you could just be dealing with a cold or being run down a bit, watch drinking the water if you travel and wash your hands a lot. Deals made that feature you in something media related, teaching, traveling or include signing contracts will require you make some choices artistically or romantically. The talk today about this media, travel, educational, or legal realm ties in beautifully to powerful change that benefits you through true love, children or creativity. Partners, competitors and representatives all have the means to surprise you today or toss something unforeseen into the mix. Once Venus moves into Cancer you are going to experience love and the flow of money through social activities, friends and groups.

Thursday is the day to pull the curtains and hide out a bit in your own world. You need to rest and recharge your energy. You can research or work on something artistic today if you like, even hook up with someone romantically and secretively. Just try to still work around the partner, representative, specialist, or competitor and continue to pamper your health or work situation. You are receiving a stand-out moment today in something legal, ceremonial, travel related, media focused, or educational, and this ties in very strongly to the partnership, representation, or competiton in ways that benefit you. You may surprise yourself today but what comes through these doors is a good thing. Plan on connecting with friends or a group tonight and doing something social.

Friday is a big day for everyone but for you this is truly focused on you, your body or your identity and a major change tied to a lover, child or creative project that empowers you in amazing ways. The talk, meeting or agreement you sign today involving travel, media, legalities, or education is putting it all together.


Monday and pretty much the whole week ahead, your ruler, Venus, is gearing up to point out what needs to be handled legally, educationally, with a media venture, or through travel or someone at a distance. Venus is going to show up as a woman to focus you on this or she is going to show up as a love or money issue tied to one of these avenues. On Monday she will amp you up over one of these things and ask you to deal with a situation or person who has gone way over the top, or perhaps it is you who has stretched for something big and needs to get into it today involving work, health or pets. You are in a great position to stand out strongly where the financially shared interests, backing, settlements, divorce or sex is concerned, benefiting work or health.

Tuesday Venus shows you the fork in the road tied to travel, media, education, or legal issues. Venus is the woman, the love or the money here and she wants you to get dead serious about something that has been going on behind the scenes. Machiavelli has a hand in this and it needs to stop, whether it is you or the other person, know that any workings that are being strategized through hidden and strategic manipulations will be coming back around in the near future and set your course accordingly (get it OUT IN THE OPEN or let it GO). For some of you this is about limits or responsibilities to hospitals, film or other artistic work, a clandestine or secret affair, or research. Whatever way it is playing for you, know that today is about committing to put in the effort and work or severing ties. Venus dances with Neptune to your benefit today through love and creative connections that harmonize with the higher mind and expression. Put yourself into the financial, sexual or divorce matter tonight because there is something long term or solid that can come from it that benefits you.

Wednesday there is a bit of confusion or deception or just disagreement over artistic or romantic direction involving the child, lover or creative project. This puts you in a position to deal financially, sexually or with the divorce. The talk you have about it will open up positive change for you at home, with your security needs or a living situation so open up! Changes or unique approaches ride in through work, health or pets today as Venus again asks what is the love or money looking like through travel, media, education, or legal channels. You are moving into a few weeks of hosting Venus in your career Midheaven which means a woman may be key to helping you reach an important goal and that you should have an easier time attracting the love or money. You are moving into a few weeks of hosting Venus in your career Midheaven which means a woman may be key to helping you reach an important goal and that you should have an easier time attracting the love or money.

Thursday is social. You will want to connect with friends or groups and put your aspirations forward but in this know that there is something to adjust around involving work, health or pets. As you come into the energy there is a moment when you are going to have an opportunity to step up financially through something new or different that comes your way through work, health or pet related fields. The evening is for working behind the scenes or in private on a career goal or with a woman you have something ambitious going with.

Friday is an awesome day for you in all things that have to do with mystical or private affairs. You can delve into things at home or tied to property that should help you change a situation in a very positive way, you can work on film or fantasy from home, gear up sexually with someone behind closed doors there, or find ways to work through the financial situation in a more supportive manner. For some of you the sale of real estate comes through today or you decide to put the property up for sale, or purchase, it’s all good.


Monday and pretty much the whole week, Venus wants you to get clear on a big financial matter, sexual or reproductive connection or the divorce. Venus will be showing up as a woman who pushes you to get to the heart of one of these matters or your love or income will be affected by the loan, settlement, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, inheritance, alimony, (financial matter) or the sex or divorce. Today this will entail looking at how you are expanding in arenas tied to creative projects, children or lovers. There is an opportunity today for your needs to be met through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist so make the connection.

Tuesday finances, sex or divorce with Venus meets the fork in the road and you are face to face with limits or responsibilities tied to your aspirations, friend, groups, or associates. You should be asking yourself to commit, put in the real and solid effort, or to sever ties and move along towards freedom. Home and family is the place that the support is coming from today so put in energy here, if the financial, divorce or sexual issues are focusing on a property issue or your living situation, you are favored here today. A partner, agent, attorney, or specialist is again positive for you, this time in the social, friend, group, or aspiration arena and long term solutions.

Wednesday is all over the place with something out of whack at home or with property tied to partners, agents, attorneys or specialists, possibly water related? Maybe just a bit weepy or confused here, if you are pursuing something artistic or romantic at home, obstacles must be overcome. The talk you have today or the agreement you come to changes everything for the better and again involves the partner, representative or specialist. Venus and her financial, sexual or divorce topic is at it again today and will be throwing in a wild card around lovers, children or creative projects. Her move into Cancer brings a few week period starting tonight where love and money will flow to you through travel, someone afar, education, media and publicity, and legal channels.

Thursday is all about the goal, ambition or career. You have much going on energetically here today and will need to make room for adjustments around creative types or inspirations, lovers or children. Home is playing out over sentimentality, deception, artistic or romantic odds, or something still continuing over water here. The great news for you today is the alignment between your needs and someone who can represent them for you in a creative venture, with a lover or over children. You may decide to connect with a partner or specialist as well over one of these things with the same positive results. Contact a female friend who lives far away or go visit tonight, you’ll be glad you did.

Friday is one of those power days that will work wonders for you with friends, networking, social events, and groups. You want to meet them, talk to them, pitch ideas, sign contracts, take short trips, or do something involving the neighbors/neighborhood. Representatives, partners and specialists again are aligned in the picture with a great aspiration within reach.


Monday and over the week ahead, Venus is asking that you get into the love or money situation with a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist. This is fork in the road time for you and very important that you see how what is happening at home and the roots of your chart is being balanced with the career and goals you are seeking to work through. As you deal with most likely this woman this week as the marriage or business partner, representative or specialist, ask what needs to give. Today you have the potential to really shine through work you do, your own vitality and health or in the way you contribute to an animal’s well being and this positively affects home connections.

Tuesday the woman, love or money matter coming to your attention through the partner, representative or specialist really hits a fork in the road. You must decide something serious about your career, reputation, fame, goals, or ambition (for some of you this may mean dealing with a boss, authority figure, father or father figure). How does what the woman needs or is doing or the money or love tied to her being affected by career or goals? Commit or sever ties, it’s that kind of day. Your ability to talk or come to terms over romantic, spiritual or artistic ideals with the partner, representative or specialist bodes well for positive outcomes. You are in a prime position at work, with our health or in dealing with animals and again, this aligns you with something solid and long term affecting career or reputation.

Wednesday there will be something that needs to be talked out or dealt with regarding the work you do, your health or the pets again and just make sure that those you are addressing are really clear on what you mean, the energy is a bit foggy. Don’t buy into everything you hear as well, since it may not include all the facts. On the other hand, the talk or agreement you come to over work, health or pets will lead to some pretty powerful change or empowerment around earnings. Venus is kicking up through the partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist over something you weren’t expecting at home or with property. Venus then moves into your house of sex, divorce and outside finances to smooth things out here. This is where you will attract love and money now, you may see a woman enter or leave through one of these avenues.

Thursday is all about travel, media, education, or legal matters. You will still need to make some adjustments around what is going on at home or with family and may have to talk or meet up with someone who is a bit confusing or sentimental. Just know that again, the area you shine and see your needs met are through the work you do, your health or in dealing with pets and this is going to align beautifully to opportunity for change or new approaches at home or with family. Tonight is all about the career or goal that brings you closer to sex, finances or divorce.

Friday is a wonderful day and you are experiencing the aspects in powerful places so prepare to focus on career today and see some powerful positive change around earnings and talks or agreements involving the work you do to benefit you greatly. If you have a health goal or want a pet, ask for it today or sign up for the gym or trainer, etc, you have so much behind you that if you set it in motion today you should be very happy with the results.


Monday and pretty much the whole week we are dealing with Venus and what she is going to be demanding you look at through the work you do, a co-worker, someone you hire to work for you, your health, or your pets. Venus is going to show up as a woman in this most likely but if she doesn’t, she will show up as love or money issues tied to the work, health or pets. So, get ready to really be active this week and make some decisions because this is a turning point. Today you will have a talk or sign an agreement and it is over the top, big, huge in some way and tied to the work, health or pets. You are also able to stand out through your creativity, with a child or in a love affair if you open up and share your happiness or talk about the expansion.

Tuesday Venus is pushing the work, health or pet buttons and today it is very serious. You have to look at the travel, contracts, legalities, media or publicity, or the educational aspects here and then you have to make the decision to commit, put in effort, time and work or to sever ties and walk away. The link to income is very positive today so making money or spending on something artistic or romantic that supports the work, health or pets is favored. You are also in a wonderful, serious link through who you are in the love affair, with the children or the creative venture and the trip, person at a distance, media, education, or legal/ceremonial matter. This is solid.

Wednesday brings up income matters with the lover, child or creative venture so look carefully at this. You could be having differences in artistic or romantic outlook or there could be something very confusing or deceptive here. The talk or agreement you have that focuses on creative ventures, children or lovers is set to change things in a very powerful way that benefits you. Venus is stirring up the work, health or pet zone again and this will come via news or a talk that comes out of the blue with changes you must tend to or meeting someone unusual or spontaneous who affects the outlook. Once Venus moves into Cancer you enter a few weeks of smooth energy around partners, agents, attorneys, specialists and competitors. This is where the love and money are flowing for you, a woman may enter or leave the picture here.

Thursday it all shifts to the major financial picture involving debt, loans, mortgages, investments, inheritance, taxes, insurance, settlements, etc, or sex, divorce or reproduction. You will want to have as many talks or meetings you can today in dealing with this and be willing to adjust as you go, being especially careful around the income you want or spending on something. There is a talk or meeting that involves you and the lover, child or creative project that is destined to open some positive opportunity for you. Tonight you should look at the partner, representative or specialist and long distance, travel, media, education, or legal matters, all good.

Friday is an amazing day and if you can travel, sign documents, do the legal dance, launch a publicity or marketing campaign, get into something media driven, teach, or take a class, then you are going to love this day. There is every reason to believe it will empower you in some great and personal way and that talks or meetings, agreements or decisions that involve children, lovers or creative projects will as well be affected by one of these realms positively.


Monday and the week ahead, Venus is very active and will be asking you to look very hard at the love affair, lover, children, or creative venture. Remember that Venus likes to show up as a woman who in this circumstance will be affecting your love, children or creative project, or she will show up as love or money issues tied to lovers, children or creative projects. So, on Monday you will be in this and facing big topics around the money you make or spend. There is wonderful potential for you to get what you need at home today involving income so you could work from home or spend on home, all good.

Tuesday Venus is pointing at the love or money tied to lovers, children or creativity and pushing you to the fork in the road. There is a need to either commit, put in the time, effort and work on the divorce, financial matter or sexual connection or you need to sever ties and walk away. There is a great deal of harmonious energy flowing between you and the lover, child or creative project today involving romance or artistry and there is great potential for you to do something at home or with a living situation that puts you center stage. This will lead to positive and solid long term results around divorce, shared financial matters or sex.

Wednesday there may be some disillusionment or sentimentality over home or family and yourself or you may find that confusion has set in. The talk, meeting or agreement you come to today about it leads powerful change and positive empowerment through mystical, spiritual doors. You may be able to research or investigate something or express your fantasy in a way that positively affects you at home or with property as well. Venus pushes the love, child or creative buttons again and this time over something you weren’t expecting with income. Once Venus moves into cancer tonight you will find that women involved in work, health or pets situations will flow more smoothly and you will be attracting love or money through work, health and pets.

Thursday the energy shifts towards the partner, the agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You will be aiming at taking care of shifts around income, earning and spending pertaining to one of these significant relationships and seeing what you are made of. You step it up around the home, property or living situation with an opportunity to earn or spend here that benefits. Venus at work, in health or with pets is opening doors tonight to intimacy, financial opportunity or divorce so see how you can reach a love or money understanding here or move things along with the female.

Friday is golden and focuses in on sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, loans, settlements, alimony, insurance, taxes, credit, debt, or the partners money. Choose one of these arenas and then talk, meet or sign agreements that will affect where you live or with whom and help you to transform a situation that has been secretive, hidden or involving a triangle to empower you.


Monday and pretty much the whole week, Venus is going to be pushing you to make some choices about the home, property, living situation, mom, or security needs. Venus will show up as a woman or over a love or money matter playing out around your home. On Monday you need to look at how you are expanding your idea of who you are or want to be and how your happiness is being affected by the current situation. A talk, meeting or agreement you come to today about your needs will open some positive doors for you.

Tuesday Venus points to the home and demands you look at this fork in the road. She wants you to either commit, put in the real effort, work and time with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist here or she wants you to sever ties and walk away. There is great connection between her desire for your home/property/living situation and the hidden, spiritual, mystical, romantic, or artistic energy going on behind closed doors. If you can step it up through the things you dare to say or agree to with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor today, you are in a prime position to get something solid and substantial between the two of you long term or an ending that is beneficial.

Wednesday could stir up some sad feelings that tend to hit you out of nowhere or you could be dealing with something going on behind the scenes that is confusing or self-sabotaging, make sure in all communications today that you are clear and that you understand what the other person is trying to convey. This is not the best day to enter a hospital. Talks with a friend, group, or through networking or a social occasion are very powerful and should benefit you in strong ways, so meet up, come to agreements, open up. You are being triggered personally by Venus today so you may have an intense encounter at home or over living situations or you may feel as though you need to make a break for freedom or change things. Once Venus moves into Cancer you will see that she smoothes things out a bit with kids, lovers or creative projects. This is where love and money flow now and a woman may enter or leave the picture effecting these arenas greatly.

Thursday is about the work you need to do, your health or the pets. Focus in and be willing to make some physical adjustments if you want to get where you are going. A talk, meeting or agreement you enter into today will open some doors for you so make sure to connect, it won’t be the usual day, anything could happen and this is where the luck is for you. Tonight the goddesses mix magic between partnership, representation, or specialists and lovers, children or creative projects so enjoy.

Friday is a stellar day where you should focus on one important person, a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You have an open channel to have powerful talks or meetings, come to agreements, do something local or involving a short trip or sibling, a neighbor or neighborhood and it should all go your way. There is empowerment in the day for you through the connections you have with this person or the social activities you do together as well.


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