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Since Mercury has taken all of us back into the buried issues over the past 3 weeks I’m sure you will all agree with me when we welcome him back to forward motion in the sign of earned income on Tuesday. The entire week will be more or less about the energy of the placement he has held for your sign since Mercury is flipping here this week and the New Moon is happening in the same arena. We are moving forward, ready, set, go!

Monday is a wrap up day for Mercury and an emotional baggage day between Moon and Pluto so head into it with this in mind. You are going to be releasing anything left from the past that needs to go, doing last minute finessing of what goes forward, and meeting up with the powerful feelings everyone is experiencing over triangles, ambition and control. Easy does it.

Tuesday the goddess energy triggers in a nice way as we know what we want and find ways to talk or come to agreements about it. Know that Mercury goes Direct at 6:27pm eastern time so up until then you are still tweaking the past energy. With Mercury facing forward you are going to be ready to get back in the game.

Wednesday is very interesting. The universal energy aligns beautifully to help you get things going and Mercury is Direct so you can get things going, however, we are in the very dark of the Moon since we have a New Moon on Thursday. Consider that you have a golden key between worlds today, there will be something mystical or otherworldly connected to what you sign or put into play and if this suits you, then you should go for it. Think about the darkness as Scorpio magic so anything relating to the wrap up of power, control, depth, triangles, major finances, divorce, death, or sex.

Thursday brings a New Moon in Taurus at 9:04 pm eastern time so late in the day. It’s the universe’s way of saying, ok, we drug you through the darkness with Mercury traipsing through your buried issues that in any way hold you back from making the money you deserve or valuing yourself properly. Now here you go, a New Moon in Taurus, two strong weeks to go set things in motion armed with the new perspective to bring income back into your life or more earnings through the work you do now, or a way to earn money more aligned with who you truly are now. Up until this New Moon, emotions are on edge today with everyone wanting to burst forward but not quite ready yet.

Friday is the day I think the whole week should be focused on. The energy aligns, opportunity opens, Mercury is Direct, the Moon is New and you can sign the contracts, open up dialogue, take meetings, pitch ideas, and motivate on anything that brings you joy and stimulates income!


Monday the Moon in your sign is going to push you on all fronts so emotions will be a bit raw to say the least. This will play out with ambitions, career or bosses in powerful ways. Use the energy to motivate on anything that puts you forward and helps you move towards career goals but do not allow yourself to be drawn into confrontations with the powers that be today, it won’t go well.

Tuesday your Moon meets up with Venus in a wonderful aspect that may mean an important talk or meeting with a woman or about money or both. There is definitely something positive in it for you so open up. The past is still a part of it since Mercury doesn’t go Direct until later today. Mercury stationing Direct is a green light for you to go get new money making ventures under way, ask for more income or find a job if one disappears at this point. You have major universal support over the next 2 weeks to interview and send out resumes that get noticed(the best starts Friday forward).

Wednesday is a great income day for you with talks, meetings, pitches, writing projects, and agreements that can help you bring in money if you set them up and go. The trine to Pluto suggests that higher-ups will see you favorably and help you out.

Thursday emotions are tweaked in the first part of the day over the money and the child, lover or creative endeavor. Do your best to motivate yourself in ways that are creatively looking for income sources. The New Moon tonight gives you your official push and cosmic backing to go find new income, increase what you have and spend wisely on things that will help you to increase income as well.

Friday it is best to keep income focus off of the friend or group involved and on the energy you can generate from research, working on your own behind closed doors on something, exploring your artistry or imagination and dealing with any institutions necessary. Talks or meetings set up today will show you a piece of the prize you are aiming for and give you the clue you need to make adjustments necessary to get there so don’t be afraid to open up.


Monday brings up any intense feelings or buried tensions around secrets, hospitals, maneuvering going on behind the scenes or people’s backs, clandestine affairs, or in the artistic world of film, fantasy, poetry, or music. There is something to a trip, media venture, legal matter, or education in this that is pushing the buttons. A good day to focus on past release and what you can do to get from point A to point B but not a good day to buck the powers that be.

Tuesday brings the world back around to you with positive energy around a female involved in any of yesterdays issues or money that you are trying to bring in tied to it. There is opportunity here for you today, especially in the first part of the day. Mercury stations Direct in your sign and you are now ready to make your move on the new you. You’ve had weeks of letting go and should have a pretty good idea about what you want for yourself. The universe is ready to help you get it.

Wednesday is a great day to meet about anything involving you personally, your body, image, identity, or something that puts you physically into the mix as a persona. Talks, agreements, ditto. There is alignment with the power planet to help you get the trip under way, the media or publishing deal wrapped up, the publicity on the right footing, the educational matter going in the right direction, or the legalities aligned to your best interests, go.

Thursday emotions may be honky around home or what is going on there. You seem to be out of your element today in this situation or else feeling a big burst of energy to move, accomplish something here or aggressively pursue some action. The New Moon tonight is in your sign and another feather in your cap for transforming who you are moving forward. The cosmos is giving you the backing over the next 2 weeks to head out with a new identity, image, body, or towards something very personal and important to your happiness. Be proactive now and set it off on the right foot.

Friday is good for exciting or inspiring times with friends or group activities, parties or networking but a bit of a fog around career agenda. This may work for you if you are in the arts or work in something mystical as a motivator but if you need precise thinking or strategic angles don’t push on this front today. Talks or meetings about income come into the picture later today and will require some adjustments around the trip, media, education, or legal matter.


Monday brings up emotional issues with a friend or group over some triangular situation, share financial situation, power, control, or something tied to sex, divorce or reproduction. Sounds fun, right? Well, as everyone’s feelings are on edge today, do your best to express your needs and remember you are in the last of the release phase of the Mercury Retrograde.

Tuesday is SO much better as connections with friends and groups align and a woman may be important to something you are trying to establish. Money flows here as well so connect with these people. Mercury, your ruler, finally stations Direct in your house of hidden enemies, self-sabotage, secrets, clandestine affairs, film and fantasy, hospitals and retreat, research and investigations. You have seen what can happen, you are now armed with knowledge of what you want going forward and the cosmos is ready to help.

Wednesday brings an important talk, meeting or agreement regarding one of these Retrograde topics and amazingly positive alignments with something powerful happing through intimacy, divorce or financial realms. Open up today to what comes, it looks very good and in the dark of the Moon will still have something of the past attached.

Thursday emotions are tense as talks or meetings amp up. You want to make something happen but will feel something in the shadows is still holding you back or that you are feeling like saying whatever is on your mind and let the chips fall where they may. I would urge you to hold your tongue until the New Moon kicks in tonight. This New Moon is giving you 2 strong weeks of support to initiate new film or fantasy projects, to pull back and work on something important behind the scenes, in strategy, through research, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions.

Friday this artistic, retreat, romantic, or institutional energy may lead you to achieving goals or gaining some recognition as the door is open wide here but it is a tough day for travel, media, education, or legal matters because there is something deceptive or confusing in the mix here. Once the Moon enters your sign you can connect with others on a very deep level and this may mean intimacy, sex, financially or over divorce. Prepare to make some concessions to make it happen.


Monday emotions are intense for everyone and for you this is playing out over career or ambitions, reputation or fame, father or goals. The focus of the day should be on the partner, representative or competitor in the picture and how to work through situations with triangles or power issues. Remember the past is still in release mode.

Tuesday brings an opportunity to the table on the career front or with an important goal as you connect with a woman behind closed doors or on something film, fantasy, spiritual, clandestine, research, or hospital related to open doors. Money may flow, this looks good. Mercury FINALLY moves forward in your friends, groups, aspirations, and associates zone. Your circle tightens as you know who goes forward and who does not. If someone has been working against you during this retrograde they are about to be exposed. Money now will flow through aspirations and friendships you have aligned to make real.

Wednesday is a great day for your social connections, friends, groups, and aspirations. Talks and meetings, agreements and decisions open doors while the connection to the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor empowers you on some level. Ask for what you need. Sign the contract if need be but know if you can wait for the New Moon it is better.

Thursday emotions are amped up with the friend or group as you motivate to make money or to spend. It is the dark of the Moon, a time of connection across the veil for you so focus here on deep intuition instead of pushing on something in the first part of the day. The New Moon occurs tonight in your house of friends and groups and aspirations and you will be ready to launch over the next two weeks in something involving any or all of these topics.

Friday brings up some odd emotions with friends or groups over shared financial matters, sex or divorce. Neptune is in the mix so it could be something unclear, deceptive or involving the arts or romance that you need to just work through more. So, make sure to be clear and if there is something to tweak that you get to it. On the other hand, there is great energy for you with these people involving media, travel, people at a distance, education, or legal matters. Put yourself into behind the scenes mode and pull from the muse later in the day to connect with the partner or representative and be willing to make some adjustments.


Monday bring up feelings over travel, media, education, or legalities. This should push you to do what you can to deal with powerful change in work or health. Intense emotions are really about how control or empowerment is linking between these arenas and any triangles, sex or major financial matters are working out. Release is the key.

Tuesday the female friend opens doors for you to a better flow for travel, media, education, or legal matters. There could be money in the picture for you here so make sure to connect. Mercury FINALLY stations Direct in your career zone and you will now be able to get out of the stagnant state or situation embroiled in the past and move forward.

Wednesday is the day to talk, meet, sign contracts or make decisions about career, goals, ambitions, father, bosses, or reputation. The link to Pluto in your house of work and health supports you making powerful transformations through work or health to reach goals today. So take the meeting or open up the dialogue!

Thursday Mars is pushing emotional buttons so this may make you angry or motivated as you push your physical body to achieve goals. The New Moon tonight is in your career zone and is the true green light to go after your ambitious goal. You have 2 weeks now with the universe behind you, Mercury Direct and you should use it to nail the career position you want or seed steps towards it. Father and bosses fall in this arena as well so if you have something you want to start here do so now.

Friday is about career and goals again with feelings a bit out of alignment with partners, representatives or competitors. Watch for deception here or some kind of confusion. The positive energy lies in finances, sex or divorce issues as you go after the goal these are working for you. Talks with friends or groups about work or health require some concessions.


Monday is an emotion day and the end of a long Retrograde involving your ruler so go easy on yourself. This is building up over finances, sex or divorce and the powerful change in the mix with a creative project, lover or child. You are still in release mode, whether that means something within yourself or out there is up to you.

Tuesday brings great opportunity into the day with a female involved in a career agenda or set as a goal you have for yourself. This seems to bring some emotional relief around the major financial matter, divorce or sex. Mercury stations Direct, FINALLY, in your house of media matters, travel, education, and legalities. You will now be ready to sign the contract, hop the plane, dive into the media matter or take the class.

Wednesday opens talks, meetings, agreements, and contracts for the media, travel, education, or legal matter and harmony and support with the lover, child or creative project so again, get in there and make it happen. The dark of the Moon intimates that the past is involved and your intuition is working for you.

Thursday emotions may be intense the first part of the day over what you are trying to do behind closed doors, in private, through research, film or fantasy, in clandestine affairs, or with hospitals. Once the New Moon kicks in tonight you are ready to truly launch on the media, publishing, publicity, marketing, travel, import/export, foreign interest, teaching, class, ceremony, or legal matter. You have 2 strong weeks now with everything behind you in these areas to move.

Friday again is about travel, media, legal, or educational matters with some kind of issues to be worked out with the work, health or pets that may be a bit confusing or deceptive so try to get clear. On the other hand, there is great support coming from a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor in this that should benefit you and excite or inspire. Talks about career agendas or goals mean some kind of powerful adjustment regarding the love, child or creative output.


Monday will push emotional buttons with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors so be forewarned. There is great change going on at the foundation of the situation here or involving your home or living situation. There is still release energy involved from the Retrograde and dark of the Moon so work with it within these parameters.

Tuesday a female enters the picture through media, travel, education, or legal channels to help you or open doors and this should benefit the partnership or representation. If you need to deal with a woman in these areas do so today, the energy benefits you. Mercury stations Direct tonight in your house of sex, other people’s money and divorce. This means you are ready to move forward mentally in these arenas and come to agreements or make decisions.

Wednesday is a great day to meet up for sex, divorce issues or major financial matters, have talks, come to agreements, or sign contracts. Home and foundational changes benefit in powerful ways from this as well. You are in the dark of the Moon so the past figures into the equation.

Thursday Mars is kicking up your feelings about a friend that could be sexual or tied to something financial and this will look like passion or anger so consider what you are doing. The New Moon occurs tonight in your house of sex, finances and divorce and you are all green lit to move forward over the next 2 weeks with fresh starts in these areas. If you need to get a loan, file for bankruptcy, settle inheritance, deal with taxes or insurance, file the divorce, or take a relationship to a more intimate level, you are go time.

Friday this is still in play strongly. Watch for any delusional feelings you may have over the creative project, lover or child in this or that there is not deception in the mix. Do go for the exciting or unusual work that comes your way, and approach health and time with pets in the same way, be open to what comes, it is all good. Talks or meetings over travel, media ventures, legal matters or education will have some kind of adjustment to them over security or home.


Monday emotions are a bit intense even for you and they will revolve around how you feel about work, health or pets and play out through talks, written matters, meetings, agreements or decisions you are making, possibly over siblings or neighbors. You are in release mode so do your best to release.

Tuesday brings great energy into the sex, finances and/or divorce matter for you with a woman on the scene or something bringing money or love here. Mercury stations Direct in your partnership house so you are ready to make a decision about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor.

Wednesday is a wonderful day for talks, agreements, meetings, or short trips involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. There is great empowerment in what is signed or agreed to today so mark this on the calendar.

Thursday emotions are mixed over the goal or career agenda and the significant person involved. Mars is pushing you to motivate anyway. The New Moon tonight is in your partner, representative and competition zone and gives you 2 strong weeks to initiate new beginnings with these important people in your life.

Friday there is some kind of emotional stir-up at home or over what is going on here that may involve deception or disillusionment so watch for confusing signals here. Positive energy around surprises and excitement with lovers, children or creative projects come through partners, representatives or specialists. Talks about sex, divorce or the major financial matter require some concessions around control.


Monday your creative or love feelings are a bit out of alignment with the powerful need to make money so do your best to muscle through. There may be something from the past that is still in release mode here and you are still in the process of change or empowerment.

Tuesday a female partner, agent, attorney, or specialist is going to make your day through matters of the heart, creative projects or with children. Mercury stations Direct tonight in your house of work, health and pets so you are now ready to make decision, sign agreements or have talks or meetings about these subjects.

Wednesday is great for work, health or pets with plenty of support through talks, meetings, writing, short trips, siblings, or agreements and a powerful flow to making money. You are still in the dark of the Moon so the past is still in this picture.

Thursday Mars is a bit cranky to travel may be a bit fraught with frustration, media ventures may be accident prone, education could be rough going, and legal matters should just be avoided. The New Moon tonight is in your work, health and pet zone so you have 2 strong weeks now to launch new work projects, look for new work, begin a health regime or adopt a pet.

Friday is not the best day to pitch an idea about work, health or pets or to give your word and you should watch for confusion with others over things spoken or written in these areas as well but it is a great day to work from home, tackle health here or do something with a pet here. Feelings for partners, representatives or specialists are affected by the need for adjustment around income issues.


Powerful surges of emotional energy are in the mix on Monday and they are coming from what you want and the house or home matter. Look at who is in charge, any triangles, how the shared resources are being shared, and how the past is involved. You are still in release mode so take care.

Tuesday is a great day as a woman arrives on the work scene and ties up something wonderful at home or with property for you. There could be money in this or love. If this isn’t about work it could play out through someone helping you with health or pet matters at home. Mercury stations Direct tonight in your house of true love, children and creativity. This means you are making a decision, have met or are now ready to meet someone here or are now ready to have the talk, meeting or sign the agreement.

Wednesday is a wonderful day for the love affair, children or creative project. Meetings and talks benefit you, agreements are aligned, short trips or doing something locally are good. And there is a link to major empowerment for you through finances or intimacy. You are still in the dark of the Moon so something of a mystical nature could come through.

Thursday bring a bit of a strange twist to feelings that could go deeper into the passionate range with lovers or behind the veil with creative types or you could find anger is welling up but from sources you don’t really understand yourself. Again, a magical time when you should allow emotions to roll and see it as release. The New Moon tonight is about a fresh 2 week beginning for you with lovers, children and creativity. You can meet a new love interest, take this one to a new level, let one go to open opportunities for new love to arrive, enter a new phase with kids or bring one into the world, and launch those creative projects out into the world.

Friday brings up any issues over money with the lover, child or creative project. You either need to reassess romantic connections to money or watch out for clarity in what is being shared here. Nice surprises come through talks or news by way of lovers, children or creative projects today so stay tuned for this. You may meet a love interest at the most unexpected moment or place. Talks about work, health or pets require adjustments.


Monday is one of those days you should go into with the assumption that you are going to give yourself a break, possibly treat yourself to something nice and let the rest go. The person or situation that is going on in secret or is partially hidden is not going to be easy to reach today or there will be a third party in the mix that will just annoy you. It’s possible someone comes at you out of nowhere and dumps their stuff on you. This is still release mode so allow for that.

Tuesday is SO much better. This is the day to connect with a lover, child or woman involved in a creative project and know that talks, agreements, meetings, and pitches should benefit you. There could be money in the mix or love flowing to you. Mercury stations Direct tonight in your home arena so you are ready to make the decision or the move regarding where you live and with whom.

Wednesday brings positive talks and agreements over home and property matters with empowerment for you through what you are doing in research or artistic work here or just in retreat and recuperation. The dark of the Moon prevails so plug into the muse, your intuition, and the veil as you may download some amazing things today and tonight.

Thursday feelings are intense with a partner, competitor or representative over the home or living situation. This may spark you to action or anger so watch yourself. The New Moon tonight is opening up the fresh new beginning in home and property matters over the next 2 weeks and you can really set out on the right cosmic footing if you initiate now.

Friday home is the focus again but today you have to watch that your own sense of disillusionment or nostalgia isn’t muddying the waters. There is positive energy around making money at home or spending some here. Talks or meetings with lovers, children or over creative projects require some adjustment.


Monday emotions over income are stirred and you will either feel very motivated to overcome obstacles towards aspirations or involving groups that can help you transform this situation or you will feel overwhelmed. This is still release mode so allow for release.

Tuesday brings a woman onto the scene at home or tied to property that is a direct link to you making money so open up here. There is opportunity to earn today if you are proactive. Mercury finally stations Direct in your communication zone and you can now make a decision you have been having a time with over the last few weeks. Talks and agreements pick back up as well, especially those tied to making money.

Wednesday brings a meeting or talk that is important monetarily. There is great empowerment through the friend, group or networking you do so get out and open up with others. You are in the dark of the Moon so mystical experiences are possible.

Thursday emotions over work, health or pets are stirred up and you may need to take action on something here locally or have a talk that is aggressive or angry about what is going on. The New Moon in your communications zone opens up the strongest 2 week period of the year to launch new writing projects, sign agreements, open talks, pitches, or meetings, start something in the neighborhood or involving neighbors, with siblings or involving short trips.

Friday the talks or agreements have something unclear or deceptive about them so make sure you aren’t hiding something and the other person isn’t either. There is great ability for you to express your independence or originality today so go for it. Talks about home or property meet with some need for adjustment around the friend or group affiliation here.


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