Friday, May 28, 2010


Straight up kitty, it’s the weekend and it should be time to adventure forth :) However, Saturday’s Sagittarius Moon ends early in the morning, giving way to Capricorn Moon and ambitions. It really looks like you might feel driven towards some goal or wrapped up in your career agenda. As I see it this may be a good thing since there are all kinds of energy around what you can do, the changes you can make to yourself or the actions you are willing to fearlessly take. It’s intense around change and empowerment so stretch a bit and don’t limit yourself in areas that may not be tried and true yet, there are so many interesting things just getting their first nourishment in the new world, climb aboard.

Sunday more of the same with one major exception…Saturn is stationing Direct today. This means that you are ready now to move forward in leadership, taking the reins, launching the business, but overall getting all of that detail oriented effort out the door towards some solid goal. Health goals launched today fare well. See if you can open a dialogue about income with someone.

On another note, it seems that Uranus moving into Aries has set off several major earthquakes and volcanoes. Please back up your water and emergency supplies incase your area is affected over the next 10 days.

I’m filling in tonight (Friday) as host on the CBS radio show, The Art of Healing from 10pm-midnight eastern time/7-9pm pacific time. If you would like to tune in the scheduled guest I will be interviewing is a sex psychic, so it should be interesting. You can listen here: and the call in # is: 248-545-7685

ARIES: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday wrap up any loose ends with friends or groups tied to media, legal matters, education (learning or teaching), or travel early in the day. Once Capricorn Moon kicks in you will be geared towards your career and the needs of bosses. This is a day when you can try new things, put your own individual stamp on something important and allow for any third party emotions to dawn and be dealt with.

Sunday is about career and ambitions once again. Today you will find a talk you have requires some adjustment or concession on your part as you try to explain or come to terms over the goal or bosses needs. Saturn stationing Direct is going to put you back in the game in the realm of health and work so get ready to move forward here, all that back tracking was so you could wrap up these loose ends, now it’s go time! Talk money with bosses late in the day for good results.

TAURUS: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday starts with a wrap up of sexual play or passion if you are one of the lucky Taurians, with attention to divorce details or financial matters if you are more serious minded. Once Capricorn Moon kicks in there is going to be a heavy focus on a media matter, trip, legal issue, or class. See what you can dig up with a little investigation, you might be surprised. Your personal empowerment is coming through one of these arenas but you need to clean up the triangle.

Sunday brings more focus on travel, media, education, or law but with some adjustments around income or making your living. Saturn stations Direct today and you are finally ready to move forward in a serious way regarding the love affair, children or creative project. You have had several months to backtrack and understand limits, responsibilities and ambitions here, now it is time to move! An important talk, meeting or agreement with a woman is in the cards today, just come from your heart and express your needs, you should be happy with the way things go.

GEMINI: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday you will want to wrap up any lingering topics with the partner or representative regarding home, media, travel, education, or legal matters early in the day. Once the Capricorn Moon kicks in you will be focusing on the major financial matter that is shared, the sexual connection or the divorce. Think about how the friend or group is playing into this scenario and ways to remain independent or original within these limits.

Sunday brings more focus on sex, divorce, loans, debt, credit, settlements, royalties, commissions, inheritance, bankruptcy, joint finances, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, or any other shared financial matter. Today you will want to deal with a woman about the money you make in relation to the shared or indebted situation. Research is your friend and so is working behind the scenes strategically so get yourself there. Saturn stations Direct so you are ready to move forward on the home, living situation, real estate deal, or issue with mom. You’ve had plenty of time to get things figured out during the Retrograde, it’s time to put things in motion.

CANCER: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday wrap up the work or health issues early in the day because once Capricorn Moon kicks in you are going to be focused on partnership, representation, specialist, or the competition. The goal is shifting somewhat today due to this persons influence or lack thereof and you will want to go deep with them in an effort to figure out the next move.

Sunday carries over the energy around this significant person you are dealing with as something you are working on behind the scenes or that has been going through many levels of adaptation takes on another level from you, again with the aim of moving this thing forward with this person. Saturn stations Direct in your communications zone today so you have now officially had enough time to master your oratory, finesse the written project, figure out what you want to do about agreements, and which decisions you are willing to make that require leadership or authority from you. It is now go time, sign, meet, write it and send it off, you will likely hear news today or shortyly about something important you have been waiting on, the ‘yes’ or ‘no’. A woman plays into partnering/representation and you will find that your aspirations get a nice boost today.

LEO: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday you will want to wrap up anything involving the kids, lover or creative outlet early in the morning. Once the Moon slips into Capricorn you will find the rest of the weekend is about your ambitions or goals at work, with health or involving animals. There is something changing or news you will receive around the trip, media, a class, or a legal matter that will focus you in more on the work, health or pets. Be willing to think on your feet and except any change is good for you.

Sunday is again about the work you are doing, want to do, the co-worker, your health, or the pets. Today you will want to make some adjustment around a friend, group, social function or aspiration tied to this for best results. Saturn stations Direct in your income zone so the last few months of trying to think about what you want to achieve here or where you could lead yourself forward are officially over. It’s now time to take the helm and ask for more money, look for a different source of income or in some way lead your life forward towards something that you can build upon here. Something secretive or hidden going on with a woman is affecting the work, health or pets, talk it out today for good results.

VIRGO: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday will open with you wrapping up whatever needs finishing at home, with a property matter, mom/mother figure, or family, watch that you don’t stress yourself too much physically in this. Once the Moon moves into Capricorn the rest of the day and tomorrow will be focused on a creative venture, children or a love interest. A wild card is in the mix around sex, divorce or major finances with this person or project so think on your feet and look at changes as ways to experience something new.

Sunday the energy around the lover, child or creative project will push you to stretch your own goals or position a bit and this is a good thing. Saturn stations Direct in your sign today and this is big. You have had many months to really take a look at who you are, what is going on with your body, image and identity, and what you want personally for yourself by way of committed effort to life. You are now ready to make some decisions and step up as the person leading the show. You are now in the last stretch of hosting Saturn in your sign, over on July 21st not to return for 29 years, it’s a huge new life awaiting you, the end of a past cycle, and today kicks it off, step into who you have worked so hard to become. There is a woman in the picture today you may be deciding friend or lover. Talks about the trip, media venture, legal matter, or education are bound to please.

LIBRA: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is good if you can tackle any writing projects or agreements, meetings or talks early in the day. Once the Capricorn Moon kicks in you will spend the rest of the weekend focused on Home. There is a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent that is going to show up for you today at the house, involved in property or to rock your sense of stability and roots in some surprising way so be ready to field the out of the blue energy coming and look at anything you need to change.

Sunday brings more energy to home and property. You are asked to stretch yourself a bit over your position regarding a trip, media venture, class, or legal issue. Saturn stations Direct today so the past months of time you had to really look at any limits or issues with hospitals, secrets, investigations, snooping, the arts such as film, music or painting, research or retreat is now complete. You are now ready to move forward with authority and leadership in the film, research, dealings with institutions, any secret or strategic matters, to put your life on more solid, structured ground. Please take this time seriously to tackle anything going on in these arenas between now and July 21st when Saturn will re-enter your sign and you begin a serious stretch of self-mastery, you’ll be glad you did. It seems there is some female opposed to your goals today, talk about the sex, divorce or major financial matter for best results.

SCORPIO: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is going to kick off with making or spending money as the first energy out the door, wrap this up early as the rest of the weekend moves into other pastures. Once the Moon moves into Capricorn you will be focusing on communications and short trips so see what you can write, meet or talk about, sign or agree to, or where you can go locally to enhance your weekend. Something tied to the work you are doing or trying to do, your health or a pet/animal issue is going to be a wild card today so you may be talking about or hearing some news here that surprises.

Sunday brings more on the communications front with the need to stretch yourself and your needs a bit around sex, divorce or finances (brought out through the talk, agreement or short trip). Saturn stations Direct today so the long cycle of looking at any limits or commitments to friends, groups, aspirations, or your social conduct is now finished. You are now ready to take the reins, lead the group or take on more authority or leadership with the friend or in pursuit of your dreams. A woman who is far way, involved with a trip, media, educational, or legal matter, is part of the equation, talks or agreements today. What is communicated with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is what is beneficial for you.

SAGITTARIUS: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday you should try to get whatever time to yourself or for your own physical expression early in the day because once the Moon slips into Capricorn, the rest of the day and weekend is going to be around income matters. There is something coming your way from a child, lover or with a creative project that is going to be the wild card today affecting your income. You may need to try something radically different or be asked to spend on something unusual, or they may have a need that throws you for a loop, or you could find they have an opportunity for you to earn money in some strange new way.

Sunday brings more to the income zone with the way you see yourself in partnership, with an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor playing a big part in what you do. Saturn stations Direct today and will be ready to give you a push out into the world again where your own ambitions are concerned. You have had several months now to look at any limits or ambitions you have and what you could do about where you are at, now you get the universal support to get serious and launch the business, interview for a better position, climb the ladder where you are, but really buckle down and take on more responsibility. A woman involved sexually, with the divorce or your shared financial picture will have to be balanced in this. Talks you have about work are beneficial.

CAPRICORN: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday kicks off with some hidden, I want to stay under the covers or hide out energy and you should allow yourself a bit of time with your inner world in the morning. Once Capricorn Moon kicks in the rest of the weekend is going to be about you, your image, identity or ego needs. There is something surprising or a big change at your home or with a real estate deal, family member, or mom/mother figure and you will need to know exactly what it is you need to deal with it.

Sunday brings more focus on you and your needs but with a tip of the hat to something you must tackle at work, with health or regarding a pet. Saturn stations Direct in your house of travel, media, legalities, and education today so the past months of looking into how you might take on more responsibilities, deal with limits and master more through these doors is over. You are now ready to step up and do it, commit, sever, or step into your leadership through these doorways. A woman you are partnering with or who is representing you or is a specialist or competitor is going to be in the picture today over love or money. Talks with kids, lovers or creative ventures are going to be beneficial.

AQUARIUS: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday opens with the urge to socialize or recovery from socialization last night! Wrap up anything with friends, groups or aspirations in the morning because once the Capricorn Moon kicks in you will be spending the rest of today and tomorrow on something secret, clandestine, artistic, spiritual, involving research or investigations, hospitals or other places of retreat, or any addictive issues. There is something you are going to hear or say, decide or make a short trip upon today that ties in to this and is a bit of a wild card, surprising or about something changing.

Sunday you will continue in the secret, fantasy, film, music, retreat, hospital, mystical energy but now it will involve you making some adjustments physically or to ego around a lover, child or creative venture. Saturn is stationing Direct today so after months of looking at what you wanted to take on, limit or figure out responsibilities over with a sexual connection, divorce or major financial issue, you are now ready to move on it. Step up and lead your life forward by taking on more work or cutting something away around sex, divorce, loans, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, debt, credit, insurance, taxes, joint finances, alimony, or child support. You will most likely need to deal with a woman at work or over health or pets and a monetary issue. Talks about home or living situations favor you.

PISCES: (schedule a reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday may start with some ambitions or career agenda you must wrap up but do so before noon because once Capricorn Moon kicks in the rest of your day and weekend is going to be about the friend, group, social occasion, or aspiration you are pursuing. You will need to deal with a wild card that comes at you over income with this friend or group so try to make sure your money is in a safe place and you have enough money to do whatever social thing it is you are involved with. For some of you the friend or group will have some wild money making idea for you and that is how it will play out.

Sunday is more energy around friendship and socializing. Today you will need to put in a bit of time on what you need from or for home or real estate, family or mom/mother figure. Saturn is stationing Direct so after months of looking at what you find limiting and what you need to take responsibility for with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors, you are now ready to step up and make things happen. This is about committing to work, leadership and effort with this person or about cutting ties and moving on. A woman is showing up tied to a lover, child or creative venture that you will need to balance alongside your social obligations today. Talks with the friends should benefit you greatly.


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