Friday, April 30, 2010


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Happy May! Saturday opens with the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) in Pisces. This makes for big feelings without boundaries, an adventurous heart and desire to heal the worlds wounds or sacrifice oneself in an attempt to make things right. It’s a great day to work on your art form, to romance that beautiful human you have your eye on, to travel or pursue spiritual aims, or to allow the tears to cleanse. Just know that with energy this big, you may go overboard.

Sunday emotions move away from faith and adventure and turn towards ambitions and any frustrations you may be feeling about how far along you have progressed towards your aim. It is a great day to talk money, the bottom line or to take meetings about what you need to support your goal. Saturn is adjusting to Neptune’s position which is rather big. This is about reality and illusion having to adjust to each other and you will have a pretty good idea just what needs work, what is never going to get beyond the dream and how you might bring it all together. The thing about today is this realistic enlightenment can go a long way towards helping you achieve the dream so don’t let any roadblocks or disillusionment slow you down, look squarely at what it is you want to achieve and then see what you CAN adapt. There will be a way and fortune will favor those who do not give up but are willing to do the work to bring the dream into reality.


Saturday is a day to crack open the hidden agenda, secret, hospital matter, film or fantasy work, artistic pursuit, to work behind closed doors on something that pulls on your ability to see the big picture and share knowledge. Trust your muse and do what you can towards anything media, travel, education, or law related.

Sunday let the ambitions burn baby! You have a power boost from the universe to achieve something through big, fuel up and get to it! Money is bound to follow through the talks or meetings you have or agreements you come to. Saturn and Neptune adjust so it requires you deal with limitations around health, work or pets while stretching artistically towards aspirations or through group affiliations.


Saturday could be about steamy sheet time with a friend, wow, or about just how you are going to expand your horizons through a friend, group, networking event, social occasion, or involved in pursuing an aspiration. If the latter, then finances or divorce may be emotional triggers in motivating you forward, luck is with you.

Sunday is about suiting yourself up in your professor hat and getting out there with your wisdom or something like that! You have a big green light from the universe to learn or teach through travel, media projects, publishing, publicity, taking or teaching a class, or through legal proceedings. You seem to be the one who is center stage in this and it looks wonderful where talks, meetings or agreements are concerned. Saturn and Neptune move about one another asking that you tackle the limits or responsibilities tied to creativity, children or lovers while pursuing intuition on the career front.


Saturday is about the great career expansion or the goal you are working towards in a big way. Your feelings about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition flavors how you go, don’t let emotions slow you down, have faith that you will achieve what you are meant to reach and right now luck is on your side.

Sunday is about amping up the sexual magnetism (scorch) or jumping into the finances or divorce issues. In any of these, you are on fire with tons of support through fantasy, work done behind closed doors, strategizing, research, dealing with institutions, or sparking the muse. Communications play a big part here so talk, meet up, make agreements. Saturn and Neptune adjusting means look at limits or responsibilities at home or with living situations and then aim at the artistic or spiritual goal around travel, media, education, or legal channels.


Saturday looks like work or getting on top of health so that you can achieve the big expansion through media, publishing, publicity, travel, education, or legal means. Push what you can because luck is on your side here today, be diligent in your approach.

Sunday is all about that significant person! So cool. This is about a romantic partner, business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and the powerful push the universe is giving you to talk, meet or come to terms over the aspiration, social or networking agenda, group affiliation or friendship. Saturn is angling up to Neptune in such a way as to point out any limits or responsibilities you need to tackle around writing, talks, meetings, agreements, or short trips while dealing with artistic or spiritual goals that require financial investment or backing, or a romantic goal tied to sexuality, reproduction or divorce.


Saturday could be pretty darn sexy, Leo! There is a huge expansive and lucky energy playing out in your sex arena with emotions tied into true love and creativity, wow. Bring ‘em in or let ‘em go, it’s all good for you now. If you aren’t focusing on matters of the heart today, you can aim this energy into your financial matters and the creative project or children. Luck is with you either way.

Sunday is all about the work, health or pets. Pick one and jump on board because there is great support in achieving the goals you set here, especially through talks, pitches, meetings, agreements, and short trips. Saturn and Neptune angle in to one another asking you to look at limits or responsibilities around income and then see what adjustments you can make around a partner, agent, attorney, specialist or competitor.


Saturday fires you up over the significant person you are dealing with and the luck and expansion that is running through this connection. This could be a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor but you will do well if you are willing to look at your emotional needs at a root level, how you want to build your home, what home is, and how this feels in relation to this person. You’re moving towards this or away based on your feelings about security.

Sunday fires you up on all cylinders with creative projects, true love or children and the talks, meetings or agreements you come to over travel, a distance, media or publishing matters, legal topics, or education. It’s on and you are favored. Saturn in your sign is going to slow you down or make you cautious physically or where your image or identity is concerned but you have to balance this against the artistic or romantic objective that awaits you through a work project, health matter or pets. Clue: if you need to take care of a physical ailment, get on that now so it doesn’t impede your big project coming up.


Saturday you should turn off the little voice in your head that says ANYTHING at all that might slow you down and get yourself busy on the work before you, your health or something that relates to animals, there is so much happiness and luck in this if you can push yourself. Don’t let any ups or downs over agreements, news you hear or ideas that conflict hold you back.

Sunday it’s on baby and that means do what you can do at home, with property, or involving a living situation, or your security needs. Get into talks, meetings or agreements over big money here or anything tied to intimacy or divorce that would affect home. You are favored in this so be proactive. Saturn is adjusting to Neptune so structures need to dissolve in some small way towards what you want. This is playing out over limits going on behind closed doors, associated with hospitals, through film or fantasy work, research or isolation, and the romantic or artistic outlets you are seeing with lovers, children or creative projects.


Saturday is pretty huge where creative outlets, children or lovers are concerned. Feelings are amped here over income so look at how your spending or earnings are working into what you are experiencing. Expansion is favored but within limits that you can afford.

Sunday is all siding with you where talks, meetings, writing projects, agreements, short trips or neighborhood activities are involved. Use this energy to connect with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors to transform or empower. Saturn wants you to look at limits or responsibilities to groups, friends, networking, socializing, or aspirations today and then make some adjustments to encompass the romantic or artistic energy around lovers, kids or creative projects.


Saturday your ruler is the one who is active so luck and happiness is at home or with a roommate, real estate deal, move, remodel, or mom. Think: “home is where the heart is’ because you seem to be feeling a bit at odds here, maybe homesick? Or missing mom? If you can channel that personal emotional energy you can accomplish a great deal with the actual living situation or around your happiness as it relates to your place in the world.

Sunday is all about the money honey. You can make it or spend it but the energy favors you big time through the talks, meetings, writing, or agreements you make tied to work, health or animals. Saturn is asking that you look at limits or responsibilities on the career front today and make some adjustments towards the artistic or romantic idea, talk, agreement, writing project, or meeting you are aiming at.


Saturday is big and lucky where meetings, talks, agreements, writing projects or short trips are involved but you have to watch out for a couple things: 1. That you don’t sabotage yourself or put your foot in it. 2. That you motivate yourself out of bed and out into the world. Luck is in the neighborhood so get out there.

Sunday is all about you baby! Sweet. The energy is incredibly powerful and positive and favors the talks, agreements, meetings or short trips you make around lovers, children or creative projects. If you need to write it up do it today. If you need to tell them something, ditto. Saturn is asking that you adjust around limits or responsibilities around travel, media, education, or legal matters while keeping an eye on the bottom line around income.


Saturday you want to be with friends, you want to do the group thing, you want to chase the aspirations but making or spending money or what can be made is really big here. Do your best to concentrate on the money you have in hand, Jupiter is bringing lucky scenarios here but you may go overboard and spend more than you should too so steady as you go. Are you trying to start a money making business with a friend? See what can be worked towards today.

Sunday is all about what you are going to do behind closed doors, in secret, in fantasy, through artistic or romantic outlets, research or dealing with hospitals. This is very beneficial for you today especially where meetings at home or talks, agreements or decisions about home are involved. Saturn is asking you look at the limits or responsibilities you have with shared financial matters, divorce or sex and then make some personal adjustments towards your artistic or romantic goal.


Saturday Jupiter is going to stretch you in some big way. This could be luck visiting you or a huge need to expand through personal individuality or ego needs. You have a goal in mind or a career agenda and something needs to shift a bit but don’t fret, luck is on your side and best actualized if you take a moment to ask yourself what it is you believe in (put yourself into that equation please.)

Sunday is all about the socializing, friends, group activity, networking, or aspiration you want to pursue and it is really going to be a great day to meet up, talk, write, come to agreements, do something locally or in short trips, or connect through siblings. Saturn is asking that you tackle limits or responsibilities around partnership, representation or competitors as you work towards your spiritual, artistic or romantic ideal.


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