Friday, April 2, 2010


Easter weekend could be volatile or quite steamy, depends on how you go about it. On Saturday Venus and Mars square. This angle is about friction and generally plays out between the sexes. It can be about passions ignited or anger coming to a head, it can push your buttons and motivate action and overall will likely bring some issue over love or a monetary challenge as you spend in the direction of your desires. The Moon will be in Sagittarius so shared knowledge, adventure or cultural exchange may figure into the day as you step up to be seen or to take your place at the beginning of something interesting.

Sunday Venus decides to move on to Pluto where everything gets deep and intense. The angle is positive so you may be taking on the rebuilding of something that has the potential to empower you financially or in matters of the heart. Leading is imperative but not before you do what is necessary to look at any challenges around distribution of responsibilities in partnership or with representatives and exactly how far out the inventive new idea is you are pursuing together.


Saturday will heighten any money issues you may be having with a woman or over the way it is spent on children or lovers. If you are trying to make money today on a creative venture it will require more energy from you. On the positive side, you may meet someone quite appealing while out shopping or on the job earning money today and decide to give them a whirl. You are shining in all forms of higher knowledge today so pursue travel, education, legal matters, and media ventures.

Sunday will bring up anything hidden that you need to know, even if at the time it comes up you wish it hadn’t. There is something pertaining to the legal situation, trip, school, or media venture that has to be worked around so pay attention to what you hear and if nothing if forthcoming, dig a little to see what you might uncover. A friend or group is aligned beautifully to what you are doing so go there for support on artistic, spiritual or romantic needs. The Venus/Pluto trine is indicating that you can make some serious headway towards earning a nice chunk of change today so give your ambitions free range.


The friction on Saturday is all about the house, home situation, roommate, move, or family issue. You are smack in the center of it all and if this rages as a battle of the sexes you could feel like grabbing a bag and storming out of the house. If it comes on as passion you may not get out of the house today. There is a powerful connection to the deeper side of life for you at this point and you will feel as though the place or situation that you have been keeping secret or to yourself is where you can really be yourself. If this sounds like you, the energy today supports connecting here through profound intimacy, divorce or major financial matters, the energy is on your side.

Sunday there will be a surprise coming at you (you may have received it late last night) but regardless, it comes from a friend, group or is ingrained around an important aspiration of yours. This will be showing up as somewhat of a challenge for you so take care in all expression of your most powerful energy as you are tapped deeply into the core today. There is great opportunity for you to take this power to some kind of achievement towards a goal or career agenda, especially if this involves a romantic, artistic or spiritual goal. Take care with your health today and look at the peak moment to revolve around a positive deconstruction that you set in play over agreements, contracts, legal moves, travel, education, or media matters.


The big question for you on Saturday is: Does the imaginative work or fantasy equal what you can pull off locally or does the artistic, romantic or spiritual venture you have been dreaming up come out in the real world on the same level of evolvement when you try to verbalize it, write it or come to terms over it? You shall certainly by busy but will it be in your head or out in the world? Those of you involved in secret affairs will have quite the day, try to choose words of passion over anger. You shine in social scenarios and with friends.

Sunday you will likely get a surprise involving a goal of yours and a partner, this could be a last minute change of plans or a change of direction. The positive energy is around travel, education, media events, or legal matters with a partner, agent or attorney. Although there seems to be an obstacle to the lover, child or creative outlet, at some point there is powerful energy pouring in that should move love or money matters behind closed doors and allow for a mighty bridge to intimacy, divorce matters or shared financial issues to move towards you beneficially.


Saturday will put a female friend or a love or money matter involving a friend or group at the top of the energy for you. There is drive to go after something that can earn you money involving this but you will have to overcome a challenge and motivate to do it. You are in the spotlight where career and reputation are concerned and should feel good about the work you are doing or drawing around you as well as your health as you move towards your goals. The media venture, trip, educational outlet, or legalities are either expanding too fast to keep up with or are not expanding fast enough, you may be reaching a great deal today as you set out to establish work or health agendas, so try to look at the whole picture.

Sunday will likely bring a new twist or turn around the trip, person at a distance you are dealing with, publishing or media matter, class or teaching agenda, or legalities. Changes are in the wind and you should do your best to adapt and work through what comes up. There is great opportunity to connect deeply through intimacy, over a divorce or major financial matter, especially if it is related to artistry or romantic topics and the work you do. You may be feeling some limits in partnering due to what is going on at home but the social aspect with this person is enormous and may lead to great aspirations being achieved.


Saturday puts the Venus/Mars square between you and a goal, authority figure, career, or reputation. This could be about attractions playing out or issues over money coming up but you will feel motivation to move towards what you want or to defend your position. You are in the spotlight where media, travel, education, or legal proceedings are concerned and this in turn should have you feeling pretty good about the creative output or the loved one involved. Just keep an eye on the shared resources and any intimacy or divorce topics that could grow a bit over the top today.

Sunday brings a surprise or change around the loan, debt, inheritance, joint finances, divorce, settlement, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, or intimacy involving the creative project, child or lover. This could challenge you to think on your toes so be adaptable to what comes along today. Partners, agents or attorneys are in a position to support your creative outlet or love impulses so connect with them. Talks or agreements about work, pets or health meet with some form of challenge and if you need to get out to walk the dog or do something local involving pets, work or health, challenges could limit you there as well. The big news today revolves around love, money or a woman who is there for you on the career front and the potential to transform the work you do on a powerful level or to resolve a health or pet issue that leads to goal achievement here.


Saturday will have you dealing with a love or money matter around travel, a person far away, media or publishing outlets, education, or legalities. There is a push to tackle things behind closed doors, get to a hospital, dive into the fantasy, film, music or other imaginative outlet, research, or share passions clandestinely. You may feel driven towards a woman at a distance today as well and need to go into what you have buried to unearth your determination in the matter. You shine in home and shared energy there whether that means finances, intimacy or what is being separated through divorce so put efforts here. You do however have an obstacle to how big things are going to be with the partner or representative.

Sunday you will find that the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is going to toss a curve ball your way. This could be a change of plans or something completely out of the blue. It will likely affect feelings about home, property or security. Sometimes this just means you have a surprise change of heart. The positive energy is around opportunity to work or tackle health matters, especially if there is an artistic, spiritual or romantic tie here. There are limits to income that will play into your feelings about creativity or love but the big news is a trip, media venture, educational outlet, or legal matter involving a woman, love or money that is due to transform you in some powerful way today. Look at how you can empower yourself creatively or through love.


Saturday is filled with passion, anger or drive and for you it will play out between friends, social agendas or aspirations, and sex or money. This could be about crossing from friendship into passions or about a female friend you are involved with financially and the push towards the aspiration or group outlet involved. The positive energy around you today comes through your position of balance and fairness within a partnership or with someone representing your interests. A writing project or agreement could go well.

Sunday brings a surprise or change of plans in the work you do, with a health issue or with a pet. Talks will reflect this or lack of communication will point it out, do your best to keep emotions out of the picture and handle the challenge at hand. On a brighter note, there is love or creative energy in the air aimed at you and this is a real blessing if you are meeting or writing something today. You may feel tied to the house at some point or in some way limited due to security needs or roommates but there is something in the air today that is incredibly powerful and promises some form of transformation at home or with the property through love, intimacy, finances, or the divorce proceedings.


Saturday will amp things up dynamically between your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and a goal or career agenda. There is passion, anger or motivation in the mix here as you feel out the love or money in the mix. You are in a prime position on the job, through the work you do, with your health, or involving pets. This is where you shine and will find the money is aligned for you. Creative juices and the arena of love through children or lovers is going to stretch you in some way by evening, keep an eye on spending.

Sunday there is a surprise or change that may catch you off guard a bit and involve the lover, recreational outlet, child, or creative project. You will once again want to do what you can to meet the change by looking at the money situation and finding ways to handle earning or spending. The positive energy is at home or with those who live with you, this should be a place to make or spend money in a beneficial way. There is something going on behind the scenes or in secret that is in some way limiting you or adding more responsibilities. Some of you may be dealing with hospital matters or retreat, a secret or film project, artistic outlets or addictions. Talks may not yield much today so go easy. The powerful energy is in talks, agreements, decisions or meetings you have with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors that could transform things in a huge way. Love or money is the focus.


Saturday is all about friction. This could play out as passions ignited or anger released. You should feel motivated and energetic. The arenas of activity are in travel, media, education, or law and the work involved, health or pets. So, perhaps you are traveling and a female calls to tell you the dog has an issue or you are mad about a contract and it is affecting your work, or you are driven to proceed with the media venture but a woman’s health is an issue. There are many ways it could play out. If passion is in the equation for you it will likely involve someone foreign or well educated. You shine in love, with kids and in creative outlets today.

Sunday will bring a surprise or change around home or someone you share it with. This is about feeling you are in some way being reigned in so do your best to get your emotions around any challenge you meet. Talks and agreements on the other hand are set to benefit you if they involve artistry, romance or spiritual pursuits. If you are a writer this energy could truly inspire. Social energy is somewhat limited today so you may have to be making money or feel a pinch in the pocket book and have to exclude yourself from the friends or group activity. It is a big day for powerful transformation around earnings so put your work first and be willing to go the distance.


Saturday will open up all kinds of drive or passion, anger or motivation for you and it could play out one of two ways. You are either jumping into the bed with wild abandon, releasing your passions with a lover or you are pushing in a big way around a financial or divorce matter that has you challenging yourself by way of love or creativity. If you are in the middle of a divorce, take care today as buttons could be pushed and fights over the kids or how they are supported could get mean. The positive news is you are in the spotlight at home, with real estate deals and with security matters, all through what you are doing on your own or behind the scenes.

Sunday will bring some surprise news or a change of mind or agreement, possibly even a communication that you find a bit weird or eccentric. You will probably have to deal with it through research or working it out behind closed doors. If you are waiting to hear about a hospital or other institution or something involving the arts such as a film or music project, you could hear something that prompts you to do something a bit different. Positive news is there is income for you today around artistic, romantic or spiritual desires or expression, especially if you are utilizing research or something behind the work in question. You may feel a bit burdened on the career front as well but there is a great energy working today, one that is positive and powerful. It means that you could have a big transformation around who you are in relation to the lover, child or creative project and any money issues, women or love involved in the mix. If you are single you could find yourself drawn to someone powerful, if in relationship this could kick it up a bit.


Saturday the sparks are flying! Mars and Venus are at it again and this time they are playing out over the home or living situation and a partnership or someone who is representing your interests here. You may find that passions explode at home, that you fight and head for the nearest attorney, that you are looking at the competition in the real estate market or motivated to seek representation over your property matters. The positive news today is with the way you are in the spotlight with a friend, group or at the center of an aspiration of yours, talk it up, meet and come to agreements.

Sunday will bring some kind of change or surprise around income. This could be that you were scheduled to go make some money and it gets turned around or you get called in at the last minute or that you lose a wallet or that you meet someone unusual while earning. A friend or group is part of this mix so not the best day to lend to a friend and if you are out making money with them, anything goes. You are being flooded with some pretty powerful opportunity today from this person or group and it has potential to bring artistry, romance or spiritual outlets to you that are beneficial. You may feel limited around the legal issues going on or if there is a media, educational or travel matter that is causing you to feel tight in some way. Look to the home and what you can do to completely transform your situation there, most likely involving a secret or something behind the scenes, very powerful and positive in it’s deconstructive benefits.


Saturday is the Mars/Venus square so prepare to shout it out, declare your passions or love, go after what you want or run from someone else’s advances, and expect it to play out through words, writing, local activity, brothers or sisters, or neighborhood. You will be driven here to work, go after work, tackle health or deal with pets as part of what either brings passion onto the floor or amps anger or motivating forces forward. You shine in a big way through income so making or spending is favored and should lead to positive feelings about career or goals.

Sunday brings a surprise or change and you will be the one making that happen. It will be about your identity (you change your name through marriage or divorce), your image (you cut your hair or wig out over a bad hair cut), body ( you decide to change your plans to work out or go to the nutritionist at the last moment or have an accident), or a personal need is shifting for you as you turn on a dime. You have great energy flooding to you through retreat, research, clandestine affairs, film, fantasy, music, spirituality, mystical or psychic outlets, hospitals, or time working behind the scenes. Any of this holds potential to reach goals today. You are likely to feel limits around major finances or divorce, perhaps intimacy as you try to socialize or feel you can’t. The talks or agreement you come to with a woman today transforms your friendship in a very powerful way, all positive.


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