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Oh me, oh my, so much going on this weekend around love or money and you better believe you are going to want to double check the details because Mercury is Retrograding here on Sunday.

Saturday breaks down like this: The Moon is visiting Mercury’s sign of Gemini. This means that emotions are wrapped up in communications. In other words you just have to tell them how you feel, they have to give you their two cents worth, and since Pluto is involved there is some big adjustment around changes that are powerful, deep, and could involve intimacy, reproduction, triangles, divorce, or major finances. Are you following me so far? Well, next Mars gets into the picture and he in typical fashion says, “Let’s do something about it!” Here’s the thing, you should. Mars is in good aspect so there is opportunity behind actions and passions, especially those associated with your desires, creative projects, children, or lovers. Venus is in her sign of Taurus working her magic around money matters for you and she is angling up to Jupiter in a very positive aspect to help you strategize, research, or pour in the artistry or romantic contacts to make it happen.

Sunday Mercury stops in the sky in the sign of Taurus. He has a few things he just hasn’t said or agreed to, needs to redo on the agreement, rewrite, take another meeting about, pitch again, or take a short trip to deal with, and it all revolves around the MONEY. You have until May 11th to revisit any and everything tied to how you earn money, spend it, any potential income generating prospects, or how to locate a new source of income through a past contact or position. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWNS, BREAK-UPS, MECHANICAL GLITCHES, TRANSPORTATION ISSUES, AND PEOPLE SHOWING BACK UP FROM THE PAST will all revolve around what you are saying or agreeing to, what decisions you are going back on or what ideas you are picking back up or dropping tied to MONEY.

The Sun meets up with Neptune today in a very positive alignment so you should connect with a friend over something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or involving spirits for something mystical or magical today. Just take care on the roads since accidents are more prevalent during the Retrograde day.


Saturday brings up talks or meetings about what needs to change on the career front, you may just hear something from the boss that means you have to make some adjustment to your day. Whichever it is, once you deal with it your ruler Mars steps in for some positive action. This means you may meet or talk about a creative project that goes well, hear from a child about something positive or talk to or meet a love interest today. The local environment is where it’s at so get out and be seen. Venus/Jupiter is bringing luck around love or money to you through the woman involved in income opportunities and what you are working on behind closed doors, do your part.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of earnings. This gives you until May 11th to redo or rework anything you must attend to so that your income matches your needs. You may need to rewrite your resume, get some referrals or testimonials from past clients, go back to some past clients or employers, go after some income that was owed you from a past job that hasn’t come through, or you may decide to leave a current income situation that doesn’t suit you anymore. Mix-ups and confusion may play out over the paycheck during this time period so double check that the check is really in the account and the funds have cleared. The link between Sun/Neptune today is bringing something good to you through a friend or group so reach out.


Saturday will help you to talk about feelings around income matters and make changes to the travel, legal, media, or educational issues that are arising. You may have to deal with a powerful person from one of these quarters today asking that you make some adjustment that affects income in some way. Mars is kicking in to help motivate you to act on the home front or with a property matter in a positive way so earning from home or spending on home or family is favored. The Venus/Jupiter aspect is putting you with a friend, party or group today in a very beneficial way. If you can put yourself there then you can expect that love or money is going to blossom in a big way.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your sign so you really will be going back to things from your past to revisit and reassess. If you have anything you wish to tackle involving your body, your identity in the world, your image, or something very personal to you then this is the time to review past stances and to let go of outworn ways of being. Some of you may marry or divorce thus changing your identity, some may let go of a worn out image or wardrobe, some may just find themselves bodily in a past location or with a person of interest from the past to see if there is something still there. You can tackle any physical ailments that have gone unattended til now and have until May 11th to get all of these topics under control. You may find you are MISUNDERSTOOD or that communications have a harder time reaching you during this time so double check everything. Time spent alone or doing something in secret or strategizing works well towards reaching an artistic or romantic goal today.


Saturday you will want to talk about yourself, hey, it’s ok, really. Express your needs regarding how the big changes are shifting your life now around a divorce, major financial matter, reproductive or sexual connection, or something involving triangles, power or control. Mars is going to give you the energy to tackle something locally, with neighbors, siblings, a writing project, or in taking meetings or having talks that benefit you greatly. Venus and Jupiter are dancing today through the hidden, mystical part of your chart to the career and fame sector so expect that anything artistic, spiritual, romantic or strategic can open up doors financially in a huge way for you on the career front, be proactive.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your hidden part of the chart. Mercury is your ruler and so retrogrades tend to slow you down more than others, they also ask that you really truly go back into the past and look at something that is still hanging out there. In this case it is not so much hanging out there as it is hidden or buried and you will find that between now and May 11th you will be connecting with past people or situations behind closed doors or in your own inner world to rework, release, or reconnect to move forward with a new understanding. There will be some kind of income matter involved here and you will want to dig around, uncover secrets, look into your spiritual intuition and see if there is anything you need to research or rewrite alone over this period. The Sun/Neptune connection today is all about you shining in your social scene, with a friend or group, or in pursuing an aspiration that ties to travel, a person at a distance, media, education, or legalities. This is very positive so express your artistry or romantic nature here and enjoy.


Saturday puts your ruler into the mystical part of your chart where you should rest, research, delve into psychic or intuitive matters, express artistry or romantic notions, or retreat or tend to hospital matters. You should do your best to process thoughts or ideas, write or communicate any or all of this in adjustment to a powerful partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Mars is moving into place to help you go after income in a positive manner so be proactive. The Venus/Jupiter dance is bringing good luck and expansion your way through someone foreign or far away, a media venture or educational matter, or through legal agreements. The love or money is there through a female friend or a group affiliation.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of friendships, groups, networking, aspirations, and associates. This means that you will be backtracking until the 11th of May through these people and dreams of yours to refinesse anything that needs reworking to bring in money, you will be letting go of anyone who doesn’t fit in the grand scheme of things and you may have someone from the past show back up at this time from a group or a lost friend to reconnect the dots or release old issues. Misunderstandings, confusion, breakdowns, and malfunctions that come into play will come through your friends, social activities, group endeavors, and in pursuing your aspirations so double check everything. The Sun/Neptune sextile is opening up an opportunity for you to shine on the career front or through reputation today to bring in outside resources or a sexy connection, all good.


Saturday is about talking to or meeting with a friend or group to deal with changes going on or changes you want to see happen with work, health or pets. Mars is giving you the drive and determination to get out and make things happen today with this person or people and it looks positive so be proactive. The Venus/Jupiter dance brings opportunity to expand sexually or financially and if you are dealing with a divorce then there is opportunity here for you as well. You are shining on the career front or out in the spotlight and can attract the love or money you need with a little bit of effort today.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your career Midheaven so you will be going back to the past until May 11th to retrace and rework anything important to your career, reputation, fame, goals, ambitions, or father. You may see people from the past show back up who were influential in these spheres or someone current depart. Authority figures and leadership are areas where revisiting the past comes into play as well. This time will not be the best time to launch forward with new career agendas or ambitions but a good time to go back to old ones and take them forward. Slow-downs and miscommunications will play out over career and father so watch these areas while dealing with agreements, transportation and meetings. The Sun/Neptune connection today means opportunity for you in travel, media, education, or legal matters pertaining to partners, representatives or competitors.


Saturday will open up talks or ideas about career and goals as you do your best to make some pretty major adjustments creatively or with a lover or child. Mars is getting into the picture on your behalf to help you get busy behind the scenes in a beneficial way for goals so if you need to work on something artistic or spiritual, research or deal with an institution such as a hospital, do it today. For some of you this may mean some passion behind closed doors if this is the goal you have set for yourself. The Venus/Jupiter dance is bringing an opportunity for you for money or love through a media venture, legal matter, education, or travel that is opening up in a big way due to a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of law, education, media, and travel. Mercury is your ruler as well so you will most likely feel this personally as things slow down and you begin to backtrack into the past through these gateways. You may take a trip to see someone from your past, have a visit from someone you haven’t seen in a while or reconnect with someone far away, you may pick a past media matter back up or go back to finish a class or drop out of a current one. You may decide to deal with a past legal matter that is unresolved or drop out of a current legal contract or engagement. You have until May 11th to rework anything here to get it ready to move forward and any mix-ups, transportation breakdowns or mechanical glitches will be tied to these fields so double check plane tickets, reservations, class schedules, media events and legal contracts and wait to sign on the dotted line until May 12th if you can. The Sun/Neptune sextile bodes well for outside funds for work performed today or sexy connections with co-workers.


Saturday will help you to talk or work through feelings about a trip, media matter, educational issue, or legal topic. You will want to take the home or property into consideration in this or work around the roommate. Mars is gearing up to help you dive in with friends, do something with a group or chase aspirations in a positive way today and especially so if there is a connection to the trip, education, media, or law. The Venus/Jupiter sextile is about as lucky an aspect you can have and involves your ruler so you should feel happy about the work, health or pet situation today and find that a woman is able to help in the financial, divorce or sexual matter in a positive way.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of sex, reproduction, triangles, power, control, obsession, manipulation, secrets, major finances, and divorce. Woohoo! This is intense to say it mildly and you will find that you are revisiting people and situations from the past that touch on these themes so a past tryst may show back up, reproductive issues could be topical again, you may need to wrap up or rework something involving a loan, inheritance, taxes, insurance, settlements, bankruptcy, credit, alimony, or any other outsider resource. Divorce issues could need reworking as well or you may change your mind about a divorce, decide on one now or have a divorced partner come back around. Lots of heavy duty stuff to process and release. Remember that any miscommunications or breakdowns will occur in these financial, sexual or divorce related fields so double check all information and hold off on signing important documents until after May 11th. If someone has an obsession with you expect it to make itself known now, and the opposite is true as well, play nice. The Sun/Neptune sextile bodes well for creativity, love and children today and the significant person you share this with.


Saturday will open up talks and emotions involving sex, reproduction, triangles, power, control, major financial matters, or divorce. It is all very intense and will require some adjustments around what you want or demand if you wish to see change. Mars is on your side to help you go after your goal that is tied to one of these themes so be proactive and passionate about motivating yourself today to be seen or to tackle the ambitious agenda. The Venus/Jupiter dance is stirring up positive energy for you with love or money and dealing with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or opponents. The expansion or luck comes through creativity, fun, children, or love here.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors. This means that from now through May 11th you will be reworking or revisiting issues involving these significant people, you may see someone from the past who held one of these positions in your life show back up or a current one take their leave. There can be a change of mind now as well. Remember that any communication mix-ups or mechanical or transportation breakdowns will likely occur around connection to these people so double check all information and time on the road here. The Sun/Neptune connection today bodes well for you standing out through work you do, health or something you do with pets at home. You can find romance or artistry through this connection.


Saturday is about your feelings and talks with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You can express yourself here about the changes you wish to see involving income matters if you adjust your stance a bit. Mars is on your side helping you to connect through travel with this person, do something media related, learn or teach in connection to them, or make it legal. The Venus/Jupiter aspect is very lucky and involves your ruler so you should see that home and roots are expanding for you in some way and happiness is here through the work or health of a woman involved. There may be ways to earn from or through home as well.

Mercury Retrogrades on Sunday in your house of work, health and pets. This will be a time to rework and revisit past work situations, to leave a current work situation that no longer rewards you, to revisit past co-workers or see a current one leave, to have any health matters that have been neglected come up for review and release, to go back to a past healthcare worker or practice or let go of a current health issue, or to revisit a past pet or see a current one leave. Because of this you should be very careful with your pets during this transit, keep them on the leash and out of traffic and watch them with extra care. This lasts until May 11th so you have until then to double check communications and transportation issues involving work, health or pets. The Sun/Neptune aspect today is very positive for time with lovers, children or creative endeavors and having fun, expressing artistry or romance and feeling appreciated.


Saturday starts out with a powerful focus on communications at work, with health or involving pets. You will want to be out there in some powerful way getting things done but will need to make some personal adjustments to get the meetings in for work or the contracts tied up, the pets walked or the work-out in. Mars is on your side to help you go after the big money today, to tackle any divorce matter or to amp up the sex appeal. The Venus/Jupiter connection is very lucky and happy and will be playing out for you between lovers, children or creative projects and the things you say or hear, agree to or meet over, write or do locally so make sure to let the latter part of your day get you out in the local arena for some fun.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of true love, children and creative projects, wow! This can mean that from now until May 11th you will be backtracking into these territories to see if there is something that needs reworking or releasing with a lover, you may see a lover from the past show back up, you may see a current love affair run it’s course, a child could leave home now or come back or an issue with children could come back up for review, or a past creative project could come back up to be reworked, you could have someone involved in the past here show back up or you may decide the current creative endeavor needs to end. Remember that any communications breakdowns or transportation or mechanical glitches will likely play out involving the kids, lovers or creative projects so double check facts and roadways. The Sun/Neptune sextile today is positive for making money from or through homes or property, you really shine here today.


Saturday helps you to talk or decide about feelings for a lover or on an issue with a child or creative project. You want some kind of major breakthrough that will take it out of the hidden arena or inner world and change things profoundly, then you need to make some adjustments and it begins with your words. Mars is on your side helping you to do something with or about the partner, representative or competitor so make things happen. The Venus/Jupiter connection is promising some real luck or happiness coming through home, property, and income to seize the day to earn from home, buy or sell real estate, put money into the home, and expand your horizons.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your home sector. This means that from now through May 11th you are retracing and reworking home, property, security, family, and mom issues. You may move back to an old place, revisit a home you lived in, have a past real estate deal come back up, move out or see someone else move out, have an old roommate move back in or pop by the house, something going on with mom may come back around for review, or family matters may need retraced. These areas are where miscommunications, mechanical and transportation breakdowns may occur so double check facts and figures here thoroughly and try to put off contracts unless they are from the past. The Sun/Neptune connection means talks and agreements bode well for you today, especially those focused on artistry, romance or spirituality.


Saturday brings talks or decisions about home, living situations, moves, real estate deals, family, or mom. You need to make some major changes around your dreams and aspirations for yourself if you are to proceed here so open up about any issues you have. Mars is helping you to go after the work, tackle the health or take care of pets and home life should benefit or property deals should open up. The Venus/Jupiter aspect today brings luck and opportunity through your conversations, agreements, short trips, writing projects, siblings, and neighborhood so put yourself in the mix and see what happens.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your communications zone. This will be in effect through May 11th so you will want to double and triple check all contracts, written proposals, emails, letters, make sure you are understood in talks or meetings and that you really understand what they want, watch for breakdowns on short trips or accidents and for any misunderstandings involving neighbors or siblings. You will be retracing and reworking in these areas, you may see a neighbor or sibling leave the local scene or return during this time, you may have to rewrite a project or refinesse the agreement. Do not sign new contracts unless you have to, anything signed during this transit that is new will have to be reworked at some point or won’t hold water. If it is something from the past you are signing on then you are ok. The Sun/Neptune sextile today involves your ruler and opens up opportunity for you to make money through your artistry, romantic contacts or spiritual pursuits.


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