Sunday, March 21, 2010


Do you like the roller coaster? I hope so since it looks like you all have a ticket to ride this week :)

Monday you are buckled in and it’s looking pretty exciting. There is open ended energy around talks that involve money, love and women. There is powerful motivation in the connections so meetings and decisions bring opportunity. Mars is dancing with Saturn and although these two together can be dangerous, in this aspect they will give you the drive to do something serious with or about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Again, the roller coaster is heading up and there is positive opportunity here for long term results.

Tuesday oh h-e-double toothpicks! The coaster is heading down and around and you will need to tackle some emotional need around security or home, obsessing or trying to control the changes or transformations looming.

Wednesday, ahhh, coasting on somewhat level mid-way point as you can find good things to feel happy about through retreat, recharging, following hunches, investigating, or allowing fantasy or the arts to expand the world around you, as the home or security needs benefit. You will have to tackle some form of self-love issue tied to what you are earning or spending but it’s not so bad.

Thursday offers a first half of the day with opportunity again between the creative process and the one you are involved with in partnership or representation, or it will open the door to feelings of love for a lover or child as they are expressing something dynamic and solid in your world. Drive yourself towards what you create or love now. Ohhhhhhhhh, then the coaster takes you into a dip, a wild intense dive through some adjustment you must make to get what you want from the authority figure or career platform. There is a Sun/Pluto square that says there are control, power or financial obstacles, possibly even a major divorce or intimacy matter that is challenging your sense of who you are, dive!

Friday the Sun comes up over the coaster’s streamlined exit point as you come soaring into view, the ride has ended and you are feeling elated as you see a brand new opportunity waiting for you at the load-out door. There is a talk, meeting, idea, written project, or agreement that is available around creative projects, love, lovers, or children and it is going to inspire. You can as well find a route to making or spending money in this, establishing something with a woman, or expressing the love in a joyous way.

What a ride.


Monday is a day you don’t want to miss out on as your ruler is going to get a wonderful, positive boost from the universe to go get what you want creatively or with children or lovers. This is about linking your passion here with an authority figure or partner, agent or attorney who can help. Talks are money today and you have the gift on your side.

Tuesday challenges you over home, security, who you share your space with or what is going on there, or the foundations you are building upon. More than anything it is about the feelings involved as you are pushing yourself or being pushed extra hard by a boss or career ambition. Breathe.

Wednesday the lights are back on and you are going to see that you are very lucky in something you are doing behind closed doors or through research or fantasy, the arts or something secret at home or for property matters. Do your best to get around any feelings that might gnaw at you over feeling loved at home today, you have more to focus on and this is fleeting.

Thursday you should get a head start on the day since the first half is aimed at supporting you with positive opportunity with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in dealing with an opponent. This will help you to make something happen on the creative front, for a child or lover. The rest of the day is emotionally challenging as you adapt to creative, child or love needs while trying to handle the 1000 lb gorilla on the career front and the changes that must be made. Do your level best NOT to engage in a power struggle with this person or goal today, let it focus you on what you do not want so you can take conscious steps up ahead to empower yourself.

Friday is very nice as the ride coasts into the platform and you see a lovely creative venture coming into focus as you talk or meet about it, share ideas, come to agreements, or put your words into motion in some way that is uplifting towards your goal here. You may do something with a child or see something they have achieved come to a peak now or you may find yourself in love or spending time with a lover. If single get out and meet someone today the energy is supporting a nice time. Money flows through these arenas as well.


Monday will offer you a push at home or with a property matter to get some serious work done or to tackle a health or pet issue here. This is very positive so make sure you dive in today with all of your gusto. There is potential to write or talk, meet or come to an agreement that is profitable and stems from something you are working on behind the scenes that appeals to women or something involving a woman who is somewhat secretive or artistic.

Tuesday is emotional crapshoot day as feelings will be intense around needs expressed through writing or talks, meetings or agreements that correlate to travel, media or publishing ventures, education, or legal matters. Power struggles could ensue here so do your best to balance the changes you wish to see and how you feel your hidden or secret identity is being treated in the whole agenda. Whatever it is that you are doing behind closed doors now will meet with this challenge today.

Wednesday brings things back into the light as you will find talks or meetings with friends or groups open up your world a bit more and shine some happiness and luck onto your day. If you are asked to meet out do so. A woman seems to want your attention behind closed doors or you need to put some energy into a love or monetary matter on your own, either will feel like a challenge to your own ideas today.

Thursday opens with positive energy that you will want to take advantage of at home or with a living situation or property matter. You can work from home or get the work done there that is outstanding, this is solid and opportunity laden so dive in. Mars is giving you added drive to handle what is necessary and perhaps to express some passions here. The latter part of the day will require you make some adjustments regarding your home or living situation involving legal, educational, media, or travel needs, You will find that the Sun/Pluto square today is very intense and challenges you to change what you are doing in secret or through fantasy, film, arts, music, hospitals, research, or clandestine romantic moves. What needs to change by way of the legal aspect, travel, broadcasting, or learning/teaching involved with it?

Friday is a nice slow glide to the end of the weeks ride as you find some kind of understanding or communication opening up around the living situation, home, property, or family matter Discuss it in private, secret or from a spiritual or intuitive perspective. A woman you are seeing in secret or some love or money matter that is brewing behind the scenes benefits or finds an outlet to be expressed at home.


Monday is wonderful for talks or decisions that will have a great deal of drive or passions behind them and focus on real and solid efforts with a creative project, lover or child. You can go after what you desire through your words today so feel good about agreements, written projects, meetings and ideas that you find joy in. There is a female friend who is important in this and you should listen to her ideas about you or express what your needs are to her.

Tuesday is emotionally intense as you deal with feelings that are stirred up over security and the income you are making or spending. You will feel this as something playing out over an aspiration of yours that puts you in the spotlight, a friendship or the powerful issue that is confronting you through loans, debt, taxes, or any other major financial matter, a divorce or sexual interest. Remember it is all emotional and do your best to work through your feelings.

Wednesday is up again as the money matter takes an upward turn and you see some promise on the career front or from an authority figure arrive. This is about some luck or expansion here so follow along with what you can do to earn your way. A female friend is going to be a challenge again today over the money you make or spend.

Thursday the first part of the day is very positive for talks, meetings, agreements, ideas, writing, short trips, neighborhood activities, or anything involving siblings. There is great drive to express yourself and it links to solid results on the creative front, with children or a lover so say it now. The rest of the day is a big ole challenge as you will have to deal with at least one talk or decision that tackles that major financial mess, divorce or intimate need. The Sun/Pluto square is going to make it feel like you are on the line in some powerful or life and death way over your aspirations, friendships, divorce, debt or major finances, or sexuality. Change is good.

Friday the flow is returned as you coast into the final part of the weeks ride. This is about positive talks and agreements with friends or groups, an ability to decide something or write that leads to an opening with aspirations. If you can meet up with friends today for something it looks good. A woman, love or money matter is also up for discussion or meeting and this as well looks very positive.


Monday is a wonderful energy day to get out there and make some money, motivate in some way to drive money to you or spend on something you are passionate about. There is a strong tie to home, mom, living situation, real estate, or renovations in this so earn from home, spend on home, buy or sell property, it’s all good. The talk you have today about something you are working on behind closed doors leads to positive career or goal achievement, whether this is love, money or female oriented, again, all good.

Tuesday is emotionally frustrating on the one hand but on the other it can be the catalyst to launch you towards doing something about the matter. It is playing out over you, your body or image, your needs or ego, and the person you want to be on the career front, the achievement you are seeking, the recognition that is coming your way, and the major toe-to-toe you are facing with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or anyone else who is significantly involved in the goal.

Wednesday is much better as you will find that something occurs that brings some peace and balance back to you through luck in media, travel, education, or legalities. This is where happiness is for you today so expand your mind and world here. A woman on the career front or a love or money goal is still going to challenge you personally and the needs you have in the situation.

Thursday begins with positive energy that should boost your earning power or drive. This is tied into home or property so earn from home or buy or sell real estate, do what you can to go after the money you need at home in some way. The latter part of the day requires more adjustments around the person who is partnering or representing you on some income matter. The Sun/Pluto square is intense for everyone and will play out over what you see yourself doing in career or how you will be seen and the responsibilities you will take on against the power that the partner or representative is wielding. You have to find a way to work within their power frame or change the page completely.

Friday is positive and flowing again as you wrap down the energy of the week’s ride through the cosmos. You will find that today you can come to agreements, write, meet, talk, and share ideas that will feel right towards earning money and meeting your career needs. A woman is on board today or you are finding the right way to succeed in the love or money matter.


Monday is going to be pretty full of energy for you if you can talk or meet about what you need, your body, image, identity, or something very personal to you. This is about getting or going after something solid and long lasting or severing something in the right way. You can open up with a friend, group or through social activities and find something positive by way of love or money that comes through travel, media, education, or law. A woman may be key in this.

Tuesday the emotional energy is very intense and will challenge you to put yourself out there in the media, travel, educational, or legal game when you want to retreat, stay behind the scenes, recover, research, or fantasize your day away. There may be something secret or self-undoing involved in the emotional context of this and the powerful energy around work, health or pets will point this out.

Wednesday brings more positive energy back into the day as you find something good about the work behind closed doors, secret, fantasy or film, music or arts, research or investigations, or time at hospital. There is positive expansion for you here sexually, financially or regarding the divorce. You will still have to deal with challenges from a woman, or a love or money matter that is tied to travel, media, education, or legalities.

Thursday the first part of the day is very lovely as you will find that you are highly charged and feel motivated physically. You can use this to your advantage in talks or meetings with authority figures or over commitments or responsibilities. The rest of the day will require some adjustments to work, health or pets and the changes occurring here. The Sun/Pluto square is intense for everyone and for you it will mean that what you want to see yourself doing or where you want to be through travel, media, publicity, teaching, learning, or legal channels will have to get around the major obstacle at work, with health or pets.

Friday the energy aligns again and you finish your roller coaster week with a nice contentment about where you are in relationship to the trip, educational, legal, or media matter. It is looking like positive talks or agreements here or a decision you feel good about. A woman figures into this nicely or you may find the love or money is looking promising as you express your higher mind and sense of adventure.


Monday is about you diving into something that is secret or clandestine, with passions or motivating energy. This may be something you are doing that is film or art related, music or muse inspired, it could be about a research project, hospital visit, or time you do something vital behind the scenes. Regardless of the actions you take, there is positive long term results monetarily if you act. Goals are in sight today involving love, money or a woman that you are sharing finances, divorce proceedings or intimacy with.

Tuesday is intense emotionally around your aspirations, a group or a friend. This is going to play out over your position in a shared financial matter, divorce or in intimate ways and challenge you to look at what is changing through a creative process, with a child or a lover.

Wednesday is going to help you to find a solution to the aspiration, group or friendship issue as you open up channels with an attorney, specialist, agent, partner, or other significant person involved. This person brings some luck into what you want. You still need to deal with the woman and the divorce, intimate matter or major financial topic.

Thursday starts out with opportunity to make some money through something you are working on behind the scenes and to take action or express passion here as well. There is great potential to go after serious results so strategize or fantasize and go. The rest of the day is going to require some adjustments around the creative process, triangle, love interest, or child. The Sun/Pluto square is intense and will be putting a spotlight on you in the major financial matter, sex or intimate connection, or over the divorce. Your needs, image or body are here in a challenge to what is changing or needs to change through creative output, love or children.

Friday is about talks or agreements that go your way in the financial arena, with intimate connections or needs or regarding the divorce. This is about feelings that you are keeping hidden or must hide and finding a way to come to an understanding over these topics or form an agreement. A woman is involved or something about love or money is attached and it again can be worked out in private.


Monday is a yes day for doing something with a friend, joining in with a group, networking, or actively pursuing your aspiration. There is drive and determination combining with serious, long term potential here under an opportunity aspect so take advantage to get something into gear with this person or dream. Talks or agreements or ideas about travel, media, publishing, education, or legal matters tie in perfectly with a woman partner or representative or over the love or money involved.

Tuesday emotions can be quite intense over feelings about your career, ambitions or reputation. This will play out over your standing in a partnership or with someone representing your interests as well as over what is shaking the foundations of your home or security basis in life. Change is par for the course here so allow the feelings to guide the way.

Wednesday brings a lightening up of energy as you find some work that makes you happy and feeling better about career or goals. If it is not a work project that puts that smile on your face it will be achieving the health or pet goal. The female partner or representative is still challenging you a bit or the love or money matter with this person.

Thursday starts out with positive energy around the friend, group, social function, networking, or aspiration. This is strong in the beginning of the day and can motivate you again to get something going with this person or towards this dream. You will find that as the day goes along that you will need to make some adjustments at or around home and your sense of evolving security needs. The Sun/Pluto square is all about how you see yourself or your needs being handled in a partnership, or with an agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. This is having a powerful direct affect on the home or living situation or the foundation you are building on. Change is good.

Friday brings a complete softening of the energy and talks or meetings that open things back up about the way you are balancing the partnership or receiving representation for your interests with the friend or group. A woman is most likely key in this or the topic of love or money and it is all under positive stars today.


Monday is a powerful day for you to go after the career agenda or promotion, tackle fame or reputation matters, or goals or ambitions with vigor. There is ample opportunity for you to make strides here that are long term or solid around the research, fantasy/film/art/music, or spiritual retreat, dealings with institutions, or some kind of secret or behind the scenes dealings. Talk about the money, intimacy or divorce today with the woman at work, or involved with work, health or pets. Love or money matters can go well here.

Tuesday emotions will run deep for everyone and for you these will play out over a trip, person at a distance, media or publishing venture, class or legal matter. You will want to look at how you are being seen for the work you do, the way your health is going or how you are with pets and then deal with the powerful talk or decision around the wider picture.

Wednesday lightens the load as you find that the travel, media, educational, or legal matter is under positive stars that can bring some fun or happiness into the picture through creative projects, children or lovers. Expand in these arenas today but you will need to deal with the woman, love or money matter at work, around a health issue or pet.

Thursday morning is positive for career and goals, reputation and ambition and if you can go after what you want by way of a commitment from a friend or group or doing something long term there you will do well. You will need to make some adjustments to the trip, media, legal, or educational matter so accommodate income (spending or earning). The Sun/Pluto square today is about changing something about yourself on a profound level, whether that is your image or identity or ego or body it will play out at or through the work you do, your health or your connection with pets. There is an important bit of news, an agreement, meeting, talk or decision tied to this intense moment.

Friday lightens again as the talk about work, health or pets aligns beautifully with your feelings over travel, media, education, or legalities. Open up and share ideas, take meetings, form agreements or make decisions today in these areas. There is positive alignment to a woman, love or money matter for you tied to this as well.


Monday will give you quite a rush of adrenaline where travel, media or publishing projects, teaching or taking a class, or tackling legal issues is concerned. You want to take advantage of the positive alignment to motivate yourself to do something here and to tie this to an older friend or group or one that is well established. There is opportunity here for something positive and long term. Partnering or finding representation for something you have written or an idea you have could bode well if it involves a woman, love or money matter that is creative or aimed at children.

Tuesday is challenging as emotions go deep and are fueled by a major financial matter, divorce or sexual need. There is something about the way you see yourself or your physical needs in this that are frustrated or pushed to break through and you will need to get around the massive change that is affecting your income in this as well. Breathe as the emotions will likely pass by tomorrow.

Wednesday lightens up considerably and feelings will mirror this as you express passions or intimacy, divorce needs or major financial balancing all at home. There is luck or happiness in this so make sure to open up here. A woman you are in love with or tied to children or creative projects is going to challenge you a bit today as you feel the push financially or intimately.

Thursday morning will give you positive creative energy around a media matter, trip, educational goal, or legal issue. There is potential to connect with a friend or group in this for something solid and real. Push yourself to join in and do it. You will need to adjust to any issues involving income or spending in this. The Sun/Pluto square today is going to make the way you feel you are being seen or physically involved with a creative project, lover or child face the deeply changing and challenging financial picture over making a living, the earnings and spending.

Friday the talk with the lover, child or about the creative endeavor is under very positive stars and you can expect to feel pretty great about the media, travel, legal, or educational matter because of it. There is a woman who is key in your heart or with the creative venture who is aligned today as well so put it out there. Love and money needs can be met through these higher minded pursuits.


Monday is an all clear and storm ahead kind of day regarding the loans, debt or any form of major financial interest. There is something you can cement today with this long term or end under good auspices with a friend, group or regarding an aspiration if you are dynamic about going after what you want financially. For some of you it won’t be about the bank or joint finances but about the divorce or sexual conquest, again the social avenues, friendships or groups are where you can find your answer. Talks or agreements done at work, for health or pets today lead to love or money at home or with property.

Tuesday will be intense emotionally for everyone and for you it is going to be triggered by a partner, (or lack thereof), an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You will be feeling something powerfully about how you are being perceived at home or with a real estate matter and want to…how do I put this…squash like a bug anyone who gets under your skin or doesn’t see your true evolving power in what you are doing. Try to play nice, it’s just emotions and tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday the sun comes up on some pleasant or happy news or an agreement, meeting, talk or decision that will make you feel a whole lot better about the partner, representative or specialist. You will still need to deal with any challenges a woman is giving you over home or property issues but it is part of your test to get to the love or money you want through this connection.

Thursday morning is strong for you by way of the career or goals you are trying to reach and the major finances tied in or the divorce or intimacy needs associated with it. Be proactive with those you share body or finances with, go after what you need. You will as the day unwinds need to make an adjustment around your own powerful needs to change and take control. The Sun/Pluto square is heavy and challenging everyone today but for you it is about how you are perceived at home or with the real estate matter as you are pushed to change or take control.

Friday is so much better as your roller coaster week winds down and you find that talks and agreements over home, living situations, property or real estate matters, or renovations are now feeling good. You will sense that the finances are in place or coming to it, that the intimate connection or divorce is working out for your home or that the woman involved in the home or property matter is going to ‘get it’ where finances are concerned. Take meetings if you need to today in these areas.


Monday is really all about you going after what you want with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist or opponent. You have drive and passion to spare today for this person and can make some serious headway with them if you are proactive in areas of travel, media, education, ceremonies, or legalities. Talks about love, children or creative projects are as well under positive stars today and can lead to love or money being expressed or a topic involving a woman going your way.

Tuesday is intense emotionally for everyone and for you the focus of these feelings will be on the work situation, co-worker, health, or pets. You will need to look at how you feel you are being talked to or understood for who you are or what is happening with your body and then deal with the powerful change coming through a hospital stay, time feeling isolated or working in private or behind the scenes, through research or fantasy, or in secrets you are involved in.

Wednesday the energy will lighten a great deal as you will be back focused on work, health or pets. Today however you will see that there is ample income coming in or some way to earn money or that you find a way to spend that makes you happy. This spending would best focus on your work, health or pets. You will still need to deal with the challenges coming from a woman over talks regarding work, health or pets.

Thursday morning is strong and positive for feelings about partnership, representation or specialists. You will feel as though you are achieving goals and doing serious things through travel, media, education, or legal means with them and this is what should drive you since there is such a positive alignment. You will need to make some adjustments around time you need to rest or powerfully plug in and the partner or significant person is going to need to understand this. The Sun/Pluto square is very intense and will be affecting everyone today. For you it means you need to talk or come to an understanding or agreement about who you are, what is happening physically with you or how your ego needs are evolving. The powerful challenge or change is stemming from time alone, behind closed doors, in secret, at a hospital or other institution, or through fantasy or artistic avenues.

Friday will be SO much better as you will find that talks and agreements will go your way with the partner or agent, attorney or specialist. There is much to share by way of ideas or decisions and it all looks easier today. The woman involved will come your way or the love or money issue will feel like it is resolving through communications.


Monday is such an empowering day to motivate at work, over a health matter or with pets. You have drive and passion in the mix here in a very positive aspect to finding a long term solution financially, through divorce or sexually. So if you need to come to terms on the loan or debt that is affecting your work or health, do it today. Talks about home, living situations or real estate are under positive stars as well and can lead to love or money coming your way. A woman is key.

Tuesday emotions are going to run deep around your creative needs, a lover or a child. This is really going to be drummed up for you as you look at how you are being seen as the bread winner or over lack of income and you will need to really try to balance feelings against the giant change that is evolving you through your changing aspirations, friendships and group affiliations.

Wednesday the feelings lighten up considerably so that you can enjoy your time creating or with children or lovers. There is happiness or some kind of widening of the front through one of these people or situations that look like it will be good for you. The woman involved in making or spending money is going to continue to challenge your sense of creativity or love today.

Thursday will begin with nice positive energy to help you get the work done, go after work, take care of your health through something physical or do something with the pets. You have a positive connection to the major finances, divorce or intimate connection in this that will make it real or solid. You will need to continue to adjust aspirations, dreams, friendships or group affiliation today as you approach work or health. The Sun/Pluto square is going to challenge everyone in deep ways today and for you this is about how you are seeing yourself or your needs being met or your physical body involved in making a living. Allow the changes that show up now as they will come regardless.

Friday is So much better as the focus on how you feel about work, health or pets is influenced by talks or meetings, news or agreements to make or spend money. This is positive so open up to offers to earn money or meet and make some agreements that will bring in money today through work, or out involving health or pets. A woman may be key and love or money may wind up all intertwined in a good way.


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