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A Pisces New Moon on Monday kicks off our week with a boost of spiritual energy. All things related to our artistic abilities, our dreams, our romantic nature, our alignment with the mystic, will now have fresh fuel beneath it to launch. It is also a great time to begin a program to tackle addictions or other self-defeating tendencies. Hospitals and other places of isolation or retreat may be focal for you or a research or investigative work could come into focus. We are winding down the energy after this two week period to really move the artistic, romantic, mystical, or spiritual out there so concentrate here, make a wish, dream big. There is something new and exciting to be discussed on Monday in one of these areas so remain open and think about what you want to begin.

Tuesday brings a great deal of Aries energy into play as the drive will be in high gear to transform something, take on responsibility and get your passions working for you in creative matters or anything pertaining to children or lovers.

Wednesday is another electric day as the Sun/Uranus conjunction gets us physically into the art, romance, spiritual arena, or something connected with institutions or research. It’s new, exciting and different than what you have done before. Mercury is very active today as well so talk about what you want for yourself and the love or creative project, how you want to be defined and what you will be doing.

Thursday will bring up any roadblocks or limits you must face in the partnership or with the person representing or opposing your ideas. Do your best to balance the needs of others against your own in all talks or agreements today. You are going to be feeling strongly about the money.
Friday brings those feelings about income and spending into harmony with the artistic project, romance, spiritual journey, research, retreat, or hospital/institution. There is nice expansive energy today here so you should feel pretty optimistic.


Monday gives you the green light to initiate a new artistic project be it film, music, poetry, dance, or something that you are inventing as you go. Ditto anything relating to spiritual retreats or projects, romantic associations or goals, dealings with hospital, prisons, or other institutions, or research or investigations. You have 2 strong weeks to get something moving here and the talk, meeting or agreement you make today may be exciting, unusual or outside the box but it is all wrapped up in this fresh start. If you get news about some form of addiction or self-defeating act, know that you can really do something positive about it now.

Tuesday the focus should be on you and your needs as you find that your ruler is super-charged for action. This energy can help you plow through any creative mess, issues with children or lovers, but will still need to be mellowed a bit where significant others are concerned and your major goals are still changing.

Wednesday brings a physical connection to the art, romance, spirituality, hospital, or research. You are right there on the stage or in the hospital bed, your name or image, body or identity is all tied up in some new start today that once again is electric, unusual, innovative or brilliant. Talks and agreements are highly favored today between you and a child or lover or anyone involved in a creative project.

Thursday will bring up some need for balance in the agreement or talk with the partner, attorney, agent, opponent, or specialist. Whatever their limitation is you need to know it. Focus on making money and doing what you need to do creatively, you can make headway on the career track if you are willing to face challenges today.

Friday brings income or a nice opportunity to spend tied to the new romance, artistic work, spiritual agenda, hospital or other institution, research or retreat. Whatever you are connecting to behind the scenes is bringing you monetary rewards or luring you to spend to further your hidden needs, all good.


Monday is a New Moon in your social sector. This means that you have two strong weeks to launch something involving a friend or group, your aspirations can get a big boost forward now, you can start a group of your own or join one, you may meet a new friend now who becomes important up ahead, or you may see your popularity rise as the social calendar brims with offers. One meeting or talk today in these areas is very exciting or unique, perhaps a brilliant idea shared that should be pursued to the fullest.

Tuesday you may have a great deal of drive to achieve something mystical, artistic, behind closed doors, in secret, through spiritual channels or dealing with an institution. Much can be accomplished at home in one of these arenas but you will need to balance this with the work you need to contend with or a health or pet matter you are responsible for.

Wednesday puts you physically at the party, with the friend, in the group, or out in pursuit of your aspiration. This should be either very exciting, spur of the moment, unique or inventive or something that takes you into new territory. The talks or meetings today about the art, romance, spiritual pursuits, time needed alone, work behind closed doors, secret, addiction, or hospital will be passionate and positive, helping to influence action at home and movement through agreements or motivated ideas.

Thursday you will need to balance what you are trying to work on here with the limits or responsibilities, look at the actual work, your health or the pets as the place that more balance is needed if you are to come to terms. The rest of the day brings focus on your needs or body and what is going on at home, with work/health or pets, and the positive changes to travel, media, education, or legal matters you are involved in.

Friday is a day with a big gold star for anything you want to do with a friend or group. Networking is favored, parties or social events, anything putting you out there pursuing aspirations, it all looks lucky and big, so enjoy!


Monday brings a big New Moon in your career Midheaven. This is a peak time of the year to start a new career, launch a business, get a promotion or new offer, you may be climbing the ladder of success over the next two weeks or deciding to exit something that is no longer meeting your needs to go after something much better suited. News, agreements or a talk or meeting today about this is going to be very exciting, possibly out of the blue but definitely interesting and original. Be ready to decide in the moment, think about what you want to do!

Tuesday is highly charged with much going on involving a friend or group or an important aspiration of yours. You will be talking or writing with passion or doing something vital in the local scene pertaining to this as well as finding a way to balance leadership in the creative arena or with loved ones. You are in the process of transforming a joint financial situation and the challenges today are leading you there.

Wednesday puts you on the stage of life, out before your public, as the leader or boss, in a position of authority or in some kind of electric moment when everything is shining on you! You may be tying your name or identity to a career project that is going to be very original or exciting or something involving a group or cause. Talks and agreements today are positive and favor friends, groups, aspirations, and what you write, express passionately, or do to motivate yourself on the local arena.

Thursday you will need to find a way to balance the agreement with the friend or group against the limits or responsibilities in the creative process or with a loved one or child. Focus your energy today on what you can do behind the scenes towards earning money with an eye on driving yourself to write or communicate while adjusting the creative flow. There is great positive energy around intimacy or shared finances.

Friday puts a positive light on anything you are working on behind closed doors, time in retreat or at a hospital, efforts in the arts or romance, spirituality or secrets, and the big thing that is opening up on the career front for you. Believe in yourself today and expand your world.


Monday brings a New Moon in your beliefs and broadcasting house, the place of higher education, travel, media ventures, legal agreements, and expansion. This means you have two strong weeks to launch something new and exciting in one of these arenas. Go back to school, start teaching, launch the media, publishing or publicity campaign, book the trip, import/export, meet someone important to you from foreign shores, or make it legal. There is a talk, agreement or news today that is going to spark the kick-off of this excitement, so be ready to go!

Tuesday the dynamic energy is all about what is transpiring on the career front. You are going to be highly motivated as you push to make money while dealing with any limits or responsibilities at home or to mom. There is still challenging energy around the partnership or representation and you should do your best to work through emotions here.

Wednesday you are in the spotlight in some electric way through travel, media, education, or legal channels. You could be in the courtroom, on the plane, in front of the camera, or in the class room but whatever it is, this is very original and exciting and about you changing who you are on some interesting level. Talks, news or agreements today will focus on career or goals, reputation or fame and involve you going after the income in some passionate and positive manner, what a day!

Thursday you will need to find a way to balance what is occurring in talks about the career and the limits or responsibilities to home or mom. The rest of the day you can focus on the friend or group, the challenges to earning money, adjustments at home or with mom, and the positive transformation through partnership or representation.

Friday is lucky if you do something social, with a friend or involving a group that involves travel, media, education, or legal matters. There is real expansion and protection here so trust your gut and allow the universe to take you there.


Monday begins a two week period of New Moon energy in your house of sex, intimacy, reproduction, loans, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlements, insurance, taxes, joint finances, and divorce. You can really initiate something new in any of these arenas so connect and transform. A talk, agreement, news, or meeting today has electricity all over it so if this plays out sexually you can rest assured you won’t be resting! If it plays out in the financial matter, new, exciting ways to handle funds or a nice surprise coming in monetarily may be the way it finds you. If you’ve been stuck in talks over divorce issues, try again now as you may be surprised how things change.

Tuesday will be a very motivated day around any legal matters, travel, media ventures, or educational topics. You will be in the mix personally or physically, pursuing your needs. Just do your best in finding balance locally or through talks or agreements as some limits may arise here.

Wednesday puts you into the mix of electrical energy around the finances, sex or divorce. This is about you shining in some unusual way, finding you are physically eccentric or spontaneous in what you are doing here, or that you are leading the way into some unknown territory, all fresh and exciting. Talks or agreements about the trip, media venture, education, or legalities are due to motivate you in positive ways so be ready to act on what you hear.

Thursday the agreements or meetings about the media, travel, education, or legal matters must be balanced with any limits you are feeling mentally, through ideas, writing, local responsibilities, siblings, or short trips. You should put your energy into your goals or career later in the day as you can take positive action towards your needs here in the work you do, your health or animals. Be willing to adjust your approach a bit.

Friday is a feel good day as your goals are potentially met regarding the sex and intimacy, reproduction or divorce, or the major financial matter you are working through. There is protection and luck here as well as happiness so open up to the possibilities.


Monday brings a New Moon in your relationship sector giving you two strong weeks to initiate new bonds, to partner with someone in a business venture, to propose marriage or do something new with your partner, to find a new agent or come to a new agreement with the one you have, to obtain the services of an attorney or specialist, or to reach a new understanding with a competitor. The talk or meeting today is exciting or about a change that is stimulating.

Tuesday you will be focusing on the shared financial picture either with another person or a lending institution. If not the shared financial picture then focus is on the divorce or sexual connection. Whatever the shared topic, you will want to take action behind the scenes, share passions in secret, go after the information you need or get physical in some fantasy driven medium. Limits in earnings must be balanced as well as the creativity or love that is transforming.

Wednesday brings something with the partner, representative or competitor that puts you right in the middle in a surprising way. This may be about you doing something that shocks or changes the scenario or you may just want to experience something new or exciting within the context of the significant relationship. Talks or meetings today are again about sex, divorce or major finances and lend themselves to positive action behind closed doors, in dealing with institutions, through fantasy or the arts, hidden matters, secrets, research, or work behind the scenes.

Thursday you will find that the shared reality and what you earn for yourself or want to spend must be balanced in some new way. There could be someone opposing you in this as you talk or try to come to agreements about the divorce, joint finances or debt, or intimate matters that are important. The rest of the day is going to be about travel, media, education, or legal matters. You will need to deal with responsibilities to earn or limits on spending here as well as find ways to continue to transform the creative output or love affair.

Friday is all about the trip, media, learning, or legalities involving a partner, representative or opponent. The energy is favoring luck and expansion here today that may bring some real sense of happiness your way. Get real and enjoy what comes.


Monday is a New Moon in the work you do, services you provide, your health, and your pets. This brings two strong weeks to begin something new at work or offer a new service to others, to send out resumes and tackle chores that need finished, to begin a new diet or health regime, join a gym or take a yoga class, or to take care of something that is just beginning to show in your pet or to go adopt a new one. Talks or meetings today have spark and excitement in any of these areas and may bring something brilliant into the picture.

Tuesday the focus is going to be on partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or opponents. You will want to take action towards an aspiration that you are passionate about and involve one of these people for positive results. You may also want to do something with a friend or group here. Do your best to deal with any limits you are feeling physically, don’t overdo where your vitality is concerned.

Wednesday puts you front and center in some new way in the work you do, with health or pets. This is about a fresh approach, a sudden change, something that takes you physically or personally into a new arena or an idea that changes things for you as you put yourself into the mix. Talks and meetings today are very inspired regarding partners, representatives, specialists, or opponents. You can passionately motivate now so pour it on.

Thursday brings a need to balance what has been agreed to with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent and the limits or personal responsibilities you are feeling. You may need to talk to someone about a physical ailment at this point or you may find that reaching the person you are trying to reach is impossible today. The remainder of the day is going to focus on shared topics such as joint finances, debt, settlements, taxes, outside resources, sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce. Friends are possibly the source of frustration here so it’s not the time to go there.

Friday brings positive opportunity with the major financial matter, intimacy issue or connection, or divorce. This is about the beneficial acts or luck coming through the work you do or want to do, the service you provide, your health, or your pets. Anything that must be released today is under much protection and expansive energy that benefits in the end.


Monday is all about the New Moon in your house of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is a great time for you to meet a new love interest if you are single, to start something new and romantic with a current love interest, to conceive a child or begin something with one of your children or something for children in general such as a creative project aimed at youth. It is powerful for any and all creative endeavors so focus your energy over the next two weeks at fresh starts in all of these areas. A talk or meeting you have today may surprise you and be quite exciting, once again related to love, children or creativity.

Tuesday the focus is on the work, your health or a pet. You will have the drive and motivation to go after the goal before you in one of these arenas and if career is involved so much the better. You will need to balance what is going on behind closed doors, any limits here, research, fantasy, hospitals, or anything that puts you into a world of your own may be restrictive or hold more responsibilities today.

Wednesday is exciting in that you may physically come into contact with a new lover or creative opportunity or you may find out you are expecting a child. This energy is about you being physically in the mix in something brilliant or original or over a change regarding the love, child or creative energy. Talks or meetings today are going to be very passionate and driven and under positive stars between work, health, pets, and the goal you are going for or the career standing you are seeking so be proactive.

Thursday there is something to be balanced in the talk or agreement that is in some way opposing what you are communicating about work, health or pets. This could be limiting again around retreat, fantasy/film/arts, research, hospitals/institutions, secrets, research, or what you are working on behind closed doors. The rest of the day you will want to focus on the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent as you challenge yourself to strive towards the goal and adjust to what is happening behind closed doors. Talks are powerful, open up.

Friday is oh happy day. You can connect emotionally in a solid manner with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent through luck and beneficial opportunity tied to love, children or creative projects. So, grab this person and do something fun, share in the creative process, create a child or do something with a child, or let yourself feel the love!


Monday is all about the home or who you are living with, the real estate deal or your security needs as the New Moon in Pisces kicks off two strong weeks for you in these areas to begin fresh. If you are trying to move, sell or buy property, take in a roommate, change your d├ęcor, set something up for mom or your family, or build on a stronger foundation, this is the time to initiate it. Talks or meetings today are very inspired, maybe a bit out of the norm or brilliant or involve a unique person or situation but it’s all part of the fresh start.

Tuesday the focus is on love or a lover, a child or something involving children, or a creative project. You have great drive and motivation behind you in this to travel, launch in media or publicity, learn or teach, or do something legal about it. Be proactive. You will need to balance all of this with any limits or responsibilities to a group or friend.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight physically or personally at home, with the property matter, roommate, move, renovation or redecorating, or in doing something with family or foundations you are building upon. You will want to express yourself, your image, body or needs in a very unique and independent way, dare to be yourself and step outside the box, go someplace different or express yourself in a new way, it is very exciting if you do. Talks and meetings today are very positive and about love, the lover, children, or creative projects. You could meet a new love today while out and about and this looks very passionate and positive or you could travel, do something in the media, something legal or educational with this person or project and get great results.

Thursday you will want to find a way to balance what was said, agreed to or who you met with that brought love, children or creative projects into the mix, against the limits or responsibilities to the group or friend once again. You may want to meet to do something creative on the one hand or spend time with your lover or children but have duties to a friend or group. Do your best to focus on the work before you, your health or pets and what you can overcome regarding the trip, media, educational, or legal matter involved, the friend or group will be an adjustment but one you can make. It does look like a great day to earn major money or do something big with personal income.

Friday is just a great day for the way you should be feeling about your health, the work you accomplished or the pets and the fun and happiness you can have at home involving these things. There is luck and expansion on the home front today and in all things tied to real estate, moves, renovations, roommates, and the foundations you are building on so do the work, enjoy the health and play with or bring home a pet!


The New Moon on Monday is all about giving you a strong two week period to begin new negotiations, writing projects, contracts, agreements, talks, meetings, ideas, short trips, neighborhood activities or moves, and anything pertaining to your brothers or sisters. This is it, you want to dive into these arenas and begin anew. Today’s talk, news or meeting will definitely open up some interesting or exciting new approaches, people or situations for you so be open to what comes in different packages.

Tuesday you will want to put your focus on the home, property matter, real estate deal, move, renovation or remodel, zoning, roommate or living situation, mom or family matter. There is real positive drive and motivation here to go after the funding or backing financially, to pull it together or if you aren’t involved in something financial with the home, this can play out as positive actions sexually at home or with the divorce and property settlement. You will need to balance what you are striving for today here against limits or responsibilities with career or bosses or other authority figures.

Wednesday puts you right in the thick of it personally or physically in talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, neighborhood activities or with siblings and this looks very exciting, independent, unique, innovative, brilliant, or about a change you are ready to make. Be willing once again to step up in your own original way and do it on your own terms, also embrace new and interesting people or situations. The talks, news or meetings today are really going to please you regarding home or property matters and the major financial matter, sex or divorce actions. Be proactive, come to terms, sign agreements, get out there and make it happen.

Thursday you will need to again do some balancing between what you are saying, agreeing to, writing or doing locally involving the home or property against the limits or responsibilities on the career front, from an authority figure or around your reputation or goals. The rest of the day is all about creative projects, children or lovers. Yay. You will need to find a way around the challenge with one of these involving passions or finances and what needs doing. You will also want to adjust to ongoing career or authority limits as you empower yourself.

Friday is a lovely day where the feelings about the child, lover, recreational time, or creative project are going to align in opportunity to lucky and beneficial talks, agreements, meetings, ideas, news, short trips, neighborhood actions, and siblings. You can really enjoy yourself today if you get out there or open up about it, know good things are behind what you are hearing.


Monday brings a New Moon in your income sector. This is great news if you are looking for ways to earn more money, you have two strong weeks to seek new employment or enhance the income you have now, you can go after a raise or find something artistic or romantic that will bring in more funds. You can also use this time period to spend on something important to your spiritual or artistic nature or something having to do with a romantic ideal or hospital or retreat. The talk or meeting you have today has all kinds of exciting and outside the box energy around it so remain open to new people or situations.

Tuesday you will want to focus on talks, meetings or agreements. This is about what you can do passionately with a partnership, agent, attorney, specialist, or in dealing with an opponent or competitor. You want to express your needs or come to a decision that allows for your desires to be expressed with this important person. You will have to still deal with the legal, travel, media, or educational matter that is limiting in some sense, try to balance that against the good energy you have going for you with this person.

Wednesday puts you right in the center stage of a money making prospect or in spending. You will be physically or personally involved and will once again want to express your independence, originality, uniqueness, brilliance, or innovative appearance, image, body, or personal needs in reaching an agreement, meeting, or talking through the idea. It all looks very exciting. Talks or meetings, agreements or news today will be very motivating or based around positive passions for the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Be proactive.

Thursday you will need to deal once again with any limits or responsibilities that are legal, media or educationally related, or involving travel or long distance, import or export. There is something here that is opposing the idea, agreement, local agenda or short trip. Balance against the bigger picture. You will find you can tackle things at home today with vigor but will once again find challenges if partners or representatives are involved there. The positive comes through powerful changes you are making at home or around living situations behind the scenes or in private.

Friday is a yay day as you will find that you can make progress at home, with living situations or involving property matters and it all stems from opportunities to make or spend money in a lucky, expansive way. A great day to earn from home, buy or sell real estate, redecorate or renovate, or purchase something lovely for the home.


I know our dear Pisces are going to be happy about this New Moon as it is in your sign and about to give you a new lease on life. You have two strong weeks ahead where you are going to want to reinvent yourself, your look, your image, your body, and find ways to achieve or begin something towards cherished personal goals. The universe is behind you in this so be proactive. Talks or meetings, ideas or news that comes in today will be about you and this looks very exciting or independent, original or brilliant and you may decide you are ready for an exciting change or go meet someone who fits that bill, it’s all good.

Tuesday is going to focus your energy on the earning and spending of income. You will want to be motivated and proactive today as the universe is supporting your efforts through the work you do, the approach you take towards your health and the interaction you have with pets. So make money through these avenues or spend on your health or pets. You will have to face limits or responsibilities with debt, joint finances, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, or any other outside resource in this but do your best to balance as the opening to earn is great if you motivate.

Wednesday puts you in the limelight in some very unconventional or unusual way. It may be about you changing something about your body or image or it may be about something you do that is interesting, unique, original or outside-the-box but whatever it is you can be assured it will spark something brilliant for you so dare to be who you are regardless of anything else going on. Talks or meetings today are positive around making money and going after work or involving your health or pets in some way monetarily. It’s a very positive day to make things happen.

Thursday you will once again have to do some balancing in your life between the positive energy going on in talks, news, agreements, or meetings around income and the limits or responsibilities to major financial matters such as credit, debt, loans, or any outside resources. For some of you the issue will be a divorce or sexual matter but limits will still be involved. Focus your energy on talks that are practical and about what you want to change or overcome in work, health or pet matters as well as dealing with authority figures tied to the major financial matter. There is positive support for major change in aspirations for you through the ideas, decisions or talks you initiate.

Friday is a great day for you in all communications, decisions, talks, meetings, local activities, short trips, news coming in, agreements, neighbor or sibling interactions, and writing projects. You can really find your happiness today personally through these channels and can find ways to expand your world through what you do physically or involving your name or image today. Luck is with you so open up.


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