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Hello Lovers :) You will do well this week if you pour your energy into the realm of dreams, artistry, magic, psychic abilities, film, fantasy, music, spirituality, or romantic aspirations. Sign me up! Neptune, the planet that rules these things, is being met by Venus on Monday at the same degree as Chiron. This triple conjunction means that love, mastery and romance are meeting, it could be someone new you encounter now or a fresh start with someone already in the picture.

It is also about the artistry or spiritual venture being met by love, money or a woman in the picture so launch forward into new territory now. On Thursday, Venus moves into Neptune’s sign, Pisces, and you will truly feel how magical love and money matters become. Things to watch for: the down side of Neptune is drug addiction, alcoholism, escapist activities, self-undoing, or deception. The down side of Chiron is a wound that’s hard to heal. If something needs to be brought to the surface so it can be worked through, this week may give you signs, the same days are pertinent and the playground is still love, money or women.

The emotional landscape this week will play out over what you can learn, teach or find to adventure through on Monday, move into the playground of career, ambitions and goals on Tuesday and Wednesday, and finish the week around friendships, group affiliations, associates, and aspirations.

Mars is taking his passions, anger that he is holding inside, or motivation to task this week around the past lover, issues with love, children, or a creative venture. This will be very evident on Tuesday when emotions intensify around what needs to adapt, on Wednesday when it (meaning the problem, person or situation) gets bigger and requires more, and finally on Friday when the change happens or you push to make it happen.

And lest we forget the messenger god, Mercury, he is getting involved in your week on Wednesday when he changes signs and enters Aquarius. This means you want to have the more important talks or meetings about career, reputation or an ambition on Monday or Tuesday while he is still in Capricorn. If you need to talk to dad or an authority figure, ditto. As of Wednesday the talks, decisions, agreements, and meetings will become more focused on friends, groups, associates, networking, high tech, the internet, electricity, revolution, original ideas, independence, freedom, and aspirations...zing! On Thursday the Moon meets up with Mercury here so emotions will lock in to the idea and talks. On Friday Mercury trines Saturn so the talk, decision or agreement you come to then has the potential to last quite some time, remain solid and supportive and work for you.


The Venus/Chiron/Neptune conjunction on Monday is about a friend, group or aspiration of yours. This is powerful stuff involving a dream of yours and a woman or the love or money you want to bring into being around an artistic vision, romantic ideal or spiritual outlet. If single, social occasions, friends or networking could bring a romantic contender into the picture today. Do your best to see if there is a learning or teaching outlet, media or publishing venture, or legal or travel aspect to the association and then do something here.

Tuesday you should focus on your career and ambitions. A partner, agent, opponent, or attorney may be limiting your goals or in some way hampering your reputation or career today. There is luck for you in what you do behind closed doors, strategically or in secret in this. You will want to act on the past creative effort, lover or matter with the child as well even if it requires a new approach or adjustment.

Wednesday Mercury enters your friendship and group arena and you can expect to be hearing from more acquaintances, meeting up with friends more, and coming to some agreements with the groups you travel in. Motivate on the old creative project, lover or child issue again today by utilizing what you have found out on your own, you can stretch the scenario a bit through these channels.

Thursday Venus moves behind the scenes for you. This means that love entered into now may be more clandestine or you may find you are getting involved with someone secretive or who is already attached. It also means that money is going to flow for you through the work you do behind the scenes, through film or fantasy, artistry or research, hospitals or other institutions, retreat and intuition. You may get a nice surprise today through one of these realms that brings positive opportunity on the career front. Share your feelings with a friend.

Friday may bring up hidden or buried anger around the past creative project, lover or issue with the child as you push for the major change you are striving for so take care here. You can use this energy to push for change by motivating yourself and bringing your passions into the equation. A talk or agreement with a friend, associate, group or pertaining to your aspiration can solidify today through a partnership, agent, opponent, or attorney and it looks positive and long term.


Your ruler, Venus, meets up with Neptune and Chiron today in a dream that may be bigger than you imagined. It is occurring in your career Midheaven so you may see a romantic, artistic or spiritual goal come together today or you may decide to begin something towards this under this beautiful auspice. Love, money or women are favored here. There is a great connection to intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or a major financial matter so take the opportunity to bring it all together.

Tuesday is about the trip, legal matter, media or publishing venture, ceremony, or educational outlet. Challenges or frustrations arise here through the work limitations or responsibilities or something around health or pets. The luck is with friends, groups and aspirations in these outlets. Do something about the home or living situation or put things into play here to expand your options.

Wednesday Mercury changes signs entering your career Midheaven, a great time of year for you to be heard and understood involving your reputation, goals, ambitions, or fame. Meetings and agreements will favor your drive in these arenas. Home or property is amping up today as you stretch towards aspirations, time with friends or groups and any networking you can do.

Thursday your ruler, Venus, changes signs. She is moving into Pisces and will bring a smooth flow to social occasions, friendships, group affiliations, aspirations, and networking. You will find it easier to attract love and money through these people and a woman may arrive on the scene who you find becomes an important associate in the months ahead. Express your goals with feeling today, it is all aligned.

Friday any hidden anger over home or property matter, living situations or mom may arise. This will be best utilized as motivation to do something about your roots here and strive for the major change or transformation around beliefs, travel, knowledge, teaching, broadcasting, media, publishing, politics, or legal matters. The talk, meeting or agreement you come to today on the career front or with a goal is cementing work, health or pet matters for you in a very positive, long term manner.


Venus, Chiron and Neptune embrace on Monday in your house of media, travel, education, and law. This means that a woman may enter the picture with love or money through one of these doors or you may find that you are falling in love or expressing your artistry or spirituality through one or more of these arenas. Look at partnering or finding someone to represent you now in the travel, media, publishing, publicity, politics, ceremony, teaching, or legal matter.

Tuesday you will want to shift your focus to the major finances, sex or divorce and the frustrations or challenges you are having through limitations creatively or with loved ones. Change is needed here and the luck comes through expanding your career or reaching for big goals. You need to express your passions verbally in this even if it feels like it’s a stretch or you need to get busy and do something locally or write something.

Wednesday Mercury, your ruler, changes signs so you can expect to feel that shift. He is moving into the realm of travel, media, law, and education. This means that your ideas, meetings, talks, agreements, and decisions will be focused in these areas now and it is a good time to get it out there. You need to get busy and do something right where you stand today towards expanding the career agenda, get yourself physically into the mix!

Thursday Venus changes signs and moves into your career Midheaven. This means that love and money will flow more smoothly and easily through career, goals, ambitions, and that women will be good for you here. If you are launching something for women or about beauty or money this is a good time to do so. Put your emotions into the talk your have about the trip, media, educational, or legal matter.

Friday may kick up some frustrations or latent anger you have been squelching and it may come out in a tirade if you aren’t careful. You want to use caution out on the roads today and take care about getting set off in arguments with hotheaded people. On the positive side, you can motivate the writing process, a talk or meeting, agreement or decision aimed at changing or transforming the major financial matter, something you are sharing with another, a sexual or intimate matter, or the divorce. The talk or agreement you have today about the trip, media or publishing venture, teaching or taking of a class, or legal matter has the potential to be in place for a very long time in a very solid way.


Focus that romantic energy into intimate outlets on Monday, you may meet someone new today who has it all going for them or decide to take things to another level with someone you are already involved with. Money will get a shot of inspiration as well when dealing with joint accounts or outsider resources. There should be ways to go about working it through and money to get the health under control or deal with pets.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on partners, agents, attorneys or opponents. You need to deal with limits or responsibilities at home with this or involving property or mom. Change is the name of the game with the significant person and the luck is coming through what you do in partnership with them or by their representation of media, travel, education, or legal means.

Wednesday Mercury enters the major financial sector that also rules sex and divorce. You will find that meetings, decisions, agreements and talks are now about loans, investments, settlements, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, joint finances, how to separate them, or the intimacy. Take action today to make money or spend on travel, media, education, or legal matters.

Thursday Venus changes signs entering Pisces and helping you to attract love or money through foreign people or ideas, travel, media, publishing, publicity, politics, ceremonies, beliefs, teaching, learning, or the law. These areas should flow more smoothly now and women will be beneficial for you here. Have a talk about the finances, sex or divorce today from a place of emotional higher ground.

Friday may trigger some buried anger or just push you to take action, it will be based on earning money, spending or a possession. Change is part of the picture and a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney is in the mix. It is a great day to come to an agreement or make a decision about the joint finances, shared resources, loans, settlement, inheritance, taxes, or any other major financial matter that affects the home, property, mom or security in your life. This is solid and will have long term results.


Venus, Chiron and Neptune meet in your house of partners and representatives. This can mean a very romantic, dreamy connection with someone on Monday or that your artistry is connecting and you may bring in money through your artistic expression via the person who is helping you. Wrap this dreamy energy around the fact that there is a positive link from this to true love, creative projects and children and you can see just how much magic is at your fingertips today, don’t waste it!

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on work, health or pets. You will need to deal with serious talks or limitations going on locally, through writing, agreements, or siblings. Change is important today and the luck for this comes through expansion via loans or outside resources, intimacy or divorce.

Wednesday Mercury changes signs entering your house of partnership and representatives. This is a time period when you can finalize agreements, meet new important people for these roles, make decisions, and land the meetings you need with agents or attorneys, partners or opponents. You will want to get physical today as you stretch your desire for happiness through connecting intimately with another or doing something about the way you share finances.

Thursday Venus will move into Pisces and brings her ability to attract love or money for you through other peoples resources. Intimacy and divorce issues will flow more smoothly and you should find big financial institutions easier to work with as well. Women will benefit in these arenas. Take the high ground emotionally in a talk today with a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney.

Friday may bring up buried anger around a work situation, co-worker, health matter, or pet. There are powerful changes you are trying to manifest here or that are happening beyond your control so watch how you funnel the energy. It is best used to motivate you to action or help you to bring your passion into the equation. A talk or agreement you have today with a partner, opponent, agent or attorney has the potential to cement something or break it apart once and for all. It should be long term and beneficial for you.


The meeting of Venus, Chiron and Neptune occurs in your house of work, health and pets. This means that love and romance come together in one of these areas for you so if you are single get out with the dog in the park and look good! Or flirt with that co-worker or personal trainer. :) This energy is also about artistic ability and the energy helping you to earn through what you express so if you aren’t romantically inclined at this point, pour your energy into the arts or spiritual realms. Home and property matters hold positive alignment with what you do.

Tuesday the focus shifts to lovers, children or creative projects and you are going to feel the frustration or challenge around any limitations in income here. Luck comes to these realms for you through the person who can step up for you such as an agent, attorney, partner or specialist.

Wednesday your ruler, Mercury, moves into a new sign and talks, decisions, agreements, and meetings will now focus on work, health and pets. You should take action on something behind the scenes, through fantasy, film, music, retreat, research, investigation, or dealing with hospitals, prisons, or other institutions. There is something you do here that will lead to the luck or expansion you want in partnership, with agents, or attorneys.

Thursday Venus moves into your opposite sign and will help you to attract the love or money you need through partners, opponents, agents, or attorneys. Women will be beneficial in these capacities and these connections should run more smoothly now. You may find your creative spark or feelings of love may be triggered today through the connection. Take the emotional high ground and consider the good of all when talking about the work, health or pets.

Friday may trigger some anger that has been buried over self-undoing tendencies, isolation, substance abuse, a secret, a hospital, prison, fantasy work, or something you are working on behind closed doors. Something is changing in the creative field or with a lover or child and you will do better today to motivate or bring your passions than to allow anger to take you out of the potential for change. Talks or agreements you come to today can be long lasting, beneficial and solid regarding work, health or pets and the money involved.


Your ruler, Venus, is active this week and she starts off on Monday in her meeting with Neptune and Chiron. This means you are getting a pretty dreamy push in the area of true love, creative projects and children today that could be romantic, artistic or spiritual and tie in to a monetary reward, so put it out there Libra! Talks and agreements, meetings and decisions are where it’s at in this.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on home or property matters and any limitations or responsibilities you personally are on the hook for. Change is important here and the luck comes through work you can do at home or involvement with pets or health matters there.

Wednesday Mercury changes signs, entering your arena of true love, children and creative potential. This gives you the right words at the right time, helps in creative writing projects and agreements, and brings introductions to people who may impact your love life. You need to act on something with a friend today as you attempt to stretch in areas of work, health or pets.

Thursday your ruler, Venus, changes signs entering your house of work assignments, co-workers, service, health, and pets. This may bring a woman on the scene who is beneficial in one of these arenas or help you to attract love or money more easily through the work you do, the pets you are involved with or health outlets. Talks with a friend about the creative project or loved one should come from your highest position.

Friday may trigger buried anger or motivate you to act on something with a friend, group or aspiration. It will involve what is going on at home or a property and major change or transformation here, possibly something involving finances or shared intimacy. Do your best to express your actions or passions avoiding outbursts or anger you may later regret. A talk or agreement entered into today regarding a creative project, lover or child has the potential to benefit you in a solid, long term manner.


With Venus, Chiron and Neptune meeting up at home and in property matters you have a pass to begin a redecorating project or to get romantically inspired there. Making money is aligned to what is going on here in a very positive way so full steam ahead. If you want to spend to beautify the place, ditto.

Tuesday the energy will shift to focus on talks and agreements, writing projects, siblings, neighbors, or short trips. There is something going on in secret or some self-undoing way that may be frustrating you a bit. The luck will come through what is said or agreed upon with a lover, child or creative project so set those meetings for today.

Mercury changes signs on Wednesday, moving into your home, property, roommates, security needs, and mom arena. This means talks and agreements will now pick up in these areas and you may meet someone who has an effect here. Take action today on the career front or with an important goal because the luck you seek in creative outlets or with the loved one will require the step closer you can get by your actions today.

Venus changes signs on Thursday, entering the place of true love, children and creative projects. This may bring someone into the picture you fall hard for or amp up the love in a current situation. You will find that you can attract the love or money you need more easily for the creative venture or with children and lovers or that women benefit your desires here. You may find a more detached emotional approach to talks about home give you a fresh beginning.

Friday may trigger anger with authority figures or bosses or regarding your career or goals. Choose your words wisely as things may escalate intensely once begun. On the other hand you can use this powerful energy to motivate to do something towards your goals that will change the way things are thought about or the way the writing or agreement is approached. A talk or agreement you make on the home, living situation, property matter, or mom has the potential to stay in place for a long while and give solid results.


Romantic or artistic talks, agreements, writing projects or meetings get a big push today, allow for inspiration and dreams to enter the picture. There is a great opportunity today in your words or ideas and they lead to positive recognition of who you are, put it out there.

Tuesday the energy shifts to earning money or dealing with possessions. You may feel your aspirations are being limited a bit in this or that your affiliation to a group or friend is challenging you in the monetary arena. The luck for you in earning comes through home or property matters. You may need to do something about the trip, legalities, broadcasting, or education.

Wednesday Mercury moves into Aquarius and will trigger more talks and agreements for you as well as more communication with siblings and neighbors and more short trips. Act on the travel, media, educational, or legal matter as you stretch for what you want with the home or property.

Thursday Venus changes signs entering your home and property base. This means that women will benefit you here and love and money will flow more easily through moves, real estate deals, renovations and remodels, roommates and mom. If you have something ideal you wish to talk about or that includes your emotions towards a friend or group, do so today.

Friday may trigger anger you have been repressing with a travel, legal, media, or educational matter. You will do best if you take the action you need to or bring your passions into the picture as you do your best to deal with transformations to earnings. A talk or agreement you come to with a friend or group today has long term, solid ramifications and should be beneficial.


The meeting of Venus, Chiron and Neptune on Monday is about bringing love and romance, money and artistry together in your earnings arena. So you may choose to spend on something artistic or romantic or you may find a powerful new way to earn through your artistry or romantic ideals. There is potential tied to what you do in private or research, fantasy or institutions.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on you and your body or image and any frustrations you are having on meeting goals here. Do what you can to affect the change you desire and know the luck comes through the way you are thinking about it and a plan you can make to stay positive and do more locally. You may need to do something about the finances, divorce or to make time for the intimacy with someone.

Wednesday Mercury shifts, moving into your income sector. This will spark more talks and meetings that produce income or are about generating more. Agreements will come into play as well around earning or spending on something important. It is another day to act on the loans, settlements, credit, insurance, taxes, or any other major financial matter as you stretch towards your best agreement. For some of you intimacy or divorce will be the playground of actions or passions.

Thursday Venus changes signs entering your local arena and agreements. This will help things to go more smoothly with siblings and neighbors, short trips and contracts, writing projects and meetings, talks and ideas. You will find that this is where love and money are drawn at this time and women may be beneficial to you here. Take the high road when talking about income with a friend today.

Friday may stir up anger over a financial matter, sex or divorce issue. You will be pushing in one of these areas and the intensity can be pretty overwhelming so do your best to funnel it into motivation to act on something rather than anger erupting. A talk or agreement you come to today has good, solid parameters around it for making money and benefiting your career or in reaching an important goal.


Monday the meeting between Venus, Chiron and Neptune is occurring in your sign. This means you have the lovely dreamy position of being the romantic, artistic, or spiritual ideal so step up and take your place. There may be monetary rewards here or love in the picture, your body or image can benefit as well. Connections to groups or friends will aid in what transpires.

Tuesday the energy shifts and you will want to retreat or rest or spend some time working on something going on behind closed doors. There may be some frustration over a trip, media, legal, or educational matter as you deal with any limitations or restrictions here. Luck is in making money through your inner or private sphere. Do something with the partner, agent or attorney as you manage secrets or feelings of isolation.

Wednesday mercury moves into your sign and you will be ready to have your say or make a decision, come to an agreement or find you are having more meetings. Think about what you need, your identity, body or image may be involved. Again action with the partner, agent, specialist, or attorney plays into the day, watch how much you spend or how you handle the possession in question, you may find a way to make more money with this person but it will require some adjustments.

Thursday Venus moves into your income zone and things will get much easier around making money. You will find you want to spend on luxury items or things of beauty and women will be beneficial to making money. You may need to have a talk or make a decision about your needs today or how you are doing with a physical goal, keep the ideal in mind.

Friday may trigger anger with a partner, agent or attorney so watch yourself here as what is hidden or secret could push your buttons. On the other hand, you can put something into play with this person as you continue to transform the area of secrets and hidden agendas, artistry or romance, and any dealings with institutions. A talk or agreement you have today about a trip, ceremony, media or publishing matter, education, or legal issue has the potential to benefit you for a very long time so get serious and make it real.


Venus is meeting Chiron and your ruler, Neptune on Monday in the arena of secrets, strategies, fantasy, artistry, romance, hospitals, prisons, research, and investigations. Here is where you may find inspiration and monetary rewards seeding, or begin a secret love affair. Your goals or career can benefit from what you begin today in these arenas.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on friends or groups and any frustrations or limitations you are having around intimacy or major financial matters with them. Changes are powerful now and your luck in relationship to these people involves your own expansion or happiness. Focus on the work you can push yourself to do.

Wednesday Mercury moves into the hidden part of your chart and talks and agreements will take on a more clandestine or secret tone. You may hear news of a film or fantasy project or find that research brings information more easily. If you need to decide about entering a hospital it will come now. Do what you can to move things forward with health, work and pets.

Thursday Venus enters your sign and will help you to attract the love and money you need for yourself, your body, image or identity. If single this energy helps you to be noticed more by those looking for love. A talk you have behind closed doors today offers a fresh start around original vision.

Friday may trigger anger around work, health or pets. The changes in aspirations or with friends or groups may be part of the mix but you should watch how intense things can get if you go into anger. Instead use the energy to motivate or bring your passions into the job at hand, your health matters, or doing something with the pets. A talk or agreement you have today behind closed doors can lead to something real and solid involving major finances, sex or divorce that benefits you.


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