Sunday, February 21, 2010


We build this week to the Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday so attend to the details, do the work, take care of health issues and attend to the needs of pets. The emotional energy moves from chatty and curious to needs based and nurturing to quite expressive and creative throughout the week.

Monday is a day for looking at what has been said, left unsaid, where the agreement has gotten out of control or needs to be expanded to include more love or money. Secrets will not serve you and opening up in this area today may be hard but there will be protection and positive rewards for doing so later on.

Tuesday brings the Sun into orbit of Pluto through an opportunity aspect so step up and be the change you wish to see! If you want to connect intimately with another, do something involving the divorce or major financial picture, then today is the day.

Wednesday is a lovely flowing day with nurturing, safe Cancer Moon connecting with both Jupiter and Venus for lots of happiness and luck through home and family and what you do to express your artistry, romantic nature or spirituality there.

Thursday will help you to find some innovative new ways to do things at home, for mom or regarding a property matter. You will need to make some adjustments where a social obligation is concerned or a friends needs are in the picture. The latter part of the day gives you a free pass to reconnect your artistic soul with the past lover, child related matter or creative project and have some fun.

Friday has you looking at how to adjust your expectations or needs for private time or inner work with those of a loved one or your creative outlets. Goals or ambitions may need to be tweaked as well.


Monday may be very much about information for you and what you can learn through digging around or researching. Your talks and meetings should remain secret or behind closed doors but keep a close handle on what you agree to today as things could go over the top a bit.

Tuesday is an optimum day for you to shine in the research you are doing, through how you are working in a supportive, behind the scenes capacity and this in turn is offering you a major opportunity today to transform something on the career front or with your reputation so don’t be shy. Talks or meetings with friends or groups are beneficial where artistry or romance are concerned.

Wednesday is a great day to focus on home, property matters and moves, renovations or remodels, and anything involving roommates or family. There is great luck in what you do alone at home today or working in that behind the scenes manner again. If you need to research a move or real estate deal, anything pertaining to property, do it today as you may find what you need.

Thursday keeps the focus on home for the first part of the day as you wrap up the work you have been doing on your own there. You are possibly a bit disillusioned by a friend here or feel as though you must make some shifts in how you are addressing romantic or spiritual connections with this person so do what it takes to make this happen. The rest of the day is about love, creativity and children with an aim at the past and what you want to do to readdress what went on then.

Friday the energy is again about lovers, children, recreation, or creative output and you will want to find time to shine your light in the film or fantasy project, the research or investigation, the secret arena or mystical realm, or in dealing with an institution. Goals will need to be adjusted a bit as well, especially where reputation or career is concerned, don’t fret it, Jupiter is offering a great deal of protection for you in this arena.


Monday is all about making money, a possession or the income you spend. There is an over the top theme in this today with a friend, group, associate, or aspiration of yours. Do your best to take care where spending on social occasions is concerned but do enjoy yourself.

Tuesday allows you to really shine in a social setting, with friends, as the leader in a group or addressing this group, or by standing out through one of your aspirations you are taking charge of today. There is powerful opportunity to transform something involving publishing, media, travel, education, ceremonies, or legalities through this so take the opportunity to be out front of the crowd. Income and career moves are in positive flow as well today where the expression of spirituality, romance or artistry is concerned.

Wednesday is a lovely day for talks with friends, meeting with your buddies, hanging out and having fun, spending money or making it together in a group or with associates, writing, attending a party or other social function and just plain expanding your horizons in the area of aspirations.

Thursday is about important communications about new ideas or unique opportunities with friends. There is a need to adjust to something on the career front or with reputation involving romantic foibles or spiritual ideals and you will best achieve this by talking about it. The rest of the day highlights fun and creative expression at home or with loved ones there.

Friday is about home, property matters, living situations, or mom. You will want to attend to needs here while also allowing room for you to shine in your social sphere as there is a calling to this today as well. If there is a way from home to learn or teach, to tackle a media or publishing chore there, to take care of legal matters, or travel arrangements, find some time to do so, luck has to be reached for here today.

Monday is about making sure someone knows what your needs are where career and ambitions are concerned. Tackle reputation or fame issues as well and know that the expansion you are involved in on this front has some major protection today once you move through the obstacles with a woman, or involving love or money.

Tuesday is an important day for you to stand out from the crowd on the career front or where an important goal is concerned. This may involve a very intense and powerful transformative moment with an intimate or sexual goal or revolve around something finally changing with the divorce or major financial picture. If you need financial backing to reach your goal, ask today. Settlements, alimony, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, and loans are just a few of the areas where you can empower your situation through change.

Wednesday is a great day to focus on making money and expanding your career horizons. There is real luck behind this if you are in some way attending to a nurturing of others in some way or a home-based business. Whatever your goal, reach for it a bit more today. Women are beneficial.

Thursday is about earnings and new ways to express your career potential, new people may benefit as well so be open. You need to make some artistic adjustments around the media matter, publishing, travel, legal, or educational issues that may involve spending some money or how you are earning it. The rest of the day is all about talking with people and having some fun through communicating.

Friday allows you to put your communications abilities to work on the career front and you will stand out today once you make the required adjustments. Talks about the loans or other major finances, divorce or sexual matter will require adjustment as well but lead to happiness.


Monday is about what you can do from an isolated position or through research or time spent behind closed doors. You should aim at expanding the media or publishing matter, travel plans, deals with people at a distance, ceremonies, legalities, or educational matters. This is where the money or love wants to find you and where you will need to deal with a woman in the picture today.

Tuesday allows you to really shine in a big way through a media matter, travel, a legal decision or agenda, or teaching or taking a class. The huge transformation comes through the partner involved, the agent or attorney who represents you, or the competitor that you deal with today in this. This is very positive energy so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Wednesday is one of those beautiful days when the emotional energy is based in your sign and the flow is to luck and expansion, love and money through media, publishing, travel, people at a distance, import/export, teaching, learning, ceremonies, politics, beliefs, and legal matters. You can take your pick in which area you would like to express yourself today.

Thursday brings some new ideas or people into one of these areas for you in a positive flow again. There is something not completely in the open where an intimate connection is concerned or where the divorce proceedings or financially shared picture is concerned so do your best to see clearly here and to leave no stone unturned. The rest of the day is all about fun and creative expression aimed at making or spending money and know that someone or something from the past is part of this picture.

Friday the income arena is still featured but you will want to make some adjustments to your body or how you are standing out in the media, legal, travel, or educational arena. You must also deal with the expansion occurring with the partnership or representation because your income is tied into this.


Monday is about your friends, group affiliations, associates or an aspiration you are pursuing. There is a big open arena with one of these people or dreams that involves major finances, divorce or sex. Look for ways to tackle love or money in this and for a woman to stand out in the scenario. You can expand today if you are willing to connect with others.

Tuesday is a powerful day for you to really shine if you step up sexually, through other peoples resources, in dealing with loans or other major finances, or in taking center stage in a divorce proceeding. There is opportunity in one of these arenas to transform a work situation, health matter or pet issue. Positive flow is with friends or groups and partnership and representation.

Wednesday is lovely for retreating and spending some intimate time behind closed doors or just recovering from divorce or financial matters. IF you need to research finances the energy favors some lucky moments.

Thursday is more energy being spent at home or behind closed doors and finding new ways to tackle divorce, intimacy or finances. New people you meet today related to these areas will be good for you as well. You may need to deal with weepy feelings regarding a partner or disillusionment around representatives or opponents but do your best to let it go as the Moon enters your sign and you have a great amount of energy to focus on your needs and happiness.

Friday is about having fun, doing something creative and physical and finding new approaches to intimacy, divorce or finances and your standing in these arenas. You can do something about the work, health or pets today as well if you are willing to stretch a bit, there is luck here.


Monday is all about career, fame, reputation, or goals. You have some real expansion occurring through a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor that is effecting your goal or career but you will need to find a way to work with the obstacle or challenge here. Look at love or money issues or how a woman is involved in the picture.

Tuesday allows you to really make some major changes for the better and these aren’t small changes, they are life changing if you let them be. It is all about your partnership or representation and what is transforming through a love affair, matter of the heart, with a child, or through a creative project. Step up and turn your world upside down, the energy has your back. Career and work are aligned in a supportive manner as well.

Wednesday is a lovely day for nurturing yourself through your friendships or group affiliations. Put your aspirations in the hands of partners, agents or attorneys today and expect the best.

Thursday you will still be working with the social energy but today brings unusual people or situations into the picture through partners or representatives that can benefit you so be open. You need to adjust your artistic vision at work or your spiritual approach to health, perhaps you are romantically attracted and this spurs you to take a new approach to health, either way do what it takes. The Moon moves into Leo and you will feel like some expressive time with creative outlets or loved ones in private.

Friday is about what you can do behind closed doors regarding your position in a partnership or with an agent, opponent or attorney. Stretch to find what you need here through retreat or fantasy, research or investigation, hospitals or other institutions. Luck is with you in creative projects and with lovers and children today as long at you are willing to adjust.


Monday is about the media matter, legal issue, travel, or educational topic. You need to meet a big challenge through the work you do here or in the way you are tackling health or pet issues. Put it all together and push yourself and you can expect some positive, protective energy here helping you to expand. Women are part of the picture here as you try to reach the love or money goal.

Tuesday is big in that you can step up in the work you do, a health matter or with a pet and really be seen for something important. This is about big change and opportunity to make it happen at home, with a living situation or a family matter. Flow is positive as well today between media, travel, legal, or educational matters and creative projects and loved ones. Find ways to express romantic or artistic abilities here.

Wednesday is about a wonderful flow between your career ambitions or personal goals and some nice expansion in the work you do, your health or with pets. Love, money, women, beauty, and making it all bigger is where your head should be in this.

Thursday career and work continue to support but you want to try something different or hook up with someone new for best results today. Health and pets are ditto that. Feelings for a lover, child or creative venture come into play and you need to guard against any deceptive or disillusioning moments as you stretch for new ground here. Once the Moon enters Leo you are into friends and fun time with social interests so connect.

Friday is again about your friends, groups and aspirations but today you will want to shine at work, do something about health or take charge with a responsibility to a pet as well so find a way to satisfy all arenas. You may be feeling stretched between homes or over something at home tied to a friends needs, however this is playing out you are at the mid point and should be finding ways to work through it.


Monday is all about sex, finances or divorce. It’s powerful and focused on how you are expanding your horizons through love, children or creative efforts here. There is luck and happiness in the mix for you here but not until you tackle the obstacle or challenge of the day.

Tuesday is big as you are being given quite the opportunity to stand out in a creative endeavor, with a child or through a love affair. Major transformation is available for you through what you decide to communicate in association with this so put it out there today and turn your world around. The flow between intimacy, divorce, major finances and what is going on at home or with property is lovely as well, express your artistic, romantic abilities here.

Wednesday is about a lovely energy flow between media, publishing, travel, people at a distance, import/export, teaching, taking a class, or legal matters, and what you are expanding creatively or with children or lovers. Think about the love or money here and do what you can to open doors.

Thursday puts the focus again on media, travel, education, law and creative projects or loved ones. Today it is about doing something different, involving new people or situations, this is where positive energy forms. You do need to deal with something at home or with family that may stretch you a bit but once the Moon moves into Leo you are onboard with positive creative energy on the career front and towards goals.

Friday is about your ambitions, career, reputation, or fame and the adjustments you make around who you are to the child, lover or in the creative venture. You need to have a talk or meeting that is pretty big but may challenge as well, don’t worry the luck and protection is here as long as you find a way to be adaptable.


Monday is about feelings for a partner, opponent, agent, or attorney and any talks you need to have about what is going on at home or just time you spend communicating in the home. There is big love here and expansion occurring in this but you need to meet an obstacle of the mind with this person first.

Tuesday you get to really stand out at home, with a real estate deal, a move or renovation, as a roommate, or with mom or family. In this is huge potential to change and transform your income. You may decide to spend a large sum today or make a major chunk from selling property or you may put it into remodeling. Whatever you step up to do, this is big and positive change. The flow between partners, representatives and communications is aligning beautifully as well.

Wednesday is lovely for all things going on at home or with family and for intimacy there, or dealing with the major financial picture or divorce. Do your best to enjoy the expansion and happiness and find ways to express love or spend time with a woman here.

Thursday is about finances, sex or divorce again and the positive energy at home or with family here but today is about taking a new approach, doing something different or involving someone unique or new. Talks about romantic or artistic ideas may be a stretch because feelings are so deep today. Once the Moon enters Leo you are heading into emotions involving travel, someone at a distance, media, publishing, publicity, education, or legalities. Look for ways to have fun and wrap up the past.

Friday is about the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and how you can step up your presence at home or with family. You are in need of more income or are dealing with just spending a big sum so this as well plays into the days higher roads. There is protection and luck here for you as long as you adapt to what is occurring.


Monday is about work, health or pets. You need to focus your energy here in talks or meetings and deal with any big topics that are showing up for you here. Look at love and/or money to come into the picture as the challenge but remember that Jupiter is offering protection if you meet this head on.

Tuesday is a big day as you are in a very powerful position through talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, a short trip, or with siblings. You may get news that changes everything or decide something that is life or death. Whatever big communications related moment comes, it has the power to change everything. Who you are and how you see yourself is a big part of this. It’s time. The energy between work and income or health or pets and spending is positive as well.

Wednesday is lovely as the flow is from partners, agents or attorneys to the talks or agreements you come to. This is really lucky and protective and about love or money and your happiness so open up and connect.
Thursday is about more communications or agreements with partners, agents, opponents, specialists, or attorneys, but today the luck comes through a new idea, new approach, or new person or situation. Income, making or spending it, will be under a bit of a cloud today so don’t get down over money, just keep steering the ship with the significant person involved. Once the Moon moves into Leo is becomes about fun through intimacy or creatively dealing with major finances or divorce, all in positive alignment.

Friday is about the sex, divorce or major financial picture again but5 today you need to step out of the box a bit and be seen in a meeting or through what you talk about, incorporate your true needs into what is agreed upon. Luck and happiness rewards those who stretch a bit today towards it.


Monday is about your creative impulses, a child or a lover. How you are thinking about this or what you say is important as you deal with a monetary matter involved in the mix. Are you earning enough or spending too much? Look at the bottom line and do what you can to challenge yourself over what you really value.

Tuesday is a big day when you step up and are seen as the earner or spender in the situation. There is potential to change something profound today through a secret door, something you are doing clandestinely or in private, involving fantasy or arts, or through research or strategy. Major finances, divorce or intimacy plays into this big change as well so put it out there. There is great flow today between love, creativity and your romantic or creative needs being met.

Wednesday is lovely for tackling tasks, work you do, health, or pets and the money you spend or earn today. Lots of positive light here to expand and find some happy moments so get it done.

Thursday is about work, health, pets and income again but today you benefit from new approaches, ideas, people, or situations in the picture. Make some personal adjustments in this around your own romantic, artistic or spiritual needs. Once the Moon moves into Leo it’s all about fun and expression with a partner or representative.

Friday is all about this significant person in your life, be it a partner, agent, specialist, opponent, competitor, or attorney. You need to step up around your image or needs where the money is concerned here and be willing to adjust your position a bit. You also need to find a way to deal with the time in isolation or behind the scenes, at the hospital or in some other form of inner workings as this is getting bigger at the moment.


Monday is about where you live and with whom, the real estate deal or move, home or family issue. There is a bit of a challenge for you in this although you are being protected you are also being pushed to expand and deal with obstacles involving legal matters or love. Women may feel a bit of an challenge today and making money is on you at the moment, step it up.

Tuesday is huge as you are going to be in a position to change something in a profound way between you and a friend or group affiliation, with an associate or through a networking event, or tied to a major aspiration of yours. Look at how you can stand out today and go for it. The flow from home to strategy and retreat is very positive, do what you can behind closed doors.

Wednesday is lovely for true love, children and creative endeavors. You can nurture and feel secure in this a swell as find ways to expand and find happiness through your courage to love and express your creative abilities.

Thursday brings more of this wonderful energy into play but today you benefit through new people or situations or new ideas and approaches, be spontaneous. There may be some hidden disillusionment or agenda going on so watch for that as you move through your connection to creation today. Once the Moon enters Leo you are on your way to creative work assignments or fun through health or pets.

Friday is about the work you can accomplish, tackling health matters and taking care of pets. You need to make some personal adjustments where your own needs are concerned in this and how your vision of who you are may be in anyway impeding your accomplishing your ends here. You must also adjust to the stretching occurring with your friendships or group affiliations, as your happiness is here at the moment and may feel just out of reach, don’t fret, you’re almost there.


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