Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh babies, do you feel the tension in the reigns as life speeds up and slows just a bit more? Are you antsy, ready to blow, feeling like climbing into the canon on the off chance someone might light you up? It’s so amped out with no place to go but back into retouching on your past actions or connections for just a bit longer as Mars slows down over the next 12 days. This has been a long Retrograde and we’ve not had a chance yet this entire year to put things into forward motion the way we want. Don’t let it frustrate you too much if you feel as though you are spinning wheels or doing a lot that is still not where you want to be yet, there are always reasons the brakes are applied by outer influences, take advantage of this last bit of time to charge yourself up and prepare for how dynamic it is about to get in March.

Saturday brings a lovely conjunction between Mercury and Neptune which means an opening gambit in talks or negotiations about romance, the arts, addictions, retreats, investigations, hospitals, or spiritual interests. You may meet for the first time and find one of these themes comes up between you or you may take a meeting with someone you already know to discuss or come to a decision. The latter part of the day will be interesting as what you decided or who you met, the news you heard or the agreement you signed must be balanced against the way you used to express your desires through past lovers, child issues or creative projects. In all the adjustments that go on, watch for honesty and be above board in your dealings.

Sunday is a mega day! Mark it well. There is a Full Moon in Virgo and with any weekend, this build up of emotional, critical energy may have you blowing it out Saturday night before it peaks on Sunday. It will be on high tension today as a work situation, health matter or something involving pets reaches culmination. You may be celebrating something that you have worked a long time on wrapping up, the details will be where it’s at, or you may be ending a job. You could be seeing the results of a health regime or the end of an illness, the fever could break or you could come through the operation.

On the same day, what is considered to be the luckiest combination is occurring between the Sun and Jupiter as they come together on the same degree in Pisces. This is big, literally. If you are battling some form of self-sabotage that is putting weight on you, today is THE day to begin to do something about it. If you want to put yourself into a romantic or artistic venue physically or do something big to change your image or identity through these avenues, go for it! It’s a great make-a-wish day so think about what you really want and see what comes to you. Dreams may hold significant insight for you so notice the messages.


Saturday is the day to have a talk or meeting with a friend or group. You may receive an invitation to a party or be asked to meet about something but whatever it is that comes up for you put yourself into it fully. It offers new understandings or opportunities for new beginnings around artistry, romance, spirituality, research, investigations, secrets, addictions, retreats, or hospitals. Watch how your past programming in love affairs, with past lovers, children or creative ventures affects the balance here.

Sunday brings something you have been working on, a health matter or a pet issue to a head. Emotions are critical and/or driven to be of service, hypochondriac symptoms peak, illness climaxes, jobs are celebrated or ended. Resolution comes. The large new beginning that is wrapped in luck and potential is with any connections to hospitals, a research project, retreats or time you take to work on something in private or as the puppet master, a film or fantasy work, musical project or spiritual venture, or clandestine romance. Set sail in one of these arenas and if something exits here, take it as a positive opportunity for you as something much better is coming under this influence.


Saturday brings a talk or decision about something involving your career or an ambition of yours. It is important to speak your spiritual truth or to come from your ideas about artistic goals or romantic ideals. If you are involved in a career in a hospital or other institution or need to send out a resume or pitch to this place, today is a great day for communicating or making agreements. On the down side, if you have been dealing with some form of self-sabotage or addictive behavior, you may hear about it through comments about regarding your reputation and decide to make some decisions regarding this. There is a balancing need between this goal and feelings about home or security.

Sunday is big. It is bringing a love affair, a matter involving children, a recreational activity, or a creative project to a head. This is an emotional moment when things are being celebrated with those you love or something is ending. The huge lucky combination of Sun and Jupiter today bodes well for any social situation you find yourself in. You would be the center of attention at a party or with friends, in a group activity or in pursuing your aspirations. Do what you can to draw attention to who you are and any causes you embrace, luck is on your side.


News and ideas, talks and meetings, decisions or agreements revolve around something you can teach others or knowledge you can share that is spiritual, romantic, artistic, or having to do with addiction or institutions. It is an important day to relay your thoughts or make a decision and it may involve travel, a person at a distance, a legal matter, ceremony, media or publishing venture, or your beliefs. It is the higher mind and how you connect with others that is getting this big boost so open up. You will have to balance with something said or agreed to in the past with a lover, child or creative project.

Sunday is wow! A Full Moon in your home sector means that things are coming to a peak with a living situation, the home, a real estate deal, land, your security needs, a renovation or remodel, the roommates, or your mom. Emotions will bring things to critical mass so you may celebrate a resolution here or find something is ending. At the same time, the huge luck of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is coming together in your career Midheaven. This is THE time to shine in all career matters, to step up and reach for your goal, to benefit from reputation or fame, or to see some luck coming through your father or a father figure!


Saturday brings news or a decision, perhaps a talk or meeting about the debt, loan, investor, bank, credit, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, settlement, or any other major financial matter. It is possible that the communication is about the other shared energy of sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce matters. Either way, it is time to make a decision or have the talk about how this is going to go forward regarding something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or for an addiction issue or hospital. You will need to find a way to balance any drain to income.

Sunday is big! It is a Full Moon in your house of communications so you can expect something communication related to be coming to a peak at this time. It could be you hear big news, a writing project culminates, talks or agreements wrap up, you celebrate something with a sibling or neighbor or you end your affiliation with your neighborhood, something finally is finished that has been going on in the neighborhood or with siblings, or short trips bring celebration or come to an end. There is a hugely lucky influence today with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that will benefit you from standing out in a media venture, traveling, publishing, teaching, in class, a ceremony, or legal matter. Say yes.


Saturday is a pivotal moment for you with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. There is a talk or agreement, news or decision that is coming into play here, if this person is not in the picture yet, today could bring the meeting. Whichever way it turns out, know that the words you choose are important regarding romance, artistry, spirituality, or any self-sabotaging tendencies. In all of this there is a need to find a balance with the old you, the way you approached love, children or creativity in the past, find a way to do this and you should be happy with your future moves.

Sunday is big! There is a Full Moon in your income sector so you can expect that one form of income is ending or that you are celebrating something big through earnings, possibly a raise or promotion that promises more income, or through putting down some money you made on an important object. At the same time, the Sun and Jupiter are meeting to bring luck and benefits to you through loans, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, settlements, or any other outside resource, or you may find that you are in the spotlight with an intimate or sexual partner, divorce or reproductive matter.


Saturday is about having a talk or taking a meeting, coming to a decision or agreement, or hearing news regarding the work you do, a service you provide, a health issue, or a pet. It is important that you come from your spiritual truth, romantic needs, artistic inspirations, or issues around addiction or self-saboteurs in this. You will be balancing this against the withdrawal or work going on in private and the way you used to approach hidden agendas.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon is occurring in your sign so you are literally peaking! Think of it as a moment when your needs are culminating in some critical way, when who you are and your identity, image, body and physical needs are either being celebrating or you are ending one way of being here. It is extraordinarily lucky today through partnerships, representatives or the competitors you deal with. You shine in these areas, some Virgos will marry or propose now and some will finalize the divorce, the identity changing. If someone leaves now, know that under these stars it is favoring you and someone better suited to your happiness is up ahead. If you need to connect with an agent or attorney, do it today.


Saturday is about a talk or meeting you have, news you hear, or a decision or agreement you come to involving a creative venture, lover, recreational matter, or child. It is important that you come from your artistic, romantic or spiritual high in this or that you open up about addiction or self-sabotaging tendencies tied to it. This is one of those days that if you are single could bring a fated meeting with a future love interest so look spiffy! Find a way to balance how you used to approach friends, aspirations or groups as this is evolving.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon is bringing something mystical, hidden, involving a hospital, prison, retreat, film, music or art project, spiritual matter, research or investigative work, clandestine affair, strategy, or secret to a peak in your world. You will be celebrating something today or wrapping it up. If you have been hiding out from the world it culminates today as well. The big luck is coming through the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that is putting you in the spotlight through the work you do, a service you provide, your connection to a pet, or a health matter. This is a great time to step up and find some happiness here. If anything exits today in these areas, a job ends or a pet leaves, know there is protection around you.

Saturday brings an important talk or decision, meeting or agreement, news or idea about the home, living situation, property matter, security needs, or mom. You need to express your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs here or open up about the addiction or self-sabotaging issues here. Meetings at home for romantic needs get a boost as do meeting artists or designers to do something artistic for the home. You need to balance this with emotions over the old way you used to go after goals, adjusting to new needs.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon in Virgo is bringing a friendship, group affiliation, networking event, or aspiration to a head in your world. This may be a time of celebration with friends, a big social occasion that brings things to a peak, and if so may be experienced Saturday night as well. It could also mark the end of a friendship or leaving a group. The big lucky energy today is due to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that is playing out for you through true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. You are in the spotlight here so make sure to be noticed if you are single you could meet someone who really makes you happy today or you may find that you are noticed for your creative venture!


Saturday brings an important talk, decision, meeting, idea, or news your way. The energy is all about initiating a communication, writing project, or agreement around an artistic idea, romantic connection, spiritual need, or something involving addiction or self-sabotaging behavior. You intuition is running on overload so trust your inner voice and express the mystical. You will be balancing this today with the old way you used to express yourself through travel, education, media, legal matters, or beliefs.

Sunday is wow! It brings a Full Moon in your career Midheaven. This is a pivotal moment on the career front for you. You could see a goal reached in a big way or a promotion to be celebrated, your name could end up in lights or your fame could peak, you could celebrate the launching of your business or see something big happening with your father. It is a time of emotional climaxes so celebrations or endings come through these avenues now. The big luck today involves your ruler, Jupiter, as the Sun meets up with him in the sky. This is bringing a spotlight on you in home and property matters so you may find luck or happiness comes to you today at home, through a real estate deal or move, roommate or renovation. Mom is bringing good things too.


Saturday is opening up talks, bringing news, helping you to make decisions or agreements, or inspiring ideas that will affect your income or possessions. You may meet someone today who will help you make money or sign an agreement for earnings or you may hear about something that is good for you here. The arts, romantic avenues, spirituality and anything related to substance abuse or addictions is where you can best express your needs around money earned or spent or a possession in question. You need to balance this against the old way you used to express your shared experiences through sex, intimacy, loans, joint finances, debt, divorce, or settlements.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon is bringing something to a peak for you with a trip, someone at a distance, import/export, teaching, furthering your education, media, publishing, publicity, or legal matters. This is something coming to fruition and being celebrated or ended. The big luck today comes from the Sun/Jupiter meeting in your local and communications zone. This is where you really shine and can expect protection and luck to come to you so focus on stepping it up in the neighborhood, with siblings, writing projects, agreements, meetings, talks, ideas, and short trips.


Saturday is really about you. It is a magical, mystical energy around what you say about your needs, body, image, or identity. You may hear news about something regarding this or be the one speaking up, you may come to an agreement that affects who you are, your identity or body, or you may meet someone who has a powerful affect on you now. Regardless of which one of these areas it plays out, romantic, spiritual, or artistic needs are how it will be felt quite personally for you. You may want to focus on any addictive or self-sabotaging behavior as well. Know that whatever is said or decided, you should try to balance against the way you expressed yourself with past partners, opponents or representatives.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon is gearing up in your house of joint finances, sex and divorce. You will see something come to a peak here to be celebrated or ended and the details matter. At the same time there is great luck today as the Sun and Jupiter meet up in your income sector. This means that you really shine through earning, or you may find a happy way to indulge yourself through spending or with a possession you purchase. If you need to find a new source of income, today has your name all over it.


Saturday is offering you an important talk, meetings, decision, agreement, or idea regarding a hidden agenda or self-destructive tendency, a hospital or other institutional matter, a research or investigative project, a film, art or music project, or through fantasy or secrets. It is important that you express your artistic, romantic or spiritual ideas in this and that if there is any addictive or self-sabotaging issues they are brought out as well. Balance this against the way you used to express yourself through health, work or with pets and you will find the right way forward. In other words, if past lack of work has put you in a destructive mode, past co-workers have influenced film or music projects, or if past health attitudes have put you in a hospital, for example, then talks or decisions today are about a new road forward.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon in Virgo is bringing a significant relationship in your life to a big peak. This is about a marriage or business partner, opponent or enemy, agent or attorney, specialist or competitor. You will be either celebrating something climaxing now with this person or severing the connection. Big luck is in the mix today as the Sun and Jupiter connect on the same degree in your sign! This means that you are the lucky favorite today and should take advantage of shining your light. Your body, image, identity or personal needs find a stage and perhaps prosperity or happiness. Some of you are marrying, being proposed to or divorcing under this powerful combination today.


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