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It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend so in honor of this I will focus on where the LOVE may find you or express itself! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday so new beginnings are favored with friends, soul groups, social occasions, networking, and your aspirations in life. Ask yourself how you can redefine the way you seek support and encouragement, who you relate to and why, if the group you are a part of really reflects your path forward. You may meet a new friend in the next two weeks or join a new group that opens up new opportunities for you or you may nurture the ideas for a big dream of yours and watch as it begins to grow.

Valentine’s Day is very interesting indeed as Venus, goddess of love, is making adjustments to Saturn and Mars in the early morning hours. This means you are being asked to do something about the past lover, actions or anger you displayed, passions you embraced or missed out on, and how the idea of commitment or responsibility, limitations or restrictions played into it all.

The Moon moves into Pisces so idealism, romance, poetry, artistry, spirituality, along with victimization or self-undoing can color the emotions. The Moon will meet Venus by degree and then sextile Pluto so you can be assured that feelings will be very powerful and transformational at a deep level, and that love will be truly present in what is being experienced. The Sun will meet Neptune today as well, bringing your body and self-interests into the mix with romance, dreams, artistry, and spirituality, for some over-the-top beginnings that may just leave you center stage in a fairy tale.


Spend Saturday looking at your social network and who it is within this group that will be going forward with you into the future. Any parties or social occasions today will prove most enlightening so say yes. You are still releasing any anger or dealing with past actions with a child, lover or creative enterprise and will need to talk or come to an understanding with the friend or group today.

Sunday the LOVE comes in hidden places, it has a secret or clandestine flavor to it and you may want to hole up with this person or just dream about them in the privacy of your own lair. There is some digging into hidden matters that may play into the connection or fantasy may just take on a life of its own today. Any time spent in meditation or retreat will recharge your passions and help you to look seriously at what is happening with partners and lovers, children or creative output. Your presence is requested at something social, group oriented or with friends today and it has the potential to open up new romantic, spiritual or artistic horizons, this is where you should be.


Saturday the New Moon is opening up a strong two week fresh start for you in career and ambitions, reputation and fame, and with father and authority figures. Use this energy today to look at what is going on at home or with a living situation or mom. How can you take action here or talk about the goals so that things begin to move in the direction you need? If you are an artist or thrive on inspirational input, then find a way to embrace it today towards the career. Putting out word that your artistic skills are available is one way that comes to mind.

Sunday the LOVE is happening in social situations, through friends or groups, or in connections made while pursuing your aspirations. You need to still deal with the home or living situation tied to the past and any limitations you are feeling around health, pets or work assignments but once you do the day should take off through your closest connections. You may find major breakthroughs with this group or one particular friend through travel, media, education, or legal channels. Once the Sun meets Neptune you are to be center stage today before your public, or in the pursuit of career ambitions or goals, this is where you are meant to shine.


Saturday’s New Moon is offering you two strong weeks to book a flight, travel to some far off place, meet people from foreign soils or with foreign ideas, get involved in import/export, go back to college or start teaching a class, get involved in a ceremony, start something in the media, publish, launch a publicity campaign, or involve legalities where needed. You must look at what was said in the past or agreed to at that time and make some decisions but once you do these doors are opening wide for you, go!

Sunday the LOVE is happening in your career arena, in places you go to pursue goals or ambitions or with the people in authority there, with your father, involving your reputation or in seeing fame find you! It’s a day to share yourself with the world, to be in the spotlight and be noticed. You need to still deal with limitations with lovers, children or creative projects from the past and with any angry or passionate words spoken then but once you do there is at least one major goal you can achieve today. It will likely involve great intimacy or sexual passion, or a breakthrough with a divorce or major financial matter. Step up and be seen in the media, travel, educational, or legal matter today, this is where you are meant to be.


The New Moon on Saturday is giving you two strong weeks to initiate fresh starts with loans, debt, credit cards, insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce proceedings, or in your intimate or sexual life. You must take action on spending you have done in the past in the name of a creative venture or loved one or you must motivate to make more money right now even though this area of life is slowed to nil with Mars retro here. The financial picture depends on your artistry or spiritual connections or a romantic ally and what you move towards as of today.

Sunday the LOVE is coming through travel, people at a distance, media or broadcasting, education, or legal arenas. This means that you will find connections through the higher mind, in places that promote learning or disseminating ideas. You may connect on campus or in a library, over the chat room or in a court of law, on a trip or in a ceremony. You need to deal with limitations at home and what is happening with your income first but once you tackle these areas there is great potential to connect with a partner or representative who can transform your world via love or inspiration. Step up and take center stage in the intimate connection, over the divorce or with the finances, this is where you are meant to be today.


Saturday brings a New Moon in your partnership, opponent, agent, specialist, or attorney arena. This means you have two strong weeks to begin anew with one or more of these people. You can meet someone who takes you to this level or wants to represent your interests or you may take a current relationship to a higher status. If you are in a partnership that is in some way not the right one for your future journey, this energy will help you to take action to sever the connection as the new beginning. Some of you may decide to tie the knot or contract to go into business together.

Sunday the LOVE is flowing through intimate, sexual doors for you. It will find you in the embrace of another or through the facing of a triangle, or it will find you through divorce proceedings that free you to connect with someone better suited to your growth. For some it will find you through major financial matters so you may meet a love interest at the bank or in dealing with debt or settlements. There is a need to end communications with someone or to deal with limitations through agreements or serious decisions but once you do this the day opens to major breakthroughs with work assignments or co-workers, passions or transformation through health and service. You are to step up in the partnership arena today or with the specialist or representative and be seen as the romantic, artistic or spiritual manifestation of your truest self, this is where you are meant to shine.


Saturday brings a New Moon in your work assignments, health and pets realm. This means two strong weeks to pursue new jobs, better assignments, a new beginning with a co-worker or someone you hire to work for you, to start a new health regime, join a gym, start a diet, hire a trainer, or to adopt a pet or get your pet into something new. You need to act on what is still left undone behind the scenes, in research or investigations, with a clandestine love affair or spiritual retreat, at a hospital or prison, or through a film or fantasy work, but once you do you are ready to launch forward in one of these areas of health or service.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you through a partner, marriage, agent, specialist, competitor, or attorney. You need to deal with any limitations to income or spending and actions going on behind the scenes but once you do there is a real spirit of love and inspiration coming from this connection and potential to powerfully transform how you love, share in a child or creative project together. If change or deconstruction needs to happen today’s energy will help you do so under positive energy. You are to step up in the work you are doing, with your health or with a pet or small animal today and be seen as the artistic, romantic or spiritual person you are, this is where you are meant to be.


The New Moon on Saturday is all about a fresh start for you with a creative project, a love affair or the concept of love, or with children. This is going to mean going back and dealing with something involving a friend or group in the past and any passions or anger that may still lurk there but once you do the sky is the limit in arenas of love and creativity.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you through the work you do, with a co-worker, with someone you hire to work for you, through taking care of your health or with a health worker, or tied to your pets or small animals. You need to deal with any lack of acknowledgement you may feel personally here and do something with passions or anger in a friendship tied to the past in this as well but once you do love is there. The home or living situation is the playground for major transformation in this in a very powerful, positive way today. Step up and take the spotlight in the love affair, creative project or with children, this is where you are supposed to shine.


Saturday the New Moon is opening up two strong weeks of fresh starts at home, with property, land, real estate deals, living situations, family, mom, security needs, moves, or foundations you are building upon. You need to deal with actions, anger or slow-downs in career momentum or in the spotlight first and it is tied to the past but once you do you have a great opportunity here to get it right romantically, spiritually or artistically at the roots of your chart.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you in a most wonderful way! It is coming at you through lovers, children, recreation, or creative projects. This means that you can really enjoy the day once you have addressed the limitations or responsibilities to what is going on behind the scenes, in research, hospitals, prisons, retreat, fantasy, film, or artistry and the goals you have set for yourself tied to the past. Major declarations of love are in store or break through creative ideas that hold great promise, or fun to be had locally with loved ones that transforms the day. Step up at home or with the living situation as this is where you are meant to shine.


Saturday hosts the New Moon in your communications zone giving you two strong weeks to initiate a conversation, come to an agreement, make a decision, take a meeting, send out a manuscript or other writing project, make a proposal, or begin something with a brother or sister, neighbor or involving short trips. Your mind is on fire now and you can set things up on the right foot by opening up and choosing from your spiritual high ground, romantic needs or artistic ideals.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you at home, through property deals or moves, with roommates or renovations. You need to deal with any limitations or responsibilities with a friend or group and what is required to move career goals forward first but once you do the day is open to time spent with a loved one or immersed in loves vibrations at home with the transformation coming through earnings or spending here. You are to speak from your heart today about who you are becoming and what your needs are romantically or artistically as this is where you are meant to be.


Saturday brings a New Moon in your income zone. This means you have two strong weeks to find new sources of income, send out resumes or take job interviews, to ask for more money at the job you are currently at or to find new ways to increase revenue if you are self-employed. It is also a time to spend on something important that will have an effect in the months to come. Some of you may be dealing with a new approach to a possession in question such as a house or ring, computer or electronic device. You need to deal with any outstanding loans or debts, take action with lenders, or deal with the passions of a past lover or divorce issue as well.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you through agreements, proposals, talks, meetings, decisions, contracts, short trips, siblings, neighbors or neighborhood activities, and what you have to say or write. Look at limits or responsibilities on the career front or with goals, and any actions still needing attending in financial arenas, with divorce or intimacy, is a past divorce or bad financial matter causing you to hold back on this potentially great love? Once you have dealt the day is yours to share. Major transformation is possible with your identity (some of you will decide to marry or divorce), image or body, physically with connections with another, or in your most basic ego needs. Step up and shine your light around what you value in romance, artistry or spirituality, you are at the center stage in this today, where you are meant to be.


Saturday is bringing a New Moon in your sign! This is a big new start for you, your identity may change now through divorce or marriage, you may begin a new regime that changes your body or image, buy new clothes or change your hair style, or find that one of your very personal, ego needs is ready for an overhaul. You need to deal with any loss of a past partner or anger/passion or action involving them or a representative or opponent first but once you do the sky is the limit where your romantic, artistic or spiritual self is concerned.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you through gifts, possessions, income or spending. You may decide to treat yourself to something lovely today or be on the receiving end of a token of affection. You need to deal with any limitations or responsibilities to travel, legalities, media, ceremonies, or education first and how the actions of a partner, opponent or representative is playing into it but once you do there is great potential to express love in tangible form behind closed doors in a powerful way. You are to step up as the central figure in romance, artistry or spirituality today and enjoy every minute of it, this is where you are meant to be.


Saturday is a New Moon in the hidden area of your chart so you can start over or launch something new involving retreat, work behind the scenes, investigations or research, fantasy or imagination, clandestine affairs or secrets, film or music, hospitals or prisons, or in dealing with any substance abuse or self-undoing tendencies. You must deal with past actions or anger at work, with co-workers, a health issue, or pet first but once you do the ability to connect with your muse and trust your inner voice takes on new meaning and launches new beginnings.

Sunday the LOVE is finding you through yourself. This may sound funny but it is a very strong position to be in. The energy is swarming around you so loving yourself is first and you may find that you want to treat yourself today to nice things or that you are the object of someone else’s affections as the ‘ideal’. You must deal with any past limitations around sexuality, divorce or major finances and the actions going on around work, co-workers, health, or pets but once you do the day opens up for you with major possibilities. Look to friends, groups, social situations or networking for the major transformations and positive changes that will put you in the right place at the right time. You are to take your light behind closed doors today and allow your imagination and deep inner knowing to shine romantically, spiritually or artistically, this is where you are meant to be.


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