Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh scooby pants, it’s one of those weeks! If you have noticed a bit of crazy-making, a snap or two, if you’ve been feeling up while you were coming down or thinking about just which shade of pale you would like the rubber room painted, well fear not, you will get your golden moment this week or some semblance of a variant course of play.

I suggest you get much of what is on your list done on Monday when the energy is still working with some kind of order, your needs will be aligned with the love or money matter you are pursuing and your drive, albeit Retrograde, will push you on (probably back to the future).

Tuesday is second runner up for the flow as you will most likely get a wild hair and decide it is time to join the peace core or take trampoline lessons but in the midst of the change you so desperately all of a sudden need, there will be some real inspiration and lovely moments where faith meets soul group or aspiration and you are on your way.

Wednesday is a humdinger:
1. There is an electrical embrace between Venus and Uranus which always leads to some positive change or brilliant new approach where love or money is concerned.
2. Saturn, the Lord of Time and Duty, Limits and Responsibility, will Retrograde. This means that the burdens and limits will ease for a while and you may see bosses or leaders take a turn about, corporate issues or your own career or goals shift a bit as Time seems to take on a new importance. Who you partner with or choose to represent you has a major role in the shift.
3. The Sun takes his turn with Uranus adding ego and body to the excitement, change and sudden moves.

Thursday you are going to want to take action on what is going on and will either find that something isn’t quite in place just yet to make it happen or that you do it and need to make some adjustments to it. The Moon meets up with Uranus today so the excitement or change is emotional.

Friday is a Humdinger with a capital H:

There is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and Mercury is stationing Direct, both in the sign of Capricorn. Pretty much everything this week has been building to this event oriented decision, news, talk, meeting, agreement, or idea regarding your place in the world.
So, expect to hear some startling announcements, births and pregnancies, break-ups and new pairings, sudden events and departures. Our leaders and celebrities will mirror the stakes as our personal landscapes shift, readying us for the new road forward.

You have the green light to sign agreements after Friday but wait until after the 20th to do so if at all possible to clear the 5 day trigger date of the Eclipse.


Meet with the woman about your career agenda, get on top of the money issue you are striving for, put yourself into the thick of it where your heart’s desire is concerned. Your ruler is taking you back into creative ground to rework something with a person or situation from before and today this will help you to reach a travel, media, legal, or educational goal.

Tuesday focus everything you have on the media or publishing matter, the trip or person at a distance, the teaching or class you are involved in, or the legal matter. There is opportunity to connect with the right group or circle of friends or associates in this to pursue your aspirations with cosmic support.

Wednesday what you do behind closed doors is stimulating and can lead to a real break-through on the career front. Be original, daring, brilliant, and use your artistic or romantic soul to its utmost. Wild passions with the boss may be on the agenda, if so it looks exciting but may not last. If not passion then something exciting is about to take you in new directions. Partners, agents, attorneys, and opponents feel like less of a burden or responsibility today as Saturn shifts in this house. An older person may leave you now from one of these realms or one from the past may return.

Thursday you are going to want to pursue the love affair, matter with a child or what you can get done on the creative front but it is just a bit soon for the career ‘fit’ or for the boss or goal you have before you. Continue to utilize your brilliance behind the scenes, finding excitement or new ways to work towards your goals.

Friday (or in the build to it on Thursday) it all changes in a big way. The career, ambition, goal, reputation, fame, or issue with father is what is being birthed in a whole new light. Leadership, responsibility, ambition, and who you are in life is shifting, you are ready to make a decision and move forward and what occurs today or within 5 days either side of this Eclipse will show you the way.


Monday puts you in the driver’s seat where love or money is concerned and you should spend or make this in areas of travel, media, publishing, publicity, legal matters, ceremonies, politics, philosophy, or education. You can move mountains at home if you want, passions shared there are due to please. Moves or real estate deals are favorable.

Tuesday is about the finances, divorce or sexual passion with another. There is a happy, lucky energy around any goal you have in these areas so put yourself out there, expand your world through shared energies. Something in the group is tipping the scales in a challenging way so be on your toes here.

Wednesday is a bottle rocket for travel with friends, media or educational matters with groups, legal maneuvers that spur on your aspirations, original and unique social occasions that open your world on some level. Look for love or money in the mix with you center stage. The responsibilities or limits in the work you do, with health or pets is shifting today as Saturn Retrogrades here, burdens lighten, and you may see the departure of someone in authority or older involved here or the return of someone from the past.

Thursday emotions are still high around the trip, media venture, publicity, publishing, education, or legal matter as the sparkle continues to pop with groups, friends and aspirations here. You may want to move or do something at home or with property that is just not quite ready yet so motivate yourself to get what you can done while still enjoying the sparks.

Friday is the big day when things begin to really change. New beginnings and vast new horizons open up in areas of media, publishing, publicity, politics, philosophy, education, travel, and law. You are ready to make a decision or sign an agreement and the events that this Eclipse bring about will help you to move forward on a whole new level.


Monday you will want to gather up your bills and deal with some new plan to get them under control. Deal with the bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, divorce, settlement, loan, credit, debt, or any other form of shared resource. You may be meeting with a sexy partner to share the love as this powerful arena is emphasized as well. Express yourself passionately with partners, agents or attorneys as the aspects support communications.

Tuesday brings wonderful energy around your connections with partners, specialists, agents, attorneys, or dealing with opponents. There is a real opportunity to find luck and expansion with this person in legal arenas, through media or publishing ventures, publicity, travel, or in teaching or learning something together. Push yourself to look at new ways to do things where goals are concerned.

Wednesday is a great day for sex, major financial moves or getting on top of the divorce issues. The excitement and positive changes are on the career front, with bosses, goals, ambition, and reputation. There is love or money for you in this so be open to new ideas and surprises. Saturn Retrogrades in the house of true love, children and creative projects, lightening the limitations or responsibilities you have felt here. You may see an older person or one in a position of authority depart now or one from the past return, tied to love, children or creativity.

Thursday the vibes continue around shared experience so intimate connections, major finances or divorce is once again the focus. There is more excitement, surprise or change occurring in the area of goals here and you will need to push yourself to express something passionate with someone regarding where you stand.

Friday is the day that begins the new start in areas of sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, loans, credit, debt, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, or joint finances. You are ready to make a decision, sign the agreement, move forward and rebirth yourself on these fronts, expect the universe to step up to partner with you in this arena.


Monday you are connecting over love or money with a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney. You are in the drivers seat and this is where the week is heading. Take actions towards making or spending money today and your health will feel the results, your work will feel satisfying and you can get the weeks flow off to a good start.

Tuesday you want to plug in with work in ways that will help you to attract more outside money, to handle loans or debt, to take credit or share with someone in the finances. There is great opportunity today to expand here through artistic, progressive outlets. You will need to handle changes or surprises in travel, media, legal, or educational approaches for best results.

Wednesday is all about you and the partner, agent or attorney and the positive opportunity you have for some exciting surprises or changes through media, travel, publicity, publishing, education, or legal arenas. Be open to new ideas and spontaneous moments. Saturn Retrogrades in the home arena lightening the limits or responsibilities you have had to the home, property, security needs, or mom. You may have someone older or an authority figure related to one of these areas, depart today or someone from the past return.

Thursday the partnership or representation in play is once again what it is all about. You are going to be amped up with the excitement from afar, through travel, media, education, or legal zones. You will want to push to make or spend money here but things aren’t quite aligned just yet to get it all moving the way you wish, keep pushing and be patient.

Friday is the big day. There is big, new beginnings opening up with the partner, agent or attorney you are involved with. You are ready to make a decision or sign an agreement, it is event oriented and you are ready to move forward after reconnecting with the past and letting go or carrying part of it forward. Those in relationships will end those that are not ‘the one’ to make room for this new beginning and those who are happy will consider marriage now, single Cancers are on their way to meeting someone who changes everything. Business partnerships and representatives can change your world going forward. Take the step.


Monday is a great day to tackle the work and get paid for your services, to spend on health related matters or earn in this capacity, you are shining in what you do now and may attract love or money your way. There is a wonderful link between you and a lover, child or creative project as well and action is the name of the game, go get ‘em.

Tuesday the lover, child or creative project is the focus with great opportunity to partner with someone favorably here, to expand your world in some way, adventure or learn something. You can seek representatives for the projects, children or lover as well. There is an intimate matter, divorce issue or major financial matter that must be addressed as you go and outside the box thinking is favored.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight once again in the work you do or with your health. This is tremendous opportunity to shine, to attract love or money your way, to find unique approaches or make changes to the loans, debt, settlement, investment, or any other outside financial resource. Some of you may experience some sexy sparks with co-workers or someone you have hired to work for you today and this looks pretty exciting. Saturn Retrogrades in your third house easing the responsibilities or limitations you have been feeling in communications, agreements, neighborhood activities, a writing project, with siblings, or in short trips. You may see someone older or in authority in one of these areas take their leave now or someone from the past return.

Thursday continues the exciting energy around work, health, intimacy, and major finances. You will feel like moving on something and find that you aren’t quite up to the task as you pictured it but that’s ok, get yourself out there and do what you need to do.

Friday is the big moment as the Solar Eclipse and Mercury’s station to Direct motion trigger your work, health, services, and pets sector of your chart. This is a huge new beginning and you are ready to make a decision, sign the contract, share the idea, or take your new way of looking at it forward. Think: new job, new position on the job, new way of doing the job, something new health-wise, gym membership, diet, hiking, yoga, doctor’s visit or treatments, a new pet, or something new involving animals.


Monday you are in the driver’s seat where matters of the heart and creative projects are concerned. This is about you shining in areas of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is a fresh start and you must take your own ego needs and identity into consideration. There is something you need to do behind closed doors, to express your passions or motivate on an artistic outlet, retreat, clandestine affair, research, or time at a hospital, it all looks good.

Tuesday the focus is on home, property matters, family, security needs, or mom. There is wonderful energy opening up for the work you do here artistically or for a romantic or spiritual ideal. You must deal with a change or surprise from a partner or representative first but once you do the home is where it’s at.

Wednesday puts you in the right place at the right time for true love and excitement between you and a partner over the feelings you share, a child on the way or some change with the child, or in the position of creative guru with a partner, agent or attorney. Whatever conspires today, know it is in an opportunity aspect so it is meant to facilitate your way forward, it should be pretty sparkly. Saturn Retrogrades in your income zone so you are going to feel an easing of the limits and responsibilities you have had around your income of late. You may have an older person or someone in authority tied to income depart now or someone from the past return.

Thursday the changes to the partnership or representation continue with more emotional input stemming from the love you feel, the children involved or the creative project you are addressing. You may want to do some things alone or behind the scenes today but find it is a challenge to get to what needs doing, just pace yourself.

Friday is the big day. This is a whole new beginning for you as the Solar Eclipse occurs and your ruler, Mercury, stations Direct, both in the area of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is about a new love in your life, letting go of one that is not ‘the one’ to make room for the real deal, or the approach of a love that is going to set your world on fire. It is about a new child on the way, a change around a child or the idea of children or something big happening for your child. It is about a new recreational venture or vacation, or a new creative project that is going to move you further down the line. You have had your trek into the past these last few weeks to decide what you want, be it love, children or creativity, you are now ready to make or break an agreement, sign the contract or share the idea.


Monday gives you good news about love or money at home, for the property, with a living situation, or with mom. You are center stage in this so take steps to attract the money you need, to share your love at home or to do something to beautify the place. A talk with a friend or group is going to motivate you to do something that you enjoy together.

Tuesday you should focus on writing projects, agreements, short trips, neighborhood, talks and meetings, or siblings. There is really positive energy helping you to expand your creative projects through one of these doors. Some of you may run into someone attractive who you decide you might like to go out with while running around the hood so look sharp. If you need to talk to someone about the project, love or children, do it now. There is something changing or unusual going on at work, with pets or around health today that you will need to field.

Wednesday is just such a great day and for you it is going to show at home or with property matters and the work you do, the health matters your pursue or your time with pets there. There is excitement in the air and changes or surprises will benefit so go with them. Saturn is Retrograding in your sign, giving you a bit of a breather as the burdens, limitations and responsibilities ease for a while. The next few months are great for getting back on top of your game, be conservative and you will come out ahead.

Thursday the pace with the work, health or pets continues to spark, change and excitement goes a long way and is beneficial for you. There is something you need to push yourself to do for a friend, group or aspiration of yours that will stretch you a bit, do your best to attend to house and social calendar today.

Friday is the big day. This is a huge new beginning in the home, with property, living situation, security needs, family, or mom. You have had time to go back into the past and think about what you want to do, who you want to live with or what you want to do with the property, what needs to change so you can feel more secure and build on solid foundations. Today you begin to move in that new direction. Sign the agreements or make the decision.


Monday is a great day for you writers out there, you are in the limelight so to speak here if you need to attract love or money to the work. It is also great for all talks or meetings you need to hold, for short trips or neighborhood activities or time with siblings. There is a big push from Mars to pursue something on the career front and income is looking good here as well so give it a go today.

Tuesday is about making money or spending some if need be. There is a lucky tie-in to property, real estate, home, living situation, or mom so if you want to expand your holdings, buy or sell, put some money into the home or mom, or make money from home, today is your day. You will have to deal with a lover, child or creative surprise along the way so just be ready to roll with it.

Wednesday is giving you a real boost if you want to meet a new love interest or talk to someone you are attracted to, it’s great for talks about children or creative projects as well. If you are trying to get your written word into the creative format, once again this energy is stellar. You can attract the love or money you need by going where the excitement is and being open to new ways of proceeding. Saturn Retrogrades in your hidden part of the chart so you will feel things easing around responsibilities or limitations going on at hospitals or prisons, in retreat or work behind the scenes, research or investigations, or fantasy and film work. Someone older or in authority may depart in one of these areas now or someone from the past may return.

Thursday the excitement or unusual events continue in the neighborhood, with siblings, short trips, the writing project, or talks and meetings. Opportunity is in the mix so remain open. You need to push something a bit on the career front and it’s not quite ready yet but that’s ok, just do your best.

Friday is the big day. The Solar Eclipse and Mercury stationing Direct are both happening in your communications zone so you are being given a huge new beginning in a writing project, neighborhood activity, with a sibling, involving short trips, or in talks, meetings, agreements or decisions. You have had weeks to go back into the past, it is now time to release and bless the past and move into your own strongly supported future through this new way of thinking and expressing yourself.


Monday starts the week’s big emphasis on income, possessions or spending for you. Today you are in the spotlight with much universal support to attract what you need, to be there for a woman or love through the personal earnings sector, and the push you make to travel, do something in the media, legally or through education is aligned to make it all smooth sailing for you.

Tuesday you should focus on yourself and what you need physically or for your own agenda. You can talk or meet today about this with much luck behind you or if you are a writer, your ideas will be very beneficial so jot them down, pen your epic. There is a wild card at home or with a living situation so be ready to field this as it comes and then get back to your meetings, writing or agreements. Time with siblings is under lovely stars as well.

Wednesday is again about making or spending money and the home or property matter is due to change in a great way for you or you can approach it with some outside the box idea that opens everything up in exciting ways. Love and money are in the mix, you should take the opportunity to change it up and go where the excitement is. Saturn is Retrograding in your house of friends and group affiliations so you should feel the limits or responsibilities ease here for a while. An older person or someone in authority figure in the group may depart the scene or one from the past may return.

Thursday the making or spending of money on the home, in the home, with the property or move, living situation or mom, continues to favor you, be spontaneous and original in your approach. Mars is spurring you to travel, make it legal, do something in the media or education, and you aren’t feeling quite ready or it’s not but you will need to do your best to find a way here while still focusing on home matters.

Friday is the big day. Mercury stations Direct in the same sign as the Solar Eclipse today and you are ready for the huge new beginning where earning, spending or a possession is concerned. You have had your trip down memory lane and into the past, now it’s time to make the decision, sign the agreement, have the meeting or talk and get the new money flowing in, the earnings earmarked for a possession into play or the possession itself into its new arena.


Monday is all about you sugar, so enjoy, well at least you are the center of the hub where love and money are concerned, beauty is blessing you too so enjoy! If you need to spend on yourself, your looks, your body, do so. If you need to attract more money get out and be seen, you are glowing. Mars is going to motivate you to either go after the loan or investment or some other shared resource, or he is going to be setting a fire underneath your passions, either way you are in a good place here so go for it.

Tuesday is a lucky day for work you do behind closed doors and the money you can earn through this work, or through research, fantasy or film, hospitals or other institutions, or just utilizing that mystical intuition of yours. You can spend in these areas in lucky ways as well. You will get one piece of news or have one talk or meeting that is bound to be a bit of a wild card, just keep your eye on the earnings prize since it is reachable today.

Wednesday is the day to set your meetings, talks, agreements, to write something, take a short trip, deal with a sibling, or something in the neighborhood. There is excitement and change in the air in any of these arenas and opportunity that flows straight to you so once again, put yourself out there, open up and see what you find. Saturn Retrogrades in your career house today so you will feel the responsibilities and limitations ease a bit for a while which should be a relief. An older person or authority figure in the career may depart now or someone from the past may return.

Thursday focus on yourself and more talks, decisions, meetings, sibling or neighborhood issues, or writing projects. The excitement and change continues to benefit you. You will need to motivate where sharing a financial resource is concerned whether that is with a bank or individual. Passions may be more of a challenge today but you can get there if you are willing to make a few adjustments.

Friday is the big day when Mercury stations Direct and the Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign. This is HUGE. You are ready now after revisiting the past over the past 3 weeks, to take the new you into the world reborn. This means your new body, image, identity, ego needs or personal dream is ready to rise from the ashes and you know who or what from the past you want to take forward with you or let go, as well as what of your own doing you are ready to let burn away in the cleansing fire.


The love or money matter you are involved in behind closed doors, in secret, through research or fantasy, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions, is in a powerful and positive position on Monday. You can shine in the spotlight of this retreat and glory in the attention or in what you are attracting to you here. Mars is helping you to take action or express passion with a partner, agent or attorney that benefits your aspirations.

Tuesday the friends, groups or aspirations are what are in focus. Doing something social is slated to really be fun, lucky and expand your world in some way so say yes to the friend or group today. You have to deal with a change or surprise to income first but don’t let it slow you down too much.

Wednesday puts you behind the scenes on something that is bringing income into the picture or a surprise possession. Either way, it looks very exciting and about shining the light on you through love or money. Saturn is Retrograding in your house of travel, legalities, education, and media so you will see any responsibilities or limitations ease up in these departments for a while now. An older person or authority figure associated with one of these areas may depart now or someone from the past may return.

Thursday the work you are doing behind closed doors is again leading to income so push yourself to express individuality and original ideas. You will want to connect passionately with a partner in private but may find it is a stretch or demands some accommodations from you, so be willing to adjust if you wish to connect.

Friday is the big day. Mercury stations Direct and the Solar Eclipse both occur in the hidden area of your chart. This means you have had time to go back into the past and decide what you wish to keep secret or under wraps and what is ready to see the light of day. It is a huge new beginning for fantasy or film projects, research and investigations, hospitals or other institutions, for time spent behind closed doors and you are ready to have the talk, share the idea or sign the agreement.


You are in the spotlight on Monday at the center of a group, with a friendship, or in pursuing your aspiration. This is about attracting the love or money you need through this connection or about your connection with a female here and a new beginning. Mars is motivating you to push yourself in positive ways towards work, health and with pets today that benefit.

Tuesday is about your career and goals, reputation or fame. There is real luck and prosperity waiting through work you do behind closed doors, through fantasy or film, in research or investigations, or in hospitals or other institutions. You need to deal with your own wild card energy today as you may rebel against the one thing that is opening up for you on the career front, keep an eye out for that.

Wednesday is a great day for your connection within a group, with a friend or in pursuing your aspirations and today there is real excitement in the air and opportunity where love or money are concerned for you. Be open to new people or ways of doing things socially. Saturn Retrogrades in your house of debt, loans, credit, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, and joint finances, as well as in areas of sex, intimacy, reproduction, and divorce. This means that the responsibilities and limitations you have been feeling here are going to ease for a while. You may see an older person or someone in authority who is involved financially or intimately depart now or one from the past return.

Thursday is social again and you are in the midst of the excitement at your aspirations or friendships are changing in positive ways. Mars is pushing you to tackle the work, health or pets before you get into the social fray so do your best to get at it all.

Friday is the big day. Mercury stations Direct in the same sign that the Solar Eclipse is occurring and you are ready for a huge new beginning in the social arena of life. Your friendships, group affiliations, associates, networking, social activities, and aspirations are all ready to move forward on new ground. You have had a few weeks to go back into the past and make decisions about what you aspire to and who you connect with, now you are ready to move forward, make the decision, have the talk, sign the agreement and go for the dream.


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