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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Expect the Sundance Film Festival to be a humdinger this year with Jupiter now in the sign of filmmakers and dreams for the first time in 12 years! This is big, BIG!!! Jupiter brings luck into the realm of the arts and major expansion and optimism at a time the world needs the positive reinforcement that comes from your artistry.
The entire festival builds to a Full Moon in the creative sign of the entertainer, Leo, giving it a wonderful sparkle. It then culminates with a major fork in the road that asks you to challenge yourself over personal empowerment and partnership or representation as Saturn and Pluto square. This ongoing square began November 15, 2009, is exact on Jan. 31 a second time and August 21 for the last time so expect some new alliances and restructuring of the old systems in power.

I wish I could be there with you guys this year but I’m with you in spirit :) Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might find it useful or guide them to this link!

Times given below are for Park City, Utah.

JAN. 21: Hold off on meetings or pitches until after 1:00pm, too many frustrations before this. The energy is aggressive today in a positive way so films about war or fights, surgery or anger issues, passions or antagonists will fare well after 1:00pm.

At 11:07 pm the energy shifts and aligns in a way that can make for some very solid deal making, especially if you are pitching to someone you have gone to in the past. Films about women’s issues, May/December romances, buddy films, and believing in your dreams will join the list of major potentials. Parties tonight are going to work like a charm for this kind of networking. Tonight promises to be one of the best nights of the festival for setting up the real connections so even if you just flew in, put on the smile and get out there!

JAN. 22: Do your deals or meetings in the morning before 12:46 pm. The energy is still infused with the very real, solid connections and contracts/money to come from them if entered into before this time. Even if you are just setting the appointment, get it down during this time frame.

From 12:46pm-9:39pm the Moon is Void of Course so you DO NOT want to sign an agreement or take that important meeting during this time. Use this time to view some of the action films and enjoy what the festival is offering by way of recreation. At least one film will bring opportunity during this time period, so catch something involving fantasy, music, spirituality, psychic phenomenon, addiction, or a filmmakers/actors panel.

From 9:39pm onward the night is going to be sensual, about money, beauty, love and good food and wine. Parties tonight are definitely going to be fun. Deals made on films with beautiful stars, lusty material, the topic of beauty or possessions, or stories about trying to make a living in today’s climate, poverty or the struggle, will prevail. There are some really great foreign rights deals going down late tonight around 11:51pm so don’t lose sight of the opportunity to strike an accord.

JAN. 23: One of the most active days of the festival where films about beauty, money, making a living, the working class, sensuality, and power will prevail. The morning holds some major players but your success will depend on your ability to adjust to changes in authority or a compromise involving rights/ past partnerships or something tied to an attorney or agent from the past. At 9:36am there is a challenging money matter with a female that could color the rest of the morning so don’t push it.

The energy shifts by 3:07pm in a great way and talks and meetings take off. If you can schedule pitches or meetings from now through 7pm you are likely to make quite an impression. Many will seal deals now.

At 8:03pm retrograde Mars gets into the picture to frustrate actions a bit so watch what you drink, you may be running into an old lover or someone you worked on an old creative project with tonight and it could be a bit challenging.

JAN. 24: This day is golden! The Sun aligns with Saturn at 8:37am to set up the day for putting you right into the mix with a person who has authority to bring your work to light. What you start today or set up now has real substance and long term dividends, even if it looks like it might be some work or effort, it is worth it and the real deal. This energy is with you until 8:03pm so make it count.

At 5:25 pm there is a very nice surprise or you may do something spontaneous or change something that works out in your favor, go with the flow and expect the best.

At 8:03pm the Moon goes Void of Course so wrap it up now and take the rest of the night off from anything you would like a result from. PS: romantic interludes entered into the rest of the night hold no consequences from actions taken.

JAN. 25: The day favors films about brothers and sisters, transportation, neighborhoods, friends, ideas, communications, emails, phone calls, short trips, vehicles, twins, and duplicity, and will have you out there connecting with lots of people over many different topics. The morning is a bit of a mish-mash as exuberance will be a bit over the top and you may push too far too fast. There is an adjustment to be made around power, major finances to the film, or how finances are shared around 11:27am. There may be some issues in making the meeting on time or getting lost on the way (I know that’s a bit hard to do in such a small arena but watch for it just the same).

At 12:04 the energy takes a very good upturn which will be strikingly positive and solid for you again at 2:17pm. Meetings and agreements entered into after noon are in your favor and long term. Meeting in groups today is favored as well.

If you meet or talk around 6:40 expect there to be some changes to plans or actions taken that must be adjusted to, even if this is just about the dinner plans it gets a bit of a mix. If you are meeting on something and you want to see action come of it right away, this time period will frustrate.

From 8:37pm onward the energy is all about positive money deals made while socializing, and enjoying beautiful works with friends. One particular connection made around 11:35pm can bode really well for you if there is something or someone from the past attached to it.

JAN. 26: If I had to tell you a day to just avoid pitches and meetings this would be it but if you must then know this, all communications are going to require some adaptability on your part as getting through is not going to be as easy as on other days. The boss or person in authority that you are meeting with has something else going on that is distracting them or taking priority and you will need to be patient and clever and adaptable to their vibe.

The evening’s plans will most likely go a bit astray at the last minute as well or hold a few surprises or changes that challenge. Although your original idea may be brilliant beyond belief, the powers that be will be leaning a bit more towards tried and true so again, hold off until another day if at all possible or expect to meet again under better energy. At 10:29pm Venus and Mars oppose. This can mean a disagreement/fight, differing passions, actions, or friction that brings on passion between the sexes, again involving someone from the past or a project from the past or you may find that perfect balance, an accord, it’s hot regardless!

JAN. 27: The films about home and property, security and patriotism, mom and family, food and comfort, nurturing and emotions will fare the best today. The day is cut into two distinct lines.

The morning is amazing so schedule your meetings and pitches before noon if at all possible. If you don’t have anything to pitch today, go see films in this magical time slot. There is real luck and bigger deals to be made during this time as everyone will be feeling more generous and optimistic.

The rest of the day falls under far different energies beginning at 1:56pm-2:20pm when opposition and limitations prevail. This energy is emotionally strong so it may color people’s moods the rest of the afternoon. See why it is so important to make the first part of your day count? You may not feel like socializing or networking tonight but have to make the appearance. If so, do your best to accommodate the situation because effort does count with the group that is depending on you.

JAN. 28: Today is the hard sell so gear up for it if you are in the pitch session or in other words, be prepared for any contingency or opposition they may have and you will fare far better. They are concerned with how well it will do, the kind of prestige it will bring them or the name it will make for them even though they will not expect you to know that (facades). They may have just spent their budget or come close to it and have to be more selective now. If you can emphasize a grass roots marketing approach or give them a reason the Midwest would love it you will do far better.

The evening is lighter and more positive as the energy takes an upswing to unusual films that inspire and interesting approaches that get through. Luck is with those who believe in their vision without fault and many dinners tonight or hanging out in small gatherings later may hold real breakthroughs.

JAN. 29: Watch out, today is the day of the showstoppers! It’s glamour and glitz and stars and pizzaz that wins the day today. There are all kinds of adjustments in the air today as you are working to stretch boundaries and get in here and there with the powers that be. Come in strong with your talent and the creative lux of your work.

At 12:43pm there is a meeting that is going to change things and which way it goes depends greatly on how you balance their needs with yours. It is a day made for bringing together social consciousness with entertainment value and it is going to be your job to marry the two in your approach. Bring in the star power if you have it, pull on past salability to sell it. The past figures in again so whether that is someone you are meeting with that you have a history with or a past project coming back to life or just the lead’s past marketability, it’s a big moment. Although you may not get everything you want in the first part of the day you can get a pretty fair shake.

The energy that is triggered at 2:08pm is all about an opportunity to cement something with another, this is positive! The rest of the day is flavored with this opportunity as it builds to the FULL MOON in LEO at 11:18pm so put on the show and sell! Things are climaxing in a celebratory manner, this is it!!!

JAN. 30: the morning is a bust, most likely because with a Leo Full Moon last night most of you will be up making it happen into the wee hours and you will need to get your body and head back together this morning.

The rest of the day is still within the beams of the Full Moon so you may still celebrate something peaking for you in the creative realm but know that meetings or agreements will require compromise or adjustment entered into today. For most of you this will be a second meeting kind of day or one where you will be finessing the finer points of an agreement, meeting the third party or renegotiating. At 9:11pm plans change a bit or something surprises that you must adjust to as well.

JAN. 31: The day is all about the details, health, work, service, and animals if that pertains to you. It’s a great day to take in documentaries or dealing with details around one. Some of you will feel a bit overwhelmed at how big something is before you, it may be a bigger deal than you expected or more to deliver. At 1:17pm there is supportive energy to help you get something important wrapped up or begun.

The energy that is meeting up at 2:27pm is enormous and about a fork in the road or a challenge you are working your way through around who you partner with or have representing your interests and how you want to empower your goals, career, ambitions, reputation, or fame. This influence is a long term influence that will color the year but was exact on Nov. 15th, 2009, again today, and for a final time on Aug. 21st , so take the time to consider where you truly want to be and make choices based on growth and your truth.

Oh, and know I’m rooting for you, keep the amazing films coming, they get us through and we appreciate you!!! If you’d like to keep up on astrological influences, pop by one of the links below and join or ‘fan’ the page :)


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