Friday, October 23, 2009


Oh me, oh my-oh, the universe is rocking this weekend and I think that maybe it is going to be a good thing, what do you think?

On Saturday the Sun is going to glide on up to Pluto and say, ‘Hey babe, lookin’ good, how bout we dance?’ And Pluto in his typical fashion is going to take the Sun on a tango not to be forgotten, lots of deeply passionate dips and twists and don’t forget there will most likely be a third party somewhere in the mix.

Here’s the thing, I think it’s good not only because life is short and dancing is fun but because this is a positive aspect known for bringing opportunity. So, whatever sidles up into your world and asks you to go a round or two, think about saying YES. When the Sun is involved you will see something about yourself being transformed in a beneficial way from the experience. I’ll talk about what Pluto and the Sun will represent specifically in your sign reading below.

The other player on Saturday is Mercury and he is a busy messenger god. He is going to bring you something by way of a bit of lightning so expect to make some adjustments to news you get or an unusual or electric meeting. He is going to wind his way into contact with Uranus and then align beautifully with Neptune. Dreams will be rather important so pay attention to what came through upon waking and go to bed asking to be shown something significant. You writers out there, prepare for a day filled with inspiration and new approaches!

Sunday the goddess energy of the Moon and how we feel about what was said and committed to or limited will come into play. I beseech you to remember that we are all becoming this year, each and every one of us is stepping more firmly into our own mission here and through this process, it is important not only to speak your truth but to let go of people and situations who no longer resonate with your journey. If they do not resonate they are going to go regardless, that is just how the energy is now, so it is best to allow.

Yes, Pluto has been tough lately, he can be brutal, so, if they hurt you, you can tell them but if they don’t acknowledge it, the energy exchange is over. It’s not the crayons fault it has to stay in kindergarten, you loved it, shared lots of pretty pictures with it, colorful this crayon was indeed, but it has a beautiful mission in the kindergarten class and you have to go on to first grade and learn how to add. Or something like that :) Remember, to them, you are the crayon! We’re all crayons and all moving on, it just depends on which side you are looking in from.


Saturday the energy favors profound and deeply connected engagement over career agendas, putting yourself out in the spotlight on some level, reputation, even fame, as you pursue goals aimed at channeling outside money sources into your world. You will want to go deep when connecting with others today, share yourself and invest in your vision. Talks will be focused on either partners, enemies, agents or attorneys. There is an inspired connection to your artistry or vision through friendships, groups, networking. Pursue aspirations today.

Sunday will have a couple of levels emotionally, first you will be dealing with any challenges to communications with partners, agents, attorneys, or enemies. If you aren’t getting through, look at a different approach. There is also frustration over finances or intimacy today tied to your current aspirations, so work through these feelings the best you can. The positive energy is around Saturn’s last bit of time in your work and health house, helping you to master your goals or career matters through drive, determination and the work you do today, so get busy.


Saturday brings a powerful dance through partnership or with someone who represents you or whom you represent. This is about opportunity and going deep, large finances or intimacy and how you share, power and third parties in the mix. It is going to open up doors for you through the way you connect with this person through matters of the ninth house so look at media, publishing, promotion, publicity, politics, ceremonies, legalities, education, import/export, religion, or travel. Expand today the universe is supporting you. Talks and meetings will be about work, health or pets and flow beautifully to inspired career matters, just watch for a wild card coming from a friend or group.

Sunday feelings about the trip, education, media, or legal matter are challenging you to talk about the work at hand, a health matter or pets. You must also deal with how you feel about the partner, enemy, competitor, agent, attorney, or representing others today. The positive news is there is wonderful energy around tackling the details of a creative project or getting serious with a lover or child through one of these higher minded avenues.


Saturday links the work you do or your physical health into a powerful dance with major finances or intimacy. So for some of you the opportunity today is to really be seen through the work you do and to attract outside resources to this, for others it will be about connecting with someone physically on a rather profound level. If you are involved with animals, today can bring some kind of powerful breakthrough with money or sharing as well. Talks regarding creative projects and love are slated with positive expression through media, travel, education, and legal channels, just watch for something new and surprising on the career arena.

Sunday feelings about the major financial matter, divorce or intimate encounter will push you to have a challenging talk with a lover, child or about a creative project. There is positive energy around effort applied at home or with property today. Look at how your beliefs are changing when you get into the work at hand or challenge yourself over your own health.


Saturday puts a powerful opportunity before you that will either take you into the arena of love via a lover or child and tie this into a profound energy around partnership or open up doors around a creative project through a partner or representative. Talks about home, property or mom will be on the agenda as well as you deal with something unexpected or changing through media, education, legal channels, or travel. There is support here through outside resources or intimate connection.

Sunday feelings about a partner, competitor, agent, or attorney will be challenging as you talk about home, property or mom. There is potential to get serious about communications, siblings, local activities, writing projects, or short trips in an effort to draw in outside resources or connect intimately with someone. Friction over love and sex or money and a creative project arise later in the day which may spur you to a new tact.


Saturday brings powerful opportunity to handle a home or property matter, living situation, renovation or remodel, real estate sale, or something dealing with mom. This can happen through major work you get behind or tackling a health or pet matter. Talks about what is on your mind today will open up some unexpected insights around sex, divorce or other people’s money. Talks with partners, enemies, agents, or attorneys flow beautifully with potential for romance or a spiritual connection.

Sunday feelings will be focused on work, health or pets and talking about what is on your mind, something written, something going on in the neighborhood, with siblings, or short trips. There is positive support to stabilize income or do something that has long term results here today. You may feel a bit off kilter around home or with mom due to feelings about a partner, enemy, agent, or attorney later.


Saturday is pretty major my friend as you are either being given the opportunity to make or break an agreement, move on an idea or writing project, meet or talk with someone, or stand out in a strong way locally. Any one of these avenues leads to profound transformation through a creative outlet or with a lover or child. Your co-ruler is suggesting that the emphasis should be on money in this, so talk about how much you will make or how much of your earnings you will spend, and be ready to make some adjustments to what comes from the partner, competitor, agent, or attorney. Neptune is blessing work that stems from today with positive artistic expression and a spiritual connection to health.

Sunday feelings about the creative venture, lover or child come up for review as you continue to talk about earnings, what is being made or spent. Saturn in his last days of your sign is urging you to step up as a leader and take responsibility or limit something with the creative venture, child or lover, you will be supported. Talk later in the day about your needs and how you feel about work, health or pets.


Saturday brings a powerful opportunity for you to make or spend money and this is going to either go on at home or involve property, a living situation, renovation or remodel, a move, or mom. Positive energy comes from all things Pluto in this so change, third parties, power, outside finances, or intimacy may play into what you are doing with income and home base. Talks need to be about you or instigated by you today regarding any changes around work, health or pets, as well as regarding creative projects, love or children. The latter has real supportive energy around all artistic or romantic expression so open up, meet, engage.

Sunday feelings about security, home, living situations, or mom will surface as once again you need to talk or meet about your needs and what is going on with you in your closest circle. There is supportive energy here in what you work on behind closed doors, what you bring forward from the imagination or through research, as well as in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. The rest of the day will be about challenging yourself creatively towards a resolution to income matters.


Saturday is a positive, powerful day involving your ruler, Pluto. This is going to aim at helping you have a very important conversation, meeting, come to an agreement or understanding, or to embark on something through writing, short trips, neighborhood activity, or a sibling. Talks about what has been going on behind closed doors, regarding a secret, hospital, prison, research, film or fantasy project, artistry, or any escapist undoing will come out to be fielded through lovers, children or creative ventures in some new way. These talks lead to supportive energy around your sense of security or what is going on with home or property.

Sunday feelings arise about something communicated or written and once again you are delving into hidden things, what has been going on behind the scenes, or something involving an institution. There is a strong, positive link to friends, groups or aspirations today and all talks or meeting with them so open up here. By day’s end you will be focusing more on home and living situations, mom or security and how your needs are being met.


Saturday is interesting as it is opening up a powerful door to making or spending money in some way tied to what you are doing behind closed doors, tied to imagination or romantic or spiritual expression, artistry or retreat. This is positive and transformational stuff so continue to express your spiritual side inwardly. Talks or agreements about or with friends and groups will open up some interesting energy around home or property and align beautifully to that magical, artistic inspiration coming together.

Sunday feelings about income, what is being made or spent, will challenge as you talk to a friend or communicate about group issues, social events or aspirations. Saturn is working for you to establish your goals in a harmonious way that should put you on better ground where the earnings are concerned so keep working towards goals today. Writing, agreements or research are not favored as you may in some way self-undo.


Saturday is a powerful day for everyone as Pluto is being met by the Sun, but for you this is doubly true as your sign is the one hosting Pluto. This means that you can really stand out socially, networking, at parties or functions, with friends, groups or in pursuing important aspirations today. Power, major finances, third parties, intimacy, all align in this so step out and see what you can accomplish. Talks, agreements and meetings will be about career, goals, reputation, or father today. A new idea coming in is worth looking at even though it would require some adjustments. Neptune aligns to help you attract income through artistry, romance or spiritual application.

Sunday feelings about your own needs being met or your identity in the mix will surface leading to talks about the goals or career agenda, who is in authority here and what needs to be done. Saturn is available to you through work and commitment to travel, education, law, or media today so utilize these realms in your strengthening process. The evening looks like a time of retreat to recharge batteries so don’t feel like you have to talk to friends or keep things going to the wee hours.


Saturday is a day you should ask yourself just what goal you would like to achieve, one that you could do working behind the scenes or in some way relying on yourself through artistry or your spiritual connection to the muse. There is amazing energy here for you to achieve this goal if you put yourself out there before the public, on the career front, towards your goals, and then draw on this internal power. Artists of all genres are favored as is everything tied to investigation, research or hospitals and other institutions. Talks today about media, travel, education, or law will help you to get a better handle on income as well as align yourself to move forward in one of these adventurous realms.

Sunday feelings about hidden, self-undoing aspects of yourself or others will surface to be dealt with. As you process, open talks about the media, travel, education or legal matter knowing there is a solid energy flow to help you solidify shared resources, settlements, divorce, or to get serious in an intimate way with someone. By day’s end you are best advised to continue in your original way to revision who you want to become or how you want to attain your goals. This brainstorming will be important up ahead.


Saturday offers you a powerful opportunity to transform something through a friend, group or aspiration and this is about putting you into the mix in something travel, media, educational, or legally oriented. A sense of major change, adventure, power, and doing your best to embrace these through finances, intimacy, divorce, third parties, and soul potential is necessary as you reach for new heights. Talks will be about the outside resources, loans, debt, settlements, bankruptcy, sex, or divorce. You must be malleable as you adjust to new perceptions of self along with this. What you are doing behind closed doors or artistically continue to support so take meetings in this if possible.

Sunday feelings about an aspiration, friend or group affiliation surface as you talk about the major financial matter, divorce or sexual encounter. Saturn is doing his best to offer you an out through an authority figure showing up in the context of partner, agent or attorney. The rest of the day is about emotionally retreating so that you can deal with the legal, media, travel, or educational matter before you.


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