Friday, October 16, 2009


New Moons are so optimistic, yes? They offer a once a year new beginning through the energy represented and they play out according to the house placement of your chart and sign, (this means read for your Rising and your Sun sign). It is where you can confidently start fresh, commit to a new way of doing or approaching, write a new chapter and see just how much you have grown in this new beginning as you refuse to get caught up in the pitfalls of the past mistakes or bad choices, hey you have learned from these, right?

This weekend brings a VERY important New Moon. Why?

Because it is happening in Libra, the sign of partnership, justice, fairness, open enemies, agents, attorneys, and balance. Oh, and because it is occurring in the sign that is just about to host SATURN for the next 3 years.

So…….choose wisely. You will be stepping into territory with your most significant connections or the ones you choose to forge in the next 2 weeks that will be the markers on the road through mastery here. In other words, the choices you make regarding your partnerships, competitors, representatives, or enemies during the rest of October, will set you on at the very minimum the next years journey and at the most, the next 3. You ALWAYS have Free Will, regardless of the situation before you or the way you have handled it in the past, this is a very genuine NEW BEGINNING.

And as a heads up to what this breaks down to, what Saturn will be asking of you during this transit, more or less lays out like this: Do unto others. Take responsibility for your patterns, projections, close your eyes and stand inside their shoes, what would you want from you? Do the RIGHT thing. At the same time, you must take your gifts to others, sense of fair play, value and love seriously.

Why oh why would any of us choose to inhabit mortal form to leave the stars behind if it were not for this most miraculous opportunity to express love between one another?

Please give this some serious thought over the weekend and then get excited because some of the most important people of your life have shown up over the last year or are about to show up in ways that help you to balance who you are and what you are here to do over the next 3 years, it all starts with how you handle the New Moon energy of the next couple weeks. If someone exits now, it is meant to clear the way for what is coming, allow and trust.

And remember, the energy moves around and through you, your FREE WILL determines how you choose to work with it, if this is a repeat of the past or a BRAND NEW road forward.


Saturday is an open door for positive connection to any partners, agents, attorneys, or open enemies or competitors. There is a way to make an agreement, talk, meet, or share ideas that will help you to wrap up any year long energy here. Socializing, friendships, group affiliations or aspirations get a boost from attorneys, agents, partnership or finding ways to make peace with enemies or balance competition.

Sunday brings the New Moon in this house of significant others and an important fresh start with romantic partners, business partners, agents, open enemies, competitors, or attorneys. You have 2 strong weeks to seed something new, make or break agreements, seek representation, to meet someone who may be a contender for your heart or take a current romance to this level or end one that is not going to move this direction. Actions taken towards a lover, child or creative venture must be adjusted somewhat today as you proceed on towards powerful career transformation.


Saturday talk out your work situation with someone you partner with or who represents you, look at how things are balanced and fair or how you wish to wrap up something in the way you are relating here. Health is the other issue to be discussed with a nod to how you are shouldering the burdens or even in sharing in the pets responsibilities. There is every reason to believe that your goals will be reached today or that a career matter can find some resolve.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your work, health and pet zone and it is coming through how you partner, deal with competitors or enemies, or strike up alliances or hire representatives. You have 2 strong weeks to seed new beginnings here so push yourself to take it seriously and make the connection. Actions taken at home or around property matters must be adjusted today to handle the travel, media, education, or legal issue that is profoundly changing or that you are attempting to transform through.


Saturday opens talks about creative projects, a love affair, children, or with one of these people, or it is about meeting someone who attracts your affections. Expand your creative or love connection through media, travel, politics, ceremonies, publishing, publicity, teaching, taking a class, or legal means, there is luck and artistry at your disposal today in this.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your house of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. How you partner with others, who you find to represent you and how you deal with the competition is where the next 3 years of lessons and mastery will stream in, you are going to get serious about how you express this magical side of your life and perhaps sever what is not fulfilling your dreams as you commit to the long term of what will. Launch in these arenas now. Passions and actions adjusted today are about powerful transformations where intimacy and finances are concerned.


Saturday is a day to talk or meet about home, property, living situations, or mom. Look at how you partner or how partnerships are being affected due to one of these themes, as well as how you are represented in what is occurring here. There is luck and positive expansion possible through the financial backing of another or an institution, through an intimate connection, through dealing with a divorce or some way of artistically expressing your deepest energy.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your home, property, living situation, and mom arena of life. This is where you are going to be looking at a fresh start, as well as preparing to enter the next 3 years with more responsibility and an aim towards self-mastery through the roots you put down, who you live with, where you live, the home you own, and how you interact with your mother. For those of you who’s mom has passed, looking at any childhood energies or unresolved issues with your nurturing as a child will be part of the process. Launch moves, buying or selling property, taking in roommates or letting them go, renovations, and new approaches with mom now. Keep in mind your ability to partner and find representation throughout. Actions taken today towards making money or spending it lead to more powerful transformations in partnership.


Saturday is a day of communications, positive talks, writing, meeting, and sharing ideas, and it all pours towards romantic partners, business partners, agents, open enemies, competitors, or attorneys. There is luck and ability to express artistic, romantic or spiritual needs in a positive light.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your house of communications, siblings, short trips, and neighborhood. This is about launching a new writing project, writing something that gives you a fresh start to the year, talking or meeting with someone about something partner or representative oriented, it is about finding a fair and balanced way to set up your local activities and connection with brothers or sisters, and over the next 3 years it will be about redefining the way you think about partnership and those who represent you, setting limits, taking responsibility as well as the lead, and mastering this part of life. Actions you take physically today are about adjusting your body in some way towards a major health or work change.


Saturday is a great day for positive talks, agreements or meetings regarding making money. Look to business partners, agents or attorneys for the proper connection in this and know that luck and a certain amount of artistry and spiritual connection is flowing through the way you approach the work you do today, the service you provide, and the critical amount of detail and effort you put forth. All of this should make for a stellar day to forward your agenda.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your house of earnings and possessions. This is giving you an important two weeks to launch new income making projects, to ask for more money, to look for new employment, to spend on something that will help you earn, or to make a decision about something you own or want to own. The way you partner with romantic and business connections as well as how you deal with competitors, open enemies, agents, and attorneys will play out over the next 3 years through your money so choose your connections wisely. In other words, the proper representation is imperative, if someone exits now allow with grace, it is part of the test up ahead and meant to flow this way. If you decide to commit to someone now, same thing goes, it plays out through income.


Saturday the connections occurring are all in support of you, your needs, identity, ego, body, and image, so you want to speak up, ask for what you need, and talk about yourself, no we won’t think you are being selfish, just do it! There is real luck and potential for expansion and artistry, romance or spiritual providence through your connections to creative projects, lovers, new love entering the picture, or children.

Sunday brings the New Moon in your sign and the first hint you are going to get about what the next 3 years are going to be bringing about in your life. This is a very important time for you. Do not under any circumstances underestimate your own worth or value now. Who you are and who you become over the next 3 years will depend on how you assert or express your own needs in balance with partners, agents, competitors, and attorneys. You are going to come out of this period a different person, one who has mastered a new aspect of themselves and are ready to move forward with a stronger position in your one-on-one interactions. Anyone who exits now is meant to go, if you feel they need to go, allow it. Make room for the serious, life-altering people who have shown up in the last year and are about to show up at this transition. You are about to enter a time of more responsibility, leadership and streamlining, you will lose weight if this is a goal or find you must limit something from your body, begin today.


Saturday is a great day to talk, meet or come to agreements in private, about something spiritual or artistic, film or fantasy related, about research or investigations, or in dealing with a hospital or other institution. Take time away from the fray and pour energy here into home, property matters, living situations, or mom. There is luck, expansion and a beautiful flow to intuition and connection to the outer realms through support of what you choose.

Sunday brings the New Moon in this mystical part of your chart and not only does this offer you 2 strong weeks to begin fresh in areas of artistry, retreat, film, fantasy, psychic abilities, research, investigation, and any dealings with hospitals, prisons, addictions, escapism or substance abuse, but it is helping you begin what will become a very important transit of self-mastery and leadership through what you do over the next 3 years in these areas. You will need to look at how you partner, deal with competitors and find representation in these areas as you go within, call on something requiring belief and faith and strengthen your position as the powerful, mystical person you are becoming.


Saturday is all about connecting with friends, doing things with groups, networking, socializing, and pursuing your aspirations. It is hands down a beautiful day for all talks, meetings, agreements and sharing of ideas. Your ruler is at work here for you to surround you with luck and expansion, artistry and romance, all coming through connecting with others.

Sunday brings the New Moon in this house of friendship, groups and aspirations. This is about a brand new beginning here so you may be joining a group over the next 2 weeks, reconnecting with a past friend or making an important new friendship, and you may also take this time to launch an important dream of yours with the support of the universe behind you. This area of friendship and aspirations is where you will be experiencing your tests and leadership, mastery and limitations, over the next 3 years and it will have a direct impact on how you connect with partnerships, competitors, agents, and attorneys. Actions taken today to travel, publicize, educate, or make something legal will be linked to major change in income.


Saturday is about talks, meeting or agreements aimed at goals, career, ambition, fame, or reputation. This is a great day to promote yourself and to expand your income or spend your money on something business related. Your artistry is at an all time high and there is a spiritual connection between how you are making your living and finding the doors opening through partners, agents or attorneys.

Sunday the New Moon in your career Midheaven is huge. This is about 2 strong weeks to seed something brand new by way of your ambition or career. A partner, agent or attorney will be part of the mix in this big push forward and what you do over the rest of October will have a direct influence over the next 3 years while Saturn is touring this part of your chart. You are entering a peak time of your life where the way you lead yourself forward and take responsibility will be climaxing. Any limits or losses you experience at the onset are about Saturn’s way of seeing just what you are made of here, you may start your own company now, become the boss to many, cut back on anything or anyone who is not serving your truest aims, and discover just why you came here this time around. Commit your time and efforts here, this is what you have been working towards for so long, make it count.


Saturday is a very positive day to make decisions or talk about travel, media, legal issues, education, politics, or ceremonies. This energy puts you right in the mix so you may want to hop the plane today or get yourself to class, whichever one of these venues you choose, there is luck and artistry around your own personal expression, don’t limit yourself in any way.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in this part of the chart so you have 2 strong weeks to launch a trip, media campaign, show, publish a book or article, start a blog or website, take a class, start teaching one, or begin the legal process. Partners, agents, competitors, and attorneys will be important in what you are doing. Look seriously at all of these areas because this is where Saturn is moving in on the 29th and where you will begin a 3 year cycle of limits, tests, responsibility, and finally mastery. Anyone who leaves your life now is meant to go to make room for what is opening up ahead, if you choose to commit to someone here now, there will be more work involved but you will feel secure and have a sense of long term stability. Actions taken today regarding a partner, agent or attorney will be about adjusting so you can continue on the powerful changes you are embarking on in private.


Saturday is a great day to talk, meet, make or break agreements, or share ideas regarding a major financial matter, joint income, sex, intimacy, divorce, or dealing with someone passing. There is a large amount of luck and protection going on around what you do in private today or involving a secret agenda, fantasy or research project, or dealing with an institution.

Sunday the New Moon in Libra opens up 2 strong weeks to make a fresh start in any area tied to major finances, so look at loans, debt, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlements, alimony, child support, joint finances, and any other outside resource as the place to make a new beginning. A partner, open enemy, agent, or attorney will be key in this fresh start and the way you take responsibility and tackle balance and fairness will be important as you enter this new cycle. The next 3 years will be about leadership and responsibility with other peoples money, your intimate and sexual connection to them, and any separations through divorce or death. If you need to let something or someone go now, then realize the powerful transition is working to help you begin the process as serious contenders are set to arrive and change the face of these most deeply felt arenas of life.


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