Sunday, September 6, 2009


What can you say about a week that opens with Mercury Retrograding and closes with Pluto going Direct? Hmmm…it’s going to be interesting?

When Mercury Retrogrades we deal with communications issues and transportation matters, we have misunderstandings, breakdowns, and we revisit issues from the past that still need working through.

This Mercury Retrograde is happening in the sign of partnership, balance and justice so expect that these matters will be coming up as people and situations from the past resurface. I will tell you which area of life you can expect this to play out in, read for your sign and your Rising to get the whole picture.

When Pluto goes Direct, matters of control, power, manipulation, major finances, sex, triangles, and any deeply seated issues that need digging into begin to plow ahead. You have had months to go within and unearth any buried psychological reasons you might be holding yourself back or allowing the lower chakras more say in your life than is healthy.

With Pluto stationing to go Direct we will have a critical week as any of the dark stuff shakes loose and you begin to move forward in any blocked areas here again.
Like I said, an interesting week.


Monday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of partners, open enemies, agents, and attorneys. If you need to go back and deal with the details to rebalance something here now is the time. Watch for breakdowns in route to dealing with these people and for communications to be out there.

Tuesday brings powerful and positive energy to bear by way of making money and influence on the career front, being able to move mountains towards goals and taking action on a home or property matter and getting lots done here.

Wednesday the emotional focus is on the money coming in or going out. You are going to need to deal with a woman involved in a creative project or a love matter, this could be about a lover or children involved. Work is glowing as should be health but you need to watch you don’t over extend yourself where a social matter is concerned or in lending to a friend (you probably won’t be paid back today).

Thursday shows you the first positive glimmer with the Retrograde and communications open up with a past partner, agent or attorney. Something brilliant is in the mix, most likely your idea, so be open to sharing it when the time is right.

Friday is bound to be intense as Venus opposes Jupiter so money or love matters go over board, stretch you to the max and play out between creativity, lovers or children on the one hand and your social situations, friendships or aspirations on the other. Your ego is on the line around a work, health or pet matter with a friend today as well and you will need to make some adjustments here if you want to continue on. Pluto stations Direct in your career Midheaven so you are ready to push ahead here in a major way, watch what big change is brewing today for clues.


Monday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of work assignments, task at hand, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, health, and pets. These are the areas to watch for breakdowns or miscommunications and where people and situations from the past will come up to be revisited.

Tuesday the energy is lovely and favors travel, media, promotion, higher education, and legal matters. You are at the enviable center of all of this with powerful support and will do best to communicate passionately, motivate others with your words and push local agendas, issues with siblings or writing projects today.

Wednesday a female and home or property matter must be dealt with. Look at love or money issues here. The Sun is shining on creative projects, love affairs and children so open up to the possibilities around you. Jupiter may have you stretched in career matters but this is protective energy trying to get you where you need to be.

Thursday the money flow should be good with lots of talks about work that are favorable, schedule your meetings today. A friend or organization can help you get your foot in the door, say yes to any social functions or networking.

Friday the opposition between Venus and Jupiter means you may be feeling the financial or love stretch personally due to what is going on in career or with a very big goal. You are being asked to adjust your ego needs or physical involvement in a creative project, with a lover or with children as you deal with this. Pluto stations Direct in the area of travel, higher education, media, publishing, promotion, politics, ceremonies, beliefs, and legal matters so you are ready to move powerfully forward in one or more of these areas again, watch for signs of life here today.


Monday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of true love, creative projects, recreation, children and speculation. These are the areas where you should watch for transportation breakdowns or miscommunications as well as where the past will show back up to be revisited via people or situations that need balancing, reworking or letting go.

Tuesday is powerful and positive for sexual intimacy behind closed doors and for major finances to move forward. Anything you are working on behind the scenes or researching should be favorable.

Wednesday the energy moves around retreat, hidden affairs, secrets and strategies, research, fantasy and film, hospitals and other institutions. You need to talk to a woman involved in one of these areas today. Home and property matters should suit you in this. Just make sure you are dealing with any travel, education, legal, or media matters before you as they are stretching some limits.

Thursday is a wonderful day where career and goals are concerned, a great time to introduce new innovative ideas or branch out in some unusual or independent manner. Talks about creative projects should go well. Today is a major possibility to run into a past lover or hear from one and this seems to go well.

Friday talks about travel, education matters, legal issues or media ventures will stretch you, especially where financial agreements are concerned. You are going to need to make some adjustments that affect your ego and where you are living in this. Pluto stations Direct so the powerful matters in life will begin to move ahead again via sexual intimacy, loans, credit, taxes, insurance, settlements, alimony, child support, inheritance, debt issues, and a partners finances, and divorce. Watch today for clues to where you will be stepping up.


Mercury Retrogrades on Monday in the arena of home, property, living situations, and mom. Look to these areas for transportation or communications breakdowns or miscommunications as well as where people and situations from the past will reappear to be revisited, reworked or balanced.

Tuesday is a powerful day under positive influences so look to connections with friends, groups and towards your aspirations to be major as you see change through partnership or representation and the ability to act from your passions towards what you want.

Wednesday you need to have a talk with a woman about a money matter and this may challenge the friendship. You should express your ego needs in the way you communicate today with friends, look at local matters or short trips to go well. Major finances may stress you a bit here as you are most likely stretched a bit on the cards or in a loan, remember Jupiter protects and is trying to help you find solutions.

Thursday the matter you are dealing with behind closed doors or with a hospital or other institution should open up for you. Talk about home, property, mom or a living situation and be open for nice surprises or change through travel, media, education, or legal processes.

Friday finances will be a big issue as you are feeling the stretch between Venus and Jupiter, this means a woman is involved here and you will need to address this. Talk about how you are feeling and what your needs are and be willing to make some adjustments to these needs if you wish to expand financially. Pluto stations Direct in your house of partners, agents and attorneys and you will finally see major forward movement here via intimacy, power, finances and transformation.


Mercury Retrogrades in your house of communications and transportation on Monday so you will be going back to look at something you said, wrote or thought and trying to rebalance it, this is where miscommunications or breakdowns will show up and where people and situations from the past will reappear so you can get it right. Issues with siblings, neighborhood or short trips are also areas to watch.

Tuesday the energy is wonderful around career and goals as you see some powerful transformation occurring in the work you are doing, with health or pets and are able to do some things behind the scenes that move you forward.

Wednesday you will need to deal with how you are feeling loved or being paid on the career front with a woman. You should be able to find a good groove in making or spending money today towards goals once you do. Just watch for partners, agents or attorneys in this as they are either pushing you too far or not far enough on the career front.

Thursday friends and groups are good for you. You will see some nice surprises via a big money matter here and open up the first positive communication with a friend from the past under this Retrograde cycle.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition may stretch you and a partner over love, money or a woman. These two energies are so positive that even in this frustrating aspect you may find a good balance. Look to making some ego adjustments today over income or spending habits to reach this with a partner, agent or attorney. Pluto stations Direct so you will finally see the big changes and powerful positions start to move forward again in the work you do, with health and involving pets.


Mercury is Retrograding in your house of income, spending and possessions. This means that you will be revisiting people and situations from the past to rework something tied to your earnings or find balance here. This area is where transportation or communications breakdown may occur as well so take care.

Tuesday is a great day for travel, legal matters, media, and higher education. You can see positive powerful change tied to creative projects, lovers or children through one of these realms as well as find time to do something with a friend or group in this.

Wednesday the focus is once again on travel, media, law, or education but today you need to deal with a woman about something that is going on behind closed doors, look at love or money issues here. Work, health or pets arenas are being stretched a bit as well, but you are really in the spotlight in a good way to expand and protect.

Thursday brings a nice surprise via a legal, media, educational, or travel matter and an agent, attorney or partner. Talks and meetings about income and most likely a situation or person from the past should leave you feeling pretty great about career matters.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition plays out between something you are dealing with privately and a work, health or pet matter. Look at love, money or a woman in this and being a bit stretched. You are in need of a physical or ego adjustment today in dealing with the work, health or pets. Pluto stations Direct in your house of children, lovers and creative projects and whatever you have been dealing with on a powerful level internally is now ready to move forward in the light of day, major finances, divorce or a sexual matter is involved.


Mercury Retrogrades in your sign on Monday which means you will be the object of potential miscommunications or transportation breakdowns but also that you will be revisiting people and situations from the past who affect your identity and body, image and ego needs. Think about what you are saying now and why, make sure you are understood, and look back to see if you missed something critical that needs rebalancing.

Tuesday is a good day for intimacy, power, control matters, and major finances. There is something that can be transformed at home, in the living situation, with property or mom in this as well as potential to act on a career goal passionately and positively.

Wednesday you will need to deal with a female friend over finances, divorce or intimacy matters. Look at love or money in this. Your strength today lies in what you can accomplish behind the scenes. Creative projects or loved ones are stretching you a bit but it should help you see just what it is you really want.

Thursday brings breakthroughs and new ideas around work, health and your deeper connections to source. Look at talks or meetings today for the first sign of Retrograde positive motion as you connect with the past and a travel, legal, media or educational matter.

Friday a female friend stretches you regarding creative output or love. This is a good energy but you may feel over the top a bit here where love or money is concerned. You need to make some ego adjustments regarding retreat, time alone and how you work privately. Pluto stations Direct in your home, property, living situation, and ties to mom today so you have done the internal transformations regarding these roots and are ready to move forward in a powerful new way, change and stepping up in order.


Mercury Retrogrades in the hidden area of your life today so secrets, retreat, hospitals, prisons, work done behind the scenes, escapist tendencies and self-sabotaging energy, fantasy and film, research and strategies, is where you will be revisiting the past to rebalance, rework or let go. These areas are where miscommunications or transportation breakdowns may occur as well.

Tuesday partners, agents and attorneys are good for you, open up talks, take meetings, there is powerful energy in the air and potential to dive into travel, media, publishing, promotions, education, or legal matters positively.

Wednesday the emotional energy is around the partnership, agent or attorney. You need to deal with a woman on the career front or in position of authority and a love or money matter here. Your friends have your back and social situations favor you. You may feel a bit stretched with the home or property matter.

Thursday a nice surprise via lovers, children or creative projects is on tap, partners or someone who represent you is the culprit. Talks about what you have been working on in private are slated to go well and have a nice tie-in to major finances, divorce or intimacy.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition is stretching you between career and home, goals and property. Love, money or a woman is involved and balance is the word of the day. You need to adjust your social expectations today or the way you see yourself in a group or circle of friends. Pluto is stationing Direct in your communications zone so writing, speaking, ideas, neighborhood issues, siblings, and short trips, are where you are ready to powerfully move forward, change and transform.


Mercury is Retrograding in your house of friends, groups, networking, social events, and aspirations on Monday. This means you will be reconnecting with the past through these people as old friends return or current friends take their leave. Miscommunications or breakdowns are most likely involving friends or parties so take care here.

Tuesday the focus is on work, health or pets and the positive transformation you can make through income tied to this. It is a good day to act on the loan, credit, or other major financial matter, the divorce or sexual connection.

Wednesday you will want to deal with a woman about travel, education, media, or a legal matter, looking at how love or money is tied to your work, health or a pet. Your position on the career front is positive and you can make waves if you want. Talk about what you want to see expand in the work you do, your health or with the pet.

Thursday brings a nice surprise at home, with property or in your sense of security needs being met through work. A talk with a friend from the past or about a group or social occasion tied to the past is the first positive Mercury Retrograde connection and will help you feel better about a partner, agent or attorney.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition will stretch you in areas of love or money, most likely with a female, and tie into travel, media, law, or education. You need to talk about how you see yourself on the career front and what personal ego adjustments you are willing to make. Pluto stations Direct today in your income zone so you are finally ready to move forward on a powerful level where making and spending money is concerned, change is in the air.


Mercury Retrogrades in your career Midheaven on Monday so you will be revisiting the past through people and situations tied to goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, or career. Any miscommunications or transportation breakdowns will occur tied to these themes, do your best to put off signing contracts until October. If you are offered a career opportunity from a past contact it is ok to consider it now. If you are let go or a boss leaves now, it is aligned to a new understanding and forward growth for you so don’t despair.

Tuesday the flow is wonderful between yourself and loved ones as well as your own creativity. There is a sense of power and transformation in this as well as potential to motivate or express passions with a partner, agent or attorney, all good.

Wednesday you need to deal with a woman over a major financial matter, divorce or intimacy issue. You are under positive stars for travel, media, education, and legal matters, especially how this ties into having fun, showing love or creative projects. Income may be feeling a bit stretched, like you want to earn more or you have spent a bit much but if you had fun, you should bounce back soon enough.

Thursday brings a nice conversation or meeting where you may be surprised at what is expressed via love or creativity. Your first positive brush with the past via the Mercury Retrograde occurs today as you talk with someone from the past, hear someone in authority currently is leaving, or meet about a past situation, all involving career and goals.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition is gearing up and you are going to be dealing with finances and balancing something that has you a bit stretched. A female may be involved in this and how resources are shared. You need to make a bit of an ego adjustment around a travel, education, media or legal matter if you wish to align your income properly. Pluto stations Direct in your sign today so all of the internal work you have been doing to your physical being, your image, identity in the world and ego is now ready to move forward on a more powerful level, step up and move forward.


Mercury is Retrograding on Monday in the area associated with travel, law, media, and higher education so this is where communication and transportation breakdowns and misunderstandings can occur. This is also where people and situations from the past will show back up to be revisited and reworked. Anyone or situation that exits during this transit has served their purpose.

Tuesday the flow is positive around home and property matters. There is great potential to do some things behind the scenes or through research or fantasy that will draw in big money. Dive into the work at hand and tackle health and pet matters with vigor, opportunity is in this as well.

Wednesday you will need to deal with a woman, love or money matter in partnership, through an agent or attorney to handle the home or property matter to your satisfaction. You are shining in major finances tied to home and property so don’t fret. Continue to stretch your idea of who you can be in relation to this.

Thursday a nice surprise or change in income or spending awaits tied to home or property. The first positive Retrograde talk or meeting occurs around either travel, someone at a distance, media, law, or education, and helps you to feel out a love or creative matter from the past.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition will play out between a partner, agent or attorney, and yourself. This means over stretching in areas of love or money or perhaps in dealing with a woman. You are still in the spotlight in matters of major finances, divorce or intimacy and will need to make some personal adjustments here to continue your happy growth. Pluto stations Direct in your hidden part of the chart so the internal work you have been doing dealing with addictions, escapist or self-undoing tendencies, isolation or fantasy, hospitals or research, will now be ready to move forward and empower you in the outer world.


Mercury Retrogrades on Monday in your house of sexual connections, major finances, divorce and death. This means that you will be meeting the past through people and situations tied to one of these themes to rebalance or rework something here. You may have someone exit your world tied to one of these arenas now as well. Miscommunications or transportation breakdowns would occur around dealing with one of these themes.

Tuesday the flow opens up greatly as talks with friends open powerful doors and you are able to talk or meet up with a lover or child to do something passionate or to dive into a creative project enthusiastically.

Wednesday you will need to deal with a woman regarding work, health or pets and it may be a bit of a challenge. You are in the spotlight with partners, attorneys or agents and should find that these talks go well. Continue to expand through your private work you are concentrating on alone, talking about this will not be easy yet.

Thursday you should get out locally and connect, there is a nice surprise awaiting you if you do. Talks and meetings hold unique opportunities based on your image or identity. The first positive talk revisiting the past through the Retrograde occurs today over major finances and the home or property or some intimate connection that brought it about, perhaps revisiting a divorce as well.

Friday the Venus/Jupiter opposition is playing out between a woman at work, in health or with pets and some form of over doing it in some hidden way or self-sabotaging activities. Do you best to balance. You need to look at how you are partnering or in relating to an attorney or agent today and make some ego adjustments or approach your physical body from a new angle. Pluto stations Direct today in your house of friends, groups, aspirations, and social activities and all the internal work you have been doing to realign your power source here will pay off as you are ready to move forward within this new association.


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