Sunday, August 30, 2009


How did it get to be September already?! We are building towards a Full Moon in Pisces this week so all things artistic, spiritual, romantic, hidden, mystical, psychic, self-undoing, deceptive, substance abusing, or escapist will be coming to a peak on Friday.

Monday the Capricorn Moon meets up with Saturn to enhance ambitions and the work we are putting into our goals in a positive manner. There is a spark of inventive or visionary insight that helps to get the whole thing moving in a new direction as well.

Tuesday the Aquarius Moon gets together with Mercury and talks will be about new ideas and ways to approach what you are after, there is great support for blazing new trails. The Moon opposes Venus so there will be some emotional energy needing balancing around love or money matters.

Wednesday feelings get a big boost from Jupiter so expansion and luck are in the air. There is a need to make adjustments around the efforts and time you are putting in and what you are willing to commit to in this expansion.

Thursday Mercury squares Mars so talks and actions will need to come together, it seems you are thinking one thing and they are doing another or maybe you are the culprit, regardless, put your head together with your actions for best results.

Friday is the Full Moon in Pisces so something will be ending, celebration or culminating now by way of a romance, an artistic pursuit, a dream, a spiritual endeavor, time at a hospital, a research effort, a film or fantasy work, something you are working on behind the scenes, or a retreat. If you have been dealing with self-sabotaging, escapist or substance abusing energies, this will be peaking as well.


Monday rocks your world by way of career goals and the commitment to work and health here. You can move things forward by leading the way, doing the work and putting in the time over details. New ways forward open up in the most surprising arenas, allow for new ways into the goal you have set for yourself.

Tuesday talks with friends and partners, agents and attorneys, are destined to be positive for you, once again embracing the new and visionary is the route to travel. Money for a creative venture, child or lover is on shaky ground so look to balance this in some manner.

Wednesday brings great energy around luck and expansion through your friendships, group affiliations, networking and aspirations. You will need to find ways to get the actual work done, deal with your health and attend to your pets but all in all a very positive day.

Thursday talks with partners, attorneys or agents are at odds with the action you have going on around home, property and the security issues you need to address. Do your best to bring head and action together in this. It is not the best day to ask for what you want to have happen with the home or property.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing something you have been working on in private, behind the scenes, a hospital stay or dealing with an institution, a film or fantasy work, research project, or time in retreat, to a culmination in your life. You may be celebrating or seeing it wrap up now. Look to how you are feeling spiritually connected, romantically moved or artistically validated in this for clues forward.


Monday aligns travel, media, law, and education beautifully with time spent on creative projects or with children or lovers. This is about commitment and efforts flowing positively to expanding your horizons. A friend or social situation has a nice surprise for you in all of this.

Tuesday career and the work you are doing align in harmony so you should open talks and take meetings about what you are going for, how health and animals play a part in goals, and how the work you are doing is helping you make the career goal. A female at home or a money matter around home or property is in need of balancing in this.

Wednesday lucky Jupiter helps you find luck and expansion on the career front so set up your interviews for today or ask for that raise. You need to deal with a sense of responsibility around a lover, child or creative endeavor in this if you wish to see the expansion you desire.

Thursday talks about a health matter, the pets or a work situation or co-worker are up for some passionate moments. Mars is at odds with Mercury so actions and energy will be bound up in words, a few heated ones may be exchanged over these topics.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a friendship to a climax, so you may be celebrating with this person or seeing them taking their leave from your scene, a social occasion for celebration may be on tap, a group affiliation may be culminating today or an aspiration may be climaxing or wrapping up as well. You artistic, romantic or spiritual nature is part of the scenario.


Monday shines positive light towards transformation and the home, mom or property matter. There should be positive flow around finances or shared intimacy, divorce or powerful connections. Feelings are serious and results solid with a surprise tossed in via a goal or career opportunity.

Tuesday talks about love, children or creative projects are under golden beams opening up positive vibes around travel, media, publishing, education, or legal matters. You will need to talk with a woman today about one of these things and that will require some balancing of goals and dreams.

Wednesday the luck and prosperity is activated in travel, education, media, and law. Stretch out through these doors. You will have to adjust some responsibility to home, property or mom to do so but it is well worth the effort.

Thursday talks about creative ventures, children or lovers push boundaries around income. Passions may run high and you will feel like motivating to make some money, talk about what you expect to make, or go out and spend spontaneously from what was discussed.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a career matter to a head. You will be celebrating the raise or promotion at this time or the launch of a business or attainment of a goal or you will be seeing something career related ending. Fame, reputation and father are also part of this house so you may be seeing a culmination in one of these areas as well.


Monday is about a positive and serious connection between what you say, write or agree to and a partner, agent or attorney. Go ahead and ask for it now. There is a wonderful surprise or new way to approach things through travel, media, education, or legal channels.

Tuesday puts a beautiful flow between finances, intimacy, deep connections and shared resources in connection with home, property or mom. Talks will reflect this so open up. An income matter needs balancing so watch what you spend today.

Wednesday the luck is in the area of major finances, intimacy, divorce and powerful transformations. Going deep and connecting with outside resources pays off. A talk about responsibility or limitations is important to get to this connection.

Thursday news about home or mom will push you to take action. This is frictional energy and words and motivation are going to jar at each other so make sure you are aligning what you think with how you act.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a climax around a belief system, a travel plan, a media or publishing venture, an educational matter, or something legal. You will be celebrating a climax in one of these areas or seeing something ending now. Look at your spiritual, romantic or artistic well being in the context of what is occurring.


Monday flows where work and making money is concerned. There is great energy around taking responsibility and putting in the time and effort necessary to achieve your goals. A nice surprise awaits you through some major financial outlet such as a loan, credit card or other jointly held financial arena.

Tuesday a talk with a partner should enlighten and open up some new inroads together. You will need to deal with a issue you have around your own lovability or financial standing, perhaps around money you have spent on your image or body as well.

Wednesday the lucky energy of Jupiter is coming to you via a partner, agent or attorney so open up and share the wonderful charge here. You need to deal with your responsibility towards making or spending money today as part of this expansion with a significant other.

Thursday talks or writing is going to be charging Mars to act out behind the scenes so your words may lead to a clandestine tryst, or you may find that you are diving into a film or fantasy work, hospital, research project, or retreat. Just know that your words will spark the movement or the news you hear will relate to one of these themes.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a major financial matter, divorce, sexual or intimate connection, or some power or control issue or passing to a climax in your world. You will be celebrating the connection or seeing it end now. Look to your spiritual bonds, your artistic nature and your romantic needs as part of why this is going the way that it is at this point.


Monday is about either getting serious and putting in effort on a creative project or pouring that energy into a lover or matter concerning children. There is positive flow today in all of this for you and a bit of a surprise coming via a partner, agent or attorney pertaining to the matter.

Tuesday talks about income are positive and help you flow with work, health and pets in a positive manner. You will need to deal with a woman who is behind closed doors or over a private matter today, love or money is the agenda.

Wednesday the positive protection of Jupiter is shining his light on your work, health and pets. This is a great day to expand, try your luck in new areas and find some happiness in what you are approaching here. You will be taking on responsibility and making some personal adjustments in the mix.

Thursday talks about income will spark you do something about a friend, a group, social situation, or aspiration. This is very dynamic energy so you may be reacting to news or what someone says about money or dealing with coming up with the money to have your social fun.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing the connection between you and a partner, agent or attorney to a head in some manner. You will be celebrating the union or seeing it end now. Look to how you are feeling romance, artistry or spiritual connection in this to understand where you are at in the picture.


Monday brings positive energy to deal with home or property matters by dedicating some time behind the scenes, researching or just diving into responsibilities on your own there. Positive surprises or new ways of handling the work come through, if you are taking a new approach to health or pets this is under favored stars as well.

Tuesday talks about what you need in an original creative venture are aligning in a harmonious aspect so open up about it. True love and dealing with children take a wonderful exciting turn as well.

Wednesday Jupiter meets up with the Moon to bring protection and luck your way around creative projects, children and love affairs, if single this is a great day to meet someone new, and any one of these areas can bring you happiness and expansion today if you are proactive.

Thursday a talk about your needs or regarding your position in a career endeavor will be frictional and motivate you to take action regarding your goals, your standing or your reputation. Make sure that you are bringing the words and the deeds together as one today.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a work matter to a head, a climax around someone who works for you, a health matter to culmination, or some kind of peak around a pet issue. You will be celebrating the moment or wrapping up a situation here as it ends. Look to how your sense of romance, artistry or spiritual needs are being pinpointed in association to this experience.


Monday is the day to have a talk with a friend, a group you are a part of, to open up dialogue about joining a group, talk or meet about a social function, or promote your aspirations. You want to take a serious approach, come from leadership or authority and watch how things fall into line behind you! There is a nice conversation or bit of news coming your way regarding a creative venture, lover or child as well.

Tuesday brings harmony between home and property matters and the work you have been doing in private here. Talks or news will be about the research and what it has led you to or something you didn’t know yet but is pleasing to you about the home. You will need to deal with a female on the career front or in a position of authority today to balance what is going on with property or home.

Wednesday Jupiter brings luck, protection and expansion your way via home, property and mom. This is a great day to stretch out and feel great at home or in buying or selling property. You will need to deal with a friend or group and some responsibility in this today.

Thursday talks come out of nowhere and could leave you a bit riled up. You will most likely pounce into action by hopping a plane or booking a flight, diving into an import/export matter or dealing with another culture, tackle a media, promotion, or publishing issue, have to deal with a university or other educational matter, or take the reins in a legal issue. Whatever is said or heard has you full tilt ahead.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a creative project to culmination, a love affair to a peak or something involving children to climax in your world. This is going to be a celebration of love or creativity, something romantic, artistic or spiritual coming to a head, or you may see an ending and finality as something has run it’s course.


Monday is a great day to make money and take more responsibility on the career front. You are on top today and there is long term positive energy around leading yourself forward. If you have to spend money to make money the stars are behind you. A nice surprise comes via home, property or mom as well.

Tuesday talks with a friend or group you are associated with are due to go very well. There is a new energy behind this that is exciting and helps you towards your own independence. You will need to deal with a female at a distance today or involved in travel, media, education, or legal matters and this conversation will require some balancing.

Wednesday your ruler aligns with the Moon for some wonderful expressive conversations and meetings. This is a great day to ask for the thing you want. Saturn is going to require you take a bit more responsibility or deal with some limitation on the career front as you work through the issues.

Thursday a talk with a friend or group is going to charge you up to go deal with a major financial matter. If you are negotiating for money from this organization or friend, it will be frictional and you will need to come in with both guns blazing. There is potential that the group or friend is being approached over an intimate matter or divorce you are dealing with, same rules apply.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing a matter about home, property, mom, a living situation, or the security issues at hand, to a peak in your life. This is going to in some way have something to do with your romantic needs, artistic pursuits or spiritual nature and will be a time of celebration or ending.


Monday puts quite a bit of focus on you and what you need around a trip, media venture, educational matter, or legal issue. This is great energy today that aims to support you as long as you take the lead and drive your ambitions. There is one very unexpected positive conversation or bit of news coming as well, enjoy.

Tuesday talks about career and making or spending money are on your side, new approaches, original ideas and independent thinking are your friends. You will need to deal with a female over a major financial matter, divorce or intimate issue and this will require some balancing so that you feel good about your income status.

Wednesday Jupiter aligns with your income, sweet! This means that luck and protection as well as expansion are in this quarter for you so feel good about the money coming in and spending on a bit of happiness. You may have to do a bit of responsible work towards this during your trip, involving media, education or legal matters.

Thursday a talk about career or important goals is going to spark you to take action regarding a partner, agent or attorney. This is frictional energy so passions may be high, you will be pushing to make something happen here after hearing or conversing about it, just be sure to align words and deeds.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing something in your communications zone to a peak. This may have to do with hearing news that is culminating in some way, a writing project that reaches its zenith, something going on in the neighborhood that peaks, an issue with a brother or sister that is finally culminating, or just a way of thinking that is finally clicking. You are celebrating something at it’s height here or seeing an ending. Your romantic, spiritual or artistic energy is wrapped up in this mental process or connection.


There is supportive energy from the universe for you on Monday in dealing with any authority figures or responsibilities around major finances, divorce, intimacy or some other deep connection in your life. A wonderful energy is available to bring a nice surprise via income or possessions as well.

Tuesday a talk or meeting about travel, education, legal matters, or media is slated to support your independence and original approaches to life. You will need to deal with a female partner or affecting partnership, or a female attorney or agent today and do your best to balance the matter.

Wednesday Jupiter is blessing you personally with luck and a bit of happiness so open up to the potential of the day. You will want to deal responsibly with the divorce, finances or intimate matter so you can enjoy the expansion Jupiter is bringing.

Thursday a talk about legal matters, travel, media or education is going to spur you into action at work, with co-workers, regarding health, or with pets. This is frictional energy so you will be pouncing on the matter after you hear the news or make the decision, just make sure to align words with deeds.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is bringing an income or possession matter to a peak in your world. This is about money you are making reaching a climax such as the raise coming in or a source of income ending. If you have been in talks over a possession it will be decided now as well. Look to how your romantic, spiritual or artistic energy is playing out here for clues as to what this manifestation truly means.


Monday is very positive and will bring feelings about friends or group affiliations to a high point especially if they are involved in your ambitions. There is a connection here to partnership, agents or attorneys and responsibility or leading yourself forward, so connect, connect, connect! A nice surprise awaits.

Tuesday you will feel like doing some things alone behind the scenes and this is aligned beautifully with talks or information regarding major finances, intimate trysts and dealing with divorce. You will need to deal with a female today about a health matter, work situation or pet matter and this will require some balancing.

Wednesday Jupiter is blessing time alone, working behind the scenes, research, film and fantasy, artistry, dealing with hospitals and institutions, and anything done behind closed doors. This means luck and expansion come through these realms. You need to deal with responsibilities with a partner, attorney or agent today to see the best results.

Thursday a talk about intimacy can lead to diving into romance, a talk about major finances can lead to action around children or creative projects, news about divorce can lead to anger or action around children or lovers, it is a volatile day when words lead to deeds and the energy is frictional. It may play out as a wild intimate connection or dealing with what you love the most.

Friday the Full Moon in Pisces is aimed at you and your body, image, identity or personal ego needs climaxing in some way in your world. This may be a time when you peak on a diet, celebrate a cosmetic procedure or new hair cut that redefines your looks, find that who you are in the world has reached a plateau, or see some old way of being ending. Look to your idea of romance, artistry or spirituality as the key to what is culminating.


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