Sunday, August 9, 2009


Think of the week ahead as a mountain from Monday at the base to Wednesday at the summit and Friday back down the other side. Now envision that ground level is kinda challenging while the top of the climb is breathtaking views and wonderful clean air. That is how it’s going to go.

Monday puts Mars the energy of ‘go get ‘em’ at odds with Saturn the energy of ‘nope, it’s not going to happen’ or ‘take more responsibility’. You are going to want to do something and find a limitation or a challenge involving duty or authority involved. You still need to try to do it. That limitation is going to teach you something you need to know to get there up ahead.

Tuesday emotions are sparking in a positive way, ego is shining, and motivation, luck and artistry are all meeting up in a wonderful configuration. You are half way up the mountain.

Wednesday is a one aspect kind of day where you are feeling more grounded, solid and financially in the groove than you have been. If you are still floundering, this is the day to align your monetary goals with the major changes taking place in your world. The energy is positive and powerful. What a view.

Thursday brings motivation and passions into line with prosperity, luck and expansion and this is the impetus to head back down to your most cherished place or to soar off into the winds, traveling to an exotic destination where good things await you. BE PROACTIVE TODAY. What do you want? GO AFTER IT!!!

Friday back from your amazing journey and the only question really is, ‘Did I go too far, too fast?’ or ‘How can I go further?’ The Sun opposing Jupiter just means that who you are is stretching in some way and you will likely feel invincible in the pursuit of your desires. Just make sure you will have enough left to climb the next mountain.


Monday brings the motivation or passions to the table in conversations directed at work, a health issue or something involving pets. You are going to be very busy today on the phone, in emails or interacting with people locally but there is either a limitation or more time and effort than you expected involved in the assignment, physical wellness issue or with pets.

Tuesday should be a wonderful day to connect with those you love, to have fun, to dive into creative projects and to either network, join in a group, do something with a friend or pop into a party. Today mars is giving you a green light where talks about aspirations are concerned so pick up the phone.

Wednesday the peak is about income and career goals and how you are feeling pretty solid and transformed in where you are finding yourself on this new course. Your power comes through your vision on the career front in and the way your ambitions are morphing, you are on the right track.

Thursday is as passionately positive as Monday was challenging. You can connect with someone today verbally or write something that is going to open doors for you, look to your networking, group affiliations, friendships and aspirations as the way to prosper and expand, be proactive.

Friday is a bit of an ego buster where your creativity is involved or tied to a lover or child in as much as you feel your aspirations or ability to connect in social situations or with friends is expanding at the rate your want to see. You may decide to dive into something big today and that is fine, just know that it may stretch you further than you can now anticipate. Pay particular attention to over extending yourself in airfare media, educational, or legal matters for a creative venture or loved one.


Monday may frustrate a bit as you are driven to pursue a certain income but are coming up against a limitation or more work or responsibility where a creative project is involved or tied to a child or lover. Making or spending the earnings is what it’s about.

Tuesday is a brilliant day to retreat, meditate or work on something in private or behind the scenes at home. The energy is rewarding income and career goals stemming from what you put your time into today.

Wednesday is as solid as it gets with the Moon in your sign trining Pluto. This brings wonderful alignment between you and your needs, image or body, and a powerful position or change in media, travel, education, or legal matters.

Thursday is the day to act on income matters, go after new sources of income or make a decision to spend on something career related. There is luck and prosperity in the mix if you are proactive.

Friday brings an opposition between home or property and career or ambitions. This is just about how you see yourself expanding on these fronts and any over extension you may be involved in to make your goals happen. It is ok to push just watch that you are finding some balance between being rooted and chasing ambitions.


The square between Mars and Saturn on Monday is going to be a bit of a challenge for you as Mars is really trying to push you forward personally and Saturn is putting on the breaks via home, a living situation or property matter. This is not the best day to try to break away, responsibility or limitations are involved here that must be dealt with.

Tuesday is THE day for social activities, time with friends or a wonderful chance to put your aspirations forward. There is an open door to put your image or physical self into the mix here and to expand your world via travel, media, education, or legal channels.

Wednesday is solid and grounded where your feelings are concerned over what you have been dealing with in private or work you have been doing behind the scenes. There is a beautiful alignment to the power source of major finances, intimacy or divorce is concerned. This is a day to see how far you have come and admire the power and change involved here.

Thursday is a day to hop a plane, get yourself in front of the cameras or center stage in a media or promotional venture, to get into the classroom to learn or teach, or to physically dive into legal matters that affect your image or identity. This is such positive, expansive energy and promises luck and prosperity from actions taken today.

Friday represents a push/pull between local and far away desires, between where you find yourself physically and how you are communicating your needs, and the big expansion you are seeking through the higher mind, be it through education, media, travel, or law. Do your best to balance these goals and express yourself from a place of integrity.


The square on Monday is going to feel like hurry up and wait as you push to drive a secret desire or some work you have been focused on behind the scenes forward and find that there is some sort of local responsibility or limitation to being able to reach who you need to in talks. Push past the obstacle and deal with your own authority in the matter.

Tuesday is one of those days when career and goals align beautifully with an income making opportunity, pushing forward the fantasy or film work, the research or work done behind the scenes, and finding luck and expansion through a major backer or financial opportunity.

Wednesday you are looking at how it feels to get solid and real with an aspiration or a friendship and how that is leading to a major breakthrough in a partnering situation or with someone who can represent your aspirations (think agent or attorney). You can connect to a group or attend an event today as well under amazing stars for powerful connections.

Thursday Mars and Jupiter are connecting in the best of ways so that you can take action on the fantasy or film work, the work done privately or tied to mystical or spiritual ideas, the research or dealing with an institution with the results being a major expansion in the financial picture, with an intimate connection or in dealing positively with the divorce. Artistry is on fire today and very lucky.

Friday calls the finances into question as you are looking at the balance between what you are actually earning and either the promise of an outside money source coming through or an over-extension on your credit cards or with a loan. Do your best to put it in perspective, you have goals that are requiring a bit of investment in yourself at this moment.


Monday is showing you just where the limitation is in earnings or asking you work harder for less. You are likely to be motivated to do something social that may drain the funds a bit or to launch into something with a friend that requires you look at the bottom line.

Tuesday puts wonderful energy around travel, education, legal matters or a media venture. You want to jump into this with both feet and bring a friend along or reach out to a group. There is real luck and opportunity to prosper through partnering or finding someone to represent you.

Wednesday brings solid results in the career realm or a feeling of stability and accomplishment where goals are concerned. There is powerful transformation occurring in the kind of assignments you are getting or the way you are tackling the work before you and this is all in perfect alignment today. Health and connections with pets are also under positive stars.

Thursday plan to pursue your aspirations with major gusto, to attend an exciting social event, join up with friends or motivate a group you belong to, as you are linked up to the luckiest energy in the zodiac today if you find a way to partner in something or make it real with an agent or attorney.

Friday is about the balancing act, you on one end with your needs, your image, your identity and physical presence and the partner, agent or attorney on the other end, opening doors in the largest of ways, this may feel like over-extension or believing like the two of you can conquer the world, (odds are you can.)


Whatever the goal is on Monday, Mars is pushing you to go after it in a big way and this is going to show up as more passion and possibly anger if you don’t get what you want, as you come up against Saturn in your own sign, saying, ‘wait, there are some limits to what even I can do’. Look at more ways to become the leader and then tunnel your way through it.

Tuesday is a feel good kind of day in the deepest part of your chart so look for ways to expand your work through a major influx in financial backing or rebalancing outstanding debt. There is an opening to connect deeply with someone or get inside your own space on a new level. Career and the work assignments are aligned harmoniously so you can really accomplish a great deal today, put in efforts alone.

Wednesday is solid and stabilizing where legal matters, travel, media and publishing, promotions and education, are involved. This is about the empowerment you are undergoing with your creativity and the way you love. Look to intense connections with loved ones and those you create with as all is at a height here today.

Thursday is a day you HAVE to dive in fearlessly because you are so positioned to get what you want. The area this passionate energy is playing out for you is on the career front, with goals and ambitions, fame and reputation. The upside to pursuing these areas today is a huge blessing from Jupiter who wishes to bring prosperity or expansion through the work you do today, your health or connections with pets.

Friday will put you in the mood to retreat and recharge batteries but the abundant energy of Jupiter is still in full force working for your good in work, health and with pets so you may find it is hard to get to the research or rest you desire. With this kind of great energy perhaps you can find another day to recharge.


Monday may have you pulling teeth as Mars is charging ahead with a passionate agenda to get your media venture out there, to travel or book flights, to get to class or teach it, or to deal with legalities, all the while Saturn is pulling back on the reigns saying, ‘whoa, you really need to put in more work on the project you are doing in private, the fantasy or film, research or interaction with a hospital or other institution.

Tuesday is going to take you in a completely different direction as the emotional nature of the day is with partners, agents or attorneys and totally positive. This is about this connection being able to launch you forward on the media, travel, educational, or legal matter, and about some luck and artistry reinforcing your creative project or your connection with a lover or child.

Wednesday brings some stability and a sense that all is on solid ground due to an influx through some outside financial source or a wonderful intimate connection. Both of these scenarios will fuel a positive sense of empowerment and transformation at home, with a living situation or around a property matter.

Thursday I beseech you to take action, it doesn’t get much better than this and the energy is around motivating something forward with the media, publishing, promotion, travel, educational, or legal matter. This is going to be big, lucky and prosperous if you are proactive, look to something opening up in a creative project, with a lover or child from the actions you take in these realms today.

Friday will require some balancing as you may feel as though you have over-extended yourself or aren’t expanding quite as fast as you wish in the creative project or with a loved one. This is because you are realigning your aspirations with who you are becoming. For those of you slipping by this interpretation, it will most likely then be about having to balance a social engagement with preferring to spend more time in your happy place with the loved one or creative endeavor.


Monday will ask that you look closely at the finances involved to reach a certain aspiration of yours or to participate in a social activity. Mars is spurring you on to spend money on a credit card, pursue the loan, take action on the divorce or in some way affect the deep connection you have with money or intimacy while Saturn is putting on the brakes or asking you to do more work towards cherished dreams, connections with a group or friend, or getting out and networking.

Tuesday is so much better as the emotional energy of the day is going to focus you on making things happen at work, tackling the work at hand, dealing with your health or doing something with pets. This in turn is going to lead to positive opportunities to deal with the finances, intimacy or separation and to pull in some luck around a home or property matter.

Wednesday is solid and stabilizing as your feelings about a partner, agent or attorney are going to lead you to a powerful conversation, agreement or meeting. Talk about ways to improve or connect, to change or empower.

Thursday is huge and positive if you are proactive. You want to dive in fearlessly and make something happen in areas concerning loans, credit, debt, investments, taxes, insurance, inheritance, alimony, joint finances, intimacy, sexuality, or divorce. What you pursue today is linked to the most positive, generous energy out there and promises to open doors and help you expand with home, living situations and property matters from your actions.

Friday will be about balancing career or goals with home. There is something of you that is out there over the top a bit and you may feel as though who you are is being affected in a big way. This may be true but the energy is still that of the highest sort, meant to protect and attract prosperity so do your best to find the middle and trust the path.


The partner, agent or attorney is going to be where the action is at on Monday and there is a sense that a goal or ambition is not being met here or that more work needs to go into what you are trying to achieve. This is just an obstacle on the road to your goals so don’t let frustrations slow you down, focus on what needs doing and do it.

Tuesday is a lovely day where creativity is concerned, ditto any energy towards lovers or children. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to partner or find representation in one of these areas to make something you are pursuing a reality. You also want to open up conversations, take meetings and make agreements today as they are likely to favor you in the long haul.

Wednesday brings solid and stabilizing energy into the work you are doing and it’s connection to major transformations in income. You can look at powerful changes aligning with the efforts you make real today as well as any time you commit to health or pets.

Thursday is THE day to have that wonderful talk with a partner, be they romantic or business partners, and to make agreements, seek someone to represent your interests by way of an agent or attorney and expect that all is aligned to bring luck and prosperity your way. You have to be proactive with this person to reap the rewards.

Friday puts you in the media, traveling, dealing with education, or tackling something legal all the while you must balance something that is taking on a life of it’s own back in the neighborhood, with a sibling or with something you have written or are communicating. It’s not bad energy just a bit over the top so don’t over do.


There is a bit of a challenge on Monday between wanting to make something happen at work, with health or pets on the one hand, and some kind of limitation, time or responsibility demanding to be taken into consideration around legal matters, travel, media, or education on the other. You need to push ahead but be willing to put in more effort.

Tuesday is great for home and property matters. There is a wonderful connection here to you and outside financial resources or intimate contacts. There is also an opportunity for you to tackle work that leads to good results here and major luck and prosperity in your earnings zone. Jump on it!

Wednesday is solid and stabilizing energy that should have you feeling pretty good about your creative potential, the love around you and your connections with lovers or children. This is showing you just how powerful you are becoming and how much has changed for the better.

Thursday is one of those days of real golden promise, what is the promise you ask? It is that if you dive fearlessly and passionately into your work today there is amazing potential to expand prosper financially. That’s right, I see a big payday from your efforts today or you can use this energy if you wish to invest earnings into some work, health or pets needs with wonderful results.

Friday do your best to balance finances as there is a balance issue between what you earn or spent and the banks money or that of a partner. This may also be about spending or settling in a divorce. The energy is lucky but over the top so look clearly at what is being spent or made.


Monday either challenges you as you wish to pursue creative agendas and have to deal with the limitations or responsibilities around outside finances, or it is going to spark you to wish to connect physically to someone you are passionate about but are having trouble getting to. For some of you there may be an issue around how things are being dealt with involving a child and a divorce. Do your best to show up and work through it.

Tuesday is one of those wonderful days where you can enjoy doing something fun locally or find you are communicating much more than normal. Writers are favored creatively today and may find representation for their works. You can use this energy to talk about love and partnership or to plan something enjoyable.

Wednesday brings a real sense of stability to home and property matters as well to any living situation. You can see how much things have changed and evolved and how any secrets or matters that were going on behind closed doors are transforming to help you build your world on more spiritual or artistic ground.

Thursday is THE day to meet someone new if you are single so get out and flirt your way through the day. It is also a great day for expressing love between yourself and the one you love if you are already in a relationship. Children and creative projects will benefit from this happy, prosperous energy flowing between your connections with them as well, be proactive today!

Friday will be about balancing your needs in a partnership or these needs being represented by an agent or attorney, with the major way you are expanding your own identity, image or body. You may just be over the top with this person as you are experiencing great happiness and prosperity here or you may be adjusting to how it feels to be connected differently.


Mars and Saturn are at odds on Monday between home or property, and partners, agents or attorneys. This means you are going to be driven to accomplish something with the home or property but have to contend with a limitation, responsibility or work that needs tending with this significant person in the mix. Perhaps they are not in the mix yet and you are realizing you need to change this.

Tuesday is such a wonderful energy day and it is focused on making or spending money for you. You are front and center in the work you are doing and regarding your health as you make the money and there is opportunity again to tackle something at home, with a living situation or involving a property matter that is due to expand your world on some deep level.

Wednesday is solid and real and very emotionally stabilizing as you are able to talk, meet or do something locally with a friend, group or towards a cherished aspiration. You are transforming just what this looks like and drawing some powerful energy to your side as you get real about it.

Thursday is THE day to take action on the home, property or living situation. What you do today is linked in the most positive way to the most expansive lucky energy out there so dive in and make it happen. There is research that can benefit you as well as any time put in alone or behind the scenes.

Friday continues to be over the top where your expansion is concerned but you will need to balance your health or work needs with all of this energy for best results. For some of you it will be about the pets and how to make it all work.


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