Friday, August 28, 2009


It’s all energy, flowing through you, and this weekend it is going to be charging up your ambitions. Take a look at what you are driven to achieve over the last few days of August because it is pointing you in the direction of your power.

Saturday brings opportunity in the arts, with romance and spirituality. Emotions are intense and feel new on some level. There is a conversation or news that challenges and most likely a surprise or two in the midst of all of this to deal with but overall it is about the goals you are willing to take the lead in attaining.

Sunday is a day that flows beautifully as long as you attend to the details and critical thinking necessary to achieve your goals. Focus on how YOU are coming across, look at what you can finesse by way of what you expect of yourself and others, your approach, strategy, image, and attitude.


Saturday should be a day where you call forth your leadership and take steps toward your goals, career agenda and ambitions. You are being deeply attuned with what is beneath the surface and how that can lead to financial rewards. Don’t be afraid to come from this powerful place. A talk with a partner, agent or attorney will show you how far you have come.

Sunday will put your nose to the grindstone as you tackle all the little details and work before you. You can see what needs set up in order to reach those goals and you have the universe supporting your efforts to achieve. Career is built on what YOU do.


Ambitions are running deep on Saturday as you are offered the opportunity to travel, involve yourself in a media, publishing or promotional venture, teach or take a class, or do something involving the law. This is about you leading your own goals forward in a powerful way that connects to others profoundly and helps you move ambitions along at the same time. A talk about work, health or pets is challenging you to find solutions in relation to one of these themes.

Sunday the flow is most excellent between the trip, media, educational, or legal matter, and the way you are shining creatively. Love may be in the air around this and there is wonderful support to achieve your desires in these areas by being specific and in the service of your truth.


Saturday is deeply intense for you on one of two levels, either there is a powerful intimate connection occurring in your world that connects you to your source of sexuality and true love or there is a powerful connection between a major financial matter and the talks about a creative project before you. You need to look at how you are sharing in this and be willing to stay true to your ambitions.

Sunday the flow is beautiful between the intimate or financial connection and how you are feeling on top of your world at home or with a property matter. For some Gem’s this is about a divorce finally feeling more stable in your life and getting your roots back in a new manner.


You are connecting on a very profound level with a partner, agent or attorney on Saturday and this is emotionally deep for you. You will be looking at your ambitions and how to establish what you want through their sharing in the goals and helping you come to terms with a home, living situation, security, or property matter. Finances have to be worked out and any triangles that are still in existence must be released.

Sunday the flow is golden for you with partners, agents or attorneys so you should feel quite good about talking through your goals, career agenda and ambition. Some of you may find yourself in the spotlight in communications, speaking or writing, or with siblings dealing with some shared matter.


Your power source on Saturday lies in working, tackling chores, hiring someone to work for you, dealing with your health, and connecting with pets. There is potential to connect deeply, pursue goals and ambitions, and to have a talk with someone about what you need. Mind the details because they can trip you up, if you need to speak with a sibling about one of these things be prepared to deal with a challenge. If your work involves writing don’t be afraid to dive beneath the surface that is where the inspiration awaits you.

Sunday puts you in a strong position to earn money through your efforts or to spend on something health, work or pet related. Put your ambitions into the mix and you should be able to make just about anything happen.


Saturday is about your goals pertaining to true love, a child or something involving children, a recreational matter, or a creative project that you are passionately evolving. Emotions are running deep and connections are expressing this, you are going to feel powerfully plugged in enough to push for what you want when discussing or meeting about the income or expenditure.

Sunday puts you in the driver’s seat where love and romance are concerned, it is an easy day filled with fun and enjoyment, if you are not connected with someone in love, then this energy is bound to help you fine tune your connection to a creative project or in dealing with children.


Whether you are talking about a move, a change in the living situation, a powerful connection going on in the home, a property matter and how it is shared, an intense intimate connection at home or how sex and control are playing out there, or discussing a major financial matter tied to the home, your ambitious nature is going to be tweaked and you are going to want to be able to see how your one-on-one relationships are supporting your goals.

Sunday the flow is wonderful and simple, you can pour your emotional energy into time at home, dealing with the security and foundations you are building and find that you really are plugged in through work you do in private there, research, fantasy and film, and in connecting with your spiritual or romantic nature. Organize and attend to details in all you approach.


The power is with you on Saturday and it comes via your words, spoken or written, the communications coming in, the short trips and connections with siblings. You are driving your ambitions home today by connecting deeply here and talking about something in private even if it challenges you to bring it up and put it out there. If you need to deal with an institution find ways to get professional advice.

Sunday the energy is moving to suit you as you are able to communicate goals and career agendas with friends, groups, through networking or social situations. Meetings open doors or go to plan. It is a day to flow easily and to pay attention to the details so that you can enjoy the open feeling here.


The focus for your ambitions or career goals on Saturday is directly upon making money. There is a shared quality to this and a potential to deeply connect in the process. Major finances may be on the block so don’t be shy in asking a friend for advice or reaching out socially to network into other money making opportunities. You may feel a bit torn between making money and reaching an agreement with someone close over an ideal.

Sunday the flow is sweet as you are able to fully concentrate on making money and shining in career. If you aren’t pursuing these ambitions today, the goals you do set will favorably bring in money or help you to spend towards a cherished ambition in a positive manner.


Saturday is a very ambitious day for you as the energy of power and transformation is meeting up with your emotions in your sign. You will feel like moving mountains and connecting on a profound level to shift finances or meet intimately with someone. A talk or meeting about your goal, career or reputation will show you just how powerful you are becoming as you find ways to handle any challenge that arrives.

Sunday the energy flow is amazing and is pointing you in the direction of a trip, a media, publishing or promotional matter, teaching or taking a class, or dealing with legalities. You are in your element here and truly shining. It is a day to enjoy being you.


You may feel like tackling ambitions behind the scenes today or like retreating in private to connect intimately with another. There is a powerful sense of shared financial or sexual energy in the mix and the goals you are pursuing will pull from your romantic, spiritual or artistic nature. A talk about travel, media, educational, or legal matters will challenge you a bit but will help you to achieve your ends.

Sunday the flow is wonderful and supportive of passions that escalate behind closed doors or for research that helps you deal with major financial matters or divorce. You can use this positive energy to deal with how things are being shared or to enjoy connections. Psychic abilities are heightened today.


Your connection with a powerful friend on Saturday is going to deeply connect you emotionally to the intimate side of your nature or to how you are able to deal with a major financial matter. Change and talks or meetings about a loan, settlement, debt, or any other outside resource, divorce, or how sexual issues are manifesting will challenge you with this friend but will help you establish boundaries or find solutions.

Sunday feelings about friendships and social situations are very positive as you are able to chase your ambitions with this person or group. You are shining in partnership or through the representation of an agent or attorney, or you are using your expertise to influence the friend in a positive way. It’s a great day to connect and socialize.


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