Friday, August 21, 2009


So kitties, how’s the new nodal pattern suiting you? Are you feeling ambitious, driven, on a white-socked mission from god? How’s the Karma looking? Have any surreal moments where accusation meets illumination? Tossing things out of the house, organizing or reconfiguring? Hey, we are just inside the door, 18 whole months ahead to figure it all out. In the meantime, the weekend ahead is the glassy smooth surface of the candy apple, maybe the dark queen did hand it to you but as long as you don’t bite into it, you can have some fun. And who are we kidding, some of you out there are pretty darn fearless about now, you may just decide, like taking a ride through the keyhole of wonderland, the taste might be worth the trip.

Saturday is an energy shift. The Sun moves into Virgo who is being lorded over by Cronos, the old coot, so you can expect that your ego needs are going to be serious and meticulous, perhaps a bit critical as you throw yourself into workaholic state with a bit of hypochondriac tossed in for good measure. The Moon moves into Libra so you really, really want to partner with someone, it’s just gonna feel better, right?

Sunday is a ‘bring it’ kind of day. Once again it is about the ego and the feelings but the aspects made by the Sun and Moon are going to make you feel a bit invincible and ready to take on the world and with this support you probably can, so, you know, bring it.


So much work, so little time, when what you really are thinking is, so much of me, where are the hotties! You are going to have to tackle the work at hand first, put some time into your body, your workout, your image, and even spending a bit of time with pets is advisable…THEN you can come from your most seductive smile and partner up with the one you love. For those of you outside the dual mode of operation, this energy can gear you towards time with an agent, business partner or attorney.

Sunday is powerful in that you can achieve a weighty career goal by putting yourself in the spotlight through your work, tied to your health or in dealing with animals. If you have a personal goal charged with sexuality or deep emotions, today can help you attain it through effort and attention to details. The feelings for partners, agents or attorneys reach an expansive high through some sort of social function, friendship or group intercession.


With the Sun in your true love, play, and creativity sector today you can really begin to focus on your creative powers and put in some time, effort and commitment to the process of enjoyment and bright shiny connections. Partnering in some kind of work before you is encouraged, you will feel better. Ditto if you are going to work out, walk the dog or hike, take someone along.

Sunday brings power into alignment with your personal vision and identity in the creative project you are passionate about or with the ones you love, look at ways to educate, travel, venture into media or publishing, or make things legal, the mountain wants to move today. If career goals run close to one of these themes, you just can’t lose.


You are on top of the heap at home on Saturday, finally the spotlight is on you here and there is work you can accomplish or some healthy way to spend time or enjoy pets. If you can find a way to invite love into the space, so much the better, there are wonderful creative energies around your connections and what you do behind closed doors. Your creativity here is at a high.

Sunday offers a couple different scenarios, one being a deeply satisfiying intimate encounter at home that leaves you feeling golden, the other is an open door to make some major changes or transformations to the home or property through finding the finances necessary. You can continue in the flow of love and creativity but today there is a great connection to travel, media, education, or legal matters with this loved one or in your creative outlet so step up.


Saturday begins a month long cycle putting you in the spotlight in communications, short trips, neighborhood, writing, and with siblings. You will want to be detail oriented here, put in work on what you would like to get across and assume responsibility or leadership around it. You will be feeling like partnering with someone at home or in a foundational matter.

Sunday brings the opportunity for your writing or communications to put your center stage with a partner, agent or attorney. This is very powerful and positive so open up the lines of communication and connect. There is an open door to major finances and intimate connections today as well which should have you feeling pretty secure.


With the Sun moving into your earnings zone on Saturday you should feel on top of the world financially and if you don’t, the universe is putting you front and center here over the next 30 days so you have a whole lot of energy backing you up if you pursue more money. Be thorough and analytical for best results. The emotional energy today will make you feel like connecting with significant others so open up.

Sunday is even stronger where income, possessions and spending is concerned as Pluto gets in the mix in a positive manner to help you find work, spend on something to empower your health, job, or pets, or just align your sense of service and values so that you are in the right place at the right time to be rewarded. Talks with partners, agents or attorneys are very beneficial today.


The Sun enters your sign on Saturday and begins his month long journey through your vitality by way of work, health, service, detail, scrutiny, and precision. You are in your element and should be ready to start fresh with your life, leading your own course forward. Partnering or finding good representation to make money is favored as well today.

Sunday there is an amazing connection between you and the energy you are emitting at present towards a powerful new love interest, a transformational situation involving children, or stepping into an unbelievably powerful creative venture or project. Put yourself out there. The flow between income and work, health and pets is very positive as well so spend on these things or find ways to make more money today.


Saturday is a shift in how you are spending your vital energy and putting yourself out there as the Sun moves into the hidden part of your chart for a month. You have been connecting with friends and socializing quite a bit but now you are going to want to shine your light in private, work behind the scenes, hide out and recharge your batteries, get into film, fantasy, research, your artistic nature or spend some time dealing with hospitals or other organizations. The Moon enters your sign helping you feel more emotionally centered and perhaps ready to partner.

Sunday the energy is going to put your retreative time with yourself in alignment with power in the home or with property so if you have things you can do to transform the home, work from home alone, research property, or in some other way work on your foundations through your connection to the muse, this day is bound to bring you some intense results. The potential to expand in areas of creative projects, love and with children is strong as well.


There has been a lot of focus on career and your ambitious nature of late but as of Saturday the Sun changes signs and opens up a full month ahead where you will be in the spotlight socially, connecting with friends, joining or leading groups, networking, and in general putting your aspirations out there by putting yourself out front. Emotions are secretive today and you may feel like keeping partnerships or dealings with attorneys or agents under wraps for the time being.

Sunday will offer you the chance to find an outlet to communicate powerfully with a group, at a social function, or with a friend and this should be about you, who you are and what your needs are, your image or identity and how that is playing for you. If you are a writer, this day is bound to help you get to the next level if you are proactive and connect with others. There is positive energy around home, property and the security you are seeking as well, so expand here if you feel the urge.


Whether you have been traveling a lot lately or have just been daydreaming about it, come Saturday the focus will shift and you will find that your ambitions are personal and you have a strong desire to charge forward on the career front, to make a name for yourself, to seek the spotlight and take the lead. This trend will be in effect for a month so pace yourself. The Moon slides into your social sector, so tonight is all about friends, parties, networking or connecting with a group.

Sunday the flow between your goals and your image, the way you put yourself out there to achieve and your reputation, are working strongly with Pluto to transform your income. It doesn’t get much better than this so take advantage of the energy and seek income or spend on career aims. Communications are open wide so you should have no trouble connecting with friends or someone you wish to network with, if you are a writer this day is meant to open you up here as well.


Are you planning on taking a trip, launching a media or promotional campaign, taking a class or teaching one, or dealing with the legalities of a situation? Saturday the Sun moves into these areas and he will tour here for a month, putting you in the spotlight in these matters, helping you shine your vital energy in these realms strongly. The Moon enters Libra and charges your feelings around ambition and career, if you can partner or find someone to represent you so much the better.

Sunday puts you right at the heart of the trip, education, legal matter, or media venture. This is about you and some powerful transformation occurring all in flow with positive change and empowerment. Allow your beliefs about who you are in the world to morph as well, you are capable of major feats today. Career and income alignment mean that there is ample opening around making money today or spending to enhance your career potential.


Get ready to be the mover and shaker as the Sun enters your house of sex, intimacy, major finances, power and control on Saturday. This is a month long trend that puts you in the spotlight in all deep connections with others and in your ability to transform a financial matter or change your depth of feeling around what is shared and what you want to let go. The Moon enters your ninth house so you will feel a bit adventurous and want to partner up with someone on your quest.

Sunday aligns the powerful 8th house with the mysterious 12th in an intensely positive way. You may find that you are connecting with someone very intimately behind closed doors and that this is quite empowering or that you are finding your stride in working on something alone that involves finances or divorce. Jupiter has your back personally and the ability to expand your own agenda is strong if you approach it with a higher mind and faith.


Saturday marks the Suns shift into your seventh house of partners, agents and attorneys so you can expect to be connecting with significant people over the next month and that you will feel at your best and in the spotlight through these connections. There may be details to work through and effort needed here. The Moon enters Libra which sparks your intimate nature and a desire to connect passionately as well as helping your express any concerns about the finances with a partner or representative.

Sunday your energy around partnership or representation is going strong and beaming a very positive light towards empowerment through social functions, networking, friendships, and group affiliations. Find a way to step up with these people and situations today. There is great luck in what you work on alone or behind closed doors today, research is your friend when it comes to the finances, fantasy your friend when it comes to intimacy.


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