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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Patternist

I am the patternist

time by sign tracing pulses through chaos

where thought is the flame eternal

and what you came for flows outward

from all of your godliest motives and moves from the seed

creature creator

liberation is never a matter

of energy squared or escaping the hatter

regardless the depth that the rabbit hole shatters

the dragon tail holds you to what your soul dreams

and a hard line to Saturn solidifies sanity

synced to the speed of molecular spin

a mortal on earth yanging worth weaving yin

and a penchant for seaming the ties to reality

climbing the rungs of Darwinian trees

seeking to know what you’re seeking to seek

surging your hope round the scope you dare find

charting by heaven the spirit of mind
~Zoe Moon

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