Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello dreamers and visionaries, how is the world treating you? Many of you have been telling me that you are beginning to see the light up ahead or at the least you can sense the right direction to head on the bright shiny path before you. For those of you still trying to get your bearing, just remember that these are the first few steps and that any time there is a huge cleansing in some area of life with departures or endings, it is a great sign that you are being redirected to something wholly new and expansive.

This weekend is like tossing most of the energies in a hat and pulling them out one at a time, in other words there will be many things going on and the grounding energy here is the hat. Look at the container of your life right now and see how all of these vibrant possibilities and motivators are working to reshape the hat.

Saturday will be about serious conversations or meetings or coming to some kind of cross roads around an idea. Take some time to think about what you really want and what it will take to get there. Jupiter steps in to bring some peace and happiness onto the scene, for some of you luck and prosperity. You should feel pretty strong by mid-day, knowing exactly what you want and finding the energy or passion to pursue it.

Sunday will have a bit of inspiration around ideas and connections, all in positive flow. The planet of unusual events or surprises is mixing it up with the emotions so you may find yourself out on the limb at some point, with Uranus involved it will likely pass as quickly as it found you. The Moon’s monthly opposition to the Moon occurs today as well and will bring up your deeper feelings about home and career.


If you find yourself having an emotional conversation on Saturday, odds are it will be about a health, pet or work issue and how you are either feeling over burdened or seeing some kind of lack occurring. Feelings will perk up considerably after this encounter as connections with friends, a group or talks about aspirations are under lucky, happy stars. Your creative and romantic energy is being sparked tonight and it is a great time to meet someone locally or do something artistic or fun so pursue your passions with positive results.

Sunday opens with a lovely flow between the friend or group and the talks or meetings you are having regarding an artistic idea or some inspired new approach to something together. Something you are working on in private, a need for rest or retreat, or a secret that bubbles to the top, will be the area of surprise today. Feelings are intense regarding how the home and career energies are being balanced and how power is being shared.


You may be working on Saturday since income is going to be so focal. It is also possible that you are just putting a lot of attention on how to make more money, a possession you are dealing with or something you want to spend your earnings on. A talk about love, children or a creative project will tie into this and need to be serious as you broach commitment, limitations or responsibilities. Career and goals are under positive stars so you may find that things are expanding here. Fresh starts in earnings are favored and you seem to feel strongly tied to home or property today as you look at what you want to make or spend.

Sunday brings positive artistic, spiritual or romantic energy to career and goals, all aligning with your income so open up to the inspiring wave. A friend, social function or group affiliation is where the surprise or change is going to pop up on you today, if they are asking for money this is not the best day to lend it. Emotions run deep around media, travel, law and education as you balance your local needs and daily conversations with higher minded ideals.


Saturday starts out with something rubbing you the wrong way or demanding your attention around the home or property matter. It is time to talk about serious matters here, take responsibility or cut ties. Jupiter is favoring travel, media ventures, education, and legal issues today so dive in and be adventurous. Your image or identity is tied nicely into fresh starts as a communicator or writer or doing anything passionate physically.

Sunday is dreamy where travel, media, legal or educational matters are concerned. You may use your imagination to pour romantic or artistic energy into one or more of these areas. Uranus pops up with a surprise or change around a goal or career matter. Emotions are intense around finances as you look at the powerful transformation occurring in outside resources (credit, loans, joint finances, etc) and the money you are earning.


Saturday is about retreat, rest, doing some work behind closed doors, research, fantasy or film work, or dealing with institutions. You will need to have one serious conversation today about one of these things and look at limitations and responsibilities and how to work through them. Jupiter is opening up in the area of credit, loans and all outside financial resources so you may find that you are either seeing more lines of credit opening up or that you are able to secure that funds you need. Mars is going to spark you to pursue your passions in private, a possible new flame upon the scene.

Sunday brings more positive energy around connections that are intimate or dealing with shared resources. This is about time spent behind closed doors with a lover or time researching ways to fund something creative or spiritual, all positive. Uranus tosses in the wild card around a travel, media, legal, or educational matter so be prepared to side-step. Emotions are going deep between you and a partner, agent or attorney and the balance of power.


Focus on your friends on Saturday. If you don’t have something lined up then put time into a group affiliation, socializing or attending a social event or pursuing an aspiration. It is through these connections that you will be able to put an income matter on the table and hash it out and it is through these people that you will find your partnership or representation expanding and bringing you luck. The evening is super charged with energy to connect with others so put on your best of show and get out there.

Sunday brings a romantic, artistic or spiritual energy around your most important connections with others and ties in beautifully to inspiration and new ways forward. Uranus tosses in a wild card by way of intimacy, sex, divorce, or some financial matter so do you best to bend and not break. Emotions will be powerful around your need to retreat or do something in private and the big shifts occurring in work, health or with pets.


Career, ambition, fame and reputation are where it is at on Saturday. You need to have an important talk or meeting about your responsibilities, limitations or work here. Open up about your needs, identity or image as it ties into this goal. Work and health are under very lucky stars today and tie beautifully into the career or ambition so don’t be afraid to stretch here. Bring your passion to the table and put yourself front and center in a fantasy or film project, some work you can do alone or in private, or in dealing with a hospital or other institution.

Sunday the flow between career, goals, work and health are still dreamy and artistically inspired. Romantic goals are as well favored here. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around partners, agents or attorneys so be prepared to deal with the shift or surprise. Emotions are intense around creativity, love and children and you will do well to balance how you feel about aspirations or social circles in this.


Saturday is all about a trip, travel plans, a media matter, promotions, publishing, education, or legalities. It is the higher mind at work and there will be one serious conversation or meeting that goes on behind closed doors relating to one of these themes. You need to address limitations or responsibilities. After this Jupiter just wants you to have fun, so look for ways to adventure and seek joy with loved ones or creatively. A friendship or group affiliation seems to be front and center in what you are doing tonight so dive in with passions charging, you are in your element.

Sunday brings a lover or something dreamy around creative projects or children to bear. There is so much wonderful flow from this to the trip, legal, media or educational matter. Uranus tosses in a wild card around work, pets or health so watch for a surprise or different approach here. Emotions run deep around home or property matters and how you feel you are achieving your goals.


Saturday is a powerful day, you may see this playing out over intimacy or finances, divorce or some balance of control. A conversation with a friend or group you are affiliated will spark this for you and show you where you need to address any limitations, responsibilities or how to lead your way through the issue. Jupiter is opening up luck and beneficial energies around home and property so look for ways to expand here. Once these moments are behind you, the power is around you and your ability to pursue a goal with passion and fresh ideas.

Sunday brings Neptune into the mix so expect home and intimacy or financial matters to be colored with dreamy, artistic, romantic energy and for there to be some connection here for you. Uranus tosses in a wild card around creativity, children or lovers and you will just need to see if that feels like something exciting or shocking. Feelings run deep tonight as you talk about a travel, media, publishing, promotional, educational, or legal matter and how the balance of power is being worked through.


Saturday will be about your most powerful one-on-one connections be they with a romantic or business partner, an agent or an attorney. You need to have a serious talk with this person about a goal, career matter or ambition. Open up about limitations or responsibilities here and see if you feel you need to work harder or cut it out. Talks about a trip with this person or anything adventurous or involving the higher mind are due to be very lucky and happy. If you are a writer this is a good influence to submit your work to an agent today. Whatever you are doing with this person put your ideals in sight and sparks some fresh starts.

Sunday brings more romantic, artistic or spiritual connection with the partner, agent or attorney in your local adventure or in conversations. Uranus is tossing in a wild card with home or property so be prepared to deal with something surprising or changing in this area. Feelings will be intense tonight around what is happening to your income and how that is balanced against loans, credit or any other joint or outside resources.


Saturday may be a work day for you or if you are one of the luckier ones, you will be pouring more effort into your health regime or a pets needs. You need to have a serious talk or meeting today about one of these things so you can address the legalities, the trip, the promotion or media angle, or an educational matter. Look at limitations, responsibilities and effort required to get what you need here. Jupiter is behind you in earnings so you should be able to expand your income or positively spend some on the work, health or pets today. You are in the spotlight where outside resources and intimacy are concerned and this is going to motivate you forward.

Sunday brings a romantic, artistic, dreamy energy around income so you may want to spend on a loved one or find you are making money through one of these energies, it all ties nicely to the work you do, your health or a pet once again, so don’t be shy. Uranus is bringing one surprise or change locally, through a communication, something written or said, or from a sibling so be prepared to deal. Emotions run deep around the balance between you and a partner, agent or attorney and how you are working through something.


Saturday promises lots of fun and love once you get the conversation over with regarding finances, intimacy, divorce or some control matter. You need to look at how one of these things is influencing a child, creative project or lover and then be open about limitations, responsibilities and effort required to deal with it. Jupiter is going to take you forward from this talk with happy stars around you and the ones you love, helping you enjoy the day and find your creative spark. There is an opportunity to partner or do something with an agent or attorney that looks like fun as well.

Sunday opens under the dreamy, romantic, artistic energy of Neptune in your sign tied in harmoniously to the lovers, children or creative projects. Look for ways to express yourself. Uranus tosses in something unexpected by way of income so you may have to spend something you weren’t expecting or find something changes around the money you were earning. Emotions run deep around what is going on behind closed doors, the fantasy life, your spiritual nature, any time needed to recharge batteries or work behind the scenes, and how you feel about the work, health or pets matter.


Saturday is all about the home or property matter and for some of you, dealing with mom. First you need to have a serious meeting or conversation with a partner, agent or attorney and look at the limitations, responsibilities or commitment issues that need to be addressed with the home or property. Jupiter is working on your behalf to bring some luck through research or something you are working on behind closed doors to the flow of home and property. Whatever occurs today will give you the spark you need to tackle something here in a passionate way.

Sunday brings your ruler into the mix to color the home and time spent behind closed doors with an artistic, romantic or spiritual sensibility. It’s a great day to share your love with someone at home or to decorate your space. A friend is going to be the area of surprise or change as you deal with the home or property matter, so expect something out there from this person today. Emotions run deep around the friendship or group affiliation and how you are feeling about love, children or creativity.


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