Sunday, July 5, 2009


Rocket fuel. Shiny revolution. With these hands the world becomes me.

On Monday emotions run deep, power and sex are the fire in the veins. Mars takes on Neptune and Jupiter with his sword in hand, what will you take on in the name of conquest and expansion? Love and money matters are rumbling like a freight train up through the core of terra firma. All onboard, don’t be shy.

Tuesday a mega volt of electric passion dances across the sigh of what you pursued so intently. There is opportunity to do the abstract, to pounce on the moment, to dare to be different, unique, special baby, special. A Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing an ambition to a peak in your kingdom. Look at how you shine, let go of what is finished.

Wednesday vibrates your emotional chakras, piercing the visionary, propelling the passions, caught up in the moment and hey, this moment is life, go all out for it today my friends, there are new horizons beckoning.

Thursday presses you lithely against the wall to scale it sideways, there are things to be stepped delicately over, you will not blend into the pattern because there are serious issues you have that need to be aired, you are here, this is it, open the door when you see the light stream your name.

Friday Zeus and Poseidon embrace, beyond the tides of memory, the lord of luck and prosperity, faith and adventure is meshing with the god of the sea, the mists, dreams and fantasy, film and poetry, romance and the conscious veil. If you cannot dream it how can it exist? Take some time today to envision what will manifest.


Engage the deep emotions streaming up through the goals you have set for yourself, the need to change and begin is here. Your ruler is ready to take on the big boys surrounding a friendship and artistry over the money so dive in. Talks today go deep over the love or money ambition.

Tuesday puts the sword in your hand to blaze your way into a money making agenda with luck and opportunity. Be daring and inventive, original and trust your intuition. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a career agenda, goal, ambition, or something to do with your reputation or father to a peak in your life today. This is a big moment to celebrate where you are and let go of what no longer works.

Wednesday promises to leave the door open for you where career and earning money are concerned, you just need to walk through it. Original visions, film and fantasy, research and dreamscape support you in unusual ways, talks with friends are supportive.

Thursday is a day to tie home or property together with work, health or pets. You can decide to work from home, tackle work in the home, sell real estate, put a gym into the home or start a regime there, or bring a new pet home. All of these things are favored. A friendship needs some work today, you may have to adjust to their needs a bit or they to yours.

Friday is powerful, it is important that you completely commit to your greatest aspiration for yourself today, reach out to friends who understand or are involved in this, connect with the network you are building, and dream it into being.


You will feel a deep need to adventure on Monday, to travel or learn new things, to dive into philosophical or legal matters, to express political views or share knowledge through media, publishing or promoting. Change is in the air along with new beginnings. Strike while the energy is amped to put yourself out there on a career path or towards a goal that shines light upon you. Do what you must regarding the money it requires.

Tuesday a sudden opportunity to do something social or with a friend or to shine an electric light upon an original aspiration of yours arrives and you should fearlessly dive in. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a very powerful peak to a media matter, publishing venture, a promotion, a trip, a legal matter, or to something you are learning or teaching. The higher mind finds its footing.

Wednesday is buzzing with positive energy to tackle an aspiration or connect with like-minded people for unique endeavors or sharing something original together. Once again the areas of travel, media, law and education are favored, any groups you join or contacts you make today will open doors in these fields.

Thursday brings an opportunity to connect locally with someone older who sparks those feelings of love or creativity. Talks are open to you today regarding your creative projects, children or lovers and anything you would like to seriously deal with or build upon. In conversations about goals or career, do your best to adjust to the needs of others.

Friday is magical~glorious, huge and magical. The vision and grand new beginnings are being seeded in your career Midheaven, through your goals and ambitions, reputation and fame. You MUST dream it today, you must send it out into the universe today, what is your dream?


It is deep, it is intimate, it is powerful, you are looking at something with the intensity to alter your reality, change your world, allow yourself to feel this moment and don’t let fear hold you back. Whatever you have been working on behind the scenes, researching, strategizing, dreaming up, is now at the door to expansion, you need to push it forward as much as you can today.

Tuesday brings some surprise opportunities to do something visionary on the career front by pushing forward your fantasy work or research, or by delving into something hidden, secret or spiritual. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a major money matter, divorce, sexual connection, or dealing with a death to a climax in your world today. Emotions are passionately tied to your ambitions and standing in these arenas.

Wednesday brings more opportunity to shine your light in original ways through your career or in pursuing your goals. If you are trying to find financial backing or investments, go for it today. Money may come to you through travel, media events, publishing, politics, law, or education.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight to make money. Your best bet is to focus on home and property from this so you may sell property to make the money or invest your earnings here, work from home or in real estate. In the money making venture, you will need to make some emotional adjustments today to the media, travel, legal, or educational matter.

Friday is one of those rare, special days of power and new growth. For you this means launching your dreams through media, publishing, promotion, travel, politics, legal channels or ceremonies, or education. What is your dream? Put it out there today.


Emotions run deep and powerfully today between you and a partner, agent or attorney. You are starting something important with this person and will need to make some adjustments over issues of money or love tied to the work going on behind the scenes, fantasy work or research. You have to take action today with a friend over the powerful artistic, romantic or spiritual venture and how it is shared.

Tuesday brings an amazing opportunity between you and a friend to either travel together, dive into a media venture, promote, publish, take or teach a class, or deal with legalities of something concerning you both. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a partnership or a connection with an agent or attorney to a peak in your world, this will be a major celebration tied to your ambitions or an ending as you make way for new goals.

Wednesday take the opportunity with your partner or representative to tackle the media, travel, educational, or legal matter, it looks like your visionary thinking is going to open doors together. Be social and push your aspirations forward together. Whatever is going on behind closed doors today seems to be in flow with love or money needs and how you are sharing.

Thursday is about you shining in some communications arena, there will be the opportunity for you to put your image, identity, body or ego needs out there and come to some kind of serious agreement. Speak with authority and don’t hold back in what you want. Be ready to make some emotional adjustments to how you share with others in this thing.

Friday is the day of magic, it is big, it is important. You need to look at matters of power, depth, sharing, sexuality, intimacy, life and death matters, transformation, and huge chunks of money as the ground from which you are seeding your new artistic, romantic or spiritual venture. This is not a lightly taken matter but it is what dreams are made of, focus and push.


Emotions are running deep regarding a work matter, a health need or something pertaining to a pet on Monday. You are going to need to deal with a female friend in this and make some adjustments regarding power and change. You are going to need to make a push or take action on the career or with personal goals. There is an artistic, romantic or spiritual matter involving a partner, agent or attorney in the mix to be dealt with.

Tuesday brings a wonderful opportunity to make something happen on the career front and it looks like the big money is there in a surprising way. You may push for personal goals that open up through an intimate connection as well. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a health, work or pet matter to a major peak in your world today, ambitions are part of this and you will want to either celebrate what you have achieved or wrap something up and say good-bye.

Wednesday the universe is supporting the work you do and the income coming in, your health and the money you need to spend on being well, and any unique approaches to intimacy, joint financial matters and loans. Look for ways to socialize with your partner or to tie a friendship into a cooperative venture.

Thursday you absolutely shine in the work you are doing behind the scenes, film or acting, poetry or painting, any retreat or meditative practices, or if you need to deal with a hospital or other institution. There is opportunity today for you to either earn or spend through one of these arenas with positive long term results. It may be important for you to talk about a secret or private matter with a partner.

Friday is the day of unbelievable magic and new beginnings and for you this is occurring in your house of partners, agents and attorneys. You can seed new ventures or agreements with this significant person to forward your artistry, romantic desires or to connect spiritually in wonderful new ways. Dream big.


You may find your emotions are powerfully deep on Monday as you peer into a creative endeavor, a lovers heart, or in dealing with children. You are going to want to transform your world here today and the key lies in looking at the love or money goal and how you are to adjust to the situation or make it adjust to your ambitions. Traveling for work may stretch you today, take care in drinking the water if you are out of your element. Push your media, educational, legal, or travel agenda forward.

Tuesday brings an unexpected surprise via a partner, agent or attorney that should open doors for you. Look to travel plans, media or publishing moments, teaching or taking a class, or legal agreements as the positive outcome of this surprise. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a creative venture, love affair, or something involving children to a major peak in your world today. You will be celebrating this connection or letting it go now.

Wednesday brings more surprise or change via partners, agents or attorneys and great feelings about the creative outlets, lover or child. There is opportunity to travel, make it legal, promote it, or learn something from it today if you are actively involved in the energy available to you. Your original approach to your work or health is going to bring good energy into career and the money you make today.

Thursday puts you center stage in a group, social function, with friends, or in pursuing your aspirations. This is really wonderful energy that will focus on who you are and your personal authority on some level. Don’t be afraid to take the reigns. You may not feel like working today but will still need to put this forward in the group you are involved with.

Friday offers you the magical wand and says, “You can create your vision on the work front, you can seed a new life forward from the holistic health approaches or spiritual attunement of the body, and you can find amazing connection to your spiritual energy through the love of animals, possibly meeting a romantic possibility through interaction with pets, if you take a step one or all of these directions today.” You more than any sign wishes to be of service to the world, what will you begin now that will arc over the next 16 years?


There are deep rumblings in your world involving the home, who you live with and where you live, the property matters or the roots you have put down in life and how your security is being influenced because of them. This is a time of powerful new beginnings and the need to adjust to a female, love or money matter tied to media, travel, foreign interests, legal channels, or education is part of it. The drive to act on a money matter tied to creative outlets or to sexually express yourself with a romantic partner will be high.

Tuesday brings an opportunity to take action on the money matter that is shared in a work situation. It is important that you act on the spin of a dime today and bring all of your unique qualities and insights to the table. This is positive energy here so don’t let it slip by. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings a home, property or matter tied to your security or mom to a major peak in your world today. You will be celebrating what you have built up or you will be ending a matter here.

Wednesday what is going on with the home or property matter is under very amazing stars as you have an opportunity to do some surprising and innovative work here and charge ahead on the money front. Creativity and media outlets, travel, legal agreements or education flow beautifully.

Thursday you are in the spotlight big time on the career front and there is real opportunity to make something happen that will have long term positive results via work you are doing behind the scenes, fantasy work or film, acting, dream or meditative work, research, or in dealing with institutions. You will need to make some creative adjustments to reach the goal but it is in sight.

Friday brings the major magical connection on the home front for you and will give you the power and the opportunity to start fresh in matters related to home, real estate, the living situation, your security needs, and the foundations you are building in life. Look to artistic, romantic or spiritual energy here and how you can expand your life through the combinations opened to you.


Monday you are going to want to get to the bottom of it, open up talks or deal with incoming messages about the money matter, the outstanding debt, the investment, the joint finances, the divorce, death, sexual issue or how things are being shared. You will want to take action with a partner, agent or attorney if you are to see results with the home or property matter.

Tuesday brings a nice surprise from the action you take with the partner, agent or attorney to have fun, express love or involve yourself in a positive creative venture. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a communications matter to a major peak in your world. This may mean that a writing project reaches its audience, a message finalizes something, a speaking engagement wraps up, or it could be about an issue with a sibling, short trip or neighborhood matter peaking.
Wednesday shows all kinds of wonderful opportunities with lovers, children and creativity. What you do with a partner, agent or attorney today is under positive stars as well. Talks and meetings should go well. Intimacy at home or dealing positively with joint or shared resource matters are positive as well.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight in the media, promotions, publishing, travel, learning, teaching, or legal matters. You are in a position to connect with a group, friend or your higher aspirations today through one of these outlets. The energy is about supporting you long term from what you act upon today. You will need to make some emotional adjustments around the home or property matter.

Friday brings magic and expansion and major new beginnings in matters relating to your security, roots, foundations you are building, home and who you share it with, property and investments here. This is the day to launch forward in anything that can expand your world here by way of artistry, romance or spirituality.


You need to look at how deep your feelings go on Monday regarding income and the adjustments you are making with a partner, agent or attorney. There are powerful energies flowing here and you are going to want to check in on how love or money is affecting this significant relationship. You will want to push yourself at work or with health today but take care not to overdo it. Take care with pets as they may be a bit more accident prone or need surgery today.

Tuesday you are going to dive in to the work, tackle the health or pet matter before you in response to a surprise at home. This is positive energy and you should be fine if you react in the moment. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing an income matter to a peak in your world in a major way today. You may see a celebration as a money making venture climaxes or you may be wrapping up one form of income or spending on something major.

Wednesday brings a wonderful opportunity to make or spend money on the home or property. This is sudden or about changing something and should bring good feelings. You can tackle work, pets and health matters again today with ease. Talks with partners, agents and attorneys are under beneficial stars as well so open up.

Thursday you get to take the spotlight in matters related to large sums of money, sexual connections, power or transformative matters. Sudden surprises or changes on the career front are due to benefit you through one of these channels. Talks will be deep and require you to make some adjustments in relating the money, sex, divorce or death matter.

Friday the magic is at work for you in a very major way. This is the day to launch forward on the artistic, romantic or spiritual front any kind of writing project, communications endeavor, local project, dealing with siblings, or involving a short trip. You are redefining how you communicate and the way it is going to expand your world over the next 16 years.


Monday is bound to bring up some heavy duty feelings about who you are, your needs being met, your personal power, and how love or money is flowing through the work you do, in relation to co-workers, tied to your health, or involving a pet. You need to look at these feelings and be willing to make some adjustments here. Take action on the creative project, you deserve to be making more money. If you need to do something with a child or lover today there may be financial issues as well.

Tuesday is the day to push a creative venture out the door or to spark with a lover, or do something with a child. There is opportunity for spontaneous talks, innovative ideas or unexpected meetings to occur that should inspire. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing something very personal in your world to a major climax today. This could relate to your body, image, identity or a ambitious ego need in life. You will be celebrating the culmination or wrapping something up that has run it’s course.

Wednesday is a wonderful energy day for you, there should be lots of communications that go your way, some surprise meetings or talks that introduce new ideas or opportunities, and the motivation to do something fun or creative, expressing your passions. Work and income are in harmonious flow.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight in relationships, be they partnerships or with someone who represents you such as an agent or attorney. There is an amazing opportunity with this connection today to travel, make something legal, publish, promote, involve the media, or teach or learn together. There are long term results possible from how you shine in this today. You will need to make some emotional adjustments regarding the money earned or spent.

Friday is the magical day, big expansive energy is combining for you in the arena of earnings and possessions. You need to dream it and dream it big today, look at ways to express your creativity, artistic vision, spirituality or romantic needs in earning money, spending earnings, or dealing with possessions. Launch forward on your dreams.


Whatever is going on behind the scenes, the fantasy work or secrets, the retreat or dealing with some escapist energy, the research or institutions, is going to be intense today emotionally as you do your best to express love towards children or lovers or find ways to deal with money matters here. You are going to feel a push on the home front today and may express anger or passions in dealing with home or property matters in an attempt to find your own self in the mix.

Tuesday brings a wonderful opportunity to do something at or with home or property. There is an unexpected opportunity here around making or spending money that you will want to take advantage of so be open to what occurs. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing the work behind the scenes, retreat, rest, recuperation, dealing with hospital or other institution, fantasy or film work, research or spiritual investment to a peak in your world today. Celebrate or let it go.

Wednesday is great energy again to earn or spend money on something you probably weren’t thinking of before today. There is a push to make something happen at home or with property again today that is under positive stars. The flow between yourself and your creativity, lovers and children is harmonious today.

Thursday you have an opportunity to really shine as a person doing the work you do, dealing with your health and your physical body, or in how you relate to pets. There is something special about you in one of these realms now and others will notice, you can find ways to commit large sums of money or earn them, to connect intimately with another, to deal with a divorce or separation, all in serious ways from this that will have long term results.

Friday the magic of the outer planets connecting in your sign will once again give you a golden opportunity to launch your new body, image, identity in the world or one of your deeply personal needs forward. Look at your artistry, your romantic ideals and your spirituality as ways to put yourself forward in a whole new light from this day forward.


Feelings are going to be deep and powerful today regarding a friendship or group association. You need to look at making some adjustments here regarding love or money matters that are expressed through the home or over property matters. You will want to be very active locally and express passions verbally and will probably have to push yourself to express what you have been keeping pent up.

Tuesday brings some wonderful news your way or an opportunity for you to talk or take meetings that benefit you in surprising ways. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a matter with a friend, group affiliation, social function, or aspiration to a major peak. Your ambitions are involved and you will be either celebrating what you are seeing culminate here or you will be wrapping something up with this connection.

Wednesday the connections with friends and groups are just amazing as you are able to have some insightful and inspiring talks and meetings as well as do some active things together locally. You should be feeling much better about a female, love or money issue tied to your home or property matters as the stars are aligned today.

Thursday you shine brightly in all matters related to creativity, children, lovers, and fun. This is a powerful day when you can take center stage and be open to opportunities to partner or seek representation to further your goals long term. You will need to make some emotional adjustments to what you have hidden away or are keeping secret regarding love, kids or creativity.

Friday is the day of magic and it is very important that you listen to your inner voice, follow the artistic muse, research, flow in fantasy or film, retreat or work behind the scenes, open up dealings with hospitals or other institutions, and find ways through these various tracks via your romantic, artistic, spiritual nature. This is a brand new beginning and you must dream for yourself.


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Donna L. Faber said...

Wow ... excellent write up, Zoe! Just excellent! I have a feeling I'm in a for a wild and wonderful week (Leo sun, Scorpio Moon, Cancer Rising).