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Hello kitties :) The week ahead is not so much about taking action as it is going to be about love, money and the talks and meetings you have. The first part of the week is fully in the arms of Venus as she comes into harmonious aspect with the great three, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. It is make a wish time!

Monday she is gifting you with a wide-open heart and the supportive flow of universal love and prosperity. Look to your sign for where this will play out for you but there just hasn’t been such a wonderful chance to expand the love in your life or to open up the cash flow. Remember that finding your heart in what you do and helping others is a big key to what is unfolding as well.

Tuesday Venus continues to connect, bringing beautiful illuminations, romantic gestures, money to the arts, and a spiritual truth out from under the bed. She is going to knock into Uranus at some point making for some sudden, lightning bolt attractions or changes of the heart, and a few crazy ups and downs you weren’t expecting in the money matter. This planet wants to shake things up to help you find your true calling so don’t hold on too tight if the energy takes you somewhere you weren’t expecting.

Wednesday Venus rests and the energy shifts to the emotional playing field. This is a day to catch up to where you find yourself, to adjust your desires and any need you feel to act. There is an opportunity to get serious about something today, to align your feelings with work and effort and make some headway here.

Thursday Mercury takes up the call and you will find you are in talks or taking meetings or just busier locally. The biggest focus will be on expressing your ideas about getting the ball rolling. Someone is just NOT moving as fast as you would like or they are so over the top that you feel you have no control in the situation. This is the time to let them know what you’re thinking.

Friday Venus changes signs, entering Cancer where love will be about nurturing each other, great food and time at home, and money matters will be looked at from the angle of how deep are the roots of this venture, is it stable, can I build upon it and do we feel like family? Mercury is in the picture today as well helping you to deal with the romantic or artistic matter by talking through the issues and helping you deal with the wild card coming today via communications. Don’t believe everything you hear today.


There is a whole lot of love in the air and its designation is your circle of friends, a networking event or a social function. Money is tied to this person or group as well. This is a day when things should go your way and where you can expand your horizons through the connections you have, so reach out and share the love.

Tuesday brings more good vibes with friends, groups, parties or social functions, and in following your most cherished aspirations. This is about connecting with someone or a group about something artistic, spiritual or romantic and looking for genuine ways to prosper together. You are under fortunate stars here in this yesterday and today. There is something hidden that is going to take you by surprise today, just look for the love in the lining.

Wednesday is about dealing with feelings regarding a financial situation or a sexual connection or divorce. You will want to express yourself about this quite passionately or perhaps you are dealing with a bit of pent up anger here that wants to come out. It is going to require some emotional adjusting on your part. There is real opportunity today either with the financial or intimate matter to get serious about the work necessary and begin pulling things together, or to tackle a health or pet issue and get some positive long term results.

Thursday has your feelings somewhat in a knot over financial or intimate matters tied to a creative project or lover or child, a friendship that is somehow in the mix and a talk or meeting that needs to happen if you are to expand your world in the way you have in mind. Open up and bring your arsenal of ideas and opinions.

Friday Venus moves into the home arena for you bringing a great ease in areas of love and money to home, property, your sense of security and issues involving mom. You are going to feel like spending money on something to beautify the home and any redecoration or remodel undertaken now is bound to please you, just take care not to over indulge at your own expense under this wonderful energy. You will likely feel like sharing the love at home with others so open the doors and invite them in. There is another tough talk or meeting with a friend or group about creative projects, love or children and the artistic, romantic or spiritual ideas in the mix.


Lucky Taurus, today Venus meets up with the big three to help bring prosperity and luck into your life via your income, career, possessions, reputation, fame or ambitions! Not a bad day on planet earth for you. Venus wants you to get the love or money you want so don’t be afraid to reach out or go earn your way to glory. It’s a great day to interview or audition or to make your mark on the stage of life.

Tuesday is a continuation of this powerful optimistic expansion, bringing in more of the romance, fantasy, artistic expression and the power of love and money flowing through what you do for a living and how you are perceived. The wild card comes from a friend or group involvement in all of this so expect a last minute invite or cancelation or something out of the blue.

Wednesday is about the feeling associated with a partner or an agent or attorney. You are going to be dealing with your desires regarding the money you make and feeling a bit out of alignment with the need to earn or spend and the significant person this is affecting. There is an opportunity today to get serious with them about love, children or a creative project. This is so positive and has the potential for long term results that you won’t want to let it pass you by.

Thursday is going to be about the talks or meetings with partners, agents or attorneys. There is a home or living situation matter to be discussed and goals or career needs that are up for consideration as well. The big discussion is comes down to where you hang your hat, who you share your space with, a property matter or security issue, and the goals, career, or ambitious needs you have to expand and prosper.

Friday this talk continues and now encompasses romantic, artistic or spiritual needs or some feeling of disillusionment or dealing with some form of deception in the mix. You will need to adjust the talks about home or property to meet something unexpected coming from a friend or group you are involved with. Venus changes signs today moving into your communications zone. This will give you the silver tongue edge on your competition and make talks and meetings go more smoothly, especially if love or money are the topic. It bodes well for writers along with love finding you or playing out locally. If you need to mend fences with a brother or sister this is the time to start.


The goddess of love and money is meeting up with the energy of luck, prosperity and happiness as well as healing today. It is happening between your first and ninth houses meaning that there is amazing energy for you to expand who you are and draw attention from the world through publishing, media, promotions, travel, legal matters, or higher education. The sky is the limit so put your money into yourself in these arenas, or look to earn it here, love is on your side through these realms as well.

Tuesday the energy continues, bringing romance, artistry and spirituality into the mix, the love and money matters continue to be positive between you and travel, media, law and education. There is a wild card via career today that you will have to field, look for new approaches or original ideas.

Wednesday the energy shifts as you look at feelings about the work load, a pet matter or your health. You feel you are driving yourself in these areas or are on the edge of anger for some reason, just pace yourself and work through the emotions. There is great energy around putting in time and effort at home, with the living situation, or committing to a property matter or mom. This will bring opportunity and long term results if you get to work.

Thursday is about talks and meetings regarding work, health or pet matters. You will be addressing the promotion of this, legal aspects, a learning or teaching process, or how travel is going to play into the picture. There seems to be something you really need to get off your chest or agree to, disagree with or put out there and someone who needs to hear it.

Friday the talks about travel, media, publishing, promotions, education, or legal matters continue. Today there is either an artistic, romantic or spiritual disagreement in one of these areas or you are dealing with expressing your disillusionment or trying to talk about being deceived or confused in one of these realms. Career has a wild card for you today and talks here require adjustment. Venus moves into your earnings zone opening up money making potential for you, making women and things of beauty fortunate in earnings and perhaps stimulating you to want to buy a luxury item or two.


The incredibly lucky, happy, fortunate connection between Venus and the outer planets is occurring in areas that are deep and a bit mystical for your sign. There is enormous potential for expansion in the arenas of love and money today and tomorrow and for you this will play out in private, work done alone or behind the scenes, fantasy or film work, artistic or spiritual work, in retreat or in dealing with institutions such as hospitals, and through research and digging up secrets. Whatever you are doing in private, there is a great connection to major finances, sex, intimacy or helping you to disconnect through divorce.

Tuesday the theme continues as you see romance, artistry and love blend in the work or connection you are having with another, the depths are intense and powerful and oh so prosperous. There is a wild card around travel, education, legal matters, or media today that will require some time alone to deal with.

Wednesday the energy shifts to focus on how you are feeling about a creative project, child or lover. There is a push to share passions secretly or to do something on the work behind the scenes but a need to adjust to where you are in the situation will require balancing. This is the day to have a serious talk or meeting about the creative endeavor or to open up about commitment or the need to disconnect with a lover or child. Long term ramifications come with what is said and this is an opportunity to get it right.

Thursday continues to put the focus on talking and meeting, what is created or the love in the mix, but today making money or spending it here is part of the conversation or agreement. You have issues that need to be dealt with involving credit or debt or how intimacy is shared and that will be part of the mix as well. It’s important to really say what needs saying at this turn in the road, what you are earning against what you owe, what the other person makes or what is shared is important to figure out.

Friday these money talks continue and you will need to be clear about how artistry, romance or any feelings of confusion or deception come into play over the money matters. There is a need to adjust to something unexpected via travel, media, law, or education and the money being talked about. Venus enters your sign today, hurray! This will draw others to you, help you to attract love and money and mark a great time to make self-improvements to the body and image.


Monday is about love or money and an amazing opportunity to expand your world in one of these ways. You will want to reach out to friends, group associations, networks and pursue your aspirations in this as well as connect with partners, agree to partner, reach out to agents or attorneys or take one on today. These combinations are where it is prosperous and lucky for you in matters of the heart and income.

Tuesday this theme continues, you want to be proactive with the people you have around you, today there is an added energy of artistry, romance and spirituality in the mix as you connect and expand the love and money. There is a wild card around joint finances, loans or other outside money sources, or an intimate connection, look to the friend to deal with it.

Wednesday energy shifts as you look at how you feel about home, property, mom and who you are living with. There is a desire to lash out at a friend or to do something with the friend or group as you deal with powerful feelings. The real opportunity today though comes from retreat at home and doing something in private there, look at work, time and commitment and long term results.

Thursday talks and meetings involve home or property matters as you deal with how you feel your needs are being met here as well as looking at what is going on with the partner, agent or attorney in the mix. The day asks that you have a talk or meeting with this partner, agent or attorney to address your needs and the relationship.

Friday these talks or meetings may continue but there is a dynamic that could add deception or confusion to what is said, this is not the best day to sign agreements with an agent, attorney or partner, you will see things more clearly in a few days. Venus enters the hidden part of your chart and this is where love and money matters will play out for you so look to secrets, private affairs, research and fantasy, film and meditation, hospitals or prisons, retreat and clandestine matters.


The goddess of love and money is going to work for you on Monday through your career realm. This is the height of your chart and it is the place where ambitions, goals, career, reputation and fame are met. Venus is going to help you attract what you desire here through contact with the giants who are helping you prosper through great expansion of your work, health or dealing with small animals. Ask the universe what you want today and then put some time into effort and discipline here.

Tuesday the energy continues in the same powerful manner but today there is artistry, romance and spirituality in the mix of this dynamic love and money fest. Put yourself out there, make yourself known, work your way to the top of the top. A wild card comes via a partner, agent or attorney and you will need to be on your toes and deal with it in the moment.

Wednesday asks that you slow down a bit and get a grip on your emotions, how you feel about what is being said or agreed upon, the neighborhood and how goals are being pursued or perhaps a siblings involvement. This is a time to show your authority and leadership abilities in the talks and meetings you hold as there is serious opportunity for you to establish what you want if you do.

Thursday talks and meetings are on the agenda but today you are fielding secrets or something you hadn’t anticipated as well as dealing with communicating work, health or pet needs and how these areas are improving or not. Whatever you discover, you really seem pushed to get it out in the open and make some needs heard regarding the work, health or pets.

Friday the talks or meetings about the pets, health or work continue but there could be some deception in the mix or possible confusion or maybe just a bit of disillusionment here so go easy. A partner, agent or attorney tosses in something unexpected here so expect to hear something out of the blue. Venus enters your friendship, group, social, and aspirations zone today helping you to attract love and money through this close circle of people and the way you socialize. It is a great time to network and to find the people who can make your aspirations come true.


Hold onto your hat, Monday is blowing in some amazing energy that is showing up to help you get the love or money matter tied to travel, media, promotions, publishing, politics, higher education, or legal matters going your way. There is amazing, rare connections happening all together to help you connect this to expanding a creative project, love affair or matter concerning children. All you have to do is believe it.

Tuesday this energy continues on for you, attracting love and money to travel, law, education, and media and the creative or love interest in your life but today there is a new energy in the mix, one of artistry, romance and spirituality so continue to dream it up and push it forward, the sky is the limit. There is a wild card around the approach to work, a health matter or something concerning a pet that must be addressed.

Wednesday the energy shifts and you will be looking at how you feel about income and the actions necessary in legal matters, media, travel, or education. There is a bit of misalignment here so you need to work through feelings. There is great opportunity to make money through a fantasy or film work, research, retreat or work done alone or behind the scenes, or in spending money in one of these areas or through a hospital or other institution.

Thursday talks and meetings work themselves out over what you have been working on in private, the fantasy or film or research you have been doing and the need to expand on the work front, through health or with pets. You will need to balance time spent behind closed doors and what you need to tackle out there. Talks with friends about money hinge on feelings about how the creative project or love matter is expanding.

Friday the talks continue to focus on aspirations or friendships and creative projects or love matters and how to balance needs here. There is some disillusionment or deception in the mix in this today or you are having trouble balancing the artistic needs in the same direction. You will have to once again make adjustments for pets, health or the work before you in some unexpected way. Venus moves into your career Midheaven marking a wonderful time for you when you will find it easier to attract the love or money, whichever is the biggest goal or part of the career agenda. This is a great time to ask for a raise or promotion.


Some truly lucky, happy, prosperous energy is coming together on Monday with the goddess of love and money so there is a wide open slate for you to go to where finances and property matters are concerned. This is a stellar time to buy or sell a home, to make improvements, to invest in property, to set up house with a lover and begin under auspicious stars and to broaden the scope of your roots in life through outside resources and intimate connections.

Tuesday this energy continues to pulse through the day with an added edge of artistry, romance and spirituality opening up these arenas for you. There is a surprise via a creative project, lover or child today so keep an eye out for the unexpected here, it will likely play out through finances or intimacy. For some of you, you may learn you are expecting a child today and although the shock of it would be something to deal with, the energy promises joy and happiness.

Wednesday the energy shifts and you will be looking at how you feel about yourself, your image, identity in the world, your body and needs being met. This is going to have a direct line to the finances, intimacy, reproduction, or dealing with divorce. There is an opportunity for you to deal with this matter through a friend, most likely someone older or an authority figure to you in some way, put in some time with them today for solid results.

Thursday feelings are still on yourself and what is happening to your body or image and talks about your goals in life, the career, and how the home needs to expand in some way or you need to deal with it feeling bigger, nostalgia is part of the mix. A talk or meeting about the goals or career will need to be balanced against what is occurring with the home, property or mom in a big way.

Friday the talks continue to focus on career, goals and home or property but there may be more confusion here or some outright deception, or you may be renovating or redecorating and having a disagreement over the artistry of the job. A creative wild card is in the mix so look at how your expression is being met and how love or children play into the goal. Venus moves into the travel, media, law, and higher education realm of your chart today helping you to attract love and money here over the next few weeks so hop on board and make it happen.


Monday is such a fortunate day for every one as the goddess of love and money meets up with good fortune, luck, expansion and healing. For you this is going to play out in the arena of partners, agents or attorneys and the talks you have, agreements you make, local energy expended, in short trips to deal with them, or through something involving siblings. You can have what you want here if you are willing to connect.

Tuesday is going to continue in the same vein as you deal with the significant people and talk about expansion, travel, adventure, luck, prosperity, ceremonies, and today there will be a bit of romance, artistry or spirituality in the mix as well. You need to deal with a wild card where home or property are concerned so expect to be surprised.

Wednesday the energy shifts and the focus will be on retreating and dealing with things in private or working on something behind closed doors. Your desires with the partner, agent or attorney are part of what you are dealing with here and some emotional adjustments. What you put time into alone today can lead to serious career potential and more responsibility or leadership opportunity here so pursue your goals ambitiously.

Thursday talks and meetings involve travel, legal matters, media or publishing, promotions, or higher education, you will want to continue to do your work behind the scenes, research, put your imagination to work, or retreat and rest as you express your ideas in these matters. There is some kind of long distance discourse that may have you in a funk over how things are expanding locally or in how someone else is communicating their needs to you and you will need to finesse it from far away.

Friday these long distance talks or issues about travel, media, law or education continue but now you are hearing something deceptive or disillusioning or there is a disagreement over artistry or romantic needs that must be addressed. Dealing with something involving home or property is random but something needing attention as well. Venus moves into the realm of deep connections, intimacy, sex, reproduction, huge financial matters and divorce. She will help smooth things out here and attract the love or money you need to make it work.


Watch out Capricorn! Monday is going to be one of those rare days when everything is working for you in a big, bold way! Can you handle it? This is rare and wonderful energy pouring help you attract the love or money you need in the work you are doing, the health matter you are dealing with or the pet issue at hand. You can make it or spend it in a big way today and it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Tuesday this theme continues powerfully for you so work and earn or spend on health, work or pets. There is another energy coming on board to add artistry, romance and spiritual touches to what you are doing, remember, this is about expanding your world and finding happiness and prosperity, push it out there. There is a wild card in the mix via a phone call, news or email, some communication that you will have to deal with or if not communication then involving a short trip, neighborhood issue or something coming from a brother or sister.

Wednesday the energy shifts and feelings about friendships, groups or aspirations are focal, you may want to reach out to a pal and share, there seems to be a work, health or pet matter that has you going. It is an amazing day to put in time or effort into committing to travel, education, legal matters, or media and promotions. This looks like it would bring the friendship together or the aspiration to long term fruition.

Thursday friendships, groups or aspirations are tied into a financial matter for you and you are either feeling like you don’t have enough to spend to do what you want to socialize or they owe you money or you don’t want to contribute to the cause, something along those lines. You need to have a talk about what is being earned and what the debt or shared responsibility is and how this is getting too big or not big enough to deal with the way things are here.

Friday these talks continue but there is some confusion or deception in what is being said about the earning potential or what the money was spent on, or you may be asking for help in a financial matter tied to artistry or romantic connections and finding it a bit disillusioning. Don’t be afraid to communicate new ideas or approaches to the situation. If this is not your debt or loan or settlement or commission then your ideas may be vital to others. Venus enters your partnership, agent and attorneys zone today helping you to attract the love and money through these significant connections. You may be making or spending more money here or taking the affair up a notch.


Monday is bringing such harmony and luck your way via yourself and a lover, child or creative project. This is big, very big. The goddess of love and money is connecting with luck, expansion, prosperity and happiness, so you can connect with someone you love, meet someone new to love, get cast in the creative endeavor of your dreams, launch your image out there creatively, the sky is the limit.

Tuesday the healing, expansive energy continues in love and creativity but there is another energy added that brings artistry, romance and spirituality into the big mix. Think beyond what you have and go for joy and creative expression. There is a wild card in the mix around income so making or spending in the creative or love related matter will require some inventiveness or new approach.

Wednesday the energy shifts to feelings about career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or fame and what you need to do creatively or with a lover or child to make it all happen. There is amazing opportunity to connect intimately, deeply in a committed way or to take the lead in a big financial matter and seriously get a handle on it if you put in the time and effort today.

Thursday career and goals continue to pull as you deal with talks or meetings with partners, agents or attorneys about the matter and look at ways you want to expand your world or draw prosperity or happiness into it. You need to really put it all out there on the table with this partner, agent or attorney if you want to see your needs met.

Friday the talks continue with this person but today another element joins in so you will either be dealing with artistic or romantic differences, some form of nostalgia, disillusionment or deception, or a bit of confusion in how you are hearing each other. Income becomes a topic again, today in an unexpected way or from a new angle. Venus moves into your work, health and pets zone to help you attract the love or money you need through these realms. It is a great time to make self-improvements to your image or body and to find the work running smoother.


The goddess of love and money is going to smile upon you today in matters pertaining to home, property and mom in a big, big way. There is a way to prosper, expand your world and find happiness here through something you are doing in private, work behind the scenes, research, applying fantasy or imagination, artistry or dealing with institutions. Healing a situation can come if you focus everything you have on the home, property or mother.

Tuesday the lucky, prosperous theme continues via love or money for the home or property but today an added energy of artistry, romance or spirituality comes into play to broaden the scope even further. This is a great time to remodel, buy or sell, or bring love into the home. A wild card comes via your actions today, a need for independence or a radical approach that must be dealt with.

Wednesday the energy shifts and focus moves to feelings about travel, media, legal matters, or education. You want to learn something or hit the road but there is more to deal with involving the home or property. It is a great day to do something serious with a partner, agent or attorney either through travel, education, media or law, as there are sure to be long term solid results.

Thursday the trip, media, educational, or legal matter are upper most in your mind again but today you have to have a talk about the work, health or pets so you can focus and there is still some internal, self-mastery that needs to take place as well, especially where getting a handle on what makes you happy and why there is any self-sabotaging in the mix. You will want to really communicate the work, health or pets matter if you are going to get where you want to go.

Friday the talks continue but today there may be some disillusionment, confusion or downright deception in the mix so watch what you are agreeing to or make sure you are being honest in explaining the work, health or pets matter and don’t ambush yourself by leaving something out. Your individuality seems to be at stake for you here or you think it is, so pay attention to your needs. Venus enters your house of true love, children and creativity today helping you find a smoother road here and to attract love and money through these connections and expressions.


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