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Sunday, July 19, 2009


What are the custodians of the vault doing now, hmmm? I’ve been hinting at the power of this week for a while and here it is, are you ready? I know you are.

First things first, Monday is going to ask that you get an emotional handle on something that you feel is overwhelming, this will most likely play out between you and another person so look for ways to balance the power. There is going to be an opportunity today to talk or meet about something dynamic, this is a wonderful energy pattern so bring the passion and be fearless.

Tuesday locks in with a Venus/Saturn square, it can show up limitations in love or money matters or ask that you make a choice. However, as with any aspect this can be about making a commitment regarding love or money and the challenge will be in how you step up to the plate.

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurs today in the last degree of Cancer. You are getting a mega-boost out the door and through the stratosphere regarding your roots in life, where you live, whom you live with, regarding property matters, mom, security needs, and the foundations you are building in life. Look at nurturing and ideas of family and loyalty as well. I will outline for you how this will open for you. This is event oriented and your job is to react to this event with all of this in mind.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and illuminates the creative energy in your chart. You will want the spotlight in some area of life now, love and children become more important and you will be prideful and approach things with a bit more flair under this month-long transit.

Thursday is a modge-podge as emotions go from feeling pretty good about the love or money opportunity, to a bit put out over how fast things are expanding, to needing to make some adjustments regarding changes and power.

Friday brings your feelings into alignment over the power issues and helps you sort it all out. You know you need to take some action but may feel a bit stymied over how to do that, pace yourself and it will come.


The balance for you lies between what is going on with the home or property and the big changes on the career front. Power is in the mix so emotions could feel a bit out there today. You are in a dynamic position that is quite the opportunity when meeting or talking about creative ventures. You want to get out there on the local scene and make it happen today. If you are looking for love, be open to talking to those you run into out in the neighborhood, it could be magic.

Tuesday a talk will be challenging and it can play out these ways: about money and responsibility at work, a talk with a woman about pets, or a talk about love or money and health. You need to work something out here. The Solar Eclipse is occurring in your home base. This means that the home, property or mother issue is getting a brand new start in life. Your identity in the matter is getting the Eclipse so you want to look at a new way of relating here and putting yourself forward from this base. This is strong and meant to push you forward in life in the right direction.

Wednesday the Sun enters your true love, creative projects and children part of your chart. This means the spotlight is on you in these arenas, fun! Put on your most glamorous digs and make yourself known, the world is ready to embrace you here. This is a month long transit starting today.

Thursday talks about love, children or creativity are in an opportunity mode for you so open up. Somehow a friendship is stretching you here in some way so do your best to balance this. You still need to work out some of your strategy and how you expect to step into your seat of power in what you do.

Friday brings harmony between your assignments and how the career is changing. It is a good day to tackle the details. You may find you are extra busy in the local scene today running here and there so you may have to make lists to get to it all.


A power balance is necessary between what is written, said or met over and the jumbo-tron sitting in your house of travel, media, publishing, education, or legal matters. Say it with grace because the big boys hold the cards today. Talks about home, property or living situations tie into money making schemes or spending sprees in the nicest of ways.

Tuesday brings a bit of a sticky matter over the amount of money tied to the creative project, lover or child. Limits are good sometimes, be creative in how you deal with it. The Solar Eclipse is occurring in your house of communications so any writing project, important talk or meeting, things occurring in your neighborhood, with transportation, involving siblings or short trips, will be where your identity is getting the Eclipse. Think about ways to put your image or identity out there in big bold new ways in these arenas from today and how you will feel rooted in this.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and lights up your home, property and mom zone. This is a month long cycle where you will shine in matters related to buying, selling, renovating, leasing, moving, taking in a roommate or letting one go, it is a great time to host parties at home, work from home or build something from the ground up. Spending more time with mom can’t hurt.

Thursday brings a wonderful opportunity to make or spend money at home or with property.

Goals may be stretching you a bit but do your best to balance. A friend may do the pop-over or spring something on you at home today so just expect the unexpected and you will be fine. You may have to adjust a trip to get home or possibly deal with something legal here today.

Friday is sweet where creativity and love are concerned. Travel, make it legal, do something to promote or get your name out there, or learn something together, it will be powerful and positive if you do. You may have to push on the purse strings a bit today in this endeavor, don’t let it spoil the fun.


Feelings may be a bit raw over income and outside money resources today, there is a source of power in the room over this and your goal is to balance the two needs. Talks and meetings today are slated to go really well and it seems that your passion and identity is strongly attached to the outcome so pour on the charm.

Tuesday puts you in the position of trying to trouble shoot restrictions or limitations involving you and the living situation or property matter. It seems funds are tight or you are dealing with a female over responsibilities here. The Solar Eclipse is in your house of income and possessions. This means that your identity is getting the Eclipse around how you make a living, what you earn, and what you spend it on, as well as the possessions you already have. Look to big and powerful new ways to launch yourself in these arenas now and the idea of family and home around this new direction.

Wednesday the Sun slips into Leo and lights up your communications sector. This month long transit is going to put you in the spotlight over what you say and write, what you do in the neighborhood, involving short trips and siblings. It is a time to show your creative side in these arenas, if single the local haunts are your best bet.

Thursday talks about you and your needs go well be it about love or money. Your feelings about a trip, legal matter, media or publishing venture, or educational matter are very strong today as the speed of expansion seems to be an issue. Surprises or changes on the career front are to be expected as are powerful issues over how the money is shared.

Friday home or property meet money or intimacy in beautiful flow, so relax and enjoy the vibe. Mars is going to be pushing you to do quite a bit around the house today or to bolt from its premises.


Monday you will need to find the perfect balance between you and another, hint: they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Talks today are opening up an opportunity where earnings are concerned, you will want to come from your passions about the spiritual or artistic work you have been nurturing behind the scenes.

Tuesday asks that you look at money matters tied to the work you are laboring on behind the scenes and a serious talk or commitment you are being asked to make. The Solar Eclipse is in your sign and is of the highest magnitude. You are being reworked on a grand level today, consider that who you are, your image or identity, is about to become something completely new and powerful, don’t hide in your shell, those days are over. Look to connection to home and family, mom and security as part of the change.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and puts the spotlight on your creative ability to make money. This is a month long transit where you will be seen as a viable commodity so if you need to pound the pavement or ask for a raise, the time is nigh.

Thursday should have you feeling a bit better about the income and what is going on behind closed doors. The stretch on your credit cards or in some other way affecting outside money resources may have you a bit on edge as you try to balance it all. The surprises or unexpected opportunities in media, travel, publishing, education, or legal matters will ask that you deal with money as well and adjusting to the partner, agent or attorney is part of the picture here also, breathe.

Friday talks with partners, agents or attorneys are in a harmonious flow and things look good. In fact, it is quite powerful. You are going to need to dive into the work you are doing in private or behind closed doors and tackle what you can.


Your feelings of confinement or being withdrawn are in an intense opposition with Pluto on Monday so you will want to look at how powerful transformation in work, health and pets is affecting you and try to find balance. Talks about yourself today will open doors to social situations or friendships and doing something together, this looks very promising.

Tuesday the friendship is hitting a serious energy pattern where income is concerned so look at ways to commit or sever the situation as you see fit. The Solar Eclipse is occurring in the part of your chart that is connected to the muse and what is hidden in life. Look at ways to launch your new identity through fantasy and film, research and spiritual work, strategy and meditation, hospitals and dealing with addictions or self-undoing tendencies. This is a big moment to redefine who you are, how you feel grounded and connected to family and home.

Wednesday the Sun enters your sign and gives you an immediate boost. This is a month long cycle that will put you in the spotlight so as the favored child you should feel confident to show your colors and dance your dance.

Thursday feelings about a friend are over the top, in a very good way, most likely this is a female and you can see this as an opportunity to deal with love or money matters positively. Partners, agents or attorneys are an area of expansion and some feeling a bit stretched so balance here. Look at sudden insights or changes around joint finances, outside resources, intimacy or divorce as ways to emotionally connect with yourself. Work and health are still asking you to stretch a bit too.

Friday income and work or health are in a wonderful pattern so feel free to spend or look for ways to make more money today. There is a lot of energy around a social function or friendship as you put your feelings on the line, once again earning or spending money is key.


The balancing act today is a bit strange as it involves either a friend and a creative project, a friend and a child, a friend and a lover, or a social situation and your creative project or loved ones. Emotions may be running a bit high in these areas today so do your best to balance. Talks about what you have been working on behind closed doors are slated for positive results and should give a big boost to career or goals.

Tuesday the money and the commitment or responsibility comes up for serious consideration. It is about you and the career or goal and today will challenge you to make a choice. The Solar Eclipse is occurring in your friendship, associations, aspirations, and social functions part of your chart. This is a new way for your identity to shine in the world through one of these connections, think big, new and long term in the direction you take with others, look to feeling like family or at home in the situation.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and puts the spotlight on what goes on in private, behind closed doors and in fantasy. This is a month long cycle that will give you time to retreat and regroup, rest and look at what the past year has brought. It is a great time to illuminate through film or acting, research or dealing with hospitals. Take the time to recharge yourself because next month you will be on the main stage.

Thursday you should feel pretty good about the money matter affecting career. If love is your goal the flow is supportive here as well. Work, health or pets are stretching you a bit more than normal, pace yourself so as not to run down your reserves. The independent moves of a partner, agent or attorney will require you to adjust a bit, as will a few powerful moves with the creative venture or from a lover or child.

Friday puts things back into alignment and you should be feeling pretty good about the love, child or creative project, you are on top here. You may feel as though you need to pounce on the career issue or do something aggressive where a goal is concerned and you may be able to do something but don’t burn yourself out.


Monday is another day to balance between the feelings about goals, ambitions and your career prospects with the powerful transformation occurring in your home. Talks involving a friend or group you are associated with are open to a major opportunity boost as long as you are proactive and go after the legal, media, publishing, promotional, educational, or travel matter together.

Tuesday is serious where money and a female are concerned, this is once again going to be focused on the media, legal, travel, or educational matter and you are going to want to commit to work behind the scenes, research, fantasy or film work or anything that is pulling on your authority in the realms of the muse. The Total Solar Eclipse is highlighting your career. This means you are being eclipsed here in some way, it is about you looking at who you are and your identity and making a huge new start on the career front that can launch you leagues ahead. Home and feeling rooted in what you begin is important as well.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo so you will be put in the spotlight in your social circle, with a friend, in the associations and aspirations that drive you, over the next month. Prepare to be quite the popular child! Express your creativity to the max here.

Thursday brings opportunity between the friendship and travel, media, legal, or educational matter, look at women or money in the mix. Feelings about how the creativity or love matter is expanding are stretching you a bit. You need to adjust to new ways of approaching the work you do, and changes involving pets or health as well. Talks that go deep are on tap as well, express your real goals and find ways to make the career agenda work.

Friday is about some quality time in retreat at home or doing some work behind the scenes there. You may have to pull some energy out to deal with a legal, media, travel, or educational matter but other than that you seem to have a nice, perhaps intimate, time at home.


Monday is another day where your words are going to hold incredible power, nothing new for you but a bit more pronounced today. You will likely be using this energy to decide your feelings about a media, travel, legal, or educational matter. Once you know what you feel is right, talks or meetings about career, goals, fame, reputation, or ambitions are very positive and hold opportunity for you to make something happen where the big money matter is concerned or the intimacy or divorce issues are involved.

Tuesday you will need to deal with a female over this money, intimacy or divorce matter and how it is affecting a friendship or group situation. Keep your aspirations in mind and do your best to look at any limitations as a chance to take on more responsibility. The Total Solar Eclipse is occurring in the part of your chart associated with travel, media, publishing, promotion, religion, adventure, higher education, and legal matters. This is where your identity is being eclipsed meaning that you can now launch who you are in a whole new major way through one of these doors. Look at feeling rooted and connected to family in what you put forth.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and opens up a full month ahead where the spotlight will be on who you are and how you show your creativity on the career front. Make your goals a priority now and know that you are the star child of the zodiac now, you really can reach for the brass ring.

Thursday the flow between goals, career and big money matters are in an opportunity aspect so make your moves. You will want to deal with how you are feeling stretched with the home matter and do your best to balance here. Changes or original creative projects require unique approaches if you wish to achieve your goals, adjust. Talks today go deep, keep your eye on the prize.

Friday the flow between career and income is wonderful, there are powerful undercurrents that are working to bring you what you need. A partner, agent or attorney will provide you with a challenge to goals or career so prepare to work your way through this dynamic time.


Monday is a double edged sword for you as you are in need of emotional balance where money matters are concerned. You are working towards transforming this part of life and this kind of power takes builds slowly at times, trust that you are on the right track. Talks today are under golden opportunity energy if focused on travel, media, publishing, promotion, higher education, or legal matters. You will want to open up about this to a partner, agent or attorney.

Tuesday the partner or representative and the career goal are meeting with a challenge to commit and do the work or break apart. The Total Solar Eclipse is occurring in the part of your chart that is the deepest. It touches on what is shared financially and intimately, so we find loans, inheritance, joint finances, debt, credit, insurance, royalties, commissions, alimony, child support, investments, sex, divorce and power situations that are one-on-one. Your identity is under the eclipse here so you want to look at new huge ways to launch your new version of yourself through these realms. Remember that your sense of home and security needs are tied to this new beginning.

Wednesday the Sun slips into Leo marking a more creative time for you in areas of media, publishing, promotions, travel, foreign ideas and trade, politics, religion, higher education, and legal matters. This is putting the spotlight on you in these areas for a full month ahead so be adventurous and put yourself out there.

Thursday brings an opportunity with a female or involving a money matter with a partner, agent or attorney in one of the topics you are spotlighted in Leo. Take a look at that list and connect with this person. You are being stretched to have a conversation or meeting here regarding how fast this is all expanding or the artistic or romantic vision involved. Be ready to adjust to changes at home and ways to transform the income in powerful ways today.

Friday the flow is all good, as you look at how your goals are progressing and the career is stacking up. There is a powerful connection to big income here so don’t be afraid to pioneer a bit. Actions taken in this regard involving a partner, agent or attorney will require you to come to terms and deal with any and all obstacles towards your goals, go!


Monday arrives with another balancing act between you and a partner, agent or attorney. This is more emotional than anything else but the power balance is important here and you can do a lot with this person if you learn how to work this. Talks or meetings today about the loans, debt or other major money matter lead to an opportunity to get the work done, take care of the health matter or deal with the pet situation, this is very positive energy so be proactive.

Tuesday you will be looking at a serious commitment energy or a decision to break away where work, health or pets are concerned. The commitment or restriction is coming via travel, media matters, legal channels or higher education. Take it seriously because decisions today will stick. The Total Solar Eclipse is occurring in your partnership and representatives zone. This means that who you are in this connection is being eclipsed today in a major way. You will want to look at new, huge ways to launch yourself forward with a new vision of yourself with this romantic partner, business partner, agent, manager, or attorney. Think about home and family in this mix as well.

Wednesday the Sun moves into Leo so you will be in the spotlight in areas tied to big money, shared money, alimony, child support, loans, debt, credit, commissions, etc, as well as issues of sharing intimacy, sex, or separating this energy through divorce. This is putting you in the spotlight over the next month in the very intense energies so use your power wisely and realize you are coming across as a giant now.

Thursday the flow between the big money and the work you are doing or the health or pet matter is in opportunity aspect so you want to tackle what is before you for good results. You are being stretched in the money arena as you are expanding and doing your best to keep up here. Talks may bring some interesting new ideas or approaches regarding the money or jointly held finances and you should do your best to adjust to this.

Friday the trip, legal matter, media venture or educational arena are working well for you and you should feel pretty happy about who you are becoming through these powerfully expanding avenues. Mars is going to push you to tackle a work drama or deal with a health or pet matter but other than that you shouldn’t be pulled away from the learning curve.


Work, health and the powerful transformation you are going through in private will be the emotional crux of Monday. You may have a hard time pulling yourself out of bed. You will want to though as talks with partners, agents or attorneys are bringing you an opportunity to do something about the creative project, child or lover, trust me this is positive so open up and be proactive.

Tuesday puts an issues over the finances, divorce or intimacy on the line and how you are feeling about the love, child or creativity in your life. You are going to be serious here and there is a need to make a commitment, put in the work or break apart, whichever you choose will have long term ramifications so take your time. The Total Solar Eclipse is occurring in your work, health and pets zone. This is where your identity is being eclipsed so you want to look a new, major ways to put yourself out there to become a new version of yourself through one of these realms. Think about how the work you do, way you approach health and time you spend with animals and the way this reflects on your sense of home and family as well in this new start.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and lights up your partnership and representatives zone. This is big. It means that you are in the spotlight in significant one-on-one relationships over the next month. This is the time to pour your love and creativity into romantic and business partnership, and make decisions over agents, managers or attorneys.

Thursday the flow between partners and representatives and the things and people you love as well as your creativity are in wonderful flow, it is an opportunity to go for the love or money. You are being stretched as you find your own identity within the partnership or outside of it, look to ways to approach income in a new manner and to any time you can spend working behind the scenes to better the relationship results.

Friday research is your best friend as is working behind the scenes alone on the money matter. If you are involved with someone intimately, this day looks lovely as there will be time to retreat together. The drive to do something creative or to be with someone romantically is going to be very strong. Sparks are flying.


You are beginning Monday with intense feelings over a child, lover or creative endeavor. There is a power balance here that is peaking and your aspirations and friendships are the best way to find your bearings. Talks about work, health or pets are under wonderful energy today and will lead to things happening at home or with property in a positive way so be proactive.

Tuesday you will need to look at a money matter at home or with property and make a serious decision about the partner, agent or attorney here. This is going to have long term ramifications so look at whether committing and doing the work or cutting your losses is the best road. The Total Solar Eclipse is occurring in the area of children, lovers and creative projects. This is about your identity being eclipsed here so look at ways to make new, major starts through these avenues to a new you. Look at how the home and sense of security plays into your position with the lover, child or creativity for your fresh start.

Wednesday the Sun enters Leo and will put a spotlight on you and your creativity at work, the glow in your health and the way you are with pets. This is a month long transit where you will be the favored sign in these arenas so spread your wings and shine.

Thursday the work, health or pet matter and the female at home are bringing good vibes into your realm, this is opportunity to help you financially on some level. You are being stretched between work and the need for some rest or retreat, you will need to balance for a bit more as there is so much luck involved in trying to stretch you just now. Do your best to make time for some unusual events or energy around your personal freedom and independence at work and be willing to continue to embrace the powerful changes in friendship.

Friday the flow is golden between partners, agents and attorneys and the aspirations you so powerful want to achieve. A social gathering is high on the agenda with a great time had by all, friends have your back. Mars is going to stir up a bit of trouble at home or with property matters that have to be dealt with last minute, do your best to get it all done before donning your party hat.


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