Sunday, July 12, 2009


What is the wise thing to do when you don’t know precisely where you are going? You can see that the old road has ended, yes you may still be trying to stretch the course, look for familiar faces, an Inn along the way, but deep down you know you have traveled as far as this pace was meant to take you. So what is a cosmic seed to do? The urge to set off on a new path is internally churning, you can feel the excitement of the new adventure but which way to the Emerald City?

Hint: The Emerald City is a new occupation, new way of approaching the work you do, new relationship, new way of interacting in relationship, new home, new way of approaching where you live and with whom, new health regime, new way of approaching your body, new friends, new way of choosing your circle or how you interact with them, new love, new children, think big, this is a whole new course for you, the old patterns are gone the way of the dinosaur.

Faith is a word and like all words it has been made of sounds that resonate specific vibrations, an energy in symbolic define. You must act on this energy to see it manifest results. This is a time to trust, to have faith, listen to the voice that says, “All will be fine,” because in truth you must move forward, you must set out on the new course even when you don’t have all of the specifics nailed down or laid out.

This week builds towards the ENORMOUS SOLAR ECLIPSE that is occurring on July 21st. There are choices to be made this week. These choices are going to affect your life strongly over the next 7 years. ALL you have to do to get this right is to listen to your inner voice and choose what lifts the spirit, choose what feels right, choose what will introduce you to new roads. Moving forward in this way means you believe the universe will step up to meet your faith. And it will. Some will continue to try the same course out of fear or because it feels safe or tried and true, and in truth it was safe and it did work for you beautifully in the past, but that chapter has come to an end, the story of your life continues in the next chapter, and the really cool thing about life is, you get to write it.

Monday will bring you a sudden insight, your emotions are electrically charged and there is a sense of new visionary mana just this side of the spontaneous action you decide to take. The words you use today are true, they are centered around the belief you have in your next chapter and how your character will evolve, be the hero.

Tuesday brings some heavy hitters on the cosmic tide into orbit, you are going to feel your aggressions or motivation reach a peak as you push past or up against a powerful need to change. Passions, anger, intensity, and the potential for a third party interjection arise, the push/pull to move the mountain or exhaust yourself trying takes hold, move towards your desires.

Wednesday you have to lay it on the line, open up and talk about the creative ambition, the vision behind what you create, the need to expand your world and how you envision this, your romantic needs and how you see the spirituality of life moving through your world are on the line. Write it as an adventure, where will these travels take you? What will you learn on the way?

Thursday everybody gets it. The idea, the new horizon, the sudden insight that releases the situation, a psychedelic butterfly emerges from the dark clouds of the storm and sighs into the Sun, this is clarity and it is far beyond it’s time. Trust it, talk about it, meet about it, share it, you are genius today.

Friday questions your identity, your body, your image, just what your needs really are in the quest for adventure, your trip or your expanding horizons. You need to get real about what you need to do, YOU, about who you are in this pretty picture if you want to continue to ride the big waves. The energy of the mind moves into the fiercely loyal, proud energy of Leo today and you will be thinking more about love and creativity, culling the spotlight and children, fun and playing the part you are now beginning to understand.


Time to pull yourself out of the retreat and put yourself back out on the worlds stage. Take the amazing idea you have been nurturing in private and share it with someone today, passions soar, career changes are still challenging you to be innovative, but you are solidly building on the roots of who YOU are, speak your truth from that place, home and property are part of this platform.

Tuesday your ruler is pushing a passionate talk or meeting to move the mountain on the career front. You may be meeting with a power player today or asking to take on more power yourself, show your motivation and your intense drive when discussing what you are going after.

Wednesday talks will be about home or property, your security needs, who you live with and how you share in this, or about your roots and what you are building upon. A friendship is key in this talk and your aspirations on a creative, romantic or spiritual level. You have to be open and fearless in what you say.

Thursday brings something you didn’t see coming, it is a good thing, look at a secret rendezvous at the house or working on something in private behind the scenes, property or where you live could be in the picture, ideas are inspired and there is electric energy in the mix.

Friday you will push your agenda around home and living situations, property and security needs because quite frankly you have needs here that the friendship must be open to, lean on the buddy here to help you expand your world just a bit more. You are going to be single minded in the area of true love, children and creativity over the next few weeks, single Aries may meet someone who sparkles.


Feelings for a friend may surprise you when you least expect it on Monday. You are ready to submerge yourself in metaphysical retreat, work behind the scenes, film or fantasy, and make money while doing it. Continue to push for change through media, travel, publishing, law or education. You are in the spotlight in talks about your writing, your thoughts, your ideas, on a local level or involving a conversation with brothers or sisters.

Tuesday pushes you to make money, go after money making ventures or to spend on something that you are passionate about. In this act of earning or dealing with your income, you must be ready to push hard again to transform through the world of media, publishing, promotion, travel, law, education, or philosophy.

Wednesday talks are important, meetings are important, your ideas are important, you must open up about your creative, romantic or spiritual goals, the career agenda, how you wish to expand in these areas and what you can bring to it via your communicative abilities.

Thursday connects you in communications with a friend, group, association, social function or a cherished aspiration. This connection is electrical, inspired, visionary, there is something of the future in it and it is right on course, pay attention, your words are the ones that inspire.

Friday allows you to be front and center on the communications front again, your identity is tied to the writing or talks, and the need to open up here is motivated by career expansion and an adventure that awaits you and your goals. Focus on mental activities at home and ways to work out your thoughts there, agreements about property or living situations come through.


Your feelings are inspired on the career front on Monday. You are on course and you know it. The opportunity to do something with a friend, to socialize or to chase an aspiration arrives and you should take it. Continue to try to work out how you share with this person, there are powerful energies at work here, both intimately and in the financial realm. You are in the spotlight talking about making money, an income opportunity or in dealing with a possession of yours.

Tuesday brings a physical thrust and the desire to do something about your image, identity, body or something very personal to you. What seems like an immovable force lures you and you must continue to work on yourself if you wish to transform your desire to share, to connect intimately, to deal with jointly held finances and large outside resources with another.

Wednesday talks about the money you make or what you spend it on will be important. There are adjustments to be made and they revolve around a creative, romantic or spiritual goal you seek through travel, someone at a distance, media, publishing, promotion, legal channels or education.

Thursday news comes in and it is exciting and stimulating and visionary and you are going to either being hearing it or sending it because it is all about income and career and your good luck in the situation. If you need a raise and think it is impossible, try for it today, you might be surprised.

Friday puts your image or identity at the center of the earning topic, it is about you, who you are and what you earn. There is going to be a push to travel, expand via media, legal agreements or education. What you write creatively, how you express love and who you meet to love, how you think about children and having fun, all of these themes are going to be on your mind and found locally over the next few weeks, enjoy.


Monday you will feel inspired where travel, media, law or education are concerned. Career is booming for you, there is an opportunity to take action on something you have been working on behind the scenes, to go after the film or fantasy, put the research or spiritual work out there. You need to continue to deal with partnering or finding representation as this powerful connection is part of the mix. Talks today are about YOU. You are front and center and the world takes notice.

Tuesday you should push forward the work you have been doing behind the scenes, do as much as you can on your own today, motivate over the fantasy or film work, the research or dealing with institutions. Push on this and the need you have for transformation to occur with the partnership or with the agent or attorney.

Wednesday talks are important and they are once again going to be about you, your identity, image, body or personal needs. There is a creative way to share in big financial resources with another or there is a romantic way to share intimately with another, both require you talk about your needs today if you wish for the expansion and prosperity this aspect wishes to fulfill.

Thursday sudden insights, talks that shed the light, inspire, open up new horizons, come via your words and a trip, media venture, legal agreement, or educational pursuit. This is a visionary kind of day where everything comes together so initiate contact, open up.

Friday you are looking at expanding financially through loans, credit, or other jointly held finances, or through investors or backers, inheritance or insurance. There is something big you are trying to do for yourself here and you will need to look at how your beliefs are formulating this scenario. The changes you are undergoing are leading to a new intimacy and lucky outcome up ahead. Talks turn towards income over the next few weeks, what you think and write creatively count.


Whether it is a sudden intimate connection or a surprise over money that opens your day on Monday, you should be smiling. Traveling, learning, promoting or making it legal with a friend is the way to go today. You still need to push in these areas if you wish to see transformation in the work you do or with your health. Talk about yourself in private today, talk about what you are working on behind the scenes, talk about any confinement or retreat, it’s time.

Tuesday motivates you to push a friendship towards major work transformations, to powerfully shift what you are doing, to join forces or deal with what is between you, to activate your network of associates and put yourself out there looking for new work, and to tackle how you can transform your health in the matter as well.

Wednesday talks are important, there is a need to talk about what has happened in secret, any self-undoing or escapist energy you have manifested and any retreat, confinement or feelings of isolation that has resulted from this if you wish to see your artistic, romantic or spiritual goals grow with partners. For some this is about work in film or fantasy and talks with agents or attorneys in dealing with what you want to see next.

Thursday brings insight and powerful communications around the retreat, research, fantasy, film, mediation, isolation, confinement, or work behind the scenes. There is a new way of dealing with what is shared, the big money, the debt or inheritance, royalty or loan, the divorce or death, the sexual intimacy or profound power source in your world at present. This is a wonderful opportunity to get it right.

Friday the theme continues but today you are at the center of the stage, your needs are in the mix, how your identity is being played out, your image and physical body and how you wish to expand in partnership, with agents or attorneys. Mercury enters your sign so whatever you have to say, say it now, you will be heard.


Feelings about partners, agents or attorney are electric and likely to change today. You are going to go after the goal before you with all of your passion knowing that you are feeling stronger about the big money, sexual connection, divorce or power trip that has brought you here. Continue to pursue your desires courageously if you would transform the area of life holding creative potential, true love and children. Talks today are about you and a friendship, association or aspiration, put your needs out there and talk about what you see happening.

Tuesday career, goals, fame, ambition, and reputation are pushing you into the spotlight or towards it. Passions run strong, you are motivated to make the world conform to your wisdom and once again, the moves you make today are aggressively transforming the power base around creativity, love and children in your world.

Wednesday talks with friends, associates and groups are important. Speak of your aspirations, look at ways to expand creativity in the work you do, the service you provide, the spiritual or romantic nature of what you envision, and be willing to make adjustments along the way.

Thursday brings ideas and insight, inspiration and innovation together in your world through friends, networks, associations, groups, social functions, and your aspirations. It is in these connections that you will spark. There is some nice surprise awaiting you via partnership, agents or attorneys and the way you connect with these ideas. Meet new people, open new doors.

Friday the way you stand in your group of friends or collegues is key today as you push to expand the horizons in the work you do, faith and adventure are part of the mix as well as learning new things. With Mercury’s move behind the scenes today you will be thinking or strategizing in private, behind closed doors, researching or probing your fantasy world for the answers over the next few weeks. Guard your secrets.


A sudden spark where work assignments, pets and health reside should have you feeling ready to take on new horizons on Monday. Feelings about a partnership or representing someone will have you taking action on a trip, media venture, promotion, publishing, education, or legal matter and this is very positive. You still need to deal with the transformation in the living situation with this person if you wish to see major strides in the connection. You are front and center on the stage of career and ambition today and you will be heard so pick up the phone, send out the email, take the meeting.

Tuesday you are going to have strong motivation to make something happen through media, publishing, travel or with someone at a distance, education, or legal matters. You are going to be one minded in this today and necessarily so. Once again you must make adjustments to the big changes on the home front or with property to push the agenda forward.

Wednesday talks are important and they are focused on your career, ambition, goals, reputation or fame. Yu have to look at how you creatively want to expand, the creative project, the romantic ideal or spiritual drive that is pushing the parameters here and then say what needs to be said, make agreements, break ones that no longer serve, adjust to the new road before you.

Thursday is the sound of the electric pulse of the universe humming in harmony through your career, goals, and work zone. NEW ideas, ways of achieving, insights and inspired roads are the way to go. Be innovative and original and of service in some higher plane of existence and then open up, take meetings, talk.

Friday you are on the stage and everyone sees you, you are lit beautifully so stop worrying, there is some new creative venture, romantic or spiritual adventure, belief or way to expand in the world that almost feels too fun but is going to get you to the next level as long as you stand up for who you are before the world and have faith. Mercury moves into your friendship zone and talks and meetings will pick up, more social interaction, share thoughts and ideas with those closest.


Was it a sudden heart string that was pulled or an attractive creative endeavor that found you by surprise? Either way the day should start with a smile. Feelings about work are good and should lead to you going after some big financial backing or taking time to enjoy a passionate embrace as reward. You have to have a powerful talk or deal with something changing in the routine today if you wish to continue on the amazing work course before you. A powerful combination puts you in the spotlight to travel, deal with media, promotion, publishing, education, legal matters or ceremonies. This is about you and being heard, as well as new beginnings.

Tuesday amps up with dynamic energy in the deeply rooted 8th house. This means a strong drive to get the money or backing you desire, to take care of any debt or divorce action, to deal with inheritance or death matters, or to connect intimately with another. You are a force to be reckoned with today and there is a need to change or transform your writing, what is said or agreements made, what goes on locally or involving siblings.

Wednesday talks are important. They involve travel, people at a distance, media, promotion, publishing, education, or legal matters. What is said is significant today in that it will affect the artistic, romantic or spiritual nature of home, where you live and with whom, property matters, and how you feel secure or rooted in the world. You want this to expand so pick your words wisely.

Thursday is surprisingly amazing, the energy is electric, sparking, filled with new ideas and new possibilities, on course for the future and in flow with universal support. It is an open conduit between travel, media ventures, publishing, promotion, legal agreements or ceremonies, or education, and new inventive creative projects, a surprise love, or new child. Open up.

Friday puts your needs in the travel, legal, media or educational matter front and center, you may physically be traveling today, or in the spotlight in one of these other realms and you will be making adjustments around home, living situations or property as you seek your adventure and expansion in life. Mercury slips into the career and ambition part of your chart to open up talks, agreements, meetings and ideas for you here over the next few weeks, strike while the iron is hot.


The way you feel about the house or property today may surprise even you, what new project can you start here? Feelings are aligned beautifully with lovers, children and any creative venture you are setting out upon. There is a need to do something with a romantic partner, take action with a business partner, agent or attorney in this and it is all about the positive opportunity so don’t hesitate. You need to continue to make changes and step up in your own power to transform your earning potential. You are in the spotlight today in talks about your needs and big money, joint finances, backing, settlements, divorce, sex or power. The big stuff, go!

Tuesday you will be motivated to do something intense with a partner, agent or attorney. You are motivated to deal with this, to do something here, so that you can powerfully transform the earnings, income, possessions, arena in your life.

Wednesday talks are important. You need to open up about how and what is shared, the support you need or are willing to give, the major money issue involving backing, inheritance, loans, insurance, taxes, or any other major outside resource. You need to talk about intimacy and deeply held feelings of sexuality if this is congruent to your situation, you need to talk about the loss be it through divorce or death if this fits your life story at present as well. Romance, artistry and spirituality and the way they expand through your writing and communications skills depend on your opening up.

Thursday brings a wonderful innovative spark to the table that is in flow with universal energy patterns and helps you to express your ideas about the big money, intimacy, divorce or separation, and any new ways or ideas to deal with home, property, where you live and with whom, roots you are putting down and childhood issues you are healing. Look for money for the house in unusual places today.

Friday will place you at the center of the money or sexual connection, it is a powerful place to find yourself even though you are still negotiating the fine print. Talk about ways to expand your kingdom. With Mercury entering the zone of media, travel, publishing, education, and law today, talks and meetings favor these topics for you over the next few weeks, take advantage.


The call or news may have been surprising but boy did it feel good. Monday you want to dive into the work at hand with all of your passion because it is linked positively to home and property matters and the roots you set down. You are still meeting challenges about your own powerful growth under Pluto’s gaze so step up in all your might with the matter at hand. You are in the spotlight in partnerships as well as with agents or attorneys. Talks today help you get what you want.

Tuesday is a power day and you will feel it as you are intensely motivated to tackle the work, get the job done, make a big push where health and service are concerned, even to do something for a furry friend. Once again, you are being reworked from the bottom up as the power house of the zodiac, you can make it all happen, trust yourself.

Wednesday talks will focus on the partnership or the representation. You want to apply your artistry, your romantic or spiritual energy to making money, dealing with possessions, spending the money you earn, and you need to open up lines of communication, make agreements or break the ones that aren’t serving, share ideas and lay out agendas with this significant person to get there.

Thursday is the brilliant moment when ideas, talks, meeting, and original insights meet the new approach or way forward. This is going to be about a partner, agent or attorney and the new way of communicating, doing something locally, sharing in short trips, or dealing with something regarding a brother or sister. Flow with the changes and follow your own drummer.

Friday once again puts you in the spotlight with the partner, agent or attorney. You are looking at your needs with this person today and you need to make this clear if you are to prosper through your own income up ahead, be specific and open up about how you see the benefits coming, the growth happening and how that is shared. Talks and meetings are going to begin to go deep over the next few weeks with Mercury’s move into Leo, you will be looking at loans, debt, taxes, insurance, settlements, inheritance, or any other joint finances or outside resources, as well as meeting for intimate trysts if you are so inclined.


It either feels really good that you have money coming in today or you feel like splurging on something spur of the moment. Today you should be able to easily express your feelings about love, with a lover, child, or regarding a creative project you are involved in. You should not only talk or meet about it, you should shine your passions into this arena and get out there and do something fun. You need to keep working on talking out anything that is buried or trying to sabotage your best efforts, do not fall into escapist energy today and be fearless in looking at secrets.

Tuesday is powerful as you motivate to deal with an issue involving a child, as you shine your passionate nature into a love affair, as you dive fearlessly into your creative venture, or as you motivate yourself to go have fun. Your fantasy world is private and rich but there is an evolving theme here in that if you push yourself to play out some of this in reality, you will powerfully transform that world, bringing it forth, creating something the world can share in.

Wednesday talks will be about work, health or your pets. It is important that you communicate about how any of these things are affecting your own personal expansion in areas of artistry, romance or spirituality. There are ways to work through these things in harmony but opening up about it is the first step.

Thursday is a wonderful energy day as new ideas, surprise events and meetings and a wonderful sense of freedom enters through the work, health and pets zone for you. Talk about your fresh idea, you are the innovator of the zodiac afterall, look at new ways to do the same thing, follow the hunch, intuition, bit of research or secret you uncover, the fantasy or film idea, the retreat or meditative inspiration, you are on target.

Friday you will be in the spotlight, either doing the work you do, taking care of your health or out with the pets making a day of it. You will be seen in a very interesting light today that holds the promise of expansion and prosperity, luck and happiness, just continue to adjust to the opportunities that arrive. Talks and meetings with partners, agents or attorneys will become more focal over the next few weeks with Mercury’s move into Leo, be ready to share your thoughts.


What? Did you wake feeling good about yourself? Could this be so? Yes, indeed, you are pretty spectacular and it is ok to feel so every now and then. You are on course with making money through the actions you take at home or with a property today, be proactive. You need to deal with feelings about making money in line with the powerful transformations that are occurring around your aspirations and social set. You are in the spotlight today with children, love and creativity so open up conversations and take meetings that focus on this part of your life.

Tuesday is a major push to make something happen with your home, who you live with, what goes on there, or with a property, buying or selling, doing something to change it, and nothing will get in your way today. You have to be willing to deal with a powerful friend in this, to make adjustments and to see the bigger picture.

Wednesday talks are about your creative ambitions, your lover or your child. It is important that you be clear today, that you express your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs that are going on behind closed doors, that you talk about ways to expand through fantasy, research, time spent alone or in retreat, that you look at hospitals or other institutions if necessary in dealing with what is going on. You have to adjust your ideas if you wish to find happiness here.

Thursday brings the news, the talk, the meeting, that is bound to have you up in the air on cloud nine and it is about true love, children or a creative project. You are in the picture here in a way that shows your unique presence, your originality, your desire for freedom and independence, you are opening up to what you hear or you are sharing your vision with others.

Friday puts your creative and loving identity in the spotlight as you deal with the lover, creative project or child by way of putting yourself out front. Your needs are important here and you are expressing them, there is a need to look at how any withdrawal or escapism plays into your ability to expand or find happiness, and you may need to make some adjustments as you find time to allow fantasy back into your life. Talks and meetings are going to focus on work, health and pets over the next few weeks so set up your appointments.


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